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Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 









Third Editiov. 



30, Jhamapuhur Lane. 




^, ^ ;. Digfiiz€|jt^G^(i^ev\ 

THE Ivl;:W Yvh>- 


AtTOfl, Lif;OX *N0 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


So far back as the year 1785, Proposals had been set forth in England, by 
Capt. William Kirkpatrick, of the Hon. Company's Military Service, and Persian 
Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief in India, to publish a Hindi Vocabulary, 
of which the materials were all ready, but a delay ^in preparing the Nagari types, 
prevented its publication at the time when a Vocabulary of Persian, Arabic, and 
English, by that eniment Linguist, was ofifered to the public, in the course of the 
same year. Since that period, however, the proposed work appears never to have 
beea published, either in Englarid, where the Proposals had been issued, or in 
India, where numerous other works, to aid the Oriental student, have successively 
appeared in print. A Hindi Dictionary, therefore, remained a Desideratum still, 
aa the other works adverted to, only afford assistance to the Oriental Student, in 
the Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sanskrit, Bengali, and Marhatta languages res- 
pectively, and not in Hindi ; with the exception of a slender Glossary affixed 
to an edition of the Prem Bagar. To enable the student, then, to acquire 
this language, spoken by the generality of Hindus, and over a vaat extent 
of coontry, be was left, for a series of years, with the above scanty exception, 
to Urdu Diolionaries, embodying a necessarily limited portion of Hindi 
Toeablea, and to the Selections from Hindi works, prepared for the use of 
the janior branches of the Military Service, by the Hindi Professor of the 
College of Fort William. The portion of Hindi words found in Urdu Dictiona- 
ries, could alone have been directly useful to the student in his researches 
into the language, as the English meanings were all provided therein. But the . 
Tocables in the Selections, though numerous, and embracing six Hindi works, 
yet possessed not the facility of acquisition, which the former collection afforded, 
from not one of the selected works being accompanied by a Glossary, or even 
a free translation. So that, when the student has, with creditable labour, read 
though 268 quarto pages of Hindi composition, selected from native authors, 
he has only, unless he possess some other mode of acquiring the meaning of 
the words, had the benefit of so many natives speaking in his hearing, or 
m a king him repeat their language without any explanatory medium. The dis- 
advantages of such a plan of instruction, are, however, sufficiently counter- 
balanced by the labours of the Professor of Hindi, in his editon of the Prem 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

8agar, abort sdyerted to, to which is affixed a Vocabalary of the principal 
terms occurring in that work. This rocabalary, though a very limited one, is 
justly appreciated by every student of Hindi ; and not a few of those who have 
had the privilege of consul ting it, have whished to see, based on it, a larger 
work of the kin^, aiding not only in the pemsal and dne understanding of the 
Prem Sagar, but of such other Hiudi works also, which are studied in order 
to pass an examination^ or with a view to a more extensive acquaintance with 
the language. 

A few years after the publication of Cap. Price's Vocabulary of the principal 
terms occurring in the Prem Sagar, just alluded to, the Rev. M. T. Adam of 
Benarety published his most acceptable Vocabulary of the Hindi language, 
containing upwards of 20^000 words ; but with the meanings in Hindi, instead 
of English. This was certainly a great benefit oonferred on the students of 
Hindi, both native and European ; yet it must be allowed, that the meanings 
not having been given in English, is a considerable drawback on the advan- 
ts^es which the European student may hope to derive from consulting the work« 

Seventeen years have now elapsed since the publication of the last men- 
tioned Hindi Vocabulary^ and no attempt^ it would appear, has been made to 
offer to the students of Hindi^ and the Patrons of Hindi literature, a work formed 
on the plan of Adam's Hindi Vocabulary, but with the significations in English. 
A work of the kind has often been mentioned as desireable, and the Compiler 
of the following sheets, in common with others, has frequently left the want of 
such a publication, or a Hindi and English Dictionary on an enlarged scale ; 
and he moreover ventured to solicit two eminent Oriental scholars, of consider* 
able attainments, the one in Sanskrit, and the other in Hindi, to. undertake subh 
a work, for the benefit of European Students of Hindi in general, and of the 
junior branches of the Military Service in particular ; but he regrets to say, his 
application was not successful ; the Sanskrit scholar not deeming the langii age 
Boffioiently defined, and the Hindi scholar possessing no leisure from professional 
duties. The compiler indeed possessed the nucleus of such a work, commenced 
some thirty years ago, but on his becoming acquainted with the above eminent 
scholars, he for a time before to resume his contemplated work ; however, oh 
being disappointed in his application to them, of whom one has quitted India, 
and the other, will not, it is likely, stay long in it, the Compiler once more 
proposed the subject to a third gentleman, who was likely, with benefit to Indian 
Literature, to have undertaken the work ; but he too has left India* 

In the meantime, a communication was made to the Compiler on the part of 
9 gentleman who is a great proficient in Hindi, and a liberal patron of useful un- 
dertakings ; requesting he would undertake a work based on Price's and Adam's 
Vocabularies, and amplified by all the additional terms tc be found in the works 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


of Wilson, Haater and Shakespear, and in the Hindi portion of the Compiler's 
own Urdu and Eaglish Dictionary. After due consideration, the compiler 
entered on the preparation of the work required, and avuiling^ himhelf of Uio 
materials in his possession, prosecuted, and through the help of a gracious- 
Providence, finished the Compilation now offered to the reading portion of the 
Community in general, and to Students of Hindi, and the patrons of its Litera- 
ture in particular ; and which^ as it is the largest collection of Hindi worda 
yet published, with the meanings in English, he has thought proper to designate. 
A Hindi and English Dictionary. The collection consists of about 30,009 
words, which, with their signification^ have besa derired fron^ or «oUi^d with 
the best authorities. 

There is no department of study, the compile? conceives, which the present 
work will not be found to be helpful in advancing ; and terms are to be met 
with in it^ both simple and abstract. The Hindi, as generally spoken, does 
certainly not offer the requisite terms ; but Hindi Jworks do, and the parent 
language of nearly Twenty cognate lauguoges, does possess the required facility 
of expression. It will surely, therefore, not be considered a fault in the pi-esent 
compilation, that it embraces, and even abounds with terms purely Sanskrit ; 
since in our ordinary conversation with natives, we never hesitate to make uss 
of words, both of Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic origin j and such derivations 
must aecessarily serve to enrich the language, whether spoken or written. 
Besides have colleges and other Seminaries of learning in India, all the standard 
works they require, to advance the studies, of their students and pupils? and 
asf it must be confessed they have not, it may be further asked, whence are tha 
technical and abstract terms required for Hindi composition or translation, to 
be obtained ? Not surely from the Urdu, to any considerable extent, as admis- 
sions from it, would be thought to mar the purity of the language. Nor yet 
from the spoken Hindi of the generality of Hindus, who it is known mainly 
use the langn^e, as its colloquial standard can hardly be said to be yet fixed. 
But to the Parent Sanskrit we may very properly look for such terms, suited 
as it is for composition in every department of science, and affording, as it does, 
the greatest facilities for the readiest expression of ideas. This leaning towards, 
and dependance on the Sanskrit, are the more justifiable, as such peculiarity 
is not claimed for the Hindi alone ; for about Twenty other languages possess 
it, and languages too, which are spoken within or on the borders of the British 
territories, such as the Bengali, the Assam, the TJriyay Nepalese, Magadh, 
Bhagelkhand, Marhatta, Bandelkhand, Cashmere, Panjabi, Sindh, Bilochi, 
Kutch, Oujrati, Kaukau, Bikauere, Udypore, Marwar, and Braj languages ; 
all of which may be said, to abound more or less with Sanskrit terras. Dr. 
Oarey indeed thought, that there were scarcely any words to be found i& the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

langnflges of the north, which were not of Sanskrit origin : and what thai 
eminent scholar and late distingaished^ Professor of Sanskrit, Bangali, and 
Marhatta, in the College of Port William, asserted of the Bengali language^ 
is equally applicable to the Hindi, that it is almost entirely deriyed fr^m the 
Sanskrit : that considerably more than three-fourths of the words are pure 
Sanskrit ; and that those composing the greatest part of the remainder are 
80 little corrupted, that their origin may be traced without difficulty. It was 
also Dr. Carey's opinion, that ''most of the above cognate langua^res, are 
copious, and were they duly cultivated, would be found capable of being em* 
ployed in every kind of composition with advantage. Most of the elegancies 
of style, and delicate shades of meaning, may in their present state, be ex- 
pressed by them with great facility ; and should literature become an object of 
more general persuit in India, and the colloquial languages be more employed in 
different species of style and composition, the capacities of these languages 
would be developed, and the languages themselves carried to a degree of refine* 
ment, of which we have now but a faint idea.'' 

If then as Dr. Carey states, the greater part of the words in the above 
languages be derived from the Sanskrit, the Hindi, as being one of them, would 
certainly be enriched, and its capacities improved by drawing from that original 
source. The compiler therefore hopes that he will be pardoned for having 
added to his compilation so largely from the parent language, terms, familiar, 
it may be, only to the learned part of the population, but hardly in use nmong 
the other classes of the natives. But who is there, that does not desire to 
speak, and write, and discourse, in a style above that of rustics or unlettered 
men, if he wishes to express himself with accuracy, aptitude, and an elegance 
that should charm, or command admiration ? Since the model of the dialect, 
observes Dr. Carey, which is spoken by ploughmen, menial servants, or labour- 
ing mechanics, is not that, on which the learned in any country form their 
language. Let then the Earopean scholar not hesitate, in his conversation 
and composition, to adopt a style that shall shew his attainments to be on a par 
with those of the learned men of the country, at the same time that his judicions 
selection of unirersally -understood terms, shall render his communication level 
with the capacities of all classes of peopl e. 

In the work now offered to the Public, the Compiler has endeavoured to give 
the commonest words in use in Hindi, selected from various publications, or 
known to be in general use ; but fearing, he may have overlooked some of the 
easiest terms, he begs the indulgent consideration of such as may be disposed 
to censure him for his seeming neglect, which, however, he assures^ them, was 
not intentional. While on the other hand, the Compiler takes this opportunity 
of stating, that certain terms, not at all calculated to promote the study of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

any tcifmce, and admitted into their works, without a due degree of discrimina* 
tioD, hy others in the same field of labonr, though never to be met with in the 
usual Engligh Dictionaries, have by him been studiously omitted. 

Having now noticed what appears to bo an early attempt, if it be not indeed 
tho earliest, to publish a Hindi Dictionary ; and shown what helps have since 
been provided to promote the study of Hindi, directly and indirectly ; together 
with the want that still exists for such a work : it only remains for the com- 
piler to acknowledge with deep gratitude to his Maker, that his life has been 
mercifully spared, and his health continued, to enable him to finish THE 
HINDI AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY, which he has now much pleasure 
in offering to a Liberal Public ; from whom, for a period of Fourteen years 
he has experienced the most unexampled support in his TJrdu publications : and 
the compiler therefore trusts, that should the present work be found likely to be 
useful to the Student, or of assistance in composition, or translation, the wonted 
Patronage of that Public will not be withheld, but kindly extended to it. 

Delhi, the Sth Oct. 1846. 


The second edition of Thompson's Hindi Dictionary having been exhauM el 
the opportunity has been taken in preparing a third, to revise the text wiih a 
view to the elimination of such words as havaiu the process of time and changes 
ia modes of speech become obsolete, and to add such others as are more 
frequently used in conversation by high and low among the Hindi speaking 
population. Endeavour has also been made to include in the present edition 
all unusual verbal forms and expressions used by writers such as Tulsidas, 
Lallu Lall, fiihari and others and which are met with in the Ramayan, Prem 
Sagar, Sabha Bilas^ Satsai, and the books used or likely to be read by students 
and such others whose duty or pleasure interests them in the study of Hindi. 
Urdu words which are not ordinarily employed in the colloquial tongue, 
have been intentionally omitted as misplaced in a purely Hindi Dictionary. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


About five Uionsand new words in all have been added^ and in order to contpaa^ 
sate for the increase by a reduction in needless matter, sa as not to enhauoo 
the price of the book, the equivalents of the Hindi forms in Roman Gharaoter 
have been omitted, as being of little or no nse to a student who has oiice 
mastered the value of the Hindi letters, which unlike those in English are 
constant in pronunciation and spoken as they are written* 

W. N. L- 

' Digitized by VjOOQIC 























The Symbol 






^•>. . 

* <^ 



^ ^ 1 > 

* • 

\ S ^ B 1 < « «: < ^O ^0 too 































































































1 : 

























































Digitized by LjOOQIC 





















































































viil. ./ 

W ^ W ^ #^ 

^ ^ 4 n if ' 

i i ^ 9 9 

T|[ 15 Tf * t5 

f » ^ t * 

'I 1 w w ^ 

5j « »» tr ^ 

q 9 « 9 V 

« « 9 % % 
1 » w t * 

% M { 9 ^ 

1 ? 1 ' i 

^ « V % ^ 

T ▼ 3 * ^ 
w 4 % * 





































































^ nr 



1 ^ 


« « t i?i 


w irr 




5 ' 

1 « ^ 1" 


zj ^ 

qn «r 

» If 

5 9'*' 

V 1 

» • * c e . 

i i m ^ ^x 



i«r 1 



7 ? 

^ 1 
f vr air 1 

i I 4 i ^i 

C * < A 
W ^ 1- it If 1 

i «^ « i 1 

« 1 ^ ^ 1 

W W ▼ ¥ « 


* 1 


1^ I 



w I 


« « 1 

^ iK « ^ 1 


" 1 




w 11 »1H 

1; V ^ ^ Wl 

w « 





♦H ir| 

'n 5ir '^ 'If wi 




m iwi 

^ ^ n m m 



w 1 

yf m 


m m n M 1 


? ? 



* ^ 

»I » VI 

w ^ fir w HI 


5 ? 
' » ? 




1 1 

fr ^ 1^ if 71 

w V w I iri 




' T 

^ H "w 1 

u ¥ m ¥ 11 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



-J — ^^^♦^ < 


^ The first letter of the Nagn alpha- 
bet, and inherent short vowel ; an in- 
' separable particle signifying negation 
or priration, as ^ftrf ; as a negative 
prefix to words beginning with a vow- 
eh* '^r is ciiartged to ^, as v and ^, 
form ^er, ah interjection of pity. 

^ntitradj. Free from debt, or obliga- 

^m 8. m, A mark or spot, a cypher, a 

numerical fignre, nnmber,letter of the 

-> alphabet, mark on cloth to shew the 

price ; the flank or part above the 

hip ; embrace. [metician. 

"^^ 9. m. An acoountatit, an arith- 

iV«ft 8. /. The barb of an arrow, a 
hook, tenter, catch, a circle. 

^Nr>fr t9. a. To mark, page a book, dis- 
tingnish a thing by some mark. v. n. 
To be valued, prized, examined, ap- 
proved of. 

An embrace, the bosom. 
anh'wdr Mdmev v. cr. To 

VlW \ 8. m. llie iron hook with 
1^*99, J which elephants ai*e guided or 

driren, a goad, anhis mdf^a^ To 

reduce to submission, to reduce to 

^^TRT V. a. To cause to ralue, prize, 

examine {a8 eloth)^ to ^^prove of. 
if vnc «. w. Shape. 

^vrr s. m. Valuation, appraisemdnt. 
^funr adj. Marked, spatted, stained' 


JiL* j- 8. m. Sprout or shoot. 

iBT^^pn V. Having a little harsh taste, 
i^fr^ 8. /. A hook, a tenter. 
^^ 8. m. Sprout ; fortune. 
^[ifl adj. Skilled in figure works. 
^^K 8.f, A bribe, a coaxing {cis a cow 

that has lost her calf to make her_ 

Vlft «./. Akind of vetch (Viciasativa); 

wet grain ; a young sprout. 
^twi^ «./. An eye or glance of the e^ye. 
iffWI s.m. The space between two pillars 

or beams. ^ 

W^rl 8, /. An eye or glance of the eje. 

8, m. Blind raan*s buff. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


( 2 ) 


^^»!|5rft B, A A nap ; a mtatress. 

^mw t\ n. To be angry or displeased, 
to be peevish or fretfal. 

^f^^*T 8./. pi. The eyes. 

^ir^^f «• ^^» -A. sprout, shoot, plantlet. 

^n s, m. The body, a linb, a share. 

fljir^Pf r V. To yawa, to stretch the limb. 

urTTit 8. /. Yawning, stretching the 
limb. [tiers. 

^rni^5. m. Gestures, behaviour, man- 
^ Vl^ «• »»• A bracelet worn on the up- 
per arm ^ ( in myth ) the son of Bali, 
king of the monkeys. 

^TR \ «• '1. Enclosed space adjoining 
^»IT j a house, a yard, Jirea, court 

^lTt«./. (Seeifirn). 
ftt^nrn a<^j. Deprived of a limb. 
^n^«T «.w. A coat,gown, jacket, doublet. 
fUr^^Cijft «./• Tipper garment, a coat, 
iff^nii V, To yawn, to stretch the limb. 
^lixiiij. Yawning, stretching the limb. 
^TCiTT iy. ». To endure patiently. 
WK «. m. Charcoal, firebrand. [ brand. 
^\Xl 8. m. Charcoal, adj. Red as fire* 
^JTlft 8.f, Spark of fire. 
^fn^T «./. Bodice. 

W^^nc 8. m. An agreement, a promise, 
acquiescence, anjikdr koj^na, v. a. To 
accept, receive, agree to. 
^»ftfl?fi»c(;. Agreed, promised, acceded to. 
^jft3 «./. A chafingdish, brasier, 
^1<t^./.'A finger, a finger's breadth, 
^ini?? 9. m. The thumb, angulha dikkina. 
An attitude adopted by women in 
blandishment as a token of prohibi- 
tion ; to brave, defy. 
^T^^ <./. A ring worn on the finger. 
itfJit^r s, m. A cloth which Hindoos fas- 
ten round the waist when bathing, 
niul nfterwards wipe themselves 
with i a towel, a handkerchief. 

^^ s, m. Sin. 

^^Kl \ 8. m. The part of the garment 
^lpr«r J which covers the breast of 

a woman, 

^^f^ «. m- The Tinsing the month 
before religions ceremonies and 
meals by sipping water from tho 
right hand, cleansing the mouth 
after eatiag. [enting. 

li^^T D. a. To cleanse the mouth after 

^^lift 8. /. A small spoon for pouring 
water into mouth. 

^f^ti adj. Inattentive. 

^I>ift <»./. Abrupt, unexpected. 

^^TTT ) 8. f. Mother of Hanum4n the 

^M'rt I monkey god. 

^hT'TZT 8. m. a small case to contain the* 
ointment applied to the eyelashes. 

^fr^ 8. /. The cavity formed by put* 
ting the hands together. 

Sni^T } *^' ^^^ known, ignorant, 
^^K 8. m. A kind of fruit, 
^d «./. The cavity formed by puttlny- 
the hands together; the alms given 
to a beggar, 
iipvr 8, m. Absence. [ tructed. 

^^ adj. Being prevented or obs- 

iSre^iPTr v. To cease, to stop. 

mZ^iVfy «. To prevent, obstruct. 

iffZflRTT 8, m. Prevention, challenge. 

^R3r5.m.The highest room in a building. 

W^rf^W adj. Prostrate. 

^2Tk\ «./. A thatched upperroom,-a root 

^fe^n 8./, A small bundle. 

?ff f3< j H »f l 0. To grin, to jest. 

^iit «./. The act of removing something 
suddenly by the hand out of the sight 
of the persons present. 

^f^ «./. A silk sheets 

^TT adj. Not castrated. 

^ 8. m, Bnd, completion, perdition. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

( s ) 

destruction ; mind, heart j a boundary, 
limit ; intelligence, news, account of. 
adj. Final, ultimate, (tdv. After all, 
«t last ; in, Within ; elsewhere, some- 
where else. 

^^X adv. Within, between, amongst ; 
without, except, s. m. Interval, inter- 
* mediate space, intermission ; period, 
terra, difference ; opportune time ; 
midst, the midst ; the heart, the su- 
medre sou), adj. Other, similar. 

^^^fif s. f. The emotions of the heart, 
inward sensations. 

IB'frc^Tnit o/-^. Pervading the interior, ac- 
quainted with the heart ; an epithet 
of the deity. 

^r^t^m adj. Out of sight, vanished, 
disappeared, concealed, s. m. Disap* 
pearance. antardhydn hona, o. 92. To 
vanish, disappear, be concealed. 

m^^V^ s. m. A ctirtalu, a screen. 

^jcfft:^ «. w^. Intermittent, an intermit- 
ting fever. 

qro^^t. m. The sky or atmosphere ouh. 
In the air, out of sight, 

9h^w adj. Thick, bulky, s. m. The 
shoulder of a blind man. 

^^'n adv. Extravagantly, profligately. 

^piT adj. Blind, dark, andhadhnid, 
Blind, blindly, andha dimnd rona. 
To weep excessively, andha dhund 
luidna^ To squander, spend exti-a- 

^ai^j^r ) 8. m. A well filled up with 
^Il{^ S rubbish, a dvj well, a well 

overgrown with bushes or weeds : one 

of which the mouth is hidden. 

liiiitl'^ Excessive, profuse, overmuch. 

^< s. m. Darkness, misfortuue,calamity, 
injustice, violence, tumult, tyranny, 
oppression, outrage, andhtr hajfia, 
v\ a. To act unjustly, tyrannize, oppress. 

ay^TT adj. Dark; «. m. Darkness. 
i5r§<^ ae/;'. /. Dark, andheri rdf^ A dark 

night, andhivi koihri^ ». /, A dark 

room ; the belly, the womb. 
^^ 8. m. A mangoe, a mangoe tree. 
ilpr< 8. m. The sky or atmosphere; 

clothes, apparel, [shipped Krishna. 
^ti^ s.77i.Tho name of a king who wor- 
iB[^ 8. /. Mother ; mangoe tree, 
qr^r^ 8. f. A cnnopy, a litter used on 

an elephant or camel. 
wiUm s, f. A small imripe mangoe. 
^^ 8. m. Water. 
^^T 8. /. M6lher. 
grg'^ adr). Wholesale buying without 

examining the things bought. 
5jjfpn<t 8. m. A sharer ; an incarnation. 
^rSt 8. 7». A sharer. 
^n^ 8. m. Cloth. 
cSXTHT^ 8. w. A king of Oude. 
^g 8. TO. Part, division, portion, share f 

right, possession ; essence ; a degi-^e 

of a circle, of latitude or longitude, 

&c. (m oi'ithjrutic) a fraction ; thr 

numerator of a fraction, 
^f^* 8, m. A partner, a proprietor, 
gy^ adj. A partner, sharer, coheir. 
Mi^n 8. m. One who has no offspring ; 

{put.) an unmarried man ; a stupid 

person, blockhgad, dunce, 
^m^ 8. m. Pain on the foot caused by 

being stnick against some thing. 
%r«^ adj. Completely vanquished. 
^«neifR«n '0. To vomit as a beast. 
^^^ 5. /. Crookedness ; strut, airs,- 

aharhdz, An affected person, a fop, s 

swaggerer. aka$*bdzee^ «. /. Swagget» 

ing, strutting, airs. 
^T^iipsfT 1). n. To writhe, ache, be cram* 
ped, become stiff or rigid, to stiffen f 
to struck affectedly, to give one's *»U 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

( ^ ) 


^^iTf rt *. /. .The cramp. 

Wnri part. pa8$. Stiff, affected. 

^^^er adj. An affected person, a swag- 
gerer, a fop, [or metaphorically. 

^^^V adj. Free from thorns literally 

^«ir adj. Unspeakable. 

^^r^ adj, Not to be, told or related, 

,,. beyond description, unspeakable, ij^i- 
ntterable ; unfit to bo spoken, obscene. 

^iW^m v. a. To listen, to give ear. 

^W^fiim adj. Firm, unshaken. 

^^ adj, Bentfree. [Yeteh. 

^^\adj. bear, costly. 5./, A kind of 

^JW ^ adj. Soft, not hard. 

Vs4t adj. Inconsistent, indecent^ un- 
suitable, not to be done. 

^IW 8, m. Bad action, sin, vice 

^IWV adj. Intransitive ( a vei^b ). 
"^^H^ ae^f. Useless, unjprpfitable, good 

Jo^Aothing. [ work. 

^^J adj. Idlp,. nnoe^^piied, 'without 
^^7 <f6?;V Wretch,, sinner. 
^m^f^adj. Not artificial, not made. 
^mm^ adj. Ominous, portentous, of 

bad omen, unlacky, inauspicious. 
^"i^it^ a. m. Misunderstanding. 
^^rWT adj. Alone. 
^^WPl adv. Immediately, accidentally, 

without a cause,unexpectedly,8ud4en- 

ly, instantly, presently, unawai-e^ 

abruptly. [ by ^ne horse. 

^Wr 8. m. Loneliness; a carriage drawn 
^^rr^r a. m.. U^vt, injury, loss, detri- 
. ment, prejudice ; i^selessness. ,,, 
^nrr^t a^. Useless ( anmai, thin^, or 
^ person ) ; a retardcr. 
^mv adj. Dseless. 

1 »^. Unprofitable, fruitless, 
J yielding 410 return, vain. 
^^JX^s, m. Absence or non-existence 
of a cause. 0di;. Causelessly, 

^^irr^ 8. Pi. Unseasonableness, f^n^n^ 

scarcity, extremity, pinch, adj. Un^ 

seasonable, premature, untimely. 

akdl'phal, 8. m. A fruit produced 

out of season. [season. 

^^m'R^d. m. Frtdt produced out of 

^^iC«, w. Sky. 

^ftf^ adj. Popr, wretched, ipiseraye^ 

destitute, :Qee<^y, indigent, 
^^frr 5./. Infamy, disgrace. 
^^5 adv. Undauntedly, adj. Sharp. 
W^^ adv. Shoreless. 
^rarm'TTv. n. To he.agitat^d,- distrac- 
ted, confused, confounded, out o| 
order ; to tire, weary ; to be asto- 
^1f€Nrroi;. Not noble, plebeian, lo^ 
mean, ignoble, of meaQ extraction, 
of low origin or race. 
^ir^Wt adj./. , Not of ^ood family, ig^ 
noble, base («(70/«(fn). . ^ 

^f^l^ adj^ "Unlupky, inauspicious. 
^1^ <^dj. Simple. .. 

^Sifi^ ac(f. Inartificial, not made. , 
^%^ a^*. Lonely. 

^i^5$^. adiu In complete loneliness.- 
^mtK8.f. A bribe, 
'F'iiKt adj. Quo who receires a bribe. 
^^^ 8. m. A plant, the^pil of which 
is used i^i enchantmenitB ( Alangdum 
hexapHalum ). ^ 

W^^ 8. m. ^wallow-wort. ' 
^rarr 8. m. Loneliness. , ; - 

^^ adj. Not cruel,, mild, hunwrne, gen- ^ 
i *^^» X. *^® spots on dice. 

Jm 8. m. A die (in plaijywhiQ or oblong) 
^^W 8.m. Whole grftin^ wiol,$ gmna of 
rice used in rejigioiua ceYem^ies^ 
filed grains, : - 

^^5^ adj, Undecaying, permanent.. 
^^f{^Z 8. VI. A oertain trcfiw. .. 
^^^ s. m. A letter, an alphabet,, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 5 ) 


^t^aH 8./. Orthography. 

j^lffl 8. m. The eye. [barbai*ous. 

y^a^ adj. XJndisciplined {soUieri)^ 

^W^ 0e?f. •Unbroken, whole, entire, all. 

^^^y?T adj. Unbroken ; cpntinuons ; 


^^^ 9* nu Fried grain^ whole grain 

rrf iteed ift religious ceremonies* 

1^9 <<.^V Everlastings not liable to de- 
cay, durable, permanent. aJckay bar, 
JS^me of a tree ; an undecayable tree: 

^^ 8, m. A walnut ; the fruit of the 
Aleurites triloba, also, is so called. 

9sm^ adj. All', the whole, every, entire. 

^wrvT 8. m. A palaestra or place for 
wrestling, a 9cene, any place of as- 
sembly, a court or circus^ 

fuvr? adj. Forbidden food. 

i^fw« adj. AU, the whole, "every, entire. 

^f%^iff;?», vfi. 4» epithet of. God ; also 

:. of R§m, Shiva^ the lord of all. 

^[%T *. m^ A certain tree. 

^WteacJ;, Pare, . [famous. . 

^i^m <Kijfv Unknown, obscure, not 

^ 8. m. An epHhet of any trqe or 
mountain ; not going or uroving. 

^W^i^RT 8. m. Trifling employinent 

or talk, trifles, trash, trumpery. . (\dj. 

Promiscuous, composed of odds and 

. cuds. [not reckoned. 

^^rf^c! adj. Innumerable, not counted, 

^Jlf?l adj. Without character, disho- 
noured, disgraced ; one whose /uneral 

, ceremonies have not been performed. 
8. f. Disgrace, distress^ inconveni- 
ence ; damnation, condemnation. 

^Prf'lw adj^ Uncounted, untold. 

}a^. Impassable, inaccessive, 
.impervious, deep/ unfathom- 

- aWe, unfordable, bottomless ; un- 

avcomplishuble, incomprehensible ; 

r difficult of ac uireuieut, unattainable. 

^1^^ adv. In advance, before, 

^^% 8. m. Wood of aloes. 

^ffK^^T B. m. A racQ.of merchants of 
the Vi/a tribe frQift agroha^ west 
of Delhi. 

W^^T 8. nu First morsel. 

^^tiadj. Of the colour of agar, \. e. 
wood of aloes. 

^^m adj. Prior, preceding, first, fore- 
, most, former, chief, principal ; ances- 
tor ; ancient, other, next. 

^»nT^ adj. First.[forerunner, harbinger, 

^T^ adj. . Foremost, a. m, A guide, « 

^»mi;.«./. Guidance. 

^^r 8. m. The front, the forepart ; 
the space in the front of a house. 

^»nn^ 8. m., harbinger, [house. 

^nrfT'a.*. /. Place just in front of a 

^^^T^ s.f. Conflagration. ' 

''Wftr.5. «*. A sage celebrated in Hindoo 
mythology :'he is represented of short 
etature, and to have been born in a 
water jar : he is famed for having 
swallowed the ocean when it had 
given hin^ offence : at his command 
also the Vindhya range of mountains 
prostrated itself, and so remains. 

^^%^8^m. The eighth Hindoo month 
( during which the sun is in Scorpio, 
and the moon is full near Orion's 
. Jieady; Nov.-Dec. 

^if!^ adv» Before, in front, agdu jana, 
i;. n. To -advance, to meet a person. 

^irnft adv. Before, in front, forward, 
further on, onward, s. /♦ The ropes 
with which a horse's forefeet are tied ; 
the front,, forepart, agdii pichhdH 
lagdna,To confine (espedalif/ a horse), 
agdree mdi^na, u. a. To attack in 
front, to defeat a hx>stile army in a 
pitched battle. [bottomless. 

\n\^ adj. Unfathomable, very deep, 

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( 6 ) 

^iTTvm ». /. Depth. 

^immt arf;. Coming, future, approaching. 

^m^ s. wi. A turban ; a terrac?e in front 

of an upper room. 
^f^ 8. VI, A bird, a sort of lark. 
^ftr^'n'T s. VI, The farcy in horses, an 

eruptive disease in men. 
^feqi s. m. A bird {Alauda aggiya)^ 
^ftHl'TT «. /. Burning in pain, 
^fjiqnr Ghi,swgar, &c., thrown into the 
fire, as a propitiatory ofiPeriug to the 
gods, either at worship or at meals. 
^ftWT «• VI. First, another man. 
^^^r s, m, A guide, a harbinger, 
^ij^ adj. TJnskilful, without mexit, in- 
efifectual, void of good qualities, bad. 
f. m. A defect, a fault. 
^^9 adj. Unhidden, unconcealed* 
^^ s, VI. A fragrant wood, aloe wood 
or ao^allochum (AquHhfia agcHlocha) ; 
another tree which produces Bdellium 
( AmyrU agallocha ) ; the Sisoo tree 
(Dalbergia Sisoo). adj. Light, not 
I heavy. 

^i^TTT ^. To be in advance, to precede. 
mf^Ti^'^ «• Encountering, meeting a 

^^ oi/. Easy, manifest, evident, agnrh- 

hhao, adj. Open, honest, candid. 
^It^ adj. Homeless. 

^nft^^ adj. TJnperceivod, imperceptible, 
invisible, covert, unseen, unwitnessed, 
s. m. The invisible, Supreme. 
iir«it3^T '0. n. To take to one's self, 
^lit^t o^D. In advance, beforehand. 
^«iY<^ D. a. To watch. 
^jFrft^TT s. VI. A watchman. 
^aft^lT i>. fl>. To watch. 
^^^\ s.f. The going or sending for- 
ward to meet and receive a visitant 
with honor, agouni loama^ v. a. 
To advance and meet the bridegroom, 

to go to meet a visitant on the road« 
^ftl 8. m. Fire -, the god ol fire and the 
regent of the south-east quarter ; 
one of the purdns ; the fire of the 
stomach, the digestive faculty, appe- 
tite, (the lady -bird. 
^ftl*«. m. An insect of a scarlet colour, 
^fw^ «. »». The sun-stone or a fabulous 
gem, supposed to contain and impart 
solar heat. 
ilftHTit^r 8. f. The fiery ordeal, by a 
heated iron or boiling oil, or passing 
through fire, 
^ftni^f^ *. w. Fire-stone, fiint^ or any 

stone producing fire, 
^ftwr 8. m. Arrow of fire, a rocket. 
^ftl«lf^ 8* VI. The san-stone. 
^rn^^Rl^ 8. m. Funeral ceremonies, as 
burning a dead body,or any ceremony 
peiformed with consecrated fire, 
^fir^f 8. Maintenance of a perpetual 
or sacred fire. [tual or sacred fire, 
^ftrfl^ 5. One who maintains & pcrpe- 
^pi 8. m. The forepart of a thing, adj. 
Prior, first. [«. vi. Forerunner. 

S^m^ "tdj. Preceding, going before. 
^r^^T€ 8. m. The fe^st morsel, 
^nw^ «, m. A guide, adj. Preceding, 
going before, a leader, [precaution. 
^m^\^ 8. VI. Foresight, providence, 
'Rirtt^ adj. Provident, endued witli 

'^^T^ 1 8. m. Victuals ofiered in 
^flTHifi oblations, sacrifices, &c. to 

the gods. 
^^ 8. VI. Sin, guilt, wickedness. 
^I|^«n0 8. m. Committing sin. 
^\yfg< f adj. Impossible to happen. 
^^H 8. m. Hurt. [unrefined, 

^f^ adj.CoBXse in taste, not fastidious, 
^ adj. Vicious. 
^^IHTT'W «f?;"» Piirifyingjfreeing from sior 

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^fffif^ a<?j. Sinful. 

^Wlt «. /. Satiety, surfeiting. 

^^l>TT V. a. To surfeit, satiate. i>. n. 
To surfeit, to be satiated, adj. Sati- 
ntedf rich, affluent, 

^VS\K 8, m. A name of Sh. adj. Formid- 
able, terrible, [order among Hindoos. 

^i^^«r «. TO. A particular religious 

^^^4^ > adj. {iiaed suhstantively) 

^^<t ) An order of religious men- 
dicants professing the aghorpanth : 
thej eat ererj thing, however filthy, 
even human carcasses ; hence, a 
gross or filthy feeder. 

^T 8. la. Mark, spot, figure, number, 
letter of the alphabet; flank or pavt 
abore the hip j the body ; embrace ; 
mark on cloth to shew the price. 

^T* 8.m. An accountant, arithmetician. 

^TIT «. n. To be ralued, prized, exa. 
mined, approved of. 

^Vd«./. A kind of vetch ( Vtcia 
Mstiva ) ; wet grain ; a young sprout. 

^w:TOr 5./. Arithmetic. 

Wr^ «./. A hook, a tenter. 

^TT^T V. a. To cause to value, to exa- 
mine (a« cloth), to approve of, 

^Wf^5. m. Valuation, [valued. 

^firef adj. Marked, paged, examined, 

^IWX I 8. TO. A plantlet, a seed-bud, 

^<T / a shoot, or sprout, a germ. 

^ac \ 8. m. The iron hook with 

^rT€ J which elephants are guided 
or driven. 

^ff ^ 8. TO, Began, commenced. 

^W8. m. A limb or member, the body, 

^W^lX, 8, /. Stretching the limbs, a 

^nrcniT i>.n. To yawn, stretch the limbs. 

^ir^ ^ 1 s. TO. A yard, area, court, 
^F^iT J inclose^ space adjoining to 
a hou«o« 

^FHIT 5. 7)1. Broken limb. 
^F<^r 6". M. A coat, a doublet. 

^T^T«: «./. Stretching of the limbs, ft 

^nr^ «. /. A finger. Pair hi ungli^ 
A toe. Kalamkiunglij Fore -finger, 
Bich hi nnglif Middle finger. Kan 
wigli, Little finger. Ungli ka nok. 
Tip of the finger. 

^nrr s,/. A maid whose business it is 
to hold, watch, and amuse a child ; 
a kind of nurse, s. to. A coat. 

^inrTKT «. TO. A firebrand, embers, sparks 
remaining in a^hes. angdron par loU 
na, To be agitated or tormented 
(pc$rtioula rly from jealousy) . 

^TT^ 8. /. A small portable firepan. 

^fir^T 8. /. TO. Bodice, stays. 

^# adj. Corporeal, bodily. 

^#t^TX 8. TO. An agreement, a promise, 
avowal, conceding to, acceptance of a 
proposal, angikdr karna^ ^o. a. T« 
accept, receive, agree to. 

^W Z s. TO, The thumb. 

^1*^ ». TO. The thumb, a finger. 

^V^'at \ 8. f. A finger, a finger's 

'^'^^^ J breadth. 

^rv^i 8. TO. The thumb. 

^IP 3t 5, /. A ring worn on the finger. 

•. ( «./• Appearance, person. 

W ^ «./• A chafing-dish. 

^TtiffT 8. /. Napkin. 

i^rt^ »• TO. A cloth which Hindus fas- 
ten round the waist when bathing, 
and afterwards wipe themselves with; 
a towel, a handkerchief. 

^HPtKT s. TO. A midge, a gnat. [ tive. 

HT^w^ adj. Jixed, unmoved, firm, inao* 

"^^'^ adj. Gentle, not passionate, 
^^m s. TO. wonder, a wondei'ful thing, 
afitonlshmont; cause of (istonishment. 

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< 8 ) 

^^^<t s. f. Lascivionsness, wantonness, 

^n^(t».w. To joke- 
^^^ adj. Blind, a. /. Spectacles. 
^'^HTlHT'^JrpniJ. ». To repent, lameM 

some neglect, grieve, be 8ori7. 
^^g^ adj. Stnpid, inactive. 

' 1 or?^*. Restless, inconstant, 
j playful, wanton ; brisk. 

^^T^T^T^3 i 8. /. Restlessness, incon- 
^^^'sft i stancy, wantonness ; 

plaTfnlness, vivacity. 

^m^ adj. Immovable ; inanimate. 

"V^K^ \ s. m. Wonder, admiration, as- 

ir^T'JT J tonishment. adj. Aston- 

^n^ adj. Immovable, fixed, inca- 
pable of motion, s. m, A mountain, 
an aged person. Ntl achat ^ The bine 
mountain near Balasore* 

^q^^T 5. /. The earth, 

VT^«ft «. /. A small spoon, 

^^TT'ir ) ewZiJ. -Snddenly, nnawares, nn- 
^^11^^ J expectedly. 

^R^T^T r. a. To wash or rinse '^ the 

r mouth after eating ; to drink. 
^iTfTK «. »f» Conduct, common practice, 

usage, a rule of conduct. 
^Pflft adj. One who vigorously follows 

religious precepts, [a learned pundit, 
^r^rr^r «.»». A spiritual guide or teacher, 
^T^nft* «. /. Priesthood 
^fHgPT adj. Rough, unpolished, 
^irft^ adj. Thoughtless. 
^f^WfT 8. f. Disregard, absence of 

thought or consideration* 
^f^ orfu. Soon, 
^^tfn (idj. Unwished for ; not painted 

(paper 4rc.), 

> adx\ Suddenly. 

li^ adj. Unerring, sure; {hence) a go^W 
marksman. ' ' 

^cT adj. Out of mfnd or sensejr, sense- 
loss, thoughtless, sttipid. achethona^ 
17. n. To be insensible, to be thought- 

W*T ddj. Uneasy, uncomfortable. 

%^^ adj. Fixed, permanent, imperislr- 
able, eternal. «, m. A name of Vi$h^ 
flu or God. 

adj. Spotless. 8,m. A certain tree. 
adj. Infallihk, indelible. «. m. p^e^ 
pdi't. Remaining, ' esfsting, contiiiu- 
ing ; whole gffcun, whole ribe tised in 
religious ceremonies, fried grain. 
achchhat tilak, 8. f. The ceremony of 
f>utting a few grains of rice on tbe 
forehead of an image when addressed, 
or of a 5ra/^man when invited to all 
entertainment. -^ 

^^n adj. Durable, permanent, 

^^311 «. w. An tmdecayjjble tfee* 


9.771. A letter of the alphabets 

^(^ft tfrf;. Scientific, lettered, writing 
an elegant hand. 

^r^T adj. Good, excellent, pleasant 
righteous, healthy, well, sound ; acX^ 
chha hona, %), n. To recover, achchka 
Jbama, v. a. To cure, recover, achckka 
lagna^ v,n. To become, beseem, bfe 
pleasing, be agreeable. *>,• agreeing,' 

^^nm 8. f. Goodness. 

^ff^ adj. Indivisible. 

^wftn adj. Undiminishing, unfiuKfigf. *' 

^^Z adj. Indissoluble, 

^Wt^ 8. m. The chase, huntitig. 

^([^fWt i* f. A complete airoy ^9it- 
sisting of 109,350 foot^ 65,610 horse, 
81,870 chariots, and 21,870 eltl- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( 9 ) 


w#^ <^4;. Imperishable, 
^^(t^ «. /. Orthography ; a mode of 
playing on a stringed instmment so 
as to express the words of a song. 
^Pfwr^B.f. Candle. 
^uniadj. Intangible (inctuaU dressed 

for reUgi<ms persons ^o.)y inviolable. 
^n adi9. To-day, now. «. m. A he-goat. 
: <• m. A large serpent, the Boa 

adj. Wonderfnl, astonishing. 
adj. Birthless. 
^wnr adj. Unborn and nnbegotten. 
^^m^ adj. Strange, unknown-an alien, 

a foreigner, 
mir^ s. m, A king of Onde. 

^ir^ \ s. m. Parsley (Apium tni)o- 
^^ii^< l / lucratwn)f common carra- 
way (Carum Carui), a kind of lovage 
(Ligusticum Ajotvah). 

adj. Not vietorions, nnsnccessfol, 
snbdned. s. m. Defeat. 
\ s. /. A she-goat. 
: adj. Free from decay ever young, 
not subject to ^ecrepitade, or the 
. infimiiiies of age, ondecayable, im- 
^nRT9*r s.f. The seed of a plant of the 
dill kind {Ligusticum a^o wan). 

\ adj. Infamous. 

ada. To-day also, even now, 
jnst now, yet, immediately. 

%im 8. /. A she-goat, illusion, the un- 
reality of ihe universe. 

r sji^ Ruse or stratagem in speech. 
r s. m. He who never begs. 
adj. Contented, 
^nn^ s. m. Canvas (doth made of hemp), 
nmm adj. Expelled from his caste ( a 

^fflft) s»m, A man who has lost his caste. 


^friT o^y. Ignorant, simple, ianocent, 
indifferent, careless. [kneos. 

^^ri^T? s. m. Whose hands fall on the 

^«lT«ft »./. Ignorance, simplicity. 

^5rTfi!^5. m. Proper name. 

^mK 8. m. Illness. [ unsurpassed. 

^rf%H adj. Unconquered ; unexcelled, 

^rf%^ 8. 771, A hide, used as a seat, bed, 
&c., by the religious student ; ge- 
nerally the hide of an antelope. 

^fmx 8. m. An area, court, yard. 

^r) An interjection to call or bespeak 
attention : in Bengal, it is used to 
an inferior, or in cases of great inti- 
macy only ; but in the western pro- 
vinces, it is often addressed to a 
superior as a term of respect. 

^ir^ltif adj. Invincible, unsubdued, im- 

W5^5W *. m. Leprosy {of a had kind). 

^iftw s. m. Indigestion ; surfeit, flatu- 
lence, adj. Undecayed, unimpaired. 

^^^^ adj. Lifeless, dead. 

W^fl^ adj. Tongueless. 

^W 1 adj. Unfit, s.f. Violence, op- 
'^TH J pression, compulsion. 

^^K adj. Not obtainable. 

'W^ a4;.Untouched,untasted (mctnaU). 

^^ adj. Not victorious. 

^ff^' ad'9. Hitherto, to this day. scarce. 

^[^^adj. Without joining, peerless, 

^J*? I adj. Without splendour, dull. 

^BpiS[m adj. Of steady pace((»n elephant). 
^X adj. Idiot, stupid, ignorant, 
^irr 8, f. Command, order, permission. 
^nn^T^ adj. Acting according to orders^' 

obedient* [ unknown, 

^IH adj. Ignorant, simple, innocent ; 
mn^ adj. Ignorant, witless, unknowing, 

a simpleton, stupid^ uuyrise. Sn m, 


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( 10 ) 


^I^lim «./. Ignorance, stupidity, sim- 
plicity, [stupidity, simplicity, 
^rail^m s, m. Ignorance, foolishness, 
^^]^\ adj. Ignorant, nnwise. 
^TITH^r «. m. Breach of order. 

^^^ 1 t. m. The end or border of a 
^^^ J cloth, veil, shawl^ &c. ; the 

breast {of a woman cr lactescent ani- 

^TO^fT 8.7n. The end or border of a cloth, 
veil, shawl, <&c. ; a sheet used among 

^r^n 8.m. A colly riom or application to 
the eye-lashes to darken atd improve 
them, a universal article of the east- 
ern toilet ; particular applications, 
as lamp black, antimony, and another 
kind called rasanjan. 

^f^^^JK s» m. Oollyrium. 

^n^T^T^^./. A stye or stithe on the 
eyelidfiu [ with anjana. 

'S^^j t). w. To have the eyes tinged 

'^^ll 8. /. The mother of Hanumdn ; a 

^^fi^^T 8.f. A kind of newt or lizard. 

^wft »./. A woman, perfumed with san- 
dal, &c. ; a medicinal plant used as 
a sedative and laxative. 

^WWT I 8, m. The cavity formed by 
^^^{^ i putting the hands together 

and holding Uie palms as if to receive 

water ^ a measure, as much as can 

be held in both hands so disposed. 

^rm 8,f, Prevention, stop, obstruction, 
bar, obstacle ; name of a river, the 

*rzilTT '>. «. To be stopped, to be pre- 
vented, to adhere, cease, rest, stick, 

^Z^^ 8.f, Guess, conjecture, judgment, 
opitiion, quantity, size, atkalhdz. <tdj. 
Adroit at guessing.; an appraiser. 

atkalnaf v, a,\ To guess, conjectujpe^ 
judge, estimate, think. atkal'p€Uihckhn^ 
«. 771. One who guesses at a venture, 
or without groimds on which to . 
judge, adv* A.t random. 

^<r?^rai>n V. a. To guess, to conjecture^ 
to judge, to think. 

^RT^I^TV «• m. Guess. 

^rzKT 8. m. The pot in which victuals 
are dressed for the public at the -door 
of the temple at Jagamath, past^'part. 
Aground, stopped, hindered. 

^[S^X'm t>. c». T*stop, to hinder, to pre - 
vent, restrain, detain, coerce. 

^UZ^RT^ 8, m. Stop^ prevention, hinder- 
ance, restraint, detention* 

^B(z%m adj. "Wanton. 

W2#^ 5. /. Wantonness, an affected 
(also a graceful)j^B/ce or mode of walk- 

^PSZ ckdj^ Coarse, strong ( cloth )• 

^Z^ 8. VI. A balcony, an upper room. 

^^•rr 1?. n. To be contained ; to be filled ; 
to wander, perambnlate, walk about* 
hud-atgydy The well is filled up. 

^IZ'it 8,f, The notched extremity or horn 
of a bow. 

"m^^ adj. Unfair, Inaccessible. 

^ttz^it ' I adj. Inconsiderate, irregular, 
^izq^t'ft J unstudied, thoughtless, atpa^ 

ti bat, 8. /. Confused or inconsistent 

speech, prevurication. 

^Z^ 8, m. A heap. 

^v^ier ad^. Immovable, permanent, fixed^ 
of determined resolution, incontrover- 
tible, unchangeable, irrevocable, irre« 
fragable. attUtd, «./. Incontrovertibi- 
lity, immovableness. 

^|<wr^ adj. Infallible. 

^9Z^TZWfZVZ 8. f. The state of a persotf 
who in great affliction, remains bed- 
rid. . 0twdne$ kha(i&dne$ Una, To be 

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( n ) 


con fined to bed in great trouble or 

7z^ I 8./. Forest, grove, wilderness. 

^2T *./• An upper room or story, a bal- 
^^ft *./. A thatched upper room. 

^<iw s.f. A stack, rick ( of gr^s^, cot^, 

&c, ), a heap of baggage, &c. 
^Zrai 8. m, A heap ; furniture. 
^^Z »dj. Mot liable to be broken j in- 
^?%^ acj^'. Without support. 
^< «./. Name of a town. 
^VZK^ 8, m, A skein or bundle of thread, 

a reel ; the ioungo ( in the manege ). 
^I^K^n ^. a. To make up thread into 

skeins, to reel ; to lounge a horse. 
^£tm ^dj. Unquestioned, unmterrupted, 

unrestrained, without hinderance. 
^^ ad . Unpolished («/o»d« oi^jiwels \ 

and henc6f of persons ), vnde, unman- 

^IfW «. m. Laugh. 
^im a. m. An upper ?oomorpavittion, 
^llRvfir «./. A thatched upper room. 
^ f . /. A hank or bundle of thread ; 

a cani word for a turban. 
%»9^ *./, Playfulness, wantonness* 
^90?^ <M^'. Forty-eight. 
vim <t€y. Thirty-eight. 
^?«8. i». Bathing of the bride and 

bridegfoom together, the third day 

after marriage. 
^3^T»rT u. To provoke, tex, annoy. 
^fS^liiirnvnA 8. /. The state of being 

confined to bed through sickness, d;c. 
^FWm s. m. The eighth day after any 

otUr ; a we^ 
^997 «k^'. Sixty-^ht. 
^JfiH adj^ Seventy^-eight. 
^UriCW a4f* Twenty-eight. 

^q^T'!^ adj. Ninety-eight. 

iQTTK^ adj. Eighteen, atharfih bhdr. 
Various, of different kinds. 

^5T^ adj. Fifty-eight. 

^Rrret adj. Eighty-eight. ^ 

^T? ^ «. /. Stone of fruit. 

^j?^ adj. Not capable of being pushed 
out of its place, unanswerable, irre- 
fragable. [ nacy. 

^ s. /. Contention, contrariety, obsii- 

^^'^ «./. A manufacturing town. 

^? II 8. f. A mode of wrestling with 
the feet ; an obstacle. [ tion. 

^^^T «. 7». Slight ill-health, indisposi- 

^^^^ $M, Petulance, refractoriness. 

^r^^ a. 9n. Defence, protection. 

^^T u. n . To stop, hesitate, ar karna^ 
To stop, be obstinate (as a horse). 

ag'f'nTT adj. Crooked, uneven. 

^^^'^r s, nu Foolish actions. 

^fW^ift adj. Inconsiderate. 

isr^^f «. m. Words without meaning. 
adj. Uneven, rugged, arbar Icamd. i>. 
a. To speak inconsiderately or with- 
out meaning, to rave, talk absurdly, 

ifff^oi;., Rugged, rough, uneven. 

35r?l^ 8. »». A cloth worn by Hindus, 
parsing from the waist between the 
thighs and fastening behind. 

5BrW^ adj. Obstinate, perverse, mulish. 

^p^V\ 8.f. Agency, eommission, sale by 

^^K «. m. A kind of grain, 

^T adj. Refractory, jibbing (a^ horse). 

^j^^TfT 8. m. High steep banks of a 
river or tank. 

^f^rm 1?. a. To make to stop ; to fasten 
one thing to another. $. m. Name of 

a tuTio. 
^fT«it «. /. A large fan or parasol. 
ilff^'Sl 0(i;. Obstinate. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 12 ) 


adj. Obstinate, perverse, mulish ; 

restive. [odhenMoha and ganderusaa), 
"mrBJ 8, m, A medicinal plant {Jtisticia 
^BT^^IT i>« n. To protect, to become 

a protection. 
^T ^ «./. Enmity. 
^^m adj Not capable of being shaken 

or moyed; immoyabley fixed, unshaken. 
^ST^^^T^^ «. m. Neighbonrhood. 
V^f^qx 8. m. Commission agent. 
fBT^Tf; adj. Two and a half ; or when 

used with a noun of number, twice 

and a half the aggregate number. »./. 

A full gallop. 
'srfe??! s. /• A wood vessel. 
^^^ s./. Check, stumbling block. 
^TS^sfT V. ». to trip J To Stumble, 

^^r 8, m. 2^, two and half seers. 
^TfQ 8, m. The edge or point of a sharp 

'^rf^H^ ") s.m. A superhuman faculty; 

^r^Q^r 5 the subtle and invisible 
state assumable by austere devotion 
and the performance- of magical rites, 
or as possessed by a deity. 

^^ 8. /. The point or edge of any sharp 
instrument ( a«, *of an atraw, spear ^ 
^c. ). [ minute. 

^ 8. TTu An atom. adj. Atomic, small, 

'^RCTT V. n. Te be contained, to be tight- 
ened, to be filled up, (a weU^ tank^ 
4rcJ). ^ [into. 

^^Jj^m f9n a. To make contain, to cram 

^"^l 8. m^ A ball, a marble, aniaghwr^ 
8, m. A billiard-room. 

^snif TflSt^ 5. /. A cord with which cattle 
are tied neck and heels. 

^^f^^ adj. Unlucky. 

^^^xnr u. a. To twist, writhe, v. n. To 

swagger, strut, give one's self mrs, 

walk afiFectedly. [ garis) ; an egg, 

«5W «. m. Palraa christi ( Ricinus ^ul- 

}8. m. A testicle, or the scroluai ; 
semen genitale. 

^r^iit^ 8.m, The scrotum, the testicles § 

rupture, hernia. 
ir^F^ adj. Oviparous, as, a serpent, a 

fieshy a bird, a lizard. [an egg, 

IWT B. m. An egg. anda dena, To lay 

JJ^ } «./. Having testicles. 


^r99 adj. Oviparous, as, a serpent, (a 

^nnrr adj. Powerless, without authority. 
«V9iT n. prop. Eamdeo, the god of love 

among the Hindus. 

JJJ I s.m. Attar. 

^Hfqir adj. Unsatisfied. 

V^ 8. m. A particular hell, or division 
of the infernal regions, the portion 
immediately below the earth. 

Wr^wi adj. Very deep, bottomless. 

^fi^\8.f. Fl&x {Linumusitati88mufm^. 

arm 8. m. Father. [gratis. 

^(9TX 8. m,f. One who sings and dances 

^ftf prep. Over, beyond (m point cftime, 
place or degree), gone by,pa8sed over, 
exceeding, surprising, very, over, 
much, very much, &c. ; it implies 
general excess or pre-eminenee. ad^. 

^rfiifT adv. Much, excessively. 

vfirvnr «• m. Name of a vulture in the 
Ramaylin, brother of Jataiyn. 

ivfir^^ 8. m. Delay. 

irffl^l^ 8. m. The sixth of the twen- 
tyseven astrological yogs or pe- 

^rfinrfh adv. Very much, very great. 

^fiR^ s.m. A fragrant grass, lemon- 
grass {Andropogan echcenanikus). 

irfinrf'iRI adj. Arrogant, proud. 



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( 13 ) 

i^fiifTr adj. Very secret, closely bidden 
or concealed. [sion. 

^ifirfef adj, Bisgnsting, cansing arer- 

^ftl^R s. m. The passage of a planet 
from one zodical sign to another, in 
n shorter than common period. 

^(imTiR: adj. Very wakefnl, restless, s, 
m. The black curlew. 

wfirtfN adj. Very old. [ or acrid. 

^rfvA^ <idj' Very pnngent^ sharp, hot, 

^rftfw s. m. A gnest, pilgrim, stranger, 
person entitled to the rights of hos~ 
pitality. atUki-hridf <•/• Service of a 
guest, hospitality. 

^fiiftwrn 5. m. He who serves guests. 

^filfw^T 9. m. Faith. 

WfifftruVT 8,f. Quest chamber or hall. 

^ftfilifT t« /. Service, attendance on a 

^Slfl^ 9. m. Munificence. [ mation. 

Vf^^(T¥ 9»m, Great heat; violent inflam- 

^tlinJN adj. Very poor, in great want. 

.^rOif^V 9* /• Great difficulty or distress. 

^fiUHi adj. Very arduous, very diffi- 

nr^f^ 9. «. A great distance, a far oft. 

«rfvi(tw 9. tn. A great fault. 

vfinjilW #. w. Great power. 

^(NnRI 9. m. A heinous sin. 

^fiwwft ckdj, A great sinner, flagrant- 
ly criminal. [ briety. 

^ft^TW 9. m» Excessive drinking in 

irftqwi! 0dj. Excessively pure,8tainless. 

^rfvnn' adj. A great talker, a babbler. 

^ifiWf €dj. Strong, powerfuL 

^filWK adv. Frequently, 
^wftftw adv. or ac^j. Much, excessive, 
unlimited, frequently. 

'^Rwi\#.»i. A great or excessive burden. 
- Wf?i4t?v €^4j. Veiy worthy, 
^ftlftw oi^. Excessive, exceeding. 
^ifWw «• nit Oonsomption {phihi9i9 I 


^rfwWT adj. A great talker, a babbler. 

^firftiie 8. tn. A fierce elephant, adj, 
very fierce, very formidable ; hard, 
^^^'^l*^- [duing poison. 

^fw adj. Antidote, exceeding or sub- 

^rfirf*^ 9. / A tree used in medicine, 
the bark is also used in dyeing ; it is 
of three kinds, white, red, and black 
(Atii or Betuh). 

^fnnw adj. Very powerful. 

'^fiftfii 9./. Great power. 

^fts^Hifii 9.f. Heroic, valour, prowess. 

^'finw adj. Much, excessive. 

^Mt?r adj. Excessively cold, [lation. 

^^^r^ 9. m. A hoare, a great accumu- 

^f*^R 9. m. Diarrhoea or dysentery, 
ofwrfrAf, adj. Dysenteric. aiUdn. adj. 
Afflicted with dysentery ; cathartic. 

^rfWTTO 9. m. A horse-laugh, violent 

^W 9. m. A wonderer, pilgrim, a men- 
dicant among Hindus, adj. Past, 
«^P««d- [tense. 

^^mm 9. m. (In gram.) The preterite 

^« 9. m. A medicinal root. 

^nft^TTK 9. m. Dysentery. 

^rttm adj. Blunt, not sharp, duU, ob- 
tuse. aHk9hntd, B.f. Bluntness. 

'3g? I *^>* Not weighed, incapable of 

^Rit^ J being weighed ; unequalled, 

'Vnr adj. Unsatisfied, restless. 

^^fn 9.f. XusatiablenesB, voraciousness. 

"^iim adj. Dark, dim, dull. 9. m. Insig- 
nificance, feebleness, imbecility. 

^»«nfl adj. or adi9. Much, very much, 
excessive, great. 

^«WT adj. Very small, very little. 

^«?nn 9. m. Deviation from presQribed 
observances, contemning religious 
and moral lawjs. 

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( U ) 


^rsiT^lf^ adj. Transgressing. 

^agj^^jr^ c^dj. Indispensably necessary, 
very requisite, of great importance, 

^f?r adi). In this place, here, hei*ein. 

%l^ conj. {inoeptive or premising particle 
used to introduce a remark ^ question^ 
qffirmaUon, i*c.,) Thus, so, then, hence^ 
further, now, moreover, henceforth* 

^99 adj, TJuwearied, untired, insensible 
of fatigue. 

^frsw^ 8. m. Tlie fourth Ved. 

^RTgr adj. Unsteady, un8table,wavering. 

^^T coi}j. Or. 

^^^ adj. Deep, unfordable, unfathom- 
able, out of man's depth. 

^^ni: 8,f. A place where people meet 
for counsel, or to converse and amuse 
themselves. [fathomable. 

^WTT aclj. BottomlesB, very deep, un- 

^f«m I adj. Unstable, unsteady, wa- 

^f^?f J vering. 

^^ adj. Half, ad-jpakkd, Half-ripe, 
^^^^T s.m. A cloth for carrying things 

in, a covering. 
^f^TOT adj, m. Half-blown ((» jiower^^c). 
^^^^ adj, m. Half-open, 
'f ^?^ adj, m. Half-driveu (as a BtaJce). 
H^^ adj. Unpunished, s. m. impunity, 
^ir^ adj. Not given. [ (a female). 

^^T adj. /. Not given in marriage 
^^H? 8. m. Act of being born or of 

springing up {as plants from sied)^ 

birth, production. 

J'^ i a<&*. m. HalMead. 

^^^ adj. Unfeeling, unmerciful, desti- 

tude of pity, 
%^ ' ) ao;. Unseen, unforeseen, s, m. 
HI 7 / Causal and unforeseen dan- 
ger, fortune, luck. 
^^Wf ».»!. Disappearance, adj. Invisible, 
^^t^ 8,m. A kind of verj fine muslin ; 
a kyid of sweetmeat. 

^^^^^ I *. *n. Exehange, alter- 
^^^if^^T J ation. 

^^T'T^T ^^T ^. a. m. To exchange^ 

or barter ; confuse, displace, 
^^^ ^^ ^vit V. a. f. To cxcha»ge, 

or barter ^ confuse, displace. 

^TT«f ) 8. /. Braces for tighten ing^* 
^^^^If j the tape of a bedstead. 

^Rp?«r 8. m. Water set to boil for dresa-* 
ing victuals. 

^r^?rr ) adj.' Illiberal, avaricious^ 

^r^pft j sttngy. 

^ft[Rf s. /. The proper name of tjie- 

mother of the gods, 
'^f^fir T'^n s.m. A deity, 
^fifif 8. m. An unlucky day^ 
^f^ 8. m. Misfortune, fate. 
^iCTT adj. Invisible, unseen. 
'RS^ adj. Unseen, unforeseen. • 
^^ 8. f. Half a damree ( a smaU ooin)y 

half a piece of cloth. 

^^ ] adj. Without splendour. 

^<t 8. f. A kind of food eaten by 

^^f ?f adj. Surprising, wonderful, ad- 
mirable. 8. m. Surprise, astonishment^ 

^ffi^ s.f. Ginger, in an undried state 
{Aniomum zinziber). 

^H^ s.f. A kind of sweetmeat. 

^Hfhf 8, m. Mildness, moderation, the 
absence of tyranny and oppression. 

^nf\^ adj. Innocuous, mild. 

^W^ oi/.Quiet, tranquil, free from strife 

^ninpr s. /. Braces for tightening the 
tape of a bedstead. 

. out a teoond. 

iq%^ adj. Harmless, not malicious. 

^%qt adj. Harmless, inoffensive. 

HV; prep. DowQ; downwards, below ( im 

I eidj. Peerless, matchless, un- 
3 equalled ; only, sole with- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 15 ) 


jtlacSy rank or degree ) • the reverse 
of gru ui. 

iB^ ( in comp. ) Half. 

^«r s.m. Palsy affecting one side orhalf 
the body ; hemiplegia, adhangmdma, 
to strike with palsy, [sied j paralytic. 

^V^ <>4y- Affected with hemiplegia, pal- 

^^^^tT adj, m. Half-dressed victuals. 

^^n^rar adj, m. Half-ripe. 

^<<^MI<ii1 8. /. A pain affecting half the 
head ; a nat of areca shaped like a 
hemisphere ( so named, frohahly^from 
two kernels being contained in one 
sheU : and to such a nut the virtue 
crais sihed of curing the disease of the 
same name). 

^T^l^R 1 s, m. Half the tax or dnty of 
^ra^d J any kind {the other half being 

^*<*^r adj. m. Half-spoken, half-uttered. 
iffvjiiY j ^^•^' ^^^^> destitude, indigent, 
'rrmraeg. Half-ripe. [master. 

^'*Mci *. m. A prince, a commander, a 
^n^WT ad^. Half-made, half-prepared. 
^B^^ adsi. Half-way, in the middle. 
•a^^^H ads>. In the middle* 
^nnf odQ. Inferior, low, mean, vile, des- 
picable, wretched, contemptible. 

JJSt } ^'^- Hal^-^ead. 

^^ ac^'. Low,. inferior, below; low, vile. 
«. w. The lip, ttie lower lip ; pudea- 
dnm mnliebre. 

^*n»^ Sn m. Empty space, the space be- 
tween heaven and earth, adj. Sus- 
pended, separate, at a distance, ad^). 
In the middle; [of cloth. 

'BT^T'n «.m. A half piece of cloth ; a sort 

V^^TW^ s. m. The moisture, honey or 
nectar of theflips. 

W^^. #. »»• Injustice, irreligion^ un- 

righteousness, impiety, immorality, 

sin, crime, adj. Unjust, impious. 
^WT^PCt adj. Uniighteous, wicked. 
^PWrm «./. Unrighteousness. ' 
^sn^RtTfT s, m. Injustice, crime. 
^PIRt^ adj. Very wicked. 
^Pi'ff adj. Unjust, wicked, unrighteous, 

sinful, criminal, immoral, impious. 
^n^nPT adj. Half of any thing, 
^^T^ s.f^ A half ( generally applied 

to pieces of cloth). 
^vnf s. m. Oils, unguents.' 

^T^TK \ 8. m. Food, aliment, victuals, 
^TWTK J nourishment, support. 

^rvrfW^ii adj. Unjust,unrighteous, wicked. 
^Wlhft 8. /. Pain affecting the half 
of the head, hemicrania. 

^Hft prep. Over, above, upon ; it implies 
superiority {in place, quality or quan- 
tity), and is the reverse of %m ap. 

^^^ adj. Exceeding, excossive, great- 
er, more than, most, additional,extra, 

^fv^T »./. Excess, addition. 

^ftwrt 8. f Increa&e, augmentation, 
abundance, excess ; oppression, 

^f^PTT iJ* a. To augment, increase. 

^^WnC 8.m. A kmgdom^ a government, 
ah estate ; the bearing of r()yal in- 
signia, dominion, possession, an'thor- 
ity, rule, title, a right, a privilege, 
an inheritance. 

^ftr^lft adj. Possessing a right, title, 
or privilege, s. m, A proprietor, a 
master, an owner, one invested with 
power and authority, a ruler, a direc- 

^Pf8RT s. m. A snperintendant in gene- 
ral ; an inspector of receipts and 
disbursements, an auditor of public 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( 16 ) 

irftrq ) «. m. An owner, a lord, or 
^iPmfil J master ; a king. • 

^(^<lt9 8. m. Fleshy excrescences on 
the eye, cancer of the eye. 

^iTTV «. «•. An intercalary month, 
formed of the aggregate days omit- 
ted m reckoning the Inner year. 

^f^mr ♦. a. To halve, to divide. 

^f^m B. m. A great or snpreme king, 
superior prince^ a soyereign, an em- 

^>t^:t^ 8.m. Empire, snpreme sway. 

^^ 1 cuff. Ohedient, snhmissive, 
^^ J nnmhle, docile, subject to 

the control of another, subservient ; 


^f^fhinn 8, /. Submission, obedience, 
obsequiousness, servility, humility, 
Servitude, subjection, dependance, 

^'•Itift 8. /. Submission, humbleness, 
obsequiousness ; petition. 

^^K adj. Confused, perplexed ; un- 
steady (lit. ot' met); impatient, hasty, 
precipitate, irresolute. 

S^V8f 8.m. Confusedness, perplexity, 
unsteadiness, adj. Perplexed, con- 
fused, unsteady, impatient. 

^fff I *^* Confused, perplexed. 

^ifhcQT^./. Haste, precipitation, irre- 
solution, fickleness, unsteadiness, 
want of firmness ; confusion, perplex- 
ity, impatience. 

^4t^K 8, m. An emperor, a king para- 
mount over all the neighbouring 

^V>{^ adj. Half-ready, half-dressed ; 
immature (afCBM); unfinished, cuifiu- 
rajan0j «. fi. To miscarry (a femaU). 

^(^W <*d). Middle-aged, just past the 
prime of life {0pplied M08t frsquently 

to women). [awuiK coin), 

^fim 8. m. Half a piece or paka (a 
^r%^ «./. Half a rupee. 
^^df adj. Unsteady, feeble, irresolute. 
%W^ 8.m. Instability, want of firmness, 
^r^?!^ <./. A fine kind of cloth. 
^^W adj. With the head downwards 

{08 the Hindus practice in the tupusya), 

looking downwards, drooping the 

head (from grief or shame) ; hea&long; 

inverted^ turned upside down. [kind). 
^4hft «./. Half a hide (of a thick strong 
^«^n s. m. Study, reading, e^peciidlj 

of the sacred books ; one of the six 

duties of a brahman. 

8. m; A master, a lord, a chief, a 

governor, a superintendant. 
19. a. To halve, to divide, 
^rvvrnr 8. m. A teacher, one who in- 

stracts in the sacred books. 
^^tsqfRn s. m, Instij^cting, teaching the 

sacred books. 
^f^^m 8. m. A section, or division of a 

book ; a chapter, or lecture of the 

Ved ; a chapter, a lesson, 
^ni A prefix of negation, privation or 

diminution, used properly before 

words beginning with a vowel only, 

^ being adopted before consonants : 

in Hindee, however ^^ firequenily 

occurs with consonants ; so, ^^^H 

anant, ^W^ andekhd. 
^Hl^rrm i>.n. To be angry, or displeased, 

to be peevish ; or fretful. 



adj. Unwrought unformed ; 
uneducated ; unlicked. un- 
^n^ ) polished, unfinished, unset 
(as a ring on jewel), angarhi bat^ 
Inconsistent or ill-arranged speech. 

^fiRrfww 1 adj. Uncounted, innumer- 
H»rfi ^i T > able, numberless, dtmnt- 
^PlPl^iftJ less. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 17 ) 

^T^rar adj. Uncounted, numberless, 
angina mahini. The eighth month 
of a woman's pregancy. 
^«|(4«l41 adj. Countless, unnumbered. 
^f^^ adj. Siuless, innocent. 
^f^I^^ adj. Not desired. [unawares. 
^Rpm iidiD, Suddenly, unexpectedly, 
^il^hnr adj. Unknown, strange, 
^fif^ s. m. A Yaluation of standing 

^«rft«T adj. Unpared {as fruit, ire.), un- 
lickedi rude, awkward, boorish. 
adj. Unborn. 
8. TO. Victuals and food, 
wnsrm adj. Unbumt. 
^^nre «. TO. Infamy. 
^iniT>T *4/. Unwitting, unintentional, 
not knowing, ignormit. 8* m. A 
^rw^TPrrad^. Unknown, ignorant, 
^pramft «./. Ignorance, negligence. 
VRlTif adv. Ignorantly, not knowing, 
, unwittingly. [thing will grow. 

. ^>nn^ adj. Barren {land) in which no* 
^rrc B. TO. Injustice. 
'^^f{ adv. Elsewhere ; another, ptiier. 
^Pl^^iTT adj. Unseen, invisible. 
^f^Rflt \b. m. Misprly, avaricious. 
^«r^ilT 8. TO. Benefactor, food-giver. 
^^<T adj. Independent, 
^^^t^ adj. Unwashed ; unclean. 
^nm adj. BouAdless, illimitAbl^ j ^pd- 
leas, eter^f^l ,- infinite, innumjeri^le. 
0.m. A name of the serpent said to 
sn(ij>ortjtbe e^tb; a ^an^e of VtBhnu: 
name of several plants ; a ,cord with 
fourteen knots, which the jBin4i:^ tie 
on their arm on the 14th day of J^Aa^ 
dan sttM-fukBh, which is sacred to 
, Vi8knu, and called anant-chaudus. 
^TRmr «./. Eternity. [quaati|;y. 

^iV^ijfil B.f. ( In arithmetic ) Infinite 


adj. Multiform, 
^'fn^?! 8. m. Rigidity or paralysis of 
the muscles of the face and neck. 

^nwfj adj. Unbounded, infinite, eternal. 
8. TO. Immortality j eternity ; infinity. 

^«nTfT adj. Illiterate, uninformed. 

^n^m adj. Childless, having no progeny. 

^^^K^fhr 8./. Absence of knowledge, 
certainly or conviction. 

^smilflrfl a. Unfriendly ; unbelieving, 
i^thiess. [sinless. 

^Ttr^m 8. m. Innocence, a^. Innocent, 

^^^T^ adf. Innocent, sinless. 

^pnn'l^f a^j' Unclean, unpure. 

H^t9^ adj. Disregarding, unheeding. 

^T^^ 8./, Carelessness, indifference, 
disregard. [ understanding. 

^Tiwrr^ 8. m. Discord, dissension, mis- 

^if^rmn adj. Unmarried. 

VltwT adj. Unbored. unperforated. 

^ippfl^ acfj. Bilent, speechless, mute« 

^qir«"9 « -TO. Ill fortune, bad luck. 

VPT^TT 8. TO. Not good, bad. 

^iHli:* 8./. A maiden, virgin, spinster. 

^ifiTPlT Unmarried, hence, to. A batche- 

^«RfHlJ 8. TO. Not aware, ignorant. 

^f f*T^W 8. TO*. Indifference, absence of 

^ifHwrft a^. Indifferent. 

^^iTT m. 1 <«&'■ Thoughtful, agitated, 

^R»i^ /. J regretting, out of humour, 
sad, troubled in mind, dissatisfied, 
displeasing, vexed, sickjy. 

U^rfir^ 8. TO. Heterogeneous, discor- 
dant; not agreeing to indisposed 

^DV^9 adj. Dissimilar. TO. Estrangement, 

Vf#^ 8. TO. Priceless, invaluable, be- 
yond price. 

^Pfqn 8. TO. Infamy. 

m^mi^ adv. Without trouble, easily. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


i 18 ) 

^^V9 s. m. Want of flavour or enjoy- 
ment ; dijgast, nauseousnesa, cool- 
ness or pa launders tand in g between 
friends, [ oar. 

^m^n 8./, Unmannerliness, illbehari- 
^ipjfrta 8.f. Non-compliance with the 
rules of good manner or behaviour, 
unceremoniousness, irregularity. 
^inJ adj. Unmeaning, fruitless, abor- 
tive ; absurd, improper nonsensical. 
^^^m a.f. Fire ; a plant ( plumbago s^y- 
lanica and rosea ). 

%f^^ 8. m. A ring furnished with little 
balls and worn on the great toe. 

tW'HfPr adj. Careless, inattentive, s, m. 
Inadvertence, inattention, careless- 

^ifjj^n^m s,f. Inadvertence, inattention. 

^R^«^ adj. Occupied, busy, having no 
leisure ; unseasonable ; inopportune. 
5. m. want of leisure or opportunity ; 
unsea^nableness, inopportuneness. 

^T^wr adj. Unstable, unsteady ,• incon- 
tinent, s.f. Instability, absence of 
fixed state or condition ; uncertainty, 
doubt; incontinence, dissoluteness^ 

^H f^m aij. Uneducated, illiterate. 

^9\^K Not perishing, imperishable, im- 

^Tir^ 5. m. A fast, fasting. 

iJf^mRr adj. Not understood, not 

^vr^T^i s. m. Not understanding or 
knowing ^ not understood. 

^T^T^r adj. Unmixed, separate. 

^imf€^ adj. Unlearned. [ taught* 

^w€l^T a. m. Illiterate, unlearned, un- 

^«T^«fT adj. Unheard, not noticed, dis- 
regarded, ansuni \amdy m. n. To 
pretend not to hear {yalhat is spoken) ; 
to disregard. [regarded. 

^'J^^'t s.f. Unheard, uot notig^d, dis- 

iff'T^iTT «./. Name of the wife of Atri, 
one of the 7 RisUi'a father of 
Chanira. [lity. 

^RTVT^ 8. m. Absence of pride, humi- 

"^^XWlti adj. Humble, not proud. 

frffilofy. Without affection, an enemy. 
8. in. Unfriendliness, disaffection, hos- 

^«Tf%ff adj. Inimical, unfriendly, un- 
familiar, hence in an enemy. 

^•npt^, adj. Not to be, impossible. 

^Tft'ft adj. Impossible, 

^sfT^rrc adj. Shapeless, without form. 

^l^lnrwF 5./. A sort of prickly night- 
shade (Solanum jacquini). [future. 

^fT'ni adj. Not come, not yet arrived, 

'•fffiT^r adj. Dnapproachable ; inacces- 
sible ; unobtainable. 

WfT^^ 8. m. Improper conduct, irreli- 
gion, neglect of moral or religious 
observance. (u2;.Immoral, ill-behaved, 
indecent. [ decent. 

^m^ift adj. Immoral, indecorous, in- 

^»ri^ 8. m. Grain. 

'^nr^ adj. Unskilful, clumsy, artless, 
awkward, inexpert, s. m.f. A novice, 
bungler, simpleton. 
^^W adj. Well, vigorous, free from 

sickness or pain, 
^inv aij. Husbandless, without a pro- 
tector, lord or master, without chief 
or sovereign ; helpless. 

^TTT^ 8. m. Disrespect ; affront. 

^RTf^ adj. Without beginning, eter- 
nal as it respects beginning, unborn, 

^rtR^ 8. m. Eternity. 

^TTIWI 8. m. Ease, facility, adj. Easy. 

^qirrc m, A pomegranate. 

^•fTK^ 8. m. Silliness, clumsiness, in- 
expertness, ignorance, awkwarilness. 

V^tQ m. A simpleton, stupid, novice. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( 19 > 

'mwim adj. Indestructible, 
<^1I1K «. w. Abstinence, starvation. 
^TFTTtt adj. Fasting. [ wish or desire. 
^f*T^r 8, /. InJiflferencey absence of 
^fn?^ adj. Not for ever ; frail, perish- 
able, transient*, not everlasting, tran 
sitory, temporary, fugitive. 

^^fm^js.f. Transient or limited exis- 

^f^^i adj. Awake, sleepless. 

«fwft??l adj. Irreproachable. 

^fW^^ adj. Unskilled, unskillful. 

^f'nni adj. Unobstructed, nnrestrained. 

^Pw s, m. Uncertainty. 

^Pnff« adj. Dirty, foul. 

^*^r } The superhuman faculty of 

^f^ill > becoming a point or particle 
(as possessed by a deity) too small 
' for human perception. 

^fH^^^ J adj. Not fit to be spoken ; 

^Pr^f^ ) indescribable, indefinable. 

^f*l9i «.m. Wind, breath, air, considered 
as a deity. 

^fif^lftif adj. Unchecked, unimpeded, 
unopposed, unforbidden. 

'^F'lf'll adj. Unprohibited, unforbidden. 

^fn^adj. Undesired, ominous, evil, bad, 
unlucky. [ uess. 

^f«f«f 8. m. Unsteadfastness, unsteadi- 

'^^ 8./. The point or edge of any sharp 
instrument (as, of an arrow, speary&c.) 

S^fki^ «./. An army, a host, forces ; 
a certain force. 1-1 0th of an akihou- 
him, consisting of 2187 elephant, 
and as many cars, 5661 horse^ and 
10,935 foot. . 

s^fHs.f. Rudeness, unpropriety, 'in- 
justice, unmorality. 

^^^ 8. m. Unmannerly, rude, boorish. 

^ prep. After (in time, place, rank and 
degree), according to, in imitation of ; 
it is the reverse of ^fH abhi^ 

^<i^R, m. Speaking concurrent! . 

'T'piRn 5. /. Tenderness, compassion, 

^3^^ adj. Co-inciding, friendly to, as- 
sisting, acting in concert with, fa- 
vourable or conformable to. 

V^^ «•/• A co-incidence, a being in 
concert, a concert, concord, good will, 

^^Hi adj. Not spoken, not told, not 
mentioned, s. m. A trope, [a series. 

^WH 8.m. Order, method, a succession , 

^5^m s. rn, A oreek. 

^l^ adj. Following, succeeding, s. m, f. 
A follower, a servant, a dependant. 

S^^fi adj. Gone after, dependant on, 
attached to. 

^f^I'l'r pree. part. Following, pursuing. 

^^TT^ adj. Following,consequent upon, 
devoted to, imitating. 5. m. A com- 
panion, a follower ; ona who goes 
behind or after. 

^^T s. m. Favour, grace, kindness, 
indulgence ; conferring benefits, pro- 
moting good, and preventing ill. 

^rfj^ s. m. A companion, a follower, a 
servant, an attendant. 

^5^kV s,f, A female companion. 

^PlW adj. Unfit, improper, unbecoming. 

^3^ adj. Younger, junior, s. m. A 
younger brother. [ tion. 

iRTSTT s.f. Permission, command, order, 
dismission, younger sister. 

^^=!(T4t adj. Following after^ succeed- 
ing according to. 

^5^ 8,f, An order, command, in jimc- 

nrfprri 8. i». Repentance, regret, re- 

tfajWI^ adj. Penitent, regrctLing. 

^iprm 5. m, A satellite. 

^vrr adj. Unable to aiiGWor, silent, 
without reply. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


( «o ) 


ir*|f^*f ad}, and adv, Erery day^ 

M'TTftrv adj. Nasal, uttered through 
the nose. 

^^pT^ «. m. A second ( q^ time ). 

^qp^?T »<(;. Not ready, not present. 

^^7it (*ffj» Known, recognized, hence, 
m. An acquaintance a person known. 

'^^^V^ «. m. A fluid vehicle (in medicine) ; 
or that which is swallowed after the 
medicine. [observant, following. 

it^T^nT*. w. A deputy, attached to, 

''i!!^^ a<^*. Connected with, attached. 

'•rjH'f «. wi. Apprehension, the exercise 
of the understanding independent of 
memory • comprehension, guess, in- 
ference, supposition, hypothesis, ex- 
perience ; result, consequence. 

^HTf 8.m. Dignity, authority, auspices. 

^^ <*fj. Experienced, felt, guessed, 
perceived, indicated. 

^![Hfir 8, /. An order, a command, 
permission, advice. 

^!I«ncw «. m. A widow's burning on a 
separate pile from her deceased hos- 
band. [sis, logical conclusion. 

^^'TPI 8. TO. Inference, guess, hypothe- 

^rjnw «. m. AifectioA, love, passion, at- 

^nTm If. If. To be in love with. 

^f^CT'ft part act. Making friendship, 
loving, caressing, adj. Impassioned, 
in love. 

^^KV^l 8. /. The 17th Nakshatrah or 
lunAr mansion, designated by a row 
of oblations ( stare in Libra ). 

^9^ o((;. Like resembling, c6ri^spond- 
ing with. 8. m. Conformity. 

^jf^f s. m. The accomplishing of a de- 
sired object for Another person, oblig- 
ingness, service. 
iW^^T? «.m. A reply ; repetition, tauto- 
logy, interpretation, translation. 

^rwHTOW m. Advice, direction, precept^ 
instruction ; the giving rules for ifae 
acquisition of a science, [searching* 

^5^*IW 8, »i. Inquiry, investigation, 

^5^rt^ v.n. To follow^ to be consequent 
upon, to follow a person, to follow 
upon some previous circomstances. 

%^^iiXK a^* Following, answering tD, 
according with. «. ns. Conformity to 

usage, &c. [ ^ ^ 

^99t0<k^. Following; according wifti 
^9^< '• '7<* In grammar the nasal chir 

racter or bindi. 
^^?n/. The wife of Atri muni, one of 

the seven Rishis* father of Chandra. 
^^ > «.m. Imitation, resemblanco, 
^¥^11 U To imitate, resemble, 
^f^^ adj. Rare, wonderful, uncommon 

{generally applied to ihinge or animals). 
S^ adj. Incomparable, best* 
^^^^ mi Incomparable, anprece<^ented. 
^prnir. e, m, A fluid vehicle in medicine. 
^Wl adj, Undebted^ free from debt, 
^nm m* Untrue, false, 
^r^ adj. Many, much, abundant. 
^i|lll« adv. A long time. 
ii%^n^ adj. Multiform* of various lands 

or sorts ; fickle of variable mind. 
^^%ift^ ac^. Various^ of many kinds, in 

different ways. 
^9«lll\ adj. Multiform. 
^fs «•/• Unmannerliness, rudeness. 
^9 Useless, worthless, bad. 
iV% adv. Improperly, rudely. 
>i|>ftWT ac^. Rare, uncommon, wonderful 

(generally applied to man), 
^\^T adj, Saltless. 
^^:^RW 8. m. The understanding, the 

heart, the will,the conscience, the so^ 
^rat^nilt adj. Included. 
^rwT:9^ «.f». The queen's apartments, the 

inner or female apartments. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


{ 21 ) 

^MI'.W^ s. m. The internal and spiritiial 
part of man, the conscience, the soul. 

^riT 8. m. End, completion ; death ; a 
boundary, a limit ; perdition, destmc- 
tlon^ mind, heart adv. After all, at 
last ; in within, elsewhere, somewhere 

^Ml «. m. Intelligence, news, aceoant of. 

^V^^rri 8. m. Dying moment, honr of 
death. [raately. 

W^4t adv. At last in the end, nlti- 
8,m, A shndra or man of low cast 

^ifwr^ ) 8./. Entrails, intestines, bow- 
iinJt J els, gat. 

^RTT adv. Within, between, amongst ; 
without, except. «. m. Interval, inter- 
midiate space ; period term ; differ- 
ence; hole or rent; midst, the midst; 
the heart, the supreme soul, adj. 
Other, similar. 

^iPT^fH 8./. The emotions of the heart, 
inward sensation, adj. Forgotten. 

mwfiVW 8, m, A relative, a near friend. 

^V^K^TTTI adj. Inborn, inbred, innate. 

^^1^:555 a<§. Internally bad, wicked, vile. 

^q^K^q^ 8. m. A curtain, a screen. 

^WT^ n. prop. Name of the country 
between the Oanga and Jumna rivers; 
the D6ab. 

^mrCT o^jf. In the middle, among ; near 
at h&nd ; without, except. «. f^. A 
verse, any verse of a song Excepting 
the first. 

^BWftnW «./. A tertian ague. ' 

^Hm^j^nadj. f. PregnAnt. 

^T^ro^ 8, m: Included space. 

^r^^:^ 8. f, A tertian ague. 
^iwiF^ adj. Inward, internal, 
^''if^ 8.*fiu The sky or atmosphere. 
mm^ 8. /. Entrails, intestines, bowels, 
< gut. nntnr/anjalna, To be very hun- 
gry. aiUfitjan hul-huwalUh parhna, 

To be very hungry : {lit. The helfy 
repeating f There ie but one Ood ). 
antri ka hal khcHna, To eat a belly- 
ful after starving, antriyon men ag 
lagna, To be very hungry. 

^r>(rA«r 8, m, A promontory, a headland, 
a cape, a^, Kumari antarip^ Cape 

wmf)^ 8, m. The sky or atmosphere. 
ado. In the air, out of sight. 

^^4r«n adj. Pervading the inward 
parts, acquainted with the heart (an 
epithet of the Deity). [ house. 

^*l^k 8. m. A private door within a 

^Wwfw 8. m. A disappearing a vanish- 
ing a way ; profound inward medita- 
tion, adj. Out of sight, vanished, 
disappeared, concealed. 

mm^Z 8. m. A curtain, a screen. 

^Wwf^ 8. m. Internal or inherent nature 
or disposition. 

^m^ adj. or adv. In the midst. 

^«f^^ro adj. Sad, perplexed. 

^»^^«f> (»^. Pervading the inward parts, 
heart-searching or pervading, ac- 
quainted with the heart (an epithet of 
the Deity). 

^^Tw «./. A pregnant woman. 

•Wfrifi 8. f. The name of a country, 
the Doab, or country between the 
Ghinga and Junma rivers. 

m^^ adj. Final, ultimate. 

^rmj^ «« M. A shndra or man of the 
fourth tribe. [ fourth tribe. 

^Rlj^r^ t. m. A man of the shndra or 

^NrnviR^ «. /. A woman of the shudra 
or fourth tribe. 

^r^TT^^ 8. m, f. A man or woman of 
the shudra or fourth tribe. 

'T^ff 7f «. rn. Profound meditation. 
'H^l ado. Last, lowest. [viscera. 

^^ s*f. The entrails, the bowels, the 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 22 ) 


^Hj 9. m. Thought, meditaiioUy care, 

^^ s, m. Darkness, adj. Blind. 
iRf^^ s. m. Darkness. 
'T'^nr' *• *'*• A. blind well, one of which 

the month is hidden or oTergrown 

by weeds. 
^iRf?f*W 8. w. Great darkness. 
t|nf?rT fi, f. Blindness. 

n^m } ttdj' Blind, dark, dim. andhla- 

'fs^n J pc^n, 8. m. Blindness, intel- 
lectaal blindness, acting as if one 
were blind. 

^pM«<Kr adj. Dark. 

^HK 8»m, Misfortune, calamity, injustice, 
violence, tumult outrage, tyranny, 
oppression ; darkness, andher kattia, 
«. a. To act unjustly, tyrannize, 
to oppress. 

'q^T adj. Dark, blind, s, m. Darkness. 

^3^<t adj.f. Dark. s.f. Darkness. 

W ft 4\zfi 8. f. A dark room ; the 
belly, womb. 

^nr 8. m. Pood, victuals, grain^ corn. 

^n%Z 8. m. A festival celebrated by 
Hindoos, (in commencement of Kri- 
shna's sacrifices, on the day follow- 

^jlJ^r^ \ 9. m. Victuals' and drink ; 

Vf^pft J support, maintenance, sub- 

^H^^li 8, m. Benefactor, supporter. 

^(^<f| 3. TO, Satiety of food. n. prop. 
The name of a goddess, the Ceres 
of the Hindus. 

^n^RTirT 8. TO. The ceremony of giving a 
child khir or milk and rice for the 
first time when six months old. 

5iir9RH 8. TO. Chyle. 

«5r5r^f adj, Destitude of food, needy. 

^«IT 8. TO. The husband of a nurse. 

f^-^s./. A nurse or fejnale attendant 
on a child. 

^m 7 adj. 
J ne 

Discordanti hetetopfr^ 
^Tmm f neons. 
it«^t^ adj. Invaluable, beyond price. 
^^ adj. Another, other, different. 

^s^ffir 8,m. Another birth, regeneratioii. 

^'^ adv. Elsewhere, in another place, 
ifs^rn adv. Otherwise, in a diff^erent 
manner, inaccurately, untruly, ado. 

^pipFfif^ adj. Fickle, versatile, absent. 

^ruTO 8. TO. Injustice, outrage, impro- 

^urmt adj. Unjust, oppressive, lawless. 

^j^t^ adj. Reciprocal, mutual. 

^3^9 8.m, Race, lineage ; interpretation, 
making out the natural order or con- 
nexion of poetical style. 

^[T^n adj. Connected with, joined pos- 
sessed of, fraught with, inherent in. 

^T^^RI 8. TO. Inquiry, search, research. 

^sf^\ adj. Searching, inquisitive. 

W*lT^Tm t>. a. To wash, bathe^ caosf 
to bathe. 

^ITPT 8. TO. Bathing. 

qyyHI «. TO. To bathe, to wash. 

lf1.Tft«tfn: adj. Hopeless, unpromising ; 

^Iltm aij Imposiblc. 

^q prep. Under, below (denoting inferio- 
titt/y 8eci*ecy, dieappearance, sli/ness, 
^c.) ; ill, amiss, bad j the reverse of 
'qfET athi. 

^9f 8. TO. Infirm. 

^(^^ 8. TO. A wrong or bad road, a devh 
ous track ; heresy. 

^xi4t adj. One who has lost his way ; 
devious ; heretical. 

^tftn 8. TO. One's self ( need in the accu. 
8ative case only), as, apampa hachdna^ 
To guard or protect one's self. 

^^% adj. Unripe. [ tion, wickedness. 

^q^^ 8. TO. A mean or unworthy ac- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 28 ) 


^^^S^RS s, m. An indelible disgrace. 

^^^^ s, m, A Lindrance, a detriment, 
an injuij. 

wnff^ adj. Bad, inferior, deteriorated. 

^Pflff adj. Raw, uni-ipe, imperfect, im- 

^^9Wr «./. Immaturity. 

^^nrftr s^ /. Misdemeanour ; ill repute, 
evil plight, forlorn condition. 

^q^if 8, 171, Loss, detriment, waste. 

^n?3rCT \s,f. A female dancer, or cour- 

^Rfl^ J tezan in Swai-ga or Paradise. 

^nr^TH i. m. Infamy, ignominy, disho- 

^qiiet adj. Infamous, unfortunate. 

^qz* <»^. One whose hands and feet 
are become useless, paralytic. 

^n7^ adj. Unskilled, awkward, incap- 
able, uncouth ; ineloquent. 

^q^< «. m. Falsehood, fear, fear of one's 

> m, adj. Illiterate, ignorant. 

^qf?i «./. Discredit, disgrace. 

^qf^ra I ^^^' ^^*'^^®®^> treacherous. 
^qf?linff adj, s.f. Unchaste (a woman).; 

a courtezan, 
^qiir «. 7A. Offspring, male or female, 
^qir «. m. The want of a road ; a bad 

^rqv adj. Indigestible, unwholesome. 
^|qiiqt a. wi. Family, relations, kin. 
i^q^l »w. ) pron.poss. Of or belonging 
^rq^ft /. j to self, own. apni yao- 

nay To sing one's own praises, to ego- 

ilf qvrPTT «. fl. To make a thing one's own, 

to convert or appropriate to one's own 

use. C^- 

^qnrw «./. Family, relations, kindred, 

^T^^ I c^di. Absolute, independent. 


5liqqT^ fi. w. Complaint, accusation cen- 

^^f^^ adj. Unclean, defiled, impure. 

^srqnrqr «. /. Low, vulgar or obscene 

^qifn } 8. m. Common or vulgar 

^qit«[ I talk, a vulgar term, un- 
grammatical language. 

^x{^\^ 8»m, Disgrace, dishonour, affront, 
disrespect, contempt. 

^qvtlfn^ adj. Disrespected, disgraced. 

^qTPft adj. Disgraced, abased, disho- 
nourable, disreputable. [ able. 

^inf«rr^ adj. Disreputable, dishonour- 

^q^ 8, /. An inauspicious death, an 
untimely death, si^dden death, dying 
of some casualty, not of sickness or 
decay. [dishonour. 

^nr^si 8. m. Infamy, ignominy, disgrace, 

^qtpft adj. Infamous, unfortunate. 

^vfX adj. Another, other. 

^q^qr^ c^dj. Boundless, infinite. 

^qci^q^ 8. m. Not a defeat ; victory, 

^q^lfsf?! adj, Unconquered, invincible, 
unerring, not vanqui8hed,not defeated. 

^nraftr^ «./. A twining shrqb (Clitoria 
tematea ) ; also a name applied to 
several plants, [gression, guilt, sin. 

^q^m 8, tn. Offence, crime, fault, trans- 

^nroit 8, m. A criminal, sinner, offen- 
der, transgressor, one culpable. 

^iq^cnp 8. m. Afternoon, the last watch 
of the day. [custom. 

iqftqi^l «/. Deviation from established 

^Rftf'f^r adj. Not measured^ immoderate, 

^iqd^T 8./. Want of trial or proof ; an 
improper or insufficient trial of any 

^q^ s, m. The state of a Hindu after 
bathing, previous to worship or to 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 24 ) 

efttingy during which it is nnlawfiil 
for hinv to touch any one ; leprosy. 

iV^9^^ 8. m. A bad omen, bad sign. 

^q^r^^T adj.m. Of a baf sign or sus- 
picious appearance, unlucky, ominous. 

f^rpiRnr ) cidj* Impudent, immodest, 

^q^r^ 5 shameless. 

iir<T'J''ff *•/• Impudence, shamelessness. 

^^m\m s. m. Disrepute, disgrace, dis- 
honor, ignoming, infamy. 

^innf s,f. Salvation. 

mqA}^ 8, m. Complwnt, reproach, accu- 
sation, censure, blame. 

^n^uft w. I ^. A complainer, an ac- 

^ff^Tfij'Tt /. 5 cuser. 

^nrfif?! adj. . "Unclean, defiled, impure, 

^qftinn «./.trncleanness, filth, impurity 

xpRH^ 5. m. A portent, a bad omen, 
any unlucky or inauspicious object. 

larxm^ «. »». A disagreeable sound, 
wiiul broken backwards, ungramma- 
tical language.[intelligible, not clear. 

^q^ aij. Hidden, secret; inevident, un- 

^q^CT s. f. A female dancer or courte- 
zan in Swarga or the hindu paradise. 

n^w^ 8. m. Right ( not Irft ), the right 
side of the body. adj. Opposite, 

^qirr^ 8. m. The epilepsy, falling sick- 
ness. {}^«' 

^q^KW 8.m. A plundering, a purloin- 

^qVfif 8. m. A robber, a plunderer, a 

^qiftf 8. m. Demialf eonceolmentr 

^iq^rfr 8. m. A plunderer, destroyer. 

f^q^ adj. Without wings, without assis- 
tance or protection. [a helper. 

ira^ adj. Wingless, unaided, without 

^pnqr adjf Unripe, immature, raw. 8, «. 
Immaturity •, indigestion. 

ntff^ g. m. The out«r oomer of thq eye^ 

a sectorial mark or circlet on the fore^ 
head. adj. Maimed, crippled. [ wink. 

If qrv^^ 8, m. A side glance, a leer, a 

^fqjM adj. Incapable, unfit, unworthy, 
«.m. An inferior or worthless person. 

iVqi^T 8. m. The taking from a thing ; 
(in gram.) the ablative case, [wards, 

^qr^ 8. m. The anus; wind broken back- 

^qrq adj. Sinless, innocent, pure. 

^qn: adj. Boundless, unbomided, inter- 
minable, excessive, impassable. 

^qi^ adj. Defiling, polluting, impnre. 

^qnrq adj. Helpless, destitute: 

ir^T^^ adj. Lazy, cripple; a person who 
never visits any one. 

^qt^ adj. Without pain. 

«B-qt»T adj. Light, lean. 

^^9 8. m. Dryness of the nose, want 
of the pituitary secretion and loss 
of smell, cold. [ ( liquor ). 

^^q adj. Unfit to be drunk, forbidden 

^t(^^ adj. Tailless. 

ITS^r »./• A tree {Dalber§ia Si8u). 

^5^«.m. Uncharitableness. adj. Wi<3k- 
ed, bad. [freputable son. 

^H^ aij. Without offspring. 8.m. A dis- 

^r^f^ a(I;.Impotent,effeminate,nnmaDly. 

qirs^ adj. Lean. 

^fq|Q aij. Without flowers ( a tre4 or 

plant ), not bearing flowers, not in 
flowers. [ verent. 

iir^3l« adj. Ungodly, irreligious, irre- 

^(l[9^ adj. That which^is not worshipped, 

or is not a proper object oF worship. 
^9 adj. Childless ; undutiful (child). 
W^ aij. Not full, incomplete. 8. m. 

A fraction. 
"qf^vVTV aij. Prematurp. 
v^rwWf 8.f. Incompleienees, 
^q^ adj. Unprecedented, unparalleled, 

. eminent, excellent, unoommon, un- 
heard of, new, admirable, remarkable, 
wonderful, extraordinary. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 25 ) 


inN* s. in. Aji eyrpectattt. adj. Expect- 
ing, waiting fer. 

"Q^^ 8. /. Expectation, hope, 

^l9f%r^ adj. Expected, waited for, wish- 
ed, hoped. [pectant ; looking to. 

^pT^ adj. Expecting, hoping, an ex* 

^^ adj. Invisible, nnseen. [ (liquor). 

i^q ai;. tTnfit to be drunk, forbidden 

^9^ (*€fj. Final, decisive, irrevocable, 
not to be pnt aside. 

iifit^H c^dj. Impotent, effeminate, nn- 

Vi?^l3 adj. TJnmanifested, nnapparcnt. 

iiVirvni adj. Secret, private, hidden, not 
pablic or displayed, not manifest or 

^?^Fi9 <*di. Not violent, not strong 
or forcible, without dignity. 

^gWTT s. m. Want of dignity or acnte- 
ness, of power or fortune ; dullness, 
want of brilliancy. [ nate. 

ajRHiifl adj. Blunt, powerless, unfortu- 

^wfiwr s./. Want of respectability. 

^fffffftff adj. Dishonored, disgraced, 

^nat?T adj. Without credit. 

mr^t^ft 8./. Want of confidence or of 
credil^ mistrust, 

^^9n adj. Imperceptible, invisible, not 
evident^ secret, absent, not present* 

inrsR «. m. Doubt, distrust, disbelief, 
incredality, mistrust, unbelief. 

H^iq^ adj. Doubtful, mistrusting, scep- 
tical. [ crecy* 

^vm «./. Deviation from custom, se« 

^W^xn adj. Subordinate, secondary 

mean, powerless. * [dullness. 

^nWT «./• Want of splendour ; darkness, 

^Wirm c^dj. Without proof, untrue, of 

doubtful authority. 
Wulhr adj. Unskilful. j 

^Mi*« adj. Ungracious, unfavourable. 

displeased, dissatisfied, arersei tm- 

^iT^T^ ». w. Disfavour, disapprobation, 

^Wr^ aij» That which is not presented 
to the deity. [uncelebrated^ 

^pftr^ adj. Not famous, not well known; 

^irmtf aij. Modern, riecent. 

^WTTT adj. Unobtained. [sition, 

^fflfif s./. Non-attainment, non-acqu!-^ 

^UT«nfw^ adj. Unauthentic, unauthori- 
tative. [ proof or authority. 

^WTT'if 8. m. Absence or insufficiency of 

^Bl9 adj, Un amiable, not beloved, dis-* 
agreeable, unkind, unfriendly. 

^nltftr «./» Indifference, want of love, 
dislike, aversion, disgust, enmity, 
hatred, unfriendliness. 

^^ s.m. Want of love, aversion, hat- 
red, enmity, dislike. 

VS^t fi./. Gluttony, a surfeit. 

^^^TT i>. a. To feed a person so that 
his belly swells ; (meU) to give a per- 
son {money ^c.) to the utmost extent 
of his desire. 

^nfsff '^ n. To swell out ( ihe hclly ), to 
gormandize, to eat to satiety j to 
become very rich. 

irqf^ aij. Fruitless, barren, unfruitful ; 
vain, unproductive, unprofitable. 

^^i^l?n s.f. Barrenness, unprofitableness, 

^TOf%H aij. Not in fruit (a fruit ii'cc). 

J 8,f. Opium, 

\rwT adj. Self-conceited, obstinoton 

^^ adj. Without foam, 

^^ ait). Now, presently, just now. 

y^ adj. nu } Of the present time, 
wit adj. /. } now. 

^8W ad'o. Now. 

'^^m^ adj. Without fruit, baiTen Xa fn^)^ 

^^^ adj. That which has not escaped. 

^^^i^ ad^\ Till iiQYf^ 

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< n > 


Iad'o. Till now, liitherto, j 
yet, as yet, still. 

^qim? adv. Presently, ahtab hona, To be 

at the point of death. 
'^tmH adv. From this time, henceforth. 
^f[^^ s. /. The segment of the base of 
\ a triangle. 

m. -% One devoted to God but 
»./. J not attending on cere- 
monies ; a kind of hindu dcYotee 
who worships Sif>, 

m(^^ adj. Not deserving death, not to 
be slain ; sacred, inviolable. 

^Hinft 8./. The earth, the world. 

^w! Yet, still, now, at once. 

^nnc s. m. A cloud, now, at present. 

^^^M 8, m. Talc, mica. 

^w^ ($dj. Weak, feeble, infirm. 

%(^mm, Piebald, party colored black and 
white. [A woman. 

^^m <*dj* f. Weak, powerless. «. /. 

^^^T^»r 8, m. Womanliness, feminity. 

ZIT^'--^- \ Weakness. 

^fl^ adj. Weak. «. /. A row, range, 

continuous line, 
^rw^it^fn 8. m. Sight, seeing. 
^H adj. Powerless, without choice, 

^TWir ? adj. Beyond one's control, pow- 
^q-^^( erless, impotent. 

^^^ adj. Unreal, ideal, imaginary. 

^"RTHT adj. Without clothes, naked. 

^5| ^ Form this time, henceforth. 

^T% ^ {An expression of those who after 
reciting past misfortune, -pray to he 
preserved from <$ return of tf, ) Far 
be it from us 1 

^w K" Even now, just now. 

^inrPV adj. Speechless, silent, dumb* 
^arr^ adj. Dumb, •pt^^Wfss, 

^^nrr True, unobstructed, unopposed], 
^imc 8. m. The near bank of a river, 

its hither side, 
^rfwm adj. Hidden, unintelligible ; any 

invisible principle. 
^f%^ ^fftn s.f Arithmetic of unknown. 

quantities, algebra. 
^fiWT^ adj. Changeless, enduring, 
^vf^nw cidj. Immovable, constant, 
itf^l^rer adj. Motionless, immovable, im- 

moved, unshaken, resolute, firm. 
^f^[^K».w, Want of consideration ; 


^ftr^rft t». ? adj. Destitute of con- 
^rff^ft^/- 1 sideiation or reflection; 

unjust {woman or man). 
^6l^T«./. Ignorance, 
^ftifil s.m. Pertness, wantonness, want 

of submission, 
^if^f^j^ fi.w.Exemption from loss, safety. 
^if^fnit adj. Safe, entire, free from 

loss ; everlasting, eternal, undecay- 

able, imperishable. 
^^^ adj. Wanton, pert, petulant, 
^fil^ arfj. Without dot or nasal 

^fi[i^ 8. m. Want of discrimination, 

indiscretion. [tion. 

^"Nm s.f. Indiscreetness, indiscre- 
^fW^ (^dj. Indiscreet, inconsiderate, 

void of discretion. 
^l€t^ 8. m. Without contention ; tran- 

quillity^ quietness. 

'^^?? ^\ adj. Quiet tranquil. 
^(^(wm s. m. Quickness, diligence. 
^rfiram«. w. Want of confidence, dis- 
trust, incredulity. 
irfiW#t m. 1 adj. Without confi. 
^fi|i^x€t^/. } ^e^c® distrustful. 

^ft%««. JW. Caste mark, bathing. 
tj|^ adj. Without d^8ire,t. indiffereu 

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( 27 ) 


^^ adi). Now, exactly now. 

^wf% 8. /• Ignorance, ai;. Ignorant, 

^r?i^ Grain that does not germinate. 
^nft< 8. m. The red powder used at the 

Holi fdsti7al. 
^^ftiTTsi adj. Unwise, ignorant, foolish. 
^V } adj. Stupid, foolish, ignorant, 
^r^ J void of understadning. 

^91« > 8. m. Void of or deficient in nn- 
^Wj derstanding. 

^i" intetj. ( used by wt$y of contempt ) 
Holla ! yon fellow ! yon rascal I sirrah. 

^if^ «./. Delay, lateness. 

^rft\l 8. w. Ignorance, stnpidity. adj. 
Ignorant, stupid ; puzzled, per- 

^rJN^rriir adj. Incomprehensible* 

^'ft^'fhl adj. UninteUigible. 

^nft^ adj. Silent. 

"^m 8, m. The nymphasa or lotus ; the 
moon ; a coach ,* a tree ( Eugenia- 
aculangula ) ; the physician of the 
gods ; a large number, million of 

^ufe 8. m. The ocean. 

^rfew 8. fa. ^Cttttle-fiah bone* 

^nuftr «. w. Submarine fire. 

•fim s.f. Want of desire or faith,, dis- 
regard, indifference, not believing, 
not attached to. 

■^^fm «./. Incredulity, unbelief, want 

of devotion to. [ to. 

Vlftf'ni adj. Unbelieving, undcvoted 

^W adj. Fearless, undaunted. 5. m. The 

root of a fragrant grass {Andropogon 

muricatum ). 

^jni^TT'T \ ». »». Assurance of safety 
^w^^r^ y or protection, encourage- 
ment. { [Ua citrma ). 
^H^T «./. Yellow myrobalan (Teimina- 

^H^^ «. w. Jewels, ornaments, deco- 

^H^ adj. Without credit or respect or 
character, disgraced, dishonoured. 
abharam karna^ v. a. To disgrace. 

^WTf s, m. Misfortune, adversity. 

/• I tute, 

Unfortunate, desti- 
wretched, forlorn. 


^PH'^ 8, m. Misfortune, adj. Unfor- 
tunate, wretched. 

^HK adj. Light ( not heat>y ). 

'Vrn 8. m. Non-existence, nonentity, 
a deficiency ; annihilation, death* 

^fir pr^* Before ( in time and place ), 
against, with respect to ; ( it is the 
reverse of S^ ). 

^rfif^rTT s.m. An inCMitation to destroy. 

^firtwn 8.m. A division of time, the 
eighth W%^ or hour ; the 21st con- 
stellation or lunar asterism. 

^fk^T 8. fii. A name, an appellation ; 
a vocabulary, a dictionary. 

^Sfl'T adj. Becent, new. 

^fHH adj. Undivided. 8. to. An integer, 
a whole number. 

^pnro 8. 171. Meaning, intention, design, 
wish, purpose, desire, scope, sen- 
timent, opinion, sense; the main 
purport of a book. 

^fk«ll^ «. 7». Obeisance, a bow or pros- 
tration to a person addressed by 
name; also, an opprobrious or un- 
friendly speech. [overcome. 

ifrfiwfl adj. Subdued,defeated, humbled, 

^rfinm adj. Approved, chosen ; wished, 
desired ;^ agreed, accepted ; assented 
to. [ness, desirableness. 

irfjnmm «. /• Desire, love ; agreeable- 

'•rfMIPf 8. m. Pride, haughtiness, self- 
conceit, arrogance. 

asfnm'WT 8.f. Pride, arrogance. 

\ adj. Proud, haughty, ar- 
J rogant, 

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( 2» ) 

^^^^ adj. Present, facing, m front of, 
approaching, adv. Towards ; in front 
or presence of. 

''ifH^^WT s.f. Presence, proximity. 

^SCT^T V. n. To quarrel, taanglo, brawl. 

^firSw s. m. Intended, designed, 

^fVrai^ m. ) 8. Wish, desire, inclina- 

^pT^T^T/. J tion. 

^fir^T^ adj. Wishing, desiring. 

^fk^T^ 8. m. Opprobrious or unfriendly 

^pT'n^f 8» m. Obeisance, a bow or pros- 
tration to a person addressed hj 

^fkw «. rn. Son of Arjun. 

^ifH^H 8. m^ Beautiful, handsome, 

^Fffftw adj. Anointed to office, installed, 
imbued with^ inaugurated. 

^F«%2|f s. m. Bathing, sprinkling ; the 
word is often used for initiation, 
royal unction, .^c, sprinkling with 
the water of the Ganges, or water in 
which various articles have been im- 
mersed, being an essential part of the 
titcs ; ako, for areb'gious ceremony, 
including the presentation of a variety 
of articles, fruits, gems, &c.^ along 
with water or fluid substances for the 
bathing of the idol to which worship 
is offered. 

^fwiK «. m. A lover's appointment, 

MlfH^rft^ST «./. A woman who makes 
or who goes to an assignation, a 
lewd woman. 
.■fpTfrrft^T adj.f, A woman who makes 
or keeps an assignation, a lewd 


/. ) adj. Going to an ap- 
*• J poijxtmept or assigu- 

wt adi). Just now, exactly now^ 
immediately, instantly, presently, al- 

^rtfhr adj. Fearless, undaunted. 

vntfif 8. /. Fearlessness. 

^H^K 8. m. A man of the^ tew Herd? 


ir#ftnT ? adj. Beloved, desired,"wi8h«d 
^ifi^ 5 for. 

S\ adv. Hitherto, yet. [ not past-. 

iWTT adj. Non-existent, not existing, 

W^ ? adj. Alike, indiscriminate, in- 

^^ J divisible, inseparable, im- 
penetrable ;. known, public. «. m. A 
similarity ; identity, absence of diflfer- 
enceor distinction. 

^ITH^T 8. w. Collision, impact, bump. 

^f^\^ Uiftfit for use, anenjo^yedyunpoer- 

wt^ adj. Fasting. [ ablfe. 

^ipft^ adj. Unfit to be eaten, not eat. 

^^^TTT^T 8, m. A guest, a visitor, adj. 

^p^m 8. m. Study, meditation, practice.. 

^VHJT^ adj. Studious, practieing, exer- 
cising, repeating. [talc 

%m s.m. The sky or atmosphere, a cloudy 

^^imm a. m. The mineral substance called 

^^^l^il^l «. w. Trifles, trifling; a 
^ir'^'ffT^iT'T^l > person of little estimation.. 

ifiTT^ s. m. A disaster, a calamity, an 

evil omen, inauspiciousness, ill luck. 

adj^ Inauspicious, unlucky, evil. 
^f»nnc sjnu Parings of the mangpe dried 

in the sun. 
W^^iET adj. Unmanly. 
^^^^^8./. Unmanliness. 
^'i^Whf 0dj. Disapproved ; li'^probate. 
^'f^'WT 8. m. Inattention. 
'H'R^qW adj. Inattentive. 
^«i^^ adj. Disagreeable, displeasing^ 


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( 2^ ) 

'tnw^s./. IKsiatcrestedness, mJiflfer- 

cnce, stoicism. 
^f^K adj. Immortal, exempt from death, 

Jong-lived, everlasting; the Deity; 

the name of a Sanskrit lexicographer. 
Vl^nr s. f. Immortality. 
^if^xi^«..m. The state of an immortal, 

Hi!^^^ «. w. Heav^, the region of 

MEmortality. [ magnifera). 

imKJ €. m. The hog-plum {spondias 
^HRKri: s.f. A garden of mangoe trees. 
^m^T^ 8,f. The capital or celestial 

city of v^. [ rum). 

nmW9 s. f. A goava (Podium pf/ri/e- 
i^W^ ) 8./. Disrespect, indi??nity, dis- 
^iPY^^r j honour.. sUght, affront. 

^mm s. m. Intoxication, adj. Pure, cleaik, 

iR^^T^ K m. Ono who has commaad. 
^iWi^rtt «./. Government. 
ini^Tira 8. m. Cassia fistula. 
Wf^^8./. A kind of stitching. 
^(iff%ir adj. Clean, pure. 
, %fmm «. m. A minister, counsellor^ a 

senator, a statesman, an adviser.. 
nmnj t). n. To be contained, to go into. 
^RTT^ adj. Incredulous, inattentive ; 

without pride, humble, modest. 

''^^^J adj. Incredible. 

^TBTIPY 8. m. Not human. 

it«nw^ 8. m. The inspissated juice of 

the mangoe. 
^Yn^9 > 5./. The conjunction of the 
WifT^^ J s^n and moon, the change 

of the moon or day of new moon . 
^flrz adj. Indelible, not defaced. 
^vfiliT adj^ Unmeasured. 
m4t 5./. Tlic water of life, nectar. 
%:^ adj. Such a one, a certain person. 
^«2r ckdj. Inferior, ordinary, [bodied. 
^l^ai;, FormlcjjS; shapeless, unem- 

^^ adj, Diestitute of a root or origin.. 
^^?T 8 m. The food of the gods, ambro- 
sia, nectar; immortality, any thing 
sweet, water, wine, a guava ; final 
^r^^im 8./, Immortality. [ clothe 

^^«ft adj. Nectarious. 8. f. A kind of 
^rt^ 5. m. Pa3ces, excrement, 
^iftw adj. Productive, fruitful ; infalli- 
ble, effectual. 
'^^^ adj. Inaluable. 
^(^ 8. m. A mangoe, a mangoe tree: 
^«j<Fr adj. Sour. [dulated.^ 

'•T'^niiTfT v. n. To grow sour, to be aci- 
^rw?: 8, m. The sky or atmosphere -^ 
clothes, apparel ; a perfume ( Aniber^ 
^r^rTTt 8.f.A mangoe orchard or grove. 
^RWT8.f. Mother. 

^p!^ 8.f. A canopy, a litter used oa 
an elephant or camel. Siv» 

^Nm 8.f. A name of Bhawani wife of 
^fi^rar 8./. A small unripe mangoe* 
^W 8, TO. Waters- 

^^js{ J 8, TO. The lotus ( Nt/niphcM 

^I^ar 5 nelumbo ). 

^ff'fftm adj. Silent, speechless. 

W^\ 8, f. Mother. 

^«rT 8, m. The hog~plum ( Spondias 

magnifera ). \rum.)M 

ITiTH 8. m. A guava ( P8ydiumpyrife'' 
isn^ adj. Acid^ sour. s. to. Sourness, 

iJIiSRrr 8.f. Sourness, acidity, 
isn^rpr 5. to. Globe amaranth ( Gor/y- 

phrena glohosa). adj. Clean, clear.' 
^v:fi^ adj. Without endeavour, easy, 

without pams. • [not true* 

^ijflT^ adj. Improper ; unrighteous, 
^qiT 8, m. A road, a path, the half year, 

t. e. the sun's course north or south 

of the equator^ 

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( 30 ) 


9B[^^ 8. TO. Dishonour, infamy. 
^^\^\ adj. Ignorant, unkaowing, wit- 
less, simple. 
^3^ ^dj. Unfit, Jincompatible, t. m. 

Violence, oppression, compulsion. 
^rf?r ad^. Ten thousand. 
^qlT adj. Separate, disunited. 
^Rt'ir adj, XFnfit, incompatible, incom- 
petent, unable, unsuitable, 
vit'^^ «. /. Unfitness, un suitableness, 

incongruity, improriety. 
iBRl«TT adj. Not to be warred against. 
8./. The capital of Kdm, the modern 
firKt 5./. The root of Arum colocasia. 
^<4id s. /. Vigilance, activity, clever- 
ness, ingenuity. [Arcot. 
^^^iT3 «. m. A city in the Deccan, 
««<*lit 5. m. A pilot, adj. Belonging 

to arkat, or arcoU 
^Kftrar adj. Unprotected, undefended. 
HK^r^T «. TO. A perfume of a yellowish 
colour and compounded of sev^al 
scented ingredients. 
^«rift adj. Dyed with arguja, ( as gar- 

ments, ^c. ) 
^[K^ adj. Separate, apart, distinct. 
^RTft 5./. Being.silent 
^^THT V, a. To separate, put on one 
side. V. n. To be separated, set apart. 
^11^^ 5. TO. A ceremonial oblation of 

^WT 8. TO. A vessel shaped like a boat 
for libation in Hindu devotions. 


}s, TO. An oblation of eight in- 
gredients offered to a god or a 

^T^fT V. «. To^be ravelled or intan- 
gled, involved (as thread or the hair, 
or, met the heart ) ; to be bound (as 
in fetters, ^c.) i to quarrel without 
cause or unreasonably. 

*. m. ( or arna-hhynsa ), A wil<J 
buffalo ; cow dung fonnd dried in the 
forest, ( used as fael h^ the natii^ 
apothecaries in the preparation of me^ 
W^ s. f, A female wild buffalo, 
^ff^:^ s. TO. The tree from which cas- 
tor-oil is made ( Eicinus vulgaris or 
palma Christi ). , [Chriati. 

;V^ s. /. The trmt of the Palm a 
^1^:^ s. TO. A forest, a wildemess. 
^^T V. n. To stop, hesitate. 
^t^^T V. «. To present an offering. 
^KWTT'n V. n. To hurry, be confused, 
confounded, perplexed, agitated, em- 
barrassed. [ nelwnRbo )• 
^^fip^ s. TO. The lotus ( Nymphoffa 
^^ s.f. A species of Amm, the root 
of which is used for food ( Arwn co^ 
loeasia ) ; called also, ghSyan, ghoo^ 
ya% and in Bengal, hachchu. 
^iK^ adj. Without juice, sapless, insi- 
pid, tasteless ; dull, flat {as a eompo* 
sition ). 
%K^(l\ 8, TO. Guess, conjecture, valu- 
ation, appraisement ; a mediator, a 
broker. [ eyes as if just awake. 
^K^^'i'n adj. Having weak eyes, with 
^(X%Z s.m. An engine for raising water. 
^K^ «./. A. kind of pulse ( Cytisns ca- 
jan). [ co^^tf-y ). 
^q^^iPR adj. Destitute of a king (a 

^nWT «. w. To worship, adore. 

"nxiJl 8. TO. Marks of nails left after 

^fx. 8. m. An enemy. 
mR'^ s. TO. Oarlick, the ncemb tree 

(Alelia azad-dirachta ), a crow, good 

fortune, happiness, misfortune, sign 

or symptom of death. 
^^/. interj, {used in calling to or ad- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 31 ) 

drefisinff, comnionhj in a disrespectful- 

way >. Ho ! O ! he*r, yon \ 
^f?! s./. UnpoUteness, incivility, bad 

"^^conj. And. [from pregnancy, 

^if^f; «./. Sickness at stomach arising 
^^f^ 8. /. Sickness at stomach, nansea ; 

aversion, dislike ; want of appetite, 

disrelish^ disgust, 
^ir^^ «. m. The snn •, the dawn ; the 

colour of the dawn, dark red. 
^<ni'?n^ »./. The dawn ; the colour of 

the dawn, dark red. 
nj^Tt^ 8. m. Tho first appearance of 

the dawn, break of day. 
^^^^^ 8. m. A ruby. 
^f^€ s, m. A medicinal plant or tree, 

{Justicia adhatoda and gandarussa), 
^ interj, ( used in calling to or ad- 
dressing, comnicnLy in a disrespectful 

way). Holla ho ! 1 hear you i 
^^^ «.?». Guilt. 
'R<t'l <itdj. Free from disease, healthy, 

well. 8, 771. Health. 
^€tnt adj. Well, in health. 
^^ «. m. The sun ; a plant (^Calatro- 

pis gigantea), swallow-wort (Asclepias 
„ gigantea). 

^€^T 8. m. A solar day. 
^^«n9^ 8. nu The disc of tho sun. 
^4^^ 8. m. A solar year. 
smm 8, m. A digit or twelfth of the 

sun's disc. 
^nrfsQfT^ «. y**. A crystal lens ; a ruby, 
^i^rsr 8. m. The sun-stone ; a ruby ; 

a crystal lens. 
^^m\ 8, m. A perfume of a yellowish 
. colour and compounded of several 
scented ingrodien «s. 

^R^ oJ;. Dyed with arguja (as gar- 
ments, ^c, ), 
^^^ 8. w. A rope stretched; or a 

wooden rod or bamboo placed hori- 
zontally for drying clothes on or for 
similar purposes. 


^W 8. m. Mode of worship ; an oblation 
of eight ingredients to a god or a 
hrahman ; act of pouring out ^ater in 
honour of a deity ( the sun moon ^c.) 
while performing worship; price, 

W^ 8. m. A vessel shaped like a boat, 
used by the Hindus for performing 
libation in their worship of idols. 

^^m adj. Worshipping, a worshipper, 
an adorer. 

^rnn V. a. To worship, honour, treat 
with ceremony. «. / Worship, the ho- 
mjge paid to deities and to superiors. 

^f^ 8.f. Worship, adoration, an image. 

^rf^ 8. «. Flame ; light, splendour, ra- • 

^f^?T adj. Worshipped, reverenced, res- 
pected, saluted. [quisition. 

^Wf 5. m. Act of acquiring ; gain, ac- 

^^ppfT «. a. To gain, acquire. 

^3J^ 8, m, A celebrated hero, the third 
son of Pandu ; a tree ( Terminal 
Ua alata glabra ). 

^V^^ 8. m. The ocean. 

^^fWT 8, TO. A patron, a protector. 

^ 8, m. Intention, object, design, mo- 
tive ; sake, cause ; meaning, signifi- 
cation, acceptation; property,, wealth, 
goods, riches, substance ; request, 
begging. Tapasyarth, For devotion's 
sake, for devotional purposes. 

*ii»ciw «. m. The science which teaches 
how to obtain things, as friends, mo- 
ney, or any other object. 

^«^1%t% «./, Success. 

^^ adv. That is to say, viz. 

^«rt^^ 8, m. Another meaning. 

^^ adj, SuppUcating, craving? desir- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

( ^2 ) 

^B8, the having an object to nccom- 
plish ; self-interested, designing. «.m. 
A petitioner, s./. A bier. 
t^r^^fT 8, m. A follower, a client, a pro- 

t^ge, a person recommended. 
^?^T «#iW,CJoarsely- gronnd meal. 
W^i^ 8. f. Representation, offering to a 

^iadj. Half. [circle. 

^^^ A crescent, a half-moon, a semi- 
^t>ni s. »'. A half. 
^^:m 5./. Midnight. 
^^ 8. m. Half the body ; palsy affect- 
ing one side or the upper or lower 
part of the body, hemiplegia. 
%fM\w\ <*dj. One afflicted with the hemi- 

plegia. «. /. A wife. 
^^ «. m. The making an offering ; de- 
livering, entrusting ; an offering. Ar- 
pan Jcamay u. a. To present an offer- 
ing, deliver, entrust. 
^xm «. o. To present an offering. 
%i^ adj. One hundred millions. Arh 

JcJiarbf Innumerable. 
^m adj. Low, inferior, vile. acfu. For- 
mer, prior in time. 
ir|^ adj. One hundred millions. 
W^ 8. m, A child, a pupil, 
^^fer »* »>. A long and prolonged sound 
( as from tJie discharge of artillery 
or the fall of a huilding ). 
'KT'n '0. n. To produce a continued 
sound as a mill : the word being an 
imitation of the sound). 
Vr^iar s. m. Partial bathing (throwing a 
very little water on the head with one's 
hand instead of lathing ), sprinkling 
or aspersion ; act of touching. 
^1! «. m. A soogut or follower of the 

doctrines of Booddh* 
1<rftK fi.w. Orament (o/'drew), trin- 
ket, jewel : rhetorick* 

^^TTT adj. Adorned, om amented, em- 

^^^ adj. .Naked. «./. Side, way, cor- 
ner, entrenchments. Is alang. On 
this side, 

^^^ s,/. A ringlet, curl or lock of hair. 

^g^lfp^t s.f. A stream that runs from 
the Himalaya mountains, and falls 
into the Ganges near Srinagar. 

^^nUT'Tf^ «./. A row of side curls. 

^g^PU s. m. A bad sign or ill omen, 

^ra^^ aflj. Unfortunate, ill-fated. 

^m^ I aij. Invisible, unseen ; a form 
iR^iy J of salutation among a class o£ 


^^m \ adj. Separate, apart, distinct, 

^wrr j loose, aloof, aside, asunder ; un- 

confined. Alag alagy adt>. Separately. 

^^^ra^jJT cM?o. Apart. [on. 

^I^^nft s.f A line for hanging clothes 

^^«n adj. Separate, apart, distinct, 

free, loose, unconfined. «. m, A 


^miUT 8,f Separation. [one side. 

'q^TTT^T tf.a. To separate, disjoin, put on 

^^TIT 8. m. Ornament ( of dress )> trin- 

ket, jewel ; rhetoric. 
^mw^ adj. Adorned, ornamented, em- 
bellished, [ments- 
^^RT*./. Side, way, comer, en trench- 
if^^ir^^ s.f. Trifling talk or employ- 
^^Rrft 8. f. The rope round the neck of 
an elephant in which the driver puts 
his feet as in stimips. 

^m^\ \ 8. TO. Cotton strongly impreg- 
UTT^m 3 nated with the dye of lao 

ready to be used for dyeing, &e. 

[princi^aUy used by the Hindu women 

for staining their feet red )• 
^ra%^nif T 8. «>. Foppishness, sprucenesSi 

airs ofii, blandishments* 

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( 33 ) 


^ W^ s. m. Blandishments, coquetry^ 
^^9^T adj. Artless, simple, innocent. 
«. m. A fop, a beau. [adequate to* 
1WT a'ij, Enongh, abundaHco ; able, 
^f^^ Not to be attained, unattainable. 
S^m 8. m. Laziness, sloth, idleness, 

drowsiness, inactivity, ad;. Lazy, 

idle, indolent, 
^^^ni -0. n. To doze, be drowsy ; 

to slacken. Isimwi), 

^wrat 9. /. Linseed {Lmum usitatU- 
^Wl9 8. m, A fire brand, 
^r^lif A chain, a chain for building an 

elephant to a post, 
^wn 8. m. Discourse, conyersation. 

«./. Prelude to singing, 
^^irnnrr «. n. To tune the voice, to run 

over the different notes previous to 

singing, to catch the proper key, to 

sing, to tune. 
"^^^ 8, m. A bonfire, 
^^wnrr <i^dv. Besides, 
^ftr 8. m, A large black bee, a scorpion, 

an Indian cuckoo {Cuculus indicus), 

a crow, spirituous liquor. 

^^ a. m. A large black bee, fabled 
to be enamoured of the lotus, s.f, 
A female friend. 

wfhi «. w». Falsehood, untruth, any 
thing displeasing or dist^reeable. 
ac^. False, un pleasing. 

^I^rhf 8. m. Not melted, not dissolved. 

^^ That can not !be wiitten, that 
can not be taken account of. 

^^mm «./• Sacrifice, victim ; light- 
ed wisps with which the Hindus 
divert themselves at the season of 
. the/2eiwf&'. 

^rahf^ii^ «. m. Disappearance, inyisibiUty. 
inftv \ adj. Not salt, fresh, salUesf, 
Wtkm > msipid) 


A female bee. 

^^!tq adj. Concealed, defaced, retired, 

run out, dostroycd ; apparent, 
^^^«n '0. a. To conceal, hide oae'^ 

self, Ko hid. , 

19^^^./. Gambol (gen&^aliy applied 

to a horse)* adj. Steady. 
iET^^^^t^ 8./. Gambols, playsome- 

ness, wantonness. [supernatural: 
if^fiir^ «<(;. Unpopular, not current, 
^^tr^^ 8* m. Not of this world, supep- 

^1^ adj. Little, small, few, short. 
^T^ffTT 8. m. A person of defective, mea- 
gre or limited knowledge. 
^nsRlT 8./. Smallness, minuteness; 

inferiority, insignificance. 
w^TOTTf adj. Insignificant, of little 

weight or consequence. 
^T^iT^fTO adj. Of litte authority. 
^WUTT^^ adj. Credulous, resting on 

little evidence ; of little weight or 

^(mwm c(4j> Feoble of IHtle strength. • 
^r^^^ adj. Ignorant, silly, unwise. 
pm&m 8.ny. A Kttte, H little only^ 

a short'/time, a JBew moments. 
^m^fmadj. Weak^feeMe. [yett^j 
wm\n adj. Bhoirt-Mwei'j young, of afe« 
W«RT?fTi: ^*. Moderate* abstemious* 

8. m. Moderaiion» abstinence. 
imiHTr^ adj. Moderate, abstemious. 
V, n. To bawl, scream, squeak, 
dc^'. Young, untaught {anmal)^ 


^¥PiT.«. ». lo leJQicB, to be cheerful. 

i^fnT 8,f. Name of a raginee or musi- 
cal mode. [Oujiin. 

artfWT 8 J. Name of a city, the modpra 

^^ frep. From, down from, off, atray : 
it i^ the reverse of n\ and is SQwe- 
times U8e4 to ^deyot^ deprivation, ^iis- 
grace, disjunction, &c , 


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I S4 ) 

flrfiili( J. m. Leisure, opportimiiy ; In* 

tert al; space. 
^ginihjt adj. Barren. 
mnm adj. Known, understood. 
mvtfHs.f. Knowledge in general 

^ B. m. Bathing, ablution. 


^fiftw adj. Detested, reproached, wick- 
ed, vile. 3, m. Reproach, blame. 

^^ t «• w. Defect, blemish, vice. 

^f^^Z Uneven, rugged, inaccessible, 

'^^W^ Awkward, indiscreet, impleasant. 
W^^z) adv. Backwards, against the 
^It^Z J bend or joint. 
W^in 8,/, Conteinpt, despite, disregard, 

vmiHT^t s.'m. A contemptuous person. 
^A%K 9. m. Deceit, deception. 

52; I a<^j- Cavernous, deep. 

"^ZK c<mipas8ion towards the lowly. 

^9^?f9 3. nu A orest^ an earing, an or- 

winrt^r f . a. To descend, especially aa 
an incarnation of the Deity. 

imrr^ 8. m. Birth, descent, incarna-> 
tion, especially of a deity from 
heaven ; the appearance of any deity 
upon earth, but more particularly the 
mythological incarnations of ViBhnu 
in ten principal forms, viz. MaUya^ 
^ a fish • Kachchapa, a tortoise ; Vara* 
ha^ a boar ,* NrtBtngha^ a man-lion ; 
^ Vamana, a dwarf; ParuBkram, Bam. ; 
Krishna ; Budha and Kalkee ; a pious 
or distinguished person in the lan- 
guage of respect or flattery, is also 
called an Avoiar, a descent or incar- 
nation of the deity ; a Uirth or sa- 
erdd place ; tranalMiotti tr^slfttiog j 
> cr ossing, 

^^ilW passed down, deceased, incarnat- 
ed, [mans. 

1^^^ 8. m. A tribe of Qujrdtee brah-^ 

iR^ «./. Agreement, promise, engMJi^"*^ m 
ment ; the province of Ajoddbgi or 

^f^^J^ adj. Cautions, attentive, s. m. 
Caution, attention. [ long as. 

W^ 8. m. Limit, adv. As far as, as 

'^^f^ 8. m. The ocean. 

^VPTV 8, m. Large gigantic 

^n^8. m. The Lord of Oude i.#. Ram. 

^^ a€^. Not fit to be slaughtered. 

'''^I 8./. The earth, the world. 

ff^^i »./. The city of Ujjain. 
SA^ ctdj. Low, vile, inferior. 
5. m. A limb, a member. 

1^ Low, inferior, hinder, heacat 
I* s, m. A soodra. 

^^KT^ii More prop. 

^rnvim More prop. 

^ei^ Badly turned, deformed ugly. * - » 

^intW 8. tn. The seraglio of a place^ 

the queen's apartment, a place^ a 

covering ; hindrance, obstruction. 
^«r^ 8. m. Dronght. 
^Vfm 8. m. Asylum, protection, adj. 

Depending, hanging down, 
^rmfpin! adj. Qnick, expeditious; ar 

lighting, descending ; protected, 

^^B^W 1 ». w. Impropriety, act or mark 
/ of 

ill omen. 
^^T 8. f. A woman, a female, 
^f^ifr «./. A line, a string (of animala) 

file, row. 
^^*^R 8. m. View, sight, the looking 

at any object^ the surveying of any 

^^T^if^ t>. a. To see. 
^ff^iitftw ittn. A Vowmaint. adj. Swto. 

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( 35 ) 


' adj. Subject to another ; helpless. 

mifil^ adj. Left, remaining. [plus. 

^rt^ «. w. A residue, a remnent, sur- 

^^V a(h. Certainly, necessarily, posi- 
tirely, actually, really. 

V^^m <idj. Necessary^ inevitable, in- 
dispensable, [certainty.. 

^^ronrm t./. Necessity, obligation ; 

^'^WT? ». fli. Occasion y time, opportu- 
Whf^3 nity, leisure, a moment. 

^w^m «. m. Conclusion, termination, 

cessation ; death, boundary, limit. 

^wfe ad-o. Surely, undoubtedly. 

^^< *. m, .Anxiety solicitude, care. 

%^9 s.f. Lateness, delay, slowness, 

^T«m s,/. Insubstantiality, unreality. 
^ifgptis.f. State, condition, any parti- 

eolar state varying with the progress 

of time, aa youth, age, &c, 
^tta/ Brick, kiln. [migration. 

^Wi*<*? 8, m. Coming and going, trans- 
WWnc s.f. Approach, advance ; a sad- 

^e doth adorned with fringes, &c. 
%^t^ adj. Dumb, speechless. 
nmx *./. Delay 5 injustice, tyranny. 
^fk^m Diffusive, pervading, spreading 

or extending widely* 
^^arfH adj. Inscrutable. . 
^rA>^r9 adj. Motionless, unmoved, un- 
shaken, resolute, firm. 
^fil^»K 8. m. Want of judgment or 

discrimination, want of consideration, 

«Brft^lR<l adj. 111 j lidged or in ves tigat- 

' ed, unconsidered. 

^fft^lf^wi. 1 adj. Destitute of consi- 

wrt5«^rf<'ft/. J deration, or reflection ; 
unjust {woman or man), 

^jf^r^Hi. m^ Not known^ not under- 

Hftm «./» IgncHraikce, 

^ftiTO *. m, Pertness, wantonness, 

want of submission. [safety. 

irf%*nw 8. m. Exemption from loss,. 
^ffftvTTsit adj- Safe, entire, free firom 

loss, everlasting, eternal, 
^rf^m)?!^ €Kij. Misbehaving, acting ill 

or improperly. [woman. 

^fffWtnr «./. An unchaste or disloyal 
^f^ ai^. Without point or dot.. 
^f%ft^ 8. m. Without contention, tran- \ 

qwlity, quietness. 

jlJSK^j-*- Q««^ *«--»«»'^»- i 

^tf^^nr 8. m. Quickness, diligence, 
^ft^nft adj. Not disputatious, 
vf^^^lf s. m. Want of discrimination or 

judgment, indiscretion. 
^2rt^T«./« IndiS(Creetuess, indiscre-^ 

tion, inconsiderateness, imprudoncey 

want of judgment, 
^firt^ adj. Indiscreet, inconsiderate, 

void of discretion* undiscriminating. 
^^i}^ 8. m. A want of distinction. 

adj. Indiscriminate. 
^^PTTH 8. m. Want of confidence, dis- 
trust, inpredulity, unbelief, suspicion, 

^BfpfT^ m. 'v adj. Without confidence, 
^r«P5rT^ /. >di«trustful, unbelieving, 
'STfiPtlMt /. ^ mistrus tf ul. 
^nm a^. Anti-venemous, antidote^, 

not poisonous, 
fiftw adj, TJnperceived by the sensefl^ 
^fK 8. m. Helpless, weak, impotent, 
^t^ 0./« Delay, lateness. 
^P9S s. m. The Supreme Being, or 

Universal spirit ; the soul ; nature^ 

temperament, adj. Indistinct,, xat^ 

apparent^ invisible, imperceptible. 
^^fz^ 8. m. An indiclinable word, a 

particle ; a name of Vishnu, adjm 

Economioair parsimonious. 

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( 36 ) 


^ihu 8. m. Future, yet to como. 

«Rl?r^ adj. Irregular, "wiLliout rule. 

%32nr%?r c»4;. Not regulated, undisci- 
plined, not put in order. [united. 

^5^^fifH adj. Not interposed, joined, 

*6n^TT^J^ adj. Calm, firm, composed, 

^^^ftr «./. The not diffnging itself. 
adj. Not perrading; 

^5qi^?T adv. Without obstruction. 

^m adj. Impotent, feeble. 

W^af^^. m, A bad omen^ a portent. 

^'T^ cdj. Portentous, iltomened. 

^STW acf;. Unable, incompetent, power- 
. less. [ness, impotence. 

^«ratrm «./. Inability, incapability, weak- 

^Jt^ adj. Impossible, impracticable. 

^^n 8. m. A bad omen, a portent 

^i^Ijft adj. Portentous, ill-omened. 

^W^ adj. Fearless, undaunted ; secure, 

^^^ 8, m. Eating, food ; also the Asan 
tree on which the tasar silk- worm 
feeds {T!erminaUa alata tomeniosa). 

Wirf ^'Jnf «. w. Food and clothing. 

^Tuf'T «./. The thunderbolt of Indra. 

^W^ 8, m, Impressiofa, effect. 

^sni^ adj. Without shelter, helpless. 

Hl^vSt 8.f, A. certain gold coin, (in 

' value £1 lis. Sd, English money. 

^ilft^ aij. Incorporeal. [ed. 

^%\^ adj. Restless, anxious, unresign- 

^iaP?l 8,f. Anxiety, restlessness. 

^STT^Rf adj. Fearful, unquiet, pitiful. 

^«rnft «./. A rdginee or musical mode ; 
a kind of pigeon, a sort of cotton 

• cloth. [ inconsistent. 

^nUTO adj. Unlawful, illegal, irregular, 

fr^rnrft^ a^'. Contrary to law, incon- 
sistent witli the rules of science. 

^ftrf^ adj. Untaught, Jgnbrant, , 

^ftr^ 8^m. Inauspicious, not prosperous. 

^^^ ^^» Unpolite, undisciplined, un- 

polished, ungovemed, negleeC^ed, 

under the dominion of evil habits 

arising from a neglected edncation, 

rude, barbarous, sa\rage, profligate. 
^K^^ I. m. A bad omen, a portent, 
^nn 8. m. Impure, ceremonially tmelean. 
Vjf^ <*dj. Impure, foul, unclean {cere- 

monialiff), s.f. Impurity. 
^fim adj. Incorrect, impure, inaccn- 

rate, mistaken. Ashuddhya^ adj. One 

who speaks or reads wrong. 
^Ifm 8. f. Inaccuracy, nncleanness, 

^r^PT adj. Unfavourable, inauspicious, 

unbecoming, unpropitionS| bad, eviL 

8. m. Misfortune, calamity, inanspi- 

ciousness, unhappiness, distress. 
^^ adj. Boundless endless, infinite, 

entire, all. 
^Epltil adj. At ease, unmolested. 8. m. 

ease, tranquility; cheerfolneds, a 

plant, {^onesia asoea). 
^id^ 8. m. Content, tranquiUty, ilie 

ttbsence of care, 
^sitm 8,f. Ugliness, want of elegance. 

adf. Shapeless, ill-made, ugly. 
HiJH 8. m. Impurity ; mourning. 
^^PT 8. m. Bathing. 
^EP9T^ 8.f. The stone or gravel (the 

di8ea8e) ; strangury. 
WK 5. i». A tear. 
S^ 8.f. Aversion, disgust, loathing, 

contempt ; distrust, disbelief; 

.^ }• «. w. A tear. 

S^m 8. /. The ninth nakakatra or lunar 
mansion containing 5 stars. 

inft^ir 8, m. Verse, disticlh 

iBT^ 8, m. A horse. 

'Bsr^'^n «./. A plant (Physcdis flexttosa), 

^[^m 8. nu The holy fig-tree {JPicva 

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( 37 ) 


^^RWT*n 8. m. Krishna's charioteer son 
of Dronachajya. [vin. 

^'ftljin^ 5. TO. An epithet of the Asho- 

^"^^Jf 8. m. Lord or master of horse, 
a person of rank attended by horse- 
men, a horseman. 

^9^^ $. m. The actnal or etoWeraatFc 
sacrifice of a horse : this sacrifice is 

• one of the highest order, and when 
performed It hundred times entitles 
the sacrificer to the dominion of 

^ swafga or paradise : it appears to 
have been originally typical ; the 

* horse and other animals being slm- 
.'ply bound during the pe4formance 

of certain ceremonies ; the actual 

saci:ifiee is an introduction of a later 
, period. 

+^^ 8,f, The first lunar mansion. 

^IWTK 8m m. A horseman. 

^WffT 8. f, A stable. [A horseman, 

^rtri^*«. m. Taste flavour. [flavouT. 
^ ^^jftlf 8, TO. Without taste, without 

%TI^ adj. Disinterested. 

^niWf «. TO. Disinterested person. 

V^T^flT adj. Mounted on a horse. 8, to. 

^ff^8.f. The first of the 24 con- 
stellations in the moan's path ; hence, 
considered its mansions : it eonsists 

' of 3 stars in the head of Aries, and 
is so named from (uhwah^ a horse, 
because represented by a symbol of 
a horse's head. 

^^\^ 8. TO. The hindu third solar 
month ( June, JtUi/, during which the 
8un is in Gemini, and the full moon is 
'^ near as'harha. ^WT^ more property 
called purva-ashdrhd ^^T^r or ut- 
tara-askdrhd ^riKWdj ^^constellation 
in iSirt^nVterma). [ashdrhd. 

^m^\ s,f. Day of the full moon in 

"^ *<§. Eight, 

^^^rg s. m. The eight metals, reckon- 
ed as follows by the Hindus, oir. 
g6ld, silver, copper, brass, tin, bell- 
metal, lead and iron. 

VWT^ «./. A fixed metal of iron and 
others, a compound of eight metals. 

^lemrt (*dj. Incessant, ufttremittiugv' 
thd whole day and night. 

^KWadj. The eighth. 

4|T«nni «. TO. A horse with white face, 
tail, breast and hoofs ^ collection of 
eight lucky things to be assembled 
on certflCiii occasions, as at a corona- 
tion, <&c« as a liou, bull, an elephant, 
n water jaf, a fan, a flag, a trumpet 
and a lamp; or a (ragman, a cow, 
fire, gold, ghee, the stin, water, and 
a king. 

iip?^ «./. The eighth day'of the mooa. 

^reftrf%^«. TO. The eight siddhis, a 
superior order of beings ; a personi- 
fication of the powers and laws of 
nature ; wheu they are subjected 
to the will by holiness and auste 
rities, whatever the fancy desuree^ 
may, it iff said, be obtaineed ; uni* 
versal sovereignty may be acquired, 
and implicit obedience to any com- 
maad enforced ; the maguitudev 
weight, or levity of the body may b& 
rendered invisible, and transported 
ia aa instant to any part of the uni<s 
VfTTl' 8, TO. Eight parts of man, ftiz. 
, the haadfl, feet, thighs, breast, eyes^ 
head, words and mind. 

^ g<yifm iT 8, TO. Prostration in saluta^ 
tion or adoration, so as to touch th9 
ground with the eight principal parts 
of mau, w. the hands, feet, thighs» 
breast, eyes, head, words and mind« 

yofn^adj^ Eighteen 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


( 8« ) 

lifru adj. Fearless, uodismnjed, used 

also adverbially, 
^^ adj. Countless, iunumerable. 
^^nn adj, Improperi absurd, bad. 
^nn 8. tn. Absence of self restraint, 
, incontinene. 

^B^^J^ s.m. An incontinent person. 
^qlT s, m. Want of opportunity, 
^fTiit^ s. nu Unsatisfied, dissatisfied. 
^^iamadj. Undoubted. 
^Vf^wn s. /. Drowsiness, slothfidnes8« 
^OTnit adj. Drowsy, lazy, 
^ir^ipii s, 991. A plant used medicinally 

{Phy$ali8 flexuoBa ). 
^?BWn adj. Unfit, untrue, improper, 

npt good or fit, not respectable or of 

good family. [tent^ untrue, false. 
^n^ <idj. Unholy, ungodly, non-^xis- 
^mnjt adj. Disloyal or unchaste (o wife), 
n^m adj. Untrue, false, s. m. Untruth. 
^tnA adj» Liar, untrue. [mentoio). 

^iraw s.m. A tree (Terminalia alata to- 
ire^w adj. Discontented, dissatisfied, 
; displeased. 

*«ifiw% *• ***• ^^sc^*^^^'^** ^spl^asure. 

^lBHrT*T 9. m. Disrespect [polite. 

^917 ac^. Rude, unfit( for society, un- 

.^V9Vfil€ 8. m. Doubt, suspense, uncer- 
tainty f unconformity, disparity, dif- 

^^^^ adv^. Out of season, premature. 
«. VI, A time of misfortune ; an im- 
proper time, a time of distress. 

WB«tir adj. Powerless, feeble, weak ; 
unable, inconipetent. 

^fimw adj. Different ; unlike ; unequal. 

Wm\^ adj. Unfinished, incomplete. 

^vmtOi «./. Incompleteness. 

'Hfl'M'U adj. Incomplete, not entito. 

V%^I ck^. Not joined or united, 

W^mn adj. Uncommon, incoubiateut^ 

incompatible, improbable, unlikely^ 

it9^9 adj. Dissentient, differing from ; 
averse, contrary. 

^Wlfti «./. Dissent, difference, of opi- 
nion, dislike aversion* 

V^l^n^ 8. m. Disrespect, disgrace* 

^9^^ adj. Unprotected, helpless. 

^frw 8./. Lineage, foundation, origittr 

^|9WT^ «• m. A horseman. 

adj. Intolerable, insufferable* 
a€0. Impatient, uot bearing witib^ 
unable to endure. 

^9¥^ adj. Unbearable, unsufferable* 

^Virri:^ adj. Unbefriended, helpless. 
^9Tnr) 8,m. One who has no assis-' 

tant, helper. 
Vfnr adj. Intolerable, unbearable. 
^H I^ li T adi). Not in the preseiice of^^ 

in the absence of. [evidence. 

nm^ 8. m* False testimony, without 
^RH^ 8. m, A want of testimony, adj^ 

Without credit or reputation. 
^^TW adj. Without credit or reputation. 
%(m^ 8. m. Pabe testimony without 

lErat^ 8. m. Untrue, unreal. 
%mv adj. Addicted to bad company. 
^«T^ adj. Upstart, stranger, unknown 

person. [la^y. 

Wqn adj. Without desire or energy ; 
^QT^ ady. Evil-minded ; without desire 

or energy ; lazy. 
^I«T¥ adj' Unrighteous, bad, immoral^^ 

^iHTVm «./. Wickedness. 
^WT«r adj. Unable, weak, incapable; 

impossible, incurable. 
^^mi a<^. Powerless, weak. 
^€1^ «. n^' Defendant in a law-suit, a 

debtor, office, place. 
^\^.adj. Sapless, pithjcss ; vain, ui*- 

Digitized By LjOOQIC 


( 39 ) 


profitable ; hollow iliki a reed) ; fool- 
ish, weak of unclerstandmfif. 

^^T^^fTT adj. Careless, inadvertent. 

^q^^^ adj. Fearfa), nnquiet, pitifal. 

^TOT'I^ «./. A mnsical mode ; a kind 
of pigeon : a sort of cotton cloth. 

'm^xx^ 8. m. Want of bravery, cow- 
ardice, fear. 

^i^TTBt 8, m. Coward. 

^f% 8. m. A sword, a scimitar. 

^f%H *. m. The colonr black, 

irfini adj. Not effected ; invalid, false ; 
nnripe ; imperfect, incomplete ; un- 

vf%^nr 8, nu Blade of a sword or scimi-^ 

^^nx adj. Not watered, not irrigated 
{a field, ^c:) 

^nft^T (tdj. TJnbonnded, unlimited. 

yf€\^ e. m. Blessing, benediction, re- 
turn of compliment from a Hindn 
superior {a brahman). [salutation. 

^^^^ «. ?». A benediction, blessing; 

^^ 8. m. Life, breath ; the fire vital 
breaths or airs of the bodj ; reflec- 
tion, thought, or the heart as the 
seat of it ; affection. 

^f^ ». /. Blessing, benediction. 

<inw 8. m. Sorrow, uneasiness, rest- 
lessness, afliotion, pain. 

%rw^(»di- Uneasy, unhappy, sorrow- 
ful ; restless, aflicted. 

wr^^pr 8. m. Bad omen, a portents 

^^ 8. m. Impure, foul, 

V^ (»dj. Incorrect, impure, inaccu- 
rate; mistaken. 

W9^ 8n ^. A demon, (The aeure are 

considered demtms of the firei order ^ 

. and in coneUnt hosiililr/ with the gods). 

^Bt^ 8./. Black mustard seed. 

5^ adj. Invisible, incorporeal. 

Vf^^*./. Detraction, malice, slander. 

%^tn ^ ni, Disobedicacoi ^iaaUontiottt 

^%V *./. Disobedience, 

^St adi>. This year. 

iVWt^ 8, m. Ease, tranquility ; a tre6 

{Uvaria longifolia). 
^Bt^ft adj. At ease, unmolested. 
^#hr 8. m Impossible to be effected by 

reflection or by study. 
^bH adj. Not contrivable, impossible 

to be effected by reflection or study, 

not to be regretted. [cemed. 

^iwWt adj. Careless, indifferent, uncon- 
^rtWt 8. m. Careless person. 
^r4tw #. m. The sixth solar month. 
^rttWT adj. Shapeless, ill-made, ugly. 
imn 8, m. The trunk of a tree, fast 

pillar, stoppage. [To set {the mn ). 
5. m. Setting of the sun. aet hona, 
8* m. Lining. 

adj. Dispersed, scattered, con-> 

fused, agitated, perplexed, helter 

skelter, in confusion. 
^WIT^W n. proj?. A mountain in the 

west, behind which the sun is sup* 

posed to set. 
W^H «•/. Praise, eulogy, glorification, 

an anthem, a hymn. [in general, 
mv 8. m. A missile weapoui a weapon 
'Wf^tft 8. m. Armed person. 
^WlPwiT««/. The military science, [war, 
W^^ 8. m. The science of arma and 
^rW9(9r 8. m. Weapons, arms. 
^T^l^ adj. Unarmed, defenceless. 
^W^ ) s. 771. Place, site, soil, dry or 
^^Bm ) firm ground ; place or stand 

of a Hindu mendicant. 
^i^r*T 8. m. Place, adode, residence. 
^V^T^Ktf^/* Movable, moving, not fixQd. 
frf^ 8. m. A bone, 

^fi?nT^< 8, m. A skeleton. 

Wf^HV- 9. m. A fracture j a plant of 

supposed efficacy in fractures {Oi9M 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

{ 40 > 

^fliro^ 8. VI, Fracturing, breaking or 

wonnding a bone. 
/«l%«f9 ) Mere bones, nothing but 
^fi^rin^ > bones. 
sf^K 8. m. Moveable, unsteady. 
^%^ (»i^\ Restless, unsteady ; un- 
"" stable, uncertain. 
^^rm a./. Unsteadiness, instability, 

fickleness, mutability. 
^f^W <>e(;. Bony, osseous. [bones, 
^fijnlt^ 8. m. Dryness and decay of the 
^fi?r«f^ 5. /. Uniting of a broken bone. 
%^ ^. m. Instability, unsteadiness. 
WV V <*dj. Harsh, unkind. 8. m. Un- 

kindness, want of affection. 
^I^c^^ adj. Impure, not to be touched. 
%^nff adj. Intangible. 
'iipBT^ adj. Indistinct. 
^^m adj. Not tp be touched. 
WW^ a. »". Forget fain ess, forgetting. 
^WtRt »./. Want of memory^ forgetful- 

^pGT «. w. A corner ; hair ; blood ; a tear. 
^ftr «./. Ten millions. 
^f^adj. Eighty. 
mni pran. I. 

^ri adv. Do not, not, no, nay. 
^T^WK 8, TO. Pride, egotism, arrogance, 

haughtiness, conceit. 
^J^t( 1 adj. Haughty, arrogant, 
^'^W^ j proud, self-important. 
^^^ A kind of military corps. 
^IT'WI A block-head, dunce, fool. 
^f^Rr 8.f, Spiritual igdoranoe ; con- 
ceit ; self-love. 
^^ «. TO. A reservoir for collecting 

rain-water to water the fields ; fuel 

made of cow-dung. 
'iJvCt «./. A small canal or aqueduct 

to convey Water. 
' ^irft^ adj. Unhappy. sorrowfuU 
^ ^^^ Wife of Gautama, 

T^%\ interj. Do not, no, nay. 

^^m^l interj. Expressive of surprise, 
pain, pleasure, &o. ah ! aha i 

^^Pir«C ado. Day and night. 

^TTC 8. m. Starch, glue, paste ; ali- 
ment, food, victuals. 

^tPT'Cm o. t$. To paste, to starch, 

iBrfr^l^ (tdj, UninjuriouB, harmless, in- 
offensive, innocuous. 

^f%^ «./. Harmlessness, doing injury 
to nothing. 

iBrf^ 8. TO. A serpent. 

^fXH 8. TO. Enmity, want of affection. 
adj. Hostile, inimical ; hurtfnl, pre- 
judicial.. [ unkindly. 

^RfH^^ aij. Adverse, inimical, acting 

llfT^fT adj. Hating, adverse, inimical. 

^frH^l 8. TO. An abode of snakes, a 
snake's hole. [snake. 

^f^^ 8. TO. The saliva or venom of a 

^(^WTH Good fortune, auspiciousness. 

irtt^ »• w- A cowherd, a ca»t or tribe 
whose business it is to attend on 

^^^^) «./. A female of the aheer 

^niWt > tribe, a cowherdess. 

^[v I interj. O ! sign of the vocativei, 

iir%9^ '• ^' Causeless, groundless; 

without motive or purpose. 
^%?nif adj. Causeless, groundless. 
n^K 8. f. Prey, game, hunting. 

^5^^t' ? s. to. a sportsman, a hun- 
^^ 5 ter. 

^H 8. /. A plant ( Asparagus race- 

mosus ) . 
sft interj. 1 holla ! wonderful I 
^Tt^T^ ado. Day and night, 
^pj B. TO. A die, cubic or oblong, foe 

playing with, the spots on dice, 
^n^ adj. Infallible, indelible. 8, to. pre$l 

part. Remaining, existing, continu- . 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 41 ) 


ing ; whole grain, whole grains of 
rice nred in religions ceremonies, 
fried graiu. 

^WHftR^ «./. The ceremony of pat- 
ting a few grains of rice on the fore- 
head of an idol when addressed, or 
of a brahman when invited to an en- 

^^TPT 8. m. A degree of latitude. 

^^r^ a^j. Imperishable, undecayable, 
dorabley permanent. [ness. 

^qrqqin & /• Dnrability, imperishable- 

^r^^^ «. m. An ondecayable tree. 

^^^<9l^ 8^ M. Heaven, the imperishable 
world or region. 
: «. m. A letter of the alphabet. 
adt>. Scientific, lettered, writing 
an elegant hand. [ gitude. 

W^tn 8. TO. A degree of latitude or lon- 

^^ 8. m. An eye. 

^iftrHm 8. f. The pnpil of the eye. 

^HtfWt «./. A complete army consist- 
ing of 109,850 foot, 65,610 horse, 
21,870 ceariots, and 21,870 ele- 

^ The second vowel in the Nagree 
alphabet, nearly corresponding to a 
in all. A particle of reminiscence. 
Ah ! Oh ! a particle of compassion, 
Ah ! Alas ! 

^ITWT 8. m. Letter (of the alphabet). 

Wfwnr «. m, A welcome. 

^i interj. Aye aye i oh aye t 

^W «. m. A numerical figure, a num- 
ber ; a mark, a spot, a letter of the 
alphabet ; the flank or part above 
the hip ; the body ; embrace ,• mark 
on cloth to shew its price. 

^fNmr 1^. a. To mark a things to page 

a book, to write down numbers ; to 
value, appraise, examine, approre of. 

^«f t «. /. A tendril, cirrhus, 

^^tt 8. f. Tho bnrb of an arrow, a 
book, a tenter ; circle. 

^tfjil 8. m. The hook or iron with which 
elephants are diiven, a goad. 

^ffrai «T<ni «. a. To reduce to submis- 
sion, to bring to obedience. 

'^t^ 8,f. The eye. 

^f^ ^^ «./. A stye on ihe eye-lids. 

^W ^rHt D. n. To have an inflamma- 
tion in the eyes, to be blear-eyed, 

^•irt^ ftr^MEt t^^ To receive education 
in any one's company. 

S\^ fk^% <tW ll^ir To meet ( msit ) 
a friend or person of rank. 

^^ ^r^^fft i>. n. To have pain in the 
eyes. [anger. 

^rt^ ^^^PTT i>. n. To look on with 

^^ ^^OTT «. n. To have eyes marked 
by debauch. [toxicated. 

^iw ^^^Ht «. a. To be angry, to be in- 

^« ^«T^rft t). a. To make the eyes 
dance, to roll one's eyes in anger or 
as a blandishment. 

^rt^ ^ ^ f ^m ? V. n. To look with 

^^<t^f^r«fT 5 great attention 

and deep meditation, or with anger, 
^m ^l^ V, a. ( To steal eyes ). Not to 

attend to, to avert the eyes through 

shame, to avoid the sight of any oneC 
^r^ fif^nft 1?. a. {To hide one's eyes). 

To be ashamed of an improper act. 
^f^ wmwi V. n. ( To move the eye-lids 

quickly ). To fear, 
^t^ ^ ^S^ V. a. To be consoled by 

i^eeting friends, to be glad, 
^nj ««l«^l«ft V. n. The eyes to fill with 

^m V^^ «. a* (To shut one's eyes). To' 

forbid by signs. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( « ) 


^^f^^tpft 1 i>'#. (To $hew <me's 
^M r^^mi^ J eyes ). To frightea, to 
deter, to browbeat. 

nfT^^i fif^nnrT To do any thing 
after consaltijig the iadimation of 

n^m ^Kwnf^ To have no hope or expec- 
tation ; to be mentally blind. 

sihw q«r^"ft «. ». To become dim (the 
eyes) from long expectation. 

wiim q^RIT •. 0. To open one's eyes, to 
itiue, to be wise a^d proclent, to dig- 
criminate, discern, to be jndicions. 

4Nr qi^9^ «• ^ ^^ ^^^ ^ pulsation in 
the eye. ({Considered if in the right 
eye of a man^ or theU/tof a woniun, 
4if an omen qf sonu desirable event, 
whilst the 4iontrasy affection is regard- 
Mt unluckyy. 

^im ^^ o. »• To be blind. 

^m wit qtf^rf; The eye is lost and the 
pain is gone, {Spoken of a contention 
jwhich has ceased^ fira^ ihe object qf it 
being lost to both parties), [friendship, 

mi^ ^<^ v» «• To show aversion after 

m^ *'C t»ll i>. a. To turn away the 
eyes {as, from griefs displeasure, i-c.\ 

^nm^St^ ^. <»• To make blind; to 
expect or w^tch in vaiii. 

wilM ^(w\ s^ m, A midge that flies 
into the eyes at night. 

m\^ i^ W^ ^ «. ^ To tara from 
another, to treat one with neglect ; 
to die. (ly •nd unseen. 

fvm ^^m? «• 0- T9 8tei4 away private- 

in^ %^mm «. «. To withdraw one's 
favour or Section from any one. 

^n^ W^ni^ n nK ^vn v. n. {Not to be 
aUs to look steadfastly in another's 
face.) To be ashamed. 

m^ w5 t«iT V. a. To look till one's 
curiosity is fully satisfied. 

^^ H^^TTT V. n. To have eyes full of 

tears, to be ready to cry. 
VW f\}vf\ i>. «* To wink, to stop any 

one by a sign, to make amorous signs 

with the eyes. 
^TP^r fthninWT «. ». To die, to perish. 

^^ ^%1 7' i ^- Blind man's buff. 

^m ^^^^ V. n. To look steadfastly, 
^h^ r<i«rft «. a. To contract friendship. 
%m ^ ^^ ^m <tw%\ i^rfiniK «iit o. a. 

To choose or m^oept pffecipitat^y or 

^m ^ ^ B, iB« Blind man's buff. 
^im xm^ V. a. To 1<>V€, to entertain 

friendship ; to have hopes ; to discern. 
^1^ ^liTT^ 9. a. To contract friendship 

or affection for any one, to fall in 

love. [unexpectedly^, 

iRT^^wift To meet with one's laver 
^[m ^vmt 1?. a. To wink as a hint, to 

communicate a secret by signs. 
mP9 ^4 MK^ «. a. To be apgry. 
lir^ d^pft To contemplate the beauty 

of any one. [ibl^. 

^^% ^<m v. n. To become contempt- 
mr^ t^i f^ ^J^lT To do any thing 

knowingly and with reflection, 
iwrw t^>tT V. a. To study one's temper 

or inclination ; to behave respectfully 

towards another, 
wr Wl^'t 4t^ Hvm t>. a. tc change the 

colour of the face from excess of 

^rarvr ^m\^ mK^ Is applied to a look 

of intoxication or wantonness. 
W$T^ ^^m D. n. To be beloved, to sift 

or cause to in a very elevated place, 

to become dignified. 
*fii^ WIT t>. n. To intoxicate (speciaUy 

applied to toine). 
^vivk ^r™ WTWWT u, a. To commend ef 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


( ^s ) 

puff wares of an*inferior"'qiiftlity ; to 

pilfer or snatch awaj anj tUdng 

quickly and prirately. 
i^mi^ ^nr^^r if. n. To be seen with 

envj and dislike, 
^rww ^ ^RTT ty. tf. To be beloved 

or esteemed ; to persist in one's ^ro- 

neons opinions. 
mmm ^t^ mm «. n. To be wilfnity 

blind, to pretend from pride not to 

know one^s old acqnaintanee. 
^iTT^iw f^i^m V. n. To be always present 

in one's eyes, to be ever in one's 


If, ($. \ To pass the 
v. n. ) night awi&e. 

8. m. The body ; a limb or member. 

^i«i«* 1 8, m, A yard, area, conrt, in- 
^i^**i 5 closed space adjoiniDg to a 

iETT^ «./ Heat, flame of a fire {not ^ • 

candU ), blaze, glare. 

: 8. m. The end or border of eloth, 

veil, shawl, &e^ 

8. m. The end or border of a 

cloth, vdl, shawl, &c. ; the breast (^ 

a wfmem or UHit08emt aimM ). 
^T^^ $m m, A collyrinn or application 

to the eye-lashes to darken and im- 

prove them, antimony. \anjan, 

^SPTT t>, a. To tinge the eyes with 
^x\ 8. m. A tear. 
^12 «./. A knot ; envy. 
^shz^} tf, a. To fill ( a wsU, tank^ ^c. ). 

«. ». To eome or go into^ to reach. 
^X^^Z 8,f. Partnership ; iiitrigae. 
W^ «. A A handful, a skein of thread, 

a bundful, of grass, &c., a wisp, a 

small fagot 
vf^ «./. Stone of fmit ; coagulation. 


s.f. A testicle. 

adj. Having large testicUs. Arnht,- 

bail, «• m. A ball, 
^rm 8. /. Bntrails, gnt, intestine, tripe« 

Anta hoHct ^\ n. To be afflicted with. 

the coming down of the rectmn. Ant 

gima, i^ n. To v<^ white glntinoni 

igi^ 8/. Storm, tempest, gale. Andhi 

hana, v. n. To engage keenly in a 

bad action. [command. 

^jTW adj. Other, different. »./. Order, 
^ipm 8. m. The glntinons whitish matter 

or mncns voided by those afflicted 

with a tenesmus ; affectaon of the 

bowels. Am bytkn^, To be afflicted. 

with a tenesratts, or to be in the act 

of discharging the anv, 
nmmnxm t.f. The navelstring* Ac. of 

an infant. (PhyUanthut embliea). 

^rn^iri ^.m. A kind of myrobalant 

irm«./. The fibrous part of any thing,. 

^ifT^ 8, m. A tear. 

%m 8. m. Ohrled-flowered gigantic 
swidlow-wort ( A8cUpia8 giganiect ) ; 
a sprout of sngar-cane. 

i^nriR 9. m. Shaking, trembling. 

^mfkm adj. Shaken, trembling. 

„ «./. Mine, qnarry, spring, scarce,- 
mnltitade ; the den of a lion or tiger. 
8. m. Attraction,fttSci nation ; ma^* 
netic attraction ; a magnet, a load- 
stone, spasm. 

^rr^^rff «. w*. A loadstone, a magnet^ 
any thing which draws or attracts. 
adi. Attractive. [tracting. 

^4iiT<ir s. w. Attraction, drawirfg, at- 

^TUPf^ adj. Magnetic, attractive. 

^mafW adj» Attracted, drawn. 

^T^^ ad}. Attractive. 

%nWim aij, m. Pldet, swift ; peevish. 

^*sil o./. Motion, agitation {tsftcMy 
€f carriage ). 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( ,44 , 

^imr^T 5./. Wish, desire, expectation ; 
purpose, intention . [ expec ted . 

^T^tFw adj. Desirous ; desired, wished, 

^RTHfT^^t adj. Desirous, full of hope, 
waiting, expecting, wishing ; asking, 
inqniiing, expectant. 

'WTWK 8, m. Form, appearance, aspect, 
shape, statue, likeness ; hint, sign, 
token ; the letter ^ also the symbol 
of the vowel which represents the 
letter ^ when joined to a consonant. 

^T^t^ «./. Scarcity, famine. 

WTVIH «, w. The fifth element, aether, 
the sky ,- atmosphere, the heavens, 
the firmament, space ; the subtle 
and etherial finid, supposed to fill 
and pervade the universe, and to be 
the peculiar vehicle of the life and 

TPtnnft^T «. TO. A lamp which the Hin- 
dus hang aloft on a bamboo in the 
month of Kariikj an elevated lantern, 
a beacon. % 

^mrr^^^ «. m. A plant growing on the 
mem trees ( ftkind of Epidendrom.) 

or dodder ( Cuscuta reJUxa ). 

^T^RTWfn 8. /. Subsistence not derived 
from any certain funds, or depending 
on any particular person ; casual sub- 
sistence ; living from hand to mouth. 

^T^ffms^ adj. ( Used substantively ), 
One whose subsistence is fortuitous. 

^T'ern^rw^ 8. m. The atmosphere, the 
celestial ^here. 

^T^WT^t 5./. A voice from heaven ; 
revelation, an oracle. 

^«*»^ <w&'- Aerial, airy, unsubstantial, 
celestial ; atmospherical. 

^^l^W^ adj. Cnralean, aeure. 

WTf%^^ «. 7?i. ^Poverty, 

f, OT. 7 A plant growing on 
/. ) other trees, air-plant 

^mr^f adj. Confounded, perplexfecT ; a^- 
tated, confused, troubled, distreaaed. 
^Tirerm 8. /". Agitation, distress. 
^RT9f^^ <*^* Agitated, disturbed, dis- 
^l*f<! «./. Shape, form, figure, likeneso^ 

an image ; the body ; species. 
^m^ adj. Attracted, drawn. 
^TTHni 8. m. Ascending, superiority, §ar- 
passing, surmounting ; invamon, a 
seizing. [in oblation^ 

«nf?T 8. m. Whole or unbroken rice used 
^^mj 8, m, A riddle, a sieve ; a bog fill- 
ed with grain {two such hag8 bmny 
carried hy a bullock or camel). 
^Vrmm 8. m. A kind of mineral, a 
loadstone. [sumg ; terror, fright; 
^X%Z 8,m, The chase, hunting ; a pur* 
V%fe^ 8. m. A hound. 
^^ftz «. w. The walnut tree. 
^[twn «• /. A name, appellation, term. 
f^T^THT adj. Said, spoken ; denominated, 


in»r «./. Fire. [«ttgag«, p»oV<4«. 

^T^ ^Zim «. a. To raise disturbance^ 

^IT ^^T i>. a. To make any thing 

exceedingly warm ; to excite envy or 

anger. [A gaesi. 

^pm ac^. Arrived, come ; hence. 8* m. 

^T ^TT V, a. To bum a Hindu corpse. 

^«m ^virr v. n. To be engaged; as, mere 

bdton-se uspar ag furti hai, he is en* 

raged at my words. [^ngry. 

^TT WT«TT V, a. To be enraged, to be very 

'^t^ WK^nr v. n. To rain fire (applied to 
the extreme heat of the eun, or to a hot 
fire of cannon or mueketty in battle, 

Sm ysril v. a. To extinguish fire ; to 

appease a tumult, to pacify a quarrel, 

to still resentment. 

vm iT«'n ? V, a. To speak idle words, 
^T»r ^tuiT) to boast. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 45 ) 

^l^iT s. m. Futurity ; a shastra con- 
taiuiiig spells and incantations; a 
shastra or work on sacred science. 

^rfRWPft > «. ffi. Knowing the future ; 

^HHilin'ft 5 a prognosticator, diviner, 
a foreteller. 

nxtmn s. tn. Coining, arriving, arrival. 

^T^iliTT s, m. The advanced guard. €uij. 
Adventurous, venturesome, forward^ 

. early (as fruit). 

%m^^nl s. m. a foreteller, a predic- 
tor ; Si^a one who tells the doctrines 
of dgam. [ture, to foretell. 

!V|i|<i^fnim "0. a. To determine the fu- 

<<| i i <!ft^i 8. J, The art or science of 
foretelling or divining. 

!WlS f%€Nft ^«^ ] ^- »• To bring re- 

^W^ fil^Nn ^?tem > proach, to accuse, 

^rrw TOrt «rwm ^ to suffer for auo- 

^rurir «rnft wm^ i>. «. To extinguish 

. £re; to appease a tumult, to pacify a 
quarrel, to still resentment. 

^|i# €l^m V, n. To be afflicted with 
grief or melancholy, 

%TW ^m V. n. To be set on fire, to be 

' enraged, to be very hungry. 

^m mmi ^iv^ % ^hnn To pretend to 
appease a quarrel whicli one has pur- 
posely excited, to play tricks, to de- 

' ceive. 

'•R ^nrmr «. «. To set on fire, to in- 
flame ; to enrage, to cause disturb- 

Yin vm: ♦ifNf! ^ ^m m nwm To 
put off, to delay or excuse one's self 
on Tain pretences. 

YllwrKf adv. Up to the neck. 

%m «%«t Yim To come to get fire (is 
spoken of a /rimd who goes to visit 
another and leaves him quickft/)% 

^m^} s, m^ A pommel; 

YTT ^^JRTfl t>. <». To inflame, to excite 
sedition, to foment a quarrel clandes- 

YTf <t«!T V. n. To be enraged. 

wp?! 8, TO. The front part, space in fi*ont 
of a house, forepart of a turban. 

YTfPsr adj. Very deep. 

YT»rT 41WT W^yn 9. n. To hesitate, waver, 
boggle, demur, stand shill-I-shall-I. 

Yinr^ adj. Coming, about to come; 

^mJK s. TO. A house, a dwelling. 

^fW«./. Fire. 

Ylf^^'ft «./. Conflagration. 

f|\« 0(i;. Forward, adv. Before, here- 

wi% adv. Before, in front, fore, beyond, 
more, ago, already, formerly, for- 
wards, further, onwards^ hencefor- 
ward, along; then, hence, rather, 

%A ^f[V^ «. n. To come forward, ad- 
vance ; to return, revert 

YT% 'T^nrT V. n. To advance, proceed. 
^ WWr To get before, outstrip, sur- 
pass, pass (CM a horse in a race). 

Yl% VITT i>. n. To advance {activelt/), to 
bring forward. 

^VnrT 9. TO. Favour, patronage ; seizing, 
talking ; surpassing, surmounting ; 
power, ability. 

^niTT^^ 8. TO. A month so called, the 
first of the Hindu year according to 
some systems, {N'ovember-December), 

^ni^T^Wt 8,f, The name of a constella- 
tion consisting of 8 stars, 1 of which 
is k Orionis ; figured by an antelope's 
head, hence also ^l^lftK^ the day of 
full moon in the mouth of Agra- 

.^^j^ tf. ni. A beating, stroke, blow* 

^V^l^ s. m. Ghee ot clarified butter. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


t U V 

^T s, w. A soft delicate form, or body. 
^T^'iar s, TO. Rinsing i\yjQ moath, sip- 
ping water before religious ceremo- 
Bies, meals, d^o. from t&e palm of ih» 
band, and spitting it out, agaiit. 

^^TW »./. Manner of life, conditct^ 
bebaviour, custom^ practice^ in«ti- 
tnte, religiotts obsenrance,. Beage» 

m\m\ i. m. A established rule of cen- 
duct, an ordinaivce, iostitiHe^ a pr»^ 
cept ; custom, practice, ^*0*9^» ^ 
religious observaaoe ; pickles. Achar 
varjjita. adj. Irregnlar, out of role ; 
out of cast. 

mr^lftoiy. Praetising (what i» geed}, 
strict in the obserrance of religious 

^i^i<i «. m. A spiritual guide or teaeb- 
er ; he who inyests the students with 
the sacrificial thread, and instructs 
him in the Vedi^ the law of sacrifice;, 
and religious mysteries ^ a name of 
Drona the teacher of the Fandus. 

^THfl'^t «./. . A spiritual preceptress* 

^T^T'srf'ft *./. The wife of an Aeharj^a 
or holy teacher, [tected. 

V^Wl «. wi. Covered, concealed, pro- 

^T^RT V. n. To be, to remain. 

wnfl^ 8, wi. Cloth, clothes ; covering, 
a sheath, mantle, cloak, &c. 

^^ adj. Good. Ufled only in poetry. 

^T# adj. plw\ Good, excellent. 

^m adv. To-day, Aj-kal, Now a-day, 
to-day or to-morrow, of late, in a few 
days. Aj'Jcal kama, or qj-kal hatana^ 
to procrastinate ; aj-ke din, to-day ; 
(y-lce rat, to night ; qj-Jce roz, to-day. 

^mimr To examine, proves test, try, 

^^T 8. w, A paternal grand-father. 

^imim ». II. To come suddenly, befaU, 
happen, to come. 

^T^TT^ 8. m,. Sickness, disorder, di«eaee> 
trouble^ affliction, injury, outrage. 

^n^ M, m. Livelihood, profession^ sub- 

^^tft^/. *. Means of suppeitmg^ life^ 
livelihood,^ sc^istence, profession. 

JJ ^ To-day, now. 

^nn 8./. Command, order, permiesionr 
an injunction, a precepts 

fnrntK > adj. Acting according to- 
^mi^lQ y order, obedient,^ ministrant,. 


^nvniil a. m. An ediet, a written order.. 

Wmw 8» ni. Disobedience,^ insubor- 
dination. [Hunooman.. 

^T^liiv ^ m, A name of the monke/ ;. 

^if^^* m. «. An insect, a kind of newt. 

^l^CT 8. nu A tree (JktHcia aih4na^ 
today ^.). 

^iFTSr «.. m» Flour, meal, farinab 

^inf^ «. m. The Sarali, a bird so ci^^ 
(TurdH8 ginginianus). 

^ti9 adj. Eight, dth dth dn8u rmi^ 
to shed floods of tears, to weep ex- 
ceedingly, aik palar, all the twentf 
four hours; oonstantly, day and 
night ; €Uh Jchamba, a eanepy sup- 
ported by eight posts. 

^XK^ad). Eighth. 

^iStinr^ Through all the watcher, day 
and night, eonstanily. 

^JW8./. A screen, shelter, concealment, 
protection ; an horizontal line drawn 
aerosB the forehettd ; pF^restiotf, 
stop,, kind^ranoe. 

^fivm ♦. a. To prop, shrfter, protect, 
defend, stop* 

^RTir^ $. m. Charge sounded by ftftasicitf 
instruments ; commencement ; pride, 
arrogance ; anger, passion f bappi* 
nesB, pleasmre. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 47 ) 


^jTFims,/. A -stop. 047. Stopping. 
^^Tin adj. Oblique, crooked, across, ath- 
wart, cross, transverse. 
^fks.f. A bird, ihe SotmH ilkrdm$ 

^nft*./. A tone or time m wiTwic. 

fori. A protector, defender, supporter. 
•^Ttr «. m. A peach. [protection, 

^TV ^mr V. A. To protect, beeome a 
^ly «./. A kind of fish, 
-^vm 8./. Agency ; oommiasion, broker- 
age, sale by commission. 
'^^^ adj. Wealthy, rich, opulent 
^if% «. m./. The edge af a sword, tks 

pin of the axle of acart ; a Umit, a 

^fhr 8. m. Fear, apprehension ; disease, 

sickness ; afiliction, pain, parade, 

ostentation, show, pomp. 
Wrv <« m. Custard apple ( annona 4qua- 

moM or reticulata ). 

^imffrfil^ um,f. \ A felon, a thief, a 
^rniiir4) «. m. ) murderer, inoen- 


^«T<I7 8. r». Sun-beams, sunshine. 

^mr <• m. A custard apple. 

^ifir^ir \ adj. Proper for a guest ; 
^iw j hospitable, attentive to 

^ifimA 8.f. The name of a game. 
^I9K tdj. Diseased, distressed, anxious, 

distract^ lestleR, afflicted. 
^lTff^8. /. A female teacher or governess. 
%m 8. vu Soul, self, itm-pdlak, selfish, 

dtm-ghatf self-murder ; dtnHnim^ 

Selfevident. [ gon prunens). 

^mf^HT »./. A plant, Oowach Garfopo- 
nim^l^ 8./, Self-murder, suicide. 
^9Rr<l9 8, 7/(. Oue who commits suicide, 
^flrwr^ aij. Committing suicide ; a 
j suicide. [a^ m^ A son. 

m^^ckiJ. Sj^riagiiig from one's self. 

WPinn «./. A daughter. 

^ I^H UI * ! 8. m. The knowledge of spirit, 

^ immift adj. Self-evident. 
adj. Selfish. 

^(\m^8.f. Self-knowledge. 
^imnTN «• m. Spirtual instruction. 
vnnf^Vi 8./. Spiritual knowledge. 
WTiinilii *./. Inherent on own power. 
^nmwf^s.f. Self-applause, vanity, self- 
flattery, egotism, boasting. 
^ITM%W 8» m. Self-restraint, stoioism. 
s. m. Internal doubt. 

^vrm^ifr t./« Suicide, self-destmciion. 
^Tirfinv atfj. Beneficial to one's self. 
^TtiTT 8. m. The soul, the body, the self, 

the mind, the understanding. [ self, 
^fov^ adj. Relating to mind, to one's 
wn^ adj. Cognate, related to, of kin ; 

belonging to one's setf, related to 

one's self, own. 
^W?ir^ 8, m. A brahman versed in the 

AthoTftan Ved ; a collection of pray- 
ers, &c., delivered by Atharvan a 

^fVim adj. From the first till the last, 

from the beginning to the end. 8. m. 

The beginning and the end. 
^T^ 8. f». Respect, reverence, act of 

treating with attention and deference, 

wrn^^PT 8. m. Respect and honour. 
WT^ni 8, m. A mirror • a commentary, 

original manuscript from which a copy 

is taken ; a specimen, a sign, 
^n^ $. m. Oinger in the undried state. 
m^jn 8. w. Taking, receipt, acceptance. 
'^m^TTinnf »• *». Giving and taking. 
WTf[[ adj. First, prior ; pre-eminent. 

adj. (tn coTwp.) Other, &c. 
^if^^ adj. Relatinar to the beginning; 

and the rest, ei cetera. 

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( 4« > 


'fflf^^fR^ 8. TO. A primary caase. 
^Tfi^ adD. From the beginning; et- 
cetera, and the like, 
^rrfir^ 8* m. A deity in general ; a dei- 
ty of a particular class ; the aditifus 
are 12 in number, and are forms of 
Sooryuh or the snn, and appear to 
represent him as distinct in each 
month of the year ; the sun. . 
i«"T^«nrK 8. m. Sunday. 
^Tf^ 8. m. Priority, precedence. 
^fi[H^ ^« ^* ^® 0^ ^^0 names of 

^T^H *. m. An order, a command, a 
salutation of Joyces ; in grammet, a 
^rHt oe^o?. In the beginning. 
^H^ ad). First, initial, 
^onvi «• 191. First and last, beinning and 
end. (fc^*. From the first till the last, 
from the beginning to the end. 
^mrr 8, /. The sixth lunar mansion 
( probably Orionie ) ; the beginning 
of the rainy season, 
^nn adj. Half. In comp. it becomes 
adh^ adh^ or ai ; as adk-miSia^ or otf* 
mda^ Half-dead. 
^1^1*1 8. w. Conception, pregnancy ; a 
ceremony performed previous to con- 
ception as conducive to it ; a pledge, 
a deposit ; a surety. 
^Wf«iil «. m. A ceremony perfomed 
after cohabitation to procure or fa- 
vour conception. 
"^V^ix «. m, A patron, supporter, one on 
whom dependance is placed for assist- 
ance ; food, aKraent, victuals, nour- 
ishment • comprehension, location ; 
a dike, a canal ; a basin round the 
foot of a tree. 
^r^T^ (in comp. ) An eater ; as, Doodh- 
tHihareCf Oa^ who lives on milk. 

^mif^* adj. Unjust, unrightoous. 

^^«1€^ 8. /. A pain affecting the half 
of the head, Hemicrania. 

mff ». m. Mental agony, anxiety ; 
expectation, calamity ; a pledge, a 
pawn J location, fixing, scite, <fec. en- 
gagement, dance. 

^rrft^ 8. m. Excess, an overplus, abun- 

^fiiq^ s. m. Sovereignty, government ; 

WT^ adj. Submissive, obedient, depen- 
dant, humble, docile. 

i^-r^HT > #. /. Submission, obedi- 

HT^'I'Mc J ence, obsequiousness, ser- 
vility, humility. 

^TT^ft^ adj. Recent, modern, belong- 
ing to the present time. 

^^nftim «./. Recentness, the being 
modern, novelty. [preceptor. 

^TW^Wf 8. m. A teacher, a scriptural 

^Pr 8./. Order, command, bashfulness, 
modesty, shame ; an oath ; a graceful 
attitude ; affectation, pride, adj. 
Other, different. 

WV^^ 8. m. Pleasure, delight, felicity, 
happiness, joy, ease ; God, Supreme 
Spirt. Anand'kcmd.^ Root ( or %(yurce) 
of happiness. 

^ii«» 8, TO. 'a large military drum 
beaten at one end ; small dmm or 
tabor J a kettle drum. [Order. 

^m«i 8. m. Mouth, face, visage, s. '/. 

. m. ) Pleasure, delight, feli- 
^Tf^aT*./. / city, happiness, joy, 
ease. Anund-Jcand, Root ( or 8oui^ ) 
of happiness. 
^T'J^iW adj. Blissful, made up, con- 
sisting of happiness. *. m. The 
Supreme Spirit. 

^iTfi^W \ adj. Joyful, happy, glad, 
^^^^"^ j rejoiced, delighted!. 

^fff V. w. To come, to be ; dn-pamCp 

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( ^ ) 


To happen^ s, m. The sixteentli part 

of a rupee.. 
^r^r«T^'t «./. Taming a deaf ear ov^er- 

lookliig, winking at, purposely rieg^ 

^ft #*/. An oath, bashfalaess. [age. 
^l^f^ 8. m. Help, assistance, patron- 
^H^^ &/. Order, meathod, a rank, a 

^! a* < ift ^ ^* Capable of being inferr- 
ed, proMHe, speqioQs. 

^T^r^ <idj. Heavenly, eelestial, pro- 
duced in the sky «• m. The firma- 
ment, [bowels. 

^nf^^ 0kdj. Visceral^ relating to the 

^T^ u ffi. The chain or rope with which 
ijie feet of elephants are tied up. 

Ym •• a« To brii^« 

^T)Ti»r<m« Selfi selves, yourselves, yon 

Sir ( leMii mteou <^ ike fersonal pro*- 

noun cf the sicond p&i*ion by. an in- 

.fnicr when addressing km eHperier)^ 

iip'Swartkh ad^. Selfish, seeking 
the interest of self. 

^njil «• m. A scripple. 

^q «. wi, Water^ 

^nwiT^ ? odj. Attending to ( one^s ) 
^TVsJt J own business, engageil in 

( one's ) own affairs, 

^T^w ? «./. Misfortune, calamity, 
^•prfif J adversity, an evil. 

HlMUJitfi s, m. Season of distress. 

^H^ > #./. Misfortune, calamity, an 
^nq^ 5 accident, danger, adversity, 

im eviU [misfortune. 

^H^^<i <M^. Unfortunate, unhappy, in 

^^^ fron. Self. 

^imw 9. m. Of «./. \ 

^im^s.f. f Own; appertain- 

^H «• 'w. J ing to. 

^W3f «. w. ( p2«i.) J 

^iq&€ «• m. An emerald. 

^9m adj. Unfortunate, afflicted ; gain- 
ed, obtained, AC^i»ir^j a rei^ge, 


on« who comes for shelter or protec- 
tion, [the Deitr. 

W^%^ 8. m. and adj. Self, self-formed, 

^mwr firon, recips. Themselves, one 
another ; hence, «. /. Kindred, bro- 
therhood, fellowship, ajpas-men rakmxj 
is applied to signify adultery, &c. (in 
the dMeet of women ). 

^R5f% 9, m. or 8. /. To yon. 

^nn«./. An elder sister, pron. Self. 

^mm 9. m.. Selfishness, egotism. 

^tft «. /. The twentieth lunar man- 

^rnc adj. Trusted, confidential ; gained, 

obtained ; true. [degree. 

^TTHT 8, /. Quotient : equation of a 

^}..«. Bathing. 

irnrrv a<^'. Bathing. «. m. Flood. 

^ITVd s* m. An initiiited householder. 
adj. Bathed. 

^n»ni «./. Misforttme, calamity. 

^rwftWf./; Opiom. 

^fti^ a. m. An opiom eather. 

^TO s./. Opium'.' [tiller. 

^nr?r«ITt'«i m. A wide merchant, a dis- 

'aBTT^^T^ «./. The business of a distiller. 

^W^^'4.f?i. A natrOW-mouthed drink- 
ing vessel. 

^^IT m. a. 1 Shinirig, bright, daz- 

^l^^!<>/. a. j zling. 

^i^w; 8,f. Honor ; character. 

V^^ «. «»• Ebony. 

^^\i\ «./. Habitation ; village. 

^T8n*T s.f. Segment, of the base of a 

^tf4^T 8. 771. Soiled water. 
^Pfi:^ «. w. Ornament, decoration,, as 

jewels, &e. 
iBjT^rr 5./. Beauty ; sf^endour ; li^it. 

— * 

is, m. \ preface, a preamble, 

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f 50 ^ 


^liH^W #. 7/1. Presence, being in front 
of or tu face. 

^iHlf J. m. A cow-keeper, sprang from 
a braliunua aua lemaie of Uie medi- 
cal tribe or the ambasika, 

^n^^w jf- m. Jeirels, ornaments. 

^iHadj. Raw, undressed, unripe. «. m. 
ProviHion, victuals (undressed ) ; the 
mango tree or fruit; sicknesfl, 

VT<T»y s. 771 Sickness, disease. 

^f^mivs./. A root. 

Vi!i .. m. Wrath or rage, anger . 
en^T, impatience of another's success! 

%m^T #. w. Emblic mjrobalan ( PA^/- 
luntkas etiUioa). 

mm^Jf^ s. m. CoustiptUon or torpor of 
the bowels, with flatulence and in- 
tumescence, the wind being supposed 
to be chiefly affected. 

^TH^jjir s. 7H. The cholic, pain arising 
from indigestion. 

WlHtfil^f ». m. Dysentery. 

Wf^rm s. 711. Kaw rice or grain ; provi- 
sious ( undressed >. 

•Tftrw s. m. Flesh j enjoyment ; an 
object of enjoyment, a plowing or 
beautiful object, &o, 

^*^ i. m. Fragrance, odour, diffusive 

perfume ; pleasure. 
^Twr^WT s. m. Confronting. 
^TT%«m atlv. Opposite, face to face, 

over against. 
^WK s./ Amber 
^fmiff 8. fa. A swelling which oomes 

without pain and goes off as easily 

without medicine ; a windy tumour. 
^'^«.itt. The mango-tree {Mangifei^a 


'5'r''^*T 5,/. The. tamarind tree. . 

^M t. m. Receipt, gain, profit. 

^fqn ar/j. Long, wide. s. m. Sun-beam,^ 

^mn £#<(/. Docile, tractable, dependant. 
^Tinw *. m. A place, a site. 
^VT^^^TT s. /. Docility, traetablenesg, 

^TiTQ J. m. Order, coBtnntnd. 
"VT^T «./. An ayah or female attanda^t 

ou child reu. 
^T9T« 5. m. Fatigue, wearineai. 

^^^^^ r «•/•, duration of Hfe. 

^ngv s. m. A weapon in general. 
^^ «./. A goad. 

^JK s. m. A thorny substance. 

Wi^ 9. m. A beginning, a comtet^noe- 
ment ; an introduction, a prologue. 

^T^^T s./. Worship, an image. 

'ffTKir ^dj. Rospec table, venerable. 

Wncw adj. Distressed, grieved, afflicted* ' 

^VTCUr t* m. A ceremony attending maN>' 
riage. When the bridegroom first * 
comes to the house of the bride, lie 
is received by her relations, who pro- 
sent to him, and more partiwilarlj 
round his head, a platter painted and 
divided into several compartmeutis, 
in the middle of which is a lamp « 
made of flour, filled with yhee, aud- - 
having several wicks lighted. 

irr^fir «../. Pain, distress, affliction. 

^fl^s.f. A ceremony performed in 

. adoration of the gods by moving eii^' 
cularly, round the head of the idol r 
. a platter containing a burning lamp 
with several wicks. 

^nm V. n. To stop. 
^Vf s* m. Sound. 

vn^ 8. m. A beginning, a commenccj^- - 
B^ent J fui intr^^liiction, a }»rologue. 

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( 51 ) 

wrc9 ^ m. Idleness, laziness, inaotiritj. 
^IK^ s f. Looking-giuss, indolence. 
"^K^ ocSr.) Idle, U^y^ indolent, inac- 
^TK^ «./. A mirror (particularly a 

mxn-QT on the thumb used by the Hindu 

females), [spirit. 

^VT^^ s. m. Insipidity, want of flavor or 
^fTO ^. ^n^ A saw; a shoemaker's knife 

or awl ; the name of a district, An^ah 

in Shahabad. 
trrofw 8. m. An enemy. 
^ro>f« 8. m, A worshipper. 
^KW^ 8. w. Accomplishment, gratify- 
ing, worship, devotion, supplication. 
WKT\|in *. in. To worship, adore, prao- 

tiMt devotion, serve, to accomplish. 

8. /. Service, worship, adoration. 
^T^m 8. m» A pleasure garden, a grove. 
^tA 8.f. A small saw, a hand sa^w, an 

Victor «. m. A plant of the gonrd kind, 
vnrv «• m« A drug hrought from the 

hilU of cooling properties. 
^%'wm «. ». To strangle. Kanth-arun- 

dkeny Btrangnlaiion. 
^in:7 adj. Moan ted on a horse or any 

thing else, ascended, risen. Megh- 

arirhOf seated on a clond. 
niftms.m. Health, a^j. Healthy, 
^ipctq «. M. A transmutation, a change. 
Vltcm t. »* Planting. 
^rdfTS adj. Deposited, intrusted ; 

transformed, changed into, feigned. 
^n<lY^ 8. m. Rising, ascending ; the 

rising or growing of a new shoots ; a 

ladder, a stair case. 
^rn adj. Pained, afflicted ; disturbed, 

nnf adf^ Wet, moist, damp« 
^^Nr #. ot. Ginger, in the nndried state'. 
^Hf f • /. The 6th lunMT mansion. 

s. /. Age, duration of life. 

^T* adj. Of a good family, respectabjV, 

V]^fs./. A mirror (particulany » mtr^ 
r<w en the thumb used by Hindu 
feimaUs ). 

^m 8. f. The name of a tree, froin the 
root of which a red colour is extract- 
ed for staining leather, dyeing- silk^ 
&c. (Morinda citrifoUa). s. m. Yellow 
orpiment. [protector. 

^r«^n 8, m. Dependance ;'a support, a 

lirT^H 8, m, A house. 

^VTOTTta «./. A basin for water ronnd 
the root of a tree. 

^99 8. m. Idleness, slothfulness, lazi- 
ness, adj. Idle, slothful, lazy. 

^m"^ adj. Idle, slothful, lazy. 

V^^ 8. m. Idleness, slothfulness* Inzi* 
ness. adj. Idle, slothful, apathetic. 

^TW^ adj. Drowsy, slothful. 

%jm 8. m, A small recess in a pillar 
or wall for holding a lamp, <&c. adj. 
Wet ,• running {ae a sore). 

WT^«r 8. m. The post to which an ele- 
phant is tied, or the rope that ties 

^irnr s. f. Prelude to singing, e. m. 
Speaking to ; addressing, oonversa- 
tion ; enumeration of the qnestionf 
in an arithmetical or algebraic sum. 

wnwrq^Ct «./. The act of tuning the 
voice previous to singing. 

^9TWT 1). a. To tune the vpi^e, to nm 
over the different notes previous to 
singing, to catch the proper key, to 
sing, to tune. 

iirTf«l »./. A woman's female friend^ 

Vq\ ) a damsel. 

^ff^l^ 8. m« Embracing, th& claspittg, 

any one in the arms, an embrace. 
^if^ryt0tfi. Embracing, 

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( 52 ) 


^T^<./. A womnn's female friend, a 

damsel, s. m, A scorpion. 
iffT^<T 8. m. A colonr extracted from 

the al tree {Marinda dirifolia). 
^T^* ) s. m. An esdilent root (arum 
^T^ / campanvlatum), a potatoe. Bat" 

aia^ a yam ; shakarkand, a sweet 
^T%? «. m. Liniment. 
^'Jfi «. m. Sight, seeing, looking ; 
light ; flattery, complimentary lan- 
guage, panegyric. 

^T^^R 8. m. Sight, seeing, looking. 

^VT9^ n. pi'op. Name of a Hindu soldier 
and poet, from whom a species of 
poetry takes its name. 

^T^* 3, m. Insurance. 

"f H^ 8, /. Approach, advance ; the 
^ coming of an army ; the approach of 
a friend ; the season in which mer- 
chandize is expected. 

^TTI «. w. Coming, approach ; du>an- 
iwafi, tidings of approach. 

VM^K (tdj. That which is to come ; 
he that shall come. 

^9^ 9. m. A shield ; a covering. 

^T^^ «./. The allotted period of any 
one's life, an age. 

^T'P'ft D. n. To come. 

^TWfin 1 «./. A civil reception or 


1 «./. A c 
^ salutation, 
} ousness. 

welcome, courte- 

•^Wftl 8. /. A row^ a range, a oontintiotti 
line ; a series, a dynasty, a lineage. 

^mnm^adj. Necessary, indispensable, 
expedient, s. m. Necessity, expe- 

^T'l'W^lHT 5. y. Necessity, indispensable- 
nes6» inevitability. , 

^T^ fi. m. A potter's-kiln. 

•^wi »./. Report, mention. 

^n^PWi I a. m. Transmigration; com- 
^^^ J ing, aad guing. 

^ifT^TYt «./. Coming and going, inter- 
course, dancing after. 
W\v\^ «./. Approach, advance ; the 
coming of an army ; the approach 
of a friend ; the seiwon in whieh 
merchandize is expeettd. 
Wfi|T€ «./. A house. 
i^TT^T^ir 9. m. Galling, summons. 
^1^7 8. m^ An unfolding, a develo- 
ping, a manifesting, manifeatationy 
presence becoming visible. 
^^9(*9T adj. Unfolded, developed, mani- 
fested, appeared, 
^rrfrc <$dj,. Possessed (by a d&mn, 4rc. 
passed, engrossed ( by any $eniiment 
or feeling ). 
^ill adj. Enclosed, surrounded ( by 

a ditchj wall, 4rc. ). 
^T7fi| 8./. Order, method ; a repetitioa 

of the same thing, a revolution. 
^TIV adj. Fond ; attached, enamoured, 
addicted, devoted to, strongly incline 
ed to ; able, powerful, 
^rmfm 5. m. Attachmenty fondnesa ; 

power, ability, m^ht. 
mmWT 8.f. Feaxy appiehenaioD, awe* 
terroi;, 4ang^9 peril ; doubt, unoei* 
irnnr «. m. A tree ( TerwinaUa alata 
tomento8a ) ; on which the tatfw ailk^ 
woim feeds. 
^lK«r $. m. Meaning, intention, aim, 

scope, ^ object of deair^. 
^na B.f. Hope, desire^ dependance, 

reliance, trust. 
^nKT7 ^« *»• A Hindu month contain- 
ing part of June and July ; and 
commencing when tl^e sun enters 
Qemini ^^e name of the 20th ^nd 
2l8t man^(^ in tii^e Hin^ ZocUqo, 
^iDKrvfH adj. Successful, possogaing 
the object bQJfcd foi. 

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( 53 


^fjin^^ S' fn. Confideuce^ trust, expec- 

^91HT s, m. Disappointment. 

^mn^ adj. Expectant, dependant ; 
hoping, haying hope. 

^WJt^ 0^;. Desponding, despairing. 

^119 s. /. Blessing, benediction, 
bestowing or wiahing a blessing up- 
on oihejrs. 

"mA^^P! «« ^ A blessing, a benedictioB. 

^nBlhf «- til. \ Benediction, blessing, 

miffi^ «•/• I return of a compli- 
ment from a brahmana. 

^n^ «. m. Surprise, astonishment, 
amazement, adj. Astonishment. 

^li^T «. .'»• Wonderfulness ; wonder, 

m\^^ «. »». Abode, residence j a 
religions order, of which there are 
fov kinds referrible to the different 
periods of life ; as 1st. That of the 
brahmckaree or student ; 2d, That 
of the grihastd or houaeholder ,• 3d. 
That of the vanaprastha or anchorite ; 
and 4th, That of the hhik$huk0 or 
J)eggw J a college, a school ; a her- 
mitage the abode of retired devotees 

^rr^ odj' living in any of the four 
, f^tes x)f t)ie life. 

^rpw I 9. m. Cheating, frand, ciremn- 

^nrr. J vpntion ; proximity, vicipity $ 
a retreat, an abode, an asylnm ; a 
house J a mean^ of defence, having 
recourse to protection or sanction- 
ary,; tm^t, reli^^nce, hope; patron^ 
a protector. 

vPw a(^.. One who reliea oa another -, 
a refugee, a prote^^ ; a dependant. 

^^w o^. Hopciful^ trusting, coafident. 

^\^m «. m. Completion, cessation, 

^if^l s. m. The 6th Hind^ month 
( Sepiemher-October ), comn^encing 
when the sun enters Virgo, and iu 
which the moon is full uear the stars 
in the headof Aries. 

^WT? 8. m. The 3d solar month {June- 
July, during which the is in Gemini, 
andUie/uil nioon is near as/iarha, 
more commonly called fm^asharha or 
uHara-^harha consiOations m Sagit^ 
'^'^ ). jtrogt. 

VTB «./. Hope dependanee, relianop, 

^^fl?r «./. Laziness, tardiness, aska-* 
tana, v. n. To be lazy, dikaii^ adj. 
lazy, remiss. 

^Vmoiirrm i>. «. To be lazy, 

^»m^ adj. Lazy, remiss. 

^mnadj. Diligent, zealously active, 
fond, enamoured, addicted, devoted 
to, intent or attached strongly to, 
trustmg to, confiding in ; eteraaL 

^n^f^ 8. /. Attachment to one object 
or pursuit, diligence, application. 

%\^^ 8. w. A tree on which the tasar 
silk-worm feeds (TerniinaUa alai0 
Umentosa ), a stool, a seat^ a small 
carpet on which the- Hindiis ait at 
their worship ; a carpet to sit on j 
stay, abiding, postnre, attitude, ait- 
ting ( especially the attitudes adopted 
byjogees in their devotional exer^me, 
of which they reckon eighty-four) ; the 
inside or upper part of the thigh ; 
thfi withers of an elephant the part 
where the driver sits, asan tale ana^ 
to come under subjection* asaa-^ 
joma, to sit on the hams; a^an dolna, 
spoken of a holy man, who perceiv- 
ing by supernatural intelltgence that 
some one in distress has called on 
him, interposes in his behalf, asan 
te as^n jornaf to sit close in contact 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 64 ) 


with another*perBon. a«an lagna to 
sit obstinately in a given posture till 
one^A request be obtained, a«an- 
mama, (to sit partictUarty in an atti- 
tude practised by jogeee or devotees ), 
to retain one's seat firmly on horse 

^«T^ «./. A small carpet, &c., on 
which hindoos sit and perform 

^T9^9 s. m. Vicinity, circumference. 
< adv. Around, about on all sides. 

^rW*f^nf adv. All around, on every 

. side ; wholly, altogether. 

^Tfru J. m. Meaning, intention, aim, 
scope, and object of desire ; an asy- 
lum, abode or retreat. 

W(V9 9. m. Rum, spirit distilled from 
sugar or molasses. [trust. 

^€T 8. f. Hope, dependanoe, reliance, 

^IWW ad^. Expectant, dependant. 

^TTOT^^t e. /. A musical mode or ragini ; 
a kind of pigeon a sort of cotton 
cloth. [instruction. 

^fiwr *. m. Benediction, blessing ; 

^n#^ I e. m. Bendiction, blessing. 

^Tfw $. m. The 6th Hindoo month in 
which the moon is full near the 
stare in the head of Aries ( Septem- 
ber-October ). 

nv^^ adj. Sitting, seated. 

^njt^ 8. /. Blessing, benediction ; 
return of compliment from a Hindu 
snperioT (a brahman ). 

WTf^ 8. ni. An asur or demon ; a form 
of marriage ; in which the bridegroom 
gires to the' bride, her father and 
paternal kinsmen, as much as he can 
^TfO «,/. Of or belonging to the. 
asui-Sy devilish, demoniacal; a divi- 

sion of medicine ; surgery, curing br 
cutting with instrument applying 
the actual cautery, &c., aeutima^^. 
s.f. Deception of demons. 
^T^ir */. Laziness, tardiness, aA^td- 
na. V. n. To be la«y, askati a^. 
Lazy, remiss. 
^nw^adj. Lazy, remiss. 
^fftl€ 8. i».'A believer, pious, faitblhll 
^^HBT «. m. Prop, stay, place or meaaa 

of abiding ; effort, pains, care. 
Wl^Rf 8. m. A place, a situatto» ; 

dignity, rank. 
nmn 8. M. Abode, residanee ; a religf^ 
ous order iofwhkk there are four 
hinde r^enible to the diferent periods 
of life ; as Ut, That of the brahma^ 
charee or Student • 2rf, That of the 
grihusth or householder ; 3rd. Thai of 
the vanaprasth or anchorite and itk 
that of the bhikshuk or beggar ). 
^IWT s. m. Means of defence or pro- 
tections, trust, reliance, hope ; d«-* 
fence, asylum retreat, refuge, shelter, 
abode, house. 
^fir<i adj. One who relies on ano&er, 

a refugee, a protegee. 
Vi^« adj. Hopeful, trusting, confident, 
^mx^ 8. m. Savour, relish. 
^mm 8. m. Comepletion, cessation, 

^TV ah I An interjection, aha f ah [ 

^tm^ «./, Sound, noise. 

^rf K^TTf ^ 8,f Coming and going. 

^TT^ 8. m. Inundation, flood, overflow, 

^rfl interj. Ah i aha ! alas f Oh f 

^ffT^tf. 371, Food. 

^f¥ 8. m. or 8. f. Is or exists. #./. Alas. 

^^T? \ *• ^' Offering oblations with 
^lUm ) fire to the deities, a borirt 

^X%% 8. TO. The constant or daily 

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{ b5 ) 


eeremoiiies of religion ; constant 
occupation daily, work, adj. Daily, 

^fir^ adj. Of or belonging to a day. 

^Vr 9. m. Intmdation, deluge, flood, 

^mwt^ «• «•». J®y. gladness, delight, 
mirth, exaltation, festivity, 

vivrfi(^ ai^. Joyful, glad, delighted, 
pleased, merry, elated in mind, re- 
joiced, [mens. 

^imm 8. 7x. A eall, invitation, aum- 

^[%^ 9, in. Reproof, reproach, an irony 
a aarcaam ; a^ase^ reviling ; censure, 

f The third vowel of the Nagree alpha- 
be, corresponding to / short* and 
pronounced like that letter in tin, 
hid &e. When compounded with a 
preceding consonant, its symbolical 
mark is ^ and it is placed on the left- 
hand of the letter, through sounded 
after it. 

i^t^l 8. m. A round fold or roll used 
in carrying a burthen on the head. 

Xwiis,/, A round ornament for the 
top of the head. 

T^ITT #• m. A large well of masonry. 

f'T^ t. m. A rat, a mouse. 

J^ 8, m. The regent of the visible 
heavens and of the inferior devini- 
ties ; the Indian Jove. 

T'Hrft #./. /The wife of Indra; a medi- 
cme or plant (vitex negundo\ 

iCmn^^ 8, /. Colocynth, wild ground 
{Cueumi8 coloc^this, afmit o/h8auli' 
apipMiranee but hitter taste) ; hence a 
baautifol bat worthless person is call- 
ed Indrdy^in H phal^ The fruit of 

T fT«W ?. m. Tli« seat or throuoof fndra* 

f'^ s.f. An organ of sense, the organs 
of action and perception the Hindus 
reckoning those of action to he the hand, 
the foot, the voice, the organ of gener- 
ation, and the organ of excretion ; and 
those of j^eroeption to he the mind, the 
ege, the ear, the nose, the tongue, and 
the akin)', IndnjuUdb, a diuretic 

<ww «. m. Fuel; wood, grass, <fcc., 
used for the purpose. 

T^ adj. One. Iksar, 8Aj. Alike similar. 

f^rff^ lidj. One of the mind. 

T^Wf^r XW 8. m. Universal dominion* 
Ikchhat-rij A»ma, «. n. To hold nni- 
versal dominion. 

TMZ% s. w. A fixed looking at any 
thing without closing the eye. 

T^^ L <w^*. Collected together, in one 
T^^ j place. 

V%^tn. } adj. Collected together, 
TW<t/. J in one place. 

I^V^T <»^*. m. Alone, only. 

i:*^Tt «./. Singleness, loneliness. 

W^'tfl adj. Only, single, alone. 

T^Kmx adj. Alike, similar. 

1^ adj. Single incomparable, unique, 
. super-excellent, a. m. An earring of 
a single pearl ; an ornament wora 
on the wrist, often hollow, contain* 
ing perfume ; a champion who servea 
alone, without being attached to any 
corps ; a single-horse gig or buggy 
or native carriage, commonly used at 

Tfvw #. «i. Hint, sign, gesture ; goings 
motion; inquiry, research. 

5(^Qi« adj. Wishing^ desirous. 

^^15^ 5. w* An ; seeing, sight. 

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( 56 


T^l *./. Wish desire. Ichchha bltoj-^tif 
Desirable food, or food agree:ible 
aud abundant to the utmost deBire. 

1CtF€ adj. Wishing, desirous. 

Tj^jHj t?. (i. To walk affectedly or 
coquetishly, to express tenderness 
or kiuduei|s by gesture. 

%js^ adv. Here, hither. 

fif HI adj. m. As much as this, thus 
much, so much, so many, lU^TMn^ 
in the mean time, meanrwhile, mean- 

fHK a^}. Affeeted, giving one's self 
airs, playful, wanton, coquettish ; 
other different • low, vile j Itar hk, 
ad^ The low people, people of low 
caste ; other people* 

W^mi- u. c». To give one's self aim, to 
act with affidction^ to act in an un- 
natural or unusual manner. 

CTWIT ) orfj. Affected, playful, wan- 

i^flWT^ s. m. Sunday. 

^ adj^ Tuia muchi so mueh. c<mj. A 
word usually written at the end of a 
book, letter, &o., signifying tkat it 
is fhrished; conclusion, enough 

t^vra 8. m. History^ traditional acco- 
unts of former events, heroic history, 
story, fable. 

liNl adi* So mncbt thus much. 

1^ o^f. This much, so much. 

l^VT^ coa;. Et cetera, and. so forth. 

VSK a(fii. Here, hither, on the side. 

- /ct^r.udAor, About, around, up and 
•down, here and there. 

T^ITT 8, m. A large well of maaonry. 

l^^WT s»/. A digit of the mjooa. 

Tn? 8. m. The regent of the visible 
heavens and of the inferior divini- 

1^^^!^ $. m. Deception, cheatin^jf^ jug^ 
gliug ; trick or «tratngem in war. 

i:'55n^'t ajyj. A juggler, a conjurer ; 

deceptive, unreal. 

X^m] 8. m. Medicinal seed ( Sparraw'i 
tongue^ Nenum antidysentericum)^ 

v:>|i|t^ 8. m, A sapphire. 

T^sft^^ 8, m. An emerald. 

T^pm 8^ m. A name of the aacieat 
city of Delhi. 

T^KJtfiRlT 8. f. The asterism Pooahjft. 

i^lWH^,/. An inseet (« ^cMs o/ocs- 
ru8 of a 8€ariet colour «nd like m^lmi) 
the wife of Indra. 

t^T^f <• m. A [medicinal seed {Spmr- 
i\>w*s tongue, nerium antidyeenteri- 
cum )• 

l?RrJt 8. f. The wife of Indra; a 
medicine or plant ( Viler negwii>d6). 

T'RTq^ »• /. Colocynth, wild gourd 
{Cummie coUH!yiUki8), the fruit of 
the Ooloquintida plant (a fruU of 
beautiful appearance hut bitter tasie^ 
hencej a beatOfful but weHkleee person 
is coiled Indrayun ka phal, Thejhiii 
ofif^ayuny [«i»« 

T^rw «. m. The seat or throne of In- 

tfif^n ) «./. An organ of sense, the 

fijfl 5 organs of action a^d percep- 
tion ( the Hindus reckoning thoH ff 
action to be the hand, the foot, the voiet^ 
the or^n 7f generation ami the orgen^ 
€f,excretion ; and those tf p$rceptim 
to be the mind, the eye, the ear, the 
nose^ the. Umgue, and the 9kin).y tbo 

ifiWWPT s.f. The faculty of percep- 
tion, sense, consciousness. 

V^iT s. TO. Fuel; wood, grass, ^.> uaed 
for the pupose. 

^ ad^. Thus, as, in like manner. 

%M 8, m. An elephant. 

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( S7 


^T^rniRI s, m. The driver or keeper of 
an elet>hant, 

i^vft adj, Nectarious. «./. A Ivind of 
sw^et meat ; a small ressel for drink- 
ing out of ; a kiad of cloth. 

^J I «. /. A tamarind tree and its fruit. 

WKt^ 9, m. Desire, inclination. 

%m 8.f. prop. name. Wife of Bndha 

and daughter of Ikhswakn. 
i:^^T 8. m. Relation, interest. 
^^nVhnm «. m. a kind of sweet meat. 
IWInmT 9. m. A kind of silk cloth. 

W!mj^ \ ^' 'f' I^ai^d oardamums. 
'^^i^m^ 8. m. A place of pilgrimage 

of the Hindas. 
\C*i| «./. A fish, theHilsa or Sable 

(Clupem dlom% 
X9n 8, m. A wart. 
IC^ Thus, like. 
TWm 8. m. A sign ; wink. 
wSt^ a./^ Staaaa. 
V^ 8. w. One's own chosen deity. 
-^CV port. Desired, wished, approved ; 
' worshipped, adored. reverenced. 

respected ; cherished, beloveds 8, m, 

A god, a deity, an object, a belored 
"person, any thing wished for. 
X^Hif adj. Beloved, best beloved, dear- 
'' est, most desired. 
T^K adj. Dearer, more dear, more 


Xf^' 8. f. Desirableness, reverence, 

tR? 8./. Sacrifice. 
THm^ 8. m. Steel. 

T^Tt>. m: A kind of musical instro^ 
* meat : keeping secret. 
T'BKT «. m. A sign, wink. 
W culj. This. 
W^^'^ On account of- this, 


X^n^ This time. 

THW ? ■'. m. The trunk of a tree, S 
Wi^ ) column, pile, post, pillar, 

Tw\ 8./. A woman ; a wife. «. m. A 
smoothing iron. Isfri kama r. a. To 
iron or smooth with an iron. 

X^^iJ 8. m. Resigning. 

T%^ } adj. Settled, steady, firm, 
f'^TK 3 fixed. 

T%<irT } 8, /. Rest, tranquillity, 
f'?JT?ir J ateadiue30. 

t^XJ 8.f. Inclination, desire, wish. 
* I «./. A religious treatise. 

TT ^'•o». This. Iha-lohy 8, m. The pre- 
sent world, Jha-i, This very. Ihaum 
thikn^ Here, in this very place. 

T^m^ 8. m. This life. 

W^tHi 8. m. This life, this world* 

f^ 5./. 8u§ar-cane. 

T^'RTW 8. m. A species of 8tigar-caae« 
{Sacekarum munja)» 

W 8. m. Sugar-cane. 

X^^b\ 8./^ The name of a river in Ben** 
gal, the Issamatti. 

T^y%\ai/j. Diabetic. 

f Wi« 5. vt. The juice of the sugar-cane. 

W^K 8. TO. Molasses, raw or unrefined 
sugar. . 


^'^ ee, the fourth vowel of the Ndgred 
alphabet, pronounced like ee in feel^ 
heel J &c., and when compounded with 
a consonant it is expressed by the 

t It 8. TO. Red lead. 

t^«.// Pain, trouble. 

t ^ 8. f. A brick. 

t ^'rrft 8. f. B rick-work. 

t «rm 8. m. A kind of dove. 

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( 58 > 


t^WT s, w, A roll or round fold on 
which a burthen is carried on the 

t'^ s.m. A rat, a mouse. 

t'^m e^m. Pnel ; wood, grass, &c., 
used f^r the pnrpose. 

t^ «./. Sngar-cane* 

fe part. Desired, wished, approved ; 
worshipped, adored, reverenced, res- 
pected ; cherished, beloved. «. m, A 
god, a deity, an object, a beloved 
person, any thing wished for. 

ijS 8. f. Annoying the enemy. 

tfw 8.f. One of the six causes by which 
the crops are destroyed. 

V^X 8, m, A monse. 

i,r-\T fart, act. Acting affectedly. 

ii?ST a/Zv. Thus, snch resembling this. 

i'^K adv. Here, hither. 

i7« 8. m. A rat, a mouse. 

i?^T 8, m. Fuel. 

^F^fT Q(lj, Longed for, wished for. 

T ^^ «./. A kind of song. 

Xm^ 8, nK Faith, conscience< 

tl? 8./. Envy, spite, 

t'^T'J arlj. Envious. 

t:n s. 771. Lord, a name of Siv; "also of 
the same as regent of the north-east 
quarter : a ruler, a master. 

iw 8. /. The shaft of a plough. 

t;«JT«T 8. m. A named of Siv ; light, 
splendour. Eahtn-hon^ m. 8. North- 

tftmT5./. ) Superiority, supremacy, 
ffvj^ 5. w. I one of the eight arri- 

butes of divinity. 

i:^^ 8. m. Ruler, master, lord; the 

Supreme Ruler of the universe, God, 

the supreme ; a name of Sw, Kam- 

deb, of Durga, of Lukchmi^ of Sur- 

U8wati, or of any other of the Suk- 

tis or female energies of the deities. 

i^KWt s,f. Godhead, divinity. 
f:^^«T^ 8, m. The divine nature. 
t^^niVT adj. Subject to or dependant 

on God. 
t^f^^Tm 8.f. Dependance upon or 

subjection to God. 
t^nXT^T «./. Worship of God. 
X^8.f. Goddess; lady. 
T ^tn 8. m. Part of God. 
T^T »./. Desire. 
f^f[ adj. A little, somewhat, 
t^ 8. m. Lord, a name of Sh^ also 'of 

the s^e as regent of the north-east 

quarter ; a ruler, a master, 
t^t adv. Hither. 
T VT 8. f. Attempt. 
T VPI^ 8, m. A person governed and 

led by women. 
i;^na 8. m. Sight, seeing ; the eye« 

^ 00, The fifth vowel of the Ndgre^ 
alphabet, corresponding to oo in good. 
When it follows a consonant in the 
•same syllable it is placed under the 
letter, and is expressed by its sym- 
bol, as 9 inteij. Oh I denoting pain. 

H'JWr «. m. > A finger j a finger*B 

^'»r^ «../• > breadth. 

^'^^ ad^, Ups and downs of life^ 
vicissitude, high and low, particulars^ 

^'^T^ «. m. r Height, elevation, 

^'^m V. ck. To raise, to take up. 

^ '*^vn D. a. To pour. 

^r^^^\ 9. iR, A tree dried by itself. 

^^rZTT > V, a. To dig up alowly any 
««l^i^ J tiling buried in the ground, 

to extract a secret gradually and art- 
fully, to ^ump. 

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( 59 ) 


^g^adj. Dried up. 

^^E«> s. m. The posture of sitting ou 

the hams with the soles of the feet 

on the ground. 

^m( X 8. /. Speech, voice, language ; 

^fiii 5 contrirances, invention, ukat 
hundna, v. a. To make up a story, 
to invent, to contrive. Ukat lena, 
«. a. To discover, to find out. 

^TPfT V. *. To fret, to he melancholy 
or dejected ; to he out of humour 
with, to he tried of, to tire. 

TOfPntj. tf. To he fatigued. 

9«fn^ port. Instigator, promoter. 

^vm^ if. a. To promote, to forward. 

^fV^PfT 19. n. Tohoil. 

\adv. y 

To move from one 
plaee to another. 

^^VT^pn V. n. To he excited, to ho mov- 
ed, to try to move. 

WK(^x uu a. To excite, to move. • 

^^mi^l V. a. To boil water. 

^^m t). a. to turn up. 

«ffi adj. Spoken. 

^f^ 8.f. Speech, voice, language; 
contrivances, invention. 

^mzm V. n. To trip. 

^^^m v.n. To be rooted up, plucked 
np or raised up, to slip out (<»« a bone, 
^c). Vkhama jmkharM To be 
plucked or rooted up. 

D. a. To roof up, break or 
pluck up, eradicate, extir- 
pate ; dislocate. 

^«TJnrn. Wickedness, 

^rm^9ftadj. Wicked. [ing rice. 

5 VPr s.m. A wooden mortar for pound- 

^m4t{8.f. A wooden mortar. 

^^sim s.f. Rooting up, extirpation. 

«^rwr 3^^ **. "*• Cholera morbus. 

-0, a. To cause to pluck up. 


g-J!?f part. Growing, springing up ; pro- 

^ififT u. n. To grow, to be produced, to 
spring (as plants), to rise (as the ' 
mooiCs. Ugtehi jul-jana^ To be with- 
ered immediately on springing up (is 
applied to a hope or expeetation tohick 
is blasted in the bud). 

Vir^TT o. a. To spit out, to vomit ; 

(met.) to refund property surrepti- 
tiously obtained. 

9>rT>ri D. To collect ; accumulate. 

^nn^Rrr i>. a. To cause to grow, &c. 

^nm s. m. That which is spit out after 
chewing any thing ( speciaUy betel 
leaf,) Ap ka ugal mef*a udhdr, Your' 
worship's leavings are my nourish- 
ment ; t. e. You, Sir, are my sup- 
port and benefactor. Ugalddn/B. w. 
A. spitting-pot. . [mulate.: 

H3TT^T i>. «. To gathen collect, accu- 

^iirft «./. Asury ; the trade of lending ' 
money on interest of one-fourth part, • 
the payment of which is received by 

^^^^ I V, To vomit forth. 

^Srai 8, m. The thing vomited. 

^^ 8. m. Wrath, anger. 

^in adj. Angry, cruel, wrathfuL 

^^vn V. n. To be uncovwed, discover-' 

ed, opened, pulled off. 
e^ adj. Prompt ; ready. 
Htn^m V. a. To uncover, discover, un^ 

veil, open, pull off, unclose, have. 
^ysixw s. w. One who uncovers or un- 

^^m^j V. n. To rise, to be raised or 

lifted ; to lap, bound, spring up. 
'^'J^rPTT 17. a. To lift or raise up. 
^^m 8. m, A thief, a pick-pocket, 
^^^^ 5./. A female thief, or piok-» 

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( 60 ) 


^^snr 1 tf. n. To separate ; to be 

9^^Z [ separated {as pUsler from 

V^TZT \ a wall); to slip, slide, re- 

F^fll I bound {as a tword striking 

9mtt J a hard body obliquely) ; to 

, be broken or interrupted (sUip). 

^^tir «. r»» Amotb. 

^^KfT v.n. To speak, pronounce, utter. 

v^^fT t7. fi. To separate, to be sepa- 

^n^T?!T V. a. To order a person to 
separate {one thing from another), 

^■mznr V. a. To diride, separate. 
Uchal Wai», To be tired, to be dis- 

^nvni t>- a. To lift up a burden, 

^^n^lT t>. tf. To pronounce, to speiik 
out, to utter. 

^f^n itdj. Proper, becoming, fit, suit- 
able, conyenient. 

^r^lPTT #. a. To separate one thing 
from another. 

«^ adj. High, tall, loftjr. 

^5^T«./. Height. 

V^xm t?. H. To separate (as the skin 
from the fleah, &c.); to be uttered, 
spoken or prononnced. t;. a. To speak, 
utter, tell. 

^^rzn 8. 771. 7 The act of vexing, or 

^^T^ «./. J rendering sorrowful, 

*^^fPr «./. Height. 

^^TT ? /»./. Pronunciation, utterance, 
^^vn y artioulation, expression, enun- 

Vin'TT V. a. To pronounce, speak out, 

Utter, articulate, express, [culated. 
WMlfVi adj. Pronounced, uttered, arti- 
'yf :^^r a. m. The horf«e of Indra, 
^"^t a, m» Joy, gladness. [ed. 

vf^ aij. Ruined, lain, waste, destroy- 
^9fm^ a. w. Food left or rejected, 

•roml)s, fragmenti, leavings, orts. 

W^m s. m. Breath, breathing ; hope, 
expectation ; division of a book. 

^^^TT ) 0. n. To leap or bound, to 
^W^IT j spring or spout up {as wetter 

in a fountain) f to spring or fly up. 
irnwT»TT t>. a. To order another to throw 

up any thing. 
99n 8. m. Vomiting. 
BWr^Tf u. a. To throw up, to toss ap 

a thing (aa a ball ^c.) and catch it in 

the hand. 
B^^ s.f. Excitement. [clownish. 

^r^T^ adj^ Inconsiderate, rash, ignorant, 
^9IT^I V. n. To become desolate. 
-g^'^ ^ ^ l fl 1?. a. To lay waste by the 

hands of a third person, 
^^^Tfl^^TVT part In ruins, desolate. 

tTv } **• ^'"'"'^•*'- 

^^HPiTfT t7. ft. To become clean, to shine, 
to be bright. 

^^T adj. Clear, shining, luminou 
bright, splendid. [brighteiii 

^'WTTr V. a. To cause to cleanse, JLo 

^gf^T'lT D. a. To cause a person to pour 
from one vessel to another. 

^^TT'nc a. m. Splendor, brightness, adj, 
famous, celebrated ; light, bright^ 

^inPF ^dj' Desert, desolate, ruined, 
ruinous, demolished, deserted, aban- 

Herif^ i>. a. To lay waste, desolate, de- 
molish, injure, expose to loss. 

B^»r a. m. The direction or part of a 
river which is opposite to the course 
of the stream, up the stream. 

^TK^TT 1?. To become waste. 

^^rr^fTT i>. «. To cleanse, polish, {me- 
tfkls or jewels), 

^«fT^ «. m. Splendor, brightness, light. 
adj^ Clear^ shlniug, luminoas, brig]|t« 

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( 61 ) 

^m^8./. Splendor, glare, adj. Bright^ 
clear, light, 

^fWijT^ > s. m. BrightnesB. 

^Tft?iT«./. Mooa-light. 
^^W adj. Lighted by moon. 


The name of city which was 
capital of the conn try where 
Vikramaditya reigned. 

1 €uii. Clean, bright, Inminona, 

W^ ,...^„., „, 

^«^^ J splendid, clear, pnre, shining; 
blown, expanded, 

^■wi^?fT «./. Splendor, radiance. 

^«Tftw adj. Pure, clean, clear. 

B«f n 8. m. The city of Vjein, formerly 
the capital of Vikr\maditya i it is 
one of the seven sacred cities of the 
Hindns, and the first meridian of 
their geographers. 

^^^i^m V. a. To peep, to spy, 

ruif I <wj[. Ignorant, illiterate, clown- 

f i>. n. To flow or be poured from 

one vessel into another. •. a. To 

throw or pour quickly from one vessel 

, into another. [into another. 

^^r^»fT «. a. To pour from one vessel 

vftl«fT V. Flow or poured from one 

vessel to another, 
wz^r^^ adj. Precipitate, rash, acting 
without consideration. [plant. 

BZW^ 8.f. A river near Gwalior • a 
^"SW^ 8. m. A p^op or support, 
v^^ 8, m, A hat made of leaves. 
^3»rT u. ». To rise up, be raised, to 
spring • to bo abolished. [exercise. 
^3t^ i?./. Restlessness; a kind of 
'^^fT'!T i>. a. To causo to lift or rai^e 

up, or remove, &c. 
^Z^m s. m. One who rises. 
^jrt«r)^r 8. m. A piltew^ $ purloiner, » 
petty thief^ 

V3m 8./. Act of appearing. * An 
area or court ; rising, ascension, 
W7TTT v. a. To lift, take or raise up, 
elevate, hoist, take or bear away, pro- 
duce, invent, cause, gain, get, enjoy, 
abolish, excite, rouse, support, bear, 
carry, remove, receive suffer, exhibit 
contract debts or purchase on credit, 
expend. [any place. 

9^ 8. m. Bxpenditura ; act of leaving 
^^3mt 8. m. Act of frequentiy rising 

up and sitting down ; inconstancy, 
^f^ 8. plur. The stars, the starry 

^ir^vrr i^. n. To walk with a stately 

or affected gait 
^w^adj. Flying. 
^Ifm V. n. To fly, 
wfmT»r «./. A flying serpent. 
WW 8. m. A raft, a float. 
w^€ 8. m. A bug. 
^a-fT^ 8.m. A spendthrift^ an extravir 

gant person, prodigal. 
^WJ^adj. Capable of flying, fledgiA 
w^nm 8. f. Act of flying. 
^nmn «. a. To cause to flf ; to squan^ 
dor or spend extravagantly, dissi- 
pote, blow up or away, filch ; to en- 
tice. Urdna purdtia, To squander. 
^^^ 8. m. A raft, a float. 
^f'R 8. m. Any thing placed under « 
vessel to prevent its oversetting ; % 
prop, a support. 
^* ^l^m V. n. To seek or cry for an 
absent person (applied to a child on^f% 
^^wr «. n. To overset. 
^tf^T^^rrod;. Abroach, atilt. 
nzm 17. a. To put on clothes. 
w^T^n 17. tk. To canse to clothe* 

n^mpari. A wearer or imtler 00'of 
• dresst 

Digitized by VjOQQIC 


( 62 ) 


^^ms.m. Clothing. 

^^^^PIT u. a. To i»oor. 

^^adj. Tall, higb. 

grif tf^D. There, thither. 

vmviQT s.f. Excitement, uneasiness, 

^f\^^ adj. Difficult.. 

««ii^ n. prop. The province of .Orissa. 

^sn^ 8. m. Name of a saint son of Bri- 

. haspati. 

^nPTT adj. m. As much as thaty so 
much, so man J. 

vinnr (tdv. Out of the way. 

wmn s. m. Phenomenon ; violence, 

^flKff 8. f. A fragment, any thing taken 
off from the body ; cast of clothes. 
Bin 86 utrcm hdna. To be freed from 

W^K^ «. tf. To descend, alight, halt, 
bait^ disembark, land, dismount, sub- 
side, decrease, pass over, cross, go 
off, fall off, decay, fade, flag, be freed 
' from debt, become insipid, flatten, 

• fall in value or in dignity. 

wn^nniT i>. *. To cause to descend or 

viKinT «. a. To take down or pull "down 
(by th$ hands of a third persoHf as to 
doit one'a self is, utdrna); to boil 

\ adj. Shallow. 

adj. Supine, lying on the 
back ; shrilow. 


^irnc s* m. Descent, declination. Utdr 
dsna, to bring down ; (met) to dis- 
grace, to dishonor. 

wmf?r«./. A fragment. 

B^ncnr V. a. To cause to alight or de- 
scend, to bring down ; to degrade ; 
to cause to pass over, to convey 
avar ; to take off, to tear-off, strip 
off, to cut off, or break off ifl portion 

of. any things unload, disembark, dis^ 
mount, discharge ; to muke a return 
or recompense. Utare hue, engaged 
with a desperate resolution in any 
enterprise . metaphor taken from ca- 
italryy who dismount to fight on foot 
with a determination to conquer or 
^jrrrwnr s. m. A lowering and raising. 
VUTKT ». m. A descent ; crossing or 
passing, (over a ri'oer, ^c.) an answer ; 
cast off clothes ; disgrace ; degrada- 
tion; ransom; self-devotion. 
^«!TW 8. f. Quickness, speed, despatch. 
vfirwmradj. i». Swift, quick, speedy, 

preeipitate, rash, 
'^un* adj.f. Swift, quick, speedy, s.f. 
Haste, speed, rashness, impatienpe. 
"QTB^^ adj. Worn, cast off clothes, jewels, 

^«^ 8. m. Free from debt or obligati«B.. 
^V^ s.f. Regretting, missing any 

^m^ ^if s. m. A good soil- 
^^y{^ adj. Anxious, excited. 
Wfm adj. Excellent, best, prktoipalt 

first, chief. 
^ Ti t<*j% q 8. m. An excellent man. 
^^^ s. m. An answer, the north, adj^ 
Posterior, latter,, behind, northern, 
superior, high. Uttarardh, the latter 
sf^<Mi q <|<f l s.f. The twelfth Innar man- 
sion containing two stars ; figured by 
^TTwnpr^ s. m. The 27th lunar man- 
sion, figured by a conch, and com- 
prehending two stars of which one is 
'^rncT adj^ Northern, northerly, s.f- 

North wind, boreas.. - 
« ^^^iff ^I^ ^» 09« An inheutance, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


e en ) 


g^i > fil€ TKt^. /. An heir, a snccessor. 

^J^ncww «. m. The half of the year du- 
ring which the sun is to the north of 
the equator, the summer solstice. 

«VfTf <*flj. The last half. 

W1I1WI «./. The 2 1 St lunar mansion, 
figured by an elephant's tooth, or a 
bed, and containing two stars, one of 
which is in Sagittarius. 

^^T^TTT adj. Of or belonging to the 
north, northern. [and further. 

^fffxtTK adv. More and more, further 

^iT^f adj. Arrived, got over a difficulty, 
delivered, rescued. 

^T adj. High, lofty, tall. 

^^ ». m. Plaits of cloth. Mdrkar uttu 
bnndya usJce-tueen, here .beat him to 
mummy {lit. till his body become markr 
ed like the plaits in cloth), xUtu Jcur- 
na, u. a. To plait. Uttu^gur^ A 

JWnn s, m. Effott, rising up, manly 
exertion^, battle, joy. Utthan-ekadu- 
ihiy or devathan, The eleventh of the 
shukJr-puhah of Kartik, when Vishnu 
is said to awake from sleep ; during 
thifour months that he is supposed to 
sleep it is unlawful to maiTy). 

^mm^ 9. fh. The act of raising a thing 
np, in arithmetic the producing of 
answer or result. 

> s. /. Birth, origin, creation, 
^^qfw J production. 

adj. Born, produced ; gained ; 

occurred, a, m. Proceeds, profits, 

Viim s,m. X blue lotus ( Nymphea ceru- 

iea) ; a plant (a Costus). 
««ITZ^ *. m. The rooting up of a thing, 

eradication, ' 

^wn?r «. m; A portent, a phenojnenop ; 

violence, injustice, injury. 

^«n^ s. m. The producing or creating 
of a thing. 

B^S'm 8. m. Indifference, careleisness • 
comparison, illustration {in poetry or 

^^RT s.m. Abandoning, quitting, resign- 
ing, returing from ; giving donation; 
any precept or rule. 

9t^ s. m. A festival, a jubilee, public 
rejoicing ; impatience j wrath. 

^iimr «. TO. Effort, perseverance, en- 
ergy, fortitude ; happiness ; joy. 

^J^rft adj. Active, persevering. 

^^^IT V. a. To overturn, to overset. 

'^WH^W adj. Topsy turvy, higgledy 
piggledy, 5./. Confusion, interchange. 

'^ir^T adj. Shallow. [overset. 

^tr^ilT '0. a. To cause to tnm over or 

^^ 8. m. Water. 

'er^ a. m. The ocean. 

^iT s. TO. The eastern mountain, be- 
hind which the sun is supposed to 
rise ; rising; ascending ; light, splen- 
dour ; prosperity, good fortune. 
uduy hona, v. n. To rise ( as the sun 

^^^f^fK } s. TO, The mountain from 
^^m^g J behind which the sun is 

supposed to rise. 
^^^W 8. TO. From sun-rise to sun-set ; 

from udayachul, where the sun is 

supposed to rise, to astachalf where 

it 18 supposed to set. 
^^ adj. Prosperous, flouiishing. 
^3^ s. TO. The belly. 
B^^t^ «./. The lino on the abdomen. 
^^^f Fl *./. Dropsy, 
gr^fqun adj. A glutton voracious, 

one who devours every thing, fleah^ 

fish, &c. one who is a devil §ov his 

^ W!^ 8. TO. Diarrhea, dysejajejpy. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


< M ) 


^f^^^ 8, m. The tape wona. 
^Pc^«./. A pregnant woman. 

J32^ > adj. Pat^ corpalent. 

V^f^V ac(;. Fat, corpulent. 

W^ 8.f. EnlargeoMnt of the abdomen 
from dropsy or flatnlencj <idj. 

WTir «• m. Marriage. 

« ^m s. f». The acute accent, a high or 
sharp tone ; the gift donation ; a 
musical instrument, a large drum. 

^y^n^r <»dj. Liberaly giving, a donor, 
great, illustrious ; dear, beloved. 

V^nr a, m. One of the five vital airs, 
that which rises up the throat and 
passes into the head. 

V^[TK ad^, Gen^ons, liberal, munificent ; 
great ; unperplexed ; gentle. 

^in^irr «./. Generosity, liberality ; 

^Rnw #. m. Unsettledness, retiredness. 
€ufj. Unsettled, retired, lonely , for- 
lorn, dejected, sorrowful, sad ; apa- 

V^T^ «./. Solitude, loneliness, sadness, 
dejection, adj. Unsettled, solitary, 
lonely, retired, dejected. 

B^T^>ir «. TO. A class of mendicants of 
the Panjab, an hermit or anchorite, 
a cynic, a misanthrope, a stoic. 

^^JJZ 8, /. Browi\nes8. 

^^IV[^ «. m. An example or illustra- 
tion, a simile, a comparison, an appo- 
site argument, one of the five modes 
of logical reasoning. 

Vf^ adj. Risen (at the 8un) ; distin- 
guished, -conspicuous (at valour 4rc.). 

V^ adj. Known, celebrated. 

W^^ 8. m. The country and its inhabi- 
tants north of the river Sorabati. 
V;^^ 9. m. The glomerous fig tree 

I (Ficu8 glomerata) ; a set of hnk* 
' mans. 

V^W t. m. A gum resin, Bdelliuui. 

«^ 8. m. Object ; intention. 

^r^^T adj. Vomited, cast up. 

g-fPIK 8. m. Vomiting ; sound. 

^SMtZ^ 8. m. The rope and bucket of a 
well, a leathern bucket used for draw> 
ing water ; an instrument or means 
of opening, a key, &c. 

^ife?T adj. Done with effort, exerted ; 

^f^^ 8. m. Strenuous and continued 
efforts, exeition, endeavour, labour ; 
calling, employment, trade. 

^^vm adj. Exciting, inflaming as pas- 
sion ; blazing, glowing of a luminous 

9^9 cuij. Illuminated. 

9fW 8. m. A scope, a vestige, a trace. 

Viv 8. m. Asthma, act of gasping or 
panting, plethora in the vessels of 
the head, haad-ache, indigestion. 

9VW adj. Rude, arrogant, illbehaved. 
8. m. A king^s wrestler. 

QKK 8. m. Debt (especially not hearing 
intereet), deduction, discharge, deli- 
verance, salration. raising up from 
any place or state. 

VWT^T V. a. To liberate, discharge. 

^^ 8, m. Birth, production. 

Cfir^r 8. »i. Vegetables. 

9^rw 8. m. A section, a chi^ter, the 
division of a book. adj. Raised, helu 
up, active, persevering, labouring 
deligendy and incessantly. 

9VIT 8. m. Strenuous and continued 
effbit, exertion perseverance, en^ 
deavor, labour ; calling, employment, 
trade. [motive. 

^^fr 8. m. A royal garden ; purpose, 

^^^ 8. m. Exertion, perseverance, 
strenuous and continued endeavour. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( €5 ) 


adji Active, laborious, persever- 
ingj one who makes effort, 

^^f^ i. m. Light, ftistre. 

Vf%7 adj. Perplexed, dejected, anxious, 
troubled, filled with thought. 

^%w «. m. Regret, agitation, conster- 
nation, fear; perplexity, dejection, 
anxiety, uneasiness, exertion ; care ; 
iha fruit of the Areca catechu, betel- 
nut, [ed, agitated. 

wwft adj. Perplexed, anxious, perturb- 

^ftn «. m. Recollection, the recognizing 
of a thing. 

H? s. m. An offer. 

B^sw adj. Free from debt. 

V4< ) (»dii. There, thither, on that 
saniK J side, on the other side. U- 

dhar se, from that of the other side, 
^m ac^' «. Opened, undone, unrolled 
as the seem in a garment^ or thread 
win a chU), 
^trnc 1 s. m. Debt lespeciaVy not hettr- 
^fK 5 ing tntei-est), deduction, dis- 
charge, deliverance, salvation, raising 
up from any place or state. 
^vrrcm «. <»- To liberate, to discharge. 
ns^ «. w. Unravelling, unwearing. 

^?5S } ^. «• To undo, to unravel, 
''y^ ( unfold. 
BM^TT 3 

^^ pron, filter. Those, them. 

9tf^9 adj. Forty-nine. 

Wnm^'tH adj. Thirty-nine. 

^inJtw adj. Twenty-nine. 

^«lfrar ac^. Fifty-nine. 

^vrei Like them. 

^nv^adj. Seventy-nine. 

^^ I adj. Sleepless. 

V^ CKJ^. Nineteen. 
BIRI a^. High, taU. 
Wf)! ^./. Increase, advancement, pros- 
perity ; rising, ascending. 


7 tf(^. Insane, frantic, mad ; 
^ d ■ - 

^^^ f drunk, intoxicated, lustfal, 
furious extravagant. 

v^viTT 9, f. Insanity, intoxication. 

^^T^ 8. m. Madness, extravagance. 

^m^i adj^ . Mad, insane, extravagant. 

^mjn s. /.. A measure of size or quantity, 

^WH adj. Looking upwards. 

^m^ s. m. Winking, twinkling of the 

^nrn: «./. Manner, appearance, adj^ 
Like, resembling. 

m^ A prepositioa which usually con- 
veys Uie idea of vicinity or resem- 
blance in an inferior degree. 

^9ipf^m «* /. The- insignia of royalty ; 
implements^ materials, means ; help- 
ing) assisting. 

^q^T^ 5. m. Favour^ protection, help, 
sssistance, benefit, kindness. 

ti^Tlfn^ adj. A {rieni, a protector, one 
who befriends. 

^q*T^ adj. Assisting, helping, bene- 
ficient, benefactor ; subsidiw-y, sub-> 

9mfm s. m. Deliberate commencement 
or undertaking ; beginning in gene- 
ral ; a stratagem. 

^^m adj. Promised, agreed. 

^v(im s. m. Agreement, promise j ap* 
preach, approximation^ 

^q^W 8. m. A prisoner, a man or ani- 
mal in confinement ; favour, enconr-* 
agement ; assistance. [m«it. 

mvf^ 8. m. A kind of musical instru- 

^^^lT 8. m. Service ; physicking, the 
practice, of medidne ; practice, pro^ 
fession usage ; a present, a bribe. 

r^y^ s.f. Anything spoken or sang 
extempore, the burthen of a song ; 
the chorus, variations in music. 

mtf^^s.m. Preparation, eiertaon. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

'( €6 ^ 


q^q^pn V. n. To apmg np, grow, be 

produced, ghoot forth. 
^yqiTW adj. Fertile, 
vqurm tn «• To ereatOi prodooe^ make 

grow, cultivate. 
n^^tm adj. Prodaced, propagated, 
vq^rt^ir 8, m. Subsistence, means of 

living. iCt^"^* subsistence. 

eqiftf^T «./. Livelibood, means of sup- 
^tppft^ adj. Dependant, living by or on. 

\ 8. m. A composition of per- 

^tT^*fT j fumes, flour, &c. used to 
rub the body with. [a business. 

^mm V. n. To be tired or to be sick of 

'^iT^T i>. n. To be rooted out, to be 
pulled onty to be skinned ^ to be im- 
printed with the mark of any thing. 

vmnq 8. m. Disease ; haste, hurry ; 
heat| pain, misfortune. 

^^t^ 5. m. A relish or something to 
promote drinking ; the venereal 

^xi^ s.f. A present, an offering to a 
king or great man, &c.; a bribe. 

Vqfir t. m. Advice, counsel, exhorta- 
tion, admonition, information^ in- 

Vq^HK ) t. TO,/. An adviser, instruc- 

^<7tart ) tor, admonisher, a guide, 
especially a spiritual guide. 

*q^i«l«l <w5f. Advising, an adriser. 

wq^^ «. m. A adviser ; teacher. 

^m^A «. m. A portent, any natural phe- 
nomenon BO considered ; violence, 
injury, injustice, tyranny^ excess, 

^in(lt .'• m. An oyerbearing person, 

^^^\^ 8. m. An inferior mineral, a 
semhnetal, of which, seven are speci- 
fied, viz. pyrites, sulphate of copper, 
talc, antimony, red orpiment^ yellow 
orpiment, and calx of brass ; second- 

ary secretion, ns the milk, memseiy 
adeps, sweat, teeth, hair, and lyraph. 
viniTW 8* TO. A pillotr. 

^8. m. The initiation of tbe 
three first classes ,* investi- 
ture with a peculiar thread or cord 
worn over the left shoulder, and 
under the right ; the. cord of die 
Brcihmana is of cotton, niunja or ku&i 
grass ; of the KshcUree of san or 
flax ; and of the Fy«, of wool : tbe 
youths are invested, respectively, 

from 8 to 16, from II to 22, and 
from 12 to 24 yearrof age. 

v^f*l^^ 8./, A portion of the religious 
writings of the Hindus : the theolo- 
gical part, and the F«iajt<a, or arga- 
mentive part of the Ved8j either 
detached from, or comprised in the 
principal work. [^7^- 

vqihr «, m. Spectacles, glasses for tlie 

vcrrf^ 8. TO. A paramour, a gallant. 

BMm^% 0. TO. A heinous crime^ as kill> 

ing a cow, selling a daaghter, aike- 
ism, &c. 

to which another is likened. 

wqifTif 8. TO. Comparison. 

^vfirfv 8, /., Resemblance, compariaoa, 
a likeness, a picture, image^ isc. . 

wA^ adj. Comparable. 

9«qiv o^;'. Fit, proper, right, becoming; 
worUiy, qualified ; adapted to, suit- 
able, appropriate. 

«Twfl^ a. TO. Suitableness ; use. 

W^A ad;. Suitable. 

^f^Kprep. Above, on, over. 

^H^'TT «. TO, A scarf. 

Vq^T<»4^. Superficial, the outtide of 
a garment {opposed to the lining). 

^IMll^flMli 8. /. Surfeit,' mort de 
chien, cholera morbus. 

}«./. A resemblance, compa- 
rison, simile, that thhig 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 67 ) 


^^^W 8, m, A secondary mineral^ as 
red chalk, bitumen, &c.; a subordinate 
«q^T^ adv. After, afterwards. 
^'Wwr 8. m. Aid, assistance. Uparala 
kama, it. <t. To take om's part, pro- 
tect, stickle for. 
^^r% adij. Above, up. 
^rirdv 8, VI. Partiality, proieciiou^ sup- 
port, defence, favour, kindness. 
^Mfl^n adj. Impending. [temple. 

«^rCtfvi a. m, A chief priest of a Hindu 
^R^^ 8. m. A towel or cloth for wip- 
ing the body. adj. Superficial. 
^^ 3. m. A scarf, a covering {8h8$t). 
^V;^ adj. Supernatural ; the outside 

of a garment (appo8id to the lining). 
VMi|?iMTt 8*f. Surfeit, mort de chien, 

cholera morbus. 
'^^f^ 9.fn. A rock or stone, a precious 

stone or jeweK 
***^^^ «. m. A synecdoche of a part 
* f^w a yhole, or of a quality for that 

in which it resides. 
W^mj 8. w. Cakes of dried cow-drug, 
^trfinr adj. Smeared, plastered, 
^twft 8. f. Cakes of dried cow-dung of 
a small size. [ing, 

^^^ s.m. Plastering, smearing, anoint- 
vrtrnr 8. m. Smearing, plastering with 

cowdung, (fee. 
^H«i«i 8. m. A garden, a grove, an arti- 
ficially planted wood. 
^Hi^f 8. m. Minute, description. 
^<nrTw «. m. A certain celestial mins- 
trel; furniture. 
Bqfw 8. m. A fast, fasting. 
^M«fi^ adj. Pasting, one wha observes 

a ^st. 
^nfinnf 8, f. Profane seienoe, inferior 

sort of knowledge, 
^irf^ 8. m» Factitious poison; a nar- 

cotic, any deleterious drag, as opium» 
Datura, &o. 
VtrJtn 8. m. The thread or cord worn by 
by the three first classes of Hindus 
over the left shoulder and under the 
WRt^ 8.m.k. division of Hindu science 
deduced immediately from the Ved8 ; 
four works are included under 
this denomination, and severally en- 
titled Ayu8h, Gandharoah, DAa- 
rush, and Sthapatyah ; the first, it 
is said, was delivered to mankind 
by Brahma, Indra, Dhanwantart^ 
and five other deities, and comprises 
the theory of disorders and medi- 
cines, with the practical methods of 
curing diseases ; the second, or mu« 
sic, was invented and explained by 
Bharaia ; the third u^i>8d was com«- 
posed by Vishamitrah on the fabrica* 
tion and use of arms and implements 
handled* m war by the tribe of 
Kshattris ; and Vishwaharma is said 
to have revealed the fourth in vari- 
ous treatises on sixty-four mechani- 
cal arts, for the improvement of suclk 
as exercise them. 
9iW»T 8. m. Tranquility, calmness, pa* 
tience. [pacified. 

winn^ adj. Oahn, tranquil ; appeased, 

^TOlf^ 8./. Tranquility, calm 5 appeas- 
ing, allaying. 

Hm?^ ac^. Tranquil, calm, appeased. 

^qiiror 8. m. Science connecl^d withr 
or derived from the shastrah. 

frqf9 s. f. Stink, staleness, putrefaction> 

vironT «. n. To become musty, to rot. 

«q«9r s^ m. A portent, a natural phe^- 

' nomenon supposed to announce future 
evil} a disease, possession by an evi£ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( ^ y 


; spirit ; a particle prefiixe^ to root&, 
&c., a preposition. 

^q«3ft «./. A concubine. 

^Tj^ s. m. The male or female organs 
of generation. [ed, approximate. 

^^f^ (tdj. Present^ ready ; approacli- 

^^^TO »• m. Derision, scorn, laughter ; 
fun, sport, ridicule, laughing at any 
one. [tion. 

^^l^T*T s. w. A tale, a story, a narra- 

^^crnr «. w. The sectarial mark made 
with sandal, &c. on the forehead, 

^^i^f I «. a. To root up, extirpate, 

Vqr^pr •• m. Abstraction^ restraining 
the organs of sense and perception ; 
cause, moti?e ; immediate or proxi- 
mate cause. [tyranny. 

^9^\\^ 8. f. Violence, injury, injustice, 

VqiRr «. m. Virtuous reflection ; a dis- 
criminative or distinguishing proper- 
ty ; deception, disguise ; a title, a 
discriminative appellation^ a nick 
exTpft adj. Violent; unjust. 
^'TT«H^ 8, m^ A spiritual preceptor, 
^qi^irnn <./. A female preceptor. 

l^] ''^' Thewifeof»t«»cber. 

V^TKT tj,a. To create, produce, earn, 
get; to adopt as an expedient or 
remedy, to contrive to prepare. 

^qm s, m. A means, expedient, plan, 
way, contrivance, scheme, preparar 
tion, redress, remedy. 

eqrft adj. Resorting to expedients, con- 
triving, remedying ; contriver, expeit 
in the use of means. [ty. 

^nnar«y *. w. Earning, acquiring proper- 

^tTTftrw adj. Acquired, gained, earned. 

w^niRi $. m. Abuse, reviling ; defer-, 
dog, d^lljing, 

wmi s, m. Remedy, redress* 

^^^ $, nu A fast, fasting. 

^VTW^ «. m, A worshipper ; a senraxti. 

^qT^»n «./. Worship, adoration, ser- 
vice, attendance on a superior, sedi^ 
lity^ sttpplication, prayer, intereeft- 
sion. v, a. To reverence, to worship* 

^^TTOT ac^. Hungry, one who fasts. 

^TTT#i" adj. Serving, worshipping. 

^mm adj. Worthy of being worshipped^ 
deserving of service, oi honour, &c. 

^^\ \ <»^. Oonlriting, rejaaedying. 

^tnB" s. m. Means, remedy* 

^^WT «•/. Trick, deceit, one of the 
minor expedients in war ; abandiwk- 
ing, abandonment. 

'smmi '0. n. To boil over* 

B'W^ V. n. To vomit, 
^«Ti:«./- Act of vomiting. 

'<fH<tHi 17. a. To vomit. 

^^zn s. m. A paste for scotiring ^le 
skin previous to bathing* 

^H^ifT 0. a. To rub on the body a deter- 
gent application called vbaina. 

^W^\ V. To remain ov^. 

V^TK s. m. Release, deliverance. 

^mmm t>. ». To boil. 

^flTm 17. a. To cause to boil (hy thM 
hand of another),'^ to boil anything 
with such violence that it is skilled. 

Bf^vn V. n. To rot, to putrefy. 

^TOPIT V. *. To cause to rot, 

^wmm V. a. To viAnit. 

^mm i». *, To sow, to plant. 

^^^iTT V. a. To set at liberty, liberate, 

TWIJ^^ 17. n. To bofl, to make boil« 

wn^ 8. m. A bear. 

^9^9 pron. Botii. 

^^X^ v. n. To swell, to rise np, to 
oyerflow; to unlade {<t cart or totU)* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 69 ) 

^fiTTT pitri. Unladen {as a cart or 6otft>. 
Uhhi$ra karna, .t>. a. To unlade (a cart 
or boat). [over. 

v'T^T^ ^* o- To fill a vessel till it ran 

viTiVTT t>. a. To take away, to steol. 

HHim tf« a. To alarm, to distarb, 

WHIK s. w. Swelling* plnmpnees, tmne- 
faction^ prominence. 

w«rrc«rr t>. a. To plump np, to raise np, 
to excite, to pursnade. 

^W 8. f. Excessive joy, transport, 
exultation, ambition. 

^iPf^T D. n. To advance witb joy. 

9«nlY (»^*. Aspning, ambitions. 

^««rT iy. «. To overflow, to fall ( a* 
iMTtf), to swell, to increase or be 
ponred out (<»< a river, c^dSy an ar- 
my, ths hearty ^c). 

^^K8.f. Age, lifetime. 

WH^ «./. Heat* 

B«f^9^ V. To feel beat. 

v< 9. m. Tbe bosom, tbe breast. Urd 
lenoy ti. *. To embrace, to caress, to 

^s^ s.m. A snake. 

^^W^fP! 8. m. Tbe infernal regions be- 
low tbe eartb . 
v^iTO «. iw. GoTOor the king of birds ; 
, a serpent eater* 
w^^lf^ a. m. Enemy of serpeute. 

^V ' > 8. w. Female breast. 

BTifVT V, To make entangled. [^«). 
^Kf( 8. m. Crimpling, plaits (ae (^ doif^ 
mvsMK a. 971. A crimpler or plaiter Hi 

froi 8, m. In the upper part or region. 
^K^ adj, Hitbermost, of this side. 
H^ f./. Granrd. 

^^T^ifr «.7n. Reproach, reprof, complaint. 
«f^ a^^ Fi*eed from a debt. 

* ▼ft'siT 9./, Si]|@ the .wife of JBmu, 

^tm 8. i». Reproach, r^root. 

^^ 8. f. The upper part of the thigh« 

(»dj. Ijarge, great, ample. 
«^ «./. Complication, deception. 
^^? «./. A kind of vetoh (DoUchos 

^^ J pil08U8). 

9?fw ^ <• /• A female armed atten- 
dant in the haram. 
V?r 8. m. An otter. 
^^9T 8, m. A disease oocasioned by the 

mounting of wind upwards, 
^^nft 8.f. The name of a courtezan, 

or female dancer in the heaven of In- 

dra ; an ornament worn on the 

VTO «./. Fertile soil, yielding everf 

kind of crop ; land in generaL 
^»r ac^. Naked. 

^WT V. To transgresB ; to leap over. 
^^WHT V. a. To throw out the water 

from any thing, to drain. 
^^HPT «./. Involution, entanglement, 

^ ^WRT u. n. To be entangled, to ravel^ 

to be involved (in diffieuUies ). n* a. 

To quarrel, to debate. 
H«**g^5w^m «. n. To be entanglec^ 

to ravel, ^c. 
^^i^T^ u. a. To entangle, to rarel ot 

entwist {as thread), to involve, b^y 

or engage (ia di^fieultieit b%mnia§, ^«) 

to embroiL 
9<!rMrT? 8. m. Entanglem^^t^ pfuple«ity, 

intricacy, oompliflatbay involmtiem 
vei^lfl a. ntw Entanglement* . 
B^E^?^ 8, m. Nettie of a flewer. 
wei^fiT tt CI* To pervert, aubveii, thwart^ 

reverse, overturn, reply, u. n. To be 

reversed, tnrned over or tusned baek^ 
to return^ 
^nziwizadj. Higgledy piggUdy^ topsy 
turvy, «./, Confodiwif inte/ehage. 

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( 70 ) 

^mz^ part, or adj. Reversed, iaraed 
back. 8. m. Reverse, opposile, con- 
trary, reverted, turned back ; pease 
pudding, a kind of pudding made of 
the meal of any pulse. 

^TOTTT t?. <». To overturn, turn over, 
overset, upset, pervert^ thwart, re- 
verse, invert, return. 

V^rzrm ^mzmi v. a. To reverse, modi- 
fy ; to interchange. [ piggledy. 

V€2T ^mzj <^dj. Topsy turvy, higgledy 

v<!!W«rT i>. n. To undulate, to be agitat- 
ed (a« ^A^ ocMn btf Btorms). 

^^tfT 8. m. Translation (of a writing). 

W^nr t). n. To lie down» to rest* 

v^r^fT «. n. To be overset, to be laid 
on one side. 

^€T^ 8. m« A complaint, an accusa- 
tion. V, n. To grow, to vegetate. 
Ulahana dena, d. o. To reproach, 
complain (to) accuse. 

9mf:m 17. a. To cause to sleep. 
9vr9^r V. n. To overset, to lay over 

' to one side • 

^^nmr s. m. Reproach, complaint. 

^'^JWiT V. a. To throw up water, to 


«^ ) *. /. A kind of grass ( Saccka- 
«mT ) rum cyUndricum)^ 

«^ «« m» An owl. 

V19W s* «!• Bdellium, a gummy sub* 

stance ; a wooden mortar used for 
^ cleaning rice. 
V%WWT V. a. To pour water. 
^f«T #./. A firebrand ; fire falling from 

heaven, a meteor, &c. ; fiame ; fire. 
«f^ 8.m, A firebrand, wood burning 

or burnt to charcoid. 
Wtns. m. The transgressmg of a rule 
or custom ; transgression • 
nau. m. An owl ; (met.) a stupid fdlow, 

•a blookheady a fool. 

^(^ir 8, m. A simpleton, a fooT. 
^fjnr 8, m. Sti^idity, foolishness, 
vrfki,/. The root of a fragrant ^aas 

(Andi'opogon muriecitum). 
VWWT 17. n. To boil. 

'Q^T ? 8. m. Early morning, dawn, 

B^T^m J day-break. 

^8. m. A camel. 

V^ adf. Hot, warm ; pungent, acrid 
a. m. Heat, warmth. 

^^nrr f./. Heat> warmth. 

9^tN 8. w, A turban, a diadem* 

^^«fT 8. /. Heat, warmth. 

V^«./. Wrath; warmth. 

^frWT 8. m. A barber. 

wwnn t. m. An animal born of heat ; 

^VirwT V. To move. 

^^*W i>. To Ught a fire. 

«€nT part. Boiled. Usntha, v. a. T^ 
cause to boil. 

«WTi7. ». To boa. [recede* 

^^^•TT i>. ti. To retreat, shrink from^ 

^^^'TO^inTT «. n. To be agitated, to 

be tossed, to get into confusion. 
HVTTT V. a. To winnow. 
^^TWf t). «. To boil. [place. 

^r€K«n D. a. To remove, to put out of 
«^nj 8.m. A porch, portko, peristyle, 
vestibule. [tton. 

vwrfr «• m. Breath, breathing, respira* 
V€nWT «. n. To breathe. 
vftWRT «. a. To boil. 

P D. a. To boiL 

V^ 8.f. A fragrant root of grasa 

used in making tatties (Andropogm 

^^m t. 191. A pillow, cushion, head id 

a bed or resting place, 
^^^v. <». To throw ont the water 

from boiled nce« 

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( CI. ) 


f «. o. To light a fire or cimdle ; 

to excite, to instigate. 
^^fT»n t>. 0. To subside ( a BwdUng or 

^^K 8. m. Cover, coyeriog of a litter. 

W The sixth vowel of the Nigri 

alphabet; it has the sound of oo 

in fool. 
^: An interjection used to express 

sudden pain or distress. Oh i 
'ai'^ «./. Nodding, sleepiness. 
^ fna V, n. To nod from sleepiness, to 

doze, to slumber, to droop, 

^ WTT ) «. /. Drowsiness, nodding, 

^Wm J doze, sleepiness, drooping, 

^> <HfJ. High, elevated. 

"^'^ adj. High, tall, above, steep, 

•loud. tTncha hoi bolna. To speak 

with pride. Uncha $mna. To hard of 

hearing. Unchkani, a. /. Deafness, 

* * Uhehe bol ka munh nicha, The proud 
ones are degraded. 

^y\X \ 8,f. Height, elevation, steep- 

^ ^•f > ness, eminence, tallness. 

^Z 8.m. A camel. 

^ zmzm 8. «. Name of a thistle of 
which oamels are fond ( Eschinops 

^iznt 8./^ A female cameL 

^*ff adv. Exactly in that manner, so. 

^ inUrj. Oh J 

^« 8./. Error, slip, 

^mm V, n. To vomit. Icinarum). 

^W «./. A sugar-cane (Sacchai-um offi- 

^Nrift*./. A sugar-cane field. 

^W< 8. m. Barren land ; a pot for husk- 
ing nee. 

^anar^ s. m. Sugarn^aae. 

^^^ «./. J ^ ^^^ '^^ husking rice. 

f 'J^^vsnj 1?. To root up, to eradicate. 

m^}W \ ^^* Depopulated. 

^TOTTT 8. m. Absurdity, nonsense 
what is witliout meaning or found* 
ation. adj. Poor, helpless, destitute^ 
in disorder. 

^fiZWZi^ adj. One who speaks incon- 
siderately or without preparation. 

WW8.f. Wool. 

"Wi^ adj. Woollen. 

^Wl 8. m. One who dies without leav- 
ing issue, an unmarried man ; a stu- 
pid person, blockhead, dunce. 

^r^T adj. Of a brown colour. 

^^^ 8. m. Noise, Impudence, rebellion, 

disturbance. [rebellions. 

^^^^ adj. Making noise, impudent, 

Wnc ? adi). There, thither, on that 
^tiT^ J side, on the other side. 

^n 8.f. Wool. adj. Less, defective, 

^n?t adj. Woollen. 

'iiOT 0dj, Said, described. 

^TO: ado. Above, on, up, upon, up- 
wards, over, outside, past. ». m. Top, 
outside exterior. Upar w. Form 
above, over, as, 2'ufan upar 8e ckala 
gyay The storm passed over. 

^rrtl adj. Foreign, 

^H 8. m. Oppressive heat, languor 
occasioned by heat. 

^H«ir V, n. To be agitated or oppressed 
with heat; to be angry or dissa- 

'SWZ adj. Impassable, steep ; inac- 

^adj. High, on high, above, Urddk- 
bahu^ adj. With arms oloft or rais- 

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( 72 ) 


ed np (a posffire qf Jogia ) Urddh- 
fundr^ 8» m* A peouligr line, deli- 
neated on the forehead by the wors- 
hippers of Vishnu. Urddh-sdns, e. m. 
Deep inspiratiotty gasp. 

VJil^dT B. m. An order of religions men- 
dicantSy the mnyasi the Bishi ; one 
who live ; in perpetual chastity. 

^3it^t« 8.m. Deep inspiration, gasp. 

^BTcr adj. Understood; requiring to 
be supplied. 

^(9 1 8*f. A kind of grass ( Sac- 

V9^ ) charum ct/lindricum), 

^3iWW 8. m. Black pepper. 

ssni^ adj. Barren {iMdh a spot with 
saline soil. 

Wf 8. m. Reasoning. 

M The seventh vowel of the Ndgri 
alphabet ; it has the sound of n in 
rich, and its jsymbolical character is, 
which is thus combined «m. 

^^ > B.f. Stanzas; one of 4 Veda. 
^^ J 

W^ B. A A sentence or fnaiUrah of the 
Rig-vBd ; a magical invocation, a 
mystical prayer of the 'OBdB. 

wftm B. m. A certain saint. 

^rv 8. m, A bear. 

^n#^ «. m. The first of the four 9BdB. 

^9r adj' Straight metaphorically, as in 
morals. (quantity, minus. 

^% 8, m. Debt, (tn Algehra) negative 

^WV9 ^dj. Indebted, involved in debt. 

H^PTK B. m. One who does not pay his 

^^'m: } adj. One who does not pay 

VTWT'C J his debts. 

W^H^ *•/. Discharge of a debt. 
VfifN fi. m. Paying a debt. 

^Wi^ 8, m. Clearing of a debt. 

^Wictvn #. fn. Payment or discharge 
of a debt. 

^f^^ 8. m. f, A debtor. 

W^ adj. m. Indebted, b, m. A debtor. 

^ 8. m. Season, weather : the Hin- 
dus divide the year into six seasons, 
each consisting of two months, tnx, 
vaBantj griBhrOy aarshaf Barad, ^m, 
and BhtBhir ; the menstrual evacu- 

^gimr^it^'. Fruitful, fertile, &c.,'prodttc- 
tive in due season. [ ation. 

W^pwiV 8, f. A woman during menstrn- 

^d^rm «. w. Bathing after menstm- 
ation. [<&a 

Wf ndj. Prosperous, thriving, rising, 

1^ 8. f. A medicinal plant ; wealth, 
possession, property ; increase, proa- 
perity ', a name of goddess FatvaU\ 

W^ B. m. A debt. 

^bWY b. m. a debtor. 

9f^ B.m. A aedy or sacred compositfon ; 
a sanctified personage so called a S9ge 
or saint ; there are several orders 
of these rtsiUlf, as the JlfaharBki 


Devarshif RajarBhiy ^c. the nncom- 
ponnded name is especially applied te 
seven ancient sages, beginning ^th 
vaBhishthy who hold in mythology 
an exalted and mysterious rank, and 
who fom in astronomy the aaterism 
of the Greater Bear • the Mighi of a 
mantrak or mystic prayer in the '^tfif, 
is the sage by whom it is supposed to 
have been remembered or recited. 
'^ftr^W An obligation owing to the 
Bishi's ; the study of Veds. 

wnrqilt «./. The wife of a saint. 
Mf^ B.f. A spear, sword* 

J- adj. Sup 

erior to aH ETlaint?. 

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( 78 


^i\ s.f. The wife of u Rishi. 
^rit^ 5. m. Chief of tlic Riskis. 
^«ftHr adj, Superior to alt saints. 
W«rg« s. m A certain mountain. 
^^ s, ni. A bear ; a star, a constel- 


H The eighth vowel in the Ndgri al- 
phabet : it has the sound of i^e in 
reet, and when combined its symbol 
is thus placed beneath the letter If. 

H s. /, The mother of the gods also 
of the demons ; a name s}i Sh } an 
Amr or demon. 

^ or li, The ninth vowel of the Ndgri 
alphabet, having the power of Iri, but 
more nsually considered to be ex- 
pressed by li in leek. 


9 or lee, The tenth vowel in the Nag- 
ri alphabet : it has the sound of 
Ue in leek. 

^ or eh. The eleventh vowel in the 
Nd^n* alphbet, corresponding very 
nearly to e in esquire, hempen : its 
symbol is placed above the letter it 
may de combined with, as. 

^I e interj. O \ a respectful particle of 
address. ^ 

W adj. One Ek^-eki^ All at onci. Ek- 
ad, some some few. Eh-hdrgi^ All at 
once. Ek-^a^tAXi together, entire. 


Ek Ban, adj. Alike, similar. Ek-aedm 
nah rahne, Is used to denote a change 
of condition, most commonly from 
good to evil but sometimes the re 
verse. Ek ki das sunani To reply 
ten {words) for one : spoken of a per- 
son who replies with many woi'ds 
especially in gialng ahise). Ek-lakht, 

Altogether, entirely. Ek-nuh-ek, Que 
or other. 

Tim^ adj. Aloiie, solitary. 

vq^qli^ 8. m. One or the same time. 

^r»^#f adj. Coeval, belonging to tlie 

same period, simultaneous, contem- 

^^^% s. m. A spiritual brother, pupil of 

the same preceptor. [^ag^. 

^^<4^«iln adj. Of the same town or vil- 

^«||f^TT adj. Thinking of one thing only, 

intent upon, absorbed in ; of one 

mind, agreeing, concurring. 

^^^«Pjr I *• ^' Supreme monarch. 
^^ZV s. m. A fixed look, stare. 
^^ij\ ) adj. Together, collected. Ek- 
.^^ f tha, or Ekattha kama^ To 

gather, to collect, 
^v^rii^ 8. VI, A tertian ague. 
R^RTT s. /. Unity, oneness ; union ; 

^^^rm adj. Closely attentive, having 

the 'mind fixed on one only object. 

s. m, musical unison. 
^^?TM 8. m. Harmony, unison, the 

accurate adjustment of song, danco 

arid iristrumentat mtiaic. 
^'^^WJ^ s. TO. A spiritual brother, an 

associate in religious offices orbbjepts. 
'^ar adi. In one place, collectedly, 

together. [ time. 

^*^ ac/n. Once, at once, at the same- 
^^:^^^ »^'. Sympathising, having 

the same joyi and sorrows. 


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< 74 ) 


xj^nn^ aij. One-eyed single-eyed. 
qi|RT( adj^ An associate, firm ally or 

partizan.^ s.f, A faithful wife, one devoted 

to her husband. 

^^l^^ 1 Once ; one thne. 

Jim^m adj. Worshipping one Deity. 
R^Hftn adj. Of one faith ; believing in 

one Deity. 
W^Tf^«./- A heap, a crowd. [bling. 
^M%H adj. Like, similar, same, resem- 
^mm adj. Alone, solitary. 
il«^l €tdj. Only-begotten {^on). 
k^^ (^dj. Of one caste or tribe ^ of ene 

colour. «. fn. An unknown quantity 

(in algebra). 
xi^[^ 8./. Beating time, marking 

musical measure by clapping the 

liands, or the instrument which d^s 

80« a Castanet. 
<q«UK^ 8. m. One only hope and refuge; 

especially applied to a Deity. 
^«H<tf: adj. Of ene body or blood. 
'^^^\ Alone, 

fimm J adj. Alike, similar, resem- 

tfm^J\ > bling, of the same quality. 

^«Tf t./. Unanimity. 

^mi^4t adv. All at once, suddenly. 

Jim\n adj. Aside, apart, alone. 

^tV^4K adj. Alike, nniform, of the 

same from. 
^r«ft adj. Solitary, alone. 
Jim^ adj. Intent, closely attentive, fixed 

on one object ; undisturbed, nnper 

plexed. [attention. 

^^JT^KT 8. f. Close and undisturbed 
v.«T^iit 8.f. The eleventh day of the 

lunar fortnight, 
^.^rfv^qfif 8. m. A sovereign, a monarch. 
xi^\m adj. Aside, apart, alone; solitary, 
uninhabited, lonely retired. 

^^rr^ 8. m. A crow. adj. One-eyed. 
^M% adj. Singly, one by one. 
^ 8. f.^ Striking with the heel, spur- 
ring. Er mdma. To spur. 
^f«i«i 8. m. A medicinal plant, use for 

ihe cure of ring-worm, 
infl 8.f. The heel. Eri dehho. Look 
at your heel {look cd home ) \ a phrase 
used to obviate the effect of an veil 
^^ ad^. Thewfore, for this reason, 
inrw? adj, m. As mnch as this, so much. 
Iiwnc 8. m, Sunday, 
qvf adj. m. So much, thfis much. 
q?(n«T ffdif. On this account, for this 

il?IT^[^TiI adj. Thus much, only this. 
^^n 8. m. A musical mode. 
JIK^ 8,m. The castor oil plant ( palmer 
Christi or Ricinus communis)., 

^X%K 8. m. 1 Exchange, interchauge ; 

^^^ 8. m. > barter ; dancing at- 

^V^kis.f. 5 tendance. 

v^^ 8. m. Elephant of Indra. 

i^(t interj. O \ a vocative particle for 

females. [attorney. 

it^^ s.m. An ambassador, agent, envoy. 
V^'wli 8. f. Substitute, place, also a/dj^ 

Equivalent in compensation. 
^«RT *. m. Aloes {Aloe peffoliata). 
fj^ 8,f. Small car^amums, the seed of 

the ElecUria cardamomum, or Alpinia 

in ady). As, like. 
^.^^ adi). So, like, thus • and. 
^m^^ (The Sanskrit imperat of the verb 

to be) So let it be, amen. Put at tho 

of invocation to the Deity. 
j^ A dialectic form, this year. 

^^ i f,r. This 

I pr. 

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( 15 ) 

% The twelfth vowel of the Ndgri 
alphabet : it has the sound of y in 
Jypur^ and its symbol in combi- 
nations is thus placed over the letter. 

^.^ > Reserve, drawing, 

\^^ > V. ck. To draw, attract, pull-. 

Wz\ 8. m. A snaii. 

$*» 8. wife A coil, twist, convolntion, 
twistening, tightening ; strut. 

^'^TT 9. a. To tighten. ^. n. To writhe, 
cramp, twist ; to strut, stalk, walk, 

^^^WT t;. n. To strut, to stalk. 

^^ «./. A coH, twist, convolution, 
lightening a street. [thing. 

^^91 s. m. A lightening, twisting, wri- 

^^«n tr. To be pulled, be dragged. 

^if fftqaf s. m-. Sole monarclr. 

^^tP^^ adj. Quotidian. 

^ 8. m. Oneness, unity, equality ; an 
«ggwfa*^» * total. 

^% «, m, Unskilfulness, stupidity. 

^nv «./• Glasses used to assist the 
sight, spectacle. 

^^nf^l^ adj. Belonging to legerde- 
main, magical ; deceptive, illusory. 
s, m. A juggler. [mountain. 

^^fH Name of the elephant of Indra, 

v^V\ii\ s. f. The Tii-oi river in the Fanjah. 

qn^ s. m. Grandeur, glory, pomp, 
wealth, greatness, majesty, state ; 
superhuman power, the divine facul- 
ties of omnipresence, omnipotence, 
invisibirity, &c. ; supremacy, domi- 
nion, sway, power, might. 

^^ 8,/. A kind of reed Saccharum 

^9^ ZhuS| ]^% |hb{ af te£ this manner. 

^m adj. Such, like this, so, resembling^ 
like (particularly when joined to other 
ioords as, mard-aysa. Like a man)* 
Aysa tysa^ or wyaa wy&af. So so, in- 
different, indifferently. 

^^ In this every manner.. 

^ I ady>. Thus. 

^t adi). This year. 

^^*ft 'rtius. 

$T^%^ Relating to this present worlds 

^f%m adj. Pertaining to the present 

state ; worldly, local, of this world, 

of this place. 


^ The thirteenth vowel in the Ndgri 
alphabet, it has the sound of o in go, 
and its symbol. when combined is 
made thus. 

^ The vocative interjection O ! an in- 
terj^ection of calling, ho, hola ; of 
reminiscence, ho, ah ; of compassion, 
ah, oh, (xwy. And. 

^ conj. The mystical monosyllable Om. 

^175. w. The Ifp. 

^i^ adj. Deep. 

^T^ s. m. The cord with which rafters 
of frames for thatching on are pulled 
into tlieir places and fastened till the 
roof is finished, 

^i^T v. n. To lower (as the sky) To be 
upside down, inverted'. 

ijNT adj. Upside down, overturned. 

^% s.fiu A house, a d«relling ; an> 
asylum, a place of refuge ; sickness at 
the stomach, inclination to vomit ; » 
draught of water from the hollow of 
the hand. 

^*ifT ij. n. To vomit. 

^"^^ 1./. A i^ooden mortar. 

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( 76 > 


\^^ \ ^^^* ^^ ^^^^ consequence, 
I ^JHT. s. m. The juice of the betel leaf 
chewed and spit out, [it. 

^^TT^^ t?. To clear out a well, to dredge 
^t^ 8. TO. Multitude, aggregate ( m 
general), a Collection, [the Heity. 
^Cn: 8. m. . The mysterious name of 
^^ adj. Light, of little consequence, 
absurd, trifling, fickle, fruitless, silly, 
capricious. Ochka hana, To want, 
^^tt ) Insignificance, absurdity, 
'^^T^ 5 levity. 
^m 8. TO. Light, Splendour, metallic 
iit9f^«. »•. Light, splendour ; manifest- 
ation, appearance ; strength; vitality, 

vital warmth and action as appearing 

especially in the foetiis. 
^tw 8. m. Entrails, stomach, guts. 
^W^^s.f. A thrust, a push. 

^^^ \ 8./. Privacy, retirement. 

%f{m^ adj. Private, hid. Ojhalhama, To 
conceal, screen, &c. Ojhal hona, To 
be concealed &c. 

^m\ 8. TO. A wizard, sorcerer, magician. 

^^tWTT^ A witch, sorceress. 

*«Rrqsf 5. TO. Sorcery, witchcraft. 

^Z «./. Protection, shade, shelter, 
screen, covering, concealment, par- 
tition. Ot Jcama^ To conceal, screen, 
&c. Ot hona, To bo concealed, &c. 

^Z^J «. a. To defend, screen, shelter j 
to thnimb, separate the seed from 
cotton; to catch (a ball 4rc.)* 
^X s, TO. A partition wall or screen. 

^f(Z 8. TO. The Up. 

^]^^ 8. TO. A shiejid, a target. 

^^T 8, TO. A basket^ a pannier. 

^1^ D. a. T^o put 0^ ( dre88), s. to. 
A sheet, cloak, or mantle. 

^Z^ s. to. a smaller sheet, a veil 
cr woman's mautle. 

^tnj adj. Deep. [eonvalescence. 

^?i «./. Overplus, surplfts ; abatement,. 

^im fidj. po ^u^h, so mai^y. 

^^ 8. TO. ifoiled rice. 

^ft^ «./. A plant (Sida cordifoUa, dkc.) 

^ft^ adj. Wet, moist, damp. 

^it% adj. Possessing a right or title to» 
#. TO. A proprietor, one invested wiib 
power and authority. 

^iW «./. Beauty, Instre, elegance, bril- 
liancy, brihgtness, poUsIu 

wtT'it 8.m. A man armed with wea- 
pons or clothed in mail. Opchi kha^ 
naht «. TO. A guard-house off post 
of firmed men. 

^Wift An instrument for polishing. 

^itw ad^. The mystic nam^ of the Dettj 
prefacing all the prayers and most 
of the writings of the Hindus y a 
name of Vishnu^ of Shwa, and of 
Brahma, it therefore implies the 
Indian Triad, and expresses <^ Thre$ 
in One. 

lfh«./. Origin, boundary, limit; way 
side, (ward). Usor, l^hat way^on that 
side, thitherward. Qr nibahna. To be 
constant to, protect (forever). 

"^xm 8. TO. A particular kind of sew- 
ing, stitching together two breadths. 

^ft adj. Partial, sidesman, protector, 
patron, e,/. The eaves of a house. 

"itm 8. TO. A vegetable, the root of 
which ia eaten {Arum companulatum); 
a hostage. 

^Mhl?ft «./. The caves of a roof. 

^mi 8. TO. Hail ; a kind of sweet-meat. 
Ola ho-jana, To become cold, ^on sir 
mundaya ion ole pare, I had uo 
sooner sh^yed my head than a show- 
er of hail camp on : ( sfoken ofjm^ 
who hae just engaged in an enterprise 
which iurn^ oui unfortunate). 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


< 77 ) 


^fnti./. Dow, O9 for-jani^ To fall in 
Talne, to be deprived of importanec, 
splendour, &c», to becpme less in 
demand than formerly. 

^wf^ I «./. Ap annual pl|mt or deoi- 
^^^ J dnons berb ; one that dies 

after becoming ripe ; an ingredient of 

a medicine. 

^ihf «. m. The lip, especially the npper. 

^r)B^ a. w. Anj morbid aff^^tion of 
the lips. 

ijt^ a./. A creeper, bearing |i red 
flower, to which the lip is commonly 
compare^} Bryonick grandis or M<mo- 
dica monodelfha^ jrc). 

^^ 8. f. Dew, Os par^ani, to fall in 
Talne. to be deprived of importan,ee, 
sple^dotur, &c., to, become less in de- 
mand than formerly. 

^it^^^ 8. TO, Name of a medicine, 

<t€K«,/. A heifer. 

^j^S^T €. «. Turn, viois^itnd^. OsriP- 
osri, by tnms, alternafely, 

^itmK Width, girth, too wide* 

^€KT 8. a. A porch, portico. 

\t4t^ 8, m. The head of a bed or rest- 
ing-place ; a pillow, a cushion. 

^Jhrt mUrj^ Ueigh \ ho f 

ift The fonrteenth vowel of the Ndgri 
alphabet, having the .fl^ound of ou in 
onr ; its symbol island it is com- 
bined thus ^. 

^ conj. And also. 

^rtt 8. /. Silqnpe, dumbness. 

ijt^ adj. Deep. 

^t^RI r. n. To lower (a^ the skt/). 

^W adjn Upside down, overturned i 
OumUhabakht, 8,m. Misfortune, ad- 

verse, fortune. Oundhi pe$h^ i, adj. 
Short-sighted ; unfortunate. 

V^TWi tt. 0. To turn upside down, to- 
reverse, to overturn, to spilL 

Hr^ 8.m, A fruit, a kind of Myrob»- 
lans (Phylanthu8 $mhlica). 

^T^in^ 9. tTt. A aort of brimstone^ 

^hoTl Times, seasons. 

^ni% cuH. Deep. 

^JMt »./. A whip like a waggoner's 
dfyynt seven cubits long used in train- 
ing horses ; an, ornamental edging of 

superior country shoes (peculicu* to 

^ft^, 8. m. Defect, blemish, vice. 

^ft^^ adj. Without virtue or science, 

ignorant. [qnented, 

^Ptw? adj. Inaccessible, steep • unfre- 

^(iHrar ) adv* Suddenly, unawares, un* 
^rH^ I expectedly. 

^tw «. »»• A root from which an orange 
colour is extracted (Morinda citri- 
folia ). 

"itmx «. m. Arms, tools, apparatusplur 
of; sin^ offence, but not used in Hindi 
in this sense. 

^^Nrt «. /. A thrust^ a push. 

^stiz^ 'oei'bal noun^ Boiling, evaporation 

by boiling. 81 m, A knife used for 
cut^jpg tpbacoo* 

^itTfT t;. a. To boil (<»« mi lib), to eva* 
p<^ait0.Qye^ a i^e^ v* n. To consume 
with, rag0 or jpjcation.. 

^iifT. V. n. Tp descend (^cw in incar- 
nation of the Deity f ^c) o^ earth. 

^ItWT^ \ 8^rn* Rirth> descent, incar- 

^^HTC 5 nation, especially of a deity 
from heaven ; the appearance of any 
deity upon earth, but more particular- 
ly the mythological incarnations of 

Vi8hnu in ten principal forms which 
are well known, vi>. Matsyoy a fish ; 
Kachchhap<$f a tortoise: ^ Varaka, v 
boay; Nri8ifgh0, a maifL-iiQUi^ Vama-?^ 

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( 7S ) 


»i(», a dwarf; Pctrusarama -, Ram -^ 
Krishn ; Budka ; and KitJki ; a pious 
or distingaished person, in the lan<- 
guage of respect or flattery, is also 
called an Avatar^ a descent or incar- 
nation of the deity ; a (irth or sacred 
place ^ translation, translating; cross- 
ing, [gret. 

^«ir^^ 8. m. Anxiety, pertttrbatiott, rc- 

i^m adj. White {the (Xtloar). 

^^TT 5. m. Gratis, what is given over 
and above or without purchase. 

^^t4 «. m. Munificence, liberality. 

^vt^T^ 8. m. Solitade,^ loneliness. 

^t^T To fall facewards, fall headlong. 

^"W^t^ c^d'O. More or less. 

^^Uz 1 adj. Impassable, steep, inac- 

^wz f cessible, devious. 

^K oonj. And, also, a^. More, other. 
Ourekf Another, separate, distinct, 
else. Our-nahin to, and if not then, 
and otherwise. Ourhi, Quite differ- 
ent, extraordinary. 

«H9 adj, A legitimate, child, t. e. by a 
wife of the same tribe. 

'irt'cijtc Others, other besides, other 
kinds of. 

"^^ Frequent in Braj as the inflective 
base of the oblique cases of the 

^ftitfiw adj. Obsequies of a deceased 
person ; whatever is given or per- 
formed in remembrance of a wealthy 
person deceased. 

^^Hrri'f s. m. Submarine fire. 

^*t«r^ Medicine. 

^^y ^./. A medicament, a drug, any 
herb, mineral, &c. used in medicine. 
I ^^fij 8. m, A deciduous plant, an 
annual production, as grass, &c. 

^^'^Aadj. Medicinal. toputrify. 

I ^«1T t^ n. To become musty, t^ rot, 

^^ 8. m. Occasion, time, opportunily^ 

^t^Tf s, m. Sensation, sense ; courage ;: 

presence of mind. [less. 

^JVfl^ adj. Without considerafaoli, beed; 
^«td^ 8^ m. Anxieitude, solicitude. 

V The first consonant of the Ndgri 
alphabet, and having the sound of K^ 
8S in Kirk, [wrist 

^^m 8, m. A bracelet ornament of the 

?ir^R Si m. A nodule of limestone, lime- 
stone, stone, gravel. 

^^Kt 8, m. A stone ball with which 
boys play, a marble, pebble. 

^wrft" «./. A small round stone or 
pebble. [sorceress. 

'ff^BTftrif «./. A kind of witch hag or 

^im adj. Gravelly. 

W^ 8. «i. A kind of gonr<J ( fncmor-^ 
dica mixta ). 

«R^«r^ s. m. A centipede (Sc6lopendra). 

^*<l 8. /. A side glance, a squint, a sly 
look. Kankhyia, 8.f. A side glance, 
ogle. Kankkiya c^kkna, Ta ogle, leer. 

^^^ s. m. An ornament worn on the* 
wrists hyHindu women, bracelet. 

ii'irnT 8, m. A thread tied round a bride- 
groom's wrist. 

?Kir4t 8,f. A cornice; a small grain, 
millet {Panicun Ttalicwn). 

^nftv 8. m. The ridge of the back, the 
spioe ; name of a bird [water-fowl ). 

^^I^TT «./. Penury, poverty. 

wmm adj. Poor, friendless, miserly. 
Kdtngdl'BanJca, Poor and proud. Kan- 
^<f/^ar, Vain -glorious. Kangalta, 8, /, 
Penury, poverty. 

^n^T 8. m. Gold, a caste of people whose 
females are dancers -, kan<:h(in'^anf a 

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C 79 ) 


^etA. kanehan or one by bktb. K<mi- 
cAan or one by birth ; kanehan- 
khachitf 0c^'« Inlaid with gold. 

^^^\ B.f. A female kokchany a Uancnig 
girl, a strompet, courtezan. 

-^ ^ > «./. A bodfiice or jacket. 

^'^ a. m. A lotns. 

^^^ a. m. A caste of people generally 
employed in selling ropes, <&c. Thoy 
also catch and eat snakes. 

lf«rT <»dj. Blue-eyed. 

qif^^ «. /. A small -stythe or sty, 

^'919 a. m« A miser, a niggard. 

^«f^ a. /. Stioginess, meanness, penu- 
riousnesSy niggardliness. 

^'^^ ». m. A thorn ; a bad man ; a 
mean enemy. 

^««iT<t «./. A sort of prickly nights- 
bade ( Solanumjacquini ). 

mZJ. adj. Miserly, [keeping oiU 

^fzm $./. A fishing-hoek 4 a vessel for 

^^ 8. m. Windpipe, or the lump on the 
windpipe, throat, the larynx, Adam's 
apple ; the bosom ; voice, adj, By- 
lieart, committed to memory. Kanth- 
arundhan, Strangulation. K<mtk 
phutna^ V. n. To be broken, the voice 
of a boy, heeomig haarte as he Of^ 
froacket to puberty). Kanth-mala, e, 
I /• A kind of necklace ef gold and 
jewels ; bronchocele or goitre : scro- 
fula. Kanth-4carwk, To get by heart. 

^i^T B. nK A necklace composed of 
pieces of gold, silver, &c. put on chil* 
dren to avert evil. 

^ 8. m, A necklace or rosary of 
large beads made of silver, crystal, 
or the earth of hikrh(dck^ 

%7rm adj. By rote, by memory, [neck* 

"RTTH^^ s. m. p/. The ornaments of the, 
^aV jj. f, A shgrt necklace* 

^VTPrr V. n. To bristle ; to dislike or 

abhor. [of mustard. 

4mi( s. m. Name of a vegetable, a kind 

^*¥r s. m. Dry cow-dang picked up in 

fields, &c, used for fnel ; a reed ; a 

^'wr^ s,fn, A helmsman, a steersman. 

w'wm «. m. A kind of hautboy. 

m'^ a, f. Scraps of dried cow-dung. 

m'ixi 8. m. A cleaner of cotton. 

m'jl ». m. A husband, a sweetheart. 

nnj s* m. An apparatus. 

ir'^ 8. m, A bulbous or tuberous root ; 

one of an esculent sort {Arum cotnfa- 

nutcUum) ; garlic ; an affection of the 

feminine organ. 

m^x 8. m.f. ) An artifical or natural 
ir'^'CT 8./, ) cavern, a chasm in a 

m'^m 8, m. A gun ( Sagapenum ). 
^'^m 8, m, A precipice ; a cave ; a 

kind of silver thread. 

^*^^PnC «. m, A stag, buck, deer. 

m]^ } 8, m^ A squill ( Ei-ythronium 
%\\ y Indicum ), 

«i*?fT ^ncn «. a. To engrave ( as aeala^ 
^c). Kandakdr^ls, m. An engraver. 

m^^ 8, m. A priapus, obelisk, the 
ling or lingum. 

if'w ) 8. m. The shoulder. Kandah 
5'^: J jhdima. To prepare to fly ( « 

bird ). 
m'^J 8. m. The shoulder, Kaiidha dena, 

To carry a dead body. 
ir'5r«iTTT i>. o. To shoulder, to place on 

the shoulder. ; [saddle. 

^^^ 8,f. A kind of pannel or pack- 
^('a^ 8. m. The lotus ( Nymphcea ne* 

lunbo). Kanwalbad, The jafmdice. 

Kanwal nain^ adj. Having eyes like 

the flower of the lotus. Kanwaldah, 

8, m. Very deep water abounding 

with lotuses, ' . 

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( 80 > 


W*^ s.m, A proper name ; the rinc?e 
ancT enemy of Krishna, by vr\\on\ he 
was slain ; as the fee of the deity, 
heas considered an Asur or demon. 

Mm'ft 8,f. A kind of cucumber (cvcum- 

is utilissimus), ' 

ili^fTT s, m, } A ring worn on the 
W^ s.f, J wrist, a bracelet. 

m^^t^T s. VI. A. fruit (Celsia ). 

^^TKT «. m. The alphabet. 

^mj 8. m, A paternal uncle. 

^<tf:nT «. «• To scrape (the garth av 

fowls do), to excavate. [nrmpit. 

%^^ 8. /. The armpit ; soreness of the 
^^<t 8. f. A painful suppurating 

tumour in the armpit. [ trave. 

n^K 8, m. Edge, corner, border ; archi- 

^^nf 8. m, A bracelet or ornament of 
the wrist. 

^f^ *. 171. A nodule of limestone. 

4iVn 8. /. A stone ball with which 

boys play, a marble. 
«ll^ «./. A stnall round stone or pebble 
mw^ 8. m. An ornament worn oa the 

wrists by Hindu women. 
^T^T 8, m. A thread tied round a 

bridegroom's wrist. 
mw^ 8, /. A cornice ; a small grain 

(Panicum liaUcum ). 
Mfd^ 8, m. The ridge of the b'ftck, the 

spine, nitme of a bird {water-fowl ). 
ISI'^HT »./. Penury, poverty^ 
mwim adj. Poor, friendless, miserly. 

Kungdlriankckj Poor and proud. 

Kungdltur, Vain-glorious. 
IVrftr^ «./. A kind -of witch, hag or 


Wisft 8. f. The lobe of the ear. 

IfVT 4. m, ) -A comb. Kanghi 800^" 
Vtt8.f. y warna, To adjust the 

hair which has been disordered in 

sleep. Kanghi kama^ To comb ( the 
hair ). 

^ 8. m. Rawness ; simplicity • Sair. 
^Wr 5./. Pain {of a wound ), limp. 

Kaehakna, d. «. To str ahi, ' sprain, 

twist ; to limp ; to pain. 
^r^«n 8, i». Debate, altereation. Kach- 

kachahatf s. /. The act of del^ating. 

ir^^^m 1?. n. To swarin, to be very 

abundant, to be gritty. 
^W^nr To striain, sprain, twist; to pain. 
^^^iriTT 8. m: Tortoise-shell. 
^f^ffT^ i>. a. To strain, sprain, twist. 
If^^^T 8. rn. A kind of plantain which 

is eaten boiled or cooked as a vege- 
V^irr «. m. An unripe melon of a very 

diminutive kind. 
'if^TK «./. A tree, the flowers of 

which are a delicate vegetable 

(Bauhinia variegata), 
inrti^ »./. Crowd, adj. Close, thick, 

stuffed together. 
^WrPmr^. The Pleiades. 

8, m. Rawness, simplicity. 

8, m. pi. Infants, brats, children; 


'^t^^' 8. /J' Unintelligible or incorrect 

lAttguago, babble, nonsense. 
^nitT 8. m. The raw hhurbuza or mdlon ; 

^^^y- [ patensis). 

^W^ i.fM. A frtiit {Cueumii MadriiS' 
^r«W 8i m. Clay. 
m^#r 8. fH. A kmd of eiilt said to 

plhomote digestfon: 
qi^tflfV^T*/. TJntempered steel, 
^^^stw «. m. Bloody ichor discharged 

with ptlrnleh t matter. 
*«rT^ a./. A hall or court of justice, 

townhall, court, office. [surfeit. 

Uhlrtc' «. /. Rawness ; indigestion, 
^nrr'T^ Altercation, debate. 
m'^XK^ Washing clothes. 

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( 81 ) 


s. m. AxL esculent root ( Anm 

^f^m 9. m. A reapixig hook or sickle. 

Vhr^pti V. n. To be frightened, to draw 
back, to shrink. 

^fv^n? 8. f. Abhorrence. 

W^mX 8, m. Bauhinia aariegata. 

l^if^ 8.VU A. kind of piekle Kaxihumar 
hir daloj To cut to pieces. 

^^ 9. m. A plant or drug ( Circuma 
recUnatna or zenimhet ). 

^^ 8. m. The name of a tribe. 

f^^ •./. A kind of pastry made of 
wbeaten flonr and pnlse. 

TO adj. TJnrlpe, crude, immature ; raw, 
boilt of iinbasket earth ; silly; inex- 
perienced ; false. 

?ra 9, m. A plant {At^m colocaaia), ' 

^m^9. m. A tortoise, a turtle. 

^ 8. m. A horse ( with a hollovj hack) 
I from the proTince of Kachehh on the 
banks of the Sind. 

ft 1. m. A tortoise, turtle ; privitfes. 

Wn 9, m, A kind of breeches which 
coTer very little of the thigh, ^. n. 
To be washed. 

Wft «►/. A smaller kind of breeches. 

If^xTz adj. Incontinent, lewd, dis- 
solate, libertine, keher. 

If^T «. w. A tribe of Rajpoots claim- 
ing descent from K6o9f the son of 

Bern Chandar. The Rojjas of Jyna- 
^ are of this family. 

W^ > Moist and low land by a river, 
WK J bank of a river. 

^fM V. o. To wash, to rinse. 

If neut, pron. ( in Braj ) Any^ some, 

something, little^ whatever. 
^jm «. m, A tortoise. 
If^ «, m. A tortoise, a turtle. Kuch- 

hboa^(tbar. adj. Uneven-bottomed 

(a river), deep and shallow alter- 


11 r-U 

m^j^ adif^ A very little. * 

m^itit 8. A A eldth worn between the 

legs to conceal the privities, 
^jf Crooked, wry. 
m^KKi 8. m. Lamp-black, used for pmt- 

ing the eyes. [painting. 

^^IXIKI adj. Black (eyw) withoufc 
i««T^€> »./. A pot for keeping Ajqa'a^ ; 

an iron instrument like snuffers,. 

used to receivesmoke to prepare and 

keep lamp-black. 
^Wf /. Death, fate, destiny {irdbic). 
mm^ a. m. Robber, high wayman. 
Tt^rnft 8.f. Highway robbery, 
^^rrf^cf adi). Perhaps, 
^rftrai A declaration, a proposition, ai 

H«r^ 8. m. Lamp-black, soot, collyriuni 

prepared from soot. 
liVi B.m. Gold; ^ caste of people 

whose females are dancers. KancAan- 

han^ A real Kanchan^ or one by 

birth. Kanchan-lohachitp adj. Inlaid 

with gold, 
irw^ 8*f. A female Kafichan^ a dan<s* 

ing girl, a strumpet. 
^;^ 8. f. A bodice or jacket. 
^^ 8. m. A lotus. 
-mw. 8. m. A caste of people generally 

employed in selling ropes, &c. They 

also catch and eat snakes. 
^fTT adj. Blue-eyed. 
nrffTiT 8. f. A small stythe or stye. 
^m 8.m. A miser, a niggard. Kan- 
ju8iy 8,f. Stinginess, meanness, penu- 

K^ 8. m. Slack colour to mark chintz 

with. #./. The reins, the loins, the 

waist. Katkehree, adj. Having a waist 

elegant as the lion's ( epithet of a 
woman ). 
T^Z^R 8. m. An army. 

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( 8« ) 


^fm^ «. fn. A picture or model (or 
<wood ) ; plan, floheme, sketch, rega a- 
tion. adj. Shrewd, cunning. 
^eid PfT To gnash or grind the teeth. 

^»3«K9f X 8. /. The febrifnge nut 
l|2^9ft J {Oailandina BondacMa', 

or CescdpifuahonducdUk). 
^iz^i\^j A sub- base, under-form. 
nzA sj. A harvest, ciop. 
ffzwnr ckdj. Inclined to bite. 
«ff2^T^T 1?. <». To bite. 
mz^Vi ^. ^. A wooden cage ; a rmling, 

a palisade. 
^Z^^ ^). n. To be cnt ; to be clipped or 
cut off ; to be spent or passed ( tinier 
\ I W^i 4*c. ) ; to be abashed to be 
interrupted of; to die wounds. 
MZfT^ 8. m. A bird ( Coracias ). 
mz^ 8.f. The season for cutting grain, 
, harvest. 

^X^m 8, nh A small tree found in the 
north-west of Hindustan^ thfe bark 
imd seeds, of which are used in medi- 
cine, and as aromatics : the fruit 
ulso is eaten : the common name is 
nz^^^ 8, m. A clog or ring of wood 
with which the feet of elephants are 
^K adj, Oruel, relentless, siibs. Caitiff. 
'IRE^^IT a>. n. To be cut, to be cnt off, 
intercepted, divided, separated, or 
sopt up ( as, a road by being infested 
with thieves, ^c. ). 
^ZX\ s. m. A market, suburbs, the 

market town belonging to a fort. 
mz^i^i i>* a. To cause to cut, to cause 

to be bitten. 
"^Z^K s, 771. A wooden cage in which 

wild beasts ar^ kept. 
wz^ii 8. m: A wooden cage ; a railing, 

i|i^^^ s. w. A fruit or tree, the jack ot 

its fruit (Artocarpus integrifolia )• 
%Z%^ adj. Inclined to bite, snapping^ 

^:ZJ 8.f. Killing, slaufi^hter. Kcktd- 

Icama. To slaughter, murder. 
vzxm v. a. To cause to cut or bite, 
iirzn: «. «». A dagger ; a polecat. 
'RZrcT 8. m. A medicinal plant {^Globe 

thisth ; Echinops ecliinatm ). 
WZ\fK^ 8. m, A kind of silk cloth with 

stripes in the form of daggers, 
^ETft«./* A dagger. [H- 

mzm «. wt. Flood, spring tide (Benga- 
mz\^ 8. m. A kind of flowering on 

clothes, adj. Cutting. 
ipZT^T adj. Inclined to bite. 

MZX^ *. m. A shallow boiler for oil 

or butter, &c, [loolc, ogling, 

?RZT^ 8. m. A leer, a glance of side 

^rtz I s.f. The lip, th^ buttocks, the 

Hf^ J reins, the loins, the waist. 
KatJcehr^ adj. Having a waist ele- 
gant as the lion's (epithet of a wofnan), 

mft^ 8. m. Vent, sale. 

^Tzm s.f. Fishing hook. 

^fe^ 8. m. A waist band, girdle, zone, 

"^fim adj. Thorny ; name of a plant; 
active, brave ( a soldier ). 

%Z 8. m. Pungency, or a pungent tast^ 
\ flower ( Michelia Champaca ). adj. 
Pungent ; fierce, impetuous, hot. 

T^^i adj. Bitter. 

HCTT 8. /. Pungency, sharpneBSf 
testiness, irritability. 

^;z4t 8. f. Smut, obscenity. 

^^ 8.f. Bad habit, 

W^J8.m: A brass bowl, a cup, go- 
blet, &c. of metal, a shallow <mp. 

Wittt 8.f. A small bowl or cup of 

n€tw 8.7n,A mm of an inferior tm^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 85 ) 

degraded tribe, a ^handdt ; a plant 
( perhaps Couoiichy Dolichos pruriens). 

^[IK A^. Inclined ot addicted to bite (a 

9?T adj. Robust^ able-bodied, athletic, 
strong. 9. m. A large lonse. 

«^<in ««»• Aland measure (the twen- 
tieth pcp't cf a higha ) ; a com 
measare containing fire seers, 

W^ 5. m. The wind dropsy, tympany. 

17 «. m. Contraction of Katka. 

¥75^rR a. «. A kind of rose ( Rosa 
chinensis). [ a palisade. 

97^^ 8. m. A wooden cage ; a railing, 

Wf?»ft I y. /. A wooden doll or 
47<pf^ J im^e. 

15«il^T s^ m. A wood-pecker ( Picu8>^ 

MZW^^ «. f». A wooden ring with 

iHiich ' the feet of elephants are 

iraft^^*./. A toad. 
%Z^9j s. UK A flower ( Jasmnum 
^ mullrfiorum ), 

T^k^vm adj. Very stout and lusty. 
WZK adj. Hard. 

1 8. rn. A tub, 'tray, plate. 
J platter, trough, young male 


m^^ s,f. A small tub, trough. 

%7^ 5. III. A wooden ornament or 
charm hung on the neck of a child. 

%S%$i . s^f» Affected or forced smiles 
( with internal displeasure). 

irvfYi «• ft* A cauldron^ boiler. 

^ftH^ «. «. A plant worshipped by 
the HindtiSf commonly called Tulasi 
( Ocffmum sanctuniy or sacred hasil), 

^r(^ adj. Difficulty obscure ; paiufnl, 
troublesome, acute, hard, solid ; un- 
kind, severe. 

^Sf^tit s.f. Firmness^ hardness ; seve- 
rity ; difficulty, obecurlty. 

^fenr^ ? adj, Hard-hearte^i 

^ftf T^i^i^^ J harsh, cruel, severe^ 

^fynrf: adj. Hardness^ solidity. 

JI^TJ ^'^*^'> *^"^- 

'ffv f. m. Bracelets 

^^t^ s. m. A crore^ ten millions^ i 

hundred laks. 
^nft^qnt The owner of a crore of rapeesy 
«^^it s.f. Bitterness. 
^^i^s.f. Hardness, stiffiness, obdaracyj 
IfVT^ 5- m. Crash, crack, caused bj 

arythy breaking. 
mft4t «./. Chalk (for writing with ). , 
^izm s. TO. A trencher, a platter ; % 

snare, trap, trepan. 
^r%^«. m, (Momoi'dica Chctrantia). 
^ftX. ? adj. Hard, solid ; severe, releu-« 
^Kftm 5 ties, cruel, callous. 

^^Km 8. /. Hardness, firmness : re* 
lentlessnessf, cruelty, severity, rigor. 

^n?Wt 8. m. A tub, plate, trencher^ 

^ 8. TO, The seed of Safflower (Car^ 
fhamus tinctorim ). * [agility- 

^Tf* 8. TO. A crash, a crack ; thunder ; 

*>?*w^T adj- Hard, stiff, strong. 

t^fmjri'n i^. n. To give such a sound 
as oil or butter when boiling. 

^^nt V, n. To crack, crackle ; to 


^r' j- 5. TO. Poean, song of triumph. 

W^^J s. TO. Commemoration, mention ; 
enconraging soldiers in time of battle 
pointing out the good effects of stea- 

. dincss and valour, extolling the 
actions of former heroes, <fec. ; war- 
song to encourage combatants. 

^f^H 8. m. A kind of bard and officer* 
in Indian armies whose busfness it if| 
to encourage the soldiers by tBo 
exhortations called Kavkha. 

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( «* ) 


^^nr V. a. To perforate^ 

m^^MW 9. m. Bsme of a plant. 

V^fT <»c(;\ Bitter, aodd ; strong, Tim- 
lent; hard-hearted; brave. Karwa 
karnay To give or expend unwillingly. 
Karwa hona. To foe enraged, Karwe 

' htseU ditiy Hard and cruel times. 

iTf ilim #. m. Mustard oil, foitter-oil, 

W^^HR: i, f. Bittem^s, 

H^^^s./. Stufofole of asort of grain. 

"^f^it f. /. A dish consisting of the 
meal or pillse ( Ohuna or Cicer arieti- 
num ) dressed with sour milk. 

^r adj. Hard, stiff; harsh, obdurate. 
5. m, A ring worn on the wrists, 
ankles, &c., a ringlet, bracelet ; the 
handle of a door, or any thing in 
from of a ring. adj. Arch, sly, know- 
ing, penetrating, sharp, harsh, cruel. 

^IW^ 8. m. Successive crashes, 

^fivr $. m. The crash made by break- 
ing ^y thing ; a rigid fast (m which 
nothing cfjood or drink has entered 
the month ). 

IT^l^ f. m. The perpendicular bank of 

a river, &c., side, brink, bank. 
^^1^ ». ^. A shallow iron boiler ( in 
which sugar, ^., i>. hoiUd). caldron. 
''^fTt 8,/. A frying pan. 
^> s.f. A rafter, a beam ; a ring used 
to manacle or to fetter with. 

^^^^ 1 adj. Ten millions • kurorpati, 

W^K S Possessor of a crore of ru- 
pees. Karor-khukh, «. w. A liar. 

^r^m n. n. To be , extracted, drawn, 
pulled out ; to escape, rise, slip, 
issue, spring; to be delineated, drawn 
or painted (as a picture). 

^tt 8./. A dish consisting of the meal 
of pulse {Ohuna or Cicer arietinum) 
dressed with sour milk. 

^^l «. wi, A loan, a deljt ; a premium 

on a loan ; a deduction from tbe 
W9 s.fM. Grain, coin, a grain, *a mi- 
nute particle, an eye of com, a sptrk 
or facet of any gem. 
W^^8,f. Ground rice, or the scraps 
that fly off in pounding rice to sepa- 
rate it from the husk. 
IT^rw 8, m. Taking a pleasure m hear- 
ing (muiic 4rc.). Kanraeiya^ t. m. 
A lover of music, an amateur. 
if^d%^r 8. m. A lover in nrasic. 
n%i A kind of rice 
Wfimr 8. /. Fine sand (parUeularhf 
gritHnees or swtd in bread) , an atqm ; 
a small particle, a grain, a kind of 
«<N s.n. A tree {Cascaria ^^aia). 
rn^MS 8. m. A thorn ; a bad ttsa ; a 

mean enemy. 
Vnj^rft «./. A sort of prieUy night- 
shade (Solafuimjaquini), 
ire^t adj. Thorny, prickly ; rezatioua, 

?njn: adj. Prickly, thorny, 
nf^m 8.f. A fishing-hook; a veesd 

for keeping oil. 
^PB 8. m. Windpipe, or the Imnp on 
the windpipe, the throat, the larynx, 
Adam's apple ; the bosoi^i ; voioe. 
(u^*. by heart, e(mumtted to memory, 
kanth-artrndhan. Strangulation. Kcml^ 
phutna, f>. n. To be broken, tke voice 
(^ a hoy^ booming hoarse aM hs ap- 
froaches to puberty). Kaiah-matsL, 
8. f. A kind of necklace of gold and 
jewels ; the bronohocela, or goitre ; 
scrofula, kanth kama, To get by 
^ini;^|[in «•/. A collar or short n^ck-lace. 
¥l?fpf 8. j?u A jewel worn on the 

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( 85 ) 


W^9^ ». w. A nedUace composed of 
pieces of gold, sflver, &c., put on 
cbildren to BTert etil. 
^^^ adj. By heart. 
1^ «. «. A aecklace or rosary of 
large beads made of silrer, crystal, 
or the eartk of *#rMo. 
^r^T^ tidj. By rote, by memory. 
V^JK^ «. m. fl The ornaments of the 

^^ s.f. A short necklace. 
%n ind. Where ? whither ? why ? how ? 
inpitf /. Spinning, 
^niirr ^. n. To be spun, 

nn^ii./. ? Paringe, clippings. 

mr^ i?. i». To dip, to cut (at wt^fc 

idfsori) •, to cut ont , to pare. 
^UrtiTt *. /. Scissors. 
Vf^^nr*. »»• Cnftingont,-(m«<.)me- 

ditaiion, cofisnlta^n, anxiety, 
^nra s. m. Parings, clippings. 
^Rftrfct./. Price paid for cutting out 

{clotheif H)' ^^' Sideways. 
^fjjtlWT t;/<i. To cause to clip, to cut 
ont; to leave the nigh road, > steal- 
ing «way by by-paths, to go round 
about, to Arink to slink away {from), 
to edge or go sideways. KatrAAcir 
thdlna,^ixi desert one's companion, to 
cut the society of any one. 
^nriTK^.wi. Bubbish, dirt. 
^mTT «./• Spinnmg, the price paid for 

spinning. Ktfftft **m<», *To spin. 

^runiT If. <». To get spun, to cause to 

spin. [» «^"«S WP«- 

UTiK *. /. A tying or binding together. 

^[Hm».m. A kind of sugar-cane. 

^^^ «. 7«. A gum resembling traga- 

cantb obtained from the StermUa 

nren$. t^^^^^ 

nrro «./• A lump of stone, brick or 

#./. A knife, a dagger. (Bengali). 
TsuwiM 9. m. A story-teller ; a iind of 

?r« *. w». The astringent Tegetable ex- 
tract wbich the natives eat with 
betel-leaf; it is the produce of a 
species of mimosa (Chctdira) catechu, 
terra japonica. 

$. «i, A narrator, a relator, one 
who recites a story, or who publicly 
reads and expounds the Purans. 
8. m. Saying,, narrating, relating, 
nwm i>. «. To tell, to say, to relate. 
li^ %. f. A story, tale, fable, relation, 

' qrwrn^V «. »»• Conversation, 
^mi^ In the form of words, by means 

of speech, 
qrf^qr 9. m. A story teller by profes- 
sion, a narrator, or relator. 
Hrfwn adj. Spoken, said, told, related, 
q t^q^q if «. m. Conversation, free in 

tercourse ; a dialogue, a conference j 

m^ sd^. When t 

ig^ 8. w. A killer, a destroyer ; kill- 
ing, destroying. 

\ 8.fn. A tree (SaueUa oriet^^ 
J talU). 

^i^r,^^8j. A plant the flowers of 
which resemble those of the hkdannbaf 
commonly called Mundiri, 

Hj^ 8. m. A white sort of Mimosa. 

%^ ad. Avaritious, miserly. 


The plantain or banana 
tree (Muia sapien-' 

^T adv. When ? at what time- 
^r^THTTK adj. Ill-formed, ugly. 
^^^r^adj. Wicked, profligate, aban- 
doned, following evil pvaeUojes. 

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( se ) 


m^f^^ 7 adv. Sometimes/ at some 
'ff^Tftr J time or other ; perhaps, by 

chance. [(Cucurhita pepo). 

V^m 8. m. An iron wow j a pnmpkin 

> adj. Erer, some time or other. 

m^ B, m. Appreoittting, valuing (a jf^;; 
a weevil ; grain, com; a grain, a 
minute particle, Kanlcama, to value. 
Kanlcut, 8,f. Appraisement of a crop 
on the fieW, valuation. 
WW^ *. /• The little finger. • 
**nt 9, m. Gold ; the plant Dhatura or 

thorn apple {Dhatura metel), 
^%Z\ adj. Ear-cropt, careless. 
m^^ti 8,/. A disorder in the ears. 
WiWT^ 8. wi. A centipede (JScolopendra)^ 
^K^i) 8. /. A musical mode or rdgini. 
mfq^ «./. The temple {the upper pari 

of the eide qf the face) . 
Wl^lR^T 8. m. Ajogi or Hindu mendicant 

with slit ears, 
VTW *. m. Taking a pleasure in hear- 
ing (m««c ^c). [amateur. 
^RKftwT «.m. A lover in music, an 
^1^*./. Boring the ears. 
lif^r^Tt 8.f. A kind of Scolopendra or 
Julus which is said to get into the 
' brain through the ears, and by its 
bite to occasion [excessive pain and 
even death, 
^rt^ 8. m, A rudder. 
TtlTKT 8, 772. Attention, listening. 
IS^T^^T 8. m. A steersman. 
^T^T 8. m. An officer employed by 
government to value the crops on the 
field. • 
^S^xi^s.f. Valuation of crops grain. 

n. prop, TO. The namejof Krishna. 
1i*lTK 5. m, A listening^ attention. 
ij^T^-^^^. m. The name of a vegetable, 
a species of Arum» 

*./. A fhrifdcffia or religbng cero^ 
mony performed daily by Hindus^ 
during the dark half of the month 
Aein, in honor of deceased ancestors^ - 
or pitri : hence tb^t fortnight i» 
called K(i»-((. 

nT^'W 8. m, Wheaten flour. 

^f»niT 8./. An atom, drop, grain, 

tf^nrr «./. The lap, the hip. 

WpRlTTT i>. a. To go to one side, tc^ 
avoid one, to dodge, to shun. 

ifif^lT^ 8./. Shyness. 

^rf^n? adj. Small, little. 8^ m. A. 
younger brother. 

«ft^«./. The little finger,. 

wFlTT adj. Revengeful. 

n^\ 8. m.. A caste -o^ B®^P'^> gener* , 
ally arrow-makers. 

^i) prep. Near, to, with, &o» 

^[^ 8.f. , Pulling the ears. 

m^ } 8.f. A ^owQT {Neruimodorump 
%iNr > single). , 

^^m 8. m. The ceremony of boring. 

the ears. 
wftf^RH adj. Inhabitant of 'Kanouj. 
I'TteT 8. m. Any situation in an appart-^ 

ment close to an xtngle of the walL 
;v?I^ 8» m. Diffidence, bashfulness. 
ifniVT adj. Diffident, bashful, favour- 
ed ; standing in awe of, afraid to 
meet another, 
liftfi adj. Standing in awe of another. 
ILanaurck hama, To gain ascendency 
over another, or make him stand in 
%nt^ s. /• Awe of another, under his 

^m 8. m. A husband, sweetheart, 
qpvrV. w. An apparatus or band round 

the neckjof Vijogi to carry things on. 
Jip^ s. m, A bulbous or tuberous root ; 
one of an escul^t port ( Ar^^fi com^ . 

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( 87 ) 


fonjili^hm) ; garlic ; an affection of 

the feminine organ. 
'■^Rn S'f. Cool in a monntain. 
W*^ 8. m, A gum ( Sagapenum ). 
W^r«T ». . A precipice ; a cave ; a 

kind of silver thread. 
Tf'^rc «. fn. A stag, buck, deer. 
m^ \ 8, m. A squill ( Ert/throntum 

1^ 8, TO. A ■ I 

I Indicum, 

'j «. TO. The shoulder/ "Kanda 
> jh^rna, To prepare/ to fly ( a 

J ^iW). ' I 

^fsiniT^T «. a. To shoulder, to place on 
the shoulder. [saddle. 

.^W^\^ «. /• A kind of pannel or pack> 
^fn 8. m. The notches on the two sides 
of the upper leather of a shoe j the 
. part of a paper kite to which the 
, string is tied. 

^«i^r^ 8. m. A kind of shoe or slipper. 

.^nft: «. t?i. A spark of a diamond or 

other gem ; >ran. ILanni katna^ ' To 

. undermine a person, or effect his ruin 

by clandestine means* 
^^m\ «./., A girl, a maiden ; the Soco- 

trine aloe (Aloe pcrfolinta). 
^^\ 8. /. A little girl^ a girl nine years 
^ old ; a virgin $ the sign Virgo. Kan- 
y(*'4anay Dowry ,Jvirgin-giving, giving 
a girl in qArriage. 
,WC>^T #• m. A steersman. 
^♦^ «. /. Valuation of crops of grain. 
««f 2IT n. /wdf . A name of Krishna. 
^<IV^ «./. Shivering, trembling, quak- 
ing, perturbation. 
^2 8. TO. Fraud, deceit, cheating, 
circumvent on, trick, spite, rancour, 
adulteration, subterfuge, adj^ De- 
signing, insincere. 
irtjzTn «./. Deceitfulness. 
W^^i^ s. m. A forged document* 
^qz^ai s. m. Disguise, 

'^^q^t1fl adj. Disguised, in masquerade. 
8. m. A hypocrite. 

'mitt adj. Insincere, fraudulent, dig-: 
honest, a rogue, a cheat, false, deceit- 
ful^ hypoeritieal ; adulterated. 

W^^ 8, TO. Oloth. Kaparchhdn ham<$y 
To strain. ISiafiirehhan, adj. Impal- 
pable {powder ) ; deep (cormdtaticn) ; 
thoroughly sifted {inUUigencej ^<?,). 

inr^^^r t . to. a tent. 

mv^ 8,:m. Cloth ; clothes, dress, habit. 

Kapra pahanna, To put on clothes. 

Kctpron ee hona, To have the menses. 

mwi 8, m. pL Dress, apparel. 'Kapre 

. rangna, To become a mendicants 

Kapre koj/iol dena, To give an alarm. 

l£,ap*e-wapre. Clothes. 

itrqUT t^. «. To shiver, tremble, quake^ 

quiver, adj. Trembling. 
^r<ncfz adj. - Pounded up ^ with rags 

( clay for making crucibleSy ^c). 
ittpc^^ 8. m« A kind of gauze. 
^smz 8. m. A door, a shutter, the leaf 

or pannel of a door. . 
WUK 8. m. The skull, the cranium ; 

fate, dedtiny. 

wuft adj. Shrewd, sly. 8, to. A caste 

in Bengal that sells greens &c,; a title 

of Siva, who carries a skull in his hand 

and a chain of skulls round his neck*; 

a cavesson. ArdJi-hapariy Pain of 

half the head, hemicrania y an areca 

' nut having twbkeniels, or rather one 

of those kernels which are convex^bn 

one side and ^at on the other; wher^ 

it was in contact with its fellow 

{These nuts, from the dwtrine ofeigna- 

turesy^are saiA to be a remedy for the 


Wim 8. TO. The head, forehead ; Ihe 

- skuH, the cranium ; fate, -deatiny. 

JLapal putnuf To be unfortunate. 

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( 88 ) 

Kapal khuinaf To baye a favourable 
tnrn of fortune. 

m^vSt *• ni, A title of Shh(^. Kapdli- 
oiony An attitude of mendicants in 
worship, standing on thrir beads. 
TLafdli-htiyd. A ceremony among 
Hindus ; when a dead body is burn- 
ing and nearly reduced to ashes, the 
nearest relation breaks the skull with 
the stroke of a bamboo and pours 
melted ghee into the cavity ; hence, 
K*j)a7 Jfcn>a harna^ To think in- 
tensely, to beat or cudgel ones brains. 

nm^ ». /. Cotton ( undressed ) ; the 
cotton plant (Gossypiwn herhttceum), 

W\v6i «./. Paleness, from fear or ill- 

m^ s, nu An ape or monkey* 

'^if^m s. m. The elephimt or wood apple 
(Fsif0nv* EUphantiumj or CraUBioa 

VPWT*./. Brown-coloured COW. 

f«^ ) «. tn. A bad or degenerate 
WS9( J son. 

Hljlt «./. Degeneracy. 

ir^f: s. m. Camphor ; also, name of a 

mi l^ CI f./. A sort of medicine, 
tt^ «./. A kind of betel-leaf. 
W^ s. m. A pigeon or dove, especi* 

ally the spotted-necked pigeon, 
ififtv t. f». The cheek. "Kapclgenduaf A 

small pillow of a oireular shape to 

rest the cheek upon, 
wqf s. m. Phlegm, one of the three 

humors of the body; wateiry froth or 

foam in generid. 
irvmil^ add. Antiphlegmatic 
tPqit adj. Phlegmatic. 
W^ adv. When. KubtuJs, ad». Till 

when. Kuibhub, adfi>. When? Kvbha, 

or Kabke^ or Kabki^ Since when/* 

Of what time ? Kablo, TUl when? 
How long, 

s.f. A game among boys, wh<^ 

divide themselves into *wo partios; 

one of which takes its station mi 

one side of a line or ridge, called 

pala, made on the ground, and the 

other on the other. One boy, shoat- 

ing IcMaddi kabaddee, passes this 

line and endeavours to touch one of 

those on the opposite side, if he is 

able to do this, and to return to his 

own party, the boy that was so 

toudhed is supposed to be slain, that 

is, retires from the game j but if the 

boy who made the assault be seized 

and unable to return, he dies, or retires 

in the same manner. The assault ia 

thus made from the two sides altera 

nately, and that party is victorious of 

which some remain after all their 

opponents are slain. [ Prison bars ? ] 

Wf^ s. jw. A headless trunk, especially 
retaming the powers of action. 

^W^ adj. Grey, dirty white, variegated^ 

^TfT? s. 97t. A door, 

^f^ « m. A poet. 

^fk9 s. 9ft. A sort of verse ttsed by tbo 
Hmdus^ poetry. 

WPrm s.f. Poetry, a poem. 

^rft^?C s. m. An eminent poei^ a prince 
of poets. 

^pft \ adv. Ever, some time or other. 

%\ y Kabhi Kabhiy Sometimes, 

now and then, at times. Kabhij ke. 

Of sometimes, sometime ago, Kabhi 
nah kabhi, Sometime or other. 

iVTO s. m. A tortoise, turtle. 

HR7r s, m. A bo^ (made qf bamboo ). 

m^jj s. m. A gourd (Cucurfiia pepo). 

^HW^ «• m. An earthen or wooden 

water-pot used by the ascetic and 
religious student. 

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( 89 ) 

iirt • 

%im ^j. Libidinottf, defiirons ; be$uti» 
fal, defiirnMe. . [loss. 

Vipn *. /. Deficiency, back, abatement, 

W«l)^ adj. Pleasing, beautiful, desirably. 

^^ihf 8. m. An archer, bowman. 

^na^at*./. Arcb^ry. 

*«nc s,/. The loins ; a girdle, belt. 

^frev s.nk A frnit ( Ai>er7*h00 carim- 

MnVftx A kind of ring or zone wxcir- 
cling the waists* of women . 

*«T^*^ s> ni' Girdle, zone. 

V»^^'^ «./. Preparation for action, 

"^mh s f.\ chamber, room. 

W*f^ *. m. The lotus ( Ndumbiwn $f€- 
ciosum or 'NumphtBa nduho). 

^mV^W 8. m. An epithet of the feet 
of any deity. 

^nwi?m adj. Having eyes like the 
lotns flower, [lily, 

^t^^Wm 8, m. The stalk of the water- 

9^^^Yj.9R. The stalk of the water- 

^w^pn 8. m. The lotns leaf. 

1*T^^^ adj, Lota^-faced. 

t^f^^nr s. jtt. A disprtier, the jann^ce. 

^•r^fTJ 8. m. Jaundice. 

*«W 8, «, The caterpillar or larva of 
a brown moth^ corered with fine 
brisileiy which, on handing it, adhere 
to the skin and excite itching : it is 
destrnctive to trees ; the palmer 
worm. ». /. A name of the goddess 
Lakshmi ; an excellent woman, 

^rwwr? Kf, An epithet of ^ person with 
beautiful eyes. 

ifTOmft Tihe Lord of Lakflbmi Viahnn. 

flnmiww *. w. An epithet of Br/ihn[ia* 

IWftrfl «./• A pnmber of lotus flojffers, 
or a place abounding with them. 

%wf^ 8 J. A small blanket^ 


^Jorr^TT D. (». TTo cause to wc^k, to earn, 

to Ufw3 ( an rajsors (fee). 
^<TTt «*/. Earning, gam ; wcnrk, pef-? 
foimunce. ( ( u Udelihcod )w 

^^V^ adj. Laborious, pne whp earnff 
^'TT^ «. /. A bow, a spring. 
li'ni'K One who makes holes. 
<ITI*IT V, a. To earn 5 to work, to per- 
form ; to perpetrate, to commit 
( crime ) ; to do ( ^ood ) ; to clcaa 
( hatker or a jjmy > ; to lessen, t<t 
abate. [workman, earner. 

'If'TT^lf 8. «. A journeyman, servant^ 
nt^mr 8,/. A pknt or drug, 
ir^ 5. m. A workman, journeyman, 

an assistant, 
m^^ 8.m. A workman, assistant, 
qnj!? 8. m. A dyeifig drug, being the 
dust from the outside of the capsules^ 
of Sotdera tiicloriu ; said to be, also, 
a purgative medicine and aphrodisiac* 
^^tfipiV 8.f. A sort of water-lily des- 
cribed as expanding its petals dur^' 
ing night, and closing them in the 
day time ( M8nyanthe8 Indi^c^ ot 
Hflt^ 8. /• A small earthen vessel. 
Ipif a. m,^ Shivering, tremonrj^tremblingi 

quaking, perturbation, shaking. 
itiq«! i. m. Ti:embling, quivering, 
^THPn .D. ^. To tremble. 
IT'qflm^^*. Trembling. 
^^wf «. a. To cause to tremble, to 

shake, to agitate. 
li^nTT \ oA'. Tremulous, fearful, 
itf^ 5 shaking, trembling. 

2^ I 8.nt. A blanket. 

^«qt«l s. »». A country in the north of 

India, Camcof ^or Oambaff. 
UK «. m. The hand. 8.m.f. Tribute, 

duty, custom, fee, tax, toll, impost, 

royal revenue. 

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( ^0 ) 

^Kt*. m. A granary, storehouse. 

mim s. m. Tlid drinking pot of a stu- 
dent or of an ascetic. 

ilTK^^ s. w. A kind of salt, sea salt 
made by evaporation. 

"^iMZ $. m, A crab, tbe sign Cancer. 

Hf^'ir'n^ «./. A species of fowl whose 
bones even are black. dian crjTi^). 

V^?in: *. «. An anther, creator, 
^iirrf^ The beating time writh the 

^C^^ s. m. The palm of the hand. 

s.fn.l A musical instrument, 
^. /. 5 a kind of mall cym- 
bal ; the word may also imply beat- 
ing time with the hands. 

^ITFTT*. m. Bad coin ; a bird {mimi- | WK^ sj. The skin of a calf stuffed 

and placed near the mother to make 
her give milk, 

incwfif*./. Action, business. 

1I^«K &/. Action, business. 

97^ B. m, £xcuange, balance made to 
moke up a deficiency in coin, or the 
difference between the price of new 
things and old given in exchange. 

^^f^^^sil^T -0. a. To realize. 

^^^•l<t *. /. A girdle, zone, cordon. 

"mv^ s.m. Lace cut into smaH pieces 
and put on a cap. 

¥^1^^ s, m. A kind of ear-ring. 

WK»TTK «. m. Doer, maker. 

^^T V. cf. To do, make, form, perform, 
execute, effect, act, administer, avail, 
set, thrust, use, cone. s. m. A kind 
of citron ( Citrus medicus ); making, 
doings &c 

^^TZV The Carnatic country. 

^K^ s.f. An action, deed, 

^^^^ fi. m. Maker, doer, 

mK^\ «./. The stalk of joar or hajra 
( Helens tor gum and spicalus ). 

^TC^KTt? «./. Cracking, crackling noise. 
Vffl^Q adj. Piercing, harsh ; obdurate, 

violent, sharp, contumelious. 
'*^HWT «. /. A termagant, scold. 
HfurplT v. a. To strain, sprain, break. 
^?^n Anstere, rigid, insentible. 
wosi } s. m. A war gong to encour- 
v^^T y age combatants, 
t^r^.f^n \ 8, m. A kind of bard vf hose 
«R^4h J business it is to encourage 
. the soldiers by the exhprtations called 
Karkha. [waist. 

- «<^^T s. m. A string worn round the 
'V^'i^'^r 5. TO. Protection. 

' mJJSt } 5./. A spoon, a skein, a ring- 
nr^^^r- ) let. 

Wt^ i 8. m. Name of a tree. Eale- 
^X'^[ 5 dupa indica. 
mxm 3. m, A finger naiL 
^K^^ltt 8./, The being in debt. 

*^^K I t.f. Having the hands plnc- 
ir^f j ed fiat together. 

ir<^ B, m. A plant {Galeduva arhorea), 

ir^^ 8, m. Cause, instrument ; making, 

acting, doing ; to make, to do ; iho 

ear, the helm of a boat^ 
V^^ 8. m. Au astrological division of 

time, of which there are eleven, 7 

moveable and 4 fixed, and 2 are 

equal to a lunar day. 
ir^^ «./. Action, business ; a trowel ; 

( in arithmetic ), a surd or irrational 

quantity. [skill, art. 

^T^in s. m. Action, business, deed ; 

1 B, m. Business, act, action; for- 
J tune, fate, destiny, office ; ac- 
cus, case ; hifidu worship, devotion; 
name of a bird. Karambhog, «. rn* 
Fulfilling of destiny. 
irnr^T^ s.m. An fnfenor officer to col- 
lect the revenue from a certain devi- 
sion of a village, the village account- 

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( 9t ) 

«^m(T«? 9. rn. The fnlfilling of deatiny. 
^^WT s. m, A kind of vegetable. 
*^:^I1[^ 0dj. Uxorious. 
«imil1 V, a. To eCfect^ to settle, t^. n. 

To shriek. 
WK^z i,/. Sideways, sleeping on the 

side, turning from sid* to side. Kar- 

vnU lenoy To turn (tit bed). 'SLcawal 

kaf^Oy To turn over. 
^PCWTfT V, a. To cause to make or do. 

^^^ ( f' m. A rudder, a paddle. 

V^9K 8, m. A. fragrant plant or flower 

( Oleander or Nerium odorum)* 
^itn s» vu w^dematous swelling of the 
hands. [for fuel. 

W^ s.f. Small lumps of cowdung dried 
Wf^T «./. The lions. 
W<t?r ». w. A saw. 
Wit^ B. a. A sawyer. 
^\^ adj. Adulterated, false or bad ( as 
coin), [curlew. 

W^m^ 9, m. A bird, a kind of heron or 
^KPTT '0, tf. To cause to be done or mad ; 

to actuate, to effect. 
*tra^ «. m. Rosin. 
^^KT adj. Hard, stiff. 
WKJm #. m. Rosin, pitch, adj. Great, 
large ; high, lofty ; formidable, ter- 
it^TTTT «. n. To sigh and utter ah ! 

from pain, to groan^ to moan. 
Milfi «./. A flat vessel of iron, brass, 
or earth, in which^ food is boiled or 
fried. IKaraJU chdina^ To lick the 
pots (from indigenes or extreme ava- 
rice); hence, applied a^ a reproaeh to 
a bridegrooin if it rain on his wedding 
procession. Sardhi Un^^ A species 
of ordeal, in which oil is made boi)ing 
hot in the Tessel abpve described, a 
smaU piece of gpld, #s a ring; i&.put 

in it, and the suspected person is to 
take it out. If he do this without in- 
jury to lis hand, he is pronounced 


irfK An elephant, 
^r^ A female elephant. 
vR:^ <• ">• A sproul, a shoot. 
vft'^tT s.f. The loins, waist. 
^5Q «. m. The shoot of a bamboo ; a 
thorny plant growing in deserts and 
fed upon by camels ( Capparis 
W^m 9. m, A plant ( Capparis spinosct ). 
^€WT s. A Tenderness, pity, compassion^ 
mercy. K<trund-nidhdnay Abode ot 
tenderness and mercy {an epithet cf! 
the Deity). 
V^WFvnr <»(^'. Compassionate, tender. ^ 
^IT^f*»fii *. m. An epithet of Qod.^ 
^iprorFn? adj. Gentle, compassionate, 
^^^n *. w. An earthen pipkin, a pot 
with a spont. "Karua'Clioulh^ A Hin- 
du holy-day celebrated in the montt 
W^K adj. A breast. 
iri^T adj. Hard, stiff, vehement. 
^^\ 8.m. A vegetable of a hitter taste 
( Mcmordica charantia). [kind ) . 

IKW e. w, A snake ( of a ^ery venomous 
m^ \ ctdj. Ten millions. KarorapaHy 
^r(K J Possessor of % crare of 

rupees. lHaror'lohukhy e, m. A liar. 
ilfitfT s. w. A tax-gather, an inspector, 

an overseer. 
it6w 9. m. A saw. ^^ 

m^ s.f. Mlk that sticks, to the hot- 

torn of the pot after boiling. 
mfjV 9. TO. A fruit, the corimto 

( Cariisa carandas ). 
If^ s.m^ A crab ; the sign Cancer. 
Mmz 9. 971. A crab ; a sign qf the zodiaq^ 
Cancet^ ; aUnd of bird^ the Knnuditti 

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< 99 ) 

m^>i adj. Tiokni ; baid ; ikiUQgible ; 
cruel ;iiDfee1tng, mnmercifnl ; harsh, 
' nnkind ; miseriy* 
Irtl ^ «./. Termagant, scold, 

^ 1 *• ^* P«w*, gong of triumph. 

«nif Ht «. m. A kind of gem or precictts 
stone. [naut). 

%^^ *. m. A plant ( CktrcwM recti' 

*^^ir B, wi, Zodoary (Owrtfuwia kerHWr- 
het ). 

mp^ 9. /. An iron skinuner. 

*rrf i. m. A large spoon, a ladle. 

«B5t^ ^./. A bonnd, spring, jmnp. 
^ imJT «./. A dpoon ; a skcin (tf ringht), 

W^ «. /. An iron spoon ; a sword 
made of soft iron. 

ITvff adj. Stiff, hard ; harsh, obdnrate. 

iri ^. m. The ear ; the helm of a boat, 
. fto. Koi^nchphttl, i^m. A kind of ear- 

•fi|h^ "> *./. An insect or worm 

iW^^^T J with many feet, and of a 

^. reddish oolonr ( Juhtt 4omi/4x^ ) ; a 

small oentipiede. 
«r^^ g. ui. The wax of the ear. 
^nr^^^ s- m. An ear-ring, an ornament 

of the ear. 
%^%\K 9* nu K snpereargo^ t)ilot or 

helrasmid. [ ear. 

^jF^qnt B. m* Inflammation of the onter 
tV^^ L /• An ornament of the ear, a 

garland or string of jewels pendent 
^ from it. 
«^ (T. m. The eapitd ^Rdja Kama. 

the andent name ^f Bhagalpote, 
M^vl^f^tt «• m. A ^ea0« of th)e. esr, 
, snppression of the exeretion or wax, 

whioh is tmpposed to bare ditrsdtted 

ond to piftes by ^e n^e and moutb. 
»'%^^ '«• m. A sort of €rii (OpfUocepha^ 

kn hmrawBjf ) 

ti^tiw s. m. A kind «f dar-ring. 

^^^J K 8. m. A sort of sheafc-fid 
( Silw^us unihu ). [the ear. 

^W?^ J, ». Tho excretion or wax of 

l^^E jr. m. An ornament of the ear -, 
an eai^ring. [the ear. 

iiwww *. «* A parotisi or swelling &ear 

nnmf^.it./. The lobe of the ear. 

iiw9^ ». m. Perforating ihe ears. 

Vtftinft s.y. An instrvment for p•^ 
forating the ear. 

liWU^ 0. f». iBar-ache. 

tt^lurf t. m. Blsoharge of ichorou 
matter from the ear. 

ii^ 9. m. A conn try, the ftiodem 
Cdrnatio ; the name however was 
anciently ilpplied to the central dis- 
tricts of the peninsnla, inclnding 

W^ $. f. One of the ruginU, or 
female personifications ot the musical 
modes. [ment of the ear. 

%^if^l*rK 8. m. An ear-ring, or oma- 

%Psift f./. A disease of tbe nterns, 
prolapsus or polypns uteri. 

1^' «•/. Action, business; a trowel. 

11^ «« m. The name of a moontafn, 
on^ of seyen principal ranges of tiie 
mountains dividing the uniy^se. 

^nif> #, f. A pair of scissors, or shears. 

iffW^ adj. Ptoper to be done, what 
onght to be done, necessary, incatt- 
bent, practicable, proper, fit. 

^nmirr «. /. PraotioabiUty, propriety, 

fitness, necessity, obligation. 
Vlt 9. m. Maker, Creator ( the DMne 
•B^g ),' author, do6r, agen| ; nemi- 
utiAve (tfa gram, ) ; a projfrietor, 
fnaster ; a husband. 

tirtTh: 8. m. The creator, maker ; an 
author, doer. 

W^<$. An ag«Bty a doer^ a BMdcttr* 

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( M ) 

irw TUT 

W« ai * «. Ageacy, management, rule, 

^ > #. m. Mud, mire, clay. 

m^ 8.m. Qnmh&ag of tiie i}6wMs, 
horhcrygmi. fcorcten. 

V^ *./. A waist-band, girdle, xon?, 
Vrf^ #. m. Cotton, 
^nrhft #./. The cotton tree. 
*^ t f . w. Camphor. 
'^^"^ \ *• ^'- Zedoary (Curotma 

Camphor linhnent, 
^^:»Tftr #. TO, A white mineral nffcd 

medicinally. ferlji. 

^tW^ ^^ *• wi. Mountain ebony ; bine bar 
^^^Kt «./ Tmmpet flower {Bignonia. 

9ua^eolen$) ; a sort of Basil (Ocf/mWfn 

gratisiimum) . 

'^rt \ 8, m. Action, act, office, fbi- 
W%^ 3 tnne, fate, destiny ; aocnaar 

Hre case ; Hindu wOMhip devoiiion ; 

Dame of a bird. Karm-hhog^ «• lu. 
. ihEilfilling of destiny. 
trt^W 8, m. The body of religions 

eeremonies, commanded in the kmdu 

laws, or established by custom. 
mifm^^dj. A worker. 8.m, A black- 

mitk [accusatire case, 

li^^vpcir «• «K. OiMt who doea any work ; 
^4r^ ?f adA. Dismissed from ofioe. . 
'Jliif^ adj. Immonri^ disputable. 
l4j«n4 *. •». Falflniiig of destany ; the 

differing of the oeasequeBces sf as- 

tions, whether g^d or bad. 
•iHlffir 8. m. The fourth and prweivt 

^age of "fte world, the iron age. 
v4r(^MW 8. m. The conseqt;eaoee of 

actionB» , 

mdj. Assidbous, Mboilous r ob^ 

who perseyeres in his duties wfttrout 

lOiriEipg foftwaitt io iheir reW«rd« 

wkm tJ M« AppioTUd occnpatiso. 

ir^T adj. Assidtioits, laborious. 

lNrf%fv «./. SoeeesBy aoeompUahment. 

V^W^ cdj, De?0irt vivtiiotts ;: for to* 
nate, accidental. 

^fiJrg <>4). Active, assiduevff^ diligent 

W^ (fdj. Relating to any wodk^ doing 
woii:, fortunate. 

^rtTftrir •. m. An organ of action t- 
five are reckoned, the hand, the ^ot^ 
the lamyx, or organ of the Toice, Mie- 
organ of generation and that of feeih^ 
lent ezoretiot^. 

^ adj. Hard, adulterated,. fa|M or 
bad {a8 coin). 

unfwT V. fi. To be hard or stiff. 

^W<r adj. A cultivator, oif the ecfil, on« 
who lives by tilt.. 

liW^ 8. m. Ploughing, cultiTating $km 
ground ^ drawing or attraeting. 

ir^'lir «. m. Belerio myrobalau {Titf^ 
piinalia helerica). 

^!f^^ «./• A medicinal sort of moon 
pla&i ; the bit of a bridle. 

^rv 8. m. To-morrow, yesterday ; the 
fourth period of the jHindu8, 8^f^ 
Ease, tranquillity, peace, relief, 
quiet, rest • a trap, a machine, a 
look. Kal ki hdt, News of yester- 
day, something thi^t happened veiy 
lately. Kal-maJcalf s. /• TJneasinese, 
disquiet, trouble. Kal ka admi, Am 
automaton, a puppet ; (met. ) « very 
Weak person. Kal ka ghora, A wpif 
W*U trained and obedient horse. 

^rari: s./. Tin, lacker, gilt. 

m^n^n #. »• Wranglisg ; a coaftistf 
noise, the murmuriDg tnr bu£ of a 

Jit# a.^m. Hko tenth JSudu ineara- 
fttioa, yatio happen. ^Rie daity ia 

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( 9* ) 


of a hrakrMn, who is to be born in 
the town of Sambhal^ and in the 
family of Vishnu Sarm» ; he will ride 
on honieback and put to death all 
the wicked. 

W^'VT 8. mm A flower, the cockscomb 
( AmararUlmn ), prince's feather. 

mm'ft An ornament on the turban. 

VHV s* m> A • spot or mark, abnse^ 
calumny, accusation, reflection, as- 
persion, suspicion, scandal, obloquy, 
defamation, blemish, brand, stigma. 

WVfWH adj. Calumniated, defamed. 

ir<lflHt/« ) <idj. Stained, blemished, 
irmiPt ) charged with any thing 

disgraceful ; liable to veproaoh ; 
, disgraced, rcFiled. [low« 

y ^ l ^^^ f adj. Dark-complexioned, sal- 
%«fer>n «<&'• Malignant, iU-omened, 

whose curses preyail. 
ifnr oc^'. An animal struck with a 

poisoned weapon, 
ii«ir *./. A wife. 
Mfim^ 9. m. Bye for the hair ; stardi. 
Cfiqm "0. «. To be grieved, to grieve. 
ir^RTiT n. a. To grieve, to distress. 
IR-^m B,m. A pen, a reed for writing 

K^rvnror «./ Distraction, trouble. 
V^if^WT f^. n. To fidget, to writhe, to 

^T^^ s. /. Oi^'OolmAuM repens, need 

as an esculent vegetable. 
m^nm t./. Misfortune, calamity. 
Wei^r^ «. m. A distiller, a vender of 

spirituous liquors. 
mmne.m. a dome, cupola, spire, or 

the ornament on the top of a dome, 

a pinnacle; a water-pot. Kakutiikd- 
- pen kamoy n. 0. To oftring 

<^ a jar of water to any deity ; five 
' twigs of die £ollemng*t|i^df0ii9d 

sacred being pretiously placed in it^ 
viz. Aawatiha (Ficw Beligic$a) Vata 
(Ficus Indiea)y Uddumbara (Ficu9 
GlamercUa), Shami {Mimosa Albid0)p 
and Amra {Hog plum) or mango. 

W^m \ ^^' ^<>'<^» beginning thus. 

m^njs.m, A pinnacle. 

ir^fkn t^dj. Black-headed, s, m, Man. 

irwfft #./. A waterrpot, a little spire oa 
the top of a dome or pinnacle. 
s, 771. Quarrel, strife, contentioo. 
s, m. Quarrelsome, turbulent. 

il^^irrf^ifl <. m. A quarrelsome woman. 

^vnivrft adj. Quarrelsome, factious^ 

I^IYT^T suij. Quarrelsome, contentioui. 

V^srit s,f, A scold, a termagant, vixen. 

W^T «./. The sixteenth part of the 
moon's diameter, a digit of the mopn; 
a division of time, about eight se- 
conds, the sixtieth part of a degree • 
part, portion ; art^ trick. Kala-hazi^ 
s,f* Turning over head and heels^ 
tumbling, juggling. Kal0 na hadma^ 
To disobey, decline, not to succeed* 
Kala na lugna, Not to hare an ad- 
vantage, not to avail. 

.IWit ^. /. Wrist; a kind of pulse 
leguminous seeds in general. 

ir^T^f t^. <». To' parch grain. 

liWR s. m. Assemblage, multitude ; a 
grammar of the Sanskrit language. 

V^nn^^ «. 9A. Gold thread, a silver 

V^tn: «. m. A. distiller, a seller of spiri- 
tuous liquors, a tavern-keeper, inn^ 

imif^ «./• Female of KaUr. 

'^nx^m 8. 'Wm A kind 0/ singer or 

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f M > 


iff^ f . m. The fotirtli tge of tlic world, ! 
^cording to the Bindus^ the iron 
sge or ftiHt of rice : the oommence- 
metit of the Kali^yvtg or age is placed 
about SlOl years anterior to the 
Christian era, the number of its years 
are 482, 000, at the expiration of 
which the world is to be destroyed. 

%^ \ s*f' A. bnd, an unblown flower 
^r^ / blossom ; quicklime ; the 

fourth age ef the world. 
^nsif r^. w. A curlew. 
^t^^imx s.f. The sixteenth part of the 
moon's disc. [Mythology. 

^»^<rhe fourth age in the Hmdu 
Mt^lf s. m. The febrifuge nut plant 
( CcBsalpinia or GuilandhM Bondvr- 
ceo** ) ; the name ef a country : the 
name Kaling is applied in the Purans 
to several places, but it especially 
signifies a district on the Coromandel 
coast, extending from belaw Cuttack 
to the vicinity of Madras, 
^fWT *./. A plant, eommonly called 
r«ori, the bark of which is used as 
a purgative, [hud. 

w'^'mPlT V. a. To blossom, to bloom to 
wmg^ s. m. The fourth or present age 
of the world, which Mr. Bently sup- 
poses to have commenced 8102 years 
before the Christian era. 
irfWT 9. m. A christiaii church, a con- 
gregation of believers. 
%gt f . /. A bud, an unblowu flower 
blossom ; quicklime ; the Kali-yug 
or 4th age of tiie ITinrfa*. 
m^.Zi c^dj. Black ( aamplexioned ). 
mmn j. Dirt, impurity. 
^^^T^.m. Any th'mg tanvay or black 

V^if ^. m. Cold meat, stale victuals, a 
iVmcKeoo, ^ akfast. 

irthrr «. m. The KVer ; ( met, ) courage, 
ftl>irit, mi^nanimity, heart. Kaleja 
uhtna^ To be fatigued with excessive 
vomiting. K^jkl^a phatna, To be dis- 
turbed with grief 5r jealouy. Kaleja 
thanda kamay To obtain one's wish, 
to get ease. Kaleja jalna kisi ka, 
Xo" suffer sorrow, to mourn. Kal&ja 
kampna,To be afraid, to suffer cold. 
Kalga far samp phima, To suff'er 
jealousy or envy. Kaleja se laga 
rakhna^ To caress, embrace, love ex- 
ceedingly. Kaleje men ddH rakhma, 
To love or esteem exceedingly. 

m^VC $. m. The body. 

^^ e.m. Goldme^t, stale victuals, 
a luncheon^ a breakfast. 

JJI^ I f.7». The liver courage. 

ir<9nf i' ^« Sickness, pain, trouble, dis- 
tress, vexation, afiBiiction, tormen, 
quarrel, contention. 

W^ *. m. A heifer. 

ir^tw S' m. Wantonness, friskiness, 
play, sport, frolic, gambol. 

^^tf^e.f. A small, blackish, triangu- 
lar, ' pyramidicsA shaped seed of a 
very pungent smell used medicinally 
( Nigdla Jndiea ). 

V^ S* m. Sediment, the deposit of oil, 
ghee,. &c., dirt, filth ; ordure, faeces ; 
fiin, fraud ; the BeHeric myrdbdlan ; 
the wax of the ear. ^« Sinful, 

insi t. m. A %hasir or saoted work, 
one the six Vedangs, comprehending 
the description of religious rites ; a 
day and nigbt ot Br'ama^ a period of 
4,880,000^000 of fldlar sidereal years 
or years of moriials, measuring the 
deration of the world, and as many, 
. the iatefVal of ^^ ^tnikilatios ; a 

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i w ) 

deitniction of the worM ; a eaored ^ 

precept, practice deacribed by the 

Vedi for effectmg certian «oaee- 

quences ; optionaiitj, alteruatire, 

doabt ; resolfe, 'purpoae, any act of 

determination ; prodriety, fitness. 

^^'HT^ } s* m. One of the fabulons 
m^W^ J trees of Indra'a heaven ^ a 

tree which yields whatever may be 


^^m^ 8. m. The destruction of all 
things, the end of the world* 

%W^\ 8. m. A scheme; a contrivance, a 
plan, a forgery, an imitation. 

^mv^ 8. m. The destroiction of the 
world, the end of the Kol^^ the four 
ages of its existence. 

irf^Jf adj. Made, arranged, artificially 
produced or constructed. 

V^^ir ;r. m. The Final destruction. 

^%^ i. m. Dirt, sediment. 

%^ 8, m. The dawn or break of day. 
adi>. Yesterday. to-morrow, adf^ 
Healthy, recovered irom sickneas ; 
deaf and dumb. 

taocrr^ «, m. Welfare, hairiness, pros- 
perity, good fortune • name of a mu- 
sical mode sung at night ; a legumi- 
nous shrub (Glycine dehilis). adj. 
Happy, well, right, prosperous, luky. 

V^T'if^W 8. m. Good wishes. ^ 

iBifNt adj. Happy, lucky, prosperous ; 
auspicious, propitious. 

WWK adj^ Barren, sterile (land) ; gait 

HQTRT 1^. «. To bncD^ to ibe inflamed (o« 
ihe skin hj rubbing pepper, ^c. on it), 

mwv^mK 8. m, A kind of sweetmeatt 

^W\9 8. w. Joy, hap^ness, pleasure. 

^n% 8. m. Yeeterday, to-morrow. 

^1^ 8. «. Armour, mail ; a drum nsed 
in battle, a kettle drum f a tree 

( Hibi8CU$ poputneoidee ) ; an amnl^t^ « 
a writing carried about the person aa 
a charm. 

VrTqir s.m* A tree, eom&only^ called 
Bh&jpair : piecea of the brak of 4iis 
tree inscribed with mystical verses 
serve as amulets, &c. 

mA^ 8. m. A kind of flat fish, remark^ 
able for going byfland from one spot 
to auother ( Coins cob^ius ). 

^f^ )«.?». A mouthful ; a kind of 

^^ j fish ; an astringent wash for* 
cleaning the mouth, a gargle. 

%fr 8, m. A po6t« 

IftJ^ } *'-^- Poetry, a poem. 

^9^ «. m, A kind of grass ( Scirpui 
Jcysnr) ; a root (Ct/perus tuberosui) ; 
one of the nine divisions of Jambu 
dwip, [Cailmir. 

M^K, 8. m^ The name of a country^ 

V^nr 8. m. The name of a Muni or dei- 
fied sage, the son of Maricht and 
father of the immortals, gods' and 
devils ; a kind of deer. 

m^ 8» m. The touchstone ; assay ; the 
decoction of a colouring substance. 

^^ 8. w. Touch or test of gold bj 
the touchstone. 

%^[^ «. m. Astringency. 

iff^rns «. /. An astringent. 

vft^ 8.J. A touchstone. 

IW ;. m. Want, penury, affliction, pain, 
distress, hardship, vehemence, vio- 
lence, acuteness, (of pain), agony, 
difficulty ; bodily pain or uneasiness. 

IHf^ (kdj. Giving pain or truble. 

^fi? s./. Test, trial ; pain, trouble. 
ir?t (H^. SujSeriug a painful and tedi- 
ous labour (a woman) ; afflicted, suf* 
feriug, in want. 
^^ 8, m. Strengili, power j a&s^j, a 

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( 97 ) 


Mldidione the ; decoctiofi of ft colerar- 
Ing substance. 
Mmms.f. Pain, stitch, affliction, [ftil. 
w^prr t>. ]». lo buffer pain, to be pain- 
^i^m^J «4?« Gritty, sandy, {as tread), 
iK«9<T s. m. Bell-metal. 
WH^ 8. m. Rack, torment, torture. 
nfVm 15. a. To tighten, tie, braee ; to 

assay, try, prove, examine ; to fry in 

melted batter. ». w. A bundle, wallet. 
^^B^'TTTT ^. w. To move, to shake. 
qWTp^ «. a. To cause to tighten, tie, 

bind, &c. 
ir^ffnt >./. A mistress, strumpet. 
€41 41^1 ^ *. w. A whoremonger. 
«wfhn^ *./. Whoremongery. 
%^^ 8.f. An oath. 
iW^nft *./. Crowd, press ; excitement, 

anxiety before a battle. 
^^ s. «. Violence, compulsion. 
%9KJili'f' (frwi Persian) Abundance, 

I^enty, (m Hind.) Exercise, practice, 
• vigour, gymnaatica, exertion. 
iffKift TJsnal, practiced, familiar. 
m^a^j. Tight, tense, strait 
^Rnt s. «. A butcher, adj. Cruel, 

^pgjm V. a. To cause to try, td prove 

or assay ; to cause to tighten, v. n. 

To be spoiled {curd$ 4tc.) by standing 

in a metal vesseL 
^^i^acy. Ready, tied up. 
iWTt *. »•• A sweetmeat. 
nqms.m. Astringency. 

2^'^^ I s,/. An astringeat, 

trf^S «. TB* A cushion) clothing. 
wit^f.m. A poem* 
irfNfTal;. Strong, vigorous Iferri). 
mit^ s. m« Martial vitriol {Svdphe^ 
m^tK *. m. An error, fault, 
litm^ part. Tied up, prepared, ready. 


IffhcT 8. m. A brazier or jtewter«r. 

^w^ «. TO, A root {Ct/pei-us tHberoeue)^ 

W%m adj. Astringent. 

^^ T^ s.f. A kind of pickle ; a plant 
(Cassea sophera). 

m^ftit «. /. A touchstone. 

^r^KT5./. An oyster. 

W^i\ s.f. Mnsk, the animal perfnme 90 
called, as brought from Caskmir^ 
Nepalj and western Assam and Bhu^ 
tan, the latter is said to he the best. 
s* m, A saying, by word. 
i>. a. To tell, Bay, recount, relate, 
bid, order, call, affirm, assert, aver, 
avow, declare, acquaint, advise, 
speak. 8. m. Saying, advice, order. 
ILaka dena. To tell, bid, order, &c. 

'inPTT^ *. /. A proverb, saying, am 
adage ; style. [style* 

ITfnj s. /. 'A proverb, adage saying, 

^VMJ D. ». To groan. 

^iVCTf T V. n. To groan (as a steh peNon)^ 

mifin«rr ^. a. To cause to say, to call, 
to be called ; to parch, v. n. Td 
wither ; to become weak, to be lazy. 

^lY^ Horm V. a. To send a message, ta 
send and tell, to inform. 

W€^ s, m. A cough. 

irv^mt ». a. To cause to speak. 

i|1Pt adv. Where ? Kahan-tdk^ Hoif 
far ? how long f to what degree ? 
ILahan se^ Whence f Kakan Tea kahan^ 
To what degree ; extremely, immense- 


^ITT «. TO. Order, leave, saying, word^ 
call, confession, affirmation, advice. 
pran. What ? which ? how ? why ? 

iinT^I^ s.f. Altercation, expostulation, 

^f ITT V. a. To cause to speak, to cathe 
to tell, to be dalled. 

^nn^ 8, /. A tale, story, fable. 

m%\K 8. TO. A palkce-bearer, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( ^SV) 

mvm f . / A provarb, Ujing, an adage. 

IRT^ «./. Converflation, diecussion, 

^tft adv. Somewhere, anywhere, wher- 
I e¥er« Kahin n<ih hahin^ Somewhere 
or other. 

mft «. /. A foraging party. 

VW o^v. Somewhere^ anywhere. 

99 8. m. The arm-pi^ the side or flank. 

ir^ $./. The end of the lower gar- 
ment, which after the cloth is carried 
round the body is brought up behind 
and tacked into the waistband ; a 
woman's girdle or zone. 

mr pron. Whom t what ? which f pon^ 
pos. Of, belonging to. 

mi^^ «. m. A nodnk of lime-stone. 

w\nx 8. /, The armpit. 

irlirWT V. n. To grant. 

^4FtWT 8. m, Straining {wh^ at stool, &c.) 

^^^ 1 8. m. A plant or its seed 
mM\ 5 (P<mieHm italicum), 

WT#t 8, /. A chafing-dish. 

mH 8. m. Olass ; a disorder in which 
the intestinym rectum is prolapsed ; 
a prolapsus ani. Z^nch mkolna, Ani 

mNi adj. Raw. 

^tWTF./. Wisb^ desire/ inclination. 

9t«ft *•/. a; kind of pckle or vinegar 
made by steeping rice in watst and 
leHing the liquor ferment^ which is 
kept for use sometimes twenty years. 

lrt^T i. f». A thorn, spine ; a fork ; 
•mtll (goidiimtk'8 or apothecarjf*g) 
,«eales / a spur ; a type ; the tongue 
of a bjOance; fishing-hook; a fish- 
bone. KiHUetBa mkai jaiw^ To be 
breed from distress or injury, Kan- 
I ton p0r ghasitna, {Ut to drag upon 
thioriu ), To extol or exalt one abore 
. his merits i (u8od bya penon who 

from humility dUclaimg tU fraiieg 

hssiowed on him. ) Kante hone, {Ut.Uo 

plant thorns ), To prepare distreis, 

or misfortune for one's self, 
^ter adj. Near, proximate. 
*'l2<1i|F t. To prepare for one-self db- 

tress or misfortune. 
^i^ ». m. A section, part, division j 

sport, exhibition. 
9lv»iT V. a. To beat, press, grind. ' 
^twiJt «./, Purslain {PortulaM). 
vWt s./. A rafter ; a sentence of tie 

^rft i,/. A single straw, blade of grass. 
Ilt^ *. m. An onion. 
9i^ «. m. A sugar boiler ; a tribe whose 

business it is to fry corn, prepare 

sweetmeats, dkc. 
9ift 8. m. Mud, slime, 
wfvrm t;. a. To assist, to protect. 
«^n s. 191. The shoulder. Kandha hi* 

lana. To shrag up Che shoulders. 

Kandka dena^ to assist; to tirrj 

away the dead. [shmk#. 

irWT i». n. To shiver, tremble, quakes 
Wta «,/. A species of grass (S(»och<u^n) 


n\m \ $. m, Bdl-metal, white cop. 
'Itw J per or brass, queen's metd, 

any amalgam of zinc and copper. 
^t^fifR s. TO. A bracier, a pewterer, k 

worker in white or bell-metal. 
^rt^'Jhl «. m. Blue vitriol considered as 
. a coUirium. 

WhiT 8,f. Wish, desire, inclination. 
Wit 5./, The green scuni oh the surfa^ 

of stagnant pools, or the green mould 

that sticks to walls and pavements, 
.'scum, fur» paste. 
liTim 8, m. A medicine, an aromatic 

bark (Fragaria msca). fTr^sdes. 

m% 8. m. A croir. Kakpakeha, s. ni. 

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( 99 -, 


iVIiifT r« m, A kind of leather. 

HmTrf^ «./. A medicme. 

mim^ 9, m. A leprosy with black and 

red epots, considered inonrable, 
iRTfi^^ 1. ^. A crow's feather* 
Urirtftv «. m. A kind of ebony. 
WnR«ar *./• a woman that bears only 

one child. 

VT^^'^ {. ^'^' A kind of mountain 

? «. m. Akin 
J crow. 

^mi«nr^ «• m. a water-hen^ a gaUinnle. 

vrviif $. fli. The oolocynth or bitter 

tvmn «. m. A paternal nnde* 

mnft 1./. Annt. 

imif(ir4t «./. Rannncnlni. 

VT<ifNr f . m. A poisonone inbetance of 
• black oolonr, poiiiibly the berry of 
the Cocnlns Indicns ; a division of 
tbe infernal legionfl. or hell. 

^^riRittf^ './. A vegetable snbstance need 
in medicine^ described as sweet and 

, cooling, allaying fcTer, removing 

\ ^pblegm» kt.y it is said to be a root 
brought from N$fckl or Morc^ng^ 

mm «./. The armpit 

WTW^rarrt «./• A painfnl suppurating 
tumour in the artnpit. 

^r^mtoV i. f. The space from the 
shoulders to the armpit. 

mm $. m. A crow ; a raven. 

iSTf^ ^. m. A paper. 

m^ s. m. Vendor of paper. 

WTf^'uft s. m. Office allowance for sta- 

VmK s.f. A parrots beats* Two side, 

. margin. 

Vnv 9. m. Qlass ; alkalme ashes^ any 
salt of potash or soda in a glassy or 
erystalline state ; crystal^ quarts or 
glass ; a disease of the eyes. 

ITtfrf^ 9^ «. Crystal^ qunrtat 

^f^9m s. i». Black salt or soda, 
imrv^ s. m. Black salt, a medieval 

salt, prepared by calcining fossil salt' 

and the fruit of the emblio mjrobataa 

together : it consists ohiefly of muri- 
ate of soda, with a small quantity of 

iron, line and snlpher, and is a tonid 

aperient. [knowing. 

rnmr adj. Unripe, raw, simple, uu- 

Vl^ i. /. HUk poUaged. 

wm s. m. A cloth worn round the hips 

passing between tiie legs and tucked 

in bdiind ; the upper part of the 

rnrnn #•/• A female gardener. 
wm^ tf. a. To bind on or tie up tha 

Kmehka or upper part of the thigh ; 

to skin, to gather. 
m4^ 9' /' A cloth worn over tiM 

KtfcA^ or upper part of tbe thiglu 
WiMH s. m. The upper part of the Hdf^ 
UTift 8. 9^ A gardener who cultivates 

and sells pot-herbs. 
^ttm s. m. Business, occupation, m- 

work, an action, afiEilir. 
m^m $. m. Lampblad^ {with which <&r 

eyelidiaripamUd), Kajal Jd kothri,. 

A place from going into which, or an 

affisir, the being engaged in which, 

brings disgrace or suspicion on one's 

m^ adj. Busy, employed. 
mAprep. By reason of, for the sake of. 
^HiR «. fiK Gold. adj. dolden, of gold. 
Wtm^madj. Oolden. 
Wtz #./• A cuty incision, ccecution^ 

scum ; vindence. Kat hama, ^. a. 

To wound, to cut. Kat thana, Tb^ 

mic^e i. f. Clippings, chips, scraps* 

JuUhut barnof To clip, cut out ; ic^ 






( lOO ) 


miz^X V. a. To cut, clip ; to bite, cor- 
rode, erode ; to xeap ; to stop, stay • 
to waste, pass away ( Ume ), to pass 
( a road ) ; to intorrupt, intercept ; 
to shame^ make ashamed. ILatdalnay 
To cut ofiT, amputate, 

ir^ $. w. Cutter, aA". Oorrosive. 

ir:7 f • m. Wood, timber, stodt, block, 
a pair of stooka ; a scabbard. K<»tft- 
futUj $.f. A puppel^ atoy. Ka^A 
iiteiafkty To fare hardly. KnikTtavXlm, 

I f . m. A sad blockhead^ adj. Impene- 
trable^ blockhead. 'K.ath hi kha$nbo^ 
»*/• A sad blodchead (leomon). K«<A 
' trr (9, A bug. Kath men pacm desnt , 
To be imprisoned, to be in the stodce. 
Kath mandaky a toad. KcUh honoy To 
pine away ; to be petrified with as- 

^ tanishmeut. EatA Jcaidr^ Wooden 

*^;;^ ] Wooden articles. 

mT^^ s. m, A bug. 

Hrr^T «. m. A wooden pot. 

in8^?»^ «./. A wooden doll. [ty. 

Wfft^ 8,f. Difficulty • hardness ; cruel- 

Vrsf «« /• Body; scabbard; shape; 
wood, timber ^ appearance, person ; 
a saddle. 

WfT ». m. A young buffalo. 

«IT? 8. m. Membrum virile. 

%\^^J V. 0. To draw forth (a* a svwrd), 
draw, draw ofif^ skin, take out, to I 
extricate ; to draw lines or figures 
work flowers on cloth, draw figures 
in jwedle-work, to draw, paint, deli- 

imrr #. w, A decoction. 

IfT^ ckdj^ Blind of one eye, one-eyed. 
iPruii, miti, 4rc.) whose kernel is 
<i% rotten, or which has no kernel^ ; 
fooliBh, stnpid, Ktn%'h<xti ^h^rna} 

To talk . or whisper in the ear^ to 
consult^ advise. Kana-fhusi, «. /, 
Whispering. Kcma-tiri. b. f. The 
name of a grass. Kana-kofd Icama, 
To whisper. Kani-'kouni, A cewrie 
with a hole^ in it. 

VFi) ac(|«/. A woman bHnd <^ one eye^ 

qrrw 9. m. A chapter, a section, part^ 
divittOE; sport, exhibition. 

^m^ •». o. To spin, 

nwx ae^. Dis<»resBed,'agitated with di»- 
trees, confused, perplexed, disorder- 
ed; timidy timorous, gentle. 8. m. A 
large kind «£ fish (Oy|M-ifMM eaUa). 

%mKm 8.f. Timidity, agitation. 

^nftv 9. ta. The second or seventh ^^ 
du month {0(^ober-N(y»ember) when 
the moon is full near Ktitiiha or the 

^VT^iT s. m. Name of a saint. 

^rr^ adj. Timid, timorous, conf^ased^ 

^1^^^ > «./. Timidity, timorousness^ 

Z!2 \ *. m, Slime^ mud, mire. 

m^8,m» The ear. cm^'. Blind of on9 
eye. Kan metnay To pull the ears, 
chastise. 'Kan hhama, To excite di&- 
sention by tale-bearing. Kan par 
jun na-chalna, to be very negligent or 
careless. Kan par rakhnay To remem- 
ber ; to abstain. Kan par hdth dhar- 
nay To refuse, deny. Elan* pdkarna. 
To confess inferiority. Kan phutna, 
t>. n. To be deaf. Kan phoma, T© 
make a noise. Kan phunkany To teU 
tales, to excite quarrels ; to tutor* 
Kanjhitkanoy To desire to hear. Kan 
dharfMy To hear, listen, attend, be 
attentive. Kan dahdkar chale j<inay 
To runaway. Kan dMm^ T^ tnnir 

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C 101 > 


fiaok ilie eara^ a sa hnrs# does when 
prqDaring io bite. Kan de sunna, 
To hear, attentively. Kan dena, To 
Jtear^ to be attentive. Kan salai, 
9,f. Name of an insect. Kan Jca par- 
dof The tjmpanmn. Kan hdtna. To 
git the better of, snrpass, overeome, 
ontwit. Ktfn hhart hona, To be 
alanned« Kdn Mol d^na, (lit.) To 
open one's eats ; to inform ; to make 
Hcqnainted with, warn, cantion. Kttn 
lagna^ To get into Yne's confidenee. 
Eon maJnOf To admonish, pnnish, 
chastise. Kan myl, s.m. Ear-wax. 
'Kan myl'Walaf A person whose em- 
ployment it is to pick or clean the 
•ars. Kan men ungli de rahna, To 
stop one^s ears, to tnm a deikf ear to 
trhat is fsMd. Kan men hdt mttma. 
To pretend not to hear. Kan men 
pama, To be heard (a speech). Kan 
men tel ddlna, (lit. to pour oil in the 
taty) To pretend not to hear. Kan 
men tel ddlkar eo rahna^ To be inat- 
tentive or negligent. Kan men kahna, 
To whisper, to tell. Kan nak hUdna, 
To be silent. Kdnonkdn kahna, To 
whisper. Kan hilana. To acqniesce 
in. Kan hone. To ntiderstand, com- 
prehend, be ^warned or take ex- 

*TW *./. Modesty, shame, respect, s. m. 
A^hnsband. Kan kama, To be asham- 
ed. Kan chKomoy To be impadent. 
f Kan nah hama, To treat with dis- 

Urnr^^ «. m* Scorpion. 

VnPl s» m. A forest, desert, wood. 

Qrt«i9€^ Whispering in the ear, 

iffwr^ s. m* A fmit. 

wm%^ e, m. Earwax. 

mm adj. Mnd. 

^'rnmft A whispering in the ear. 

iirPr s. /. 8hame. 

m^^.f. Blind. 

mm s. m. Husband, aij. Pleasing, 

agreeable, beantifoL 
ii1<iir t./t WiCe, beloved ; beantj^ «plen« 

dor; light, a lovely or desirmbto 

ifTPir s.f. Splendonr, lustre, 
m^r^ir e. m. The andent nana «f th# 

country of Kananj. 
mm e. m. A husband • out of §bm 

names of Krishna, 
m^jm e. m. A musical mode ; a kind* 

of nightingale. 
4r^wr ^' n. To tremble, quake. 
Wi^^ adj. A contemptible man. 
m^'t^ t. m. A bitter seed. 
^TfiirWT s. ft, A body of travellers. 

I s./. An earth with whidr 
Hrfiw J earthenware is varnished. 

«flt<t n. prop. Name of a river, th# 

m^ e. 911. Desire, wish, inclioatioH ; tiio 
god of love. Cupid ^ busiaesB, action, 
act, deed, affair, matter, work, mse, 
occupation, employment ; packet, 
mail, post-bag. Kom ana, To com« 
into use, be of use, aivail, stand in 
stend, to be wanted ; to be smitten^ 
to be slain in the- field, Kam tamdm 
Icarnay To accomplish, to finish ; to 
kill, to make away with. Kam tamdm 
hona, To be finished killed, or made^ 
away with. Kam chctldnay To carry 
on business. Kam rdkhnay To maker 
use of. Kamkc^y Business, occupation. 
Kamhdjiy adj. Laborious, active^' 
alert. Kamkdy s. /. Amorobs ddli- 
ance, coition. Kam men ISn^^ Ta 
Wflojri to as9, K^tm n\K4lM^ Ta 

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( 102 > 


eanrj into effect to aecompliBh one's 

^Pwrw g. nu Work. 
V^nrrojt ;. m. Saperintendent, worker, 
vnnrnv 8. m. Sport, amorous dalliance. 
^«T%^ «•/. Amorous dalliance^ coition. 

^niMii > <• /• A certain cow belong* 
VT«lM9 3 iag to indnu 

Hfvi^f «. 99I. The capid of the Hindu 

.Vfn^ n. p*op. Onpid, the son of l^iiJk 

utij and Eakminif and Ivosband. of 

mw^f n. prop. A cow belonging to 
' Indroy said to grant every thing re- 
quested of her ; a cow that gires 
much milk. 

%mm «./• Desire, wish, incUnation« 

iRlfrftv adj. libidinous^ lustful, de- 

iHiltlW^.m. Simchus* 

ITT^ t./* A blanket* 

VPIV 9. m. A distriot lying east of 
Bengal, formerly independent, now 
pari of Assam* a^. Pleasiogi bean- 
tiful ; taking any or every Bbape 

•IWfM^ adf. Pleasing, beautifiil. 

VTiMt a^'« Plewng, beautiful ; a na- 
tive of Casmruf. 

%fillT s. m. A eottplainty Jaundioe, 
excessive secretion or obstruction of 


9i^. Distraeted or agitated 
.vmw > with love or lust| lasdvi- 

ousy libidinous, lustfuL 
mmm adj. Blinded by lust, lustful. 
IWift 9. m. A mineral substance uoed 

i^ medicine, a sort of pyrites. 
^ITOiiT } «. m. A person who carries 
«m^ y baskets filled with Qang^s 

watpr to ^i^tant pliM)e/i. J 

^f«fl s, »j. An amorous mui, an uxofi* 
ous husband ; the ruddy goose, a 
pigeon, a sparrow ; a boy dressed in 
female attire who dances in the sea- 
son of the hoU. 

^\f^^ 9.f. A loving or affectionate 
woman, adj. Libidinous, cupidinous* 

^A adj Libidinous, lustful, impae- 
aioned, fond, wanton ; cupidi&oua ; 
loving ; busy. «./. A lump of gold. 

^ITQ^ adj. Cupidinous, desirous, or 
lustful, libidinous. luatfuL 

^iqrfl «• /. A woman libidinous or 

*i«il<^ #• m. Oblation of water to de- 
ceased friends, &c., exclusive of those 
for whom it is directed by law. 

*t*(l^ 8.f. A Togini^ One of the female 
personifications of, th^ musical modesi 
sung in the night. • • [shake. 

^VT^mr V. n. To shiver, tremble, qoaks^ 

WT^t^ tf. m. A horse of the bread of 
Catnbog9. n. prop. A country in the 
north of India, Camhog^ Cam^y^ o^ ^ 

wm a^f. Agreeable, desirable^ amiabW 

^l^'rt *• m. Supererogatory work p«- 
ibrmed at pleasure or through the 
desire of some advantage. 

tVT^^m 1. m. An acceptable or desir* 
able gift. 

im 9. m. I The body, appearance^ 

*niT**/. J person. 

ilT^ adj. Bodily, personal. 

m^ 9, m. A certain mixed tribe of 

caste of Hindus. 
Vfinvw 1. m. A medicine, an aromatio 

bark ( Fragaria ve9ca ), 
WVffK adj. Cowardly, timid, timoroup. 
IPRI^ 9. m. The Supreme Being ; « 

cast or tribe^ the Kayetha or writer 

caste, proceeding from a 'S.9haUri 

father, f(ud S^ra mother. 

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( lOS ) 

ITOT s. /. Tbe body, appearance, per- 

adj. An agent, acting, doing. 
,s. m. Action, especially in grammar ; 
case ( in gram,)^ 

t|TK^ 9, m. Business, an action, affair, 
work, profession, &c, 

WfKM 8, m. Cause, motive, principle ; 
account, reason, occasion, action, 
agency ; au instrument or means. 

VRr 9. m. A black snake, adj. Black. 

«rmn 9. m. A gaol, a place of con- 

«lfKV i* ^ Soot, lampblack with which 
the eyes are painted. 

«fO ( in comp. ) Making, maker, doer. 

«i^ 9. 771. A heap of dung, a large 
Quantity of cow-dung. 

^r% \ adj. An artist, an artificer, 
ilTt^rc f an agent, a miiker, a doer. 
W(^(^ a($'« Compassionate, tender, 

«r4^it4^. m. A king, also ealled Arjvn, 

a celebrated hero^ distinct from the 

PaiM prince ; one of the Jyn Cha- 

hroportit or emperors 6f the world. 
%Tf^*W 9. yn. The eighth month lOcto- 

ber-Ifovember ) when the moon is full 

near the Pleiades. 
«lfh4tWf «• m. The day of full moon 

& the month Kartik, a festival. 
«TW *. m. Poverty, indigence, 
vnra 9. m. The cotton plant {Go99y- 

ftwn ) ; cotton cloth, &c« [&c. 

whit adjj Made of cotton, cottony, 
^nf^ adj. Worked, embroidered, in^ 

termixedwith coloured thread {dothy 

^R^^*. w. A bow. 

W% #f m. Cause, origin ; motive, ob- 
ject ; affair, business, ^ action, a 
trork, profession, &c. 

^r«5f^^ 1./. Prudence, caution, ebu* 

WT<rfwfir*./. Accomplishment, success^ 
fulfilment of any object or purpose. 

Ilrwir 9* m. A husbandman. 

V^hw #. m. A weight or measure of 
silver, equal to 16 pans of eom-ies ; 
a weight of copper, equal to 80 
£ati9 5 a weight of shells equal to 
the same number of cotvriu ; a bus- 
bandman. . 

fOfifw *. m. A weight ; a husbandman. 

iRTW 9. rn. lime ; a name of Tamak or 
Jam, the supposed regent oi th« 
dead; death, season, age; dearth, 
famine ; angel of death ; calamity ; 
( fneU ) a snake ; ( in Braj ) To-mor- 
row. Kdlrbitanaf or — hatna, or— 
ganwdna, To waste one's time, to 
spend time. Kal-^a9 hana. To be in 
the hands of death, to be seiaed by 
fate. KaUpama, The coming or 
happening of a famine. 

m^m 9. m. Blackness ; one of the er- 
pressiofvs of quantity ( eorrapondinf 
to our a, by Xy y, ^c. ) in Bijagamt, 
or Algebra ; freckle, mark, stain, 
spot. [ sound, a tumult. 

irni4t9 9. m. A confused or mingled 

^imfST 9. m. A kind of poison, destroy*- 
ing even the regent of death ^, the 
poison of a snake. 

^rm% f. w. Freckle, mark, stain, sort. 

wraiTHI a. m, A kind of Cobra di 

^rnrmr 9. m. A cycle, a given revolu-* 
tion of time ; period. 

wrsnnc «• m. A name of Shiv ; a rock 
in Bunddkhandy the modem Catt* 
injer ; the adjacent country ; Itn as- 
sembly of religious mendicants ; 
CaUinjp' is one of the places at 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


i 104 ) 


wliich such assemblies meety being 
entunerated in tbe Ved$ amongst the 
Tapttsyd'SthansyOr spots adapted to 
practices of austere devotion, 
ttrm^ «. m. Deaths dying, 
limfmiv t. m. A fragrant and resxnr 

ous substance, BdelHum. 
liT^wm 9. m. The sultry season, 
autumn, the two months following 
the rainy seasoiy 
wmMJ s. m. Suspicion, calunmy. 
WTWPntl «./ Bengal madder ; black 

W\m^^ B. /. A plant ( SerratuU or 
G(myz!$ antkelminUca ) ; Bengal mad- 
der {Subia M^njith )• 
ilT^^lf)l i. 771. A particular night, one 
of which occurs on the 7th day of 
the 7th month of every 77th year ; 
after such a period of life, a man is 
considered exempt from attention to 
the usual ordinances^ 
i|T9«t^ 8. m. A factitious and purga- 
tive saltw 
innv^ $. nt. The black and most 
deadly rariety of the cobra (Coluber 
naga }• 
VT^fTT^ $, m. The black antelope* 
liT^m s. m. One of the twenty*one 

^J%'^^ $. m. The passing or spending 
of time ) the enduring of suffering. 

adj. Blacky dark. $. m. A snake ; 
time ; a name of Krishna KaLa-datUk^ 
A purgative seed {Con^oUulus nit ) 
Kala-jira, t. m. Seeds of the NigMti^ 
indica. Kalamah kama. To break 
offa)l connexion with another; to 
disgrace ; to copulate ; to expel. 
KcUa-namaL «. m. A kind of rock 
salt impregnated with sulphur and 
bitumen which leayes a hepatic 

flavour in the month {it is muth mei 
medicinally ), Kale-harany Of the 
colour of a snake. Kale kosy A great 
distance. Kale- bal^ s. w. The lower 
part of the belly, the pubes. 
^miW «. m. A black kind of Aloa 

wood or Agallochun. 
MmiM^t 8, m. A small shrub used as 

a purgative. 
^^rr^TC 8, m. Interval, intermediate 

time ; process of time. 
MTOTq^ *./, The act of calking a ship 
or boat. Kala-patti-karna^ To calk 
( o ship, 4rc. ) 
irr^l^l 8. m. Blackness, 
^f^ */. A name of the river •7i(»n»ttf* 
irifiiV «• 7». The curlew ; blackness, a 
black colour ; a fault or flaw in gold, 
Ac. : a fine of hair extending to the 
navel; ink or blacking, soot; a 
small bird, commonly called S^anu 
ifff^^^ 9^ prop. A celebrated poet, 
author ofSakuntala^ the Baghu VanSp 
the TScdodc^y and other poems : he 
was one of the nine poets or gema of 
YilcramadityaKe court, and is sup* 
posed to have flourished in the cen^ 
tury preceding the Ohrlstiaa era ; 
the name is however applied to more 
persons than one, and seema in aoma 
measure to have been used as an 
honourable title : the works attribut- 
' ed to this author are amongat the 
most elegant compositions in the 
Sanskrit language. 
inftP^ «./. The river Jamna. 
^fX^m 8. m. A serpent said to have 
been vanquished by ILrishnd. adj. 
Black ( complexion )• 
iwtii^'./. The Hecate of the Hind\i8 
and wife of Shva, to whom human 
sacrifices are offered ; the Nile ; ink. 

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i m ) 


jb in. A fftbtilons eerpent with a 
fctodrwl ^d ten heads said to have 
l>een vaucfoished by Ktnshna. Kali- 

• vUrcJij «./' Black pepper. Kali-bun, 
s, w. Hame of a plaaU KaUtuUi, 
H. /• ^asil ( Ocymam 'bagilicam ). 
KM'dahy name of a whirlpool in the 
tiver Jamna, whete the serpent KaU 
is said to havelired. Kali-mitiy s. f. 
. Blaoklead. [ingtotime* 

^^»T fl^y. Timely, seasonable, relat- 

iiT^< «. vK A. btt«k> deer. 

^i^^ s. m, Foulaess, mnfaitness. 

^rrt^W s. m. A great distance. 

^tiiw^^ ^'* Of the color of a eaake* 

^T%irm 8. m. The pnbes. 

mh^K 8. m. A drug. 

flfffft^R ad§. Fdgned, forged^ contriv- 
ed, factitious. «. m, A hypocrite. 

Mrwff^iw 8.f. Hypocrisy- 

^nfir./ Tomorrow and yestfjrday* 

*rfw 3 

^ff c «. /. The baskets in which the 

Hindus carry abont the Ganges 

mv^ «. a. To ring or lonnge (« 

J^^e^ ^ ) ^ to trick* to sham. 
^tl9<t««/. Tursieric, ft harlot. 
. mm 8. m. A poem, ft poetioai ecoa- 

liiwftT*. «• A plagiarist of poetry. 
liliHVc *. m. A plagiarist. [sition. 

ttl«K9 «. rn. Taste for poetical oompo- 
ifTW #./. Coaghy catarrh ; a i|>ecie6 of 

grass ( Saccharum sgtontanmm > 

Ka8htD0$^ B« m. Aethma» 
^Vi^n^ s./. Asthma. : 
ifpft tf . /. A clebrftted city and place 
. of pilgrimag^y the modem Benare8. 
WnHs^i «•/• The ci4?ital of the Kaai's 
i. f . Benares* 


iVTi^ «• m. Caahmif, flaSron* 
wi^s.m. Wood. 

^99 9. m. Aloe wood or AgalloehuM. 
'^^^StE 8. m. A aniall imseot or WOritf 

found in decayed wood. 
ntm^ 8. m. The wood-pecker. 
mi^ adj. Of wood, wooden^i 
^% 5. m. Coogl^, catarrh. *./. A specie! 

of teed or long grass of which rope 

ia made ( Sacchitmm 8pantanexm ) 

Ka8-8t9a8y Asthma. 
^raW adj. Removing or alleviating 

ootigh, pectoral. 
m^ 8. f. A sort of priekly night-* 

shade ( SolMMrnjatqvini }. 
?tl ^^»fa^ «./. A thorny plant, HseJ 

as a remedy for the congh. 
mm^ 8, fn. A weaver. 
mn^k ^« ^ A plant ( Oa8iia or S^nni 

4$mlmia). [ofyanu 

^(^TW 8. m. An esculent toot, a sort 
m\^ 8. m. Green vitriol, green Bul« 

phate of iron. 
"mm 8. m. Name of a plant ( Chora \ 
^TOT Equiv. To kisse, to whom {sing.) 
myf^ 8* m. An agggr^ate numbor 

consisting of siiteen pmM. or 1280 

m[%m adj. Mifichievons. [mettl). 

^ltWI9«l a. nu Thornapplo D&turc^ 
irnr ( »» ^'•^i. ) pro^ o^^ Some «uy, 

any one, any thing, 

wi% pron. Why ? wherefore f for what ?; 
t^ co/nj. That, or. 
^*f^ A kind of |^rdle with amaU 

bells or any tinkling ornament. 
f%^ «• 7JK The U«e jay. 
f<inRnwr V. ft. To shriek, to sereaili. 
AlW^ 4. m. A slave, a strvtont. 
f'f fWf «./. A girdle of bells or tinW 
ling ornamente worn by wcfmeu* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


C w« ) 


finft s. f. A sort of fiddle. 

ftl^rf^^im V. a. To grind or gnash, 
the teeth, 

flfifVTsrr v. n. To hare a gnmmy runn- 
ing at the eyes, to be blear-eyed, 

ftwfqn «./. Mud, mire, &o. 

ftmrPr'f^ ^t^ To be very wet. 

ftr^TT «• m. The gummy substance 
that oozes out of the eyes. 

Ull^t *./. The slough (of asnaJcSy ^.) 

firf^ adj. A little, a port. adv. Some- 
thing, somewhat. 

ftl? «• m. A kind of sour dish ; ex- 
' crement, excretion, dirt. 

finr s. TO. A worm. Kir-khdyctf adj. 
"Worm-eaten; marked with small- 
pox, pitted, spotted. [with rage. 

r^^HliriT 19. a. To gnash the teeth 

fH^T adj. Worm-eaten ; weeril-eaten. 

ftnr adv. Where ? whither ? adj. How 
many ? how much ? 

ftrni;' po«fpo«. To, up to, for. 

'/•;• ) adj. Ho^ 

How much'^ how 

ftf WWT s. m. 

llRT Contradiction. 

fliSw A dialectic form. 

ftr<[^ «. m. An example, model, leader. 

fiRKW^ «. i». A musical mode. 

^^r^T B. m. A musical mode sung in 

the midnight of summer. 
f%^^ ai«. Where ? whither J 
ftl«r pron. interrog. fl. Who ? which f 
Al«r%ntWT 17. n. To tingle (the hands as 

from cold). 
ftr^fWt «./. A tingling. 
1%n^^ «. m, A purchaser. 
firvrr^ «. m. The bosom, a side, edge, 
fti^m *. m. Side, margin. 
ftr^iTft «. /. ( QoJd or silver ) Lace ; 

edge, border, 
ftfin^ arf«. Aside, ashore. 

ftr^n co^*. But. 

f9^ w 8. m. One of the eleven perioAs 

called Karons. 
f%irc *. m. A kind of singer or choriBter 

at the court of the gods ; a donigod 

attached to the service of Ku«^, tho 

god of riches. 

^u. ] »- 

ftR relat. pron. What ? who ? whieh ? 
how ? 

Ilfiq^ 8. m. A division of the unirerse^ 
one of the nine khands op portions 
into which the world is divided, and 
described as the country between the 
Himachal and Himakut mountains ; a 
despicable or low man. [frame. 

fVlTKt S.J. A bed (of a garden ) ; a 

ftfTftir^ s.f. A mote, or particle of 
dust fallen into the eye. 

tincftnCT adj- Gritty, sandy. 

ftftf«iram v.n. To be gritty, to grate. 

fw^iOTT 8. m. A dancer, or singing boy. 

ftrof s.f. A ray of lights a sun or moon 

^WK%^ adj. Kadiant, bright, refulgent. 

ImK^m S'f. A sword. 

ftrKTW 8. m. A savage, a tribe of moun- 
taineers who live by the chase, the 
Kirhados of Arrian. 

firoWT 8. m. Grocery, m. a. To adjust ; 

. to sift, separate by turning round 
in a winnowing fan { differing fram 
fhutaina }. 

%^n 8. m. A small pea (Pcfitm arvense). 

fm^m*,/. An oath. 

t^ift? 8. tn. A crest, a diadem, 

flir^ 8, m. A hollow tooth endive, a^. 
Broken, rugged, tattertd. 

ftfW s.f. A splinter ; a sword ( espeei^ 
ally^ a straight one to th-ust with ). 

fWf«./. The PoiiW tx-ee. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


t 107 > 


fllor ^^. Ceriftinlj, indeed, yerily ; 

probably, possibly. 
ftrwv ^./. Splendonr. Instre {of A gem), 
fv^firfm s» m. Wanton or amorous 

pastime, or gestnres. 
f^^nvi^T s» m. A game among boys; 
one boy, having drawn several line, 
npon a stone, hides it, and others, 
repeating the word hH-hanta, rem 
about searching for it ; whoever finds 
the stone, has a right to strike the 
boy who hid it, three times with his 
fingers on the back of the hand. 
ffr«rf«9T i' fn. Peevishness, fretfolneis, 
anger, i, /. Sound expressing joy, 
or the expression of pleasure by any 
sound or cry. 
ftwrftwrrm ^. n. To be fretful, to snap, 

to snarl, to be peevish, to squabble, 
ftnipft «./. A tick (imect that infestg 

doggy ^c), a doglou8«. 
ftr^n^rr t;. a. To winnow ; to strike with 

the fist. 
fiwwif^ «•/. The chattering (of a mon- 
key)y snarling -, sound expressing joy. 
Kil-kdri mamdy v. n. To express 
pleasure by any sound or cry, to 
firtt/./. A key, bolt. [pruriens). 

ftrtlW «. m. A plant, cowitch (Bolichos 
f^mftK s. m. A youth, a son, a lad, one 
from his brith to the end of his 
fifteenth year ; subject to suits at law. 
ftnitTT ddj. Young, infantine. 
firtWt«./. laughter, 
ftrani «. /. Check ( ^ chess ). 
ftw pron, interog. Whom ? which ? 
whatt Ykktc^rah^ In what manner ? 
how? Kw-it<»rfr, How muohf Kt>- 
jfcw, which ? (uied inUrrogtUi'^lyy dnd 
expressive of mucky many various ) 
Kis'litfs, Why f wherefore. 

fiWfi; f' /• Husband, agriculture. 

fW€rT s, m, A husbandman, plough- 
man, poasant, Parmer. 

%€T<t 5./. A kind of pulse ( Laihyrjit 

ftr# pron. inter, sing. To whom 7 to 
what ? to which t 

^t (fern, ofka) Of, belonging to. 

ifNl^ s. m. The Acacia tree. 

y > s.f Dirt, mud, slime, tnire. 

ii\Z s, m. An insect, a worm, a reptile -,/ 
the dregs of oil in a lamp, or that 
collected in a huhka snake. 

^SJJl \ adj. Wormy, worm-eaten. 

^ttwi s. m. A worm, an insect, a mag- 
got, a reptile, a snake ^ a leech. 

?ll^^ad[t3. Whither, &c. 

<Nt Srd, pers^ sing. «ic*. perf. terns (of 
kamof to do)y Done„ made. 

^HT V. a. To purchase, to buy. Km- 
wyyoy adj. A purchaser. 

^Shr 8. f A funnel. 

iftm part, past, or s, m. Done, made ; 
deed, doings. 

>vsi !*•*'•• ^ parrot ; parroquet. 

^fKw > s, f. Praise, fame, renown* 
lFtf%* J Ki-rat-wauy adj. Renowned. 

igt^\adj. Wormy. 

^ftft?f «./, Virtue. 

4hr«r s. m. Speech, words ; shouting 
for joy, singing aloud, singing in 
concert ; celebrating, praising. 

^ftrP'TT s.f. Fame, glory. 

illftf «./. Fame, renown, glory-* 

^i((^^r^ adj. Praised, famous, cele- 

^tm s. f A small n^, peg, ta<&^ 
stake, pain, bolt^ wedgv^.tixe cort 

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C M8 > 

of > boil, JTiK-fcow^r Tools, apiir 
ratus, accoatrements. 
^mm v^a. ToduttBiasnakesoasto. 

pEOVWit hw bittng. 
<tm *./. A small Hwl, tafik, peg. 
gi A partiole^ of depreciation prefixed to 
aoons, and implyingy sin, guilt ;. re- 
proacby coatempt ,• diminution, little- 
9'q^ adj. Able-bodied, robust, ath- 
^ letii^ stouli. KungriU^s./^ Stijengtb, 
f'^'niftt./. A bodice, 
ftif », m. An arbour. 
is's!^«. m. An elepbanfc. 
5i*si^ 9. m. A caste whose business ^ 
is to sell regetables. Kun^rAn, «, /. 
Female of Ktin;r<». 
Ip'^rWT $, m. Grove. 
V'fni^ I. m. An arbor, groTO, ( phAnt. 
9!srsi #. TT}^ An elephant, a large ele- 
ti'^s./, Akej. 

9'm s, m. An abyss, a pool, spring ; a 
pit for sacrifice ; a bole in tlve 
ground for receimg and preserving 
' consecrated fire ; a well, a basin of 
water, especially consecrated to some 
holy purpose or person, 
9 wor #• m. A large ring worn iHr tke 
ears ; a circle; a halo round the sun 
or moon, Kutuhl marM, To soil, to 
form a coil. 
9'^%9T i. m, A]speciesof EKndi staaz% 
which inrariably ends with the word 
with which it began; it is hence eomr 
pared to i^ circle or the coil of a 
snake, the opposite ends of which 
<«tt |. im. A coil, ring, ai^^ hooj> ; 

a snake. KtindU bdn ana^ To curl. 
f J^ ♦./. A chain Or iron catch to 
iMtsn ft do^r. 

irsf^ s. In. lHrbreedi»g, rtideni 

^•^ s, m. A flower {JmmUimi gr'^ndi' 

^iapr».7/«- Pure^goM. 
f^^fz. Jp. w., A mtdittine {OUhanwM) .. 
m ^^ «4 fwu A stack, » rick. 

^y^ \ i^vuA. kind.' of tent. 

5f'^ «. f. The aot of ci^6nderinig (cloth^ 

Ktt«-rftfew^ar,Te^ calender (cloth),, kx 

beat^to eudgeU Kwufi^or* «. mu A 

ealenderer. [hood^ 

lf>T ^ 1ft. Tribe, cist, family, brotber- 

f^w «. m* A water-pot ; the sigTi Aqim^ 

rios. ISiumbh ka »»^ The twelfth 

yens fair of Bktrdutar^ a celebrated 

H^Yidti. pilgrimage. JSiumbhru, the sixth, 

year fair. 

W^K 1 i. m» An uomaarHed boy, a son,. 

WV^ S A child •, the son of a Vifi^a 

a prince, heir-apparentit . 
f>l^ *./. A maiden^ a virgin,. & prinn 
cess, a daughter, a youn^ lady fit for- 
marriage. [villainyi. 

9W s. m. Wickedness, sin, depra>a*y» 
fiHr^nfr <w«j. Wicked, depraved;^ 
Wm^<^' Wicked, bad. 
^^# adj. Wicked, Ticions. 
gflKt'tTs.w. A plSAt ( CiWa K 
^f9,K8.rK A dog ; a KsMtrt. 
9911:9'^ I. w. A mwhroom, a toadstool^ 
^s§^m «. nu, Weaknesa of the eyes in 

fflf z i. TO, A gsllinaceoua fowl, axock,. 

a wild cock (PhasianuA^ Oattm)*, 
^j^ft «. «. A reUgioue Qbeervanc%. 
dmrdup 4 Shi9) held by w^on^n (m 
the seventh of the U^^it fertn^ht of 
Madoti^ espeaiajly for the sake of o^*- 
taining offspring. 
lW^<ft5»/. Aheis.. 

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< 109 ) 


Wmjl^ s.f. A bitoh. 

^Si^ 8L /. A ccime, a sia, a wkked ae-- 
tion. [abdomen. 

^^Y. 191. Th& bellj. th^ eavitj of tlie 

5^fif# *./. JEvU report iDfamj. 

fV^ «. m. SaffVon {fhoum Mtimtt). 

9^«rr <. f». A Teaael in whicb ih^ guldl 
or red mixture is coatahsihed vith 
which they play at the^ h&li^ 

1^ «. 7XW /« A breast, a pap> the bo«Mft 

W^^ f. w*. Red sand^ra {Pieroearpus 
sanialinuM) fiappan or hg wooi 

f^K adj. Censoriou*^ dletraoting*. 

J^iv^f t^. a. To bmso, to crash, Km*- 
ckal'dalna, ^^. cb. To bniise> Ac. ; to 
overlay, [tomiock 

y^^T *. w. A vomieiiwt (Strychms nu^ 

'9^ijt «,/, The cmiino tooth. 

il^RT «. m. A nipple* 

f^lW t. f, Misbehariiottr, migeondact. 
ILtkrckali, adj^ Ot bad condBot or 
b^aivioitr, ilt-behAved; 

H^TqV i* m. An ill behaAed person^ 

^1^ *, m. The lobe of the ear. 

S^^oi^'. Hl-dothed, dlessed itt ditty 
or tattered garments. 

9W ««rf. pron. Any, anything, atight, 
some, something, someiwhat^ a Iittle> 
whaterer. Kvchh our gana, To give 
a falst- explanation, to. tett a difif(br^nt 
story. Kuchh-ek, Somo little, some- 
hif. Kuchh tum ne para pay($y Have 
yon fonnd a trea8Qro^ (a» expi'tis^ 
Bddr€$$ed to (me who ieeifi$ iMrdiMte^ 
hf pleased ttfithotBt appcu^ent cauee) 
KitoMt Imoi ne khwcA dMuh What 1 
have yon dteamt tUs^ w seen, a 
vision; (tm ezprenion uied: to^ per^ 
who TtlMim imprabMkUieet orui^ 
piet ihe mtteniehamt ef the speahem m 
aauf umexfeded aU^ ixMothery. Ki*M 

• u huck hinwj To be entirely changed, 

Kuchh nah luch. Some at leaat, 
swnething or other. Kuchh nahvn^ 
Nothing. Kuchh ho^ Wdatever may 
happen, eome what may. 

WW* Some few, some little. 

^ «. TO. The planet Maris ; Taesday^ 

^^nShWM». A forest frequented by 


vsrrfit adjf. Base^ of mean ^zttaction or 

bad cast jt one who hai( loat hk east^ 
an ontcast. 

irw s. m^ A place overgrown with ereejK 
ing plants^ a bower^ an arbonr.. 

^{WT «« Tiu An elephant. 

V^jr./. A key. 

^ «. TO. A medicine {Cotwe avabicuB)^ 

^^^8.f. A medicine; a grant; es- 
trangenkent from or desertion of 
friends, [^^ 

^S'TiE Si TO. Nibbling,, itchiiig„ soratcb- 

W SW ^. TO. A medicinal plant (Echitu 
aniidi/8erUerica\ the seeds are usedf 
aa a vermifiige;^ [rest* 

^J^^ «* »k A place of safety, haven oi 

V^TT i, nu A pimpi, 

▼^nrt; s./. The wages of a pimp. 

1r^«n«fT u. a. To entice^ seduce, inveigle^^ 
wheedle, coax. 

WCTHTT «* TO, Pimping. 

WZtft «*./. A bawd, a procuress. 

WS1V3. 8, m. A plant (Ai^Hont* ifkticai^ 

irennr s* TO^ *S^Z*anttTO jacquini. 

W^Tt ^. TO. A impatient Uttle horse. 

i|f^ «. nk A cottage^ a hut.. 

Wfi% ad;. Orooked, bent ; perverse^ 
untoward^ cruel;, dishonest, fraudo}- 
lent.^ i honesty. 

^tfktirr s./ Clrookedness \ gnile> dfs^ 

W^i./. A cottage, a hut. 

W^ i. m. A small house^ a hot, a hoveL 

t^'f \t*m^ Kin, family, tribe, cast,. 
i|r^ y rektiv^ a kinsmaB, a oen-* 

aexipn ^ offsprin;^ progeo;, caie,. 

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( no ) 


^^ ) * m. A householder, a pater- 
igj^ f familias. 

^^fi^ *./. The wife of a householder 
^ and mother of a family a matron. 
^I^x./. A bad habit, 
trrit *. /. A bawd, a pTOCuress. 
IfTn: 5. wi. Copulation. 
im *. w. The post round which the 

string of the churning stick winds. 
WVm 8. m. A bird, the wood-pecker. 
^fSJK t. »i. An axe. 

WZrtts.f. An axe; an earthen Tase 
^ prepared for melting gold, silver^ &c., 

a crucible. 

I V. n. To cluck, to cackle 
\ (a laying kenS ; to speak 

angrily, murmur, grumble. 

W^m\ i. m. Tribe, cast, family, race. 

ijIfT *. w. Sweeping, dirt. 

^r^nr adj. A cuckling (hin). s.f. Cluck- 

ing (qf a ^«»)' 

Wtnadj. Dnmannerly, ill-bred, rude. 
^udhangif 8. f. TJnmannerliness, 

nt^^i.f. Grief, sorrow, lamentation, 

ir^ilT «. n. To grieve, mourn, lament, 
pine, repine, vex, be afflicted, be an- 
gry, or disgusted, 

ig?pi mlj. Ill-sbaped, ill-mannered, 
ugly, rude. 

W^im i>. a. To vex, afflict, grieve, trou- 
ble, anger, disgust, displease. 

i|qiiT 8. w. Tribe, cast,- family, brother- 

irft^ir adj' Ashamed. 

VW s. m. An abyss, pool, spring ; a 
pit for sacrifice; a hole in the ground 
for receiving and preserving conse- 
crated if ; a well, a basin of water, 
I especially consecrated to ttome holy 
purpose or person. 

m. The eighth hoar or pw- 
m^ S tion of the day ; about nooB 

^«?^ s. m. A large ring worn in ik 
ears ; circle ; a halo round the sza 
or moon. 

^f g fil^l 8. m. A species of ffisii 
stanza, which invariably ends witi 
the word with which it began ; ii it 
hence eompared to a circle or^ 
coil of a snake, the opposite ends ^ 
which unite. 

ir^Firl 8.m. A coil, ring, curl, a saski. 
EwutU baMua^ To curl. 

iF^ 8.f. A chain or iron catch to fai- 


ten a door. 
^W^ 8. m. Wrong reasoning, false dD^ 

\ 8.n 
S ti 
Wnv^ 8. m. That which is gnawed ot 
^ bitten off with the teeth. 
«UK1T «. a. To cut with the teeth. 
^U^ 8. m. A puppy i a cutter. 

nrftiTT ? s./.A young bitch, 
if^^T § bitch. 

^f[%^8.fH. An inquisitive person. 
^nmw 8.m. Weakness ofiheoycs 


wn%^ 8. m. Eagerness, desire • sho".' 
" exhibition, sport, pleasure, diyersi*. 

pastime, festivity ; a spectacle. Ki* 

tiAtfZi, adj. Sportive, of sport :« 

^TIT 8. m. A dog. 
iprifir <xdx>. Wherever, any whtf*. 

somewhere. [oalwasf 

^mi8.f. Reproach, contempt, censn*' 
ir%n **. Low, vfle, conteaqiUT* 

contemned, reviled* 

^Tf^r^n \ v.n. To leap, bound, jranft 
if^^rm J f™k, caper, skip. 
iV^WTWT 11' «. To cause to dan< 
^fTfWT «. <K. To dandle ; to canae* 
leap ; ( ^^^* ) ^ provoke. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( m ) 


^^T^ 9. m. A kind of dove. 

^^^[TC s. ^ih, A pick-axe, 

W^^ *•/. A dibble. 

^[^Pf s» m. A hoe or kind of spade, a 
pick-axe, or mattock. 

^^ 9.f. A small mattock, a spade, 
boe, dibble. 

^f¥ «./. Weid: sight, evil eye. 

^^ i, m. Moontiun ebony. 

T^m «. w. Mountain ebony (Bauhinia 
^ariegata ) ; a kind of spade or hoe. 

virar s. ffi. A disease of the nails. 

^^r^ €tdj. Having bad or diseased nails. 

WCT *. m. Tribe, cast, family, brother- 

wAf^ ^. /I Bad behaviour, ill-manners; 
impolicy, misgovemment. 

V^m i. »i, H air. 

^^ *. »i. A kind of jasmin ( Jasminum 
grandifiarum ). 

^^«r ^. ni. Pure gold. 

V^q^ «. m. A medicine. 

\^^K( 9, m. A stack, a rick. 

W^^ #. w. A kind of tent. 

¥^ «./. The act of calendering (c2ofA) 
Kundi Jc<$hia, To calender ( cZofA ) ; 
to beat, to cudgel. Kundigar^ s. m. 
A calcnderer. 

M^% g,f. The resin of the Boswelia 
tku7-ifer0f gum OUbanumy or frankin- 

^^ X. JR. Deviation, aberration, im- 
morality, profligdcy, a bad road ; he- 
terodox doctrine, heresy. 

^ir«m^ adj. Wi^ed, going in a bad- 
or.wnmg road. 

Vq^ s.m. A wanderer, an. immoral 

Vqwni ♦. A. Bad adTice. 

wror ad^ XJaworthy , unfit. 

^8i?i 0df. Incensed, angry, offended. 
V^ i,7iuA disobevUeut or wicked son. 

I WJ$^^ s, m. A low or vile man • a pol- 

WJi^ s, m. A bad or degenerate son. 

^ Tm 8. m. A large leathern vessel for 
holding oil, ghee, &c. Kuppa lurhna 
The decease of a king, &c. Kuppa 
hcnay To become very fat. 

Vnjt »./. A small leathern vessel for 
holding oil, ghee, &c. ^ a vial, a skin, 
a leathern bottle. 

V w <• m. A hump. 

^J[m 1 

^^^r > adj. Hump-baoked, crooked. 

*«r > 
>» • 

«^ «. m, A hump. 

iF^k Daughter. 

i|9^ B. m. The Indian Plutus, the god 

of wealth. 
^:^^ Difficult, Severe. 
9^r »dj. Hump-backed, 
f m^r! 8, /. A bad wife. 
iSKT^ 8. m. Ill-temper, bad disposition, 


^^^ «. m. Saffron. 

3Wn > 5. /. Foolishness, stupidity, 
^f<T 5 indiscretion, a^;. Stupid, 

foolish • wicked, vicious, injudicious. 

9iT^ } 8, m. A white esculent lotus, 

^rg^ ) that expands its petals dur- 
ing the night, and closes them in the 
day-time ( Nymfhasa esculenta ). 

9«T^9RT 8. m. Bad counsel, ill advice, 

fTiVT^ 8. m. A kind of unleavened bread. 
Kumach'8a munk, A broad face. 

^K 8, m. A boy ; the son of a raj a, a 


gwrft^ I «•/• A maiden, a virgin, a 
fr«rpCt 5 princes, a daughter, a 

young lady fit for marriage. 
9«n^ s. m. A bad road ; a bad oom^se. 
9^ t, m, A white esculent lotas that 

expands its petals daring tl\e. night, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 112 ) 


and cloMB tbem in the d«y-1ime 
( Nymphaa e»culenUk )• 
iTHft^^ ^- /• -A. place abounding In 
lotasesy &e^ 

wS^M *. wu A small elephant. 

i^tf s* m. The southern hemisphere or 

law i. m. A irater-pot ; the sign Aqua- 
rius. Kumbh lc» mdoy The twelfth - 
year fair of Hardivoary a celebrated 
Hindu pilgrimage. Kumbhni^ The 
sixth* jear fair. 

'IHivn: «. m. A potter. 

^^^mm «./. A bilious affection, a 
sort of jaundice. 

vnr^ *. /. A plants the flowers of 
which are compared to those of th e 
Nawlea cadamba. 

^fWT i. /. A disease of the eyes, hor - 
deolum or stye. 

^^IVttW s. m* A hell in which the wick- 
ed are supposed to be baked like a 
potter's vessels. 

^^t «. 7», The crocodile of the Gan- 
ges, the long-nosed alligator. 

*'l¥«mT I i). n. To wither, fade, blast, 

y«T9rwT J droop, beblightedi dryup. 

ICfTTK s. m. A potter. 

W^^^TTT^ «•/. A potter's wife or a fe- 
male potter. 

iJ'lTT^ «./. An animal resembling a 
wasp, which builds its house of ©lay. 

^^i^K *. m. An alligator, a crocodile. 

MK^fts^f. Belly-fretting. 
W ^T i, m. A deer. 

'i^K^ «. TTi. Corundum stone {Adam" 

antinui corundum ). [bifianu^. 

ar^ «./. A kind of Tetch ( DoUchoi 

m^ 8. m. Bad taste, badness of juice 

or flarour. adj. Bad in taste, or 


M t:^ s. fn. A kind of coarse sugar. 

vt(f^ s. /. Misconduct, buxl UMinners* 

W ^ 11. pron. An aneient soTereign of 
Delhi and the country around^ Kurw 
JcBhetaVj n. pf:ap. The country near 
Ddhi where the great battle was 
fought between the Koumi^a. and the 
"Pandas. Kuru-bansi, adj. Of the 
race of Kuru. 

V ^ e. f. Kuru. or UUara KutUf the 
most northerly of the four MaUa 
DwipiSf or principal division of. the 
known world ^ by other systems it is 
oonsidered as one of the nine divisions 
or Varehas of the same : in both 
oases, however it is the country be- 
yond the northernmost range of 
mountains, extending to the frozen 
V ^^ 8. m. A curl or Jock of hair, ea- 

peoially on the forehead. 
M ^VK 8. m. The crimson amaranth ; s 
purple species of Barleria; also a 
yellow kind. 

llftfT > «. TO. A ruby. 

WW <»<&*• Deformed, ugly. ». m. Ugli- 

mjiqm9./. Ugliness. 

m%v\ adj. Ugly, ill-maie, frightful, 

li^frm V. a. To poke. 

^nz 8.f. Sweepings, rubbish. 

iiB^<V*./. Belly-fretUng.. 

^^W *./. A bound, spring, jump. 

wif ^. f». A tortoise, a tnrtle ; the se- 
cond Hindu mythological incarnation. 

^iff 8* m. A tribe of husbandmen. 

n^ 8.f. The state of ^ bird sitting 
at ease and in security, trimming its 
wings with its b<»nk ; ( hence ) esse, 

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( in ) 


wcurity, lioj^c, Confidence of siicc«Bfl« 
Kurt/al men ghulela lagmty To be dia- 
appointed or fail into misfortune in 
tlio moment oi s<$<Hiriiy, or whoa sure 
of success. 

^ s.f. Gristle, cartilage. 

w^¥<f 8, vu A kind of coarse sugar. 

^^ ^. m. Family, pedigree, race, tribe 
or caste, relations, household. 

n^mm^mjsJm, Gargling, 

^^^Ht s./. The itch, 

9^^^V^ 9. m. Misconduct, bad temper ; 

^^^^'tr a(lj. Of bad signs or features^, 
ugly, ill-tempered, ili-omeaed. 

't ^^ s^ m^ Capital, principle, stock in 
trade. [ (« horse). 

W^ir a^. Cutting behind in walking 

«^9ie^ jr. 172. A plant ( Mfinia galanga 
or Galanga majcir / ; a seed ( NigtUa 
4atita ). 

^^?T ^. /. An unchaste woman, one by 
whom the family honour is injured, a 

9^^ *•/. Red arsenic. 

ff^^lTXW i. m. A youth who is a credit 
to his family, the saviour of his 

9^99T s,f, A blue stone used in medi- 
cine, and applied as a collyrium to 
thd eyes, also as an astringent to 
sores. [^f^oiiw. 

9m^8,f. A kind of vetch {DoUchos 

««!^«ft5./. The goddess of a family, 
any female deity worshipped in parti- 
cular by a family through successive 

^^"^W^ «. m. One who brings disgrace, 
or reproach on his family. 

gf^^^ «. »i. Practice or observance 
peculiar to a tribe or cast, peculiar 
duty of caste or race. 


^mmn s. m. A reprobate, an out-caste. 
^9^fi! 8. TOm lie^ii or chief of a fiimily* 
H^nn^W adj. Nourishing or providing 

for H family, 
l*mf« s, /. A chaste woman. 
f^^[^ *. m. The object of worship or 

of reverence of a family ; a family 
' priett. [noble family. 

^^^#. /. A virtuous woman of a 
<|9W^i adj^ Vermicular. 
!f^^^mi «. », To itch ; to fidget ; to 

writhe (a« a wotin or snake) ; to 

grumble or rumble ( the- bowels), 
9^rwqriV7 s, m. Vermicular motion. 
9lRtf <>^* One who disgraces his 

ff|i|)f^T V, a. To disgrace one's family, 
^^f^j tf. m. A sausage. 

f ^^ i odj. Of a good or ^obU 
9^1^ i family, of noble descent. 

f 9^^t adj./. Chaste, of pure or nobl« 

descent ,* a gentle woman. 
9^^«( adj. Well* born, of good or noble 

family, or noble descent. 
9^rit «»/. A falcon's hood^ a boy's cap» 
9^^^ S. m. A kind of firework. 
991f«l 8, m. A cup larger than kulhiya^ 

au earthen vessel to diink out of, 
911^^ 8. m. Misconduct^ bad temper, 

V^nqr^r adj. Of bad signs or features^ 

ugly, iii -tempered, ill-omened. 
9^'^ d\/. A bound, spring, l^ap, jump^ 

bounce. )Lulanch mdt^ay To bound 

or skip. 
f^^T^ 8. m* Practice or observance 

peculiar to a tribe or caste, peculiar, 

duty of caste or race. 
f^T^ ^. M. A potter. 
l^T^r^ 8. m. A loud and confused 

sound, a great and, indistinct noise 

tumult, uproar. 

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< IH ) 

fffftlT «./• A. cup, a small round ves- 
sel. Kulhiya men gur phorfia {iit, to 
ireah a lamp of coarse sugar in a 
wmaU cuf)^ To endeavour to do with 
few hands a work which requires 
many. KwZ%a %<ina, Cupping. 
Wf(^^ 8. m. A drug ( the root qf Piper 

iriRf <*^J> Noble, of respectable descent, 
" well-bom, of a good family, genteel. 
%rffinT I e.f. Nobility, respectibility 
'f^^nt > of dettcent, gentility. 
%^\ni s. m. A kind of pickle. 
ir^TT s. m. I Gargling or rinsing the mouth, 
^*./. J washing the mouth. 
ir^vft«./. An axe, a hatchet. 
W^^ adj. Abusive, censorious, detract- 
^ing. [low language, 

frwi s. m. Abuse, dopreciative tal^j 
^«i| «. f», A water-lily. 
^vm s. nu Abuse, evil-speaking. 
^ft^TK ». m. A wrong decision, 
wifo *./. A bad character, 
^t^ s, TO. The Indian Plutus, the god 
""of wealth. [reigns. 

^I^W ». m. The place where Kuver 
n^^T s. /. An unsuitable time, un- 

reasonable time. 

it^, sjn, A species of grass used in many 

solemn and religions observances, 

hence called sacrificial grass (Foa 

cynosuroides), the sacred grass of the 


nm^ >». rn. 1 Welfare, happiness, 

i^l^-Cfl s.f. J well-being, health, 

pros^ierity, safety. 
^^mn\ s.f. Well-being, health, happi- 
ness, welfare. [faro. 
Hl^inr ^. ff». Enquiry after one's wei- 
vn^^q^ $. m. Happiness and welfare. 
^^m adj. Happy, well, right. 

»ai^T?J } s.f- Happiness, ease, pros- 
«R^^I2| J perity. 

$K^ adj. Auspicious, favourable ; hap- 
py, prosperous. 
3iin9^ S' fn, A seat or mat made of 

the Kusha grass. 
mf^M Name of Bissamitra. 
init^ adj. Ill-behaved, rude, wicked ; 

evil-disposed, ill-tempered. 
94NimT «•/• Misbehaviour, misconduct; 

bad disposition, ill temper. 
9 #94 s. m. An actor, nimine, dancer, 
f V ». m. Leprosy, of which eighteen 
varieties are enumerated, seven great 
or severe, and eleven of minor im- 
9V «• m. A plant {Oostus spedosus), 
f^niT s. m. White mustard ,* a sort 

of yam. 
fOTTtirtt «./. A plant {FsoraiUa coryH- 

9lft adj. Leprous ; a leper, 
f^iv s. m. A pumpkin gourd ; a drug; 
a religious ceremony, a certain rite 
performed as a penance or expiation. 
19T s. m. Bad company. 
S^^m s.f Health, happiness, welfaife. 
^W9 <^d^* Well, happy. 
1^^ s, 771. Usury, the profession of 
usury ; any loan or tiling lent to be 
repaid with interest. 
W^^ <^j* A money-lender, 
f^f?^^ adj. One who follows the pro- 
fession of usury. 
wi^n > s. m. Evil intereourse, bad 
\mcfn 3 company. 
fl^iT s. m. A flower with which clotlies 
are dyed red, bastard, saffron, safflovr- 
er (Cavthamus tinctorius) ; the uieut- 
trual dischaige ; ophthalmia, disease 
of the eyes, 
^iimn «. 371. The calx of brass used 
as a collyrium. [^^^^' 

«^f«?cf5. m. Blossoming, full blossom, 

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( 115 ) 

H^ », m. Safflower {Carthamus tincto- 

9fW 8. m. The dye of safflower ; {met.) 

an infiision of hh^nff (Cannahis sdtiDd) 

used for intoxication. 
m ^Hft odf. Cloths dyed with safflower, 
fFPT s. m. A bad dream, night-mare, 
ip^iit g. /. The elbow, 
fip^ s. m. Po^, mist. 
9>f«rr«r €, m. Lamentation, weeping. 
WWt^ *. «• A fog, a mist. 
9^ «. /• A species of hawk. 
f^;e./. The notes of the koJcila or 

9^lprT 19. n. To sound (a$ koyeh do). 
wrft <i4^'. Yellow eyed, 
^pit $. m. \ well. 

f > K. m. The little red and blacic fteed 
which goldsmiths nse for weights 
(Ahrus pr^ee^toHfu). 
^'^ 9. fiu A breast, the female breast. 
^wiiT i}. To'chew, to masticate, to ponnd. 
. f* ^ adj. Jibbing, refractory, stnbbom. 
if^s.'f. Ahrnsh. 
f W s. m. Th^name of a bird, perhaps 

the crane, 
f w «. HI. Conjectnre, gness. 
fUT #. m. A well ; an angle or comer 
(ffthe eye) ; slice, division (offhsjack 
fmiiy Cocoon (of the Btlk W{>rm). 
fmK 9. m. The sixth ETiiidii month 

firrnpn 9. m. The state of a bachelor 

or virgin* celibacy, 
fpiim 9. «. An nnnarried persiMit a 

^pnfti./. Amaid.aviTgin. 
f« f./. Sobbmg, cryingr- KtUj mama^ 

To cry, to sob. 
f«m i». «. To sob, cry, scream ; to 
Tociferate or call (49 the h>kil )• 9. a. 
To wind np < tf wedeh, clock, jre. ) 

fir^ s. m. A dog. 

f lf^^l^ •'!./. A trot. 

^K^m «• m. A mnshroom (grouftftff Ott 

wood), a foadstonl. 

^pi<t 5./. A bundle of thread ; maize^ 

Indian com ( Zea metis ) ; the gripes. 

f^ 9. m. Cooing ; a dove ; an omelet, 

^{f^T *. /. A small brush or haitf 

f f^rrr 9./. A small tamarind ; pari oC 

the ear, the lobe. 
f^pT 9, m. A tnft. cluster. 
mwi 9, m. An earthen water pot. ^- ^ 
^ 9, m. Paper used to make pftste-^ 
board. 9. /. Mimickry ; illusion ; 
fraud, deceit, trick ; ffdsehood. 
fZiTT 9. f. Falsehood, fraud. 
^pwT i>. a. To pound, beat, bray, mace-^ 
rate ; to end gel. [fiction. 

Wtm 9. 77?. Sifiiated at the summit. 
fTTWHftniT 9. /. A tale, a story, % 
^ff^ jp. m. Sweepings, dirt, mbbjsh. 
^ ndjj. Foolish, stupid, simpleton. 
9^9? X. 9?i. A vessel {e^rijun > for 
kneadine bread in, a platter. EuncI^ 
Icnma^ To prosper, 
qprf^ 9, f. A vessel {of ftone ) in which ^ 

snuff, hhanff^ &c. are ground. 
^?i 9. w. Survey, a task, guess, ap* 
praisement ; estimate ; the base of a 
right angled trians:le. 
fiPi 9. m. One of the rides in aritfr* 

metic or algebra, 
f OTT «. d. To value, to appraise. 
^5./. A spring, jump, leap, hound. . 
)p[^ V. ft. To leap^ bound, jump, (mef. > 
rejoice ; to boast* Kudtiarfhandana^ 
To jump about, to leap, ( ahout^ ai 
for joy ) 
fWTT 9,f. A scrap. 
^p5^ 9, m. A kind of tent# 
^9. m* A irell } a hole, a hoHotli^ 

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i IK ) 


f^ls. f. A small well, 

^KJ adj. TJnlnckj, 

frww *. m. A hrtmp. 

m^^lfJ adj. HnmpbackeiT, crooked. 

^TTV s. TV* A kind of br aj. 

fipf ^ ♦• «• To bi^ak into a honsc 
by penetrating tbronpjb tfie wall. 

f?: adj. Crnel. savage, pitiless ; vio- 

Iff ^ ». f. A. scoop. 

Wn ' *. /. A tortoise, a f.nrtle ; tbe . f«e- 
cond Hindu raytbolodcal incarnation. 

IT^ ;. 971. A bank, a shore ; a heap, a 
monnd ; a pond or pool. 

^PTT 9, m. Tbe hip. [cooTey. 

m^ Sf m» A labourer, porter, carrier, a 

VTTT*/m. A bump-backed man. 

St^*'./' } »^^^«^«*- 

iW adj. Done, made, performed'; fit, 
proper. #. /. Frnit, consequence ; 
tbe first of tie four ages of tbe 
world, tbe golden age or Sata jng, 
adix. Completely finished. 

VH^^ g. m. An ungrateful person. 

m^i^ ndj. Ungrateful, not acknowledg- 
ing former good offices, neglectful of 
farotfrs, an ingrate. 

itmrmt s.f. Ingratitude. 

innr<wjf. Grateful, remembering for- 
mer afd or favors. 

lRnrwr#./. Qraiitude. 

Wfir z. m. The first of the font ages 
of the world, the Sata-yug. 

Wmkadj. The gran ting of supplication, 
tlio frflfilment of a request, success- 

' fnl, having obtainetl on^^s purpose or 
accomplished one^s design. 

WifrfT *. /. Success, accomplishment 
of an object. 

•rw«»r 8. / The third of thf lunar man- 
sions, or cdhstellatioHs in the moon's 

path, consisting of sipc stars, aft^ 
corresponding to the pleiades. 

9ffiR adj. Made, factitiod^, artificia?^ 
the rererse of what is naturally or 
spontaneously produced, 

scfinr^ *. «. An adopted son ; one of 
the twelve kinds recfogniked in law, 

^ffifrffTzr 8, m. An a<iquired friend, on» 
on whom benefits have b^en conferr- 
ed or from whom they have beM re- 

WIS! 9,f. An action, a charm^ witchery. 

8Rnn 9. m. T)Afivative from a vetb j 
name of a treatise on syntax. 

mxni odA. Miswly, avaricious. 


9. m. 

BUT^irr ;?./. 'Stinginefis.' 
Wm i,f. Tenderness, compassion, favor, 
kindness, pity, mercy, affection, 
• bounty* 

9<nw 9.m. A sword, a setmitar or sacrt- 
ficfal knife. 

srcrrf^niTW $. m. The abode of mercy, 
the aiATfsroki of kindness. 

^ inmw t. m. An object of compassion. 

Wim adi. Comiyassionate,' tender^' 
merciful, liberal, kind, benevolcttt^ 
obliging, propitious. 

?F^mT9 adj. Compassionate. 

snnfSf ^. m. Ocean of grfece, mercy 9t 
kindneso. fh^arted. 

Snrt^ adj. Unfeelinff, unkind, h^rd« 

V% g* m. A worm; an fasect in gener- 
al ; lao, the red dye, #hich is in f^et 
an insect. , 

«r^ adj. Vertnifuj^^, atethelmintie« 
g. m.- A sbrub ttntd in medkind, as m 
anthelmintic, commonly ealled JKixm*^ 
i Epycihe paniwlata). 

srfirsr g. m. Agallocham. 

Hf^i^l «•/• Lac; a red ije so called* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

( 117 ) 


^^HT^ f* ni. 

9i(H^<n% 8. m. Tooth-ache with decaj 
of tho teeth. 

jifiro. adj. Having worms, wormy. 

Wf*Ti!rr s,f, A fm I tful woman, one bear- 
ing many children. 

fllPiT^ac?;. Anthelmintic, vermifuge* 

ffi^ adj. Affected with worms, 

9K ddj. Small, thin, little, minntej 
spare, emaciated. 

91IITT 9. /• Smallness, slendemess, 
spareness, leanness, thinness, emact- 
atedness. [shape. 

mrnft *r /. A. wpmarf with a slender. 
s. 971. A hnshandman, ft peasant. 
9, m. A hnshandman, ploughman, 
peasant, farmer. 

flf«r 9. /. Hushandry, agricnltnre ; 
plonghine. cnltivratinsfthe 5oil, &c. 

9IW adj. Black, dark bine. fi. prop. 
One of the Hindu mytholojBrical in- 
carnations : .he is distinct from the 
ten Aifatars or incarnations, bein^ 
identified with the deity. 

jy^mtrw 9,m. A. plant ( Poine>ana put- 

WW^"^ *./. Th® Indian spikenard. 

ift^sft^n 9, ml Owlonju a plant hifrinff « 
small black seed which is nsod for 
medical and cnlinary pnrposes (Ni- 
(fella Indka). 

Wi^ifni9.f. Blackness. 

tl ^ ^ T *!^ 9. w. A kind of Sandal wood, 
of a dnsky copper hne. 

W^trw 9. m. The dark half of a month, 
th^ ^ieen days doling whiih the 
m6on is in the wane. 

HVW 9. ifk. A fmit, the Cor^tda. 

9* m. A fiK^titions salt, eitfier 
that prepared by Evaporation from 
Valine soil, or the tnedioinal kind, a. 
muriate of soda. 

¥^i»>V 9. m. The Ibadstofcw. 

> s. m. The black antelope. 

W^^J^^ 9./. A riv(*r, possibly the river 

'Kriikni in the Decan. 
^I^^tnrm «. m* The holy fig«-tree {Fictf 

religtosa ). 
^rftnr adj. Devoted to or the ^tary 

of Yir{9hna, ^ees; 

l'^<fr ^./. Slendemess, spareness Iean« 
^ po9tpot^ Of# ' Uike fa9j near him. 
4^fhfT 9. m. A flower {Pandawt9 pd^rch^ 

ti99imu9 ). 
W^^ 9. m* An earthworm. 
$V^ 9. m, A crab. 
^^ adj» Sqnint-eyed. 
<r«T 9./. The cry of a peacock. 
JhP) 9. m. A peacock. [eolocasia)^ 

J^ } ^--^r '^^ sWn of a snafcii. 

iS^ 9. m. An escnlent root (^Irttiji 

^WT 9.fih A sapling. 

4ifWt 9./. A flower (PoaefofttM cd0r<9» 

nnj pron. How mnch t how many J 

ifim adj. 800^^ a few. a little. 

^ 9. m. The dragon^s tail or descend- 
ing node ; in astronomy thetrinth of 
the planets ; in mythology, a demon; 
a oomet, a falling-star, ^. S - 

^ffJKi 9./. A comet. 

li^fwrtr *. m. ^ne of the tii6e great dtvf- 
jsion df the known worM, the westiM 
portion or Var9h of Jamhu Ihmp. 

^hpw * /• IAt)is lartli. 

^hn^ 9. m. A field ; a moni^taiJi the 
moddM Kadetf, part of the Ittmaldffa 
mfcrttfltati. {tmint69a% 

^^ 9.fn. Asortof^bdn^ (Diospf/fNi, 
9. '^i», A sort of ebony, thaf . 
yields t ip^ki of tit {l)io9pyfo$ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( 118 ) 


r f . m. 

A fisherman. 

^af i,m. The poles ; thec(»ntre of a 
circle. ( v^^' ft»"«>. 

M?C *. >»• A bracelet fforn on the np- 
ifflf «./. Amorous dalliance, coition. 
^Hnr 8. /• A daughter-in law, 
^9m 9. m. A plantain ( ires or fruit ) ; 

*Pi I «.// Pl«y, sport, pastime, am- 

ihifr J nsement, amorous dalliance, 

coition, r (itisimug ). 

<}fWT «./. A flow*. ( PandanuB odor- 

'i^m adj. One, alone, only, solely, 
completely, pecnliary ; all, entire, 
whole, s. m. A species of knowledge, 
probably that of the nnity of God. 
adi). Completely, peculiarly, only, 

n^ 9.f. Cowitdi (DoUchof pruriens)* 

i^T^ $. m. The shutter or fold of a 
door, a door. 

W^ff\$.f, Horoscope, nativity. 

i|hl «f m. The hair of the head, a cock's 

^hl^«. m. A plant, called also (Nags- 
$ar ( Mesua ferrea ) ; a jhrub ujied 
in dying RotiUria tinctoria )• 

|g^}.«. Alien. 

^Ntw B, m. A tress or fillet of hair. 

€wT$4t oofij. Pulling the hair mutual- 
ly, hair to hair. 

Sift 1./. A lock of hair on the crown 
of the head. 

ftw #. w. Saffron (Croeui tattWt ). 

iivf^ adj» Yellow or saf&on-coloured, 

^ T^ 8. m. A lion, 

4 pron. How many t adj. Seyeral. eonj. 
, Or, either, Ky-^*,_^ or Ky-i-ek, Some, 

i*»«ft 8. /. The slough or skin of s 

▼TT7W 8. m. A species of poison one 
of the fixed kinds, 

irw 8. m. A tree ( Teronia eUphaninm^. 

ihVT 8,m. An intoxicating drink mad^ 
from the fmit of thp Kyta^ 

«?fww 8, /. The wife of a Kayesth. 

Wt *./. The Kfffhi'Nagnri charaetert 
used chiefly by K^pofth about Paina, 
and the adjacent conn try. 

^ 8,f. A bamboo twig. 

<r^ 8. f. A small unnpe mango. 
Kyri-ankK «./. A wall-eye, an eye 
the pupil of which is grey. 

if 9 #./. A sprout, a shoot. 

if^TW 8. m. The mountain Kyla8. the 
fabnlous residence of Eud^, and fa- 
vourite haunt of Shiv ; it is placed 
by the HindM amongst the EimaJnya 
mountains, and the name is. given to 
one of the loftiest'peaks lying on the 
north of the Manu8 lake. 

wfw «. w. A fisherman, a waterman^ 

^4^ s, m. Eternal emancipation, fof^ 
tune happineds. 

^m 1 pr^. How t In what manner ? 
'^^ > what sort of ? what like t 
m^ J Ky8ahiy Howsoever. 

ift pron. Who ? which f what ? po8tr 

po8. To, for. 
^ Ssf. The water-lily (Nymphaa hiu$) 

the pulp of the jack fruit {Artocmrpiu 


*rt: 1 pron. Any, any one, any body, 
<t^ 3 some one. a. Some body. 

Koi'ia, certain/ someboc^, somethings 
Koi nah koi. Somebody or, others soade^ 
or other. Koi naht% Nobody, none. 
Koi dam tMen^ Soon, shortly, imiae» 

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( 119 ) 


4t^!^ X. m. A planter, a hnsbandfiuin, ! 

a gardener, a Hindu cast whose pro- . 

fession is hasbandry. 
^ftmrr «• iM. Charcoal. 
^^WT t*. 4». To prioky pierce, stab, gore. 
^rTtt «. m. A goardy a sweet pumpkin 

(Ctf cur^tto pepo% 
^n^fS i./m A joong shoot, a bud, an 

unblown flower. Isarka. 

^itW «. m. The ruddy goose (Ana$ ca^ 
W\^\ «. m, A foster brother, nurse's 

child ; a small nail, a tack ; a kind 

of lotus. 
^^f^adj. Short. 

mtf^itf ) 9. m. The black or Indian 
^ICV j cuckoo i.Cttcu/i««) : the A:oJbi7 
makes a prominent figure in H/ndu 
poetry, and is supposed by his music- 
al cry to inspire pleasing and tender 
^Hirat^ adj. Speaking like a lohil, 
eloquent as the kokil. 

iftwi S hypochondrium. 

*t^R^ adj. Barren. 

fil^^ 9. vu The name of a country, 

Konkun, in the peninsula. 
^^Ti|^ «. m* The^day of full moon in 
the month Aswin {Sept.- Oct.): who 
is awake ? the call of Luhshmi^ who 
descending on this night promised 
wealth to all that were awake, hence 
the night is spent in festivity and 
games of chance in honor of the 
:iitz 5. m. A forty redoubt, atronghold, 

^ftz^ <. m. A kind of greens ; holes 

made by bird in trees, 
wtft adj, A crore or ten millions* 
^I «. m, A fort^ a caste, a sLrougbold. 
^3 s. m, A species of leprosy with 

) «./. The womb, the abdomen. 

largQ ronnd spots ;^ ring-worm, irnpe* 
tigo. [eloset. 

lit^ft s* /. A room, chamber, apartment^ 

^\Z\ s. m. A hoase built of burnt bricks 
or stone ; a story, a floor. 

fi\^ ». /. A small ( brick ) house, a 
warehouse, a granary, dwelling, man- 
sion, barrack, chamber, bank, chesty 
bin, storehouse, factory ; a bankiag^ 
house ; the chamber of a gun, the 
inside or shaft of a well ; the womb ; 
the ferrule or mounUng at the end 
of ft scabbnrd. Kothiwcdy A whol^ 
sale merchant, a warehouse-keeper. 

^"iiK adio, Ont of place. 

fii^ 8, nu The leprosy. 

4tfWT V. a. To dig out, to scoop, bore, 
hollow, excavate. 

if^fWl^T t. m. The name of a bird, of 
a snake, and of a flower. 

iftVT 9, m, A whip, a lash. Kora kai^no^ 
To whip ; to reduce to obedience ; to 
put a horse to his speed by whip- 
ping. ;Kora moifia. To lash. 

^i^ i.f. A score, twenty. 

^f)W f • i». The leprosy. Korh-^nen khc^ 
nikdlnay In leprosy to catch the itch; 
(met. ) to have one misfortune added 
to another. 

^it^x f . a. To vex, to afflict^ to grieve. 

iftlft adj. A leper. 

#tw s. m, A comer, an angle. Kanah 
d0r^ adj. Cornered, angled. 

^rt^ s* 7n, Comer, side. KonakuthrOf 
s. m, A corner of a room, house, &c., 
hole and comer, every comer. 

^fw adj. Having a crooked arm. 

tSiiim 8. m. A led-horse. Kotalkashf s. m. 
A surcingle, particularly for fasten- 
ing body-clothes. 

j^flw^rt^ 8./. A kind of greens, coriander. 

fiif{ 8. m. Inflammation and ulceration 

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( HO ^ 


of the angks of the eyelids ; gan- 

. greoe. 

«t^ 1 $.m. A small graia ( P<m/ki- 
^Sf J lutnfrumentaceum), 

^irr «. m. A corner^ an angle^ a side. 

Kanadar, adj. Cornered, angidar. 
<t^ »./. A ipear. 

fi\^ 8. m. Wrath, rage, paseioiiy anger. 
lftW«^fW9 adj. Enraged, inflamed with 

wrath. [anger. 

VtR^g adj. Incensed, inflamed with 
^q>l adj. Passionate, wrathful. 
^^m t;. ». To be angry, to be wlnthfnl, 

to rage, t ./. A passionate woman. 
ist^^PT adj. Passionate, angry, 
irtq^ s. m. Violence, impetuosity of 

ivt^l9^ adj. Furious, enraged. 
iD^f^Q adj. Passionate, angry, rage- 

iuly wrathfnL 

^tf'rtt } adj. Angry, passionate, wrath- 
<t<t J ful. 

^it^ «./. A cloth worn (round the 
waist). heimeen the legs. 

^itfts./. A cabbage. [plaoid. 

mmm adj. boft, bland, tender, jnild, 

^1«mQr j^«/. Softness, placidity, tender- 
ness, mildness^ agreeablaness. 

^t^T^^ilt s, f. Softness. 

?iti|W «. m. A corner, an angle. 

W\^m8,f. A bird (C't*cu2w*) ; a flower 
CUtoria tematea). 

^^m 8. m. Ciuncoal. 

ift^ 8.f. Edge, border, margin, side, 

, point, s. m. A crore or ten millions. 

?lft^ 8. m, A bud, an unblown flower* 

i^Kl adj. New, unused, unbaudled, un- 
bleached, fresh ( applied chiefly to 
eartlien ites^eie, cloth or papei*). Kara 
ralmuj To be disappointed. 

ift^rt s./. Small cardamums. 

i^ft^.A A virgin. 

^JKt «..!»• A rafter. 

W\m s, m, A creek, a bay ; any long 
narrow passage, a lane ; embracing, 
an embrace ; a tribe of mouiitaiuccrs, 
the Gole8 j a country, Oalinga, the 
modem sea cost from Cuttack to 

ift^T Si m. A jackal. ^ • 

iSt^m 8. m. Uproar, clatter, tumult, 
mirth, a confused or mingled sound, 
a noise made by many or a great and 
indistinct noise. 

W\fkm s. m. A lane. [the lap. 

^^?IT»»T '0, a. To embrace, to take iU 

ift^ s. m. A weaver, 

^^\ 8. m. An oilman, a cast whose bnsi- 
uess it is to sell oil, 

^it^ adv. Lap, bosom, embrace. 

^t^f«. m. An oilman's press. Ko^u* 
vien parwa dena^ To macerate ( any 
thing in a press, &c. 

*ft^T^ 8. m, A species of ebony ( Baw- 
hinia Di>rte</o<c»;. 

^IC 8. m. A measure of abo6t two 
miles ; a piece added to the end of a 
sleeve, a caff. 

^tsiTr V. tt. To cdrse. 

^^m s. m.f. A name of the city 6f 
jyjodhya {Oude) or neighbouring dis- 
trict. * * 

Win^ s. /. The country south of Ajo- 
dhya (Oude) or Ajodhya itself. 

M^nsfts.f. Swelled testicle, enlarge- 
ment of the scrotum, from Hernia 
humoralis, or hydrocele, &c. 

^it^ s» m. A sheath, a scabbard ; a 
judicial trial by oath or ordeal, at- 
testing a deity and touching or 
drinking water three times in wliich 
some idol bus been washed ; a testi- 
cle or the scrotum ; a nutmeg • a dic- 
tionary or Vocabulary. 

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( 121 ) 


ftn 9. M. A granary or, a place w 
whicb grain is kept ; an apartment ; 
anj Tiscns, as tbe heart, lungs, sto- 
mach, hovels, &c. 
*Wfr*. m. The digestive ffeculty, the 

gastric jnice. 
TftH^ V. a. To curse. 
«Kt^^ s. m. New leaires jnpt sprouting. 
Tftwi 8. m. Cnrse^ malediction, 
litf^ «./. The elbow. 
iitv< 9> ffi' Fogy liiiet; name of a fmit. 
^itfta.f. A species of hawk {Peilco 

Wt poHpoB, Of^ belonging to. 
3r po8tpo8. Denoting the objectiTe 

case. To for. 
jrnr s. /. Splendour, brigfatnese, flash 

(<»# o/ Ughting), 
imt D, n. To lighten, to flash. 
{|w 8. m. Lightning. 
^iim 8. m. A kind of orange. 
lit^ f . m. A shell of a large kind. 
i Rflm ri H f. m. A kind of snake ; a 

wealthy person, 
ift^ s. m. A small shell used as edin 
( CyprrBa monita) ; money, fare, hire ; 
a gland ; the point of the stemnmy 
or ensiforia cartilage. ]f(>Hri-hkdky 
aeff. Venal Vkuti kottri^ dt Kani 
Itmrij A bit of money of the lowest 
▼alue^ (^. ) a farthing. 
^^gms.m, Jojy pleasure, happiness 7 
«port^ pastime, diversion^ play, trick, 
show, a scene or spectacle, 
^^[ift 8, m. A tumbler, a dancer, one 
who contributes to dirert by exhibi- 
tions, &C. adj. Sportive, of pastime 
or diversion. 
^itmp'on. Who ? which;? what ? Ktmn- 

Mf which ? what ? what sort of ? 
t|fHt<f 8. m. A priFy part, a small piece 
of cloth worn over the privities. 


rfNn^ 8. m. Youtii, childhood, K&itmtiriy 
ndj, maiden, virgin. 

^^ ». m. The month Kartih^fkiidher* 
N'oty ember). 

^^^ «./. Moonlight, 

ilft^ 8. m. A mouthful. 

nrk^rv 8. m. The Kouraiyai, and the 
Pandai)(X8, the patronymics of two 
fannlies descended from Kuru by 
their respective fathers Bhritardsh- 
tra «nd Vdndn. 

4N:? «. YM. A descendant of Eum. 

fPtur •d^. Of a good family, well-bom. 
«• im A mouthful, 

ifWiw «• m. One of the astrological pe- 
riods called KikTonas^ 

^IT 8. m. Corner, side ( e/i room ^c.) 
embrace, bosom, armful ; a kind of 

^Tm%»dj. Ancestral. 

iftftrtT r./. A small mouthful. 

^ftftr^imT «. a. To take in the arms^ or 
the hi,^ t6 'embrace. 

?WY 8. f. Embrace, grasp of the arms. 

iRhr 8, m. A crow. [ tea ). 

i|Pt?rw* #./ A flower ( ClitorU tema- 

^fhl 8, m. Canyakubja^ or danouge^ the 
ancient city, so called. 

^Tn s. m: Happiness, welfare, Ac 

^fhifft ^./. Greeting, salutation, friend- 
ly inquiry ; a respectfdl present. 

^Ihl^ '.'w. Good fortune, well-being, &c» 

^ftftwift *. /. Name of a river. 

j[jj I 0dj. Silken, of silk. 

^^ ai$. Dyed with safflower. 

i|t«^H *. m. The jewel of Kriehna sus- 
pended on his breast. { or. 

mipron. What ? how ? why f whether, 

^\tt 8./. A bed (of a gcu'den) ; a frame. 

mj adi). Why ? wherefore 7 how ? well! 
what » then, because. 

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i 122 > 


; adi?. ' Why V Jio^.? 
^Tft iHftf. Becnnse that. 
mmn ^. m. Weepings laineatiiig^ 
mi s. m. Order, metliod ; vniniernipt- 

ed progress. 
Hfif s. m. An insect, a worm. 
Hq^.-m. Buying, purchase, 
inrpns^ £• m. Trade, traffic, l>i\jing 

and selling, 
mf^ s^f. Ascending, surmounting either 
in a literal or figurative sence ; the 
eun's course on the globe, the eclip- 
{ tic ; declination of a |)lanet^ splen- 
dour, lustre. 
«lfm«i^« «• m. The ecliptic. 
fHi^ f.m^ A worm, nn insect; lac, 
which is the accumjulation of an 
Urit «./• Deed, an act, action^* a reli- 
gious act; ol^sequies; a verb^ an 
oath. Kriyd-karm^ ^ m. The perform- 
. auce of obsequies. 
fm^f^ERI g* n. An organ of action, as 
the hand, foot^ Toice, organ of gener- 
' ation and that of excretion. 
Ttilps,/. Sport, play, pasiame, plea- 
I sure, amusement, ^ame. 
^St^\M s. m. Copulation. 
rfl^TOl adj. Sporting, sporti? e, 
lAn adj. Bought, purchased. 
lUnm 8. m. A son bought from his 
natural parents^ and adopted as male 
ohm s. m. A son one of the twelve 
kinds acknowledged by the ancient 
Hindu law ; he who is purchased from 
liis natural parents. 
sj|tfi|«r s. m. The Agttru or aloe wood, 
iiri adj. Angry, wrathful. 
m^ s.f. Anger, passion, 
ff^ <»dj, CjTuel, pitiless, hard-hearted, 
harsh| savage ^ formidable, terrible. 

W^M^adj. Fierce, cruel, Qnrelentms« 
MXjim.m. Torpid or costive boirela 

unaffected hy strong purgatives, 
iirtirr «./. Cruelty, fierceness. 
^vn €u^ JifischievoaSy viHanous ; 6Til> 

fSt^i.m. Anger, wxath, passion, ri^«. 



a^. Passionate, angry, wrath* 
ful, -cholerfc. 

litMWC 8. m. A passionate woman, • 

lStn^^ adj. Angry, passionate, 
qit^lfivw adf. Free from wrath, nuld^ 

lA^mi adj. Passionate^ violemt. 

iMt adj. Angry, passionate. 

iAk s. m. a measure of distancci a 
league, a (Ko», <^nt^niag 4,000 cu* 
hits ; some make the Ko8 8,000 cu- 

rfhi s. m. Oae of the Dwipa$f or prin- 
cipal divisions of the world. 

Wm adj. Wearied ; depressed in spirits 
or exhausted. [lancholy^ 

arpmiin adj Low-spirited, languid, me- 

m^8^f. Fatigue, weariness. 

tft? 8. m. The neuter gender ; an eunudi. 
»€^, Weak, impotent ; idle, slothfal. 

m^ $* m. Wetness, dampness, moisture. 

in f^ m. Pain, affliction or distress ; 
pain from disease, anguish ; worldly 
occupation, care, trouble. 

aTftdl adj. Pained, distressed, afflicted. 

m^ «. w4. Absence of virility, impo- 
tence ; the neuter gender ; unmanli- 
nesB, cowardice, <&c. 

adj. Distressed, afflicted, 

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i m > 

V TBe second consenant' of H^Ndgri 
alphabet : is ig a ^ttnral and Has 
i6€» sotnid of tbe Ehglish kK. 

w t. m, Hearen ; sky or aether ; racnity. 

mm^ #./. A plant (Polypody)y a kind 
of roosr 

mmw adj. Dry and crackling. 

^WiTfT n.a. To hem, hawk, expectbrate. 

^tmK 8, m. SemfTitrrfred bricks. 

W^nwm^ ^. o. To mnrder privately; 

^Nt^wt To wash, rinse. 
adj, Tnsked. 
\ 8.m. A small bird; a WAgtaiL 

iT^Tit g, /; A snrall tarabonrin. a timbrel. 

^w 9, m. Side, quarter, diVision of 

■ the earth. rog:ibn. dTTi^ibn of a fionsc, 

apartment; part; piece, fragment, 

portion ; a chapter, section ; sngar 

(coarse) ; the songs of PuSnawat, 

#»T *. TO. The act of reAicing any 
thing to pieces, the rescinding of an 
order, the refnting of an argnment, 
the removing of any caTamfty, the 
thwarting of any scheme ; breaking, 

W^PHRTT V. a. To cnt np, to quarter, to 
cut to pieces, to divide ; to refute. 

'^f^fT V. c». To refafe. 

^(f^K 8, m. A ruinous and broken-down 
building, ruins of a town or house, ^c. 

^?hr ^. m. A smalT bird, a wagtaif. 

ifv^r 8. m, A ffake, a slice ( especially 
offish) a division or piece (if land), 

¥Ri«minT tf. a. To refute, . interrupt^ 

^fftm s,f* A woman, who, provoked 
at the infidelities of her husband or 
lover, is rather abusive, speaks her 
mind freely, but is supposed to retain 
no malice in her breast* 

W 8. m: District, province, dttistoi^ 

^i\Kat§. Tui-bid; 
m^ s: /. X paddle for digging- tha- 

groimd, a dibble. 
^(Krrr «. m; A pit ffom which eartir 

has be^ dug out to make bricks or 

pottery ; a notch in a teg of wood, 
ifir f . m. A pillar, a post. Kham thah* 

noy V. a. To strike the hands against 

the arms preparatbry no wrestling,, 

&c., to challenge (a$ wrestlers do). 
m^V^j ^. <». To scoop, scrape. 
Wf s. m. A bird ; lur, wind. Khag^ 

8. m. The adjutant bird. 
wStms.m. The vault or circle of thd- 

heavens, the planisphere; the same- 
[ representJed' artificially, the armillarjr 

^lilnni^r i'/» Astronomy. 
iWir w. n. To be set (as a jeweCf. 
^^K 8. m. A clbudi 

adj. Set {ax a jewel}. Set witfr 
jewels, inTaidl 

^i|i: 8. m. A date, or date free-<PA«fitV 
dactyli/era) ; wild date (Elate sf/Ues^ 
tri* or "Phenix sylvesirts) ; a kind of 
sweetmeat. KKajur cKhari, A kincf 
of silk cloth stained^ with wavinsi 
marks like the traces of the ol3 
feaves on the trunk of the date tree. 

^TBirr 8, m. The ridge of a thatcheJ 

wfwr 8. m. A date. 

^rar adj* Lame, crippled, limping. 

W9^8'fn. A small bird, the wagtaif 
(Motacilta dlBa). 

^r^ #• m., A small tambonrin, a timbref^. 

mmftzs. tn. A wagtail. 

WBi t. m. A species of metro, a stanza 
of two lines, one of 32^ the other of 
30 feet. 


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< 1« ) 


m^ adf. Six. Khat-rm, Bix, tastea. 
Ehat'shastra^ The six philosopbieal 
f€ieii068 of the Hindus (called other" 
I uHse (Khat'dar$hiHM), viz, Niy<»ya, 
Logicy taagbt by Ootama ; Vysheahi- 
hay "Hanoda : it agrees wiU^ 
Niya^ m some points and d]iSei;s in 
otbers ; Mimanact* tangbt bj Jymani ; 
it consists of rnles for the coustrnc- 
tion an4 right interpretation of tbe 
Vedaa ; Vedania^ taught by Vyw^t- 
deva : the science of theology ; San- 
thya^ taught by Kapila : the followers 
' of tUs sect disbelieve in a Creator, 
saying that the universe is from all 
etemijty ; Faian^ala^ introduced by 
She9<mag[a : it agrees in every po^nt 
with Sankhy0p excepting thc^t it 
makes Ood to h^ th« Creator. 

ysti.f. A bedstead* 

^Zipij 1?. n. To wrangl^ to oSend, to 
wrankle, to pierce {09 d thorn) ; to 
doubty to be apprehensive. $, m. 
Doubt^ hesitation^ disgust. , 

sound of footstepfl^ 

^rSVRT «• m. ' Rapping, thumping^ rat- 
tling {qf a docr^ ^c). 

%lMiy^\ 'i>i a. To knock, tap, pat^ rap. 

ws9^ 9. «i. A bug. 

vS^uqi 9» m. A bedstead with curtains. 

^r^m o. n. i!o last. 

^Z^z 8,/. WranglingyConteiitiooiy quar^ 
rel ; clashing of weapons. 

f|CT«r 1. m. A bug. 

m^tjr9. fn» A mixed taiste of sour ancl 
sweet; agreeable. [cordaatly. 

^RlR «• m. A wrangling ; singing dis- 

^^rzfhiT 9. m. An insect. 

nz^9.f. Ab^8t«a<l. 

^WI 9. m. A dunghai. 

ig. 991. Apprehension, suspicion, 
) doubt, suspense, abodement ; 

^rzrt *./. Acidity^ eouraess ; an acid. 

WZTV ». m. A crash. 

^T^TH^*./. Wrangling 

^zm 9. m. Spring-tide. 

"^szm «. m. A pin with whiA a boat 
is fastened. 

^fzm 9. m. A pelecat. 

wfeiTT 9. f. A bedstead, a bier. YikHda 
hare uahi ikatya nikle^ Qod grant his 
bier may be carried out, or ha om^ 
die (a common form ofiow9mg\^ 

H^Nr 8. m. A hunter, one w^ Irrea by 
killing and selling gamew 

frelw 9. m. A small bedstead. 

MTt adj. Acid, sour. Khat^sd^, 9. m 
The herb sorrel KhaHck^a, a<§. 
Sourish, acetona. 

Wim 9. r/K The civet or zibet eat (Vi- 
verra jnbetha), a polecat* 

wffW ^. m. A hunter otte who lives by 
killing and selling gam#. 

WIJ^*. in. A labours. 

^ «./. A bedstead. 
adj. Dry, dried up. 
<•/. A cow-house or oow-shed; 
an imitative sound. Khareih jama. 
To take warning, to be apprized. 

^lYiprT V. n. To rustle, to rattla, clangs 

wnit\ 9, m. Doubt, apprehension ; a 

^^f^nymr i». n. To creak, clatter, rat- 
tle,, jar ; to grind the teeth ; to snore. 

^ f H^l ^ d 9./. Creaking, clatter, rat- 
tling, j[arring (<•« door}^ snoring^ 

^9^ 9.VL A sword or seimitar. 

^^f^iiz } 9./. Hurry, bustle, .com- 
^^ 5 motion, tumult ; uproar; 

noise of horse's feet *in galloping ;. 

gripping on going to stool. 
V?^vw *./. Wrangling^ 
Wi^^W 9, m. A whetstone, a grindstone. 
W^ adj. Erect, upright, standing up^ 

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( 125 } 


Btinding, steep, high, agrooncly 
djf tlpe perpendicnlar. Khctra Jcama, 
To raise, station, plaee, stay or stop, 
stick up, place erect, proctire a ficti- 
tious person for some purpose^ Kkt^-^ 
ra hatuh To stand up, be erect^ rise, 
stand. XJkara r^httnm, ff. n. To stand, 
stay, remain standing. 

^R^T^' #. m. Patteftil (w>oden) ISLlmm^ 
%mdar, Aland oi shoes fastened t^ 

mf^fm.$.m. Obalk. 

Wf^ftl #./• Amorter. 

? s. A Chalk. Kat^chari, «. /, 
^j^Yftrfl' J A speeies of stefitite* wkh^ 

which ehildren learn to write aii4 

which* is used in gi?ing a polish i^ 

stncoo* '• : 

wwjmf i' m. An ornament worn en the 
wrist, a braoelet. . 

wfww o^« Soon, immediately^ bk- 
stantly, presently, quiekly. 

W^«r t. »»./. A sword. 

WK i.f. Straw. 

W^ s. m. Side, quarter, region, c^- 
Biou of a house, apartment ; part, 
piec^ firagmeat, .portion ; a chapter, 
section ; sogsr (eoar$e^ ; the songir of 
Padmawdt ; a flaw in a jewel 

m^n 8. nu Breaking, diWding, cutting^, 
reducing to pieces, rescindinjt . an 
order, refuting an argument, rwak>T- 
ing of any^ calamity, thwarting of 
any scheme 

'WPWCTT V. a. To cut up, to quainter, 
ta cut to pieces,, to difide ; to ref utfe. 

W^m V. a. To refute. 

^%n adj. Cut, torn, i^roken in pieces ; 
destroyed ; refilled,. pontre«ferted ,• 
scattered, dispersed; . ' [tem^ljr 

'«r^<im<«lT v^ a* To nefttle^ prerent, inw- 

^iftWT «./* A woman, irl^ grgyptydft 

the infidelities of her huAand oT 
lorer, is rather f^usire, speaks her 
miiid'freefy, but is supposed to retaltf 
no malice 4fl her bteast 

^i^fK^t.f. The female of rfA«W. 

^W^m 8. m. A dunghill. 

VfT #. wi. A grain-pit, a cAiity hi whfcll 
gram is kept. 

^ 8. m. One o^ the four ffindu castes, 
a man of the mimarr tribe. Khatnt- 
niyt.f. The female ef JTiblK. 

^wfW^rm «. 11. To dmmer, to make •' 
boiHng noise. 

Wfi^ *. m. A tree, the resin which is 
used m medicine, K^ttkm or catecbu 
(JAkmo eat9ehu). [hiN$\ 

^^€^qiT *. m. The BtMt <Aca^a Jra^ 

wl^f.fn. A grass that grows in pottds. 

^r«f «./. Puhinft. 

irt^ i>. a. To pursue, to Jiunt. 

VT j». m. A divigion of a house, a st^ 
(ofabuOdtng), a flight of rooihs : w 
mine ; a certain day of the fortnight, 
as tbe full, change, <S:c., of the moon. 

^nmwi «. n. To iincrle. to rihcr. 

W^PTT 9. m, A pit from which isarth baa 
been dng to make bricks or pottci^ ; 
a ftotch in a log of wood. [mango. 

W^ r. m, A broken tile ; a slice of 

Wtm adj. Expanded. *./. Vent, sale. 

m^^ «./. Vent, Sale, expense; request, 
a lunatic. 

^WTT u «. To be dried up or absorbed ; 
to sell, go ofi", be expended or made 
atray with ; to remain, join, mix with, 
enter, penetrate, s. m, A company 
{iof travelten^ 4bc. 
WPCi 9. m. A tile ; an' arrow witt a 

Imid ptftnt. 
vrtt f./. A small tile ; the shall. ' 
w^m *./ A tiled house^ tilling. boUd* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( 12« T 

^i^rm «,/. A piece tero oflP fi-owt a bitn- 
boo, a splinter ; a very le«M per8oi>. 

^[^Finr «. «• To dry Bp> destroy, iwake 
away with, despatch, ravage. 

^[^ X. 19. The betel iner (AfiM^/^t^O, 
or catechu), 

ifmKi.ffu Tbeeknll, the eraftia«i;a 
chafing dish ; an earthen cap used by 
jogii ; tiie Tessel in which ther Uooc^ 
of a Tictim is offere<i« 

^im#.iit. Slime. 

nm 4di^ Left-handed. 

^^ 8,m. A pillar, a post. Khnx thokh- 
, fKT, If. «. To strib the hands against 
the arras preparatory to wrestTing, 
,&o.,i» challenge (•• wrtiam io). 

^wm adj, Sultry. 

wrw*/./. Snltriness. 

mMft^s.f. A mnsical mode. 

^iHfrw f < »• Lassitude^ weariness, slee> 
^ piness. 

J^ \ 8,m. A pillar, a post. 

^ #./• Grass, straw. 8. m. An ass.. 

^W ^j. Dry, dried op. ■-" ^ 

^<WT 9. m. Parement, canseway. ^ 

Hl<if f . /. A cow-honse, or, eowdied. 

^Kwrmr 19- a. To thump, to shake ; to 

>. frighten away^ to put to flight ; Uit 

^K^SK^i.m. A currycomb. 

fSf^rftm s.f. A chair, a litter. 

itKW^fdd;. Boagh. 

^I7r«*7». A sandal; the seam of a 
garment which extends from the 
armpit dqwn the side. 

irKW^ «•/• Noise of horse's feet in gal- 
loping ; tnmult^ uproar. 

^\^ s* m* A stone or grinding modi* 
cine on, a mortar. 

fJCT s*/f Straw. 

fiWM «• m. A currycomb. ^ 

8. tn. A hare, a rabbit, 
^i^^R'TI V. it. To sweep. fgrass, 

^^ 8.f, A stack, a rick ; a kind or 
^gKxadj, Pure, prime, best sort, geau-^ 

ine, honest, candid, sincere, strioi. 
iKit »./. Purity, excellence^ probity^ 

rectitude, trustiness, honesty, oin«r 

imv 8,m. A crashfng noise; 
ircTT^'-/. The^ stalk of burnt gras*^ 
flA 8.f. Oil'Cake ; chalk, 
i^^ffe ;r./; A scratch wilh the naill 
W^Y^ », a. To scratch. 

Wft^f^f ? i>. «• To scrape, to^ 
iffV^WT, } scratch 

mm «, /. The bass ( in mu8ic ). 

nifm K 8. m. The date tree and its fruits 

it^Vw 8. m. The juice or extract 
of the wild date, Tiri, trsed ^ 
leaven bread, and as an intoxicating 
Bqubr, when in a state of spontanea 
ous fermentation. 

^t^ 8. m. The rough draught of ^ 

letter or any writing ; an irou instnr- 

4. 'rnent to rub horses with, a curry- 

• oomb ; an nicer with hardness of the 

skin on thebtiek of the foot. 

^fer 8, wi. StKlp'ng. Kharr^a mama. 
To snore. 

Ipir r. m. A large number, ten mmfoir 
millions, a biUion. adj. A dwarf, 
short, low, of littTe size or stature. 

ifW 8, m, A worthless person, a mali- 
cious person ; sediment, deposit of 
oil, (fee, an oil-cake • a pit. *i/. 
Low, vile, base; mischievous, bid, 

itWiTT 8. w*.*^ 4jjark. [( the howds\ 

^r^fir^wr i>. n. To rumble, to grumWe- 

it^WT 8. m. Skin, hide. 

it<i^ 8. m. Skin, hide, membrane^ tto 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

4 12T \ 

^mr #. /. WorthleRfmess, wiclMnesSy 

Tillaij ; filtliixiess. 
-^f^PfiPi i. f. Harry bastte, i^atkMi, 

commoUoii, «lann, tamalty harlj- 

^^ET^ JH «. ft. To boil, bobble ; !• be 

nutated or tossed up and -dewn. 
^^T^ s. /. The place in which salt it 

boiled (m Bengal). 

^mxK #•/• A.hollow, bottem. 

^Pn s* fii* Sediment of oil or oikake. 

^59i|Pr s. 7». A granary. 

4gfa^M » t). a. Tojskin, to flay. 

^f^i| ) s, m. A kiad -of iivh {Trieko^ 
^9l| j podtu coUsa). 

igm^^ s. m. A threshing-floor. 

^8i> T f./. The dregs of mtisiar** 
^m f »^^f ^^'» ^^^ the oil is 

pressed ont, oil-cakes. 
^^ 9. m. Scented oils ; a hole ma^ 

by children for playing. at trap-ball 

^r marbles. . f language. 

W3ftf« »• /• Abnsei low or wicked 
^fffi.nuJL mill, a stone or vessel for 

grinding drugs, &e. 
^qrr s. ^^ Aehoe. 
^fm^ (*dj. Bald, morbidity, troubled 

with falling of the hair., 
wn s> w. The ahonlder. [ body. 

^mfix t. m. A celestial or immortal 
m^nms./. beparation, mnning away. 
W«1.nn «. «• To remove shove out of 

the way» to slide away, draw back 
t«^^ *. /• The poppy-haad; the 

scented roots of a speqes of grass 
. {AndropogoR murkcUa) used for door 

screens in the hot weather, which 

being sprinkled with water, setvc to 

eool the rooms. 
^f^9^9 ^W 9.m. Poppy-jnice, Jopium. { 
^gr^W^T ». m. Grinding the teeth. 
^«W9T*fr 1?. «. To sriiwi the teeth. 

WWVT .^. m. A. dtiy-boofc, £eid-bool7 

wastn-book, roagfa drawings, draught 

(for an aeewnt) ; a ecab ; a kind of 

eruptive disease. [open, loosen. 

WRT tf. Ji. To min, Ml in, suik ,* to 
w4)cni i^.di. Topvtl], plnek, poli the 

hair, seratch, tear. 
^raf^V 9.M. Cryatal, the snn geu^ 

the moon gem. 
V^W s. m. A task. 
Wt^ 9. m. Slime, mud. 
wHt 9. m. A stay, a basket^ a pannier ; 

a cnge, a hen*«oop. 
^f *. m. Sngar (coane). 
Wff^ V. #. To exoavate, to poand. 
%ifr f . la. A straight dovble-edgei 

sword, cutlass, cleaver .(haek9r^9); 

aflake or slice (cfM). Khdndtii 

phar-par chakk$y To attribute, to 

Wt^^f V. n. To cough. 
wWtf./. A cough, 
vt #•/• A ditch, a moat^ a trench. 
Wt^ t. m. A glutton. 
WW *. m. The horn of a rhinoceros. 
Wm#./. The itch. 

WrWT 9. m. A sweetmeat like pieorast. 
Wf2 «./• A bedstead ; a bier, a cot or 

bedstead on which dead bodies .are 

conveyed to the pile. 
WfW «•/• Bfanure. «. m. A pit, a sat^- 

terraneous granary. 
^fpn 9;.m* The act of eating; daily 

aoceunt, waste-book. Kkata-hari, #./• 

A storehouse. 
iffift«./. A oast generally employed 

as cart-wrights, x. m» A carpenter. 
?tT^#./. Dung, manure. f 

mi^ ^* Edible, fit to be eaten. ^ . m. 

Food, victuals. 
WPf «./• A mine; (met.) a nest, 

abundance, receptacle. 

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< 12« I 


%m€t t. M. A pit, a shift (of a mtiM) ; 
any thing yerj dry. 

tUTVT #. a. lo eat ; to embeszle ; (met.) 
to getp suffer, take, receive, hold, con- 
tain. «. m. Food, dinner f eating. £A» 
jana. To eat np, ^levoar. Khana jPI- 
lui, Meat and]drink»'food, board, fare. 

UTIPt «./- A. mine ; (mit.) a nest, a beep, 
abnndance, receptacle. 

^Pl¥T^t*m. Eater, deyoofer, 

^n^^' XJneTen. 

wnc 9. m. Alkali, potadi. 

miKt sdf. Salt, brackish*] s. m. A net 
( ui ii;Atc& itraw ii tied). 

^lH <u^'. Salt, brackish. > 

«r^V f . m. A eoarse kind of red obth 
of cotton. 

^m $•/. Skin, hide ; bellows ; a rivn- 
let, rirer, canal, ereek, inlet. Khal 
hhynchna, To take the skin off, to 

V^s.f. Manure. 

f^^rm 19.II. To bedrawn^'pnlled qv tight- 
ened, to be drawn or delineated (« 
|9to(ur», itc,)} to be home or sjEiffaiy 
ed. KhinckanOf «• «• To cense to 
draw or endure. 

f^rmz f ./• Drawing, tightening. 

f^fifin D^ «• To be scattered. 

M^r^iT V. a. To scatter 

fiWi^ 8./. A pallet, a beggat^s bedding « 

f^^^ «./• A dish made of poise and 
rice boiled together^ the flower of lh» 
ber tree ( Zuyphus jt^a) ; earnest 
to dancing women when they are en- 
gaged f of an entertainment ; a mixed 
heiqp of gold and silver coin ; a bar- 
barous mixture of two languages, a 
langua franca or jargon, 

f%^<rT V. n. To be pulled, to be drawn, 
' to be extracted, to be endured, td 

1%^<IWI D. a. To cause to draw, ynOy 

extract, stretch, 
figwi par/. jNi«l. or 04^. Tense, tight; 

fine, slender. [ness, tightaess. 

f%wrf 9. m. Drag, pull, draught ; te—e 
rit^en«ll tf. eE. To vex, tease, initate, 

trouble, disturb, molest. «. n. To get 

f%wiWT D. a. To vex, tease, irritate, 

trouble, diaturb, nu^est. 

fVV «./• fVetfulness, vexation, teasmg. 

ftpi^T WT I e. «. To be angry, to firet, 
%*WT ^ to be vexed. 

WT^ ^. «• To fret, to be vexed. 
Iwf^ s./. A window^ casement^ gats, 

back-door, wicket, sallyport, ehutter. 
%«dk^'. Distrest, suffering pain or 

uneasiness ; wearied, Qxhansted. 
ftw^ftnis./. A window. , 
%^ t«/. A black ring painted en a 

f%T4t jr. /• A tree and ite fruit 

(Ifijimttsops hauld). 
f%<«f s. m. A dish made with bieatiQgBi 

or the milk of a. cow just cslved. 
fv^f^PTT i>. n. To laugh heartily, to 

giggle, titter, 
fv^^rmr «. n.- To blossom, Uoom; to 

laugh,.to be delighted. 
%fme. n. To blow (mi aJlower)y to 

flower ; to be delighted, to laugh. 
fig^TW ad^. Humorous, playful, fnnay 

pleasant, ^tertaining. 
%lit^«./. A dry nurae. KkSM^ 

piUuy Charge of maintenance. 
f%WT^ s. m. Given to eat, feeder, ck^. 

Causing to bloom. 

f««?«iT «. a. To cause or give to ei^ 
to feed ; to cause to take (an oafhf 
^..) ; to cause to suffer (a«, mar 

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< t» > 

iadj. Grinningy showing 
the teeth whea smiling. 

Khil»n^, Tn cause (6 he ieaim ) ; to 
^osae to play, to allow to playv t9 
amwse, pl«j with, daadle; loake, 
to blossom ( ajlowet')^ 

%irn «&"* Playaome. 

%^^ adj^ Pl^y^ AddiciM to yamuig. 

bawble, gewgaw, 
%#«./' Joke,jest^ hoaoLOiir, EMUi- 

bdZf 4uij^ Humoroosy pUyBomOyfaaoy. 

Khiili-bdzi^ s^ J. Unmoui^ fon^ play, 

jocolarity. [larit^y. 

■ f%VtilT9it ^./. Humour, fun, pliQr, jocu- 

\^fli adj^ Homoroas, playsome, funny. 

fm9 s./. Griamng^ shewing the teeth^ 

a tooth. 
f^V^rmr To stir ; to slip awi^, slip 

awi^ stealthily, to hide. * 

%9«<rT 'tf. n. To stir, sUp, slip away^ to 

sheer off. Kkistihjana, a. n. To slip 

skYfBj^ slide. 
f % ^^W T «• a* To remove, shove oat of 

the way, slide away^ draw back. 
fUlilT «• n. To fall, to sink {as ^ 

tetrace ); to drop off; to become old, 

decline in years. 
%«fl«iT«. ». To slip, adj. Slippery, 
%««TTa^'. Slippei74 
%«fn4 8* m. Slipperiaess, slipping. 
I^vm^e *./ Slipperiness. 

fi^HTiTT } V, n. To flinch, draw 

^^i^^T^T 5 back^ to be abashed. 

fwi^^l'JT t>. n. To grin. adj. FretfuJ, 

peevish, bashful, abashed. 
f^^[%z 8.f. Vexation, foetfdness* 
t«^«./. Fretfulness, tempar. 
^gm g. m. Reluctance, repugnance 
^^m 1?. To pull, to draw. 
^^ »,/. Anger, vexation. 
^^m '0. n. To be angry, to be vexed. 


'ftTT 7 Gleanings or leavings on the* 
^^K S threshi ng floor after thftgrainr 
has been removed, 

^W 8./, A wedge. 

^#K «./. Rice-milk. 

^^%^Tt ^./i The first time of giving 

rice, milk to an infant. 
W^f ^ wi. A oucumber {Cucumii' 

utiUusimus ). 
^<1 a./. An udder, 
it^sr 8. /. Parched grain inflated or 

pufled out by heat so as to appear 

Uke froth. 
^rt^ j. /. BeteMeaf made up witii th« 

different ingredients. [iugs. 

Wt^ 8^ A I^OAS ,' Ik grin ; shrug | biest* 
^f^ 8./, Shewing the teeth, a grinning. 

?it9T «. m. A robber {H88d in («ftf ) | 

a pocket. . 
^^ s.f. An alkaline earth, fossil alkali* 
fflf HT s. m. A hollow of a tree. 
H^fsmi if' a^ To trample, tread, beat ov. 

work wiAh the feet. 
^ 8.m. Animosity, spite, rancour, 
^9T«IT i>. n. To be angry. 

^^ ad^^ p^oj% ; . 

^^r^mr f. a. To itch, scratch, tiol^e. 
W^^I^2 «• /• Itching, ecratohini^ 

V^^ 1./. The itch. 
^^iiT i>. a. To scratch, to lub gently 

with the IM^» 
?filf^rj?T <w(;. Stingy, 
^3YilI «t. a. To nibble J to doubt, 
^fn «. m. Apprehension, suspicion, 

doubt, suspense ,- sound of footsteps. 
^As.f. Perfidy. 
^fts.f. A treasure, hoard; a gnat. 
^^9? <»dj. Rough. 8. m. A henhouse. - 
^^m 8. m. A hollow of a tree. 

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( ISO ) 

V^ ^./. A. purse 

^^•n ^,n. To he dog, to be en graved . 

^^^r 9. m. Small pieces change (money) 

07er and ahove the ooiNit^ spare 


^^T^ '^ V* o. To cause to delve, 
'KW 3 dig, engravi, carve. 

^|[% «, /. The apaces in a necessary 
between the little brick partitions ; 
the space from which a tooth has fal- 
len ent or been extracted. 

^^^ *./. Hunger. [hungry. 

^^l4 adj. Distressed with hunger, 

'fTUTTi D. n. To be angry. 

VT%1 itdj. Angry. 

^•rr V. a. To affect, penetrate, stick 
into ; to adorn. 

^K «• m. }*A ( cloDen ) hoof, a horse's 

^0 S'f' i iioof. 

ir^C^jFTT 8. m. An earcleanen 

^K^^s.f. Pot-scrapings. 

fpC^«»T «. <»• To scrape. 

W^^WV «./. A scraper, a scoop or shovel. 

^^nn^ 8. m. A large sieve for sifting 
e^th ; Khu$'chdl kat-na, To tease. 

^^ff 8. m. A scab. 

^^iri 8, m. An instrument for scraping 
grass for horses; the knee-pan, 

^tft^./. A scraper, a weeding knife, 
the tool with which grass is scraped 
up for hordes ; a shovel for cleaning 
out a bird-cage. 

^^T«. TO. A kind of sweetmeat. 

^x^ adj. Very old. 

^f^T ^. m. The knee-pan; an instru- 
ment like a cup formed of a cocoanut 
shell or other material, with which 
clothes are marked with stripes. 

^ft«./, A (cloven) hoof. 

^Km u. a. To run after, to persecute, 
to catchy to enclose. 

^Sm\\9dj. Bough. 

VI^I'JT V. aj To indulge openly ia 
vices which were formerly practised 
in secret. 

^^eiT*lT 19. n. To be opened. 

^mm «. n. To be opened, revealed, 
expanded, untied or unfolded, di»* 
closed or uncoveredi let loose or be 
loose, laid aside {restt'ditit)^ dispersed 
( cloijtds ), clear up ( the zky ), be 
broken ( neditation^ ^c. ) 

VQ^«nr t^. a. To cause to open. 

^m 8. m. (/. I. ) Open, naked, loose. 

^^TIT w. <», To open or cause to open. 

^^TT^I 8. 7/1. Essence, the prime part 

of a thing. 

^%^^8.f. } The acting unceremoni* 
W^i^(*dv. y ously. 

^«^C^^ 8. vi. Whispering. 

^^ «./. Thetendo Achiilis» hamstring, 

Khunchmdi^fMf To hamstring. 
^Z 8, m. A corner, au angle • earwax; 

station, portion. 
mzm *. w. A drug. 
V ZT 8. m. A wooden stake. 
^^IT 1). a. To dig up {»s the e^rth with 

the feet ). 
iMft^./. A little girl. 
^Ifl^T adj, A searcher, inquirer, investi- 

gntor, inquisitive. 
^gm] 8. m. bediment, dregs, mouldineti 

of vinegar, &c. 
if^ilT tf. a. To pluck, to pick the leavcii 

&c. of vegetables. 


$. /. A scab. 


A furrow. 
^% 8. /. Refuse. 
^Ji cuLj. Small, mean. 
^JPIT r..n. To trot. 
^WT r. n. i'o wax old. 
%wm 8. »♦. A mark, a sign. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

( 1*1 V 


:9,m. A Vidyadh($ra j or kind <rf j 

%2« s. m. Spoil, chaee, hunting. 5. /. A 
weapon, tlie olmb of Balardo^c^, 

%z^ i .m. A sportsmtn, a hunter. 

*WT «. /. A village, 

%^ s, f, A kind of iron or steel, a sort 
of steel made in India. 

m^ S' /. Membranes in which the fcetns 
is developed, seeudines. 

%ir t. m. A iield. a field of hattle. 
ground ; a holy plnce. Kht^f-chhotma. 
V. a. To flee from the field of battle. 
IK^^t-r^hnctf To remain on the field 
(o/hf$ttU >, to be killed. 

9tr^ 8. r. Hnsbandry : crop, d^. Arable. 

W^wr^«. /. Husbandry, afir^icntture, 

^3?hrrft 8.f. Husbandry, farming, 

Wt^^ *. m. A peasant, a hnsbandman* 

%^ ji, m. S<^rrow, grief, affliction 
distress ; pain. 

%«WT «. ». To roa after, to persecute, 
to pursne. 

%^^« m. The trap or enclosure in which 
elephants are caught. 

irf^ ddjj. Sorrowfnl repentant ; afflict 
ed, distressed, pained. 

%f s. f, A irip. voyage ; a piece of base 
metal inserted in coin, or cracked 
coin ; a term in algebra ; some thin er 
added .to a sum ; an apartment. Khep 
'karna. To sustain a loss. 

•t^i i». a* To pass the time. 

<hiT adf. An idiot, a madman, a fool. 

.%fw?«.«. A voyager. ^ 
%inw» «.A Health. 

.^3V A kind of dancittr. 

. #ft «./. After-Mnh. Kherhi, f.f. Mem- 
branes in which the foetuA is envel<^ 
ed, seenndines, placenta. [tiiide. 

%^ s, m. Play, game, sport, fnu, pas- 
*9Ml^ 0<&./».Pll»yMm^, WWiQlij 

an unchaste (wwoo), aa-adalteresay 
#lfm V. a. To plT\y, to- sport. Khddf 
(Braja ) paiH, pre9. Pkyiog, play,. 

i^nir? s w. A "^ waterman, a rower, m 

%f^j boatraau. 

^TT ir. a. To row, nnnt paddle; suffer^ 

endure ( prun, ealamifVy i^<5.) 
%fT «. m. Fare, ferry-money, price of 
passage in: a boat, passage-money ; 
crossing ov^r a river. 
9w 9. m. A kind of cloth, diaper, dam- 
ask, a sheet or wrapper of such clotb* 
%^^ «. m. A kind of cloth. 
An s,f. Pull1n», drawing ; scarcity, 
^^wrr V. a. To pull, draw, tighten j 

delineate, paint. 
m^i^g.f. Putting and bawling. 
^Qf^irw t. m. Piny, sport, fan, pastime. 
Jr< ». m. A tree (Mimosa catechu). 
^TT odj. Brown, s. m. A sprat (or lUk 
vmf tile on$) ; a tree ( MirMiM^ 
caisohu ), 
^T $.f. Churning, vessel. 
^Kr 8. m. A youngbullock, a steer. 
fftv «. )n. Plaster ; coarse brick-dust; 

mifk, inspissated by boiling. 
^WTWT t>. a. To cause to lose or part 

Utts.f. The dry part of sugar-cane 
after expressing the juice ; dothei 
folded up and put on the head as » 
defence against rain, 
^pffttwr «. », To cougb. 
^wi\ s.f. A cough, 
ift^ A cut or rent in cloth, 4c.. 
¥twm V. a. To thrust, to stuff. 
ngt^ 8. m. A thrust, stuffing. 
Wf^T^fHV 8. /. Thrusting ; mut^a 

wrangling or quarrelling, 
^ift s. /. Any thing stufiWlInt* 
«oo(her; as srws bito tbitcb ; Uiffiof 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


< 1« > 


pnrcBnsffff : pftrt of grain whith is to 
b« parched taken as payment for 
•parching it ; soifnetfcfnfi: paid hy those 
who draw water at a weU to the 
hihtthti w}ko attends there with his 
bucket, for the use of it. 

M(gtZi adj. Deficient, "adnTlerated, bad 
( a» doin \ faYse^ deceitful, ^. m. A 
tent-pin, a pfn, a Tpeg, nail ; protec- 
tion. Khonteh ke bat Hdncty To 
become insolent relying on protection 
(the rdia i^eem^ to %e tc^cen from^ 

' pifaofiTs teasing an atiimcdy ttMchy 
^^g fastened ly a rope is wtaff^ to 
pet at hhi : 90 that. the hhontd tV anTy 

' mdirecth/ a protection hyresiraiiiing 
the adirerearp ). 

lifwiVW *. m. A hollow. 

^ifmm ac^. ToofhiMs/honow. 

jS^ ^ 8.m. A bird^s nest 

^jTqr f • m. The hair of the head braided 
or tied op on the top of the head* 

wf^*T ir. a. To stnff, thrast In, cram. 

^^FVT ndj. HoHolfj excavated (00 a 
tooth or a tree^ ^(^.) . 

^m s, m. A boy ; a bill of extjhange 
the amonnt of which has been paid 
Temainuig m the hand of him who 
has paid ft by way of voucher. 

^i^ «. m. Searohy inqairy, qiMst, trtce^ 

<^p«mrs| e.f. ViS^atioa ; inqni ry. 

frt^imr ir. a. To ji^aaroh fbr, 4u> tsfctfre 
after, to seek, explore* 

fft^rmr It. n(. To be lest* 

fjtf^r^ a^. A searofaer^ biqmrer,Tiiifds- 
tigator^ ifiqnisiti?6w 

^jte «./. A Mtmder, Tioe, VL^/aUty de- 
fact, faulU 

a#J2r a«;: ^ PerfiMeiis, emttsH^i^ ^fttoe, 

^Z\k, s. f. Perfidity; vice, bl^isTt^ 
falseness, faultiness, defectiveness. 

^^ t, m, A ■pKi€\\^ thmst, pass. 

^^TT V, &. To ^\^y to delve, to hollow ^ 
searcti for. 

i#^ *. /. Searching ; a spade, 

li^s. m. A certain pare {ofa hore^^ 

^ff^^TTT adj. Pock-marked. 

^«j9<lf^ 8. 777. f^earchj inqofrv. 

^TT TT. t$. To lose, part with, to taret 
rid of, to waste, to squander, a. m. 
Losincr : a leaf which contains a par- 
cel of betel or flowers, &c. Tfissure. 

W^ *. ./I A cave, a corner ; a rent, a 

^ittm B. OT. A cocoannt, rather the 
kernel of a cocoannt. kernel. 

^^^ *. /. The sknll, a shell, pate. 
YJihmrx Jchd-jana. To spend or lavisk 
another's property. 

^iff^r 8. m. The haif of the head braids* 

or tied np on the top of the heirf. 
rfNmt*. m. Ahogsty. 
l^IT K m. Refnse. 
niK^s.f. An all^y; a eovering ; fk 

mge or cnrse of a gOd. 
^ifHft 8, /. An alley, 
#tw e, m. A case, sheath, hollow (at <f 

tree, fc.) a cavity. 
<|^?r^ s. nu A hollow (as of a tree 4rc.) 
^fmm V. <t. To open, to loose, to slnne^ 

to expand, untie, unravel, set sail or 

nnmoor (a ihip^ ^c.) 
^^ft «./. The changing or retoovin|^ 

^ H horse^s shoes, 
^jt^^v. a. To tf&e or isnateh away; 

to pnll ont hairs. 
^itm adj. Having Rttte or to %eard 

(# mem), r. m. "Biad^ p^l, ^k(n, shdt. 
^ft% 0. m* A'eaveni, mi abyss, a pit. 
ffhf i. f. The marks whkh Him,dm 

maka ^n their Ibidieads irith Sandtl^ 


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( IW ) 

^ft^ t. m. Tbe rot (among ^hesp), tbe 

falling off of the hairs. [heat. 

^"tiRT -*». n. To boil, to be apritated hj 

Wm mdj. Famous, oelebrated, notorions. 

^nfir «./. Fame, celebrity, iiotori«tj. 

^srm *. m. Plar, sport, fnn. pastime, 
q^-n. prop, Tbe Lord Jesns Christ, 

tbe Sarioar of tbe world. 
^f¥v^«r 9. m» A christian, a foUoivw of 

tiie Lord Jesns Christ. 


m The third consonant of the Nigctr'/ 

alphabet, annwerfn^ to Q, In Otmd, 
CW f used m €omf>nn,) A river, a fftream. 

Do^dngti. Tn two ft+renms ( a rtxtet ) 
«?•?•./ Tberfrer Oainreff. 
J^i|i^4i4l »./. A kind of ear-ring^. 
WwfWT t. w. Beath.* 
4^ «• fli. 'A sealdbead ( Tlnw cavitts y 
m^J adj. Sealdbeaded, bald. 
iff«Rn «./. A wftTlet, a bacr (^ which 

4fr{U9^eHfer$ \e^f> fhmr itdkle, ifc. > 
Mw^adj. Addiftted to tbense ntffftnjha. 
iryai^ i. m. Knot-ioininff. ^ai^fh-jora 

hafM(m<», v, a. To f te to!ret;berth«» 
- 9hhrt9 of tbeinatftles of the brfde and 

bridesToom: a cereraony attendincr 

marriflcre rvM^ovmed by the jno^fttf 

tfr offieinthipr prieat. 
^*'^mzf B.m, A ont-pttrse. 
Ji%9T«./« Bump, pains in the joints. 
ifVT f. fn, A rhi^, a oirele ; a kind of 
' ' hirae-eonar, a knotted string tiid 

^ramd tiie netk of a xihild, 'dse., ns a 

charm ; the nnmbcrr fbnr. 
"••m ^ n. A 'sort of «te, a poIe^«X!*^. 
nWtc /• A iscDBle^ partMolirrly that 

drawn ronnd Sita, to protect bar ffon 

Raw ana. 
^ri^ *•/• A segmei^t, <tifr, or portMm 

of sugar-cane, 
'f^ 5./. .Stink, filth,' ord^e, sm^lL 
»r??^ 9. Brimstone, Chndah Jta air, 

finlnhnric Acid. 
'teT^j?./. AleekiAffitmporrfm). 
^ adj. Stinking, filthy, foul, nasty ; 

T*^ «• /. Perfume/ odonr, soent. 
n^^ 8,f. BriT^stone. 

^'nn^^m, Acdestial mnRieian, « elimt 

of demi-gods. (Shndhm/nn^jt^h, i w. 

A kind of marriage. -GandhanHB^^^ 

s. m. A kind nf ^^ ^^ stnj^ng. 
'Knr *. 7k, A mn^ical mode. 
»f^ 8, m, A person who sells rose-water, 

e»«f»nce« und atr, a perfmner; m 

green bng. 
m^f^adj. Stinking, 
W^ adj. Deep; aoflpos, thongblfuly 

8pdat(*. srmvp. 
iriTW adj, Sqimndewr. 
if^rmr *». <». To lose, throw away, got rji 

of, discharge, spenn in vain, waste^ 

squander, pass, trifle. 
^WTT 9, m. A countryman, ViUager j 

clown, boor, ehnd, mstic, peasant. 
wi\ ad). Relating ti& n ^^ll^ge on the 

coantry, nlQt}e. (beaten. 

inrv s. m. Sky. Armament, atmoepifere, 
iRTOVJr*./. Duet of the Kalist flower 

(Paniixnns odoraiiHiMui^. 

JRTft*./. Awater.fet. 
•«npf vy./.lfe-ri^rorwQiWges. . 
^namift 9. A A Wtod of earniif g» 
«rtnnrfi«i m. SheimAirof the t4}aiifiiii 

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( 194 f 

^^(WlttK 8» m. The place where the Gan- 
cres enters the plain, HuHdiaar, 

^Vfm\K 9. m. The (further) bank of the 

im^ *. w. A man of a mixed and low 
caste, employed to remove dead bo- 
dies ; a brahman who conducts the 
ceremonies of pil^macre at some 
places on the Ganges, especially at 

irVRmiT 8. f. Pilprrimage to the Ganges ; 
cnrryin>;f a sick person to the rirer 
side to die there. 

: 9nri^ 8. m. The rirer Ganges, and two 
cos on either of its banks. 

irw 8. m. Mortar, plaster, cement, old 
mortar knocked off walls, ftc. ; the 

fr^4W adj. Short and fat ( fer^on). 

m^v^ adj Crowded, stnffed together, 
close, thick. 

iiw 8, TO. An elephant ; ft measure of 

' length, the fl^, a yard, a measure 
of two cubits. 

mwrnifV '% a/{7./. Walkins <«faf <»/;/> like 

ir^pft^ 5 an elephant; an epithet 

' made use of to express a graceful 
gait in a female. 

.ip^iTTT 8. m. A string composed of 
sereral tassels, made of the hair of 
a species of ox, and suspended as an 
ornament from an elephant's neck, or 
is fastened to a horse's ears, extend- 
ing on both sides to the saddle. 

iWRfHT 8. m. A name of Ounesh ; ivory, 
^ the elephant^s tooth. 

fr^mrv 8. m. A large gun or eannon» 

innft*./. Bole, earth, 

«m«rfh 8. m. The master or rider of ftn 

elephant, the title of a rqjahi 
*^twmz^ t. in. Lampblack {wUh whifih 

n^m^ 8* wt. An elephant drxr«r W 

JfBfH^ift 8. m. A large pearl ; it i« « 

popular idea of ihe Hindus that the 
finest peaHs are to be found in the 
heads of elephants. 

«I3TTJ?.TO. The chimes rung at the ex* 
piration of a watch or pahar of the 
day or night: but sometimes res- 
tricted to those at the close of the 
fourth; the word paAar being more 
commonly used for the middle chimes. 

faff^nr 8. m, A dipK, of boiled carrots. 

amrr 8. m. The leltf of the can*ot ; a 
kind of jewel, an ornament for the 
wrist, a bracelet ; the waving lines 
on inashi^ (» Idnd of silk cloth), 

Tinnr^ s. m, A large elephant. 

9fiPCrfR 8, nu A wreath or necklaee of 
flowers ; a gold ornament of the same 
for^« [sweetmeat* 

iTirr s. m. Part ef a cart ; » kind of 

^Tirnrr if. n. To work, to ferment* 

'WT 8. m. Winning. 

JrfiWW»4^*. HYixcV (a forest ^e>i 

vm s.m, A scaldhead (Tinia capitis), 

^ms.m. A mine, a jewel-min e ; a trea- 
sury, a jewel room, the place where 
plate, &c., is preserved ; a mart, a 
place where grain^ <&c., is stored for 

inr adj Scaldheaded, bald. 

^fkgim 8,f. A wallet, a big ( in whkh 
grass-cutters heep their sickles ^.) 

Tj^f^nt 8. m. A nickname for a monkey. 

3!?^ adv. Higgledy-piggledy. 

ffT 8, m. The part of the pipe which 
fixeiBt into the top of the metal pari of 
a huhha ; the ankle. 

izr 8, in. A bundle, packt^e, pack ; 
root of onion, turm^riok, &c., a olof* 

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< 135 !> 

irsqiZT «. w, A cut-ptirse. 

^ra^i^ *./. The practice of a cut-pturee. 

99WT V. n. To be joined or arranged 
together ; to be tied or knotted to- 
gether ^ to unite, connect ; coUnde. 

IT^^Tif \ s. m. Binding or joining in 

l^siVf r J a knot ; tying the knot, 
a Hindu ceremony attending mar- 
riage, at which the bride and bride- 
groom's clothes are fastened together, 
and a procession takes place to a 
river or piece of wattr. 

TO^ a. 7». A large bundle, a bale, a pack. 

13<T s.f. A bundle, parcel, packet; 

total, amount; crew, pack, junto. 

Galhri bandhna, u* tf. To pack a]>, 

bundle, gather {monti/, 4rc.) Gathri 
katti^, v, 0. 'Xo add {Jiyures). 

9r^7l^T I'. <»• To cause to join or to 

- adhere, [tie. 

ISPIT «. c». To attach, connect, join, 

i|7T7 s. m* Connexion^ joining together, 

Gaihaa-ganthna, v, a. To contrive 


^fs^l 8. /. A bump ; pains in the joints ; 

a back, sack ; bundle, package. 
'iftRll^t^ s./. Rheumatism. 

inrt^T adj. Knotty ; robust, 

^^\ 8, m. Knots in cloth. 

^^^ 8. m. A game, tipcat; a mode of 
incantation performed for the des- 
truction of any person (maran)^ to' 
secure lus affection {mohan), to 8ub> 
ject him to obedience {bas karnd), to 
imprison him or deprive of the power 
of action or speech {$tambhun)y to 
drive him away (uchchcUan), or to 
call him (akarsJian). Certain . words 
are pronounced over an effigy of the 

• person or his name in writing, which 
is afterwards buried. 

} 8.f. A ball, pack; a small 
3 bundle. 

ii^ . m. A kind of fieh (a 0&rtqfgtii^ 

«i^^riT V. ». To gurgle ; thunder; 
ruii ; roar ; (a# a tiger)^ to rumble, 

1%^^ ^. m. Any old tattered clothes, 
rags and tatters. 

9n9«i 6./. Swamp, morass, 

l^ni v. n. To penetrate, enter, be 
driven into the earth (a« a stake, ^c.}^ 
be fixed, to fil, lie, sink, be buried. 

^^i^ adv. Higgledy-piggledy. 

I^^HBT 8. 7/t. Bustle, confusion ; motioa 
of the bowel, burborygmi. [bustle, 

^i^^^ifZ s*f. Confusion, fright, alan%, 

H^i^^T s. m. A shepherd or goatherd. 

n^^^^s.m. RockorfossUe salt, es- 
pecially that found ia the district of 
iSambhar in the province of Ajmere. 

W^^ s. m. A kind of water-pot; a 
iiower-pot carried about by musicians 
and dancing women at the feast of 
baaant fancahmy as an offering to 
people of rank, from whom ,they re- 
ceive presents in return, 

<I^^PIT V. o. To cause to be boned or 
drivea into the earth, [abys8« 

'H^^.m. A cavity, a hole, a pit, an 

iHyilT V. a. To cause to penetrate ; &c« 

>lfV^T^ adj. ^titout-heartedy stiff-necked, 
stubborn, obstinate. 

^^^iftf./. Obstinacy, stubbornness. 

iRT^r 8. Tti, A kind of water-pot carried 
about by musicians and dancing wo- 
men at the feast of baaant panckamif 
as au offering to people of rank, from 

whom they receive presents in re- 
turn, . 

iTfToiT 8. i», A shepherd or goatherd. 

Jl^r^ D. 0. To pierce, perforate, borcjt^ 

stick into, [ tea quires. 

^wlt s.f. A bundle of paper containing 

nf «, m. A fort, a castle. 

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< i8« r 

wn 9./. Votttiy make, fashion. 

9fpn «. «. To malleate, form by ham- 
mering ; to make, 'iomi, abape, fa- 
shion. «. n. To be driven down ( as 
a stake) y to be baried, sunk, &c., to 
be make ; fonued or faahioood. 

WfT^ adj. Coarse, thkk. [abyss, 

Wt a. fit. A cavity, a hole, a pit^ an 

mfit s. f. The price of making jewellery. 

^im •• a. To oaose to form by ham- 
mering^ to cause to make. 

^rftnrr «.y. A pike, a javelin, spear. 

^f\ 8./. A smali fort, a castle. 

H^ftf. nt. A cavity, a hole, a pit» an 
abyss. [A barrier. 

9sim <./• A small tank or pond. s. m. 

in s, m. A flock, multiiade, troop, 
tribe, elass, Ajc. ; a body of troops 
equal to 29 chariots, 61 horse, 195 
foot ; troops of inferior deities o onsi- 
dered as Skiff's attendants, and un- 
der the especial superin tendence of 

iiwir 8. m. An arithmetioian, astrologer, 
a calenlator of nativitef . 

iHrtft «./. The wife of an astrologer. 

W^m^r./. Arithmetic. [stock. 

m^^m f- «^« Pnblic property, common 

iHrnr 0. #. To county to reckon ap by 
number, to calculate. 

^I^iftv «47« Numerablei to be counted 
or reckoned. 

tff^r 8./. A courtezan, a harlot. 

VfilH ac^'. Numbered, oounted, reckon- 
ed, calculated, s. m. Oomputoion, 

arithmetic, numeratiom. Gan^it^kar, 
i« m. An astrologer, an arithmeti- 

i|%i| 8. m. A name of Sfdv ; Qdfui the 
son of Shw and Far^ati \ he is the 
god of wisdom, and remover of ob- 
stacles, whence in the commencement 

of all undertakings, the opcn'og of 
all compositions, &c. he receives ib» 
reverential homage of ^e Htndfts ; 
he is represented as a short fat laan 
with the head of an elephant, and 
the present appellation with other 
similar comi)ounds alludes to his 
office as chief of the various classes 
of subordinate gods, who are regard- 
ed as Shiv'a attendants. 

1IW «. ». A cheek, the whole side of 
the face including the temple; a boil, 
a phlegmonoid pimple ; a mark, a 
spot * a rhinoceros. 

^^7^ 8. m. A rhinoceros. 

4^nft 8. /. A river in the north of 
India, the Oandak. 

^^^Jml «. /. Inflammation of the glands 
of the neck, &c. 

iTir 9. m. A ring, a circle ; a knotted 

string tied round the neck of a child, 

&c. as a charm ; the number foor. 

( <M, a ganda of ccwrie8 or four cois- 
rie8 ). 

<IWT€T 8. m. An axe, a pole-axe. 

«r% 8. m. Goitre or Bronchocele. 

iruft 8. /. A circle, particularly thai 

which Ramehi$nd(tr is said to hare 

drawn round Sita to protect her 

from Rowan. 
W#^ s./. A segment cut or portion of 


^H adj. That which may be numbered. 

sriT adj. Gone ; obtained, gained. 

TH ) *. /. Going, moving, motion, 
»»fif > procedure, march, pace, gait ; 

state, condition, course of events, 

fate, fortune • funeral rites salration ; 

custom, habit, usage, way. Gat kama^ 

V. a. To perform funeral rites. 

irS adv. Softly, gently, slowly. 

^m «. m. A foil fr)r fencing with ; a 
mace, a club. 

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{ IS7 ) 


^^t^^ i. m. A grain ( Gaihndin^ 

BfynduceUa ). 
iCT^^T «*<0- Corpulent, fat. 
▼^ atf|. Tarbiil, mwldy, dall, dirty, 
ir^wi s.f. Muddiness, duln^ss. 

^%r 8. /. A club, a mace. 

ir^T^f^ s. tn. A name of Viihnu or 

Kj'ishna, the mace-bearer, 
"^f ?^ s. m. A cl^ild, 
W^^T «. 'W. A thick bedding. • 
ir?^ «<(;. Rejm^ig, joyf«l. 

'^^ t arf;. Half-rijpe (/rtti'O- 

i|^ s.y, A cushion, jjod, pac^-^ddle^ 
bedding or any thing stuffed ; a «eat$ 
u sovereign's tIlron^« 

W^ s, m. Proae* 
rra\ s. 7JU An ms^ 

W*^il5^ M, TO. Boethavia (Uffuea. 

WJf #. jn. A troop, tribe, iBock, class, 
Builtitade -, Sw*8 atte^idauts. 

W4^r ^. «*. Su^ar-cane Saci;karuwi t^ffi- 
cinai'um ), i?. <». To count, reckon , 
calculate, number, compute. 

W^flT «. ^1. A leek (yi^itfiVi poiTum )* 

ir*f «-/. Perfume, odour, sceut, smell, 

W^^ «.y. Brimstone. 

irAi<tiie ^. m. A fragnant wood, as 
rtaudul, aloe wood^ i!cc» 

T*f*!l^f «. TO. The name of a particular 
v^outitain ; ^ulphtir. 

^*«1^5 «. V^- iVlyrxh, 

T«iiT?l «. m. Gardenia flwida -si^dal $ 
,uiiy sT^eotsw^eliiug rtowe.r. 

ij^l^ ^\ TO. A celestial njiunician ; a 
4:latt{i. of demigods supposed to in- 
habit ItidraU hoaveiij i^ud from tl^e 
VniHostr^ nt all the barjqnets ^f tl^e 
principal deitiesj t^lie $oul .afHer dj^nth, 


nnt^ previons h> its being bora i^ain 
wicording to thf» notion of the Hii^ 
dus ; a kind of deer* \ 

W^^^ $. m. The wind • adj, SmeUiugy 

^^f^T^ 8. in. Sandal. 

9r^^ «• TO. A musical mode. 

ir«l^./. Prattle, tattle, talk, chat, tat- 

tiling, Oap mdim^y «. •• To |>rattle^ 


n^mm V. <», To swallow, to gulp. 
n^W^ s^/. Prattle, tattling, tattle. 
nSt iH^. A tattler, an idle talker, 
Mn%s.m. A clown, young man, strip* 

ling, lad, an uninformed youth ; 9 

WhPh *. /. A ray of lights a son ol, 

moon beam. 
irrfK <»4?- Deep, profound, sagacious ; 

thick^ impervious ( <i$ a Jerest ) ^ 

serious, thoughtful, sedate, grave. 
WH« «•/• Sound of the kettle drum, 

violent shake or clash in music. 
Wf^^l <*4j. Spicj, fragrafttj odorifer-. 

WH^ s.m. Abroad., • ^. 

WflT ^* TO. Going, the act of going. 
ir^Ti'TOT fi. ?». Coming and going, ao 

cess and egress and egress, inter- 
iTflllT t). (». To pass ( time )• 
wf<i<T «• ffi* A passenger. 
iT^K «<&*. Deep ( as water, but applied 

meiupkoiicaUy to Bound ^ intellect, ^c* 

as in Enylish ) ; serious, thoughtful, 

sedate* grave. 
nni\iA\ S.J. Depth {of water) ; depth of 

thought, profoundness \ depth of 

irnr iidy Attair\able, accessible^ 
ir«l»T «./. Accessibility ; perceptibilityt 
'^^\ s, f. A city Im the proviixee of 

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< 18« 1 


Bskaty a celebrated plaet of pilgrim- 
age ; it is said to have been render- 
ed holy by the iM^nediotion of Vithnu, 
, who granted its sanctity to the pray- 
ers of its dying chief killed by the 
deity ; a cow, past part^ Gone went. 

^m^ A clase of Goya brahnumsy 

' who officiate in certain religious cere* 
Mollies performed by pilgrkns at that 
place. [antidote, 

tr^ »s^ m. Sickness, disease ; poison , an 

9(iim «./. A sparrow. 

^n.ifcr'rT v.n. Togiirgle;to thunder; 
roll : roar {<m8 a tiger ) ; to mmble. 

<rwfl V. n. To thimder, to roar, to 

iK^^ll ^./. P"cle ; a ptroud womiui. 

if^ 8, m. The fcatns or embryo. 

itVKI ndj. Light bay {coleur in a h^st 

* or pigeon. 

9IK9 s, M. The tenom of n snake, or 
Tenom in general. 

nfvft adj. Tenomoms, poisonous^ 

Hfort ctg. Heayy ; hnportant ; respect- 
able ; demnre. 

Sfcmw^. m. RespectftbOity. 

eimr e. m. The throat, neck. 

kim e. m. A sack (/or holding the 
walls €f a tent, ^c.) 

HKjft B^f. An instrument for twisting 
thread or string. 

^ntw s^ m. A tether. 

If ftHT ». /. Importafiiee, self-importance; 

' vanity of mindy a boast. 

n^s.f. The kernel of a coeoanot. 

^%M «. m. In Hindn mythology the 
regent of birds ^ a large vulture ; & 

* large kind of heron ( Ardea argala ), 
a gigantie crane or adjutant bird. 

Wi e. m. One of the ten principsfl 

Jfwnw or saints. [a cavalier. 

^ «f #. w. A seafiold^ a tower, bustiott, 

Wild s./. A water-vessel, ai gogletw 
irV s. rh. The roaring of elepliants ; thtt^ 
rambling of clouds, thunder • brflow- 
ing, roaring, roar. 
i|^^ jr. m, Sound, noise ; passion^ 
warth ; the rumbling ei clouds &e. ; 
thundering, thunder, bellowing, roar- 

WW 8. »i. The mattering of clouda, or 
distant thunder, 

WV s, m. A hole in general. 

WfH 8. m. The white lotus ; an asa. 

Wf^ i^f. An insect^ a kind of beeti# 
springing from cow-dung. 

nn 8. m. Vanity, pride. 

^m <•/. Pride ; a proud woman. 

Wf ^^ *./. A proud woman. 

W^T «./. A foetus or embryo j pregnan- 
cy ; the belly j the inside, the middle f 
the bed of the Ganges when the river 
is fullest, that is on the 14th d*y of 
the dark half of the month Bh<kdr, or 
in the height of the rains : as high 
as the river flows at Ukis periods, %(^ 
far extends the darbK after whielr 
the 2V or proper bank begins, and 
extends for 150 cubits, this spaee* ia 
holy ground. 

n^\ 8. J. A shrub so called. 

i|«r^nr «. j». Son of a slavegirl. 

WWmil s. in. A red kind of Mer^mgm 
supposed to produce abortion. 

#lT^^f adj. i». 1 A*.j^iJ . ^ ^ 
WW^Tft s.f. 5 -^.«*»Wr an infnnt. 

n^^ s.f. A pregnant female, 

WWf s. m. Abortion, nuscarriage. 

1»tHt'F *. «. A ceremony performed 
prior to conceptien {hting sttppmed 
conducive to future impregncftion. 

ifwft «♦/• A Pregnant woman. 

1?f s.f. An instrument for twisting 
thread or string. 

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( 130 ) 


jifS^g,m. Pride, arrogance. 
irsK a^. Proud, haughty, arrogant. 
irP^ ad^ Proud, haughty ; conceited. 
JTTW *. m. Censuring, censure, blame, 

iril #. /- Abuse, censure, reproach. 
wi tf4r» Low^ . vil(9, contemptible* 
W«r *. 7». The neck, throat, gal hahiyan 
cUdna, i9. n. 1*0 throw one's arms 
around another's neck. GoZ dtfiM, 
^. a. To throttle, to choke ; to ex^ 
cote by hanging, 
irmm *•/. A boil, 
W^nr^ s, 9R. Inflamation, enlargement 

of the glands of the neek. 
if^nr^ 9. m. A citron ; name of a bird ; 
mixtnre of lima and linseed oil 
forming a kind of mortar impene- 
trable to water. 
y g i iK^I s. m. A handkerchief uded as 

a sling for the arm. 
Jl^ftl^ The thick cloth which is need 
in tying broken hand together with 
^ ^ the neck. 

Tn^m adf' Stenterophonic, or loodly 

sonndii^. * [bridle. 

nm^ s.f. Part ot the headstall of a 

ir^rm f. n. To melt, dissolve, waste, b^ 

dissolved, be wasted j^way^. 
Wf^ s.f. Wasting, consumption. 
H^RIT <i4;t*- Abusive, foul-ipauthed« 
ifm^ZVits.f. Scolding; bragging, boast, 
ing. Galphatdka karpty «• a, 1> 
scold; to lie,' to brag. 
WlWJiCT i. m. The jaws ; the angle of 

tlie moiaUi^ 
Htmwz i.J, Vamit, vaimtiiig. • 
mf^Q^'. Oh^hbf. ^k. 

wvnftt./. Throwing the annp <» *« 
WW^TT «./. An e^^brac^*hTOwing the 
, aims on the neck. 

if gnifK ckd^. Soluble, tsorr uptihie. 

W^ft .^. /. Tlie forecastle (o/ a ^a(,^c.); 
a prow. 

W^^^fT tfcj^. Abusive. 

W^HT «. m^ Forecastle-man, ^boatswain^ 

W^r $, m. The throat, neck, gullet ; 
voice. i%dj. Rotten, melted, wasted. 
Oola uthdna (liU to up ths thm0t\^ To 
apply acrid substances, such as pep* 
per, &c., to the uvtdaof a child^ 
when it becomes hoarse, or losef ita 
voice from the relaxation of that 
part. Gala'ban4hdtM, To ensnaq^ 
OQe*s self, especially in the bonds of^ 
lovci Qala-hyHna or panM^ To be 
hoarse. Gtal^-^JianentL, To hang, to 
choke. Qala-dabdna^ To spangle. 
Qdh dentin To waste. QaHa kdtnq. 
To cut the throat. Qah-ghontna^ To 
throttle, choke, strangle, the 
throat. Qtile-pamaf To eeek the 
friendship of .one who is averse from 
it. QaU-pari'hajae siffhy We shojild 
make a, virtue of necessity. Qa^ Ju^ 
har hanof To seek and peirsist in a 
quarrel^ or dispote, ^tease, plague, t^ 
importune ; to seek with ardour the 
friendship or affection of *ny onej* 
to persecute wjtfi kindness or atten- 
tion. Qcde lagna, To embrace. Q^aU 
bandhn<ip To importune, 

il^nnT V. o. To melt, dissolve ; to soft- 
en ; to WA^te away, squander. Gala* 
fwwoto, s.m. A menstruum, a sol- 

'^nKlKi.m. The n^ime of a bird. 

^m^B. m. Solution, fusion. Go/au, adj^ 
Stluble, a^ptical, .weakening, melter^ 

nm^i.f* Solution, dissolving. 

nfmadj. Fl^len, dropp^. 

Hftl^OTl ^.(^^ ^ IkblW^i to -c^^ jsf 

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( HO > 


hr>rse, ^cX to ^orce food or me<iiciiie 
dowu the throat. 

«rf^?inr ff. rn, A street or lane. 

m^sj. A lane. Gait bah gali. Frotn 
street to street. GcUi Jcucha, «. tn. 
A narrow lane. 

ir§ir^ «. ^. A kind of bird {the Adjutant 
or Ardet^ Argalla). 

irmi^T ^. m. Gargnrisra. 

n^ s. m. Goin^, moving. 

ir^^ S' /. The hght that is admitted 
by a window, skylight. 

irirm «. <». To canse to sing. 

im^ «./. A skylight, a hole to admit 
light, a lattice, window ; an air-hole, 
a loop hole, a round window, a bnirs 
eye, &c. 

^r^m i, ^. Red chalk. 

ir?^ s. m. A singer. 

'mjj adj. Of or belonging to a cow. 

Wirr^ <»^*./. A foolish dissolute woman. 

n^^m adj. wi. A clown, ignorant, 

JT'r,^/. A handle. 

ir^ms.f. The emotion of intoxication. 

irWTT «. n. To be agitated by intoxi- 
cations [chaser. 

«r^^ «./. Purchase, s. m,f. A pnr- 

•r^^nrPTt i>» n. To quiver, shake or un- 
dulate, [forest. 

»r^^ «. wi. An eclipse ; thicket, wood, 

9np^T *. m. Jewels, ornaments ,- a 
pledge, a pawn. a. ». To lay hold of, 
handle, seize, catch, take to blush. 

^Tf <f^ ^/- Oakum ; act of calking. <ndj. 
Pledged. Gahiii-dhxrma a. a. To 
pawn, to pledge. 

ir^^T adj. Deep GoAra rang^ Beep 

W^^ «. wi. Pincers, forceps. 

ifffltl 5. m. A swing, a cradle. 

'«[(i|'f f^ iii« Xbe oame Qf a'didonleir« * 

T ^. a. To store, hoard : to fitir^ 

n.«:itfttp ; to irliun). 
Wt^^ r f. A kind of grass or verdure. 

ir:^r ? Si-ni. The Iien^o plant (Canrnf 
wIhtt J *w ^<>«it»«). The fmctificfition 

when nearly ripe, is bruised- and 

smoked for intoxication ; the I^ares 

dried are ground in water and drank 

for the some purpose : in this stat# 

it is called Ihang and $ahzi. 

«rf^ 5. m. A knot ; joint, articnlatfon ; 
a bundle. Gdnfh fama^ is nnpTied 
to the fixing of enmity towards any 
one in the breast. Qanih-ifar, a^. 
Knotted. Qanth Joa jnira, adj. Ribfi, 

- Wealthy. Qanth hi khana. To act to 
one's own prejudice. Qanth khotna^ 
The untying of a knot ; prodigality, 
expense ; to open the purse ; reibo- 
val of prejudice. 

wte'^^S^TT 8. m. A dislocation. 

•rfOT^T <w^'. Knotty ( ag a siick)^ com- 
pact (aa a man ). 

ift^TT nf. (». To tie. knot, Join, make 
adhere, stick, cobble, put toerether ; 
to reduce to obedience or subjection , 
to attach. 

irt^ s, /. The anus, privities. Qand 
ghalat, adj. Dead, stupid. 

irtv^ «. /. A land of grass of wh ich 
khas khas is the root ( Andropogwn 
muHccUum ). 

irtWT *. m, Sugar-cane. 

Wt#lw if. m. The bow of Afjun ; any 
bow. [(Bdus). 

irhr 8. m. A catamite ; sodomite ( Cinr* 

iffwwr V. a. To lay bricks in mortar, to 
string, to put or tie in order on a^ 
string, &c. 

•rt^ 5. «. A village, 

Wl^fT t>. tf. To sing. [a fbiti^ fe.) 

ift^il V. 0. Xa fwrce, tri»»*x, spii-W 

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( 141 ) 

trrrA *./. The iron point of an arrow. 
;prTjr i.f, A cow. 

''^'^'L > s. f. \ water- vessel a ^o£:let. 

WTW ». nu A tree. f annuum. 

^^fT^^ *./. Cayenne pepper {Oafsimm 

*rf ■*• /. Scnm, froth : a thunderbolt. 
Oaj-maray adj, Thnnder-struck ; af- 
flicted, unfortunate. 

•rr^rw s. m. Soundinsr. roaring. 

irniHT t?. n. To sound, to thunder : to 
roar as a lion or other wild beast ; 
to be pleased,- happj, cheerful, de- 

. lighted. 

■irni^ #. /. A carrot (A Daueu9earat€^. 

vrt^Rrnrr s. m. The sound or dangour 

i' of varioms musical instruments. 

sr^^q *./. Bnrying, burial. 

ir<WT i>. *• To feury, set, drive dowd*, 
fix, sink. 

iffw^ s.f. A sheep. 

m\W^ 8* m, A charm or fnantar ^against 
venom or the bite of a snake. 

Iri^ 9i m« A ditch, pit, cavern, an am- 
buscade ; a cart, a * carriage. Qareh 

. h0kna. To be concealed, to- lie in 

irv^ 9'/* A carty oar^ coach, carriage. 

in^^rpr i» m. A carter, a coachman, a 

9tVS 8. /- A difficulty. 

jm^r ddj. Thick, close, dense ; sly, 
shrewd, knowing, wise ; strong (as 

• tea). 

9n9 8.f. The anus, privities. Qand- 
ghalat, adj. Dead, stupid. 

T^TC «./. A grass of which JAiu 

' khas k the root (Androfogan muri- 

vrriTT s. m. Sugar-cane, 

*r»i#N 9. m^The bow of Aijun ; any bow. 

, irnn i. m. Paste-board. 

1 Wi^ *•/. A pJaid 

I wni «. m. A celestial chorister. 

nm 8. m. The body ; a limb, a member. 

wWw *. >«. A musician, a singer; a 
chanter of the PuYam or sacredf 

iriwr*./. A verse, a stanza; metre, 
a rhythm ; a song, a chaunt^ or verse 
to be chaunted or sung. 

if!^ 8./. Sediment. 

^TT^T V. 0. To ram down. 

Jfn^ adj. Half*ripe (grani). $. m. A 
heap, stadr, rick. 

irnft $. f. A cushion, pad, pack-saddle* 
ar thin matttress, beddin^ir or any tiihig 
stuffed ; a sent ; a sovereign's throne. 

ifTW 8. iw. A son^, a singing. 

iTRT^r 8.m, A. heavenly choristei' ; a 
son^, ringing; a form of marriage^ 

. that which requires only mutual and 
amoroufl agi cement. 

irrm V. a. To sing. 

iffRfT^ <. 9R. Oae of the seven pr^ary 
notes of music ; a country, CandiAar, 
between the north of India and 

WT»IT<> 8.f. One of the iutdary^ female 
deities of the Jynr. 

mjfkw 8, m. A vender of perfomee, % 
perfumer ; a kind of worm having a 
strong fetid smell. . 

irm $,m. A tree, a Imit of which con- 
tains a glutinous astringent, juics^ 
with which the bottoms of boats are 
smeared, and in whidi nets are soak* 
ed (Dio8pyro8 gtutino8<My EmhryopUrk 

ilW #. m. Pregnancy. 

9IT«nrf i>» a. To snub. 

iTTKT 8. m, A new leaf springing froA 
the centre of a pleatnin tree. 

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( 142 ) 


i|i6ti adj. Prcgnunt (*a anm<tU <w cou*. 
buffitlo, jrc. ) 

mn 8. vt. A village. 

mU^^adj.f. Going moving. 

^[^m adj. Going» locomotive. 

mijlftar i. m. Deptl^ (qf tiwie^r, «ou»cf, fcc.) 

Hf^ «,/. A cow, Qoumidm^ Beef* 

yrm^ 1. 9ji. A singer, adj. Singing. 

irmfini «• m. A tree that yields the 
resin formerly called Terra Japo^ica 
{Mimo$a C(tUchu). 

irnnit *./. Anjeasureofverse in 41wb 
FAi^ a itansft of 24 syllables, or 4 
lines of 6 syllables eaoh ; a saored 
▼vrse from Ihe Veit to be redted 
only nentally ; this is vsnally fter- 
•ovified and considered ui a ifoddess, 
the metaj^rieal moihtr^sf the three 
first elaeses» in their capacity ef 

' twiee4>otn; investitnre With the sa- 
ered and distingnishinic string, ftc, 
being regarded as a new birth : titere 
is bnt one QayatrifA thi V$dt^ bni 

* seeordittg to th^ system of the Tmn^ 
tHkuM. njinmber of ibystical verses 
arercaUed G«yiil»«M, eaish deity has 
one in particalar, &c , The repetition 
ot the €kijr*^rt is eeiieidered neeofk- 
sary to salvation. 

mmw •; -m. A skiger. aij. Singing, m 

WTC s.f. A bnse. [milk. 

WWPTT V. m/ To vtrain ; to sqneeze ; to 

WPfH 8. m. Mud < lonnmdH or ) prepai*ed 
formdking potter^, pifepared clay ; & 

0n^^./. Ai)Qee. 

WTW 8. m* A cheek ; a sort of tebaeco. 

WTWT s. m. A pod of eofttoA ; a ball «f 
carded cotton. 

.W% «. ^. A cmrsey «Kec«atieii» ^ m- 

1 ni^ *. /. Abuse, Qfj^li-galcfuj., #. jl 

Reciprocal bause. G^iZr^oity Indecent 

songs {8ung) at marriagps. Gait 

deni. To abnse^ revile, call names, 

'm^'^adj. Deceitfol, alloring* 
wr^^ adj, A simpleton, blockhead. 
mecvS^ 8. TO. Cow's clarified batter, 
WTY 8. m. An alligator, a shark. 
m%% 8. m. A chapman, pnrcbiMfy 

taker or seiiser. 
icm? «. a. To calk, thrash, Ivead ; to 

inqve, search, seek, GsaU-gt^U^ oitf. 

With much inquiry, researoh. pla. 

pir, par. Having inqnii^d or soig^ 

mft 8 /. Five ( a» dgffregtiis mad$ vp 

of fii)8 pariM ). 
irwrt #./. Name of an mseet. 
ftrwfirftrirT s. m. The pleiades. 
Ar7«T^ 8*f. A particnlar Tocal sowmI 

in singing ; qwvering ? shake ? 
^iRT^Wti./. A pebble, 
fw^finpm 19. a. To beseech, impl<»<9 

earnestly and hnmbly. 
fknit 8./, Namber, reckonitg, «eooiint; 

firkin 19. <t. To count, reckon, nombei; 
fi|fff«il •* *. To cause to count* 
tirf «. w». A vulture. 
fw^iTrt «./. Name of an fneeet* 
fip4t«./. Number, reckoning,, aocomit^ 

fwirT V, «. To count, reckon, number* 
fir^fWz t. m. A lizard ; a chameleon. 
ftr^mtriT 8. m. ikM>aomy. 
fm^ V, H. To fall, to drop, to^ink, to 

tamUe down. Qirteh^pcuBUhj ad^. 

With difficulty, with much ado. 
fir^ ^nr «. n. To fall. 
fir^VfT <CK^'. A houeeholdet, a petsanti 

a husbaadAMMi, 

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{ 14B ) 


I^CtfilPrf 9' m. Tiie state or abode' of 
Qirha9t or liouseliolder. 

fsfCf^ «./. Hnsbandry, honsewifery, 

fiff:!^ t>, o. To cause to fall, to fell, to 
overt am, or overthrow, to abase, to 
cast, throw or break down ; to spill, 
to drop, sUed ; to strike. Qtra dena. 
To tiirow, beat, cast or break down, 

lirf^ 3. fni A mountain, a hill. adj. 
Venerable, respectable, worshipfnl- 

ftrft«n s- /. A name of the goddess 

' Faroati, as daughter of the personi- 
fied HifMlaya mountain. 

♦tPpc^ot. a hyena. 

fiffic^ 9. jn* A mountain, a hill. 

ftrf<«T^ «. m. The Malaya mountains, 
situated in the south of India. 

fjrfl2 #. TO. A protuberance, hard swell- 
ing, gland knot, tumour, scirrhus. 

U^iis.f. A gland. 

fiwrrft*./. AsquirreL 

Iwf'TOKacS^. Lazy. 

ftrlr^l s.m. The flower of Uti^ Mahua 
( Bikszia lati/olia ) a^ter it has fallen 

fif^ 8, TO. Minisfervmm glabrurm. 

fwffKt «./. Betel-leaf prepared and 
folded up. 

filfjft #./. A span ( TOf <»«Mr« ^ cireum^ 
Jerencty i. e. the circle formed by join- 
ing the ends of the thumb and Jorefin- 
^er ) ; an ear of Indian corn ( Zea 
mays ) from Which the seeds have 
been taken out ; the short stick in 
the game of tip-cat, which is stuck 
by the longer one called danda. Qil^ 
U or QuiU'dandit, To play at tip-cat. 

ihr «. /. A dish generally used in 

^JTir^ V. «». To cinmple. 

n\z^ s. m. A coarse kind of carpet not 

coloured. [To sing, 

wtn «. m. A song, singing. Qh gana^ 
ifl^T s, /• A name often applied to 

books as the Shagtoat QUa, which 

is often called QeeU only, 
ifhj^ «. TO. A jackal ( Cants aureus ). 
irt^^ww* s. /. Bully-ing, bluster, 


f^ [ s.f. A road. 

^tm adj. Moist, damp, wet. s,vl A 

wild creeper ( Mimosa scandens ). 
^^I adj. Milk-warm, t^upid ; snuffling, 

^«irilT «• n. To be milk-warm; to 

snuffle, smg slowly or with a low 

49«ll9i| «. TO. Tepidity. 
^^ <• /. Echo, bnzxing, jresounding, 

hollow sound. 
^^ 8. TO. The seed of Ahms precatot^iust 

or the shrub itself Gunj^har, a, to. 

A necklace composed of Giifi;^ seed. 
^W^in «. n. To roar,, to growl, 
iifiw adj. Thick, close, 
^"^rtt s.f. Thickness, closeness. 
^madj. Grave. 

9'W^TIT V. a. To cause to string, &c. 
f'^ adj. Producing ^um ( a ties ). 
if'wm V. n. To be kneaded, plaited, &o. 
f nfirs «./. Plaiting, braidiug. 
^njim s. m. ]^ame of a tree or gum 

( AmyHs agaUocha ) ; Bdellium, 
g^l «. TO. A bunch, a bluster (qffruU)^ 

ear of cron. 
g^^t s. f. A kind of turban. 
I ^9(^11 n. prop^ A district of India; 
j Quxevat. 

j i^^irer s. f. Am car ring ; a kind «f 
I sweetmeatw 
I ip^n adi>. Thickly, closely. 

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( lU ) 


^m ? i* m. Tlie seeii of Abnis p-ee* 

53f( 5 fiforaigy or the shrub itself. 
Guiy-Aar, «. m. A necklace compos- 
ed of the GuuKt Heed, 

^iriT <»(2;. Buzzing^ humining, making 
a low mnrmuring sound. 

^^rf ac{;. Thick, close, 

^Tl't iJ. y*. Thickness, closeness. 

fR:^*lT V. u. To coo as a dove ; to swal- 
fJiTT ». /. A ball prepared by <levo- 
tee« , by putting which in their 
mouths they are supposed to become 

• invisible; a sweetmeat swalloweil as- 
a bolus without chewing -, a small 

' book worn as an amulet. 

55fe«iiT J*. /. A pUl, a bolus, any small 
globe or ball. 

mm adj. Being set on edge {the teeth). 

fWt «./. A.kamel, stone (of fruit ), 

^ s. M, Molasses, treacle, raw sugar. 
Guramba^ Mangoes boiled with meal 

. and fittgur, resembling luangoe-fool. 

^^'i^Ml If. o. To rumble ( the boioela ). 

^^^t 8,f. A small Aidkibo, a kind of 
pipe, fer smoking. 

^«r «.//!. Amedicine^ {Msnispermum 
jlobi'um ), 

^KW^ } e. m. A kind of Bae^a ( B. 

^<^ 5 latifoUa ) bearing iiower* 
whicli are sweet, and from which a 
apirituoos liquor is distilled the nift9 
afford aa oil used instead of butter. 

^¥PTT «• a. To dig • to cause to dig. 

^f^^-(T 3. w. A seller of Qmr, g, /. A 

^im\ «•/. A child's kite ; a pinion, 

^m s,f. Hibiscus syriacm. 

*I^ s. f». A quality, an attribute orpro« 

perty in general ( but esp^c'^W/ of ex- 

; alienee^ &c. ) j skill, undcr^fcauding, 

cleverness, virtu r, mode, mcthof^ 
manner, meiit ; a string, rope, small 
track-rope, a property of humanity,, 
of which three are particularized, viz. 
the Satwith^ Rajaliy and Tamah^ 4ic 
principles of truth or existence, pas- 
sion, or foulness, and darkness, or 
ignorance ; a favour, a kindness, Oun^ 
kmma. To benefit. Gun-ka-pvlt^ 
denay To repay a benefit. Gkm- 
chhandiut. To pass over a persou'ift 
good qualities. Gun-gc^haJc, adj. Pur-, 
chasing skill or merit, patronieing» 
leai*ning. s. m» A discerner of merit, 
a patron of learning. Gun mannoj 
To acknowledge a favour, Gun-nti* 
han^ Abdoo of skill or merit; skilful. 

^f^RfTT (lit, mineofment) adj. Very 
worthy, skilful or learned. 

^'Wfl ^. Tn. Panegyric, praise. 

^^mr^RTCrr d. <». To sing, celebrato, 
prattle, ( or d'ow ) as infants. 

ii^^^lT «./. Excellence ; multiplication. 

ipin7'i[ 8. m. The loss of all good quaU" 

^^^ vdj. Possessed of merit. 

7<ir«r^ } Sidj. Possessing attributes 
^^V^ ) but c»i>eciaUy those oi ex- 
cellence ; possessed of talent or vir- 
tue ^ virtuous , skilful, accomplished. 
^^m'C cHij. Endowed with all goods. 

' qualitiesi an ocean of virtue or excel* 

^!praf?T*./. Panegyric, encomium, 

^^1 •c^. Void of merit. 

^^r s, m, ( in camp, ) Fold, turn, time ; 

as Soa-gunaj A hundred-fold. 

^ftPT I adj. Endowed with good 

^f^^f j quail ties ; skilful. 

^^ adj. Skilful, virtuous, dexterous, 
possessed of any quality or- art r n 
snake catclicr, one wIm) charms, a 
sorcerer, conj-wrer. 

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( 1« > 


«. TO. Tli« nfirae of a motintein^ I 
aocording to 8ome> Chitrkote or Cfcmjh | 
^J& » BundelcancL 

igivwr «• A. To be plaited, to be Uiread- 
ed to strongs 

9«^ 0^. Plaited or strong togeth^r^ 

'^ '• '^ J The aii«s. 

!n^ *./. 

> «. m. 


^l^f^ adj^ Soft, plump. 
l^f^rw \ s./ Tltaiation. 

W«^pm«.«, To tickle to titillate. 
W^ 8. m. Constipation, flatulence, &c. 

Y^fipf! adj. Clothed in patched gar- 
ments or rags ; a tatterdemalion ; 
ono who lets quilts for hire. Gwrfn^a- 
ftir^ t.m. A tree near a town or vil- 
lage on which people tie up rags in 
the manner of votive tablets, which 
th^j believe to be efficacious for the 
accomplishmenV^bf their wishes. 

^V^ *./. A pallet, a beggar's bed- 
ding, quilts, &c, ; a daily market. 

yn«./: The anus. 

W^p s.m. A baby, doll ; a windgall ; a 
bough, a branch. 

^^ f./. Name of the neck. 

W^ s. m. A quality, an attribute or 
property in general ( hut especially qf 
excellence^ Ac. ) ; skill, cleverness, 
virtue, mode, method, manner, merit; 
a small track-rope ; a property of 
which three are particularized, vi«. 
the Satwah, Eajah, and Tamak, prin- 
cipless of truth or existence ; passion 
or foulness, and darkness or igno- 
rance f favour, or kindness. Gun- 
ibttmdr. To benfit. Gun ha palta dena^ 
To repay a benefit, Qtun-^khdndn^^ 

To pass over a person's good qnali* 
ties. Gun-g^hak^ adj. Purchasing 
skill or merit, a patron of learning. 
f, m^ A discerner t)f merit, a patron 
of learning. Qun-VLdnna^ To ackow- 
lege a favour, 
ijinnr ckdj. Milk-warm ; snuffling, 
l|!Ti|«TT»fT «. n. To be milk-warm : to 
snufflo, sing slowly or with a low 

HtV^T \ adj. Possessing attributes 

ijiWiT J but especially those of excel- 
lence ; possessed of talent or virtue ; 
virtuous, skilful, accomplished, 

M^ adj. Skilful, virtuous, dexterous, 
possessed of any quality or art j 
a snake-catcher, one who charms 
snakes, a sorcerer* 

ITH cidj. Preserved, protected ; hidden, 
concealed ; invisible, withdrawn from 
sight, e- «t. An appellation forming 
especially the second member of the 
name of a Vysydh or man of the 
third class, adif. Privately, secretly. 

ilT(irr<T «. rn. A spy or secret emissary. 

Tfw s. /. Concealing, concealment; pre- 
serving, protecting. 

WHt s, /. A hidden sword. 

nqiTff./. A cave. 

^f^hrr s* rn. A beetle found in dung- 
hills or old cowdung ( Se^rdbeue or 
StercorariuB ? coprie ). 

5^ \ ^' "• ^^ thrust, stick into. 
^^ftm 8, m. Hard lumps in the intes- 

tines produced by costiveness, scybala. 
itffTT 8. m, A swelling or tumour from 

a blow. 

5!? !'-^' J A. tow^r, a bastion, 

ir<ffT } 8.m, A protubemnce, a bumpj^ 
nnv > a s ■'* 


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f Uf T 


9mma<ij. Musty. 

■ir<s|in 1?. w. To snarl. 

j|^ *. /. Fairiu'^iK, whiteness, yellow- 
ness^ pale redx^ss. 

1lf<?n «./. A bead ( of a rosaryy &c.). 

nr^ «. wi. A spiritual parent or director 
from whom the youth receives the 
initiatory maiUr or prayer, and who 
conducts the ceremonies necessary at 
various seasons of infancy and youth, 
up to the period of investiture with 
the characteristic thread or string ; 
this person may be the natural pa- 
rent or tlio religious preceptor ; a re- 
ligiou3 teacher, one who explains the 
law and religion to his pupil, in- 
structs him in the ShastraSy &c. ; a 
father, or any venerable male relation ; 
a spiritual gnide, preceptor, tutor, 
pastor, teacher ; the planet Jupiter. 
0C^. Heavy, weighty ; important ; 
honom'able^ respectable ; great, emi- 
nent ; diffiicult, arduous ; best, ex- 
cellent. Quru-mukh Aom», To receive 
from a Quru the initiatory mantr or 
mystical prayer peculiar to the deity 
adopted for worship in particular, 
who is thence termed the Isht-de^^, or 
chosea god ; to become a scholar. 
Qwnji'laksh, s, m. Knowledge which 
can be acquired from a livmg in- 
structor only. 

vr^^ni'Sr s. m* A serious or momentous 
affair ; the business or oi£ice of a 
spiritual teacher. [son 

if^^l^ s. m. An elder, a venerable per- 

tt^K (*dj. More important, highly hon- 
ourable, weighty. [ation. 

yr^t^ 9. fn» The eighth lunar constell- 

•r^RT^ adj. Difficult of digestion. 

m^X^ s. m. A topdt. 

W^TW 8, /. The wife of a spiritual 

»r^^^ 8. m, Tliursday. [boai 

nnt s. TO. Servant boy, a brat ; vagi- 
^Ttft 8. /. A kind of shoe or slipper. 
TO<t s.f. Ague, the cold fit of a fever, 

quotidian fever. 
^ s.f. A creeping plant ( Menuper- 

mum glnh^m ). 
'Spr Ks.m, A district in the southwest, 

Quxii-at m.pL The people of Quzerat, 
^^ <t «. TO. One of the RaginU or 

female personification of music. 
nj^ 8. f. Parched barley. 

ijBcff C ^'J* A pregnant woman. 

^-^^m tf. TO. Sweet cake fried m butter, 
or wheat flower, sugar and daki^ with 
anise and caidamum seeds xiiade 
into dumplings and fried in ghee»»(/;. 

n^-'T^riTr t;. a. To soften, to mollify. 

^Ji^^m'^Z s. f. Softness. 

^^^?»rTc»c(;. Plump, handsome, chubby, 

^^^^T «. TO. A musketeer, a shooter 
of ball, a gunner. 

ij^tirit «./. Conglomeration, knot, Qui- 
jhari dtl-ki^ f./. Grief, displeasure, 
mental uneasiness. 

^^'^tft 6,f. Rice-gruel, or rice and water 
boiled together and seasoned with salt* 

ij^rt 5./. Roundness, rotundity. 

5«T^5lT*f1 s.f. The roseapple (Eugma 

^^T^ 8. ;/«. A farinaceous powder dy^d 
red which the Hindus throw on <'ach 
other during the indecent festivities 
and drunken frolics of the holi. Utul- 
al-chashmy adj. Red-eyed Gullal- 
bari s.f. A royal pavilion or teat 
Qulalij itdj. Of the colour of the 
(julal or stained with it. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


4 U7 \ 


^^ i.f. A pill, a boltre, any small 

globular substance ; a disease. 
^^prr s. m, A monkey's pouch. 

^Z 1 '•■^- ^ pellet-bow. 

^^^m «. n. The ankle. 

WOT s. m. The division of an army, a 
body of troops consisting of 9 pla- 
toonSy or 9 elephantfl, 9 chariots, 27 
horse, and 45 foot ; the spleen ; a 
disease, according to some, a chronic 
enlargement of the spleen, birt it ap- 
pears to be an induration of the me- 
senteric glands so as to be percMV(»d 
externally. [bow. 

WWT 9. TO. A pellet shot from a pellet- 

Tq^ft s.m, A kind of pigeon, s.f. A 
whetstone, a polishing stone. 

f^nr s. TO. The betel-nut tree ( Areca 
fau/el or catechu >. 

H^ ( gosnv > .«. /. A woroan^s female 
friend, adj. Eloquent, conversible. 

W^ 8. TO. Cabal. 

H^ jr. TO TTuman Pircrement Oohi, adj. 

• Defiled with excrem<*nt. 

^yn txtrt. Covered, concealed ; plaiting 
*h*» hair. 

Hf^ «. n. To thread, to strinj? ; fo 
plnid, to braid. fTo aspist. 

W^rrmr u. n. To bawl, to call out. v, a. 

WtH^ s.f. A sty ( in the iye ). 

Wfi 9,f. A cave, a cavern. 

imi:*. /. Meconium (cfinfinff ). 

fV^ *./. An aftsifltant, aid ; bawling ; 
tumult, alarm. 

5W adj. Conceal able, requiring con- 
eealment. $./, The anus, the parts 
of the body which decency requires 
to be concealed. 

fV» *. TO. A kind of demigod atten- 
dant upon Kuver, the god of riches, 
and guardian of his tre*^ares. 

\ s. /. Human excrement. "* 

\^ adj. Dumb. 

^Tri s.f. Dumbness. 

^^ s. f. Echo, buzzing, resounding-^ 

hollow sound, roar, 
^'^nwr V. n. To resound, hum, huzz, 

growl, roar. 
\m s. TO. A sort of sweetmeat. 
%^ s.m. A beam (of a ship); th^ 

cross timbers ( of a boat). 
^*«RT u. a. To thread, string, plait ; to 

stitch ; to spit or put on a spit. 

Gunth'W(fna, v. a. To cause to strings 

plait ; stitch ; put on a spit. 
«t^«./. Gum. 
^'?r»TT v. a. To knead ; to plait, braTd, 

plat, weave. 
\^ s.f A tree yielding a sort of 

gummy fruit. 
^^T adj. Round, circular, g, to. A ring,' 

a circle. 
^y^^ s» m. Dough ; plaiting, braid. 
^yp^ u. a. To knead (Jlour^ &c.) ;to 

plait, braid, plat, weave. 
^^ S'f. Betel-nut. 
^T^t S. TO. A partner ( at any game ). 
ip^ s. TO. A tree or gum {Amyris agat^ 

hchd ) ; Bdellium, 
^j^rfl" s. /. A cockle-sheir. 
^pnc 8. TO. A cast of Raj foots originally 

from Otijrat. 
^t^ 8,f The female of Gujar ; an or* 

nament worn on the wrists and feet ; 

an earthen image representing a milk** 

maid ; a musical mode, 
ipjt «./. A stick, a club. 
\f^m s. TO. A doll. 
ip adj. Abstruse, difficult, ohscur^' 

abstracted ,- secret, mysterious, en^ 

igmatical ; hidden, concealecl. 
n^j s.f. Abstruseness, secrecy^ cott» 


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i u» > 


^9lf^m t. m. A 8nake« 

ipnfWW *. fn. A 8pT, s fie<5ret emhstiXj, 

disguised agent, a scoat. 
^r?:wmT s, m» A pedagogne, a pedant. 
^(T^if 8. m. A subterraneoQs passage, 

a defile, a bye-road, or secret way, 
Hjrt adj' Of obscure or hidden meaning. 
^ 8, m, A round ball of cotton, 
ijvrT V, ». To plait, braid^ thread, 
string ; to stitch • to spit or put on 
a spit, 
%^ 8. w. A qnilt; ahnndTe of old 
clothes ; any old tattered cloths ; a 
: kind of silk stnff. Gudar-khpl, adj. 
( applied only to fem<ile8 ) Foolish^ 
unmannerly, rude. Qudar sincty To 
stitch together. Qudar ka M, or 
Qudarmen gandourn nikdlna, Qood 
proceeding from evil. 
«p^ 8,f. A quilt ( especiaUy a mendi- 

canf8 ) ; a bundle. 
^^ adj. Fat^ plump. 
^ *. m. Brain, marrow, kernel, pith, 

^p^ <^dj\ Desirous, wishing. 
'JWT V. a. To knead {fiour^ &c. ) 
^j^WT 8. m. A bump, a swelling. 
^K 8./. A wild fig ( Ficu8 ^eria). 
3pr 8, /. Human excrement. 
*JL^fV««i *. m. A dunghill, a place where 

excrement is thrown. 
«lft adj. Defiled with excrement, 
^nm jr. m. Poisoned flesh, the meat 
of an animal destroyed by poison j 
^CT 1. wi. A vulture. 
'Z^ a^. Desirous, greedy, coretouB. 
'ZW adj. Coretous, cupidinons, greedy. 
'JWHT 8. /. Covetoasness, greediness, 

extreme and liberal desire. 
'TT *. TO. A house, dwelling, mansion, 
i habitation ia general j a wile. 


«?TVftn¥ #. m. A fpigeoB, « taae e^ 
domestic pigeon. 

'Hfiizt &. /. A terrace in frwit ^ a 
house, a threshold. 

'T^WTW^ 8. m. A pigeon. 

^^M«fl 9. m. A householder; a houfee*- 
holder of particular merit^ giWng 
ahns and performing^ all the prescrib- 
ed ceremonies, &c. ; virtue, especially 
of a householder, as hospitahty, Ac. 

'J^^IRfT 8. /. The site of a habitation. 

^^WrftlTT 8.f. A garden or grove near 
a house. 

TTW«.wi. A householder, a man of 
the second class, or he who after 
having finished his studies and been 
invest^ with the sacred thread,^ 
performs the duties of the master of 
a house, and father of a family ; a 
peasant, a husbandman. 

'T^wr^R 8, m. The profession' or eon- 
dition of a householder or marriecl 

^ZV^ s.f. Husbandry, house-keeping, 
housewifery, household; the dutiet 
of a householder. 

'Zfir^ *./. A wife. [eauglt 

n^t\n adj. Taken, attached, ^elx^ 

^ZV ad), A partisan, of or belonging to 
a side ojp party; to ba taken or 
seized ; or of belonging to a house ; 
a book containing directions for reli- 
gious rites. 
5f3 8. /. Name of a fish, 
if w 8. TO, Marigold. 
TVT 8, m. A rhinoceroti. 

Tc 8. m. A ball for playing with, 
if^ «. m. An elephant, #./! A ball for 
playing with Gend-tari^ #./. Playiaif 
at ball. 
5n^ 8. m. Marigold ; a ball . 
ir^ *./. A b^Ol (io plaif With). 

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< i« ) 


9i|7r !• vB* A crab. 

Ihrtt*./. A trollop. 

H^ f./. Name of a game, knocking a 

stick over a line by throwing another 

stick at it. 
IMt »dj. Simple, ignorant, «illy. 
Ihn « »». A yoimg mifledged bird • ijmt,) 

an infant. 
^8.m. A nipple. 
INK #. »•• Name of a bird. 
^8.m. A kind of red earlb or oobre. 
%^V adj. Covered with or coloitred 

like geru. 
iW: (*^. Of the colour of geru, «./. 

The smnt, mildew, 
^m adj. SiQiple. 

)N ? 8,in, A professional singer^ an 
Iht ) actor^ a mimic ; a chanter of 

the S(m Ved. 
%% 9»m. A hoitse, a dwelling. 
tw* *• »»• Wheat, 
tf^ #. w. The colonr of wheat ; a sort 

of grass, adj. Of the eoloor of wheat, 


2J^ } *./. A pickaxe. 

j^^T 9* m» A rhinoceros* 

ffWr 9. m, A bush ; a small bullock. 

W'ft 8,f. A small car or carriage drawn 
by the bnlloeks ealled gyna. 

^ 9./. A cow. 

WKT #. m. A sheaf ( ^ com ). 

l^f^V #. m. Red earth or oebr»« 

mms./. A road. 

inrtta./- Demurrage. 

^9.f. Cow. [ing. 

<T7 #• m. A kind of wide stitch or sew- 

wfer «. «•. Dried eew-dang. 

^Y^ «'/• Name of a tree. 

^T^ «./. Gam. Oond-^nr\ s.f. A ▼ea- 
sel in which gnm is kept to seal 
letters with. Qotut-lmh^ Attmatru- 

ment for spreading gum with (iis 

gealing letters), 
^t^^ a. /. A reed of the leaTes of 

which coftTRe mats nre mnde (Tt/pha), 

<T^ 8. m, A thin don^h or pap made 

of flonr of Cicer arietinum for feeding 

wW './• Name of a tree ( Cordia ), 

4Nw 8, m. A span ; a kind of deer 

( the nit goto T ) a mnle. 
titter #. m. A herd<ofkine, a mnltltnde 

of cattle f a cow-honse or station. 
Wt^lC 8. m. A plint ( Ruellia lonpifolia^ 

and in Bengal, Trihuluis lanugine8U9); 

an ornament ( heU9 tied round the dn^ 

ltss^ ; a joint Bara goihru, Pedalium 

iPhfirr 9. o. To catch, seize. 

ijtwf *. m. Perception, information. 0dj* 

Known, perceived. 

iPNfy adj. Visible, seen, perceived. 

jt^nc 8. m, A centipede ( Scotopendra )• 

aftimrfirw adj. Happy, fortunate^ suspi- 

ifte «./. A eonnter, piece or man ai 

back ^ammon^ chess, &c. ; the hem 
of a garment. 

*teT i. m. ( GMd or eilver ) Lace or 

edging ( rather nan'ow ). 
^tit 8. J. The small-pox^ a po<^. 
wtw *. m. The leg, foot. 
<t^«TT 1^. a. To dig, to sorape. 
ifi^ ^./. Taking away, dori kama^ 

To take away, steal, walk off with. 
4tw i. f, A sack, bag ( of coarse cloth)^ 

the sacks fastened on the sides of a 

beast of burthen to carry grain in. 
4ta «. 9JI. Parentage, lineage, pedigree^ 

stock of a family. 
^tw«T n. prop. Budha ; also the anthor 

of the Nyayah philosophy, or logic^ 

and his doctrines corresponded with 
those of Aristotle. i 

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i 150 ) 


Utitt adj. One of the same stock or ' 
family, a relative. 

ift?l 8, m. Family, race, lineage, kin ; a 
genus, a claps or species. 

itt^m s. m. A relation ; in law the term 
is nearly equivalent to the gentile of 
Roman law, and is applied to kindred 
of the same general family who are 
connected by offerings of food and 
water, and stands opposed to the 

, Bdndhu or cognate kin, who do not 
partake in the offerings to the com- 
mon ancestors. 

ift^ 1 *. /. The lap, bosom, embrace ; 

ift^ J the elephantiasis. God Una, 

to adopt ( a child ). God pa$di*na, 

To ask, beg. 
ift^m i>, a. To prick, puncture, dot, 

mark with dots ( the shin ) . *. w. 

Marks of tattooing, 
ifl^^' f.m. Yellow orpiment ; a cow's 

tooth ; a fossil substance of a white 

colomr, apparently an earthy salt, 
ift^pn?t g.f. The T>ftme of a river in the 

peninsula, the Godhasri, 
iftftT^ S.f. A milk-pail. 
ift^awr s. m, A bough, a branch. 
<t>tT *. /. A leathern fence worn by 

archers on the left arm to prevent 

its being injured by tke bow String. 

*^},.ni. Wheat. 
«^^l.f. 1 Evening, twiUght. 

iFlnj «•/. A milch-cow. 
i(t^^ 8. m. A large kind of snake, con- 
sidered to be the same with the Boa 

* or Bor. 

<ttT *. m. A herdsman, a cowherd, a 

milkman. «./. A gold-necklace. 
^txpTfi.m. Concealment, Goptoi loari^ih 

* To conceal, to hide. 

^^^ »dj. Fit to be concealed, 
jfiq^^ 1. m. Gnra TOyrrh. ^ 

jfi^rer ? «• »*. A cowherd, a cow=- 
3ft«n^^ J kcoper or protector ; » 

king, a soverign. 

?ftqt 8.f. A The female of Gop (a couh 
herd ) ; a female cowherd. 

iftTj^^^iT s. nu A species of white day. 

jftxf?^!^ g, rn. A cowherd, 

*qj^ 1 S.f. A sling (for thrc^vin^ 

^tfi^raT J with ). 

litH^ «• ^' Cow-dung. Goha^r Jchana^ U^ 
do penance ( h/ eating cow-dung ). 

ilmrfA^adj. Fat. 

iftilft «./. Plaster made of cow-dutt|r- 

jfhifT^T i. m. A beetle found in coif* 
dung ( ^C(f'ralm8 ). , 

iMt *. /. A term in card-playing • 
name of a medicinal herb {Hiercu>ium)» 
Svfydgohhi, CacaUa sonchifoUa^ 

jftiTO #. m. Cow-dung. 

ft^gm f • <»• A hole in a wall made by 
thiey^pif ^&c. ; branch. 

ih^^ 8,f. A cloth- bag containing a 
rosary, the hand being thrust in, 
eonnts the beads ; the chasm in the 
Himalatfd mountains through which 
theOanges flows, erroneously con- 
ceived by the ' Hindu8 to be of the 
shape of a cow's month. 

^i^^ «, w. Cow's urine. 

aR^?nr 8. m. A gem of a yellowish or 
tawny ' colour ( a topaz ) a precious 
stone brought from the ffimaUpa and 
Indue, described as of four sorts, 
white, pale yellow, red and dark blue, 
perhaps varieties of agate. 

'TtS^'BftH *. nu Chalcedony or opal. 

'it^xr 8. m. The offering or sacrifice of 

#wr 8. m. Milk, butter-milk, ourdM 
or ooaiulated milk« 

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f 151 , y 


;ifK^^ adj. ( a child ) Reared \^ith the 
milk of cattle, s. m, A sodomite. 

;i;t^ «. /. A vessel for holding milk, 
&c., a milk-pail. 

iftKl adj. Fair ( compUxi&ned ). 

ifH; 9'^' ^^ o^y a cow. Croruadhuka.n 
s. m. Twilight ( the time of bringing 
home the cows ). Ooruari bera, s. f, 

^phpr *. m. A measure of distance equal 
to two eros sor con. 

llt<t^m 5. /. A bright yellow pigment 
. prepared from the urine of a cow or 
Tomited in the shape of scibulw by 
the animal ; it ia employed in pain- 
ting and dyeing and is of especial 
irirtne in marking the foreheads of the 
Hindus with the Til%kc or sacred mark; 
it is also used in medicine as a seda- 
tive, tonic, and anthelmintic re«- 
medy, &c« 

<t« «. w. A circle, a ball, any thing 
round or globular, water-jar adj. 
Konnd. QoZ-pA(»Z, b. m. The testicle. 
Oolgol^ adj. Round. QoUa^ adj. 

«ft^^ 9*yn. 1 A widow's illegitimate 
^mm s.f. > son or daughter. 
3St^m4 ». /. Blaek-pepper ( Piper- 

nigrum ). 
i(\m s. f. A globe, a sphere, a mandal; 

a large water-jar «. m. A granary ; a 

canon-ball ; a bell ; a large beam of 

wood ; a Mind of pigeon ; the kernel 

of a cocoanut. 
i?Nlt s. fju Roundness. 
^itwT^^ adj. Round, globular. 
5ft^n^^T s. i». Name of a game, tip-cat. 
5fNTwrm s. m. The division of mathe* 

matical science which treats of the 

spheres, spherics. 
^^JK s, w. Roundness. 

«ll(iJTO adj. Kouud. 

#t^ 8. f. bullet, a ball, a globule ; a 
pill; ajar Goli mamay To shoot a 
ball at. 

^^tlf 8. m. The heaven of Vishnu. 

<t^WT v. a. To conceal, hide. 

'itrt'T «. m. A celebrated hill in Vindra 
'OUHy or the country about Jfathura, 
it is said to have been upheld by 
Krishna upon one finger to shelter 
the cowherds from a storm excited 
by IndrOf as a test of the divinity of 
the former. 

<t«jm adj. Cow-house. 

jftw s.f. Plot, cabal, conspiracy. 

i^ 8. m. Cow-pen, a fold for cattle, a 
station of cowherds. 

^\'i( s.f. An assembly, a meeting, con- 
versation, discourse ; family con- 
nexion, but especially the dependant 
or junior branches. 

4W^ «. m. A measure, as much as a 
cow's footstep will hold ; the mark 
or impression of cow's foot; or hoo£, 

5ft^ 8. m. The sacrifice of a cow, one 
of the grand sacrifices of the Hindufk 
in former times, and not permitted 
in the present age or Kalijug. 

*«tt 8. m. The deity ; a saint, a holy 
person ; the descendants of the dis- 
ciples of Ohytanyah of Nadia. 

^%m8.f. Thediety. 

Jft^n 8. m. A cluster of blossom, a 

^^rtt s.f. A grape. [ cattle. 

^fl^inT *. m. A cowpen, a station for 

ift^iTT «. a. To hide, conceal, 

ifhr 8. m. A lizard, a guana ; a gan* 
getio alligator. 

^ft^m s.f Killing a cow. 

^^XT s. m. Cakes of dried cow-dung 5 
an ally, succoujer, an assistant. 

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t 15* } 


^^t.f. Demnirage. 
«ft¥T^ ». m. Tnmult, uprotr. 
9ft¥' $. m. Wheat. 

itW^n i s. m. A species of snake, 

^9Tr y the Boa. 

lit^ 1, m. A plant ( Eu$Uia Umgifolta , 
and Ti-ilndui languifioBUB ). 

lit s. m. J. A cow, one of the cow 
species. Qoa-dan, $. m. Gift of a cow. 

iff «./. Opportunity, ady^tage. Go<in- 
gtr. Controller, uncontrolled, rnler^ 
invested with authority, self-interest- 
ed, doan-ghaty *./. Power, oppor- 

^ 9. m. A portico. 

iftrt*./. A sprout. 

^Wt f./. A hole or pit. 

iltf ». m. The district of Qour, the 
central part of Bengal ; the ruins of 
its capital called hy the same name 
are still extensive, w, pL Tlie in- 
habitants of Qt<mr ( brahmurii ). 

iftwT 1. w« A cast of Hindus in Urisiay 
who are generally paM» carriers and 
bearers ; a musical mode. 

iftf^ilT «. w. Inhabitant of Gonr; hence 
the followers of Chytanyah oiNaddect 
are so called : this philosopher flour- 
ished in the year 1407 of Scdi%)ahan^ 
about A. D. 1350. 

iftwt t.f. Rum or spirit distilled from 
Ckir or molasses ; a musical mode. 

4h;T>T «. wi. ^iffc of a cow. 

5ft«rT *. »». Bringing home a wife. Qotm" 
har, g. m. The company who attend 
the bride when bringing home. 

ifK otdj- Fair-complcxioncd. 

4t^^ s. m. Reputation, respectability, 
venerablencBs, consequence or weight. 

ijhcftn adj. Venerable, repectable. 

^J^ «. m. A cock-sparrow. 

^h^y 8*/. A bparrow. 

^W i. /. A musical mode. 

'ftwT^T ^. m. A cow-honse. 

^Jf s. m. Pwseverance. 

'ft^TfT s. m. An ally, succourer^ aa 

i^TT^ adj. Eleven. Qyvahwan^ mdj. 

Eleventh. [order. 

Wftir ttdf. Strung, tied together, or in 
nat 8. iM. A book or composition in 

prose or verse, a code^ the book of 
the Sikh religion composed by the guru 

Nanmk Shah. 
^RIVT^ s. m. An author, book-maker, 

writer, compiler. 
Wfair t. m. The joint or knot of a reed 

or cane, &c.; and figuratively of the 

body ; a tie, the knot of a cord, &c. 
^r^ #4;. Inaccurately pronounced, 

slurred, uMered with the omission of 

a letter or syllable 
T% %.m. A house, a dwelling ; a plant. 

GraA-^tAajjan, Invoking the presenee 

of the, nine planets. 
VfW i. m. Taking, seizure, receiving, 

acceptance ; assent, agreement ; an 

Tr^#,/, Diarrhoea, dysentery, 
^^q^ »./. The influence of an unpro- 

pitious planet. 
^Vl?^ $.f. Worship of the sun and 

the other planets. 
^%Km s. m. The sun ^ th « moon ; ibe 

planet Jupiter. 
^TTWTt «.wi. The constellation Dhrui) 

or the polar star, from its remaining 

fixed amidst the planetary move- 

'"^^ta. [ ence. 

^%t^^ adj. Subject to planetary influ- 
^%VH^ ». m. Epilepsy, convulsions, 

demoniacal possession which the 

complaint is supposed to be. 
lllfYlIT adj. Taking, disposed to take. 

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( 15S ) 

8. m. A Tillage, a hamlet) an in- 
babked place in th« midst of fields 
and meadow land^ where men of the 
4Ber¥ile <5lass mostly reside, and where 
agricnltnre thrives; a scale in music, 

VT«T^ *. m. A barber. *./. A whore, a 
harlot 341 peasant or villager. 

wm^n^r^i s. m. The village priest, one 
who conducts ihe ceremonies for any 
btM. classes, and is consequently 
<5on8idered as a degraded brahman ; 
it also applies to the attendant of an 

^«aj^ s. m^ A villager. 

^HW aaj. Village, rude, rustic. 

in«ft^ adj A villager, a rustic, village ; 
vulgar, rude. 

VT^ $. m. Rnstic or homely speech ; the 
Frakrity and the other dialects of 
India except the JSansJcrit. ad^. Rustic 
( in discourse) ; village-born, produc- 
ed in or relating to a village. 

Wi^ $. w. Copulation. 

%m[% s. in. An ass ( lit. village horse). 

^m 8. m. A mouthful or a quantity 
equivalent to a mouthful, a lump or 
nee, &€., of the size of a peacock's 

VJ% s.*m. Taking, either by seizure or 
acceptance ; a shark ; according to 
some the Gauge tic alligator, according 
to others, the water elephant ( the 
hipfofolamus t )• 

VJXm s^m. One who takes or seizes, 
one who accepts. 

^1^ »./. A shark, according to some. 

^m »^". Worthy of acceptance, fit to 
be received. 

^ B,f. The neck ; the back part of 
the neck, the nape, the tendon of the 
Trapezium muscle. 


«fNr 8. m. The hot ffeason comprehend* 
ing two months, about June, July | 
heat, warmth, adj. Hot, warm. 

%^ 8, 7?2, A dwelling, a house, 

9^ s, fn, A necklace, a close mckAaeb 
or collar. 

t^ adj. Belonging or relating to the 
hot sea^^on. 

^^ s. m. Double jasmin. 

^l^ adj. Wearied, languid, feeble, 
exhausted by fatigue, disease &c. 

•riOl «./. Languor, lassitude, fatigue 
of body or depression of mind. 

^^. > s.m, A cowherd. 

^]Tm^ s.f. The female of Qwal wife 

of a cowherd. . * 

^^ adv. Near. 
^^ 8. m. Suburb, vicinage. Gtuendehf 

adv. Near. 
^€ adv. Near. 

W The fourth consonant of the NdgAri 

alphabet^ being the aspirate of the 

preceding letter, and corresponding 

with gh. 

^^T«rr ? i>. a. To rinse ; to mix any 
^'^t^lT > liquid by stirring it about^ 

^ 8. m. The neck, 

^ZT 8. m. A bell, a clock, an hour. 

wsr^ s.f. A small bell. 

JJS::;-^ A petticoat. 

W^n^^arf;. Thick. 

^Z 8. m. A water-pot ; the body. **/• 
Mind, heart, thought, soul. 

^ZV «. m^ A mediator, go-between, aa 
ambassador, attorney, messenger ; an 
agent who asoartJains or invents gene* 
alogies and negotiates matrimonial 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 1S4 > 

^Z^ I s. m. An '«{>!ih^t, n«rae of 

iI2fl\ rf.y. Dinoinufcion, decrease ; alle- 
viation, abatenwnt, decline. 

JWflfljt,*./- A bawd or procuress. 

^Wl «. m. Occurriag. 

;TO«n «. «i. To abatQ, decrease, lessen, , 
decline, waste, dwindle, to be de- 

mz^n adj* Liable to abatement, or de- 
crease, or diminntion. 

^r^^ «./. Decrease. 

W^qs adv. More or less, about. 

"^^^ i t.m. A wharfinger. 

^Zf T s. wi. An offender, transgressor. 
"^^j adj. Lying in wait, watching for 

plunder or prey. 
X(ii s. m. Cloudiness, gathering of the 

clouds, clouds ; crowds. 
TOlzt^ s. m. A covering for a ^alkiy a 

a carriage, or any article of furniture. 
trzplT a. a. To decrease, lessen, abate, 

diminish, allay, reduce, 
irer^ s. m, Defickacy, Deduction, ab- 

brejiatioD^ falling (as of a rwr or of 

the friee of any thing ), depreciation. 
iWlfT tj, a. To reduce, to cause to 

subside or fall. 
^fffz^ 8, f. The ankle • a muhurty or 

30th part of a day and night ; a dand 

or-period of 24 minutes. 
^zm adj. Low-priced, 
^€t s. /. The Qharif or Indian clock, a 

plate of iron or mixed metal on which 

hours are struck ,• diminution, abate- 
ment, decrease ; alleviation. 

Vl^ 8. m, A glMt^ a quay or landing 
place, steps ou the sfdd of a rfver, 
<&c., leading to the water^s edge. 

^r s, w. Corn of the foot. 

^ «. /. A small or inferior landing 
^ place, priTate stairs, &c. 

i|!f%(«|«ir «. «. To thunder. 

Wf?T t>. tf. To make, form, forg», work 

^r s.m. A water-pot, an earthen pot, 
a pitcher, jar. 

^rf^ 8. /. A crucible ; a honey-comb ; 
the womb. 

Wff ^19 jr. m. A crocodile ; a plate of 
brass for iMating tune, 

Vf^^lf^ 8. m. The person who attends 
the ghanyal and strikes the hours. 

^\ 8.f. Fold, plait, 

W!^«./. An hour or the space of 24 
minutes ; an instrument fo r measur- 
ing time, a ^k, watch, &c. Ghari 
nun tola ghari men mashoy Expresses 
a person of a changeable dispo&itiou. 

W^tW^ Always, again and again. 

^^^Ht «. m, 1 A stand far water-pote, 

^l^t^ s. i». A pot, a pitcher, 

^^ 8. m. A bell, also a plate of iroa 
or mixed metal struck aa a bell \ a 
clock, an hour. 

H^T^ s./. A amall bell. 

^^(9^ «• ^' Bell -metal. 

^f^l^lTT s. /. The uvula or soft palaie. 

^ni? i' m. A string of bells, tied on aa 
elephant's chest, &c., by way of 

^r^RT 8. m. A murderer. 

tPT adj. Material, solid ; gross • com- 
pact ; hard, firm ; impenetrable • very, 
much. 8. m. A number, an assem" 
blage or quantity ; (m arithmetic) tbf 
cube of a number ; (in geometry) » 

if*r $. m. Gathering of the clouds, 
clouds ; an anvil, a sledge-hammer. 

^(r'WT^ s. 771. Thunder, any Loud noise. 
adj. Loud-sounding. 

^^*r 5./. An imitative sound. 

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< IfiS ) 


^f^^^nrTT V, n. To jiB^le, ring, InnHe, to 
nonnd like a wheel in TevoluUan, 

"^^KJ s. m. A petticoat. 

^^T^^ ». m. Clondiness, gathering of 
the clond. a^j. Cloudy, overcast; 
loud-sonndincr. [i^ing. 

i^jfg^T'WT s. /. Lisrhtnincr, a flash of lisrht- 

'^•fTpr^KT adj. Whoso body is of the 
colour of the clouds, an epithet of 

W»HT«./. Firmness, compactness ; thick- 
ness, solidity. 

T^T^rw s, m. The contents of a solid (in 

^nr^^r ,<?. m. Cube root (in arithmetic), 

^«nsn^ adj. Black as a cloud, &c. s. m. 
Black clouds. 

nnmx «. »». Camphor; mercury, or 
some peculiar form of it. 

^ilT adj. Thick, close, confused, numer- 
ous, much, many. 

irirn«<t A kind of poetry. 

^TT adj. Much, many. 

^fit^ 8, m. A bird {Buceron malahancus). 

^nrft 5. /. The grasp of the two arms. 

^$#TWT 1 ''-^' Clasping with ]oy. 

^^?:TirT V. n. To be confused, confound 
ed, perplexed, agitated, embarasscd,. 

^irmr^ *. /• Conftision, perplexity, 
agitation, perturbation, alarm^ con- 

^«W«rpn adj. To revolve. 

V«W 9. m. Pride, haoghtineM, airo- 
gance, conceit. 

VMft cR^'. Proud, hawgWy*, arrogtnt. 

W^ *./. Crowd, confasnm in a gen- 
eral efrgagement. 

"^w^s.f. Heat, closeness. 

T^mrpr f ** ^^ Battle, engagement. 

W«<^mflk^'- Thick, orewded;. 

^»n«ir v. n. To sun, to bask in the srni.. 

^^TfT A wit : to sun, baf?k in the euiv. 

^^1J<C s. /. Ilame of a plant. 

W^ftt The castor oil. plant. ( Falinm' 

chrisH or Mdnus communi^)^ 
^Vfttts.f. The prickly-heat, 

^H^ r <»4^. Delay, blaming others* 

^ «. m. House, dwelling, home, aparf- 
ment, drawer, compartment, groove*^ 
Qhar kamoi To fir, settle, estal^Usb 
a family. Gharlchokartamathad^hna^ 
To ruin one's self and- spend flie 
time in idle pleasures. GAar ghdlna^ 
To roin. Qhar chaldnay To provida 
for one's household expenses* Qthaf^ 
dubma. To be ruined. Ghar dtaati^ 
«./. A kind of tax, poll-tax, hearth- 
money. Qrhar-bahghar. adj. To or im 
every house, from house to house-. 
Qharbaga^ adj. At kome indolentv 
inactive. Qhar hyth^aftay To be rouin-- 
ed Qbar honOf Expresses affection 
snd unanimity behMen husband aai 

wvw#c^*. Domestte, bonsehold. 

^Ktf s. f. Make, form. 

^^^ 8./. A f aft made wiUi pot% ft 
float (qfpaU). 

tr^tr t>. a. To m«k4i, ft>n», malleate^ 
forge, work (w^loto). 

W^C^ 8. f. A wife. 

^?^W^n *. m. Household furniture, &c. 

iRVncs. m. Family, household goods. 
Qharhdr hasdna^ To consummate a 
marriages. Qi&ar^tr hmay To undergo 
tbe constunauitiou of a marriage. 

^^Tift ». /. Housewifery, domestic con* > 

TRW^ 8' m. House-vent. 

irvi;^ 9m m. A r^ttjUpg Boi^e in th» 

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( ise ) 


' throat which dying people $xe afflict* 

ed with pain, agony, pang. 
HWT2T *. ni. Snoring. 
^KvCi 8./. An instrument for twisting 

thread or string. 
1VT^9T ^. m. A honae-keeper, master of 

a honee. 
Wt^rr^ 8. /. Mistress of a honse ; 

^\m\ 8. m. Family, honse-hold. 
**ii«Tl 8^ m, A thatcher. 
irtt *. /. An honri or the space of 2^4 

minutes ; a fold, a plant, odj, PoW- 

ed ( tf< doihtn ). 
t9^9T ad^* Domeetie, tame. 

W^s^ \ 8, m, A. small honse which 
^^T J children make to play in. 


^W3 8.m.K kind of. fish ( SUut-ue ), 

W^K 8. m. The n^ame of a river, the 
Qogra or Qhogra ; the sound of gur- 
glin^r, rumbling, &c. 

^ 8. m. Heat ; the hot season ; sun- 
shine ; sweaty perapiratibn. 

W^^ s. 971. Grinding, poundingw 

ni^ »./. Turmeric. 

^^^j 8. m, A small quantity given 
above the quantity purdiased^ te 

ynsn s.f. The act of rubbing . 

n^PH ) V, «. To be rubbed, to be 

irl%WT f abraded, to be worn, to fret, 
wear. -». a. To rub, rub off, whet, to 
beat. «g. Apt, to be wom by rub- 

trfeiJT tr. n. To be dragged, te be trail;- 
ed, to trail. 

WftiiTtf s. m. A grass-cutter. 

^OTiftn 8. /. The wife of a grae^ 
'p cutter. 

WHt^nr t>. a. To drag, pttU, trail. 

W«t^T adj. Grassy. [thunder. 

WTK »./. Thunder, GAoAdmo, v. n. To 

WT^mr tr. n. TO' thunder f ( tnet^ IQfr 
roar,^ to bawl. 

W«K o^jf. Gluttonous, ¥ovaeioas» 

H^cri adj. Mischievous, hurtful. 

^^IT^ <*dj^ Wounded. 

Wit s.f. Cudgelling; stratagem^ fraiv^,, 
a decoy ; number five (to reckoning) ; 
the interval between the fingers or 
toes, the junction of the fingers, the 
space at the root where the fingers 
separate ; the angle formed by a 
branch with the trunk of a tree> or 
spae.e at the root of the branch ; a 
cut or stroke with the broad sword 
or cudgel ( qf which there are tweh^ 
♦ ctU8 ). 

Wlt^ #./. (One) time, turn. 

Wltqt^ *•/. Secret inquiry, spying. 

WTH S' m, A hurt, bruise, wound, sore. 

wr^iW,^ adj. Living from hand to moath^ 
improvident, spendthrift. 

wtit 8.f. Adam^s apple, the larynx ; 

WT^r^ 8, m, A large kind of fowl. 

wr^ aclj. Old, aged, experienced ; sly^ 
wily ; shrewd 

WiWtT f • m. A petticoat ; name of a 
river, Gegra or Q^Jiogra ; a plant 
( Xanthium indicum )• 

WT7 a. /• A landing-place ; a (]nAy^ 
wharf, ferry, ford^ pass, bathing- 
place on a river side. Qhdtfndr, a* nu 
A smuggler. OtJidt-mdma, v, a* To 

wrz a* m. Mode, manner, shape ; off- 
ence; want, abatement, redaction; 
deficiency, loss, detriment, adj^ A- 
bated, less. 

^nzmz a./. The way to a OhdL 

^raHl'*fl a. m. A ferry-men. 

WTZT a. m. Axsclivity, ascent, deficiancy^ 
abatement, reduction. 

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( J57 ) 


^\fkm 9, m, A hrahman who sits at a 

ffhat of the GanyeSy Jitmna, ^c, to 

keep the clothes of the bathers, 
WT^ 8. /. A striiit, a pass ( in a moun^ 

tain J ^c. >, a ravine. 
^1^9,/. Aim^ design, snare^ ambns- 

cade, 'ambush, opportnnity ; tilling, 

slaughter, a bruise, ablow ; product (<>^ 
' a ^tm in multiplication), Ghdt karna, 

To waylay, lie in ambnsh, kill. Qhdt 

taknch To watch an opportunity, 
irnnr i. m^ A murderer, maimer, an 

enemy. [muderer. 

ifT^rv s. vi. Killing, slaughter ^ a 
vnn 9. »«. Name of a plaything. 
mWT s. m. Anything given gratis in a 

sale over and above the price. 
Vpft adj. Murderous, felonious. 
WT3JV adj. Mischievoug, injurious^ mur- 
' derous, cruel, savage violent, fero- 

tTTT s.f. As much as is thrown in at 

one time into a mill or mortar, <&c. 
WT'ft s.f. An oil' mill ( or oii-pr^gs ) ; 

a sngar-mill. 
^nvn adj. Confused, confounded. 
%Tf^.y. Sunbeams, sunshine ; beat (of 

the ^nn). [blockhead. 

Wni^ ctdj' Simple, artleas ; a clown, a 
trwui adj. Wounded. 
^ra«./. Mischief. 
"Wr^W 9. m, A destroyer, desolator, one 

who ruins. [in, to throw, 

vmm V. a. To desolatci ruin ; to thrust 
"m^l^^ od;. Jumbled, 
^rnr ». m. A tround^ a sore. Qthao ta 

niahani 9. m. A soar. 
VTT^ adj. Living from hand to mouthy 

improvident, spendthrift, 
wre 9, /. Meadow or pasture, grass, 
, atraw, hay, fodder, Qha9-f&i^ 9. /. 


^mtrm Sweepings, rubbish, fallen and 
rotting leaves. 

ftfw 8. m. Butter clarified by boilings 
and straining. 

W^nrr V. n. To be hoarse. 

WVgmT ^. a. To falter, be unable to 
speak (from fearjofi, ^c. ), appear 
very humble, coax, wheedle, fawn,, 

' beseech, implore. Qthighi hmdh jana, 
v.n. To falter, he unahln to speak 
( from shame or fear, j-c. ) 

tW^ s.f. A falferlupr in speech. 

f^'Vftr^ affj. Thick, confused, muddy. 
Qhich'pch lakna^ or bolna. To speak 

^(W 9,f. Disgust, shame, bashfulnesg, 
Qhin dsna, To reproach, abash. Ghin 
Mana, To be disgusted, to have the 
stomach turned. 

firwfiRTorf;. Disgustingr. 

fr^^TiTT V. n. To be disgusted, adj. Dis- 

ftrftmTm V. n. To be disgusted. 

tw^fhrr adj. Disgusting, abominable^ 
nauseoue, fulsome. 

ft^T 8. m. Name of a vegetable, a pom- 
pion ( Oucurhita lagenaria\ Ghiy^ 
tomi 8. J. A vegetable { Luffa pm- 
tandrm ). 

ftmrr V. n. To be surrounded, enclosed, 
to be collected around ; to gather 
( a8 the clouds). 

ftr* 9.f. A pulley; an instrument 
for twisting ropes ; a kind of pigeoi^ 
the tumbler, Ohimi khana, To go 

fw^ 9./. Stink (forticularlff ofurim). 

fw<T«lT i>. a. To cause to surround . or 

fwiT ij.ft. To be rubbed, to be abrad- 
ed. V. a. To rub ; to beat. at^. Apt 
to be worn by wbhing. 

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( 158 ) 


f^^ift adv. Bjr rubbing ; as Ghitni 

ehalna, To move along, rubbing on 

the ground, as a child onbisbnttecks 

before be is able to walk. [ wear. 

fimi'TT «. a. To cause to rub, abrade, 

ftr*n* «. 7». I Attrition, mbbing, fric- 
i^^^^Z8.f^ j tion, abrasion. 

f^f^^mr ty. <»• To trail, to drag. 

ift 8. 971. Batter clarified by boiling and 

Wt^^TT «. m. A medicinal plant ( Aloe 

perfoUata ). 

^JfW ? The neck (both before and bo- 
tfly 5 hind). 

UTt^ s. m. The name of a very large 

wild creeper. 
w'^ft^T 8- m. A toy, a child's rattle. 
tpH^ «•/• A small red and black seed 

( Abrtis preeatonus )• 
f >^ 8, m. A small bell ; an ornament 

worn round the ankles, with bells 

fastened to it. 

1^^ J ddj. Curly (hair). 

f«tf./. A button. [bribes. 

1 '^ adj. Malicious ; a receiver of 

m'^adj. Anigry. 

w^^ 8. m. An 01^1. 

9e^ #. fA. Tlie knee; O&uMofi eAtf^no^ 
To crawl about on the kn^ev ( ai a 
ehild ). [ cati^d. 

IrtT «. n. Tb h«'rubbed, to be stifib- 

12Tt«./. Perfidy. 

V ?T*n ^. n. To sbaVe cleiin, to polish. 

^8.m.A horie. Q^Mfn^TUlMtt, A hV^Vse- 
ma!ili trooper, oh^ Oft horsebaick. 
OAur-cAorAt, *./. A female on hoAe- 
back, ri(fittg. Qfto^-dlou^, s. ^. A 
rice course^ bot^era^^. QhiSfr-hahtdt 
8.f, A four-wheeled canlage for 
ndmrg in dra#tl by hortes^ a cbttiot. 
Ghut-muMhOf adj. Borae-facfed. Q^ur- 

W9^sm t>. tf. To brow-beat, to lepii 
mand, to frown at. 

f^rft*./. Rebuff, brow beating, renke, 
frowning at. 

l^^r 8, m. A horseman. 

ff^^ 8. f, A female ^n horseback ; 

If ^W 8, m. A race-course. 

l^fTW 8./. A two-wheeled carriage 
for riding in drawn by horses. 

^^irr adj. Horse-faced. 

^^^^^ 13. a. To curl. 

9^^9T^ 8. m. A stable. 

f W 8. m. Name of an insect fonnd is 
timber ( destructii^ to wood, meal, 
§fraiity and flour \ a weeril ; rancoor# 

fWT <xdj. Destroyed by the ghun^ weevil- 

(adj. Secret, cautious, design- 
ing, malicious, spiteful, revt»n*' 
geful^ bearing malice, rancorous, 
f^ 8./. A button. 
^^ 8. m. An insect found in timber 
(destructive to wood, mealy and fiour\ 
a weevil ; rancour, 
f^nt^ *. w. Plaything. [ eatea« 

fTT adj. Destroyed by the ghtm, weevil/ 

^*rn5t 1 8. m. Characters traced by a 
^ *t! ^ K 3 weevil in- wood. 

%fn^jadj. Designing, malfeious, spit^ 

ful, revengeful, bearing malice, nut' 

ftr adj. Dark, 
fitfirr 8. wi. Revolution, going romrf ? 

subterfuge, evasion, prevaricatfoa ; 

doubt, euspeftse, besitafe'on. 6^«»w* 

ghu'tna-na, 9, ar. To revolve ; tb pre* 

tr i!^«iT adj. Dark, coudy. 
W*W 8./. Gathering of the clouds. 
n mi 8. ^. Name of a plait ( Phl<fiif*6)i 

name of an insect* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( K^ ) 


«*wft 9.f, The vertigo, swimmiog af 
the head, giddiness. 

f^innr *\ 94 To turn round^ whirl, ct^nse 
to turn, wheel, roll, brandish, circu- 
late^ encircle ; to beguile, Qhvmdna 
fhirana^ To prevaricate. 

Wi:«>lT V, <». To brow-beaty reprimand, 
frown at, chide. 

^vit *./. Rebuff, brow-beating, rebuke, 
frowning at. 

^^^T^ *• *'*- The mole-cricket ( Gtryllus 
GrjfUotalpa ), a phagedenick ulcer 
or herpes exedens ( so named from 
digging m the fleshy as the mole-cticket 
does in earth or sand ). 

^^^ Xi^ 17. n. To grunt (as a pig). 

> S.m, 

Ten do Achilles. 

>« • 

^^TRT i>. n. To snore. 
'^J^^ s./. A vertigo, swimming in the 
head, rolling. 

^s(Wij «. n. To melt, dissolve, be dis- 

solved ; to be mellowed, to rot ( as 
fruit ) ; to become lean, to waste. 
n«Pra part. Dissolved, mixed melted 

( in kindness ). 
"^WT s. m. To boot. 
^^HTHT t?« a. To cause to mix with a 

liquid, to cause to dissolve. 
^1^1^ ac^j. Melting, 
^^rpa t). a. To melt, to dissolve. 
^T^KS s.f. Melting, dissolving. 
^^ j. m. A coarse kind of cotton. 
^9 «. m. Penetrating. 
W9^ V. n. To be thrust in, to enter, 

penetrate ; interfere, meddle. 

VS^ »./. Access. 

^HPIT ^. <»• To thrust in, stuff in, cram, 
penetrate, force in, cause to pene- 
trate or enter. 

^ftfnx «. n. To be thrust or stuffed in. 

wi^>lT V. a. To thi-ust, 'Stuff, oram, 
forc^ or run in, pierce, insinuate, 

^Tnt s. /. A sort of stir-about, or 
grain of any kind ( jpulu cr wfksat, 
i'c. ) boiled whole with sugar. 

"^'WC s. pt» A curl. Qoungar-tvalshf 
Curled hair. 

\Jii\ s.f. Clothes folded and put ou 
the head as a defence against th^ 
rain ; a cockle or anail, a small 

w >^ t./. A small red and black seed 
( Arbus frecatorius ). 

TT'w^ a./. A veil ; concealing the face 
with a veil, &c» Q^hunghut kam<$y To 
draw a veil over the face. Q^hunghai 
kama^ v, a. To veil ; to draw back 
his neck (a horse). Ghtmghat kama, 
tf. a. To be broken or defeated (on 

^ WT *. w. A curl. 

w >^ s. m, A m»M bell, an ornament 
worn round the ankles, with bells 
fastened to it. 

W 'z $. m. A gulp, draught, pull. 

W '^nr «. a. To gnlp, drink, swallow. 

^€t s.f, A medicine consisting of 
aloes, spices and borax, given to a 
new-bom infants to clear out the 

w'€ s* 9». A bandioote rat. 

ffm s.m, A blow of the fist. 

"9 W f.m. The ring-necked jdove : an 

W W ^r «. m. An owl : a blockhead. 

'^z s.m, A gulp, draught. 

W^«!T«. «. To gulp, drink, guzzle. 

w€t s»f. A medicine ^iven to neW'* 
bom infants ; the ankle joint. 

WT «. w. Bancour, malice,. spite. 

w ^T 0dj, Designing^ malicious, spite- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( leo ) 


fill, revengeful, rancorons; secret, 

▼J? adv. Back, round abont. 

"9^9^^ r adj. Loose {as a robe\ full. 

^i!^^^ adj. Revolving, circling, round. 

^^TT u. n. To go round, revolve, turn, 
roll, wheel, whirl, auh. Whirling, 
turning &c. Sir ghumna. To be gid- 
dy or dizzy, to swim {the head), 

^X8,m, Staring ; dunghill. 

WW^./. A twist in thread, entan- 

trt^lT V. a. To state at, to stare, to fix 
the eyes on ; to look at angrily. 

^^ 8. m. Sweeping, a dunghill, 

'^ fV^T ^. wi. A dunghill. 

tr^ s. m, A bandicote rat {Mui moHaba' 
ticus ; Mu8 giganteus) ; a bribe. 

>f^?T 8. m. A young owl. 

▼ WV ^ 8. m. Thumping and pulling, 
boxiug, fisticuffs. 

^^ 8. m. A thump, a blow of the fist, 
buffet, a bandicote rat. 

^Tf ) 8. m. The bronchocele goitre 
^Wr 5 or Derbyshire neck. 

^^ 8. m. A kind of shoe. . 

%^nrr ^, a. To mix, mingle, unite into 
a paste {ae flour and water), 

%^ adj^ Round, surrounding, enclosing ; 
loose {ae a robe ) ; full ; winding, 
meandering. $, m. Circuit, circum* 
ference. Oherghdr harnof To surround 
stop or hinder. Qherddr, adj. Full 
loose (a robe)^ circular, extensive. 

^8. m. Calumny, reproach, complaint. 

^xm V. a» To surround, compass, en- 
circle, invest, beset, blockade. Ghema 
ghamay To surround, &c. 

'i'v^ 8.f. A handle for turning a spin- 
ning-wheel, a winch. 

t flT adj. Round, surrounded, a iw. A 
cricle, a circumference ; a siege, block- 
ade, a fence ; vertigo. Qkera dalna, 
To surround, lay a siege, besiege, 
Qhera men parna, Tq be surrounded. 

^K 8 f. A kind of sweetmeat. 

^T 8. f. Reproach, blame, censure, 
&i\ ; compassion, tenderness, pitj ; 
abhorrence, disgust, shame, bashful- 

CT 8. m. Qht, clarified butter, or butter 
which has been boiled gently aiid 
allowed to cool : it is then used for 
culinery and religious purposes, and 
is highly ssteemed by the Hindus. 

^fnCt s,f. The aloe (Aloe 'perfoliatd). 

ff iff 8. m. A cockle-shell, a snail (Co-* 
achlea helix). 

'^tZ 8.f. A draught (drink). 

ifUs:m «. <». To polish by rubbing; (met.) 
to investigate : to strangle, s. w. A 
.stone, &c., with which any thing is 
polished, the knee. 

ifffl^ «. m. A (birdie) nest. 

Wtwm n. a. To repeat, to iterate, to 
speak aloud. 

ft^ft 8./. A pocket, pouch, wallet ; a 
turtle dove. 

'f\Z8.f. Polish. 

Wt3* *. ^. A horse. 

wr?^ «. a. ■ To polisb ; calender ; to 
plod, to shave. 

ffXz^ s.f. A rubber. 

Wter *• m. A wooden rubber, 

ifte adj. Polished, smooth (worde). 

Wi^r 9. m. A horse, ixhoreh ko sarpnt 

Wttn s, m. A cloth with a part folded 
like a sugar-loaf to cover the head 
and worn over the body in cold or 
wet weather. 

^Ut 8. /. An esculent root ( ^^'^^ 
cotocana ). 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


( 161 > 

m^ t. m. Horror, liorribkneSB ; trepid- 
ation • dread, awe ; the sound of a 
drum. 6^^ ghuntna^ To be inwardly 
displeased, to conceal one's dislike 
or indignation, ddj. Frightful, hor- 
rible, terrific, awef al ; deep (colour qf 
« har££^ or sUep ). Ghor nidra^ Deep 
sleep. [fnl appearance. 

■^t^l a4^'« Terrific, of horrid or fright- 

<t^pn 9. To mix with a liquid, dissoke. 

^^d^ acg. Frightful^ hideous, s, m. A 
hideous appearance, 

lA^Cl^ 0(^\ Frightful, horrible, hideous. 

WtOTlfw adj. Frightful, hideous, of 
horrible aspect or form. 

ittm f. m. Buttermilk. 

mn^ m^ s. m. Evasion, subterfuge. 

^m «• o. To mix with a liquid to 

111^9 i. m. liixture, mixing. 

ftm s.m. An intoxicating portion made 
of bkang or opium ; a solution; name 
of a fish. Qholehmen dalna, To in-' 
Tolre in difficulty. 

W)f «• m. A station of herdsmen ; a 
cast of odilk-meu ; a cowherd. 

ii\^^\ I *./. Speaking aloud, making 

iit««ll J a great noise j crymg, pro- 

ittnm s. m. A bird^s nest; 

Ht^ 9. m. A Musalman cowherd or 

ilt^ 9. /. A bunch ( oj plantains) . 

ift^ > s. /• A bunch or cluster of 
iTt^ 5 grapes; dates or plantains. 
?l^ «• 7/i. The nose ^ smell, smelling. 

adj. Smelling. 
?TOnnf «• wi. Fragrance, odour, a fra- 

granse, a perfume. 
^^Ihm 8. /. The nose, the sen^e of 

^{^ ad^, Smelled. 


^ The twentieth letter of the alphabet 
and first of the second or palatial 
class ot consonants, having the sound 
of Ch in Church 

^m^ i. m. Name of a disorder. 

^K s, m. Ttay, trough. 

^ilT adj. Healthy, cured, sound. Changs 
h tnanoy To correct, punish, put to 
right, chastice. Bhala-changa, adj. 
In health and vigour ; perfect, good. 

^'^m 8, m. A claw, talon, clutch, gnasp. 

M^adj. Excellent. 

I'ir^ *./. A flower- pot, a tray. [tray. 

^'ir^r 8. m. A large basket^ a trough or 

^0 8.f. A small basket. 

^ITTT t>. n. To throb or shoot {a8 a 
hotly 4rc. ); to make the noise butter 
does in a frying pan. ' 

^'^€ s. m. Large black bee. 

^9 adj. Trembling, tremulous ; rest* 
less, wanton^ playful^ fickle ; perish* 
able, transitory. 

'^r^^HT «./. Perishableness ; restless* 
ness, unsteadiness, wantonness. 

^"^^flMII 8, m. Playfulness, wantoness, 

'•>m»./. Lightning, 

^"^^TTa./. Bestlessness, playfulness ; 

*^9fmT i>. n. To be playful, wantott| 
unsteady, or restless. 

^^n? 8. /. Restlessness, unsteadi- 
ness, wantonness, ficklensss. 

'^'z 8, m, A miser. 

V^\m 8. w. An inferior cast of Hindus ^ 
( met. ) a miser, a merciless wretch, 
an outcast. 

''r'^t^ 8. m. The rear-guard • a sort of 
sedan ; the name of a bird ; a play- 
thing consisting of four little earthen 
pots ^viued together, 


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C 1«2 ) 

^'^ s.'m. The moon. Chand-muJch, $. m. 
Face bright or beautiful as the moon, 
Chand-mukhu or Chand-badanit adj, 
Hftting a face splendid as the moon . 

<^ 9. m. Sandal-wood or tree sanders 
( Sirium myrtifolium or Santalum 
album )• 

^*Vfl ^dj, fiald. «• m. Baldness. 

^'^IT B»7)u X small canopy, an awning. 

^'^T 9»m» An assessment, contribution, 
subscription ; the moon. 

^'fi[^ A\/. The crown of the head. 

yi'^9 J «. m. A tribe of Bajputs who 

^ t^T S claim descent from the moon, 

^^ftn <^dj. Silvery, white. 

^1^ 1 ••-^* N«me of a place, 

W*t^ #. /. Cambric (made at Chandel). 

^*1[ $. /• The moon, considered as a 
planet or deity. Chandr-muhhi, adj. 
Having a countenance, beautiful as 
the moon. [a finger nail. 

^'iVf.M. The eye in a peacock's tail; 

^S^WT «. /. A digit or one-sixteenth 
part of the moon's orb or diameter. 

^'CT^ •- ^ The reputed Registrar of 
Jam's court. 

^'4*4t <• m. Descendant of the moon ; 
the name of a tribe of Khaltrh^ who 
clium descent from the moon« 

'^'ipnwt *•/• The name of a river, the 

Ohenab^ one of the five streams of the 

Panjab, Chandrabhag, is the name 

of mountain, part of the Himalaya 

Grange, where the river is said to have 
its source. 

%'?^ «• m. The moon. [ thief. 

•^'l^ i. m, A plagiarist, a poetical 

W 1%V *./. A plant ( Serratula anthel- 

mintica ) ; a digit of the moon. 
^*5Wft «./. A kind of Asclepias ( A* 

acida ) ; rue. 
<?r^T^it/. Larj^ cardamoms* 

^'if^^iH «./. Small cardamoms 

^*5^n: ». m. An ornament of dress, a 
sort of necklace composed of circnlar 
pieces of g<>ld, silver, &c. 

<?rT adj. Bald ; wise, intelligent. 

'^'^lB^ 8, m. Moonlight. 

^*?RT V, n. To be withered or dried 
up ( a tree ), to cease to grow. 

^ft^ *. /. Moonlight ; the moon- 
beams ; a small fish ( Zeus oblongus); 
large cardamoms. 

^'f^m s,rn, A potherb ( Chenopodmm 
album ). 

W it^^l s. m. An awning, a cloth or 
sheet spread over the large open 
courts of Hindu houfles, &c. upon 
festival .occasions ; moon -rise; a 
kind of collyrium. 

Wxyn 1 8. m. A tree bearing a yellow 
^>n J fragrant fibwer (Mickeiia 

champitca ). 

^'jx 8^m, An instrument made of pea- 
cock's feathers, &c. waved over iLe 
head of a sovereign, used to wbi&k 
dff flies, ^c, and also made of the 
tail of the Bos gruuniensi a species. 
of ox. 

^* ». m. Landed property, landed 
estate, a farm. Ckak-baadi, s. /. 
Defining or making the boundaries 
of an estate. 

^m 8. m, A shepherd, or goatherd. 

"^^ 8. /: A toy, a whirligig ; a duck, 
the female of chakwa, 

WiRW^T adj. Shining, resplendent. ^ 

^«'^«t «. /. A kind of dagger worn on 
the waist, adj. /. Resplendent, 

^W^ «./. A musk-rat ( Sorex ea- 
rulescens -, Sorex ccet-uleus ). 

^nr 9. m. A scraping of the skin, a 
scrape, a scar ; a slice, &c. Vhakta 
dena^ or — lena ,* To scar. 

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< 163 ) 

^Wifmj i»* «. To sod, to turf. 

^?niV #./. The hide of a rhinoceros. ( of 
which ihidd» are made )• a pateh of 
leather, a slice, a patch ; the round 
of a cheese, a round plate of metal. 
&e., a letter, an epistle, adj. Com* 
pressed^ flattened. 

^wmmx f. m. BcrapSy small pieces, 
atoms, ilings. Chahid-ehar hona. 
To dashed to pieces, to shatter. 
ChaJctut'chur karfM, To shatter, 
shiver, to hreak pieces. 

^^wi 8. w. A hoot, a stocking. 

^W^^ s. i». Rerelry. ChaJcarha maehd- 
n<i, i;. a. To revel, to riot. 

^«^ s. m. A kind of dish made of 

■^^rcnf^ *./. Woman servant. 

^Mmi 8. m. A hrothel ; a kind of cloth 
made of silk and cotton ; a division 
of a country containing several p«r- 
ganahe. adj. Wide, bi?o^;; round. 
Chakledar. 8. m. The governor of a 
province or country, ChaJOedari, 
8./. The government of a province 
or country ; a round plate on which 
hread is rolled. 

^mrniine./. Breadth. [widen. 

^^FWTWT 8. /. To extend in breadth, to 

^«n 8. tn. The ruddy goose ( Amis 
casarca ) ; a whirlpool. 

?«^ 8.f. The female of the water-fowl 

^«^ 8.f. A kind of grass. 

^^T^r^ s.f. The sound of the repeated 
strokes of a sword, dagger, or mace. 

^irfni 8.f. The state of being daz- 
. zled, radiance. 

^JAK e.m. A disease in horses. 

^^ift s./, A ringworm. 

^fiiif a^. Timid, fearfal ; astonished. 

Wl<wS% With large eyes. 

^TVtiTT 8. m. A fruit of the lime kind, & 
citron, pompelmoose, shaddock ( Ci- 
true decumanue ). 

"^rvh 8, m. The J^arta^lle or Qreek 
partridge (Tetraa rtfue : Perdix rvfa) 
fabulously said to subsist upon the 
moon-beams, and to eat fire «i the 
fnll moon» 

^rfN^ I «. m. A species of Cassia 

^1^ ) ( Cauia obtUBtfoUa), esteem- 
ed a remedy for rinpfworms. 

^rw* *. w. A perch for birds ( Parti* 
eularlyfcdcoHS ), a rbost. 

^WT s. w. Coagulated milk ; a carriage 
wheel, a circle, adj. Kroud ; thick 
( aeduhi^ ^<r.) 

^«TW adj. Thick (bhtkng, 4rc.) blot 
blotted, smeared. 

^tft #./• A millstone, a.mill, grinder f 
kneepan • a thunderbolt. 

^ s. m. A clasp-knife^ s pen-knife* 

7 ^. in. A whirlwind or whirlpool ♦ 
) a circular missile weapon used 

principally by the Sikhs, a sharp dis- 
cus or iron ring which they throw 
with great dexterity : ( it was wth 
this instrument called eoodursun-cfivkr, 
that Nsraydn is said to ha^fe cut of 
the head ^ the Aeur Mahu, when cfier 
churning the oceany the eurs or gode* 
and Asurs or demons fought for the 
amril or nectar); a <;ircular course, the 
lounge (in menagd^ ; (met) a misfor- 
tune, Bor^>e, perplexity; a side or 
quarter, as Chabun chakkar men, Oa 
. the four sides, on all sides. Chakr^ 
dbarif A peacock ; Vishnu, Chakr- 
mama^ To whedi round, to whirl, 
round, Qhoreh ko clakkar dkna, T* 
lounge a horse. 
"^m^ade. In rotation, going| round 
OX roYi^Yttg liko a wbeel. 

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( IM ) 


mmA^i.m. An emperor, a sovereign 
of the world, a universal monarch, 
the ruler of a chakr or country des- 
cribed as extending fro;Dii sea to sea ; 
twelve princes beginning with Bharat 
are especially considered as Ckah* 
ifaritis; a title of hrahmans in Bengal. 

^m^m «. m. A bird, the ruddy goose 
(Anas eoiarea). [circle. 

^wrm ck^. Circular, being in a ring or 

^fllWTfC o^Jf. Circular. 

^fimr «<^'. Astonished ; timid, fearful. 

"irtft *./. A round plate on which bread 
is rolled ; an assembly of singers. 

^m\ adj. round, circular. 

^w « m. The eye. 

^vinrT'ii. a. To relish, taste. 

^r^^^*./. Discord. 

nwv^ V. tf • To cause to taste. 

• D. a. To eat without appetite. 
: t.f. A flower-pot. 

^VfWTV «. m. Name of a disorder. 

^fl^ *. in. Tray, trough. 

^fTT ddj. Healthy, cured, sound. Chan- 
ga hdnana, To correct, punish, put 
to right, chastise. Bhala-changay adj. 
In health and vigour ; perfect, good. 

"^X^dj. Excellent. 

^»V^ *./. A flower-pot, a tray. 

^Kt s. m» A large basket; a trough, 
or tray. 

"^ft ». /. A small basket. 

^^^ adj. (Land) that has been culti- 
vated or ploughed one year. 

^^^T s, m. Name of a tree. 

^"T'Tfirijf s. m. A whistler. [ther. 

^r^ #. m. Paternal uncle, father's bro- 

^^ s. /. S'ather's brother*8 wife, aunt. 

^'ft^ ^. m. A line^ stripe, score* 

^?T adj. Descended from or related 
through a paternal unde, as Cka- 
chera^haiy «, m. A cou::Iu, seik of 

paternal unde. Chacheri btthin, t.J. 
Daughter of paternal uncle, a fcmala 

^-fl^ni V. a. To suck {a dry $uManc$ 
from which nothing can he obtained^. 

^»^^*. m. Large breasts. 

^ 8. f. Father's brother's wife, aunt 

^WHTT V. n. To throb or shoot (** * 
hoxi^ ^e.) to make the noise butter 
does in a frying-pan. 

^•mr^ 1. /. A throb, throbbing^ s 
shooting pain. 

^^if adj. Trembling, shaking, moTing; 
unsteady ; flckle, inconsiderate, in- 
constant, (vMUadg metaphoricaUif^ ; 
playful, restless, wanton, perishable. 
i. ffi. A lecher, a libertine. 

^rw^ffWT *«./. Restlessness, perishable- 
ness; fickleness, inconstancy, un- 
steadiness. [ hearted. 

v^fll^ adj. Capricious, fickle, false- 

^T^wr^/. Lightning. 

^W^ri: i.f. Restlessness, playfulnesi. 

^^ifPiT ty. ». To be playful, wantoaor 

^^Gr^TY7 j./. Restlessness, unsteadf- 
ness, wantonness. 

^ «./. A beak. 

^rj adv. Quickly, instantly, s.f. An 
excoriation, a sore, a scab, cancer ; 
the noise of breaking up, sni^. Chat 
hhasam^ £Sating up the whole, licking 
the platter clean. Chat deh tutna. 
To snap, short, to break. Chaikama, 
To eat, dissipate, make waste. Chat 
hona^ n. n. Tb be dissipated or eim- 

IR^ 9. 131. A sparrow, i. /. A hem- 
sparrow ; a crash, a crack, a smack, 
intelligence, gaudiness ; glitter, sptoi- 
dour, prime of life, adj. Intelligent, 
quiok. Chat^ ech, adtfrDtm^^i 

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( 165 ) 


(Thtxiak 8ih jana^ To pay witb the 

fore top saiL Chalakwai, s.f. Quick- 
^^CTriT V. «. To crackle ( as charcoal or 

wood on the fire) ; to crack ; to split. 
^Z IF^ s, m. A slap, box, blow, cuff. 
^VZIFT s. w. Scarcity. Ohatka lagana. To 

thirst, to wish. 
^e*r^T w. n. To crack ( «« a whip ) ; 

to snap the fingers (m r«^'otctfi^) ; 

to split ; to fire off a musket ; to 

'^^frmf 1?. a. To nrge catfle by the 

clacking noise made by drawing the 

tongne from the palate. 
'W^^ltsTT adj. Splendid, glittering^ gandy, 
^ZWfT t^. «• To crackle (at charcoal or 

wood on the fire) ; to crack ; to split, 
^d^^ #. m. Name of a tree. 
^2WT adj. m, Yoracions (man). 
^^Z^ f.f. A kind of acid sance (or mar- 

mcdade). adj.f. Yoracions (womaiCs, 
^»CT3 ad/o. Hastily, in a hurry, instantly. 
^3^T «i;. Active, hasty ; stout ; meat 

dressed with little sauce or gravy. 
^tCTSrm u. n. To be agitated^ to flatter, 

palpitate, wince, 
^rzfi^nr^ #. yi Agitation, flurry, flutter, 

"^Wflr^rT ^dj. Active^ quick, alert ; hot 

{wiih sptees). [agility. 

^WKi{ $./. Haste, hurry, quickness, 

^^^mr V. a. To make lick or lap up. 

^^^TW I *. /. A school, an aca- 
^TEirrft J demy. 

^Tli; «;/• A mat. Chaiai hicheh<h<»f 
v. <». To mat, to spread mat. 

^■i^m j./. A crash, an explosion, adj* 

^1^^ s. m» A crash, an explosion^ 
a smack (or kiss). 

^V71^9.9i« Keiteiated'sgond. 

W^TWr s. w. K crash, an explo8i<m, a 

smack (or kiss). [rock. 

^rZTW *. /. Rocky ground, block of stone, 
^tnm V. a. To make lick or lap up. 
wfe«ir e. m. A pupil, a scholar. 
W7WT s* m. A kind of plaything* a 

sort of hawk. 
wiimff 8. m. A kind of dove. 
^itKi t. s«. An epicure, a glutton* 
WTT i. «. A school-bov. 
^VWn i. m. A playthinGr. a kind of 

rattle or clapper given to children, 
wf^ s./. Scarcity, want. 
W7T s. m. A bonne-bouche, dainties. 
W^ 9. m. Sonnd made by breaking 

a branch. 

#. m. An imitative sound. 
t>. n. To crack, creak. 
^fUfWl u. n. To smart, to palpitate, 

flutter, throb. 

^I^WW wtwwT ) V. a. To chatter, prat- 
f tie. 

s. m. A prattler, chatterer, 
an idle talker. 

n, m. Ai\ imitnfive ^onnd. 
^TT s. «. The groin ; bubo. 

^^^adv. Avowedly, designedly, ex- 
cellently. Charhta hona, v. n. To 

^^ 8./. Advantage, gain, rise. . 

%f^ e. «. To ascend, mount, advance, 
attack, embark, board, rise, climb, 
soar, spread, well, ride ; to be strung 
(a how), to be braced (a drum) ; to 
be offered up, (an oblation or eacri- 
fice ). Gharhna ntama, e. n. To hire 
and dismiss ; congressus. 

^T^nt f. m. A passenger, supercargo. 

W?WT i>. a. To find an opportunity. 

Wf^t adj. Bisingup ( # «A(^0 oHr thi 
hcci qf the wMrer ). 

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( 166 


^^mj V. ck. To canse others to raise or 
to make ascend or to pull on, <&c. 

^ft^II *. m. One who ascends, moiinta, 
&c., a rider, moanter, climber. 

^^rt *./. Ascent, acclivity, embark- 
ation, attack, assaults, irniptjon, 
rank, dijcrnity ; price paid for ascend- 
ing, riding, embarking, &c. 

^r^^T i). a. To make ascend, embark, 
&c., to ofier up oblations or sacrifice; 

, to string (a how) ; to brace (a drum) ; 
to raise, lift^ take up, advance, apply, 
put, spread, bend, dye ( with colour), 
pnll, draw on, cock, fix ( a hap onet \ 
run. [ tide. 

^?n *. w. Ascent, rise, acqlivity, at- 
tack, access, fit rank, dignity, flood- 
tide. ' 

^^ J *•/. Preparation for battle. 

^T } 9. m. A trooper who does not 
^ifirr ) ride his own horse, a rider. 

^T^ «. m. A shoe rising up over the 

heel of the wearer. ' 

W^« 1 9, m, A kind of pulse, chick- 
^^ 5 t>ea (CtGer ari€tinum\ vetches, 
^rw adf. Fierce* violeat, passioaatey 

hot, warm ; pungent, acrid. 
JWn9.f. Warmth^ pungency. 
'^€uij. Passionate, violent warm. 

) i. /. A name of the goddess 
) Ihirgay applied especially to 


,her fabulous incarnation for the pur- 
pose of destroying Mahia Asur .; this 
exploit forms the subject of a section 
of the Markandeyah PurM^ and is 
particularly celebrated an Bengal at 
the Durya Puja ; or festival 
honour of the goddess towards the 
^ close of the year (Octoher-Novernbery, 
a passionate womaui « nusdueroos or 
^ furious woman. 

^wn« s. m. The rear-guard. 

^^r^ s. m. An outcast, the generic 
name for a man of the lowest of the 
mixed tribes, born froip, a Sudr father 
and Brahmani mother ( met.) a miser, 
a merciless wretch. 

^^rftf^r 8. m. The female of ChanddL 

wft^^T 8. /. The goddess Durga. 

^TOtf^^T*. m. Red Oleander. 

«TOl^ 8. m. The rear-guard ; a sort of 
sedan j the name of a bird ; a play- 
thing consisting of four little earthen 
pots joined tegether. 

wm > adj. Wise, intelligent, cuu- 
w[^ 5 ning, clever. 

vrO 8,f, A canopy, veil, a parasol ; a 
tent, a pavilion. 

^5J^ ^, Cunning dexterous, ingeni- 
ous, clever, sly, shrewd, wise, know- 
ing, intelligent, expert, adroit, saga- 
cious ; four. 

Wgrm s. /. Cunning, cleverness, sly- 
ness, wisdom, knowledge. [ lar. 

w<i^^ adj. Pour-coruered, quadrangu-* 

^^ adj. Tfise, intelligent, cunning, 
clever, expert. 

*^g^ii «. /. Cunning, cleverness, sly- 
ness, wisdom, knowledge, evpertness, 

^(t^. Fourth. [age. 

^$<t adj. The 14th day of the moon's 

^ff<j^ a^. Having four hands, an 
epithet of Vishnu. 

^fg^ adj. f. Having four hands, an 
epithet of Dtni, 

W^i|r«. w. The deity 5raW 

^ff5«r «• m. The aggregate of the four 
Tug8 or ages of the Hindus. 

^yf \ 8* «. The aggregate of four 
^n^n J objects of human wishes, 

viz. virtue, love, wealth, and final 

and fihal beatitude. [ meet. 

"W5^w 8.m. A place tftwe four X9«d? 

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( for y 


^ijinr «. m. J Verse, the meife of 
^r?|i|^ »./. 5 stanzas, especially con- 
. sisting of four pads or lines. 

^Vijir^ s, m, An animal with fonr legs, 

a qnadrnped. 
^^ #. /. A kind of sngar-ctne. 
^ilW s. m. The bnrsting of hnek of a 

seed by exposure to the san. 
^^^RT D. n. To burst and fall out ( 09 

a ieedfrom the kusk ). 
^$m 8. m. A kind of pnlsf^ chiokpea 

( deer arietinujn ), Tetches. 
^"te *•/• Spices given to cattle, drugs 

for oxen. 
np^ s. m. The moon, Chaud-mukhj «• m, 

A bright face or beautiful as the 

moon. Qhand-mukhey or Chand-hcHi'^ 
* mu, a^. Having a face splendid as 

the moon. 
%>^ ». m. Sandal-TTood or tree ( Strum 

myrtifolium ). 
%^^ a({;. Bald, s, m. Baldness. 
^^^ s, m. A small canopy, an ' awning, 
^n^ «. m. Assessment, contribution, 


^f^m i. /. The crown of the head. 

^r\^ J 5. w. a tribe of i?<»;/?w/« who 
^^^ 5 <^^^^ descent from the moon. 
^'^Ht (tdj. Silvery, white. 

255 I *./ Name of a place, 
"^•^ ^ J 

^l^# *• /. Cambric (rncHie at Chandel). 

%^ s» m. The moon. 

^^¥^1 *. /. A digit, or one-sixteen th 
part of the moon's orb or diameter. 

^RW»! «. m. A fabulous, gem, supposed 
to be formed of the congelation of 
the rays of the moon; a kind .of 
crystal may perhaps be meant. 

^^5^ t. m. The Registrar of JanCi 

' court. [ moon. 

^l^ifW s, vu The orb or sphere of the 

I ^T^fl^^ s. m. Edlppe of tt«*in<Jon. 
I VSHRT *./. Thenante of a rirer, the 
Chenah one of the five streams of the 
Par^ab Chcatdr-bhag, The name of a' 
mountain, part of the Himalaya 
range, where the river, is said to have' 
its source. 

^'^Rf'iii. JB. The mooiig^n. 

•IfRiiMi^ s. m. The orb or disc of thie 
the lunar sphere. 

V^<n «. m. The moon. 

Y^twT #•/. A digit of the moon« 

^TO^ *. «• A plagiarist, a poetical 

W^?8wT 1./. A.^laxit{SerraMadnthel' 
nuntica ) ; a digit of the moon. 

'V^C^Nt i. m. A descendant of the moon ; 
the name of a tribe of Khattru who 
daim descent from the moon.. 

V^(99d <. /• Akind of Aitolepias ( A 
acida ). 

^•R^mT t. /. Large cardamoms. 

^Vtf^VT f. /. Moonlight; a small fisk 
( Zeu$ oblangus ). 

^^Jt^if »• m. Au awning, a cloth or 
sheet spread ever the large open 
conris oi Hindu houses, &c.^ upoa 
festival occasions ; moon-rise ; a kmd 
moon,.of coliyrium. 

^ift^T^ *. m. Moon-gem» 

^^9^ ». m. Cress, creases ( L pidium 

^WHf M^ /. A kind of vest, a sort of 
coat. ( Chapkandar, s. m. A vest 
like a ekapkan. 

^^W^\ t>. n. To collapse. 

^^r^f 1. m. Caprimulgus. 

.^qinirT i». n. To make adhere, to stick 
on ; to compress ; to threaten. 

iRZWr i>. n. To be flattened. (low. 

%^S^ adj. Flattened, compressed shaU 

^^ZJ^} 1?. a. To flatten. 

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( 16* 5 

*vqfsit f . /• Name of an inaect. 

Yl^W^r^ i' m« An imitatiTe sound of 
th9 noise of ike month in eating. 

^qfm «. •. To flee, mn away ; to 
desist, deny. 

^q^r 1. m. A kind of lao ; clear land. 

^q^p^ Dcfj. Brazen-faced, s. m. Slippers. 

^qq^mr «. o. To falsify, to brazen. 

*Vq5^«./. Cakes of cow-dnng. 

wsm i>. n. To be abashed, to be bash- 
ful in company, to blush, submit^ 
stoop ; to be crushed or squeezed* 

Wf^ t*f. A lid, a cover, top ( 9mM ). 
the knee-pan. Qhafnir^har parU-men 
dub mama ( lit to drawn jone*i teJf m 
saucerfidl of water ), To be greatly 
abashed. Chapni chatnif {Ut, to lick 
ihepot'lid)^ To be contented with 
little. [ badge. 

^nKP9 9.f. A buckle, breastplate, clasp, 

Vq^nlt <• m. A messenger or other ser- 
rant wearing a ehafra$^ 

^qn adj. TremUing, tremulous ; shak- 
ing ; wavering, unsteady ; swift, ex- 
peditious ; wanton^ restless^ volatile; 
od'o. Swiftly. 

^rqvm #•/. Fickleness, inconstani^. 

iqqqiT #• /. The goddess Lahthm or 
fortune ; lightning ; a whore. 

^rqwTHqr adj. Of a fickle or inconstant 

nature. [ bread. 

I ^qnft i.f. A thin cake of unleavened 

^rqniT v. a. To abash ; to place one 
thing or another, to pile. 

^f^ s. fit. The palm of the hand with 
the fingers extended, s. f. A slap, a 
blow ; a sudden misfortune, risk. 

^fe f . m. A slap, a blow ; a bastard. 
adj. Illegitimate. 

^^tii s. m. An old worn-out turban. 

^w«n 1. m. A lid or cover of a pot (large). 
»./. A slipper. 

ir«qT 9. m. A handbreadth. 

^ruft^./. Kneading the limbs. 

^m f . nt. An oar, a paddle. Chappu 

manuu i». #. To row. 
^rqmr s. /. A place surounded with 

milurshes and mire, 
fqqt^ift,!./. Cartilage, gristle, 
^rfqrrqr i>. <»• To chew slowly. 
^qq^T i>. tf . To cause to chew, &e» 
^^X%8.f. Mastication, 
^rqfqr ^. a. To chew, gnaw, champ^ 

masticate, bite ( the lip ) Qhaha chdha 

har hat karniy To speak with study 

or preparation ; also, reserve or 

haughtily or scornfully, 
^qrqm adj. Childish, boyish. 
^flT f . m. A terrace or mound to sit 

and converse on ; custom-house ; a 

police office. 

^qr 1. m. ) Parched grain to exercisa 
^HV #./. J the teeth with when 

more substantial food is not at hand* 

VT* #./. String. 

^rqqr «• /. Glitter, splendour, flasl^ 
gleam. Chamdk-4<mak, e. /. Splen- 
dour, refulgence, glitter. 
adj. Bright, glittering, 
v. n. To glitter, shine, flash, 
glare, startle ; to prosper ; to be 

^qqrnn «• a. To cause to glitter ; (o 
provoke, to make to startle; to wave, 
brandish, flourish, brighten, burnish • 
to display. 

^^ml^ #. m* l Glitter, splendour, 

^nqrnps*./. 5 much light, brilli- 
ancy, flourish, brightness. 

^IHiTRf «. f». 1 
^inilq^ *.!».> A bat. 

iin^ffqi (w^. Lean, meagre, e. fftyA bat. 
^irqqiqt i>. n. To tingle ; to sjwep > to 
sparkle, shame, glitter. 

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f no ) 


^fWRlTZ »./. Brightnessi. 
^<f^f 8, m. Leather, a hide, a skin, the 
Bkin. Chamra vdhema, or, — Ohhwdna* 
or, — nikdlna. To ilay, to skin. 
^«T?l^^ «. /. A sort of grass ; haste. 
8, m. Amazement ; astonishment, 
^•f^'fTft »dj. Astonishing, sagacious, 

acnte, unusual, surprising. 
^*l?pW »dj. Surprised, astonished. 
^HK «. m. A fly-flapper, made of the 
Tibet cow's tail or Sura-g^o, the 
Yak or Bos gruuniens, 
^nwiir *. /. The apparatus of a spinning 

wheel ; ( met. ) a lean woman. 
^«iK«rir^ ^./. A bittern. 
^WfXT 8» m. A hide, leather, skin. 
'^H^ «./. The Yak or Bos grunniens, 
of whose tail-hairs the chouriy is most 
usually made. 
'^ifK^ 8, /. A woman who works with 

leather, shoemaker's wife. 
^H^ 8. m. A vessel used at sacrifices 
for drinking the juice of the acid as- 
clepias, a kind of ladle or spoon ; a 
plant commouly called Klutpapra 
{ Molluyo pentapht/lla ). 
^*flt <^dj\ Copper-coloured. 
^♦11^ s.f. Slippers or shoes fixed to 

^TK 8, «t. A worker in leather, a 
shoe-maker, cobbler, a tanner, a 
^«n<t s, f. Female of Chamdr. 
^ «./. An army ; a squadion, a divi- 
sion of an army. [ cattle. 
^^[T «. m. A tick or louse infesting 
•^^21 8, m. Box, thump, blow. 

^*.t«t s.f. i A razor-strop. 
^THj 5. 772. Mountain ebony ( Banhma 
vat-iegata )* 



^^rf r/?/. Orani^p coloured. 

«. TO. A tree bearing a ydloU 
fragrant flower {MicheUa eham^ 

foca ), a di?ision of the jack fruit. 

'WW^ adj. Of the colour of tha 

Champa flower, t. e. gold-coloured. 

I wMCflWr i>. n. To ranish, disappear, 

scamper ofi*, run away. 

^^qi 8. m. A tree bearing a yellow fra- 
grant flower ( MicheUa eUampaca ). 
Qhampaij <$dj. Of the colour of 

%^\^^ 8,f, A necklace, each piece of 
which resembles the unblown flowers 
of the champa. 

^'^^^T s. m. A small kind of plantaio. 

^T^TWat 8,/. The district of Champa or 
Bhagalpw^e {abounding in ebony ireeB)m 

^'qt cw^. Orange-coloured. 

tr«^ «./. A work in which the same 
subject is continued through alterna- 
tions jn the composition of prose 
and verse. [khand^ 

^nm 8, /. Name of a river in Bundel^ 

WWT «. m. A tribe of beggars who cut 
or scarify their skin. 

^^^ s. m. A narrow-nocked vessel for 
holding water. 

^f^ mt s.f, A flower {Jasminum grandi^ 
flot-um ). 

S, TO. > 

A beggar's cup. 

^ir s. TO, An assemblage, a multitude ; 
a heap, a collection ; a mound of 
earth, raised to form the foundation 
of a building ^ a rampart or mound 
of earth, raised from the ditch of a 

^W V. Gathering. 

^^ s. TO. A ford, shoal, island ; sound 
made by tearing cloth, &c. j a wag- 

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( IVO ) 


tail ,• forage, pasture ; food. adj. Re- 

moveable, moveable, locomotive, 

moving, goiBg ; animate, 
m^ 1. m. The anthor of a treatise on 

neclicine^ applied also to the work ; 

''Iri'fJT s. m. The person who cuts 5fbr- 

age for cattle, elephant keeper's 

^^ir? adj. White-spotted ( a* from 

leporsy ). 8, m, A small wound, 

^^ i. m. A leper. 
^9^ s. m. A wheel, celestial sphere. 
^[K^gl «. w, A spinning-wheel, a reel. 
\t^^ «. /. A small spinning-wheel, a 

pully ; the insirnment with which 

the seed is separated from the cotton, 
^l^rfl V. tf. To perfume the person of 

any one by plastering sandal-wood, 

Ac. all over him, to apply ( f&rfumea 

to the body )• 
^\%K s. 971. Prating, chattering; an 

imitative sound. 
^i^^T «<(;. Talkative, chattering. 
^^^^Tf V, n. To crackle ( as wood in 

the fire ), to sputter, to chew with a 

cracking noise, to chide, scold, fret. 
^r^'^^T s, m, A chatterer a prater, 
^^w* s, m. An imitative sound (as of 

carriage^ wheely 4r€. ) ; idle prattle. 
^^ww s. m. A reasoner, a mentioner. 
WfZ s. m. A wagtaiL 
'^^m s. wi. The foot ; the feet of a verse ; 

shoes, feeding, gra2zing. 
•n?^^'«ir*r« s. m. A lotus-like foot. 
•«rf ^f^l? s.m A foot mark. 
'^^^iHT?!^ s. 7n, Prostration, falling at 

the feet. [ feet, 

^^fiw <tdj. Prostrate, fallen at the 
^c^^i?T^^ s.f. A wooden shoe, footstool. 
•w<q^ 8. m. A wooden shoe. 

^^^Wr s.f. Dust of the feet. 
''T^^^Ktaf s. in. A lotus-like foot. 
^r^wlNrr «./. Service, devotion. 
W^^QTH?:^ ^. m. An omameiit on the feet. 

^Vi:wT^cT ? 8. m. Ambrosia of the feet 
Y^^V 5 ( implied in the exjfression)^ 

the water with which an idol or a 

Bra7man*s feet liave been washefl. 

Charanamrit lena, v» n. To wash the 

feet of a guest and sip the water. 
^^ s. m. One who docs not fast. 
W^ 8. m, A foot ; the feet of a verse ; 

^5TT i>. «. To graze, to feed, s. m, KdL 

trowsers. Charna eharhdnay v. a. To 

put on half, trowsers. 

W^TijH > s. m. Ambrosia of the feet 
^^'ft^ > ( impUed in the expression), 

the water with which an idol or a 

Brahman's feet have been washed. 

Charanamrit lena, v. <». To wash the 

feet of a guest and sip the water. 

^f ^^ adj. Acrid, hot, 

^Kq^T adj. Acrid, hot ( as pepp^ ) ; 
smart ( in conversation ). 

WOTiTfr 1^. n. To smart. 

W^^l¥7 e.f Smarting, pungency. 

^^ftirr adj. Active, ingenious. 

^^< t. m. Activity, cleverness, quick- 

^K^KKl adj. Active, clever, quick. 

^^'Cl^ s. /. Dexterity, expertneis, 

^^iWTTT V. a. To brace a dram. 

WW adj. Last, ultimate, final ; west, 

^C^^mJ? ) <• m. The western mouu- 
W^^rt^J J tain behind whi<5h the 

sun is supposed to set. 
W^^ «./. Price paid for pasturage. 
^^2ITTT s. m. A grazier, shephcnl, 


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( 171 > 


^it^T^ t.f. The wages of a ^azier, 
the occupation of a grazier. 

^%M s, m. The exudation of the flowers 
of hemp collected with the dew and 
prepared for use as an intoxicating 
inxg ; a leathern hueked, an urn. 

^^T X. m, A hide, a skin. 

t^int s. /. The price paid for pasturage ; 
grazing, feeding, pasturage. 

W^TW s. m. An animal that grazes. 

WinW^ flM§. MoTeable, locomotive ; 
shaking^ trembling, unsteady ; skj, 
mtmosphere ; heayen. 

.^frw «. m. Lea fallow, a meadow, a 
ealt^marsh or meadow by the sea- 

^TT*rr «. •• To graze, pasture, feed. 

WOW K m. Pasture-land. 

Wfcl *. m. Fixed institute, proper or 
t>eeuliar o^servjmce. 

wfrw #. m. Instituted or peculiar obser- 
raiice or conduct ; story, adventure, 
nature, tamper, behaviour, disposi- 
tion, motion, action, conduct, proce- 
dure, manner, carriage, quality, hu- 
mour, use, custom ; talent ; history. 

^ *./. Unripe com cut for the food 
of cattle, adj. Moveable, locomotive* 
trembling, shaking, unsteady. 

w?rt: «./. A small earthen pot. 

W«:WT t. 9n. A large pot. 

^W V «. la. An arguer. 

IW :^ ^* o- To consider^ reflect, appre- 
hend, conceive. 

W^ i. m. Prating, chattering ; an im* 
itative sound. 

grfvm To crackle X««^^<^ ^ 
^f >/f ), to BRutt^, to qh/Bf f^tfe a 
crackuig ^oinfi, tp c^ude. 

Tif #. m.f. Talking ov^ past ^v^uts, 
xneption. mentioning:, recap^tul^tjn^ 
foqnei occurrcnccb j inquiry, injreeti- 

gation ; argument, report, discourse^ 
discussion, consideration, careful peru- 
sal, prevalence, engagedness, atten- 
tion to business ^ adoration ; per- 
fuming by smearing the whole body 
with sandal-wood, &c. 
^^ ^TT if. m. A chattering, a prater. 
W^ W «. m. A reasoner^ a mentioner, 
V^ s, 971. Leather, a 8kin» a hide ; c 


^^mK i. m, A shoe-maker^ m currier or 

worker in leather. 

A bat. 

? 8, f. A river that run« across 
J Bandelkhand into the gan- 

ges, the modem Chambal. 
^liRmr t. m. A wrinkle, a fold of skin, 
^^nr ». «». Skin, hide, bark, *c. ; a 


<wwwii 7 

^«iY I *^' ^®**^®^ mude of leather. 

^^h S' m. A worker in leather. 

^'^T i\ /. Perseverance in religious 
austerities ; due and regular obaer- 
Tance of all rites pr custonts. 

^ $. m. Thunder. 

W^ «. n. To burst ; to ach^ to smart.' 

^Am i. II. Chewing, loasticating. 

^W.s.m. Tltc ^Tcudation of the flowers 
of hemp collect^ with the ^ew and 
prepared for use as a^ intozicatirtg 
dra|r ; a leathern bucjket, an urn, 

IfV ^«/. Gtoing, dispersion ; Tiuiation^ 
departure from ti^ith, liailure in thf 
performance of a promise or accom- 
plishment if a prediction. Chal dena, 
«• «.. To march ( ai an anny ) ; to 
beg^ile. [or departure. 

^^fjr^rr ». m. Preparation for journey 
<$dj. Fickle, inconsant. s. m^ 
Ficklenessi muti^Uitj. 

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( 172 ) 


^wf^rmr^./. Pickleneag, unsteadiness, 

"^mt 8, m. Passable. 
^W?r a$^. Current ; saleable, vendible. 
^TOHf «. m. A tree prodncing an acid 

fruit (Dillenia indtca -. part. act. 

Going. Chdtti chig, 8. /. Saleable 

goods, passable coin, <&c« 
^^nft ddj. Ready (under). 
%9^ «. TO. The holy fig tree, 
«TO^ *. m. Habit, custom, process, 

course, fashion, conduct, behaviour ; 

ceremony ; currency, adj, Carrent. 

Qhdlan chalna, v. a. To behave. 
^fRiTT flK^'. Saleable, vendible. 

^HR^Tt 1 adi). Current, in use, chalan 
^""f«nn^ J fiar, about to go, to pass 


^««TT u. «. To move, go, proceed, walk, 
go off, pass ( as coin ), be discharged 
( a guUy ^. ), to blow, flow, drive ; 
behave ; sail, work, answer, succeed, 
avail, last, serve, stand. Qhalrnikalna, 
To turnout vicious, to exceed bounds. 
QhaU chaTna^ To go along. Chala 
jana. To go along, be off, depart. 

^m^ s, f» A. sieve* 4dj. Current, 
usual, fashionable. 

^«rtrt s. nu Motion. 

Y^fW^ ^* ^. Error, mistake. 

Wwft>lTT adj. Restive. 

^wfwnxr^ B, /. Restiveness. 

^^WT .?./. A kind of fish {Clnpea cuU 
trata ). 

'^^m adj. &oing ; frail, inconstant, 
fickle ; on the point of death. 

^rro ) s.f. The bustle of setting 
^^T^^ J out on a journey, &o. set- 
ting about any thing. <k^'. Tremu- 
lous, unsteady ; moveable and sta- 
irVT^ 9.f. Oleanttce ; remittance. 

•^yn tj. a. To impel, set a going, mtie 

to go or pass, to drive, actuate, direct; 

to fire a musket or cannon, shoot at, 

do, hasten, forward, send, accustom, 

act, advance utter, throw, thrust, use, 

^^H 8, m. Habit, custoux, [custom. 

W^W s.m. Movement, motion,. going, 

^^f^ adj. Active, brisk. 

'^rftpf adj. Current, usual ; shaking, 
trembling ; gone, departed. 

^ftrff «. m. Nature, temper, behavionr, 

disposition, motion, action, condnct, 

procedure, manner, carriage, quality, 

humour, use, custom ; talent ; his- 

^rftnf^ adj. (Jay, sportive, changeable, 

inconstant, affected. 
^ *. wi. A handful of water, water 

taken up in the hollowed palm of the 

hand for rinsing the mouth, 
'r^ 8, m. The hand hollowed as for 

holding a little water, &c. ; a smaU 

pot, a gallipot, 4c. ; a handful of 

^tjfs^if adj. Sensitive, sensual, . not 
having subdued senses or passions. 

^r^ mterj. Away r begone r 

^4\nj «. m. A small stick with irtucfe 
the spinning-wheel is turned. 

W^ric 8. m. Reporter, backbiter, 

'w^imt a. m, A chair, a sedan. 

W^TW 8. m. .A report, slander. 

^fir «./• The pepper plant which yields 
long pepper. , 

^ J ( Piper chavyd). 

'%^W s. m. A vessel for drinking spirits 
with, a wine glass, Ac. ; any drink-* 
ing vessel ; spirituous liquor. 

^r^«. w. Decay, infirmity. 

«•/. Pain, aching, throbbing f^ 
ff stitch ( shdrp lancinating pain). 

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( 178 ) 


■ t>. n. To throb, to aclie. 
IT s. m. Love, ardent desire, a relish, 
habit, custom* [cloth), 

^r^nr t?. n. To bnrst or split ( as light 

^flft s, /. A species of itch peculiar to 
the palms of the hand and soles of 
the feety said to be occasioned by 

^T^RT i>. n. To whistle (as birds). 

Wffm\ s.m. A kind of firework ; the 
smarting of a wound, &c., by the 
application of a medicine. Chahah 
laganaj To burn the skin slightly by 

^twrrr »./. Singing or chirping of birds. 

^flf^T'CfT '0. n. To sing or chirp {birds). 

W^S^Z a^j. Brawny, stout. 
adj. Deeply-coloured. 

s. f. The singing or chirping 
of birds. 

m^w^rm i>. «. To sing or chirp as birds. 

^^wRnr *. w. A whistler. 

•»T^arWT ^. fi. To be fatigued, to be tired. 

^^^wn?« *./. Jollity, merriraentj, cheer, 

\ s. m. Dirt, mnd, slime, ooze, 

^f%m I mire ; a splinter of wood. 
GhihU ntkalna. To fatigue^ to be 
tired, Qhihla hdmd. To split to 
pieces. [dient. 

iff%9 adi). Becoming ; necessary, expe- 

^s*/. Warbling. 

^* adj. Four. Chah^n-or^ €ulv. On 
all sides. 

r'few f ^' Circumjacent, all round. 

^9^ I. m. The eyd. Chakshurog^ s. m. 

^V^Hc ) s.f, A sort of metre cotisist- 
^ifV^ni: ' ing of four (tnrVlines. 
Ullc* s. m\ A low class of Hindus ; the 

668d of tamarind. 


^t' «Tt* 5 ^•^' Scaldhead. 
^IT^T s. m. A. colour in horses. 
^^'tCTT V. a. To press, to squeeze. 

,^^ I «•/, A prop, 
^t^ *. w. The moon ; the crown of the 
head ; a white spot in the forehead 
of cattle, and many other things 
which are moon-Hke; an ornament; 
a month (fnnar) ; target {shoot at), 
Chand chhipdna, To change as the 
moon. Ohand rdt. End of the month 
Chdnd'tara, A robe made of flower- 
ing muslin, &c. Chdnd mdmrt. To 
fire at a mark. Chdnd neh Uet Idya, 
The moon has risen. 
^t^Wr 8 m. Light. QhdndnapaU, s. m. 

The light fortnight of the moon, 
^'fV p. /. The moon-beams, moon- 
light ; name of a flower ; a white 
cloth spread over a carpet ; any thing 
white and shining," Chdndnt-chouh, 
8. TO. A wide and public street or 
market Ohdndi ha mart jana, ^, n. 
To be affected with a disease sup- 
posed to proceed from a stroke of the 
moon ( a horse ). 
^^ s, TO. A subscription to rnise a cer- 
tain sum, an assessment, quota, 
^fW *./. Silver (pure), plate; tha 

crown of the head, 
^rt^ s. /. The lock of a gun ; the stocks, 
the rack. Chdmp charhana. To cock 
a gun ; to punish or torment by 
squeezing the ear with the lock of a 

^^t'nn «. a. To join ; to stuff, crani^ 

thrust in press. 
^{^m K m. Rice. 
%\ s.f. T6a. $. m. CMdim, Teapot 

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( 174 ) 


> s. w. Eagerness, desire, pleasure. 

^1^ s.m. Bice. 

«WT^ $, m. Eagemesf, pleasure, taste. 

^mi «. m. A potter's wh^el ; rings of 

earth forming a well ; a mill-stone, 

mi^i z.f. A mill-stone, a mill; grinder. 

^^ I y. TO. The blue jay. 

^nvTT i». a. To taste, relish, enjoy 

^rnr^ '• ^* A colour in horses. 

^T^^ «. w. Tlie pole round firhich ihey 

pl»y at the festival of the holi ; a fair 

or assemblage of people eoUected 

lifter the hoU. [brother. 

W z. m. Patenial unde, father's 
m^ $.f. Father^s sister, or father's 

brother's wife, aunt, 
^rrmr t. m. UnstfuidineM. 
^TTZ ^./. longing, Irish, itch, relish, 

Hate ; habit, custom ; a delicacy, a 

boiiuebouehe. GhatAma, To lick iip. 
,^3^ V. a. To liclk, to lap. 
WT^ «.// Achum. 
fn^ ». /. Turf ; a hurt, a woun«i, a 

knock ; a lever. 
^T^nw t. m. An impore^or degraded 

tribe* a Paruth, an outeaate. 
-^TOWt «. /. A wovHUi of the same 

'>m?nv 4. m. A Iwd, a kind of cudcoo 

( Cueultts melafUhlM^M % 
mmKs, m. A^ a aeine. 
^T9^ adj. Olever, able, ingenious, 

ebfewdy^wke, rkaMring,. canning, Msly; 


Vipft 8./. Dexterity, ability, cleviiiiiiess. 

mift B,m. <h»iiii9g^«)iri!irdQ«88,rslfiiese. 

WRF^ «• ^« The i^fgregttte of the 

four original casts^ tlie JSrahmnnf 

Mi/^iri, V^sjfMs, iul4 ^tu&. 

'nv<i^<j s, m. The priest, &c. yefSe^in 

the four Veds* 
^c*rT9 «. m. A hollow made in ibo 
ground to receive a burnt-offering' ; 
any hole in the groun^. 
^^ 8, m. The moon-gem ; a moa^ s 
lunar month ^ the light fortnight^ or 
half month during which the moon 
is on the increase. «<^'. Lunar. 
^HfHTilT 8, f, A river in the Pca^a^p 

the Chenab. 
^WiTW 8,m. The constellation MirffHra; 

star in Orion. 
^l^r«l^ 8, /. A religious or expiatory 
observance, regulated by the moon's 
age ; diminishing the daily consiiqip- 
tion of food every day, by oaa 
mouthfoT, for the dark half of th0 
month, and increasing it in like nuor 
ner during the light half. 

wnr #. OT. A bow. [folia), 

^^WfiC «. m. A tree ( Buchanama Z0<t« 
WT^W 8, m. A tree (Uteralfy or meta- 

phorkally ). 
^m^ *. m. A kind of fishing net. 
^rnprr v. a. To chew, masticate, gnaw* 

Qhih chdh hdten hamty To mince one's 

words, to speak little or haughtily, 
^rrft 0, m. A key. 

^pnEtTrffT «. a. To crunch to 'crush, 
^m ^. m. Hide, skin, leather. Ckdm, kfi 

ddm ehalana, iy. a. To .atretch to 

the utmost a temporary authority. 
WtiTC 8. m. The tail of the Bob grun- 

niens, used to whisk off flies, &c. 
^«f^^ «. m. The betelnut tr«e ( Ar€c4 

faufel or. cateck^ ). 
WT^^^RC 8, m. Gold. 
^f^ s. TO. Eagerness, pleasure ; tasie. 
'niK adj. Pour. Char-utiffdl^ s. m* A 

palp ifwr inches). Chpir-ungli 8,/. 

HandVbiwdth, Qhar-bki, sj, Fouj:- 

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( 175 ) 


score. Qhar-tuky adj. Broken (inio 
four pieces ). 
^fl^^ptT adj. Four-fold, 
^rrw 8. 771. A dancer or mimic, a kind 

of bard, reciter or panegyrist. 
^T^Tir *. m. A meeting of two roads. 
■■Iim* s. m. The h6ad of a tribe of 

^TTT t. nu Forage, fodder, food for 
cattle, buit for fish ; a yoniig plant. 
Qharm ddlnoy To bait. 

;m^ adj, Beantifdl, pleasing, agreeable, 

^T«rw s, vii A sophist, a philosopher • 
one acquainted with the doctrines of 
the schools^ a sceptic in many mat- 
ters of Hindtc faith, and considereft 
by the orthodox as an atheist or 

^i^ *./. A beantiful woman, a beauty; 
understanding, intellect ; moonlight ; 
light, splendor. 

^m s. m. The thatch or roof of a house. 
s,f. A colour in horses, roan ; gait 
motion, movement, pace, procedure, 
babit, custom, practice, method, way. 
Ckdlpahzrna, To prevail. Chdl chdl^ 
no. To behave. Chdl dhdl, s.f. Gait, 
motion procedure, manners, beha?i- I 
our, breeding, politeness. Chal milna, 
To smell a rat. 

^T^^ adj. Laxative. 

"^l^n 8. m. A sieve, a strainer. 

•^I^T D. a. To sift. 17. n. To be mis> 
chievous. Chalanhar, A sifter. 

^^^ s. /. A sieve, a strainer. 

^T^ B. /. A fish, a sort of sprat { Cla- 
pea caltrata ). 

^*T «. 771. Motion, departure ; {met. ) a 
lucky moment. j-^^^g^ 

^m't adf. Uognish, wicked, mischfev- 
^^B adj. Forty. 

nritH^t arf> Fortieth j ( hme ) the 
fortieth day after child-birth, death 
of a relation, d;c. 
"m^SUsi 8.m. A dimness of sight wWch 
is supposed to come on at forty years 
of age, and often to be removed on 
approaching the forty-eighth or 
fiftieth year ; the fortieth year of any 
era, or of the century. 
^inJWV *./. Quarantme kept after the 
death of a relation, child-birth &o. 
^m 9. m. Eagerness, i^easure, taste, 
desire ; a measure equal to four fin- 
gers; a kind ofbamboo. Chao-chochlay 
or CA«o-cAoif, Fondness, endearment, 
fondling and toying, 
^rpuft ». /. Name of a baear in DeUn. 
^m^m 9. m. Bice ( cUared of the husk 

and not dre9$ed ). 
^fr «./. Ploughing. Ckd9i0ma, and 

Chatna, To plough. 
^9r «. m. A ploughman, a husbandman* 
^TT *. /. Desire, wish. love, liking, 
affection, choice, want appetite. Chah" 
chit, or Chah-o-choz, Love, affection, 
^TT^ adj. Affectionate, 
^mrw 8, /. Desire, will, wishing, volition, 

love, liking. 
^rr^fT ^. a. To love, like, desire, wish 
for, will, want, demand, choose, need, 
require, pary, approve, ask for, 
crave, attetopt, try, to see, look tb^ 
look for. 
^XtJe.f, Love, affection, will. 
^ifHtt «./. The love of one's country. 
^nft% adv. Necessary, becoming, re- 
'^nftm adj.- Agreeable, desirable, be- 
loved. 8, m* A sweetheart, y)ne be- 
loved, a darling. 
^li\€\s.f. A mbtress, a sweetheart. 

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< 176 ) 


^1^ imper. Choose, either, or. 

f^lT 8. /. A pain in the loins ; a screen 

made of split bamboos. 
fq^rZT 6. m. A kind of tassar cloth. 
f^«nfT adj, Filtby, greasy, s. m. An oil 

f^fij 8. m. Oil. adj. Clean, polished, 
smooth ; beautiful (person ) ; greasy, 
oily, fat glossy, slippery ; incon- 
tinent, lewd, wanton, Chiknabasan, 
or,— ^^r* banna, To be incon- 
tinent, incorrigible, deaf to ad- 
monition. Ohihna chandf adj. Beauti- 
fal. Chikni joru, s. f. A sUppery 
wife Clnhni tupari, s. f. A kind of 
betel-nut prepared by boiling, Qhikni 
sural, adj. Prosperous, afluent flour- 
ishing. Chikni mitti^ s.f. . Clay. 
t^mt «./. Fat of meat ; wantonness ; 

gloss, smoothness, polish. 
f^WTTT ^>. a. To clean, polisb, smooth, 

lubricate, sleek, 
ft^ifl^ s. /. Cleanness, glossiness, 
sleekness, smoothness, polish ; greasi- 
ness ; beauty. 
fWPf^T «. m. Beau, spark. 
f^RIT^WT V. a. To masticate, to chew 

( slowly ). 
f^*K«n t>. n. To squeak. 
f%«rCT «• m. A kind of antelope found 
on the banks of the Jamna ; a kind 
. of fiddle. 
f%«lft 8. f. An insect like a musquito ; 

smut ( obscenity ). 
f^%<ir« ». w. . A physician, a practiser 

in medicine. 
f^f«imr «./ The practice of medicine, 
healing, curing, administering or ap- 
plying remedies, attenijance of a 
yhysiciau on a patient. 
fnPif adj. Flat-nosed. 
fqrf€^ ». wi. Mud, mire. 

t^^ 8. m. Hair ; a lock of Iiair. 
fw^rtT adj. Rashly criminal, iuconsider- 

otely guilty, punishing or injuring 

others without consideration, 
f^ift^^ i>. <»• To peck. 
f^^CT adj. Restless, inconstant, 
f^ 8. m> A musk rat. 
T'^WZ adj. Filthy, covered with grease 

and dirt, 
fwcir a^j. Bland, soft, mUd, unctuous, 

fkr^s.f. He betel-nut, 
fnr«r adj. Clean ; polished ; beautiful 

( person ) greasy, oily ; incontinent, 

lewd, wanton. 
f^iB^ 1. m. Barley meal, 
fror*./. A mouse. 
fwftfWT ad). Bland, unctuous, emollient. 
f^l\ 8. /. A rotten betel-nut. adj. 

f"^^ 8. m. Weed. 
f'T^^'n V. a. To weed. 
fA'^^s.f. A squirrel. 

T^TZ 8, m. 1 

t^i^ 8. m. > A shrimp, or prawn. 

f^i\8.f. 5 
|W^5./. I A chicken. 

f^nft 8,f. A spark of (fire ) ; a wicked 
dwarf Ohinyi jhami, or, — Ohhutna, 
or, —nikalna^ To sparkle. 

fwn^ ? 8. ^' Scream, screech, cla- 

f^l^i J mour. Chingharen mama, 

To scream, Qhinghdrna, t>. n. To 

scream, to screech ( applied properly 

to the elephant ). 

f^^ 8. f. A tick ot\ovise,{ofdogs 

and sheep), 
f^^p ^m 17. a. To scrawl, to score. 
Hfq^ 8. m. A Vegetable ( Beta vnl- 

garis ). 
f^f^^X^\ 8. m. To squejik, shriek, bleat. 

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I m } 


f%« $, m. Rag, scrap. Chit uJchdma «.«• 

To Bplintor or have small pieces 

knocked of farniture. 
f^^^f 8. m. A kind of grass or grain ; 

mucus, slime. 
f^«T^ t.m. A speck, a scar ; a cla^ 

with the tongue occasioned by an 

9orid taste. CkUhdraleigana, To brand, 
f^^^ s. jpj. Sunshine. 
f^ifT adj. White, fair, t. w, A silver 
coin. Okiita ulchama, v. a. To splinter 

<>r knock small pieces off fornitnre. 
Nft *./. The hen of the little birds 

^led Amadavades ( FfingiUa amam- 

dava ). 
T^Zx s. m. A memorandnm of monej 

paid, or the pay of serrants of the 

f^ g. /• A note, a letter, a billet 

Taldb chitthi, s. /. A snmmons. Chit" 

ihipcUiy ckiiikipctttary i.f. Epistolary 

(^ ^. 9R. Vexation ; irritation ; arer-^ 

sion, antipathy. Ckir nikulna, To 

f^^fq^T s. TO. A plant ( Achyranthes 

aspera). adj. Cross, peevish, crabbed, 

fW^fww^^Z s.f* Peevishness, fretfulness. 
f^f^yHT «. n. To be vexed, to vex, to be 

irretated, to fret, to be provoked. 
f^Pr^r ad^. Fiery, hot {as ptfpir\ 

PlfrMflld #./. Acrimony, 
f^ljr. m. A sparrow-. Chtriy »./. A 

ftl^fn «. a. To vex, irritate, mock, 

provoke, offend, gibe, jeer, 
t^f^m x./. A bird, a hen-sparrow {a 

generic term),, a sparrow ; a kind of 

•ewmg. Chirii/ah'khanah, s, m. An 

aviary. | 

f^^fhTTT f , f«. A bird-catcher, a fowler, 
f^ s./. Abhorrence, abomination, dig- 
like, vexation, provocation. 
W?TT t. /. Thought, consideration, re- 
flection, anxiety. [xions* 

f^T#l<f adj. Though tfnl, reflective, an- 
fmr s. /. Intellect, understanding, mind« 
life, soul, heart, memory; look^ 
glance, sense. Chit-chaey Pleasing 
to the mind, satisfactory, what the 
heart desires. Chit-choray Heart-steaU 
er, heart-stealing or heart-alluring. 
Chit dena^ To pay attention. Chit 
kama^ To make up one's mind. C^t^ 
lagan, o^f. Amusing, pleasant. Chit 
tana-, v,n. To be atttative, attached^ 
apply to. 

N'V adj. Supine, lying, flat on the back. 
Chit kamay To throw (one's ad^er^ 
sary) on his back](a term in wrestling)^ 
to discomfit, over-come in battle. 

ft r <m^il } adj. Piebald, speckled, spot* 

ftnrtT ) ted. 

f^H'TT '0. n. To look, see, behold, appear| 
to be painted. 

fretorr «. a. To paint. 

f^lw^T *• /. Name of the fourteenth manV 
eion of the moon (Spica Virginis). 

f^fl^T adj. Piebald, peckled, spotted. 

ftH^ «./. A sight, a look, a glanoe. 

f^¥2 ''/• Beluctance, repugnance. 

ftr^ir adj. Supine, (applied to animate 

fWHTV^V s. TO. A mark where a funeral 

pile has been, a mausoleum, a mollh- 


f^clflT ) '0. a. To caution, warn, fip* 
Pf^|«l«lt J prize, inform, advise, sug* 

gest, remind, intimate, alarm. 
Pl<fl^^ s. /. A token; admonition, 



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( 1?» 1 

. W'tn 

ft3<T ». m. A person iflio paints flowers, 

&c. on wood, a painter^ 
f^?it*i[ v.<». To see, to look at, to behold, 
^mwn «. »>. A cry, a scream. 
f%T! ». m. The mind or faenlty of reason • 

ing, the heart considered as the seat 

of intellect. 
t^TOHm s.f. Happiness, gaiety, joy. 
fH^Tfl^ adj. Kind-hearted, amiable. 
f^trfBfifff 1. m. Madness, derangement, 
ftnrr 8. m. A medicinal plant {Plumbago 

xeylanica) ; application of a blister. 

adj. White. 
f^TTT^ir #• m. Conscionsness of pleasure 

or pain, the attention of the mind to 

its own sensations. 
f«nitt./, A B car, spot, freckle, &c.; a 

kind of serpent ; a coim worn smooth 

by rubbing. Chittidar, adj. Speckled. 

Xjhitti lana. To sear, 
t^ s, m. A monument, or any mark 

of the scite of a funeral piU. 
f^riTT s»f. A funeral pile, 
f^ v. a. A picture, painting, delinea- 
tion, writing^ &c. ; a circular orna^ 

ment^ a sectarial mark on the fore« 

f^iWfTT *. m, A portrait-painter, a paint- 
t^'WrKt »./. Portrait-paintjing, painting, 
f^il^ 9» m. A mountain in BundeU 

khandy the modem CompUhf and first 

habitation of Rama in hirt esile. 
^^^Ki.m, Aportraitf^pai^ter, a painter. 
t^R^ *. m. A name of Jam ; Jam*i 

f%^^Mia.J. A SHMiU bird, the 4fiyna, 
f^iR^ «./• A creeper (Cisttn pedata) ; 

b 4i^ind of metre. 

}«./• A plant {Himwniiu 
cordifoUa); Bengal miad- 

clor (Ruhia manjeth). [called. 

H^^^r i^/. The M^fna^ a amaU bird so 

f^Wfftf^ J adj. Of various coJoiit, 
ftrflftftnf J variegated. 

f^rsfft^m #. m. Change of diet, eating 
of unusual food. [^colour 

f^iRI #. m. Variegated or spotted ( tb$ 

ftw^mr #./. A gallery of juctures, a 

PVWT #•/. Name of the fourteenth man- 
sion of the moon < JSpica VirginU ). 
adj. yariegated, spotted, epeckled. 

fvWTT 1* m. A kind of snake ; a plant 
( Plumbago ziylanica ) ; jellow orpi- 
ment ; vermilion. 

Vl«ft t. /. The second ( Hindu ) divi- 
sion of women. 

tWfT t. m. A rag, tatter« 

f^f^^T €dy Tattered, ragged, dotfaed 
in rags. 

fWlT?»rT V. a. To tear to pieces ; to fill 
a paper with writing or scribbling ; 
to abuse^ revile, treat with indignity. 

f^T X. /. Ardor ttrma, 

f^m^m ^. n. To throb, to shoot (0U 
bot% ire. ) ; to cry, to screech, 

f^TT<t »./. A spark ( of fire ). 

f^n^ i.f. A ipark ( affire ) . wfoked 
dwarf. Chingi jhamu or, -^-cAAuAM; 
or, — fUkahiOy To sparkle. 

(^•rf^iT e. t». To scream, squeakf 

f%^pr *. m. Study. 

f^?»lT «. a. To study, to think. 

I^T^ «. /• Reflection, consideratibn, 
recollection, care, doubt, danga*^ 
rick, anxiety^ thought/ peril. 

f^19W adj. Disturbed in thought or 
distracted by any idea. 

pfunm V. a. To cause to study. 

I^m cMJf. Thoughtful, anxious. 

Pmr^ff^ t. m. A fabulous gem, suppos- 
ed to yield its possessor whatevw 
may be required. 

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( 17» ) 


IWv^ sdf. Thinking, thfd^iglitfnl. 
fv«in9l7R[ 9, m. Council -house or room. 
M^mt ^* ThoQgfatfaly inxious, re- 
flective, r^hmking. 
f%f%9T !•/. Beflection^ eonsideraiiony 
fnr «. m. A kind of grain ( Pame^m 

f^ s. m* A Mar, mark, spot, stain, 
pffrn, symbol-, token by wWch any 
tiling is known, feature, aignatnre. 
OhinJi ehftrhanoy To stigmatize 

%Trft M f r ^^ acquaintance. 

f^q«4l "o. fin To stick, adhere, collapse ; 
to spread or sink ( aa inlt on 4amj> 
p^pet ) ; to be compressed. Ohipmh 
jafia, To fail i»Iore at fifst siglit. 

fttrPfxn <»/^\ Claimny^ viacid, glntinoiusi 


%mP»MI*U \ •• *• To adkere, to coberej 
f^TOjm J to stick. 

f^ufrm^e ^/. Viscosity, glutinousnefls, 

tcDceity, stickness. 
fiqrsr «<(;. Olaftm^^ yiteeatt, gIntino««* 
f^rvzT<TT «: A To s0d, turf, to apply 

pailAes^ stick. 

f^rnfm ^. Bleatdj {aOke eyu ). 

fVnuA 9.f. Small cakes o£ dried cow- 

%qm 11. n. To be concealed. 

fVm f . «. &nm ( e/ fS^ fy^i ). 

f^oHf a((;. Shallow, i. /. Name of a bird. 

iViQtir t. m. A sparrow-hawk. 

f^f^ «./. A patch on paper . 

Altl^^ adj* Cliildish^ boyish. 

%fi|W ? . tfA'. TTnpolite, childish, boy- 
ftr^f m. Chamapnoi, t. m. Boy* 

isBneif , childhlmets. 
f¥f» r./: The cMtf. [)^e. 

Ml(%irt J^fli. Oil become Tiieons by 
jlWi^ V t>/*. adbcM, td stick. <?W» 
^n^mrj^ fMtt r#Afi#, If. Hi. Xo^leare 


fswRfF ». w. Tongs, foroept. 

fi^?^T5VT 1?. H. To adhere, tc^ clitt|f %9i 

ft^nft 111^1 1 1?- «. To pinch. 

f%W^a«(;. Elastic, tongk 

f^^r ad^. Tough, ductile, flezibW 

hardy. [duotiUty. 

ftnHfrt *./. Power, vigour, flexibility, 
fw«rffWT t7. II. To tonghen, grow tougik 
fi r * <y ilg *./. Toughness, flexibiliigf, 
ftm^ <«4^'. InfrangibU {,a*q\uClfw inr^ 

ttaltce >, hard. [M0«f tft^ ). 

fif«m ae^*. GlnthMMiB ( «« oi7 5y Zo.n^ 
P^ftr 9. m. A parrot ; a plant, fromtli* 

fibres of which coarse doth and '<>?• 

arc made, 
ftnc adj. Long ( fwii« ). 
ftpWtH^*. Longrlived* 
ftrr^im «• a. To have a scanty stool. 
tWfiirrd adj. Dilatory, tedious, slow* 
finpHTW «. m# A long period, adv. Al- 
ways, elwnwUyf Ohirkdi u, odtn 

Long ago. 
ftTOi2 «. f», A bit»*piece, a rag. 
f^TOPfelT adj. $. fiu Jl tatterd^alicMt 

fwtftWT a^ Dilateiy, tedions, stew. 
IWNr t. ». A mediijiijal» pjant^c^cjy-i: 

ranthes (j^^Mrd) ; a ebild» 
t^i^fiM i m #. m Ta oraekW (a*^ woad ^ 

«fajfr«), to sputter, to.ctewwiAa 

cracking noisf^, to chide. 
ftrcftRTfZtv/ PeeTiflhn^8,fr^tfuInesra. 
fwnftwwT fj. n. Tabe kng-liyed. 
fKK^Iftftadj. Longrliyed. 
f^^ritAnr r. m. A crow; Mhnu adj. 

fil^Clf^ »/. A woman married or ^in- 

gle, who continues to reside afjer 

matntity in her father's home « 

young woman. 
^fim#. w. A kindoif Geniia^ {Oetiana 


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( 18« ) 


fwKM 1 adj.X)]d, ancient, an tiqnated^ 
fin?W J long, lasting 

f%WT i>. n. To be torn or split, to split, 
f^finr 1?. a. To cause to tear or te be 

ftlC^rrat adj. Long enduring, lasting 

or remaining, for a long time. 
finCT^ f ./. The smell of burning leather, 

hair, &c. 
tnxmr i>. a. To cause to tear or be torn, 

cause to split. [a Divinity. 

^fT§ adj. Long-lived. « m. A Deity, 
Wrft^ i.f. A woman staying in her 

father's house. 
f^Pft^ *./. Nat of the Ohironjia w- 

pt'da, and the tree, 
t^^ «. /. Beseeching, begging, re- 
fwmm 9,f. Refulgence, glitter. 
I^^IPTT t>. n. To glitter, to shine, 
ffusftr^inr t>i n. To sjirieir, scream, 

f^'i^nrr adj. Lousy. 
IVw^ 9. m. The part of a hikka which 

contains the tobacco and fire. 
fro'Pift 9, f, A wash-hand bason of me- 
tal With a cover to it ; part of aAuife- 

Ictt fired under the chilam. 
"f^^nrt *•/. A skreen for keeping out 

the glare, a venetian4>lind, a lattice. 
fw^Tf^m n.m. A shutter. 
H^^T adj. Splashy, muddy, slimy. 
fw^rfhWT V. tf. To peck. 
fw%V «./. Twitch, stitch. 
fn s, m. The Bengal kite (Faldo chila), 
f^W^ 8. f. A louse. ChSUar mdma. 

D. a. To louse. 
frnp t. TO. A bowstring ; gold threads 

put in the borders of a turban. C^t(- 

la hhynchna^ a. a. To bend a bow ; 
' to prepare for battle. CJUttti char- 

Adfki, t>, a, To bend a bow* 

ftWPTT a. n. To scream, fihnfi}:^ roar, 
bawl, bellow, cry out, exclaim. 

f^lTT^^ *. /. Cry, outnery, scream. 

^ift 8.f. A kind of dish made of eggs ; 
a blockhead, one who plays niiacliiev- 
o^BLA prank. , 

f^^V 8. m. The flesh of a kite ( Ih 
eatmg (/ which i8 8aid to produce nai" 
neti ) ; screaming like* a kite. 

ffTTWr «. a. To embellish, decorate. 

f^fr^mi i. fn. Warbling of tiie night- 
ingale, &c. ; the sound of fireworic9. 

f^ s, m. A mark of wiy kind, a spot, 
stain, sign, symbol, &c. ; a banner, i 
standard, a symptom. 
'ifi\9,/. Small ant. [upon. 

^itn9f\ «. n. To be bruised by being trod 

^4)^*?T X. m. Large black ant. 

^ft^'A «./. The diminutive of chxunta, 

^JtuVT 8. m. Rice parched ^nd eat«ii 

j| > 8. m. Mud, slime. 

^ftwz 8, /. A mixture of oil and doBt 
adf, G^reasy or dusty ( a8 doth >. 

^m 8,f. A scream, screech, shrieL 
Chxkh mama^ To scream, screech, 
shriek, cry. [ taste; 

^HiT «. n. To roar scream. t>. o. To 

^^^ 8. m. A squirrel. 

^Wt «./. A note, letter, billet. 

^^ 8, m. Hips, buttocks. Chitar iekna, 
To get rest, to sit down. 

^ftiHT i>. a. To wish, think or imagine ; 
to draw, to paint. ^ 

^ihwr *. m. A certain animal of the 
forest ( pet'haps a leopard or pdiUheff 
or 8om$ other spoilt , cMiimtfZ)^ *(^ 
Spotted, variegated, speckled (ctdaur) 

Vhff 8. m. Painting ; thought, wish 
understanding, wisdom; leopard of 
panther {Felie JHbata ^ HmUiHf^ ^ 

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< m ) 

ford) ; a medicinal plant (Plu7fiba§^ 

^HfT V. tf. To rend, to tear. 

Vhr s. m. A sort of grass {Vanicum 
^mUlaeium) ; a eonntrj,(3una; a sort 
of cloth. 

^fNv^ #. f». Mininm or red-lead 
draught in eaksn or lumps from th$ hUla 
on fk$ north-'WSit of Bengal, and be- 
twe$n it and China). 

ifWt «./. Sugar {coarn^ being { ferhape 
to named from Chin^ China^ whence 
it might ha^oe beenfirei brought to India 
01 etigareandtf is called }Aisri, appa- 
renttlyfrom Misri, Egypt), adj. Be- 
longing tOy or produced in China, 

^fhr f « m. A marfir, a token by which 
any thing is known. 

^¥WT «. a. To know, to recognize. 

^IWt $, m. An acquaintance. 

^^ t./. Rheum of the eyes. 

^t s. m. Rent^ slit, strip ; attire ; 
tearing^ rending, splittig, slitting^ 
s.f. Cloth ; a sort of corering or 
dress for women, clothes, attire ; the 
Pine tree ( Finns longi folia). Chit nt- 
halna, To break through troops. 

ifttWT>. i». *So rend, tear, split, slit ; rip, 

' cleaVe^ saw, Sarrow. 

^txj #. «i. Incision, cut, wound, slit ; 

* rirginity; a turband. Chira-utdma, 
D. a. To deflower. Chircb-band, A 

^iVft s.f. The ends or hem'of a garment. 

^m s. m. The Gentian plant ( Gen- 
tiana Cherayta). 

^ s.f. A kite IFako ehUa). Chtl 
jhapatta mama^ To snatch. 

25,}*./. A louse. 

^N^ e. oi« The tattered clr^s* of « 

Bouddh mendicant, or of any mendv- 
cant. [caokU 

^tfft^ 1. m. A Boudh or Jyn mendi- 

^^TW s.f, A reserroir, cistern. Chuan- 
khai, e. f. A deep ditch with water 
springing at the bottom. 

ia^ s.f. A tax gathered daily from 
grain merchants, being as much 
grain as a roan can grasp in hia 

^*^prr #. iw. Ascarides. 

'ffuWT s. m. Blinkard. Qlhundh-lema^ 
a. n. To be purblind, to see dimly. 

^ o^;. Blinkard ; bad ( at a Acrnd^ 
toriting ). 

J^ s.f. Settlement 

jm^ «. n. To be finished, to be com- 
pleted, to be fixed ; to be agreed 
upon, to be adjusted. 

JWfk, #./. A task, agreement, adjust- 
ment, decision. Chukai dena. To 

escape one's notice, to gi?e one the 

jmnx tf. tr. To finish, complete, settle^ 
adjust - to fix the price of. 

^^Shn s^ m. A task, agreement, adjust- 
ment, decision, settlement, 

KVY e, m. A small tank or pit^ a shal* 
low hole with water in it. r 

'JWTt i- m. The roaring of a lion. 

W# #./. Deceit, fraud. ChukkideMf 
V. a. To deceire, to play tricks. 

^ s. m. Sorrel; sourness ; acid sea- 

^fiiwrr s.f. Wood sorrel ( Oxalis mono^ 
delpha ), according to other autho- 
rities ( Ritmex veeieariut ). 

IHf #./• A plait or fold in a garment. 

^imr V. n. To peck, to pick up food 

' witJb t&e beftk, to* pick up food, W 
feed.. Qhug kn0p t. «• To aelec^ 
choosy culL 

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( 182 ) 


^■piTT, « a. To catise to peck or pick 

up food with the beak. 
^ $./. A tax gathered daily from 

grain merchants, being as ranch grain 

M a matt can graap in his hand. 
^^irt^ifT 9. n. To fondle, to chirp to, to 

oheer by making the n<HBe occasioned 

by drawing in the breath with lips 

^^ft 9.f. Blandishment. 
^^TWT D. n. To drop, to be drenched 

with water, to be dripping wet with 

sweat, water, Sto. 
^ «. m. The female breftst or bosom. 
^pi^ $. 771. Large breasts. 
i^fT^ i.f. A pinch; snappirt^of tfc# 

Sng^^ I the hammer of a gnn ; a 

mole of printing ekth op gvilbadctn ; 

an ornament worn on the toes^ CAut- 

Jsihhamtt^ or— fea<iy To nip, to pioeh ; 

to throw out prtwoking in#innaiions. 

Chuthiy$i^ men urdMf To put one of 

with a joke, 
^v^S9^ ^* ^* Pleasantry, facetionsness, 

wit, hnmor ; connndtum. Chatkala' 

94^ adj, Amnsing. 
%zm\ 8. m, A cne or lock of hair worn 
• behittdi 

JSJir } ^'^- Towonnd. 

^f?nn i.m. A spy to thieres, i^e heat 
of agiwgof thieree. 1./. A lock of 
liair loft OA the bead whea the r«8|t 
is shared. 

wAmadj^ Wonnded, bmiaed, afrfcken. 
^#./. Anisutatiraaonnd. 

Tf^^ t* fjfc Tto gkdsial m mmm nbo 
. V *•* ^le.Fregn^at IP a hurt a toy ; 
rij woman, slut^ sMIm. 

w^w*rT ^.m. I . . , 
V^i^^S'/^ J Ascandes. 

«5»rif i.f. Plaiting { cloth ), pkuta. 

^5»pr $. m. Rnmple^ crease. 

^^ <. /. A mode of dymg doth, is 
which they are tied in diffdrest plaoea 
previous to dipping them ia the dy«^ 
so as to prevent the parts tied from 
reeeiving the colour, alaoi cloths dyed 
in this manner. 

wwwmt ) V. a. To canse to pick, 
^«lim ) choose, select, atrange, pnt 

in order» &c. Chuna Una, ^. a. To 

plant ( cloth ); to kill by building a 

persrm into a wall. 

^TTTfT #./. A plait, plaiting. 

^f^^izi i* m. A box for holding the liqie 
used to chew along' with bet^l ; tha 
folding of the doth called iari, worn 
by womezu 

^ft^i.f. A small box for holding t|ta 
lime used to chaw along with betel f 
a small spoon used to tdce out tha 
lime ^ encouraging troops iiLvthe tima 
ofbattle(/<r tiy&tc& parpas^i there i$ 
da officer in Indian ormtst ) ; aelec^ 
ting from an army ^e fittest men 
for a desperate ent^rpricQ; a practice 
which formerly prevailed at JSin0r0$m 
( on the lUh of Mk, ehukl pakt^ 
the inhabiiante were V)ent to ewfm 
zeroes the ri^sifr itndjprmingjhemedv^ 
into two partiee, ta %JU to^ etoordif 
cluhSf ^0, ) 

^^e,Ji A procuress, a bawdi. 

^^WTa4f. JPIinkard. 

^jffrWT «;a. To be pntbliad. to «• 

wmadj. ]Pim, pr^liH dim^igWpi* 

W«T v.tL To gather, pick, choose; 
aelecty coll ; to pick up food ( ^ 
M-diy^topIaoain order, axxai^fQ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

'( 'ml? > 


to plait ( dath ). t. m. Ascmri^^s. 

Barwt^za ehunna, To cloae a door 
with bricks. 

%rft i.f. A amall ruby ; asearides. 
^ n^. Sflettk intefj. Saenee i ( O^ 
mmrd nth being understood ) $./. SU- 
enoeas OAup io^i^ or Cltupki iagni^ 
V, n. To be atmok dumb, 
^'rmaii^. SiUait. 
yg^s.f. Sileuca. 

T'^rm J adf. Silent, adtr. Fartwrij, 
^^l^ $ by stealth silently, 
^^rmrm ^. a. To keep aileaca. CAwp- 

ckupate, adv. Silently, secretly, 
^pirm ». «. To varBish, coyer, smooth, 

anoint ; palliate, besmear. 
^TT ad^. Plausible though false, 
yr^ adj./. Oiled, greasy; smooth, 
plausible. Chupri bat, «,/. Flattery, 
soft words. Chupri rot i ,./ Cafces 
rich with clarified hotter, 
y^*./. Silence. 
^r»T^*./. A |»liinge in water, dip, 
^»TWr ♦. n. To be stuck or thrust into, 
to pierce, to be pricked, pierced^ 
goaded s^tabbed, to penetrate. 
^HT«n t».a. to stick into, thrust into, 
pierce, goad, stab, prick. 

5^ I ^. m. A kiss. Chftma-^hatL 
^ J «./. Dalliance. 

^^nm V. a. To cause to kiss. 

J WiWir *. HI. Kissing ; a kiss. 
^^s.TH. The load-stone. 
%viie.f^ Lock of hair, 
^f ^ s. m. Powder. 

^«l^*. TO. > A sonnd with' the lips 
^n'mt*./. J by which dogs and 

horses ore called. 
Ttl?^:^ If. a. To coax, speak kinly to 

soothe ( by dr<Hmn(/ in the breath with 

protruded Upe. ). 
IT'W s. m. A kisser, a lecher ,- a rogne, 

a cheat ^ the loadstone, a magnet ; 

extract (Jrom » book 4re.) ;vl general 

scholar, one who knows parts in a 

nriety of books ; the npper part or 

»ai<Wle of a balance. 

«. n. To chirp ; to prate, to 

^WCT adj. Orisp, acrid, sonnd. 

^^1^ «. m. An imitative sound. 

▼^m V. a. To steal, filch, rob. 

^ 9. /. Bangles or rings made of 
glass, «rc. and worn or the wrist ; » 
kind of bracelet ; a small well. 

^nm>. n. To gabble, to prattle. 

^ 8. m. Nap, drowsraees, nodding. 

W^#./. Dregs. 

wm #./. Itching, scratching. 

W9WW s. m. Wantonness, inconstancy. 

Wtwn»«rrr.«. To itch, to titillate. 

ww^ #./. Wantonness, in constancy. 

^Wm adj. Restless, fidgetting ; rfry, 

^^IHPTT 1?. fi. To be restless, to be 

n^isg, to fidget, to be fidgetty. 
Wir^N^ «. m. Gaiety. 
▼it'Wfd e. /. Bestlessness ; gaiety, 
^mwf^ adj. Restless, fidgetting ; 

»"7^ gay. 
wnrr. If. To dista, canae to drip. 
^^rt^t. w. A kind offish, 
w ^r 9, w. A blear eye. 
I W^m •<$*. Blear-eyed. 
^jttt.f. A fire-place, chimney. 
^A *• '^^ ^ handful, the palm of the 
hand coftti*acted #ater. Qhullu-hkar 
p<m\ men dub mama ). ( lit to drown 
cn^e ee\f in a handful of water ). To 
be greatly ashamed. ChuUu chullu 
sadhna, To get a habit of drinking 
by gradual increase. Chuth* men nllu 
hona, To be intoxicated with |i 
\WTTt <w&'./. iewd, libidinous (woman). 
\^^^ adj. m. Lascivious, lewd. 

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i m $ 

^^ir«n V. n. To throb. 

^ fl«t 8,/. A mouthfal of drink. 

^ W9< s, m. One in the habit of sack* 

ing ( met, a ttpfler ). 
^ B^ s.f. A child's coraL 
^ ift «. /. The juice of fruits. 
^ ^^JV «<&'. Deeply-coloured, 
^ t^ T^ v. n. To glow as a coloar, to 

die a deep colour, to blush ( a flower). 
^J%^ 9. /. Mention ; cheer, jollity, 

mirth, merriment, festivity, Chukal 

Jcarna^ To carol, to make merry. 
^▼^T $. m. A large wooden peg, a 

^ T^ adi, Oomic 
^ f%^\ s.m. A little mouse, 
^ift «./. Toll, tax, duty. 
^^XZa.f. Singing of birds. 
W*^ $,/. Breast, dug, nipple. 
%'zi 8. m. A large ant. 
\it i.f, A smal\ ant. 
'ffSnr v. d. To gather (aflomr) to 

claw, pinch. 

^ ^fWt I adf. Dim, purblind, dim-sigh- 
n'm I ted. 

«^HT part, pass. Kissed. 

W^nm #./. Areserroir, acistern, 0A«- 

an khaiss. 4./. A deep ditch with 

water springing at the bottom. 
^1 s, /. An error, faulty inadrertency, 

blunder, mistake, failing, miss. o^;. 

Sour, acid, t . m. A medicine made 

of boiled lemon juice and pome- 

mmr t^. n. To blunder, mistake, depart 

from, err, miss, fail^ miscarry. 
f|liT s. m. A kind of sorrel ( Rumex 

^esicarius ) ; a kind of earthen pot. 
^ «. m. A medicine, orris-root, orrice, 

or iris-root. 
Wt «./. Breast, pap, nipple, teat, dug. 
mz s^m* A cracky a noise* 

w^ i. fn« A silver or gold omamfnt 
worn by Hindu widows ; the ring 
fastened to elephants* teeth. 

•rar «./. A single lock of hair left oi» 
the crown of the head at the cer6*^ 
mony of tonsure ; a peacock's crest ; 
' any crest ; plume, diadem &c. th» 
head ; top, summit ; a kind of brace- 
let. #. m. The rings fastened to 
elephants' teeth • a kind of food 
made of parched rice. 

^fTirfw 8. m. A jewel worn in a crest, 
or a diadem ^ the Omija ( Abrm prS' 
catarius )• 

^fflWl s.f. A kind of grass ( XyHwi^flr 
fnonoeephala ) adj. Crested, having a 
lock of hair on the crown of the head» 

mrf 91 adj. Orested, having a lock of 
hair, &c. on the top of the head. 

ntlft #./. Bangles or rings made of 
glass, &c. and worn on the wrist, 
Churidar^ Drawers, sleeves, made 
too long, so as to be crumpled into 

n 8. m. Flour • lime. 

m^ 8, m. The backside, Ohutar haj^ 
ana, To be overjoyed. Chutar sukorM, 
To loiter, to hang back. Chutar te 
Jean gdnthna. To speak eqtiivocally, 
to use far-fetched expressions. 

^ 8. m. Flour ; lime. 

^ «. n. To leak, drop, distil, to be 
filtered, to ooze, exude; to drop from 
the tree when ripe (fmU ). 8, nu 
Lime Chuna-pagni, s.f, A dancmg 
girl. Ckuna lagana. To defame. 

^'ft #./. Pulse split or ground very 
coarsely ; a 3park or small ruby or 
other gem. 

V 11^ «• m« Grease. 

V^ adf. f. Oiled, greasy, smooth, 
plansible. Chupii bat, s.f. Fl&ttery, 

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i 185 > 

* ijftirorila. ^'Jinpri rdfi, 5./. Ofkkes 
Tick With clarified butter. 

^^ 8,m. Prick, puncture, 

^ ^^WRir< s. m. X magnet. 

^ iH a. wi. Kissing, 

^ if*fT "O. <». To kiss. 

^m «. »i. A kisa. C/iumtf-c^aft, «./. 

^ ^ ^. f». Powd<;r, filings, atoms, ae^'. 
Bmised. CWr-c/mr, a^. Broken to 
atoms ChiHr rahna^ To sot. 0/inr ibar- 
fi{», To break into snialJ pieces, to 
shatter. CMlv kone^ To be broken 
into small pieces ; to be enamonred 
'of, to be in love, to be *ired Nashek 
*snen chdr Itona, To be intoxicated. 

"^ W «. w. A powder composed of med- 
icines for promoting digestion. 

^^^ «. m. Filing • ' saw-dnst ; grain 
redncod to coarse par^clos to be 
<;lHicked into the B»onth. 

^^ 5. / A bread rich wi& clari&ed 
batter ^ a bracelet. 

'm^ s, m. Powder, dnst, any pnlverul- 
ont of minate division of substance ; 
fossile alkal^ efflorescent salt ; aro- 
matic powder, ponnddd sandal, &c. 

^ ^^pf ^ ^« w. A lock of hair, a curl or 
onrling hair. 

^^liW «. wu i'ebble, gravel, hardened 
fragmeiits of earth, of brick ; lime- 
atone module, <5ommonly known m 
India b^ the name of Kankar^ 

^4t «. «. To reduce to very small 
piecos ^ to at^ms. 

Y if t. m. A kind of swectment made 
of sugar Md crumbled broad. 

^ 131 1 /. A tlBHon, the piirt of a joiner's 
woHc wMsh fits imto attoiliet ( di a 
dote-taiSL ) ; a prvoi upon which a 
door turns { a* on a hingt ) ; aii axle- 
tree arm. QhuUn vkhai^a, or, — dhili 


hona. To be tried, worn out iriil| 

^^fs.f. A<jre«t. 

^ ^^TT u. a. To drop, to leak, to ooze, ti 

^ €«rr o, a. To snct 
^ ^ «./. Child's coral, a sncking stick 

for children. 
^ %M «• w. The act of hunting by do* 

cei^Bg game with a stalking horse, 
^ T^I £. m» A Hindu sweeper. 
^ X^ 8. n^. The wife of a GA«*ra, a 

Hindu sweeper-woman. 
^ ^in i>. a. To suck. 
^^ s^m. A rat, a mouse. Chuk$'ii0nf 

«. m. A monse-trap. Hyhuhe-maf'f 

s. m. Jl sparrow-hawk, eormorant^ 

a mouser. 
%^ s.f. A mouse. 
^AM^s.m. Brats. 
'€' ^ «. /l A needle-case. 
^'n^K^^ V. w. To chatter, chirp, mur- 
mur, grumble, s(|neak« 
^ ^{ oc^ Young, little. [irtss. 

^v s.m. The acrid resin of fmits and 
^8»m, A servant, a slave. 
^IM8./, A ii^racle ; a deception. 
^[it s.f, A female servant. 
^r i* nt. A servant. 
^t s./* A female servant or slave. 
^9 8. 9N. Memory, remembrance, though t^ 

perception, consciousness ; ciremor 

^^^ adj. Alive, living, feeling. 9. m. 

Reason, rationality, caution ; soul,. 

self ; undorstanding, intelligence^ 

wisdom, reflection. 
^11 n. a. To remember, think of, 

advise, reflect, be aware, perceive j to 

recover the senses, to be round. 9^/r 



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f we > 


^nr 9, «k An atlmonisher. 

^•11 s. 7/j. Millet ( Panicum Italkttm )• 

^^^J V. a. To stick together. 

^^t4:«./. Sla^ierj, 

^Wm 9* TO. The Gentian plant ( Gen- 

^ tiana Cherayta ). [girl. 

^ A female servant, a slave- 

*%irT #• TO. A slave brought np in the 
house ; a pupil, a disciple ; a servant. 

*flt s.f. A slave-girl, a female servant. 

^^s.f. Silkidoth). 

^^ s.f. Application, endeavour, effort, 
Qizertiofv motion, ezerdae^ search, 
appearance, bodily act or function. 

"fzi s. m. Black ant. 

^H 8.m. The twelfth Hindu month 
( Mmreh- April ). 

^1!^ 9. TO. Soul, spirit, the Deity con- 

t Aklered as tiie essence of all being ; 
reason, understandings caution, per- 
ception, the possession of the proper 
aasa of the faculties ; an animal or 
sentient being, adj. In possession of 
the 8ense8> awake, rational, sensitive, 
cautious, attentive, aware^ perceiving, 

WW «- TO. The twelfth Hindu month 

W ^ «• m. Sase, relief, repose, tranquil- 
lity ; denying a bet in gaming, im- 

W m 8, TO. A kind of com. 

WWT *. m. A billet of wood cut for 
burning, &c. 

<I!WWT V. tL To prick, pierce. 

wTwWT 8. TO. A joint of bambu used to 
send letters in. 

WfilTf«TO. A funnel. 

wtw«./. Beak, biU ; a point 

W^reT 8. m. Playfulness, blandishments, 

• endearing arts and expressions, 
coqu^liy, tojishness. 

«rteWT 8. TO. The ribbon wifli which hair 

Is tied or brsuded at the end, tb^ eim 
or lock of hair behind ^ false hair 
mixed with the real. 

wtzt s. /. The hair braided behind 
( tail ) ; Iwaid, cue ; top, apex, Sam* 
mit, pinnacle ; an ornament worn om 
the head by women. Chonti aemdt^ 
far ghisna, To be veiy vain or aspir* 
ing CAonth-A^dt, A slave. Chonti^/trnt-^ 
wdna, To be a slave ; to be obedient. 
Chonti Jdsi-ki hath men ana. To have 
a power over one, to subdue. 

wTwT 8. TO. The head ; hair braided oa 
the top of the head. 

WtWfT «. a. To scratch, to claw. 

wNnw v. n. To be purblind, to aee 

^fNts./^ Dimness, dulness of sight. 

whr } a./. Wish, desire, fondness ^ 

Cm J alacrity, avidity ,• a gold oma- 
meut worn or the front teeth. 

Wt^ «. TO. A perfume j the pod or skin 
of any kind of pulse ; a wind-fall 

Vl^i'f ^« TO. A mountain robber^ a 
mountaineer and outlaw. 

^^I^ «./. Dropping, dripping. 

'Thrill «. a. To cause to drip, to disti^ 
drop, filter, draw off. 

'fimKe. TO. Hjoak, of wheat, bran. 

^m^dj. Sharp, pungent^ keen. e^m. 
A medicine, orris-root. 

^ftWT <Kij. Pure, unadulterated, genuinet, 
neat, good, choice, fine, sharp^ pun- 
gent> keen j clever, dexterous ; pleas- 
ing, delightful, beautiful. 

^htlt «./• Pnrity, sharpness. 

*wtacl^./. Sharp (foae in wtfw). 

^me.m. Food of birds brought ^ 
from the crop ; food of birds in gen. 
eral. Ckoga badabia, To bill, c^aress 
aa doves by joining hills. 

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X 18T ) 


ih^ 9.nL A fonneT. 

^j>^W!T *. wi. Plajfalness, blandishment, 
endearing arts and ezpreasions, co- 
quetrjTy tojrtshness. 

^ftv 8, fn, Sttbtfln688> beantj. 

^Wfr tf^P. SnbtiL 

tfte ^./. A hurt, braise, blow, d&mag:e ; 
fall ; spite ; effort, attemf>t, assi- 

'- dnity ; desire, wish, aim. Chot-par 
c\ot^ One misfortone follows another, 
nrisfortttnes come not singly. C^^ 
teeH&hnoy To defend ; to bind np the 
edge of a sword, &c. to restain by 
magic. C&oC hhata^ To be hnrt^ to 
to receive a blow ; to suffer loss. 

^Itet s. m. Discount or preminm, inde- 
pendent of interest ; treacle. 

^itft^mt If. <f . To seize by the hair. 

*<>#./. A lock of hair left on the 
top of the head, the plant or tie of 
hair behind, a one ; top, summit, 
summit of a hill ; a petticoat. ChoU 
na lumtt^ To excel* to be pre-eminent 
or unrivallf d. 

'^ttrs.m. A thief. 

wt^ 8. m. A bodice or jacket. 

''ihr 8. m, Oow-duncr. 

^il^nm »dj. Blinkard. [dimly. 

^*HiW ^. n. To be purblind, to see 

"ttfft 8.f. Dimness, dnlness of sight. 

lf^^ «./. Desire, wish. hope. 

^vtm s.m. A nail ; a kind of yictuals 
given upon great occasion, marriages, 
^c,; prey ; puncture. 

^Nt f . m. Husk of grain ; the scale of 

' a fish ; a hole dug in the sandy bed 
of a rirer which has dried, in whfch 

. wator is found. 

^ 8;m. A thief, a robber. Ch&rialu 

9. J. A quibksand. Chor-cluMiir^ 

t 1. w. A thief. CA^-^oita, «: ». By- 

JDom^ concealed drawer. CTay-iar- 

maz^^ 9. m. Trap-door/ CW-^ibry 
9. m. Plantiir and defendant • all tho 
parties of a lawsuit ; a thief anci 
what he has stolen, Chor-zcmin, JL 
quafl;mire, bog. Ch9r'8irki s.f. Back* 
stairs. Ckor Uirhy t.f. A back- 
door, a by-door. Chor-gaU^ s./. A 
by-road, back-lane. OAdr-Soi^aiui, -a. tu 
To be injured, to be damaged. Chor^ 
tagna 8lu»ma-lcot Ta waste a candU 
by a thief being attached to it. Chor- 
makall, f . m. The apartments of the 
concubines of great men, Chor-man^ 
dura, 8. m. A game played by chil- 
dren. Ckar-mahichnif «./. Hide and 

^J^*./. A kind of grass {Andropo-* 

g^n MctUcUum ). 
i^Km V. <». To steal. 
<rtV #. /. Thefty roguery, robbery, 

stealth. G^t-cWi, <$d'0. By stealthy 

^ItHT s. TO. A bodice, a garment wont 

by a bride at her marriage, a waist- 

coat, the body of a gown, a jacket ;^ 

ft small betel-basket ; a country, the 

modem Tanjare, the name is also 

supposed to apply to ft pari of SiW , 

hHm in Bengal, 
^t^ $•/. A bodice^ a waistcoat, the 

body of a gown, a jacket ^ a email 

^tfT s. m. A perfume ; the pod or skia 

of any kind of pulse ; a wind-fall 

(/Mi ). 
^m d^j. Any thing (fruit especiallii/), 

capable of being sucked, as a m^go, 

^f%^[lf\^fWT 8. m. The lower jaw. 
^Wf s. f». . A large peg or .pin. 
wt «. m. A back-tooth ; plopghshare^ 

0^* ( ft WWlPa* ) Four Qhon-iafhtf^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( m > 


1, m, A kind of jacket not open «n- 
der the arms. Chou-hcmdiy s^f. Giv- 
ing a horse new shoes ; the fasten^ 
iiigs of baggage. Choti-bhirf <Bdif. On 
all Rides, all round. CAmi-ptird^ m^. 
Fonr-^ieced. Chan-pas, <idvi All 
rmmd, aronnd^ Chour-p^hal^ tkdj. 
Four-sided. Chou^tah, a^. Of fonr 
folds. ChovL-jugt, adj. Of the four 
ages or ^eat {: Hindu ) perioda of 
the world. CAou^^aftaZ^,^^ Of f^ur 
stories {ahmej 4^.) Qhofi'^ukhi ^ 
adj, ^onr-faced, having ffenr faces, 
.Ghou-mekha, Tying the elbows be- 

••{Wrft «. /. A ( silv^er ) fonr anna pi^pe, 
a qnartier mpec^ 

^iNr «./. The act of starting, start. 

^TNutt v. n. To start, boggle^ start xyi^^ 
fron^ sleep. Qhounk uthr^. To stji.rt^ 
to wince>^ Chouni pamay To bonuce, 
start np. [g^er* 

^^¥9 8, m. An nntamed a^iimal, a bog- 

^T'Tf 8, m. Wheedling. Chottnfjt^ kar»(», 
To wheedle out of money. 

WTift*./. Wheedling. Choungi-baz, s, m. 
A wheedler. CTiQun^-bazi^ s.f. Sharp- 
ing, &c. 

WTW 8. m. A blockhead. 

^Tiror «. m. A terrace or ipoiind to sit 
and converse on ; a cnetoDn-houflie ; 
a police office. 

^nft^ adj. Thiry-four. , * 

WlfvpiTTT t?. n. To be confused^ frighten- 
ed otrt of one*8 senses, amazed^ dtfz- 
zled or astonished. 

WT^T s. fu. An apartment under ground 
for grain. 

WT<V 9,f. An instmrnent for driving 
away rfics, a fly flapper. [crsi 

♦t«^ « m. A game ; a garland of flpw- 

%rt*(. <• "'• A market; a sq^uarc of a 

city ; a conrt-arcl ; a square pfaa» 
filled, at marriages and on other ocea- 
siona of rej9iciwgs, with *WBotmo«te, 
which after certain eeremonies are 
distributed. Chouh-bhama or CTiaut- 
puma, To fill a Chauk or sqnare 0ac9 
with sweetmeats on some occasion of 
rejoicing. Cho^k*pattd9 a seat on 
which the peoi^e sit and eat m the 
^y^Pf ac^. Good, well, fine, excelleat. 
^iUKWt 8. m-M A ring of tijra p^ails wprib 

in each ^ar. 
^(^^ ^. /. A bound* a spring^^ a bounce - 
a ring of pearls worn in, the ear by 
men. CHoukari hhamoy To leap^ 
bound, bounty Choukari hJiuhuu To 
forget qne's bonnd> i. e. to be 
i^ascinajficd. to have one'^ senf^es be- 
numbed. Chouktffi mar bjfthna. To 
^fUwroc^V Cautious, rfert, etroomspect^ 

sly, on one^s guard, waiy. 
^(Kw adj. CautioT]s> waeihfnl, accurate 
diligent, active, clever,, alert, crrcnni^ 
spect, intelUgen.t -.full weight, 
^fhireri: *. f. Attention, ciroomspectionv 

watohfulness, alertness, eaution. 

^«^^./. Watching, diligence, i^tt^' 

tios.; four people employfsd togethei^ 

or eating oot of the sa«|ie dish or 


^iWr «. m^ The space in whioh ffindu^ 

cook or eat their vietnals ; a sqnsrt 

slate or marble, &e. : a, squase spaot 

of ground ; the fo^r front teeth,* the 

I , ^vi^<^tttme8^n^<!i8iiBitb0m9i. 

•'(Ht 8./. A frame to sit ^^ mieor, 

. be^ch^ chair ; gu|iri,or w^il^h ; watcir* 

. ii^ ; the pfst where aignard is sls^ 

tioned; an om anient worn on the 

. breast. CAo^^af, adfk imfi^9^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


( 1S9 ) 


^ttftri. «. »i. A watchman. Chovhi- 
dsui^a./. Th^ bitsiftess of a watch- 
Buur ; tho^ pftj or hire of a watchman. 
Ohoukd mai^noy To smuggle. Gheuki 
dena To watch^ girard^ mo^nt girard. 

^tvH* t ^* Pbnr-comercd, sqirare. 

^j)^ 5. m. /. Frame of a door ; the 

opper and lower piece of the frame of 
a door. 

^^ adj, 8, Sharp {tonetn music). 

^fhffCT <*dj. Square. 

^t^^^ s. m, A rabbit, hare. 

^?Nt^ *^. (Jjuadraple, fourfold. 

^hflT S' m. A game resembling cricj^et 

{or tennis) but glared on horse-back ; 

the bat or club with, wlych. th^e gaiae 

is played, 9 iji^|T, 1^ pila^'n. C\(mgj(m. 

§ah, A place for that gc^me. O&ot^n- 

haziy s.f. Playmg^of t^e gMooL^ rf 

i?hrrtt $. /. A straight /iu^-^-snake 

or tube for sraol^ing throngh. 

^^prr <idf. Four-fold, quadruple. ' 

^fttKr *. w- A small box of gold or 

silver with four partitions for holding 

iftf adj. Spoiled, fiestroyod. 

'ftwflMA 4Sj: Abaittdoned, viciOTtd ; 

iJhjl adj. Wide, broad. Ohottrm^dhlay 

*M^'. BxfeMfTo, spacious. 
^iil^A, B,f. Breads, extent, wid4^y 

extention, boasfcing. CkonrH viAmtty 

mi^henma, T<y boast, to give odbSb 

Mff Hicsi 
"fhfm i. m. /. Width, brewlt}ii 
'Vl^>rr «. a. To i^rease in breadth^ 

axpsnd, widen. '- * [poles. 

^ft#«.^«iik. AUod ofieAan with iim 
^ma ««. Amttrsl; a^Jfiidd^ot t«nt. 
Wm &.«!. Atdrraeeor noatod to' sit 

whr??: *. m. A fonr-striaged mns&id 

^?rnr #. »»• A mode ii^ n^usie. 
•^nleir «•/. A quartan (a^<tf ), 
^ s.f. The fourth lunar day ; the 

fourth part • hence, tribute ( collected 

hy the Mahraitas). 
^fNr adj. Fourth. Qhaatheh^ adv. In 

the fourth place, fourthly, 
^tmt s.f. The fourth part, a quarter. 
""minfT s. m. One who recefves cere- 
mony performed on the fourth day 

after marriage. 
^WY 8, f. The fourth day ; a ceremony 

performed on the fourth day after 

^fMf o<§*. Crossing their teeth in fight 

( elephafits ) ; sturdy, robust, stout. 
^^^ s.f. Boldness. 
ifNna' s.f. The fburteenth day of the 

lunar fortnight. 
^ft^ adj. Fourteen. C^ottfi(rtM«»ii, adj. 


^TfiW T s. m. > An ornament, (formei 
^ff^rft «./. 5 f^four pearls ) worn 

in tlie ears. corpulent^ 

w^ <»<9. Robust, actire, Tfgerous^ 
^irat s.f. The business of a Chests 

ihmi ( the Headmam of a trade). 
^4N^ ». n^ TiLa^ hettdman of a trade^ 

(In a Bengal^ title of landholders 

etsperkrto T€dbaMar )j 
^t'odj'^ Bnlhed^ isatvoyed, lerdled,. 

QAiy plika^ OkmsfottJMmok 'lo^ lavel, 
. dastroyn 
^hlW* Kf. Vhenamaaiagani»plafed 

wtitkiOi>laiigHdie«^ tiie<d«Vi •^nhich 

it is played. 
V^qi*t > s.f. A«i»ail;iMfitk ail e^l^ 

Vhr^^ «. m. A kindoitaate^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 190 ) 

^tvA: «./ A flort of metre or verse oon- 
gisting of four feet ( fmd ) or Knes, 

^Ihn^ $, m, A kind of snramer-house 
or pavilion ( gentraUy hmU jointly hy 
U9eral people a$ a resting place cam" 
men to ihem att) ; a quadruped, an 
animal, a beast. 

^fUT s, m. A litter, a sedan. 

Vhmr g. m. An animal, a beast, a 

^m^ adj. Stont, robi^st^ bold. 

^vnt #.«. Snmmer-hou8e» an assembly^ 
court, town-hall. 

^AwTTT $. m. A. shed. 

^IWwad;. Twenty-four. 

^ «. m. A Brahman acquainted with 
the four Vede (now, how€i>er, the term 
is applied to the deeoendMte iff such 
though not teamed )» 

ffUnri 8. m. The rainy season. 

Vh^ #. m. A lamp-stand with parti- 
tions ; a name of Brahma. 

^t^gm^adj. Having four Jbnmers, &e. (a 
lamp). #. HI. A lamp-stand with 
four partitions ; a kind of p^a or 
wooden scimitac for fencmg with. 

^Af^ #./. Name of a fltii^ goddess 
the seed of a tree oalled Rndraksh 
Sedhxda leMiaf or, Elaoearpae gani- 

^fivw t. m. A praotice of the sword 
exercise ; cutting the four le^ of an 

. animal off at one Uvw. Chowang hu- 
nuy^.a. To cut off the fomr legs of 
an anmal at one blow. Ohowramg 

^ f»iriM, To looia the use ol the limbs 
by illness. 

•^Iwrt «./. Equalify of littliioe^ oyen- 
ness, lefelmese. 

^XJ 8. TO. A terrace or mound to- s{& 

and converse on ; the place where 

Hindu women are burned ( more pro- 

perlyy where the living widow or emti 

it immolated). 
^Ihxm' adj. Ninety-four. 
^ftxf4t adj. Eighty-four. e./. Morns' 

bells worn on the anUes by danetng 

^Ktvt #. m. a cross road, 
^im #• /. A summer house, 
^ifhn^ 8. m. A, ceremony of tomsure, 

cutting off all the hair from the head 

of a child three years old except ona 

lock on the crown. 

i.m.t A necklace of four str^ 
* /• J ings. 
^fhttk. e.f. A kind of greens ( Amansk' 

ihue polygamus \ 
Whnr adj. Pifty-four. 
^47 s. m. A quadrupeds ( farticuUa^ 

oxen ) ; a handbreadth. 
^Awit s./. A tempest, hurricane, oom-* 

motion ( q. d. wind blowing /ramjom' 

quartere ). 
^^ t. m. Flour, powder. 
^fh^ adj. Sixty-four. 
V^ i.,111. . The name of a game pI^Fefr 

with oblong dice, or what the gaaM 

is pfoyed on. [ meet«> 

Vhrn e. TO. A place where fMr atieets 
^tft^adj. Seventy-four. 
^Vm 8, m. A cast of RejpaU. 
^ adf. Fallen, dropped, oosed out ; 

fallen from or off deyiatad fimii 

erred, strayed. 

9 The seventh consonant in- the Ifig^ 
ri alphabet. Its sound is expnssei 
hf ohh. ddj.Bix. Chhah-satf 9. s% 
I^ cheaf^ juggle. - -^ 

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( in > 


^8 f. Pulmonary consomptiott • a 
thatcbcci roof on a boat ; a stnSed 
pad to prevent Itmilooks being liurt 

. when loaded. a(^j. Abolislied. 

mwm Vs a. To concentrate^ to caase 

to Btrain. [strain. 

V^rvz i. /• ^CiMiceBtrationy cansing to 

tWI^I «. »• To simmer • to sound ; 

to smart, to pain. 
IZ^ V. »• To grow thin ; to dinyuiah ; 

to be extracted or asperated^ 
is^mr -v. n. To cause to clean rioe ; .to 

eause to select, prune, lop^ dip. 
V'zrt^/* Cleaning or separatmg {grain, 

ff'C*) J the price for cleaning. 
Mtn u m* Detachment on fom^ ; 

beating rice to clear it from the nusk. 
Yfft s.f. Shadiness. [car. 

lYfl 8. mi A kind of carriage, a cart^ 
WlfTO t>. a. To slap, to cuff. 
mm «• n. To be content^ satiated, 

gratified ; to be afflicted, harassed ; 

astonished. ChhakjoMa, To be satis- 
' tied or satiated. 

Wirt^./. Satiety. [tiseb 

tVTwr 19. i>. To pamper, eloy, to efaas- 
flf ^/. A slap, blow, cuff.^ 
fir 8. m. The sixth ( M cank, ^. ) ^ 

a cage with a net attached to it. 

Ghhakka |N»fi^ ^riM, To deceive, 

play tricks. 
V8.m. A goat. 

9^ s./. A she-goat of small breed. 
9^ s./. A she^goat ; a kind of Oon- 

Totmlus. ( C. argenimg }, or more 

probably. O. pre8'a$pr<». 
f^ #•/. Child's coral 
19^ #•/; The root of a certain tree 

( ^<fte ph«^pond }. 
V^oi^'. Bushy. 

ir. ei. Gallery ; the expanded 

bnmdies of a tree. 

^sWPri ^. a. To simmer ; to sound ; t» 

smart, to paiu. 
W^l $. «!• A kind of sieve. #. n. T4> 

decay, to separate, to be pruned, to 

be picked out. [flounden 

^WSPIT «. fu To toss, tumble about, 
m^i^dj. Sixth. 
WZ%X adj. Waspish, peevish. 
W2t« 9.f. The sixteenth part of a tir^ 

two ounces. 
IZT s./. Splendour, brilliancy, lustre, 

refulgence, a glory j assemblage, 

number; a straight or continuoua 

mark or line. 
Winr s./. Lightning. 

Wf ) *•/. The sixth day of a lunar 
9^ ) fortnight. 

^Itfc^. Sixth. 

W^ \ adj.f. Sixth. J,/. A religious 

VA > ceremony performed on thsr 

sixth day after child-birth. Chk<mMi 

ka diid yad dilana^ To correct or 

1^^./. Thepoleof a8pear;8pikenaKd« 
l^nr «. a. To beat rice, to separata 

the husk from it. 
Wf\ s» m« An ornament made of pearls 

worn in the ears. acy. Alone« 
^ *./. A switch, cane, rod, wand ; a 

procession of the followers oiJShah 

l^fNiT #./. A kind of fragrant moss. 
9W '. m. A moment or instant. 
mf^m adj. Perishable, temporary, mo- 
mentary, inconstant, uncertain. 
WWfm «. ». To grow thin ; to diminish; 

to be extracted or separated. 
^^^TWT v. n. To cause to clean rice, to 

cause to select, prune, lop, clip. 
l^Crri; a. /. Cleaning or separating 

{grain, jv.) ; the price paid for cleaaw 


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( m ) 


W^f? «• fn. DetachraeTit on forage ,• | 
iicutiagrice to clear it from the husk, 

^ i.f. A roof, a dotk stretcked across 
the roof of a room, a platform. Chkat 
han^Hcty or, — patnm, or, lagema, 

' ic, a. To ceil, to cover the iiinor roof 
of abnilding. 

mn^lK «4;« Bunchy, flat, 

^fmx 8. m. An umbrella. 

^^j »^nu A, honeycombs 

^^M^dj, Thirty-six^ 

^tMt ^dj.f^ Prtide, prudish. 

^sr s«.ni« A parasol, an umbrella, the 
Indian ChkattcLh. 

IfW^lCt ) 8. m. One entitled to carry 

mw^ i aa umbrella, i. e. a rajm^ 
prince, &c« ; a houite set apart for 
the charitable entertainment of stan- 
fl^rs, guests^ ^bc 

tRIWT 9. m, T?idowhood ; anbv^tsion 
of dominion, losa of empite, deposi- 
tion, &0, 

^HT €. /« A kind of fennel ( Anetkum 
M0¥f^) ; a pnngent aeed, coriander ; a 
ttwgfaioom, anise. 

mMt #./. A femaU of the Ohh&iri 
eaRt. tKij, Beating a parasol or um* 

^ #. tt. The flSeeond of the four HMu 
easts. »./« A tester or corering of a 
bed, a small umbrella ^ a frame made 
of bambud ft>r pigeon^ tfy settle upom 

991^ s. m* A hoase, a dwelliug ; m 
bower, an arbor* 

W^m s. m. i In mifney ) Six d^m, or 
the fourth part of a piece ( pysa ). 

wn ? «. m. Disguise, masquerade ; 
1F«*T y trick, dectut^ fraud. 

lW«nR^ s.m. A religious hypocrite, a 

false brother. 
mn 9. Mu A moment) an instant ; a 

sound made by the falling oi a dtx>p 

of water npon a worm plate, a hissing 

4(«im*ii t. a. To concentrate, to cause 
to strain. [strain. 

4HWY7 ' ./• Concentration, eausing t^ 

W^ai^PTT V, n. To simmer ^ te sound ; 
chink ,' to smart^ to paia» 

Y^fT^ V. tf . To cause to sift or strain. 

W9fV9 «• m. The sound ( kUtiug ) ai % 
^iwp of water falling on a hot plate, 
a liissiug noise; the sound of the 
breaking of earthen ware. 

^^M adj^ Perishable, temporary^ no* 
Bientaiy, inconstant, uncertain. 

W^ d*. m. Poe^cal metM^ it is also ap- 
pbeable particularly to the metre of 
the V^8 ; a measure ( m mam } ^ 
meaning, intentios, purport^ opinion ^ 
wish, desire. 0dj\ Solttaiy, secret, 

#1WT«. ». To be tied^ 

lEi^siw 8. m. A hypocrite, a pretended 

and false ascetic. 
«(^w^ 8. m. Trick, cheating, deoeiru^. 
WS^ adj. Deceitful. 
iPVtw «« ni« A reciter or ohanter of tha 

Sa;n F^d. 
YVT ^. a. To be strained, to be peroo- 

lated^ a. w. A sieve, a cloth through 

which anty thin is sifted, 
^^ 8. f7i. Squash. Chhap-cbhapy The 

sound occasioned fa^y water when 

struck ^th tha hand. [verse* 

i^ f« m. A kind. of measure of i7«ajK 
nqwrfT V, a. To dash or throw water. 
nqiVT «. a. To be piiuted or stamped ; 

to be concealed, hidden^ absent, to 

disappear, to lurk. 
in<t«./. Puddle. 
H^^rnr i>. a. To cause to print, 
w^fi 8,/. Edition, the piiee of printiAg, 

the act of printing. 

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i in ) 


9. m. The «mtnd product by 

striking* water, sqaask. 
^Vtrm «• a. To Iiide, conceal, Bccrete ; 

to csnse to prii^ [v^rse, 

Vr4 «. m. A kind of meaBnre of Rindi 
l^WTiM^. Fifty-air. 
i(*ll< s.wu A thatched roof. 
«timR «. m. A iiedariead mth eortains* 
W«nf^ s^m. A thatcher. 
i^apc^^/. Thatching. 
iff s.f. Beauty, epleadonr. brilKancy • 

shape, form, figure. Chhab tokkti s.f, 

Handsomenese. Chhabi-chhiny mdj^ 

Small in shape, deficient in aplen- 

donr^ small or slender. 
K^r A sort of basket. [M. 

^m adj. Handsome, comely, grace- 
ig^^ mdj^ Twenty-six. [sound. 

Wfl^Hlll It. «• To shine, to glitter ; to 
1R19 «• m. An orphan, a fatherless son. 
1(«RT •. a. To pardon, forgive, 
9^9 «•/. Mortality, frailty, destmction. 
HiKtir s. nt. Consumption. [boy. 

^T s, m. Victim, shade, shadow; a 
«r9T97 (»dj. Sixty-six. 
H^ s.f. Spikenard ; shaft, pole, pike, 

staff, flagstaff, flag. 
K^^i^it #./• Jakes, a necessary. 
Hft^ adj. Alone, single, free (not 

burdened^ as a traveller, not h(li>ing a 


^< \ *•/* Vomiting, sickness, reach- 
«fi i ing. 

#ivTf^9 f.fs. Small cardamoBM (^n 
QOhU-tmitic )• 

«ltl «. ». Small shot. 

99 «. m. Wickedness, fradd, oircnm- 
Tention, stratagem, trick, deception, 
knavery, artifice, erasion, excast, 
snbterfnge, pretence. ChhoL-haL s- m. 
Force and frand, stratagem, artifiic, 


^ vwrv/. Eunmmg over,' overflow. 

««iwni V. «. Te be spilt, to orerflow, 
to spin. 

nwitmr i>. «. To 8x>iU. 

H^TIT «. n. To skip. 

v^^^rm t>. a. To mnrmnr. 

9^V9TT?t.m. Mnmrar. 

iF^f^ 8. m. Plot, stratagem. 

V^f^ ad^* Deceitfol, fraudulent. 

1|V<IT D. a. To deceive, cheat, evade, 
make excnses. #. m. Tricking, de- 

mM^ adf. Battered, s. /. A sieve. 
Clrhctlni Joama, v. a. To batter. 

H^mP «•/. Skipping jumping, a spring, 
skip, leap. Chhaldngen mamOf To 
spring, to jump. [wisp* 

H^T^ «. «i. Ignis fatuus, willo'-the- 

wg^m } <k2j. Deceitful, fraudalent, 

^ijV 5 artful, treacherous, false, 

perfidious, betrayer, «. «. A cl^^at, 


mrr ». w. A ring ( om#7i«neai ). Ckkal' 

ledar, fkdj. Annular. 
«lft «,/. ^in, bark, rind, &c. 
irf^r »./. Beauty, splendour, brilUattOe } 

light, lusture. 
i^tirr s.m. A thatcher. 
itit* ^'Z Discolouration. 
H^ jf./. Ashes. 
^ #./. Shade, shadow ; the reflectioa 

of any object in a mirror^ &c. Chhan- 

hanh, s.f. Auspices. 
«^ «,/. Refuge ; parings, &c. j selee- 

tion, fashion of clothes. Chhdnt kar^ 

na. To vomit, to di^g^rge. Chhdnt 

lena^ To select, choose. Chhdnt- 

chhatdo, fietrenehmeot. 
«te9r *, /. Cutting, slip, chip, 
^m If. a. To vomit ; to separate .the 

husk from grain by poundijpg it in 

a mortar; to husk 1^ B^e, clip, 

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( ^n > 


prune, lop, crop, trim, dress, xleaa, 


^wnj V. a. To emit ; to leave, let go, 
release, forsake^ abaadon, to loose^ 
to vomit. 
iKt^ s. /• A tether, trammel, net« 
llt?pn V. a. To tether, fasten, tie, bind. 
Ht^ i. m. Share, part (among fahin ). 
Ht^ ) «./. Shade, shadow, the reflec- 
Htf / tion of any object in a mirror, 

<&c. Ohhanh-^anh, s. /. Aospioes. 

«|tTTU adj. Umbrageous. 

Klir 8, m. Luncheon, ready prepared 
food carried out byjabonrers and hus- 
bandmen when they proceed to their 
daily work. [&c. 

invm V. a. To clear the water of a well- 

9Tf ^« 7n, A he-goat. 

unw ». /. A he-goat. t./. A leathern 
I bottle with a spent to it, a goat-skin. 

'ilSr } ^./Ashi^goat. 
«TW s.f. Buttermilk. 
«m s. fn. A kind of basket used in 
winnowing or clearing grain. 

Kmnr ^* a. To thatch ; to befit, to 

m\W i^f* A bank of a liver. Chhar^hit- 
thty8,f. A permit, a pass. 

Vl^ftK^^T 8» m. A medicinal herb. 

urn 8.f. Roof. a^. Thin feeUe, em- 

mot 9. m. A large umbreUa* 

KTiftf./. An umbrella. 

«nif^ «• /. Breast, dug, ChhAibhar, 
Breast-high, CkhaU iUr-aiia, To 
weep. Chkali hhar-jana^ To be 
chest-foundered. Chhati^ar patthar 
rakhnOf To have patience. Ohhatti- 
pur fmmg daina { lit. to grind pake 
en the breaet), To do anything in the 
presence of another person by which 
he is TOXfd. CAAoa' ph^ni, T^ break 

the heart with grief or sorrow, t« 
sympathise. Chkati ^tnay To regrst, 
repent, lament. Chkati thoknay To 
encourage ; to assqie. Chhati tlitmdi 
hena. To be pleased or oTeijoyed. 
Chkati jalna, To have theheari-bwB; 
to lament. Chkati ka paitkof^ Hui- 
aance, pest CkhUikajam {lit. the 
deitrayer cf the heart ). Is i^lied tq^ 
a person or thing the presenoe of 
which is unpleasant^ a pest, a nai- 
sance. Ohhati kholke^mlMa, To meet 
frankly. Chhati garrdni, The brwBt 
to swell ( in young women ). Qhheti 
lagana, To lament^ to grieve. Chketi 
lagana, or, Chkati se Ugana, Te 
fondle. CbkaU niksUkar ckalna, Te 
stalk, to strut. i 

nr? e.m. A scholar, a pupil,, a d^scipli^ 
a tyro or novice. 

Hr^ 8. m. Covering, a covering, » 
screen, &c. 

Hr^W *. m. A water-bag. 

«nfi^ adj. Covered, concealed. 

m^ 8./. A roof, a frame of bambooftr 

Wfftfnw 8, ». Investigation. 

Wtit a(J*. Ninety six. 

mn^8.f. Chaff. 

wmi «. •. To thatch, shade, cover, 
roof, spread. Ckha jana, To spwad, 
ao lie, to overshadow. Chktk Una, !E» 
cloudy overspread, darken, oveicasi 

WIT i>. tf . To strain, percolate, fltWf 
sift ^ to search, canvass, investigtl^* 
Ckkan lena, To cull, to select. GM<«* 
mAma, To search, rummage, explortf 

fffxr 8.f. Stamp, printy<jopy, imp"*^- 
sion ; a seal, seal-string. 

VftpiT t^.. a. To print, to stamp. 

HW 8, m, Edition, impression, tttfaPr 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 195 y 


print* seal, &c. Ohhspeh khdnah, 
9, m. Printing-office. (jhhc$peh^wd!<tf 

^gm t. m. Denominational marks re- 
presenting a lotns^ trident, &c. 
de'^ineated on the body by the Vysk" 
nttvB or worshippers of Vishnu, 

^Wftirr ». /. The art of printing, 

irfm ». /. Shade, shadow, reflected 
image ; darkness, obscnrity. ir« m. 
Apparition, spectre, shade ; (met, ) 
some what resembling ; a mode in 

Mlpm^ i. m. A large tree, one that 
gives shade or shelter. 

vraii? «• m. A musical mode. 

WT^TEVV 8, m. iBther, the firmament. 

V^f^KI «• m. A chhaia or parasol. 

VT^ 9.f. Ashes^ ddst ; a large clod of 

ViH^ilT i» w. A kind of fragrant moss. 

Vf 8, m. The thrush ( di88aie\ blister. 

VW #./• Peel skhi, rind, bark Chhal 
miam4y To peel, to decorticate. 

WT 8, m. A blister, pustule^ pimple ; 

wrffrifT «./• A kind of betelnut. 

V^fT t>. a. To thatch, to shade, to 
cover, to roof, to spread. Chhajdna^ 
To spread, to lie. Ohka Una, To 
eloud, overspread, darken. 

••/• Gaatonmenta^ hartacka or 
I for a9l4i9r« i thatohing, the aet 

f tf^fT^ \ t7. a. To cause to stop, to 
W^inr y, cause to seize, to . cancel, 

to strike out. 
f*f*«./. Wand, stick, 
fw^ 9, m. Sneezing. 
f^S^ «./. The little finger. 
f«^r 8. m. Slough ( <fa wound ), skin. 
^If"^ adj^ Lean, skinny. 

fmi^r ^. m. The prepuce* 

f^ftm adj. Shallow. 

flmTt^./. Shallownescr. 

%K^ «« / The play of ducks mi 

fwii^ adj. Triffitrg, ptterile, airy. 
fkfjzmm V. ft. To be scattered dissipate 

ed, or dispersed, to spirt, to spread. 

Chhitahna chandni jfca. The difittsion 

of moonlight. 
ikfSf^g^8,f. A bolt, 
fiszinm «. a. To dissipate, disperse, 

squirt^ scatser, strew, desert. 
Ill^lft 9./. Small shot, speck. Chhiiki 

denOf To flecker, to spot^ to mark with 

strokes or touches. Ohkitki dalnd. 

To splash. Chhitki kama, or,— fo^a- 

nay To spot, to speck^ &c. 
f^K^^WWr V. a. To sprinkle. Cihirah-kdr 

heeknaf To sprinkle water on stale or 

faded yegetaUes or fruits to mak^ 

tfaem appear fves ; to puff off goods. 
li K f^ ' ^i^l V. a. To eause^ another to 

%Y«I4I ^. d. To cause to sprinkle* 
fia^^rrr t . m. Sprinkling, watering. 
lit^ V. n. To [be touched, excited^ 

plagued on. 
%W f . m. A moment or instant. Chhin-- 

bhcM* men^ In a moment, 
fv^ftifw adj. Fading, frail, passing 

away quickly. 
fwlkmad^. A little whilst. 
%M^ «./. A basket ( toithmU d cai^efp 

tike a tray % 
ficif^^ 17. fi. To be scattered ; to be 

spreaA about. [spread. 

flT'WrT «. a. To scatter, to strew ; to 
fw[^^ s.f* A small basket without lid 

or handle. 
fWt 8. /. The earth. Vlihiti-chkan, 

Covering the eartli, prostrate on th» 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


< 19« ) 


gromiii ChkiU--ehhaii^ t). n^ To be 

dispersed or scattered. 
fki^^ ir. n. Te be piereed or bored, 
fii^ili tf. a. Te cause to pierce^ to 

fm? s.nh A hole, a raemty, aperfora 

tioD, 4ke. ; fadf^ defeet^ flaw (moral 

or phyiical ). 
feflH ad/. Perforated, piereed, having 

holes or openings. 
f^T M^m. A moment or ins^t. Ohhik 

hhar men^ In a moment, 
ftprvrr v. a. To winnow, to sift, v. ik 

To go away oflfended. 
fe^mr V. Oi To canse to stop^ to oaase 

to seize, to cancel, strike out. 
fif'rf^W adj. Fading, frail^ paesing 

away qnioMy. 
%TOT«:i». Afomicaton 
f^mr 8./. To eanse to snatch. 
fwm,i>. a. To seizQy snatohypladt, &e. 
i^nmt.f. 4 hatH a prostitute CMf. 

ndl^an, or, Chhhdt-panit, i. m . 

Whoredom, prostitution, harlotry. 
m^lm *. m. Fornication. Chhindla 

*«ni<» To whore, commit adnltery. 
Wctk f. », Sei^nre. 
Wl^a^fe. A little whfle. 
I^adf. Cut, divided. ( tewd. 

^^ «&'• Oat up, destroyed, aeai^ 
<^»WT B. /. A tree ( Ifemqifirmum 


f^l^fkm 9.f. A plant also e^Olad 
trknidhi ( Ctsicmpeloi kexanda). 

ff^^n^f adj^ Confirmed, confident,.free 
firom doubt.^ 

fe»T »./, A whore, a harlot, ^ tree 

fti^ f s^f. A lizard;, 

fitWf^.wi, Sprinklings 

fillti'lT Y r. n. To be concealed, hid^Biry 
H^T f nbseiit, to disappear, to lark, 
ywr ) Chhipjana^ To retire, witb- 


flpn f^dj, Cfose, bidden, concealed 

C&Aipa ruhn<$9 To abscond. Ciktpci- 

oAAipi, cufi). Underhand, secretly. 

•mi*ii > v. a. To conoeal, hide secrete;. 

fv^qr? *. m.. Secrecy, concealment. 

fiwt «. m. Pardon, quarter, forgiveness,, 
absolution. Qhhima'jogy 0dj. Pardon- 
able. Chhima Ja/rna^ m <k To Paidon^ 
forgive, excuse; 

fw^nr^ <>(£;. Ninety six. 

fil^nii)^ 04/. Forty six. 

fmm^^adj. Sixty^six. 

fiwnfttfcj;^ Eighty-six. 

%mT *. w. Crust, husk, shell, peet 
scalfe, rind, bark, skia. ChkHha vter 
na^ To, peel, husk, dec^rticale.. 

fil^lvrT Vi n. To be exeoruU;ed. 

nKQ|4iirT n. o; To causo to 8kin< or exoo* 
liate, &0i 

fm^Sift s, /. A whitlow, blister^ felbn; 

%V? 8. m The husk of chwM. 

fwtfVK adj. SeventyHsix. 

4t iniffFJ. ThshI tutrfy tfohi 

iihf 9i /. Sheezing,. sneeae; CAJfceen^ 
Vinewalay ABtomntatory (medtdm^). 

^^m 17. n. To sneeze. 

jgtm 8.m. A netwerk of struigs or 

cords to hang any thing on {at a Bur- 
• M»m at eithir mido/ aydke9tfoUy 
^e.\ l&e cords of a baHangi. 
?jN^ m a. To liirow out water; 
i?tef./. Chintz. 
iHz^n To sprinkle; 
^Szi 9. m. Sho1>. spot, plash, GHhinfj9 

inama, To sprinkle, bedrop. [&t^ 
iNi $• m% A slifig for carry^g basket 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



f 19T > 


^|)mt f. m. The skinny and rejected 
part of meat, n piece of fteeh. 

ffhm IT. n. To decrease, to- pine awaj. 

ifte s. /. Spot, splash, chintz. 

^It^m V. a. To scatter, to sprinkle. 

iJNr •^*. Wasted, emaciated^ decayed ; 
aligbt, sleader, TittTe. 

ljt?iT S, m. Brogtre, shoe. 

^^ a^, Thtn, not close Uaid of a 
ii€rt(m tnr Animiai whose Ug8 are much 
ieparaUd\ felender, IMe* 

^ aۤ. Wasted, decayed ; bHgii^ 

iJiWT V. »• To snatch, pnll, tear, pTnclCj 
rob. OhMna-ehhtini Icarm, To wraio- 
ble, Chhin tena^ To snatch np, 
acqufre, take possessiba of, pltrok 
bereaTe, deprive. 

ifhr *./. DTscoIoration or spot on the 
skin ; fishfng-i^od ; the act of a bnf- 
Mo^B pusliing with bis boms. 

T(Hinitt7. ». To priiit clotbfes ; te pnsb 
wftb the bom as a bnflWo | to draw 
^ fbe rod in fisbb^. 

?jWf 9. w. A dotb-prifiter. 

ifWt *•/. A pod, legume, husk. 

ifk e. m. MiBr. 

i^e.f. Vmnfp. 

"(fmm ir. a. To peel^ skin, excoriate, 
pare, bark (<» tree^ ^c), erase, scrape, 
CUUlna^^ikiflnm, or, Qhhtl ehhSl Jtm^ 
aa, ir. a. To pare, peel, Ae. 

f>fcwrr*.y^ The little tfttger. 

tlhrt^T V. *»• To drive away contemp- 
tnonalj ; to set oa or encovra^e a 
dog. fwitbgawe. 

^#ftf!y. The play of a dog or cat 

WKfl^ tr. #. Te cofljttre, t<^ exoreiigei 

rt^ *./. The musk rat or sbrew. 

^t^ MoIe> mttsk rst (Sbrex^ dasmCea- 
tetu) ; a sqitib. Cft/b-cA^njar cMior^ 
M, To backbite, ilalciuniuatey tzcite 

w;^ •rfir. Bat, except, save ; (in compory 
little, small, Ohimf-hhya, 9. m. Mid- 
dling class of people. Chhut-pana^ 
*. m. (^Idhood. 

*"i*4T *i m. DfeTi7erance. 

^3itTa<l;. Xittle, snmn, less^ yoonger^ 
jnnior, least. 

*;a*BWT it. a. To release, set a liberty. 

V^fnCT ^. m. Exemption, liberty, libehK 
tion, disengagemeftt, dWivenmce, r^ 
lease, discharge. 

^S^S^ oc^. Dissolute. 

*i^^ «./. THssoluteness, 

VCTT 9. n. To he ndrfft, discharged, 
got rid of, te be let off; to be left or 
abandoned, to slip (from), to escape^ 
to be hT)eratod, loose, dishevelled 
( the hair ), to cease, te get loose, to 
leave, remain, slip away, to be dis^ 

^|^q«r i. m. Infancy, childhood. 

^j^jL V «./. Leisure, time^ 

^ZTTT 8. m. littleness. 

?rft «./. Leave, discharge release, wo^ 

quittal, ihne, leisure^ cessation, di»> 

engagement, intermisaioii^ dismissioify 

permission, freedom, 
^p^prr 0; a. To cause te let g(^ t» 

cause to set free. 
«f|v^T i». a T6 set free^ to to free^ 

Ifterate^ extricate, get rid o^, dis*- 

charge, remove, deliver,, dismiss j 

separate, exeept. 
^pfm •• m. Delivenmee; seltii^frBe. 
^^fMtf./. Ra&som; 
^gimi ^' I>^ed'by toiichhig, I^Md^ 

c<Hmipt» polluted ( 4fplMi6itd$t^, 

dkthsi, 4^. ). 
^ n^. Maa&i kw, little^ triffing.. { 

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C 198 > 


^BW*n t>. «. To b6 corrcealed, liidtl^n, i^ 
he absent, to disappear, to lurk. 

KiFPrT V' <»« To coAceal, to kide. 

^T s. m. A large knife, m amputating 
knife ; a rai&or. Chhumchhtf*if tj. 
Snick and ^nee^ (%htcng with knif ea. 

^ «./. A knife, scalpel. €A3^ri-faZtf 
dtm. lena. To be patient in difficmlties. 
GhhuH-bttari, $.f. Snick and snee, 
figkthig witk knives ^ cjnarrd. 

^irm I i>. a To make water slow- 

-^wpn •». ». To cause to toucli. 
^T«t \ •<??• Puerile, finical, lK>y- 

-iva^ s. m. Resemblance, likeness. 

^i^%r^j V. (». To whitewasli. 

^%m $• m, A date (Phofnix daetylifert^.) 

^yrwzs.f. Touch. 

1^ adj. Boyish, silly. 

^nrm t;. n. To cause to touch, &c. 

HHT^ft i. /• Candle given to a lying-in 

^t «./. Chalk. 

ij^«./. A gnat. 

^t^T adj. Foolish, silly, emptj. 

«H ^/« Bmpty, hoUow. «• m. Con- 

^^^4^dJ. <7on4emptable, despicable, mean. 

s.f, A pipe, a tube, canula, 
^ f. /. Ilemission, Waving ; striking 
•off hand or playing loose in fendag ; 
radiance ; or eplendour of jewels, re- 
flection of a mirror, Soc. ; giving 
Bioaeyoff hand or at will to jugglers, 
^c. at entertainments. 

^^ V. n. To be adrift, to be discharge 
ed, to «panty ^ be get «i4 of, to .es- 
<3ape, to be liberated, to be loose,: to 
t>e dishevelled ( the hair) ; to. eease, 
^t loose, leavoi ceowat sUp-O'WVt ^ 

be dismi«fle«l, to be let go, fa 

doned, to be left. 
IEH «. / Defilement^ contaminalioa, 

^T ty. tf. To touch, meddle with, fed* 

W* ^./. ? Sequefftration of goods. 
W9TY s. m. y Ckhmk imoy To conii* 


i^9«rT tr. tf . To detain, prevent, stef{^ 
retain, bar, restrdn, arrest. 

V^^T uin. X confiscator. 

mrnrf «. m. Sequestration of goods. 

iNrwr o. a. Tominct, to haefc, te pound* 

i^ 0dj. Domesticated^ tame ( m * 
•bird or hiOity. 

j|fr«iT If. a. To etop, det^ prevent^ 
retain, bar, restrain* 

i(tit% «./. Indirect speech, iminoaiUoiir 
doable entendre, faint, ^bc« 

1^ 9./. The act of irritating, irrita- 
tion, vexing, 4sc. Ckisr^chkmr^ or 
^bhsf'kh^tnif ^ /• Stricture animjid- 
zersion ; the act of vexing, provolt- 
ing, exciting, ice. 

iif^ «. <x. To irritate, vex, excite, fre^ 
trouble, disturb, molest, abase, in- 
fiult, aggress, touch, handle, stir uf, 
interrupt i to play on s musical iih- 

S(^ t, m, 'Touch, provocation, excite- 
ment, &o. 

«W f' m. A geometrical fignae ^ M^ 
land, plantation^ a «aored •r Wf 
plaoe ( Of KururJuhitr .)• 

ilnqRi «.^. The measurement (4r^#»- 
•ftfr /oo^ contents ) of n field, 4)f 4 
triangle or other geometrical figure. 

i(^ «. 911, 4- I^pK An orifice ; the d&Bto^ 
minator of n fraction ,* the divisoor* 

jiCfV s^m. That which penetrates^iAf 
thing to bore a hole with. 

mV^ 8,m. A. hole, an orifieeu 

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«?n » 

i m y 


j|j^i|r ir. «• To pierce, bortr, perforate, 
penetrate. [ abl. 

ihfT «• m. Om-d ; a amaH kind of cyra- 
l(i?t '•/• A chisel^ pnnch^ pkfoer. 

g^ J. ./.Welfare. 

IK«lvd «•/• A sort of kite ( Faie» f&n- 

iniy «• m. A fatiierles? son. 
if Off ir. »• TohfiTe a bad digestion. 
m^s./. A goat. 
««i «. m. A medicinal plant ( Conyea 

antkdminUea ). 
Iflif 4. 9». A mark, a pieeeof wood cot 

oft.. Chhecna hama^ To line oot^ mark. 
%pi^ 17. 0^ To pieree ot to bleed a ^or 

tree, to extract tern ; to nMtrk* 
j(«i|t «./. f A chiael, pnnck, piercer* 
1^ «. m. Cntkle^ akuu 
vn 9, m. Spaces, comm% ^ 
^ t« fpt. Victim ; shad^ abadow ; a 


S, / #• fw. A fop, a beaa. 

Jhv^^f^ ^. m. A coxcomb^ a fi>p» 

ll«F?^ a. m. Sproeeness* 

I^Ntma. Treacle. 

#v 1./ Seasoningy rdiah. 

vlw<i 9. m. Spices with wbieh food ia 

#wnKm o. tf. To fondle. 
l9?Kt «•/» Bodkin^ case for needlea-a 
- small cap foi children. 
^itm^l 9.m. A boj. 
m^ «./. A girl. 
W^ a./. A nurse ; bosom. Ohh0chb9 

kama. To fondle. 
#?! adj. Little, small, lees, younger^ 

jonior, least, &c. Chhota^fxra, mdj. 

Taried, variegated, various, great and 

small, bigh and low. 
^<^Yi.^/* Smalkess. 

V^NfifT V. a. To let go, emit fire, emit, 
forgive, forsake, leave, quit desert^ 
except, free, loose, omit, pardon, re- 
lease^ shoot, fire ( a ^an, ^c. ), spare^ 
abaadoD, abdicate, abetaw, breathe, 
resign^ discharge, lay aside. 

}s. «. R 

Release, omtssioir, 
sparing, letting 

#t^p^«rT V. a. To set free, deKver, dia- 

miflfe, separate, except. 
iflifiHV «./• Ransom* 
^21 a. /. Impurity,, defilement* 
itt^ 9./. The earth. 
1^ 9. m. A coat of paint, &c. Ckhc]^ 

chhap kanM, To shuffle op ; to plas* 

ter or repair a wall, &c. 
lihpiT IK tf. To fillrup, ahat ; paint, dye. 
1^ «« 91. Border ; edge : end ; a tow>-^ 

«(tr« 9^ 91. Abandoning, leaving.. 
^Kl «. m. A boy. OMora-c&Aori^ 9^ n. 

Boy and girl ; children, 
wttta./. AgirU 
Htm^ t). a. To peel, skin, excoriat^ 

pare, erase^ sorape. Ohholniy «./» A 

^itif 9. m* Affection ^ anger. 
ift^Kl a* m. A boy^ a lad. 
fihrt adj. Affectionate ; angty^ 
ifW9./. Seasoning, relish. 
mtm^ 9. m. Spices with which food ia 

JciV^ «• «»• To season. 
vNpt s. m. A scrambler* 
ift^ni t2. a. To scramhle. 
«rhn a. «. Young of any animaL 
itl^ /r*/* Gantonmenta, barracks. 
ich 9. m. The shaving of ti^ head or 

^^ni (Kij. Gay, cheerfoL. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C &00 > 


W The t1iii*d letter of tlie eeeoBd cltss 
of oonsoiuiHis, corresponding to the 
letter ^ ia j am. [cfeatore. 

m^ i, m. An animal^ a eentSent, being, 

«ri g. »' An amulet ; a masicfil instra- 
ment ; an iaeirument, an engine; 

Qfl^T s. nu A pitchfork. 

mv 9. nu When treasure, &e. ia horiedy 
an animal {Bom$Umei a man) is hilled 
and buried with it as a guard ; this 
animal is ealkd Jak, and receires 
orders to allow no one else .t(> take 
tip the treasure, &e. ; {viti.) a miser, 
called also, Jak ha gumashta^ or 

Bn(f 4T r. <r. To tighten, draw tight 
(as a hnot), bind, fasten, tie, pinion. 

^(^(^^adj. Tight. 

^KMs.m. A sort of demi-god, or fAiry, 
an attendant on Kwer^ l^e Indian 

tRer^ i. /. A female J4hh or a fairy. 

^Tf *. m. The world, l)he ttnirerse. 7ug^ 
bMdhUji.m. Friend of the world. 
Jag-jagatf s, m. The unirerse ; a 
feast, entertainment, eacrifice or reli- 
gious ceremony in which oblations 
are presented. 

imam «. w. ' Brass tinsel, thin plates 
of brass used in decoration. 

1ITT^^15^ f./. Splendour, much light, 
glitter. [buttress. 

if'Rl «. w. The world, the universe ; a 

UTO '^mw^adj: Enlightening the World. 

annif :^ 9. m. A tyrant. 

HWclW^ «. w. The destruction of the 

ilW<it ». m. The earth ; people, man- 
kind • a sort of metre, adg. More- 
able, locomotive, transitory. 

ipiAirw f. m. The world, tb<»veart|i^ 
sublunary tilings, 

inni«^ «. m. A name of Brahma ; tli« 
creator of the world, 

STifivm 8. w. Air, wind. 

^R^^^ *. /. Mother of the w6rld, an 
epithet of a Hindu goddess. 

aRT^TVT^ «. m. Air, wind f a. stay or 
supporter of the univarse. 

iPI^W 8. m. An epithet of VUhnu and 
of Shiv • lord of the world or universe. 

i|^:^[«cm «. IN. The expiration of a KaJfm 
or period of the world's existence. 

irw^ V. n. To awake, to rouse ; to be 
awake. Sugta^a^. Awake. 

iRiriw i« m. A form of Vi$kmu; a 
peculiar and cdebrated idol of this 
name is worshipped on the Coromani- 
del coast in Orissa, attd pilgrimage* 
are made to ike shrine of Sagannath^ 
from all parts of India. 

inTfWl adj. G-littering, splendid^ 

mrWT^T V. n. To glitte^ to ailing. 

iTTilwr^Z s./. Glitter, splendour^ ^are, 
mncb light. 

^^K 8, m. Armour, mail. 

^^% 8.f, Place, station, quarter, room, 
Tacancy, stead. Jagah akhama, v. «. 
To leave a blank. 

^mx s. m. Wakefulness ( oecasiontd 
by apprehensim or dinan ) ; cough- 
ing at night, vigils, vespers. 

9WWtfir «. /. Splendour, much light. 

^HT i>. o. To awake, wake, rouse from 


«^^ ) ;. m. A name of Vishnu and 
3|W^^ J Shh • God of the univerj^e. 

enilmftn «. m. The sacrificial thread or 
cord) wortt by the three first clasfiyes 
of Hindus over the left shoulder and 
under the right. [loins. 

s. m. Mens veneris i the hip auci 

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i ^l ) 

irff adj. Lait, hiidmogi ; low vile^ 
base. [fomrtk tribe. 

.W^ 9. m. A 5ikfr «r matt of the 
^'fW^ s, m, A Hindu mendicant wlio 
has matted hair and ring* a bell. cw^. 
Locomotive, moveable, removeable, 
in motion, mendicant, that which has 
motion as opposed to that which in 
«nrw adj. Desert, solitary, waste, jnn- 
ffle, wild. <5:c. 9, m. A forest, a wood. 
Jangal fhima^ or,-^'aaa, To ease 
one's self. 
«rrm a^j. Wild. «. m. A mnsical 

mode ; woody conntry, forest. 

«nr^ adj. s.f. Wild,saTage, barbarian, 

clown, boor. Jangli ptt/(tz, Sqnills 

( Erythroninm Tndicum ). Janglt hiUi, 

9.f. A wild cat. Jangli singliara^ 

9, m. Hermodactyl. Janglt kawwa^ 

9. 01. A raven. 

WIT*./. Iheleg; the thigh. 

'JWm «. «. To be examined, tried. 

proved, assayed. [proof. 

W^TW7 «. /. Test, trail, examination, 

^'n«Tm *. m. A cnstomer, a person to 

whose custom Brakmans^ barbers, 

and some others, have a legal claim. 

'rar^fpft s. n. The stipend paid by a 

jajmdn ; wife of ^jc^man. 
^^ s. /. An iron chain , 
'nft^ J. m. An island, peninsnla* 
^^mr *. m. Trouble, difficulty, plagne, 
embarrassment, perplexity; a swivel, 
^nvS{ g. m. Molester. 

^^ I. «•/. Matted hair, the hair mat' 
'I^T J ted as worn by the god Shiv, 

and by ascetics ; the long hairs occa- 

Bionidly clotted together, and bronght 

wer the head so as to project like a 

horn frwu the forekead, *at other 


times allowed to fail carelessly rnmr 
tbe back and shonMers ; the root of 
a tree, a fibroas root ; spikenard. 

'TCTT ft •• To pilfer, steal, defraad, 
snatch or seize by foree. 

^lenj^ «,/. The matted tnd braided 
hair of Skiv rolled on his head. 

^^^ «./• fte braided hair of Shi^ 
rolled OH his head. 

wynrr^ mdj. Whose hair is matted, 
s./ The cockscomb £ower (CeUmm 

^^in\^ s. /. Intttan spikenard ( VckU* 

riatM Safummnti ). 
W^R f . ai. A fabnlons bird mentioned 
in the story of RamOf as the sob of 
Anm, killed by JRawfn, Bdellinat. 
W^rfl adj. Wearing clotted liair 
W^rmr «./. Spikenard. [tenoia)^ 

irft «. /. Waved-leaf fig-tree (Fiats 
wfz?T <idj. Clotted, matted ; set, ctnd- 
ded ( withJ6w6U, 4rc.). t.f. Set work 
of jewels, Ac 
''irfew $, m. Waved-leaf tree. 
'Tft'ft adj. Having clotted hair, 
wizw s. m. A lion. s. /• Indian spike* 
nard ; long-pepper ; orris-root. chJ*, 
Having clotted or entangled hair. 
9I7W A freckle, a mark. 
^ZK s. m. Tlte bi^lly* 
^PTf T^ *. m. Cassia fistula. 
'I^'!! <»4?*. Hard, firm ; bonnd, tied, 
^rs^lf^ S' m. The nneasy sensation aris^ 

ing from hanger. 
^T^TTW 8, m. The uneasy sensation 
arising from hunger. [domen. 

mZKm s. m. Dropsy, water in the ab« 

So If.' \ ^^^^^ (brother-uncle). 

^ff s.f. A root, origin, foundation, base* 
basis, s. HI. An inanimate body, what 
is Toid of life, a blockhead, idiot^ 

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( 202 ) 

^olt. Jar 7c a Ihed. Essence, ndj. 
CoW, frigid, oil illy, «tupid, apathetic, 
wiwm^ ndj. Dilatorj, working slowly, 
^Tfrfl^if. wj. A brute. 
-^I^fmt «. «• Coldness, chilliness, im- 

^^T5./- Coldness, chilliness ; apathy, 
stnpidity ; immoveableness, stiffness, 
rigidity, torpor. 
^^^ *./. The act of setting jewels. 
^%n\ 1?- <». To strike, shake off; to 
join, make adhere ; to stud, bestnd, 
set jewels, fix, enchance. 
^W^^i^ ^. yn. Any substance that is 

devoid of animation. 
9!^^f «./. Boot and branch. Jarper- 

Ee ukhdrnay v, a. To extirpate. 
•m^^Z s. /. The trunk of a tree, 
^i^il'n V. a. To canseto set with jewels. 
9lf ffl «. /. Dullness of intellect. 
«i^«T^?l i. «». A dull stupid person, idiot. 
^W7^ «. m. Rice cropped at the end of 

the rainy season. 
fPl^ s. m. Cold, frost, winter ; idiocity, 
fatuity, stnpidity ; dulness, apathy, 
sluggishness of mind or body. 
I^jt «. /• i^rice of settmg jewels ; the 
^ act of setting jewels, 
•nrr^ adj. Set, studded with jewels. 
QTfPlT «. o. To be cold. t?. a. To cause 
Xq stud, to cause to set jewels. 

:;j^^;;-} Setting of jewels. 

^¥^^ I '• /• Warm clothes, winter 
«i^T^9r J dress. 

arf^ir pari. Set {with jewels, ^c), stud- 
ed. [jewels; a striker. 

^fV^ 8. m. A jeweller, one who sets 
9^t s, /. The root of a medicinal herb. 
«l^wzt s./. Medicinftl l^erbs, drqgs. 

^xm «. TO. A freckle, a mark. 
Wi «./. Manner, fashion, kind, 
ifHW «. »». Carefulness, remedy, csflre^ 
effort, endeavour. • ♦ 

aw'ft adj. Careful. 

arfnTT i>. <». To inform of, caution, wam» 
apprize, to remind, to declare, to ad- 
monish ; to proclaim ; make known, 
^mK( s: m. Lineage, family, pedigree, 

genealogy, dynasty, 
^jfc! s.f. A kind of musical rhytlim 

( generally sung al the holt). 
9r?Jt 0dj. Faithful to the marriage bed 
( a man ), religions person, deTOtee, 
a particular order of devotees ^ a sage 
whose passions are oompletely under 
WS s. m, Lac, a red dye, or aniqaal pig- 
ment analogous to cochineal, 
ar^v s, m. Lac • asafoetida. 
mfum s,f. A plant commonly called 

chahwat ; a bat. ^ 

oTdH^lW s. m. A man at chess or back'^ 

gammon, &c, 
«VV s, m. The collar bone, the clavicle, 
^tn s. m. A company, band, gang, 
party, class. Ja^/td hindhna. rTo 
form a party. 
mn\ jdi?.. As, so, like, in the manner 
of, according to, to the utmost of, 
Satha Jog^ In a proper manner^ suit- 
ably, properly. 
«rWT$ adv. In fact, exactly, truly. 
^^ adv. As, while, whilst, when,, M 
soon as, at the time when. Jad-t^h, 
or, — talak or, — lag, adv. Till, until, 
yet, whilst, as long as while. Jod- 
nah'tady adv. Constantly. 
iT^i||Ti^4T adv. So so. 
ar^n'ifl' adv^ Of the race of Jadu. . 
9icifg adv. Though, although* 
W\ #• nv. J!daB| individaally or. .^]Uctif^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 205 > 


ly, a mao, mankiuJ, a person, an 

individual. In comp, it has a plaral 

sense ; as Stfijariy Women. 
W^n s. m. A father, a progenitor ; the 

name of a king, sovereign of Mithila, 

and father of Sit(», 
«l*»*Jt ». in. The metropolis of Ritjah 

Janaky in the district of Tirhut, 
^^nvt^T t. m. An inhabitant of Janak- 

' pur. 
iW^ f. m. Female apartments, seraglio. 
^nnr^T S, »w. a Chandal^ a man of a 

low oir degraded tribe. 
^^^TTT^T i. m. Man and beast. 
^Tfm <./. Mankind, a nnmber of men. 
BfiT^ s. m. Birth, production ; family, 

race, lineage. 
^•WT 15. n. To be born. 
^W^ «. /. A mother ; tenderness, com- 
passion. a(2;. A parent, a proj^enitor. 
•[•RW «. nu Noise, clamour ; the sound 

of hnman voices. 
%ff^* $. m. One of the seven Lok$ 

or Hindu divisions of the world ; 

the division said to be inhabited by 

pioas men, after their decease 3 a 

superior sort of paradise. 
i|«r^^ «. »i. News, rumour, report. 
W'Wrar s, ffi. The place at the bride's 

house where the bridegroom and his 

train are received. 
SR^^T s./. News, tidings, intelligence. 
«RT s. m. A person, individual, part, 
' pass. Born ; a son. 
W«iit «./. A midwife. 
«l«ll«fl<l adv. Man by man, one by one 

^•iil^* s, m. Secret commun 'cation, 

whispering, speaking, aside, &c. 
^^fT^T «. a. To deliver, bring lo bed ; to 

inform, remind, tell, warn, point out, 

shew, seem, ?. m. Midwifery. 

Tiinj^ 6-. m, A signal. 

BT^pfT «. m. Any ' living creature^ aa 

«r*n^?( Sm m. X temporary hall. 

«lPf«BT s. m. Double entendre, an ex- 
pression having more than ono mean- 

»rf«iw ddj. Produced. 

Sffw^ir s. m. A father. 

sfftift »./. A mother. 

^4t 8. /, A woman in general ; a 
mother ; the wife of a son or bro- 
ther's son, &c. ; burth, production ; 
a maid-servant ; danghter-inlaw. 

^9 s. m. Birth, engenderment. 

^1^ conj. To wit, though, although^ 

'm^ f . ^' The braminical thread ; « 
flaw in a jewel. 

9^H «./• The company and attendants 
at a marriage feast. 

^«Nt s.f. A kind of grass (Dub ; A^ 
grostis Unearis ). 

^^ 8. m. The brahminioal thread, adv^ 
Like as, as. 

^'ft^T^'CW 84 m. Fame, 'glory. [wire. 

9^T <. ^* An instrument for drawing 

^jnmt u. a. To squeeze, to press. 

'9[^K 8. m. An amulet. 

^^ 8, m. An animal, a sentient being^ 
a creature, any being endowed with 
animal life ; it is more usually ap- 
plied however to beings of the lowest 

^^TT 8. m. A plant and vermifuge. 

i9r^.%9 8. m. Glomerous fig-tree (Ficui 

IT^^T 8,f, A kind df grass^(5accilcM*Mrf 

IT^ 8.tFt* A machine in general, any 
instrument or apparatus,' an engine ; 
a musical instrument ; an amulet ; 
juggling j au obeeiYatury j a dial. 

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{ m ) 


^C^m^ 9. m. JuggHttg J conjnriBg, 

encliantmg by figures aod iiicw*- 

^gpit »./. An inBtntment for drawing 

wire; a conquers, ft jugglWf « 

^Bfa^T s. m, A pitcBfork. 
^9^ v. n. To produce youug, to be 

deKf ered (<2f diiTii), to b* bom, 
IH^ *. m, Birtb, production, life. 
^i i ^^wiV S'f Genealogical table of life. 
W^trntm 9. m. riihmi, tbe bdt Of »tay 

of life. 
^I^n^ #• m, A fatber. 
inp^m «. m. Fatber J Sod (a$ thi gi^er 

of life or author cf existence^. 
tinrf^ «. »». Birtb-day. 
'9fmn 9. m. Birtb, prodoctwm. 
^niPfT ty. «. To be b^ro. 
?i|i||q?ft 9.f. Horoscope, nativity. 3<m- 

fM'patriB tidh mHna, 'To meet one's 


3!S2L'/« } Birtfi-place. 

WfXft^adj. YaletudiiMnrian. 

Tar^nm v.<$. To bej^et ; to mote Yegetate. 

Virr^K 9. ni. Regeneration, another 

birth^ another state of existence. 

' I t nii^Oit tidj. Aeqmred in a former 

irin^fti^'. Bom blind. [being. 

irNr^ 9. m. An animal, an existent 

^r^^n n, prop. Tbe son and svceessor 
of Rajah ParikMt. 

tunvtur? #. m. A festiral commemorat- 
ting tbe birth of KrUhnOf 

If^ s. m. A father; the friend, attend- 
ant, or companion of a bridegroom. 

ll^T «•/• The friend of a mother ; the 
relation or companion of a brid«> 
a bridesmaid^ See. 

IpH^T 9. m. The place at the bride's 

house where the bridegroens an^ hm 
train are receired. 

^YTt ? adif. Man by man, eveif 

"m^f^ y OQe. 

^TT 9» m. SilcDt repetition of the named 
of a deity, silent meditation, mutter-' 
ing prayers; repeating inaudibly 
passages from the Shasters -, adocar* 
tion, charms, names of a deity^ couDt^ 
ing silently the beads of a rosary, ^. 

^rm p<trt, Repeatmg prayers, wor- 

t. m, I>evotioD, adoration. 

I 17. a. To count one's b^adff, 

g^fift 5 to repeat the name of Qoi 
Hitemally, to recite the bead-roll to 
make mention, to repeat prayers 
in audibly. 

irqiRCTi|il 9. iw. A sage, one devoted to 
religious meditation. 

'm^m^T9.f. A rosary. 

«r^«inft«./. A kind of bag in which 
beads are held during their B^ital. 

^nr 9./. The fiower of the pla»t Mir- 
kur {Ckoms vii€09e^* 

^11^ 8^ m. An adoren 

irr When, at the time when, as soon 
aa» Jah-taky or— fa/f»A:, or,— fon; 
adi>. Till when, whilst, as long as. 
Jab-tc^f How and then. Jal^ja^ 
Whenerer Jab-ha-tal^, adv. At the 

4 time when, at the proper moment. 
Jubkahhi or, JckhkabhUf Whene?er. 
Jabhi, adv. At the time when, when, 
since. iaMagy adn. Till whefr, whilst, 
as long as. Jab-nah-tc^b, (»<i#. How 
and then, perpetually. SaMi, drffw 
At the rery time. Jot t #, Siae% 

«ri«r^ Whenever, at what time. 

-^fW^ Thejaw, orthepartoftho 
face from the cornea of the mottth 
to the ]aws« 

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( 205 ) 

m^^tnt i>. n. To be fillecl,io be folded, 
^f^r culj. Rigid, stiff, awkward. 
^fl«lf adj. Ill-shaped. 
BTW^ 8. nL An oppression, yiolence, 

«ril% adi9. Since. 

vpra^r As long as, till when, whilst. 
Ww^ Whilst. 
^R9?!rir g. m. A mnsical instrnment. 

^25 \ At the very time when, 
^fn adj. Unlucky, bad, ill. 

]^L I 8. m. The jaw. 

^pi ^. m. Pinto, the supposed regent 
of worlds belo^, or jndge of departed 
aon's^ death, ^am dul^ 8. m. Messen- 
ger of death. Sam dipa. 8, m. A 
lamp or illumination sacred to Pluto, 
lighted on the 18 th of Kartik, Krkhr 
paksha^ t. 6. Three days before the 

^HH <. m. Repeating of a word in dif- 
ferent significations (in rhefonc^ ; a 
twin, f ./. The state of succeeding or 
going on well. 

linnpa D. n. To succeed, go on well, 
fit, to be assembled. t>ukdn jamki, 
Buyers and sellers are collected in 
the shop. Larai jamki. The fight 
was joined. M<$jlt8 janiki. The assem- 
bly is full. Jfukaddama jamka, The 
cause is begun to be debated. 

VWrPlT 1^. ». To adjust, go on well, 
setilB, fix ; to assemble, crowd ta* 

^^|«lwe».M. Crowd, multitude. 

^tnm^adv. Ahrftys, constiHifly, perpe- 
tuaUy. li^tiitoT. 

%fi«4t »• frof. Hame of Paru8miC$ 

HH^ 8. m. Messenger q£ d«i^tht 

^HTTT tf. n. To germinate^ grow ; to he 
coagulated, congealed or fro2en, to 
consolidate ; to be collected, to clot ; 
to adhere, stick, cohere, set ; to 
pace in the manege. 
^<9f^T jr./. A curtain, tent, curtains^ 
^«K1V n. prop. The regent of death. 
^*fvi;«-/. Gaping, yawning. JciTiiaAat 

lena^ To gape, to yawn. 
^*nri'n t. «. To gape, to yawn. 
919)1 «./. An accumulation, sum total. 
^J!it 8. TO. A 9on-in-law. 
^wm «./. A body, a gathering. 
^flPiT V. tf. To collect ; sum up ; coa- 
gulate, freeze or make ice ; congeal^ 
consolidate ; to pace in the manege. 
^»IT9'ft^ 8. m. A purgative nnt i Ja- 

tropJia carca8 ; Croton Tiglium ). 
iSrHT^T 8, m. A crowd or multitude ; a 
collection, accumulation, accretion ; 
ismwz 8,f. Coagulation, agglutination^ 

congelation, consolidation. 
«riTl«nr^ s. m. A bulbous root. 
«n^^< 8. m. Landlord, land-holder. 
«r^^rO f. /. The state of a Inndholder. 
^rO^T n. prop,/. The river Jdkmuna. 
^riifli; «./. Gaping, yawning. 
711^^ IT 19. n. To ascertain, 
lipqift «. m. duaJL Husband and wife. 
^PfT^ f . m. An aquatic plant VaV,i8' 

neria ). 
W^^T «. tif. A fragrant plant ( Pai»- 

danu8 odarati88imu8 )• 
^f«f)^ f • m. Common lime ( Ciirm 
acida ) ; a plant called by some a 
sort of basil, with small leaves, 
tffiv^ #./. A fruit tree^ the rose sppU 

( Eugenia jatnbu )• 
mnj9 9. TO. A jackal j a low man,- th« 
the rose s^le. 

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( 206 ) 


divisions of the earthy inclading the 
whole of ffindustan, and said to he 
go named from the preceding plant 
abounding in it, and implying accbni- 
ing to the Puvdns, the central di?i- 
sion of the world, or the known 
world ; according to the Bouddhas, 
it is confined to India. 

^m^ s. m^ A fragrant plant (Pand^- 
nu8 odor^tisiimus ) ; the rose apple. 

Wr^f^ *. TO. The lime or citron, ap- 
parently of more than one species ; 
a plant, considered to be a kind of 
basil with small leaves. 

Wr^ f. m,f. Triumph, promotion, ad- 
vancement, preferment, conquest, 
victory, bravo ! huzza f all hail ! 
I. tn. A kind of mung or bean (Pha- 
fefihis vf»ungo ). 

"^r^^iR^n^ i. m. Rejoicings, triumph, 

vnrsrn^ ^./. Name of a musical mode. 

9r^79 «. m. A kind of drum. 

^r'l^Pf *• w. Shout of victory. 

^r^iT f . m. A plant ( jEsch/nomene 
9$$han ) ; name of a musical mode. 

Wii^ i.f. A tree { JEichynomene sef- 
h(tn ) ; a flag, a banner. 

^I^IT s. w. Record of victory or 
triumph ,• in law, the sealed and 
written award of the jadge in favor 
of either party. 

^r^^«^ s, m. A kinff, a sorereign ; { it 
is also the appelfation of several ceU- 
hrated Hindu princes) ; a. tree (Croton 
Tiglium ). [victory, 

^HnrrtT s.f. A necklace or garland of 

«r9<VT^ <• *»• The royal elephant. 

vr^ I 

W^Tf J. adj. Victorioui. 


^^m^ s.f. Xacklace er garland of 

W«H«? s. m. A shout or song of victory, 

or the exclamation Jd^ Ja^f. 
^B^rr a^j. Able to conquer, victoriouff. 
TK^s./. A fever. 

^THW 2 8. m. A kind of water-fowl. 
mK^K Old, decayed. 
Brw Old, decayed. 
W^^ adj. Hard, solid; hardhearted^ 

cruel, harsh ; old, decayed, infiim« 

s. 971. Decripitude. 
^^^ 1. 772. Cumin-seed ; a plant, yield* 

ing a pungent seed ( NiyeUa indtca) ; 

old age, becoming old and infirm. 
'9f<Jf\ adj. Old, ancient, advanced in 

years ; infirm, decayed* 
^<nt s.f. An eld woman. 
-91%^ *. /. Burning. 
^rt^T D. n. To bam, 
mVf^ adi9. Root and branch, entirely. 
^^T 9, /• Decrepitude, the general re- 

laxation and debility consequent upon 

old age, or old age itself ; a treo 

( Mimusops kauki ) ; a female demon, 

TW^fH s. m. Paroxysm of a fever. 

^Kl^K »dj. Infirm, decrepid, debilit- 
ated, old. 

V<:t>tt 9. o. To bum, kindle^ inflamei 
light, make jealous. 

V<T5 s, ni. The womb, the uterus. 

W^i^lT ^dj» Viviparous, born from the 
womb, as man and other animals. 

IKV^M s. m. A proper name ; a cele« 
brated king and warrior, sovereign of 
Magadhf fatber-in-iaw to K^ns,'9^d 
foe-to Krishna ; ho is said to- have 
been slain in single combat by Bhim^ 

Wtroaifvr i. m. Bhinaen^ the third c< 

the Pckndu princes. . 
'm^^ s.A A sort of woQden dart witb 

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( 207 ) 


an iron point. Janb cImIotm, To 

throvr the jetrib. [old age, 

^^^ 9, m, Skinniness, flesli flaccid wiili 
"Br^K A', m. IndraU banner or emblem ; 

an aqnaiie plant ( Vallunerut )^ tuij. 

Old, infirm. ' 
-^mnct^T acf;. Rugged, perforated, fnll 

of holes ; old, decsjed. 
-BTT adj. Old, decayed. 
wf^W B, m* Sesamnm, growing wild. 
W€ i. m» Witer ; frigidity ( moral^ 

mmt^l or physical), adj. Cold, stapid, 

apathetic, idiotic. 
^wi'Jrftr s* »». A water-4)ee* 
^rw^nni «' m. An aquatic plant {Tn$pa 

bispinosa ) ; a crocodile. 
W'lr^f^ s. rn. The gangetic porpoise or 

* water-ape. 
"^r^^nt i. m. The diver or water-crow. 
^^^Tl* 8. m. An elephant. 
1r^f€^T^ *. m. A shark, or accordmg 

io some, a large alligator (who 

moi^et prtetmntntly among the w^Ury 

^€1?V^ «. m. A water-hen, a diver. 
•gr^nw ti «./. The black-headed gull. 
W^lf'^nir B. m. An aquatic plant { Val- 

Utmeria ). 
^^5^*./. A water-plant. 
''I^^ *./• A whirlpool ; a pond, a 

pool ; a spring, a well. 
^9r^ $, m. The gangetic porpoise. 
V«nvsr Sm m. An aquatic plant ( Val- 

lisnerict ). 
^?li(h^ 8./. Sporting, or gamboling 

in the water, bathing for pleasure or 

'Qr^nj^ f • fii. A whpirlpool; a turtle, a 

tortoise ; a piece of water, a lake. 
'W^lW^ adj. Aquatic, moving or going 

in welter ( an amnrnl ). 
iTn^ I, mk A fiah ^ ilQtus ; 9k sh^ 

^^'ir^ o\ m, A fish, or any marine, 
aquatic, or ampUibions animal. 

^r'mr'n^ *- /. A leech. 

^^ror^T adj, ludignaut, outrageous. 

*5nWilT«n «. n. To be indignant. 

^rmrins 8. /. indignation, rage, pas- 
sion, anger. 

'm^'^n B' / A plant, said to be a sort 
of Biissta growing in or near water. 
adj. Water-bom, aquatic 

5T^f^lf 8, 772. A boat. 

^"sff «r 8. TO. A bivalve shell. 

•^mi^ s. TO. The mn^cal glasses, or 
harmonicon ; playing on glasses or 
china bowla by xabbing the edges ; a 
brass vessel in which water is put 
and the edges are beaten with two 

^r^WK^ «./. Name of a musical ia- 

^BT^uw 8, m. Ground half covered with * 
water, marshy ground. 

'm^^, s* TTi. A cloud ; a fragrant grass 
( Ctfdeins rotundus )• 

^^is^iapr 8, TO. The Sal tree ( Shorea 
robusta ). 

-m^^^ *• '«• A cloud ; the ocean ; a 
grass { Vi/pems rotundas ). 

^«>ilT^T «./. A steam or current of 

-^Tfff^ 8. TO. The ocean. 

"^mn 8. TO. Burning, heat, inflamma* 
tion.; passion, vexation, 

W^Rf 9 8. TO. An otter. 

sr^^fil s./. Tho two hands fall 'of 
water nut.y abandonment. Jalanjali 
Icama, To give up a practice. 

mmm *». d. To burn, to be burnt, to 
be kindled {rmt. ) To get into a pas* 
sion^ to be enraged,' to rage. J^l 
uthna, To break out ( asjipe ). Jal 
pufk^a^ To 1)0 iu » paMiQDi to rgg«. 

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a 208 ) 


JdZ bnjhna, To brand, to bnra to 
ashes. JeUe par non laganOy {liL to 
throw mU on m burn ). To triumph 
over in salt. 

^«f»lPf #. TO. The ocean. 

'Qf^ffiTTiT /». TO. A drain, a water course, 
a pipe along a wall or building for 
carrying off water-fall, the descent 
of a spring, &c. [niira). 

^^^^ 8. m, A drng ( Herpestes man- 

W^^^ «./. Vallisnerii$ ). 

ir^5»f^ f. TO. The dropsy. 

ir^n^*./. Water-fowl. 

^ro^fif t. TO. Vartm^ the mythological 
deity presiding over the watery ele- 
ment, the Hindu Neptnne. 

^«nni: «./. An olive ; the EUBoearpus 

^WX[m 8, TO. Drinking ( of water ), eat- 
ing, taking light food between meals, 
a Inncheon. 

^rwfiTcq^ s.f. An aquatic plant ( Com- 
meltna salici/oliay j-c. ) 

W^sn^ 8,f* An aquatic plant {PisU<$ 
8tratiot€8 ). 

^Wlftil 8. TO. The ehatah ( Cuculu8 me- 
lanoleiteo8) ; a fish. 

9^91^9 8, m. A dam, a dike, rocks or 
stones impeding a current. 

^m^^ s. TO. A fish. 

M^^m part. Burnt up or consumed 
with fire. 

^«^^^ s.f. Swimming, strikiag with 
the arms and legs in water. 

»T«^f Z 8 m. A bubble of water. 

Bf^WtJt 8, /. A kind of potherb ( ffiU 
ancha repent ). 

«r^^ s. fn, A cloud ; an aquatic plant 
{OommeUnd 8Mcif6Ut$ or bengaUnm). 

H?wHt 8. TO. A water-bee. 

•W*W s. TO. A detugOy flood iaimdation. 

WHlf^ 9.f. A water inflect. J 

9T9«fT^ i. TO. A waterman, a mermaid. 

3f9RT9r 8. m. A drain or issue from a 

^WiT^hr s. TO. An otter. 

9(mi^frf «, TO. Shiv^ of whom one form 
is water, implying his omnipreeence. 

TQTZl^ 8. m. A water-work, a machine 
for raising water &c., any contri- 
vance connected with that element. 

^ra^RH^f «. TO. A house or fabrie erect- 
ed in the midst of water, or subter- 
raneous apartments constructad in 
the bank of a river, for retiring to in 
the hot season ; a sumlner^housey 4c. 

^ra^Tf «• TO. A boat. 

'5l^^«!^ «, m. A whirlpooL 

^mfM 8, TO. A kind of crane, feeding 
or small fish chiefly, and therefore 
haunting swamps &o. 

f ^^V 8. TO. A gallinule. 

^*9VB 8. m. The F«jb, a kind of crana. 

wmmni «./, A wave, a billow. 

^^mfinr ? 8. TO. The HiU(* or Bable 
^OTW > fish ( Clupea alqsa ). 

sTfll'TTTT i>. a. To cause to burn. 

^r^ff^M 8, TO. An otter. 

5T9fif^f 8. TO. The autumnal Equinox> 
the moment of the Sun's entering 
Libra, occurring near the close of 
tlie annual rains. 

«T«9ftr« 8. TO. A prawn or shrimp 
( water-scorpion ). [ pike. 

^a^^ 8.m. A kind of fish, a sort of 

ar^«*2lT 8. TO. A burner. 

^nmnq <• m. Ft^J^v, who is supposed to 
sleepi borne by his serpent couch 
above the ocean, during the four 
monthft of the periodical rains in 
India. [waters. 

vr^mri: t* f. Fa^nv, as sleepiag on ^ 

vr^r^ff 8. TO. A fish, a 8ort< of pike 
{ JEeosc 9cUopa9 ) ike gpangetic por*^ 

Digitized by'LjOOQlC 


i m ) 


jfiHo^a ). s,/. A l«ech. 

*Wt«r^ ^./, Sleeping in water by way 

of mortification ; a fisii, 
«T^f y. w>. A small water ( or summer ) 

^r?rTT^ s. m. Cattle fish bone, consider- 
«l (Ts the indurated foam of the sea. 
^^T#. 7». A lake. [of water. 

srm^TT*. m. Appearance or semblance 
'WW s. m. An otter or water-cat. 
»mi'9tr 8, m, A natural waler-conrse or 

channel J a plant ( VoUisneiid). 
^ivnc s. m, A pond, a lake, a rescr- 

To7r, any piece of water. 
'mt^T i>. a. To bnrn, kindle, inflame, 

fire. li;^hf, roalce Jealous. 
^m^m I adj. Fretful, passionate, hot- 
^^TffTT \ tempered ; scorched. 
^Wmidj. FnU of water, wet. 
W'9T%^5./ A wen. 
'Wrww 8. m. The rainy season • sea 
of fresh water; an inundation, a 
flood, n deluge. 

^f^l^adi. Wet, charged with aqueous 

^^m'PHs,/. Firewood. I 

imw sm. A pond, a tank, a lake, a | 
reservoir, or any piece of water ; the 
ocean ; a fragrant grass ( Andropngon 
ftmrieatmn ). adj. Stupid ; dull, cold, 

^mj \ 'f- A leech, 
^ftwii «. ih. A fisherman. 
^%W^T *./. A plant (H^iotropium in- 
dietm ).' 

ym^ 9, m. Submarine fire, 


^^^"^ ^./, A Knd of sweetmeat. 

^'Tt *. 7». 'The myUiological doity of 
^^ter, Varun ; the ocean. 

^Bm)^ *. /. A leech. 

^rfl^m 8. m, A drain or channel; 
made on p^frpose for carrying off an 
oxcess of water, or such a channel 
made naturally by the overilow of n 
ri?er, Ac. 

ir^^ s. m. Drepsy. 

'BT'^tw^ y f./. A leech. 

^^.7^ I>i"eni»on, wrangling; p^afe^ 
babble, ' 

•rWT% adj, A chatterer, talking. mnA 

«Ki IbolisHy or improperly, 
•r^ 8. m. Barley. Jowjow hisab kna. To 
take a strict aocount, tho mark be- 
tween the jointa of the fi»ger. 
^^8./, ^Uce, 

W*f *./» A coarser, a fleet horse-; « 
coutttry, Ionia or Greece; a €beek 
or Mahomedan. 

^^ *. w. Mark in tlie jomta of the fin- 
gers ; a flower, the Chinarrose ( Ji*. 
iseug r98a sinensis) • a clove of garik^ 
« kind of stitch in needle-work. 
JdwedoTy Served in a p artkuliir 

^^it «, «!• A son-in-law. 

"m^TX^ A kind of eating fruit. 

9r«mnc 5, n. Impure salt-petre. 

"^^nr^ «. m- The young shoots of bar* 
ley presented hy Brahman8 to their 
disciples at the feast of Noaratr, 

^nrry^ 8. w. The China rose, the plant 
or its flower, 

irrn: *. m. The rise or flow of the tide 

•fWnr 8* m. Indian com. 

iTfT^T 8^ m. Grain mixed with barley 
as food for cattle^ 

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( n^ I 


9^4T«f 4. m, ▲ priokly bnah of irhioh 
tattis are made, tn^ with is eaten bj 
eamels ( Hedyiai^m athagi ). 

iiy «. f^. l^ame, character^ celebrity, 
repatatioQ^ famei renown, luck Jas- 
apj(^s, s, m* Gciod and evil, or the 
faToorable and unfavourble traits of 

It -' : ■ ' * 

one^B character. 
5?2^ > adj. Bepntabl^ reaowned. 



adj. ' Famous^ ffltstriottaiy re- 
nownedy celtbxated. 

m. Pewter. 

«Itf adv. Where, in which place, which 

<" place, Jahan tahan^ Here and there, 

* ^rirj whtre. Jdhan ka taha% Ererj- 
where^ in the same place as before. 
Jahan jaharty ad'O, Whererer. Jahttn 

^ iaMn^ adv. WhereTer. Jaha%UJty 

C. <Mk«; At far as. iahan»s€y Whence, 
from whick place. Jahan'-tahan phimay 

^ '5fe ttrajjfle, to wander. 

-^r^arfe. Wkererer. 

vWfT «.^ A plant, the flowers of which 

' resemble those of the kddtml, 

"^Irt^^ J. m. The period of l^e total 
dettmction of the world. 

«rar 5. m. The name of a'king or saint. 

^t^trm 'Iff./. The Ganges ; the river in 
its course is said tp hare disturbed 
the devotions of the saint Sahnu, 
upon which he drank np its water ; 
leaving released them at the inter- 
cession of the gods, he is thxts cousi- 

. der^d the parent of the stream. 

eiT pran, ting. Whom, What,' which, 
any one. 

^"[ii^dj, r. Bom. s,f. A daughter. 

^TTITV ff. /. Money { or other fledge) left j 

for a thing pnrcboBed, while It t» ^ 
ried away to be finally approved, 

^\m9.m. The thigh and leg. 

wNl^ 9. /. Strength, i>ower. 

"BTW (kdxf. With force,powerfnHy, loadlj. 

«lrtr«./. -iThe thigh. {indico). 

^j^ra «. m, A kind pf heron. ( Ariia 

'mfvn s. m, A kind of breeches that do 
not cover the thigh. 

«rl^ s.m. Trial, examination, teat, as- 
say, proof. 

'9s\%nt V. o. To examine, enqivre into, 

ascertain, try, prove, assay^ 

^fn f ./. A wooden trough for raising 

^m *. A A stone-mill for grinding 
com, a handmill of two stone^ one 
over the other ; a pair of bellows^ 

eiHff^ *. nu Money (or ether pledge) left 
for a thing purchased, while it is car* 
ried away to be finally appr9TecL 

wm «. fn» A religions, sacrifice. y}g^ 

"ITTO ^./. Watchfulneas, waki^^. 

WT'rf^^tfiy ddj. Possesfsed of or everting 
miracolons powers. [wake. 

wnm #. n. To awake, to be awake, to 

^\^n ^./. Vigil, iFfskefnlness, keeping 
watch, sitting up at night ( in a reU^ 
gioui oeremoiiff or j^rayen ), veapera^ 

irnrftr »,/. Waking, vigilanee. 

Wn? s,f. Place. 

^sTTiTT 9» m. A c^st of Ilindue. 

eiiwi'i^ «. /. Drowsiness, sleepinesa. 

^(^adj, Wak^l, watchfnl. 

IcWm «. iwu The francoHne partridge. 

^\lc^ adj. Rnral, picturej^jp^ diver- 
sified with hil), vale, wood, and water 
( country ) ; wild, jangliy barba^oQff, 

savtige. 5. /. Cowack ( Carpopf^QSk 
fruriena ). * 

^rnr^ s. m. Poison, venom. 

^iTfw ? ^^ »i. A snake-catcher^ % 
^Vp!?^ y dealer in antidotes, ii 

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( 211 ) 


WkAi * ddctof, one wto prtleudd 
ohitfly by charms to cure the bite of 
snakes or other repemouS animals. 
r^ '' /• Knowledge of poieons, the 
posseition of charms or drugs, and 
employment of them as antidotes ; a 
X>otherb ( Luffa acutangtda ). 

s. m. A 8ui6or, a solicitor^ a 
candidate, a beggar, a person who 
-goes about singing for charity, a 
petitioner, one who asks or solidts. 

m^m ^. a. To want, need) require, 
implofe^ solicit) ask, beg. 

%fw i. m* Braliman who presides at 
the performance of a religious cere-- 
' mony, an officiating priest * a player 
on cymbals or on the tabour. 

mw^ «./. A ctetli thrown orefr the 
carpet to sit on. 

vrt *. in, A tribe of EajfuU. 

Wr2Hl«. «•/ lL^\mii> {Bign&nid^ iUOi^e^ 

mz S. SI. The axis of an oil or sugar 
mill which presses the gtain or the 
canes; ar post plafcod by Hindus In 
the centre of a tank to mark its 

- being dedicated. 

«ri? j». m. The gums ( of tki Ueth ). 

^TWI s. m. Cold, coldnesd ; the winter. 

^ti\ i,f, A row 6f te(*th. 

m^ #. m. Coldness, apathy ; folly, 
stupidity^ dullness of intellect j cold- 
if*s^, fngidity. 

^m ddj* Born, produced, ettgendered ; 

^ a child, offsjiring: i.ifn. K^nd, sort,* 
class, a^ies, cast, seei^ tribe, race ; 
birtli, production. 

Vnnr #. m. A mendicant ; ddtrokg^al 

-realcidaiioB of a hatfWty. . 

«• fa^ A sacWiGciAl ceremony 
dnfeeted to be peifortned et the bitth 

sttihtIw 9. /. Pedigree. i 

Wf*f «./. Kind, sort, specie^, cisas, 

tribe ; birth, production ; lineage, 
race, family. 

"^if^^^^ s. m. Specific or generic dis^ 
iinction or. charaeteridtio ; marH ^r 
rtibe or caste. 

wrfa^^Hnr ^. m. Specific or generic cha« 
racter or nature* 

eiifn^i? adj. Outcastc, roid ef j^iste^ 

errat #./. Oreat-flowered jasmin ( Jdtr* 
. Tiuntim ^'0fidt/o}i4i» ) ; mace, nutmeg* 

eiwlTjiii 8.f. Mace* 

9Ff)q79 s. m. Nutmeg. 

em^9 $• m* Gum-myn*b* * 

^\^ adj^ Well-born, of good fttiily* 

eu«fai adj^ Bom Hind* 

ermij^/. AmcMoent (^^n4r»Z2jrtmp2^« 
( inff a/artnnaU moment ) ; pflgrim*' 
age ; departure, mareli^ jollru^ f 
procession^ a festival. 

^5?^^. ^. Tie lineage of Krishn^^ on«^' , 

of that race. 
eiin 8. M. A conjurer, ot astrologkv 

part. Knowing adj. Wise, intefli- 

gent. Janbujhkar, adv/ Knowing!// 

wilfully, purposely. 
9n>nf adj. Knowing, understandilig. • 
'HIT^wri;. a. To know, to understand/ to 

comprehend, to suppose, to trust. ' 
•rr'l^f «?. a. To know, understand, Uf 

comprehend, to suppose. 

efFW^^T^ #• SI. ' Ail fltequaintance, an 
intimate friend.r 

eriwfirir adv. Knowingly, wilfnllyw 

err'TITt adj. Going, passing away. 

^rm e. n. To gOy be, pass, reach, con^ 
tinue. Jdt^tf-reAiia, To be lest> mis^ 
sing, -to die, disappear, vanish, ^o 

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^itt 'f 

< n% y 


t(rni s. m. The knee. 

•^fXV^^ 9. nu The kneepan or pateUa. 

m^f^^f^ The knee joint. 

^ %mm^ ad^. Wittinglj or unwii- 

mA f^ '^. ^. T^ liberate, kt go ; to 
excuse, pass over ( as ^fmit). lane- 
'4^ NeTtr aahid, let alone, don't. 
^BTPit V. n. To go; underetand, suppose^ 

that is, videlicet, to wit. 
imrr v. *• To knoir, understand com- 
.jorekend, SBppose, beliere. deem, 
think, fancy, conceive, jndlge, ac^ 
count, esteem, to trast. 
fnv *. m. Repeatog inandibly passages 
fDmn^tbe thtnten, charms, names of a 
deity silent meditation, muttering of 
• prayers, co«nting silently one's beads. 
^It^% } i.m. One- who counts his 
^\^ > beads» or recites passage of 

the VeeU, prayere, Ac, inamdibly. 
inw ^. »• Mnzzle for large cattle ^ on, 

net for fmit ,- a cort of grass, 
^fpjt »./. Mnzzle for small cattle, 
i^riff s. TO, The rose-apple ( J%«iid: 
.jamhM^ :^^) ; the eighth part of » 

dayy watch of thr^e hfonrsv 
BHipr f./. A fmit. and tree so eiiled 
( Oalyptrantkes Qary^hyiUfohzm ; Eur- 
genia JamMaua ). ». »v Sonr milk, 
used to coagulate £vesh milk, namet, 
iprm^ acij, Grecian, Mahomed an, or 
their langu^e, ' [husband. 

f^fTHW 9. m. Son-in-law, dtattghler's 
WHT3 8. m. A daughter's husband, a 
^ son-ifl-laW; a husband,, a lord or 
master ; th^ sun-fiower ( Helianth^i 
aiiriims )> 
tnf^^s./. Night. 

tfT^ 9./. A virtuous and repectaWe 
-jyoTnan ; a sister. 

^WM f. m. The rose-apple, the/frtut*^ 
^l«r^ s^ m. A fttUaloas bear, laiber- 

iivlaw to ILrishna, 
WWA i.f' The wife ef KriAna, 

daughter ^f the bear, 
^n^ii *. ». Wame ef a bear, iko 
assisted iJaw- 

^lWi«^ «. m. Nutmeg { rm/tisticit ««- 
^ijX »r/. A wife, one wedded according 
to the perfect ritnal. t^j. w. Bwn. 
IS. m» A son. 
^nrrft *. m. du<a, Husband aadmfe. 
^nc ^. m. A paramomr, a gallant ; m- 

^KV «.w. /. An aawlterine,the<* 

of a woman by her gallsnt. 
m!^ fw 9]i. Firewood, fuel. 
^TT»ir If. a. To light,, kindle, bws, in- 
ffame. P^^^' 

WItJH ♦. ». Te bom, kindly kfliiM^ 
ITFC^ 8. m. A kind of wood {LagtrO^ 

Tuiafioi regmm )♦ 
^\%f(xri. Bnming, 
WWr «.». A netjBsaskfa Vffldot, 
a lattice, an eyelet, er loophole; 
magik, conjuring, illnsion, wp«f' 
natural deception, ididwr. adj. M 

culuted. JiJl-Wri, *•/• ^''<'^^''* 

^«3*l< 9. «• A conntry sitaated in ^ 

north'West of Indi^ appareatly ^ 

oi Lahoie. t^d perhaps the m«deo 

JaUindh(»r. f*^' 

WH3ITO adj. Am inhabitant of J«^ 

^rrm *. »"• Cobweb, a pelUele ; a j^ ; ' 

Apeck on the eye, a catarsei 
^Tf^W s. m. A spider j a fithermiBi' 

huziter using nets. 

^^m\ ckdj, A cheat, arogoe,*^ 

. bond, a conjurer, tt j^gg^^^'^^ 

who employs nets, &c., fof aU 



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( SIS ) 


\i»f. ApwBtinf room, (juror. 
imf^ i*^' A cheat^ a rogue, a cou- 
Hl^iMf;. Illwory, deceptive. *./. N#t- 
• work ; ibe integtunent in which n 
IfBtoB is enveloped ; a coil ; a eaul ; 
. m lattice, grate, trellis-work. Jdli 
ftamoy Expresses the hardening of 
. the stone of a mango. 
mm 8.m. A low man, one of a degrad- 
ed tribe or business, adj. Cruel, 
' barsh, severe ; inconsiderate, rash, 

acting without tbinkhie;. 
m^W *. «i. The red colotir procured 

from the UMi insect. 
'9r^S\ ? « /. Mace ( the sfice so caU- 

;■. \ ^* 

As much as, as many af« 

7 9. m. An ascetic, a sage, 
) one who has completely 

«nt^HT^ #./• The language of the 
Greeks or of the Mabomedmns. 

mm\ adj. Twins. 

Hm pron. From or of whom. 

i|T^ fron. rd, iing. In the dative case, 
to whomsoever. 

mH $. f. A flower ( Jamiwam grandi- 
fiorwn ) ; a fire-work resembling that 

ft r ^ fiffft ^ T adj. Fawning. 

^<rf«4^ s. ^« An exclamation expres- 
sive of surprise and pleasoie. ^igjigi 
lama, v. a. To fawn. 

iWtWTf./. Emulation, wisb to excel or 
overcome. [ j^^^ )• 

'ftrfiP i' /. Bengal madder ( Rubia man- 

ftrfWT s,f. A sister, a dog, a breast. 

iwrsm t.f. Asking, inquiring. 

I^l^n* i./. Husband's elder brother's 


fwiftadv. Where. 

t%r9<ft^ (idj. Of subdued passion, not to 

be provoked or made angry, 

fepiWT ) a($'* How much, so much^ as 
4^<it J mucb as, as many« ZUne^ 

. iR#»; In as much ( timi ) as' 

farflTiTT adj. Self-subdued, void of pas- 
sion. [ qner. 
fWW V. a. To cause to win or con- 

siib'liied his passions. 
f?V^f^9ilT «./ Coutiuence, subjugation 

- of the senses or passions. [ ses. 

f^iifsS^T adj. Having snbdued the sen- 
fV<9f adj: Conquerable, vinoible. 
fUfqpd adj^ Victorious, triumphant. 

<s, jn. Tb« city of Benares, 

fwc^X ddo. Where, wherever, whither, 
there. Jidhar Hdhar^ adv. Whither, 
bere and there ; every where. 

ftrir pron. reL inJUc. ph Whom, what, 
which. A negative particle. No, not. 
A prohibitive particle, Don't 4-. m. 
A jm, the genferic name of the per- 
sonage peciiliar to the Ji/n sect, who 
is ranked by them as superior to the 
gods of the other sects ; a saint and 
teacher; twenty-four J/ns are sup- 
posed to flourish in an Uvdedrpi, or 
di/n age, and their writers enumerrate 
those of the ages past, present, and 
to come ; a Buddh, a generic term 
applied to tlie chief sftints of the 
Bnddh sect, in the same manner as 
to those of the Jt/ne* 

%HT^T adj^ Abusive, foul-tongued, 

fisiw conj. Like, as, in such manner as, 

fonriTT v. 0. To feed^ to entertain. 

fwnm i. m. Life, souL adj. (nut). 

fmm^ «. a. To give Wfe, to vivify^ re- 
cover any thing almost dead ; to fos- 
ter, to patronize i to causo to live. 

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( 2U > 


f^^fT ^ «. m. Life, soni, gneat-lietri, 
ra'i^r 5 beloved ; annual wiiges to 

_ washermen and others. 

f^r^ ^j' Brave, coarageons. 

^nrmr i>. <». To give life to ; to thify, 
animate, recover anj thing almoat 
dead ; to foster, patronize. 

f^l^T^ V. a. To feed, to entertain ; to 
give life, to vivify, recover any thing 
almost dead ; to caase to live ; to 
foster, to patronize. 

fm^ pr0n. rel. sing. That, what, who, 

c whom, which, any oBd, Jh-tis, 
Whomever, whatever, some or other. 
JisjiSy Whichever, each of whidi Jtl 
J0gahf adt. Where, wherever, J is 
dam, ad^ When, while^ whilst. Jis 
tarahf adv. What fashion or manner, 
(in ) what manner, according to, . as 
Jis tara/^ adv. Wherever, Jxs-hsdry 
adv. To what degee, as, aa mncb as, 
whatever, whatsoever. Jis-kisi ka. Of 
whomever, whosesoever^ Jis Idsi^co^ 

. To whomever. 

ftrW fn/^- T^om That, what, who, whom. 

I^ITT*./. The tongue. 

ftriT^ *. w. The fir of the tongne. 

fWVi^T^ s. m. Licking, lapping. 

^ s,m. Life, sonl, self, spirit, mind. 
I Jt uthdna^ To withdratW one's friend* 
ship or desire. Ji bura kama. To 
Tomit, to have a nansea ; to be dii« 
pleased. Ji barhdna^ To be moder- 
ately desirons Jt bfkham^y v, n. To 
faint. Jt bharjana, To be at eiisd and 

• Contented Ji ajana, To have the mind 
suddenly fiiced ( on any thing ). Jt 

• JAtjI'antf, To be touched with com- 
passion or seized with grief. Jt hah" 
Zan^, To amusd^ oAeV wit, id dfsai- 
paterefledtion. Jt pan^y To under- 
•sfand one^s tumj^; to Ue highly. 

phased; fo escape froift iSiisfoiSt«i«b 
Jt poiu kama, To harites,. to tease^ t» 
plftgue, to perplex. Ji par, kisi^B^ 
ch/On^ To ohey« Ji par khdn^ To 
risk one^s life^ to run tho hixard. Jt 
paitjntf, or,— jil^ii#M#, or,--ft>M 
jan0f To be oompasaionatt, to fed 
affection, Ji pakrttj^tna, To bo sorry. 
Ji fhatjana^ Tv be brokenhearted* 
Ji pldrjana, To be contented ; to bo 
satiated o)r di4gil8te€l Jijalan^^ To 
befriend ; ^ plsgne, to perplex* . J| 
jotfiit. To be taxed or troirbled in maA, 
Ji chahna, To desire. Ji chhipanof otp 
— €kw\Hia, To do a work carelessly pr 
lazily, to neglect Ji chMna, To nsl 
bravely. Ji chaina^'U> (festre. Ji-ddn^ 
Granting life, pardbnlng a ci^ital 
crime, permission. Jidmnkama, To 
grant life, tO pardon a capitid crimoh 
Ji dhar0knaf' T^ have a palpitaiioii 
of the heart. Ji dub jono, Tty fainW 
Ji r»Mfia, Td be easily pleased, to 
{deaae. Ji is uiat jana^ To smY in 
the opinion of another ; to be brolben* 
hearted. Ji se matna^ To kUU Jf 
Idffitf, or,-<-Ao9ia, To desire, to w^ 
for. Jikhol ke kuchh kama. To do 
with pleasure or cheerfully. Ji ki 
eman manpti, To prefaee a diacoucls 
with excuse. Jikebadaljiden^y To 
take up the cause of anoth0r. Jightt 
jan0f To detest. Ji loffck o, To exdt^ 
desire or lovst to plsce. or fixtho 
mind. Ji lagnHf To ootf trdct^ affectjotL 
for any person or thing, to hanker 
after. Ji lena, To penetrato one^ 
thoughts ) to etcito one's deatro j . ip 
kill. J.t mama, To mortify ote'a 
i^mt0f to displease. Jt mitana, lb 
contract friendship. Ji-mtfn ana, Tb 
come into the midd, id occur. ^ 4ho 

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^It»p ^ 

f 219 r 


: tonwiiiad Tfifli iniTj ot jealousj. Jjk 
men ji afi#^ To be comforted. Jt^ 
tnen ghcsr kamtt, To be pleaent, 
agreeable or soce{>itbIe. Ji nih^lnm^ 

. To die • to desire or kre excessively ; 

to fear ezceediDgij* Jt Isotao, To be 

discouraged, to be depressed from 

. iear^ to be spiritless, Jt hat jcma, To 

'. detest. 

^ oie. Yes. t. ». Sir, master, madam. 

^ftm s. m. Pension, liTelihood* 

^itw^xm V. n. To corragate, to wrinkle; 

iftw «./. Winning, victory. 

^ftimr ^. 0. To win, conqtier, oTereome^ 
'i.M* Life, existence. 

*H*rT } '•'»• A winner. 

Bfter adj. Alive, living ; over, more, 

* above, iityi. ad^^ Alive, living. 
4tfii^ «./• Ifame of a Hmdn fast ob- 
served by women^ who have lost 

- aeveral ehiUren* to preserve the ?^- 

rit?T«;«. Awiftner. 
imK adf* VHm^^ whefever, there, 
efhr #• M. An o^d imm. 
fJNr p.fip TkO live. s. m. Living. 
^ t.f. The tongue. Jii^ barkana, To 

be loqjMoiotts and abusive ; to pvir- 

sae {deesf res beyond ooe^s reach 3il»h 
' pakfifrn^, To silence^ to intdiT^pt 
. <Qie'a di^coarse ^ to eritioise minntely 

Jibkjhuiatiay To pretend to wealth 
; filsely. Jibh chdtnay to long after of 
. covet attainable enjoyment, •lihh 

• 0ibbi|0, To boast beyond one's ah- 
' my. ^ibh dftb U^ bat kabrn, To 
, 8peai( with reserve* 3»bh. tatntf, To 
^ forbid by signs ; to graia^t the request 

of a petitioner v to be stn^k with 

terror or astonishment. Jibi nikfilffOt 
To be extremely fatigued or thirsty. 

W^wa <»dj. Plain-spoken, loqnacious. 

istift 8. 171. An instrument for cleaning 
the tongue ; a bit of a bridle, 

^»rT e. «. To eat. 

aftmt adj. Capital (a$ o crime) ; tnorti* 
fying one's desires. 

^K^k 9, m. Cumin- seed. 

^Vi o<&'. Old, decayed ; digested. • 

flfKr *. w. Cumin-seed. fcient. 

eftw #. w. An old man. di;. Old, an^ 
withered, decayed ; digested. 

ifltiaT «. /. Old age j in&mity, deeny. 

^W?W s. m. Old, worn, or tattered 

ift^iW^ 6, m, A fragrant grass ( Cy- 
perus rotundus ). [digestion* 

^ftfw *./. Old age, infirmity, decay; 

eflw #. /. A high note or tone in sing* 
ing or tnusio opposite to the bass, 
the treble. * 

e|Vv 8» m. AniiAated being, anitnal ; 
life, existence ; the sentient sou], the 
emanation of tho deity whi^h, it is 
be^eved, is incorporated with the ani- 
mal body, and gives it Ufe, motion, 
and sensation, henco also called J/V 
atman ; it is opposed to that abstr- 
act state of the sonl Pai-viatmtfn, in 
which, by meditating upoiv ita own 
divine nature and origin, the spirit 
is supposed to bo set at liberty fiom 
human feelings and passions. 

^v 6. «». A sweet heart, a lover, interj. 
Bravo ! 

i^m s. m. A tree ( PmtdfUra tomm^ 
tosa ) ; .a medicinal plant, considered 
as one of the eight principal drugs^ 
classed ^nder the name 
U»htvdrg * ap aaimi^y oay being en* 
dowed with life.. 

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( 2T6 > 




adj. Resolute, bold, brave, 

^Uz S courageous. 

«i1f ift^ «. m. A kind of bird, supposed 
to be a sort of pUeasant. 

^H^^^ s^m. A kind of bird, supposed 
to be a pheasant ; the Chakor or 
Greek par tiidge, 

«ft^^T 8, m. Tiie soul, life ; a sweet- 
heart, beloved ; annual wages to wash- 
ermen and others. [ ^*»ou8. 

Bllim part. Living, alive, adj. Victo- 

itt%fmi «./. A Himhi fa53t observed by 
women who have lost several chil- 
dren to preserve the remainder. 

#c*qiT s.f* A woman whose children 
are living. [alive. 

Brtiiqfe «./. A wife whose husband is 

aft^W s. m. Living property, live stock, 
wealth in flock and herds. 

«ft^ «. m. Life, existence ; livelihood, 
living, profession ; water ; a son. 

gives or restores life, 
ift^^*./. Jasmin. 
B f l <l< 1qiH 8.m. Livelihood, means of 

subsitence. [dead, 

•ft'f^t^^ «. »». A drug to revive the 
iftiW adj. Alive, living, existent. 
^^'^W «. 'w. A fowler, a bird-catcher. 
4t^f^^ s. 771. A parasite plant ( Epid- 

endron tesaeloidesy and otJier $pecies ) ; 

a plant Menispeimum glahum ), 
^V^ 8./. A tree ( Celiis orienialU ) ; 

a plant ( Menispeiimm glabrum ) ; 

{he Sam or Saen tree ( Mimosa at- 

hida ) ; yellow myrobalan ( Termin^ 
aHa chebuU$ )• 

vR^lH^Rir 8,m. A plant bearing seeds 
which are used in rosaries. 

^mt ft;t 8. m. The body. 

irft^ilK adj. Capital, («« crime) ; mor- 
tifying {jane^ 8 desires), I[sp"Dg. 

^W ?./. The mother of living ojff- 

i9^«m #. m. A' joiaf, an articiflatiiaiu 

^^rg j. i». A drug for re-asumacthig 
tbe dead ; life, existence. 

^%V^K s. m. The earth. 

^^mr s, m. The vital principle, or 
spirit ; that spirltnal essence which 
renders bodies susceptible of motion 
or sensation. 

efl^l^^ s. m. A fowler^ a bird-catcher. 

eftft^ «./. Livelihood, profesnon or 
occupation, by which a sobsistence 
is obtained ; pension. 

ljtf%9 8^ m. Living, life, existence, 

'^niQVrar 8. SB. Period or duratiov of 

. life, a life. 

^Hr^T anj. Living, alive, existent* 

"^ff ^ i. m. A name of Tam^ regent 
of death ; a lover, a husbaiid ; lord 
or master of existence ; a drug to 
revive the dead. s . 

^r??rm adj. Ruling life, master ef 
being ( applicable to oijects either ef 
re'oerence or offection ). 

^It adj. Alive, living, animate, a Ut« 
ing being. 

^TTKnr 17. n. To be discouraged, to be 
depressed from fear, to be spiritless, 

^Sm^s.m. A gambler. 

^> 8.f. Emotion, impulse ; a volame 
containing several books. 

e|iT 8, m. One of the four great Hindu 
periods ; a term used in the game of 
chousar ; a pair. Sugannjug, Agee of 
ages, from age to age, for ages. Sug^ 
jug, adv. Constantly, eternally. Ja^ 
phornaj or, — phutna, To cavse • 
difference between friends, lo fall eut. 

q«nr 8./. Address, dexterity, eootrt- 
yance, counsel, wit, a pun, art Swgai 
hohnoj To pun. Ju-gaUhetst, Puniler^ 
q^ibbler. Jtt^afJar/, ^. /. A ^qnibble^ 
pnn, witticism, economy. 

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f 217 ) 


yilft <Kf;. Artful, clever, cnnnittg, eco- 
nomical, facetious, punning. 

>fljft s, /. Fire-fly, glow-worm ; an 
oraament wora roaad the neck, 

-wrif s. m, Tlie fire-flj { L^rtLpyris ) - a 
jewel wora about tlie neck, 

^^^ > adj. Two, a pair, brace, couple. 
^W > 

^ir^ r. n. Tu bo careful of, to keep 
with care ; to lend labour, t. e^ To 
•asaigt another in his work in expect- 
ation of similar assistance being re- 
turned hereafter* 

^m^ adj. Two. 

^^TT^ilT v. a. To chew the cud« 

^wr^t./ The cud. 

^^1 s. m. ) CensuTe, abuse, reproach, 

^[^ iff./. J reviUng. 

3j^fir?I adj. Censured, abused, reproach- 
ed, reviled. 

WW t.m.f. A potherb {Conrml^ouUii 
4xrgmUeui). [abandoned. 

irff^ adj. Outcast, deserted, injured, 

^tm^rn. An engagement, a battle. 

^piTV ^91^ t?. <!. To sound warlike 
instruments in battle. 

9ZV «. ?n./. The matted hair of Shic 
or of ascetics ; anj knot or fillet of 

^^in ««. «. To close with, to engage in 
close fight, to unite, toclos(s to join 
{as the tdges 0f a Moound ) ; to stay, 

^fZHTf t7. d. To conglutinate. 

^v^ «. a. To be joined. 

^Ti <^ m. Twins. 

9^^ f./l The price of joining, mend- 
ing, &c. 

9^T -0. a. To cause to join, to cause 
to couple^ to get mended ; to tear 
the hair in token of grief and vex- 


^z\ 8, m, Twins. 

^cr (in compos. ) With, comiected>ith, 

united with, joined to, as, Dharmajut^ 

adj. Virtuous, 
^^^r^i V, a^ To cause to join or yoke, 
5jmta(f;. Arable, s.f. Tillage. Juia^ 

na, V, n. To be joined, to yoke ; t^ 

be tilled. 

^IWiT-u. tt. To beat with a slipper. .^ 

^I «. OT. Battle, war, fight. 

W«i s, m. Time, 

W«rt€l^./. A kind of grain* 

«mTTt «./. The moonlight. 

W«fTT^ 8. TO. A kind of grain. ( compris-^ 

ing many species, of which Indian 

com is one). 
WifffF*./. The moonlight. 
ejWH^*./. A young woman, damseL 
^m adj. Young, 
W^^ V. n. To be procured or obtained, 

to come to hand, to be joined, 
W^# V, n. To unite, to be joined. 
^K[ ^m i>. n. To procure, 
^^m -». n. To be comforted or pacified,' 

«. a. To procure. 
W^W adj. ProcuraWe. Jwrcw, t. m. 

il^n*./. A wife. 
^^ 8. m. Deceit, cheating, a trick, Jul- 

hoz, s^rruX knave, a cheat. 

^nft »./. A young woman, a damsel, 

^^frm s. TO. A king's aon, the heir-i^- 
rent, one appointed to the empire. 

W^ adj. Young, juvenile, s. m, A 
yoke, a young man or one of the 
virile age, or from sixteen to seventy. 

^j^T^ «, m. Large maize. 

"m^j^ «. m, A gambler; a thread 
stcetched over the bridge of a mu« 
sical instrument beneath the cords. 

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{ S18 J 


' "whereby the sonnd is said to im- 

^(^7K ;?. 77?. The Tvater of boiled pnlse, 
pease soap, porridge, &c. 

^^ s. m. The crumbs or remnants of a 
meal, or its leavings. 

%^ adj. Served, obliged, worshipped, 
gratified by service. 

•^TT^ 8, f, Hindu salutation, obeisance. 

^adv. Lord ! master \ sir j 

^gpa 5. m. A yoke ; a die, dice, a gam- 
ing, gambling. Jtwp khelnaj To gam^ 
ble. Juakhana, A gambling-house. 

^sr^JZ 8, m. A yoke. 

' ^-^Tft s. m. A gambler ; a thread 
stretched over the bridge of a musical 
instrument beneath the cords, where 
by the sound is said to improve. 

^* 8. /. A louse, ^un-mnnha, adj. 
Smooth-faced, hypocritical. 

^»m s.f. Manner, mode ; skill, clever- 
xiess; a pun, or doable meanmg. 
JngatbaZf A punster, or rather one 
who is fond of uttering double mean- 

•«i*fKI ^. n. To fight, to be killed in 
"battle. Jm;^ marm, To die fighting. 

^r^ 8. m. The matted hair of Shiv ; the 
clotted hair of an ascetic. 

•Wf^ adj. Cold. 8. jn. Coldness, the cold. 

TWWr 8. wi. Cold J the hair done up in a 
knot behind, the hinder part of a 

•9li\ s. f. An ague. [famous. 

•^TfT^TT adj. Beaten with slippers ,• m- 

^fciT 8. m. A slipper. 

^IffV 5,/. A shoe. Zuii-khox^ adj. Beaten 

with slippers ; mean, abject. ZuH 

jjyzar. s.f. -Scttffle. Zuti-kariy 8, /. 

Act of beating witli slippers. 

. "3jvr it. m. A band, a company, flock, 

t herd. 

3Itr s, w. A multitude of birds eg 

19^ s.m* Time. 

gpiT *. wi. A rope of grass ; a ring of 
twisted grass laid under a roimd- 
bottomed jar to prevent it from over- 

•^fT 8. m. A yoke. 

'5r€ 8. m. Guile. 


? 8. m. The water, of boiled pulse, 
5 pease soup, porridge, broth &c., 

^ 8. m. A yoke. 

•m%^ 8. m. Pits filled with water at tho 

bottom of mountains, 
^rft «. /. Jasmine ( Jasminum auriCU" 

latum ). 
WHH 8./. Gaping, yawning, 
^f^nt 8./. A kind of mimosa ( Mimosa 

oetandra ). 
5> fi'on. Who, which, what, 
■^^ite s./, A heap. 
§te 8.m. Husband's elder brother, 

name of the seeond Hindu month 

( May- June ). adj. Older, first-bora. 
^KT adj. Elder, first-bom ; husband's 

elder brother, 
iter adj. m. Elder, first-bom ; the first 

and strongest tint obtained from the 

kuium flower ( Carthamus tinctarius ). 
Sfdlift s.f. The wife of a husband's 

elder brother. 
^3t«?^ 8, m. Liquorice ( Glydrrhiza 

glabra ). [son. 

^^?r 8. m. Husband's elder brother's 
§t(iT adj. As much as, so much. Jeta-kij 

adv. Though, although. 
sfftWJ adjm As many, as much, 
^m s.f. A pocket. Jib'Jcatrdy i. m. A 

%?IT adj. Conquerable, fit or subject to 

be conquered. 
^K if. w. The membrane in which thq 

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( 219 ) 


foetus Is enyelopcd, the after-birtb, 
^51 s. m, A string or line of captives 
chained together, a string of bnckets 
passed over the Persian wheel. 
;SH^ s* w. A cord^ a strinj;^. 
^^ s.f. A string, a cord, a worm. 
^Jwin 1^. <». To eat. 

ghnrrc «./. A treat, feast, entertain- 
ment, banquet, 
if^ s.f. A cord, a string. 
i^alj. Eldest, chief. 
?ir^ s, m. Husband's elder brother, 
name of the second Hindu month 
( June-Juli/ ). adj. Older, first-born. 
i(^ i,f. One of the lunar mansion 

( the eighteenth). 
Br¥^ 8. /. A pile of pots filled with 
water and placed one over the other 
in order to be carried on, the head ; 
a ceremony preparative to marriapfo, 
in which pots fillled with water are 
piled over one another, the whole is 
crowned with a bowl of shaj^hal^ and 
the friends watch by it during the 
^igtt. [ ment. 

it^K s. f. The name of a female orna- 
^ <t(^. As much as. 
^ «, m, /. Triumph, promotion, ad- 
vaneement, preferment, conquest, 
victory, bravo » huzza J all hail f 
^yjykovy 9. m. Rejoicings, triumph, 
exultation. Jyjfjkar kamcty To hii2za, 
shout. J^^ald, s. /• Necklace or gar- 
land of victory. . 
3r5r^ s.f. A musical mode. 
^^m $. m, A kind of drum, 
iJh s. to. a plant (j^schynomsne eesidn) ; 
a musical mode. [queror. 

«T^^ 8. m, A hero, a victor, a con- 
^W 8. m. A conqueror, a victor. 
^^ (*dji Victorious, triumphaut^ 

^n s, w. A JffHf a follower nf Ihe prin- 
ciples of a J; 71, or teacher of hetero- 
dox notions, the chief of which are, 
the supremacy of certain religious 
pontiffs over the gods of the Hindus^ 
denial of the divine authority of iho 
Veds, and a disregard of the dis- 
tinction of castes, 

-m^rrm 8. m, A plant ( Oroiom Tiglimi). 

-9^ adj. As many times, as often as. 

^fm^ adj. Victorious. 

^SiPt 8. m. A celebrated saint and 
philosopher, founder of the uitai* 
mimdnsd school. * 

«l ^T ad}T. or adj. In the manor whciclr, 
wbat-like, as, such as, according as, 
Jf/^d chahijje. As may be desired, a? 
it ought, sufficiently. Jy^a tyta^ As 
well asy so so. ^ysa kck ti/sctf Pre- 
cisely the same unalteroi Sysvkki, 
As though, as if. 

^T v.ybf. Will go, will be. 

m^ 2dper8. pi fat. ion. of To go. 

^ pron. rel. Who, what^ which, that. 
conj. If, that, that which, because^ 
Jo jo. Whoever, whatever. Jo chiz^ 
What thing, whatever. Jo hichh^ 
Whoever. Jo koi, Whoever. JoJfciV 
Though, although, whichever. 

'rftWT^ *,/. A grain, Indian corn (iS^or- 
ghum mndgaris ). i. m. Flood-tide, 

^WiT MfZi 8, m. The flood-tide, and 

9|f arft>. As, when. J on- ton. In som^ 
way. J onion karke^ adv. In any 
way, by some means, somehow or 
other, as it could be done. Jon Tea 
tony As originally, in the same way^ 
as it was, as it was, as in reality, un-; ' 

aO* s. /. A leech, ^onk lagdna, Tor 

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( 220 ) 


wff^^ <^^^. In the same &taU. 

vd^iK adrf. In any wny. 

^fl^ «. m. Aloe wood or Agallochlim 

«lf^ arfir. In some way or other, 

• some how. 

^^ adv. As soon a^. 

flft* »./. A leecb. 

*w^/. Weight. 

iftifn i>. <r. To weigh. 

iftfwf f./. Risk, venture, peril, danger, 
achievement^ enterprise. Jokhtm 
uthdn^j To ran the hazard^ venture, 

^f%^ #. w. A risker. 

'ftwf *. /. Risk, venture, 

«fNr a. m. Junction, fitting ,- a fortu- 
jiate moment, opportunity, occasion ; 
penance^ devotion, intense medita- 
tion I certain division of a great 
circle, measured upon the EcHptic. 
adj Possible, capable, fit ( tVi comps. 
it answerB fo, die, worthy^ ^c). 

ifl'WT #. /. Suitableness, capability 

' abih'^ty, fitness. 

'^'ft «./. A class, of female deitic* 
supposed to he attendant on the 
goddess Dehi ; ( m aslrologrj ) spirits 
governing periods of good and ill 

^ITHTUT*./. A person's assuming any 
number of forms of his own body at 
pleasure ; a deceptive power which 
3ogU are supposed to possess. 

^Hflnf adj. Opportune, fit, proper, able, 
capaele, adequate, advisable, appo- 
site, applicable. [Jogi. 
,^TWnT s, m. The life and practice of a 
^Xm s. /. Female of Jogu 

^fr^Tt s. /. A female fiend or spirit, 
supposed io be attendant on and 
created by jpurjd j ( m MroJm )* 

spirits governing periods of gdod 
and ill luck. 
^^€ir s. m, A colour. 9.f, A mosieal 
mode ; a kind of pigeon. 

^ift s, m. A Hindu mendicant, a de^ 
votee ; a cast of Hindut Who are com:* 
monly weavers j they do not bam 
but bury their dead ; and the women 
are sometimes buried ali?e with tbetr 
husband's corpse. 

^?? > *. m. A devotee, aa]adorer» 

-^it^ adj. Accomplished, fit, capable, 
-gftvr^ *. w. A measure 'of four cos, 
-^fiz i. rn, A fellow, peer, one of a pair, 
a mate, a match, adj. Equal, evev, 
not odd. iot baiidhoma. To pair. 

ift^ «. m. Junction, Joint, joining, con- 
nexion, conjunction, a patch ; a seanr, 
society. Jor dena^ To cast up, to add 
the sum, Jortor,. $. m. Contrivance, 
arrangement^ mechanism, Joint, join* 
ng. Jorjtfr, «. m. Savings, collecting' 
by small quantities, scraping to- 

^fA #./• Calculation, reckoning. 

^^ 9, m. Solder ; rannet. 

^^T V. m. To Join, mend, patch ; t» 
add together ; to reckon, to east or 
sum or add up ; to get or rather to 
save and scrape up a fortune, <&c. ; 
to fabricate, cement, solder, xmite, set 
( a hone, ^e. ), to tie, annex, affix, 
invent, contrive, 

^BT^ 8. m. Joining, connexion, a paur, 
a couple ; a pair of shoes ; a suit ( ef 
clothes ) ; alchymy. 

TSft^lks.f. Joining. 

^it^ *./ A pair, a coaple. 

^iT f./. Cultvation, cultivated ImidJ^ 

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( 221 ) 


"^ I *• / Brilliancj, lustre, light ; 
^fh j ^e sanbeams ; the flame of a 

candle or lamp ; vision. Jot-man, adj, 

- Lmninons, bright, Jotimrup, adj. 
Xtuninons, self-resplendent ( an epi- 
thst of God ). 

^itWT 1?. 0. To yoke, to plough, to till, 

^2TT^ $, m, A ploughman, a husband- 

-Qftf^nr s, m. Astrology, astronomy. 

^f?nlt «. m. An astrologer, an astro- 

BftTft «•/. The string which suspends 
the scale of a balance. 

tit^ «. m. Fighting, battle. 

^jtm t. 971. A warrior, a combataut. 

S? > B.f. Pudendum muliebre. 

9|Hpr t. m. Puberty, adolescence^ prime, 

youth, ( miU ) breast, 
ufrtipilft «k(;./. At the age of puberty, 

fit to be married, youthful. 

^ \ s.f. A wife. 

'^Hm s. m. Fraud, deceit. Jola dena^ 
To deceive. 

^it^ fixrt. Sees, regards, observes. 

^ft^ D.d. To seC; to look at, to regard. 

^^ 9. m. An astrologer^ an astro- 

ift^ f . m. A trible of Hindm. 

^jtWT V. <». To expect, to look out for. 

«ft con;. If that. adi>. When, what 
time. Joulon, As long as. 

^ 8. m. Barley ; the mark between 
the joints of the finger 3ou,jou hiadb 
lenof To take a strict account. 

-^HTir V. a. To rail. 

T^Kmxi s. m. A retired room, a vault. 

#W «. ni. Dower, nuptial present. 


m. A grain, ioar ( Ho^ 
CM sorgum )• 

^?hf pr^. Who, what, which. T'^' 

ftfTt 8,f. A feast. 

^^«rad«. Until, as long as. 

^ftfH ck/;. Taught, expounded, made 

irfH s.f. Understanding, comprehen* 
sion, the exercise of the intellectual 
faculty. [derstood. 

inw ddj. Known, comprehended, un- 

UTflf^f TWf a.m. A man completely ver- 
sed in any science or ShcMir. 

HlcfT «. ^. One acquainted with anj 
thing. Gt/atapttmSf A learned man. 

tncTT^RT s. m. A name of Varddhaman, 
the last Jin or Jyn pontiff. 

inf? 9, m. A father; a distant kinsman, 
one who does not participate in the 
oblations of food water offered to 
deceased ancestors, 

^TO adj. Knowing, wise, intelligent. 

^n^ adj. Relationship, afiSnity. 

TfTT «. m. Knowledge in general ; un- 
derstanding, inteliect, intelligence ; 
knowledge of a specific and reUgious 
kind, that which is derived from 
meditation, and the study of philo- 
sophy which teaches man the ( now 
fallen ) divine nature and origin of 
his immaterial part with the unreality 
of corporal enjoyments or worldly 
forms, and which, separating him 
during life from terrestrial objects, is 
supposed to secure him after death, 
a final emancipation from existence, 
and re-union with the universal spirit; 
^r in other words, to exempt the 
soul from further transmigration* 
Gf/an dourdna. To meditate deeply. 

trPt^^^ s. m. One of the Jyn saints. 

trTTinT } adj. Wise, intelligent, know- 
irt^ ) ing, judicious, a sage, one 

possessing roligiQua wisdom* 

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( 222 > 


trifiTI s. m. An astrologer, a fortune- 
teller, a man prescient of fatnre 
events ; a sage, one possessing re- 
ligions wisdom or gf/(tn. 

^Tf«!^ adj. Wise, intelligent. 

'SJT^fig^ 8, m. An organ of perception 
or consciousness, the skin, tongue, 
eye, ear and intellect. 

'ZSJ^^ adj. Making known, giving infor- 
mation, proclaiming, m. One who 

TTT^iT 8. m. Making known, apprising, 
communicating, informing. [ fied. 

3ITpT7f adj. Revealed, discovered, notl- 

gm *./. A mother; the earth ; a bow- 

«fT'ft 1?. a. To cause to live, to give 

v> life to, to recover any one nlmost 
dead ; to foster, to patronise. 

^^ adj Best, most excellent, pre- 
eminent ; very old, oldest ; elder, 
elder-bom. 8. m. The month Jyeth 
( May-June ). 

^OTT 8. /. Seniority ; superiority. 

.^OTT^T S. m, A father's elder brother. 

^«W^ 8, »i. A JBrahviaHy as elder or 

^5r s.f. One of the asterisms conside- 
red as lunar mansions, the 18th com- 
prising three stars, of which one is 
Scorpionis, figured by a ring or ear- 
ring ; the middle finger, 

^ ^dv. As, how much, the more so, 
when, asif. Ji/an Jca tyorty Precisely 
the same, 

sqtfh^./. Light. 

s^ftfaq 8, m. Astronomical and astro- 
logical science, astronomy, astrology. 

^^f^f'si^ 8. m. An astrologer, 

o^ft^t s.f, A star, a plant, an aster- 
ism, s. 771. An astrologer, 9r astro- 

^fnasff ^» wi. A planetary or heavenly 
body : the generic term for the sua, 
the moon, a planet, an tstorism^ » 
ster ; the word in the m. pL ^oiish^ 
ka^ implies all these five. 

wtr?iiFT«i adj. Luminous, splendid, re- 
splendant, glorious. 

^it«ft^W 8. m. The pole-star* 

5^^r s.f. Moonlight. 

ait<\«rfff?r «. m The Chacor or Greek 

^it'l^^^ 8. TO. The tripod or tree of s 
lampstand, a candlesti^^k. 

o9t?t^ *•/• ^ moonlif^ht night, or a 
night in which the moon is full. 

sg'C 8. m. Fever, intermitting or eon- 

^Kini* adj. Anti-febrile, febrifuge. 

sq^Tftl 8, m. Feverish heat, or the hot 
paroxysm of fever. 

^^TtTtT 8./. A plssit ( Msdica^o escu- 
lenta ). 

^<t adj. Febrile, feilcrish, affected 
with fever. 

^»?i 8. m. Flame, blaze, light. 

^^*T 8. f, Flame. [ zing* 

3^if 8. m. Ugni or fire ; burning, bla^ 

s^f^H adj. Burnt ; blazing, flaming. 

^T^ *./. A grain, Indian corn, maize 
( Holcus sorgum ). 

^^T s.f. Flame, blaze. 

5qn?iTf«nyT 8. m. Ugni or fire, whose 
tongue is flame. 

5^n5jn8^ 8./, A place where subter- 
raneous fires break forth, an object 
of veneration the Hindus ; a volcano; 
a celebrated Jwaht-mulchi or volcano 
exists near Balkh, to which pilgrim- 
ages are made from Hindustan, the 
•oil abounding with hydrogenous 
gaa which takes ^e when coming in 
contact, with the external airj other^ 

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< 223 > 


wise, vents being tnft3«, a light is 
applied to the orifice and flame being 
kindled is fed by the stream of gas 
that escapes. 

«l the ninth consonant of the Nagari 
alphabet, the aspirate of the prece- 
ding letter, and corresponding in 
power to/h, 

9si s, m- The sonnd of platters or of any 
vessels of meta] striking against one 

another, clash of arras, as of sworbs, 

«^«n «./. Clinking, tingling, ringing. 
^^^\ \ V. fis To bo horrorstruck, have 
9)^9^ J the hair stand on end, to 

sthnddsr, rave, chatter, lament. 
^WT^T 5. w. An elk / a tree without 

^jiTT «• w. An upper garn^ent er vest, a 

coat a grown. 
^m ^ \< s. / Clinking, tinkling, ringing, 
9i«i? «./. Wrangling, perplexity, en- 

^Plfli\adj. Perplexing. 
i iH ^f adj. Peevish, fretful. 
afHf^TIT 19. n. To tinkle, clink, tingle, 

ring, gingle, rattle, 
HHi*il^s s, /. Peevishness, clinking ^ 

tinkling, ringing. 
ii*f<t *./. A lattice. 
?t'^ s. m. A banner, a flag, an ensign, 

a streamer, 
i'^rw adj. With thick handsome foli- 
age ( a tree ), with fine head of hair 

( <t child )• 
^*«iHr 1). n. To tan. ( in the sun ) v. a. 

To wash the feet by rubbingj/ianwan. 

»i^ «. /, Passion, emotion. J/iafc marndy 

* To act frnitlesbly or absurdly. ^haJdj 

ac/j. Passionate. 

^if'frd ^. /. Scrambling an J wrangling, 

iff^TT v. n. To rave, chatter, reflect 

W^fl »./. A milk-pail or vessel, 
*fi^n^^ adj. Shining, glittering with 

gold and silver, &c. brocade. 
Hi^K 5. m. Loss, misfortune. 

wStK\ s. m. Raining, a shower, a squall, 

a breeze, gust. 
mw\^\ ^. a. To drive or beat as wind 

or rain in a squall, to shake. 

«ff^^ s.f. The act of shaking in the 

^^^'TT i>. a. To shake. 

«iWf s. m. A squall, a storm, a tempest. 

i^flRt «. m. A chatterer, a prater, an 
useless talker. 

iiiWTT i>. n. To chatter. 

*5il^ «. m. A kind of hawk, 

«fiiF^pn v. n. To wrangle, quarrel, dis- 
pute, cavil, contend, squabble. 

HUn^f. «. m. Wrangling, quarrelling, 
contention, quarrel^ squabble, strife. 
Jhagra paktkrn^y To engage in an* 
other's quarrel. Jh(kgi*a ragroy s, m* 
Squabblmg and wrangling, brawl, 

ifTfT*lT V. tf. To set a wrangling. 

^^rftPT ? adj. Quarrelsome wrang- 
^W^r^ y ling, disputatious, con-^ 

tentious ; a brawler, an argnejr. 
li^r 8. m. An upper garment or vest, 

a coat, a gown. 
^^T s, m. A child's frock or shirt. 
nn«i^ s. m. A goglet. 
n^i^ s, m. A long beard. 
«imi^T^9iT '0, a. To browbeat, to speak 

snappishly to. 
ws^^^ 8. m. A kind of sweetmeat. 
m^^ s. m, A indistinct noise like the 

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< «24 f 


jangliDg of metal ornaments, n ring- 
ing, a rattling, &c. 

ijiW^t #./. A lattice. 

%li^r «./. Wind, wind and rain, a hcir- 
ricane, a gale ; a sharp clanging 
saund, jangling ; raining in large 

ii^rf'Wr 8, m. Wind with rain, a high 
wind in the rainy season, a typhoon 
or the sort of tempest frequent in 
the sonth-west monsoon • 

fi^RHT 8, n. Wind with rain, a storm, 
a squall. 

mz adj, Quick^ instantly. Jhat-se, or 
Jhatpaty adv. Quickly^ hastily. 

firjir «./. Twitch, stitch, toss, throw, 
jerk, shake. 

VR^mr V, n. To shake ; to become 
lean. n. a. To touse, twitch, pull, 
jerk. Jhata}i leni\ i^. a. To snatch. 

«S«T part Slaughtsred by cutting ofiP 
the head ( in the Hindu way)^ broken 
asunder or torn by a sudden jerk, 
torn to pieces^ I. m. A shake, a pnll, 
a twitch. 

iwsirmT ^. n. To shake, to pulL 

Kirzqz ad^. Quickly, hastily. 

«1i?m «• m. Flap, clap, rain blown with 
a strong wind. 

«wfz «• m. A smnll tree, a shrub, a bush. 

iiftfil ad^o. Quickly, speedily, instantly. 

^m t.f. Heavy rain ; the heat from a 
fire. 8. m./. A kind of lock. 

y^n r ? -0. a. To browbeat, ao speak 
tiifiriT > snappishly to, to threaten, 

to jerk. 
^i^«l««^lft «./. Mutual wrangling. 
1f*ir^I*II v. n. To shake, to jerk. 
W^^ 8.f. The act of falling oS {as of 

fruit from a tree ) ; snuff. 
m^ni V, n. To fall off ( 08 fruit, leaves 
&c, from a tree ), epiit, drop, fall, 

f^x 8. m. 1 

fw(t8.f \ 

f^9 './. 3 

A wild her tree Ztzg. 
phu8jujnha ). 

pour, ahake^ strain, to be8oani«d>' 
( the nou\iut ), to be discharged ( a 

^^f^ 8. /. Heat, fierceness ( ae of pep- 
per), acrimony ; sparring, contenticm, 

^vn\ «. n. To spar, fight ( as cocks, 
4rc, ), to contend. 

'irf^niirfqY #./. Fighting particularly 
of birds ) sparring, contention. 

nr^WT«TT u. a. To fight ( cocks or other' 
birds ), make to spar or contend. 

MT^^m t;. n. To bum, to be all in 
flames • 

W^^W «. a. To cause others to sweep. 

^m } *• **• ^^^^> ^^^> hXLTTJ. 

M!^V9T 8. m. A skyUght. 

^n«^ adj. Hastily, rapidly. 

^S^mr u. a. To get swept j to cause to 

be exorcised « 
^f\ 8. f. Continued rain, showers, 

Strom, wet weather j perquisites, 
MS^t^ 8. m. The end of the season ( of 

fruits, 4rc. ) going out season. 
ifWV #. /. Ringing, tinkling, clinking, 

tingling. [ ring. 

if^nPTT v. n. To tinkle, clink, tingle, 
^^ *. m. A banner, flag, an ensign, 

a streamer. 
«W^T adj. With thick handsome foli- 
age ( a tree ), with a fine head of hair 

( a chad ). 

HPT 8. m. The sound of platters or of 
any vessels of metal striking against 
one another, clash of arms ( as of 
swords, jrc, ). 

^H^ s,f. Ringing, tinkling, clinking, 
tingling ; clank, jingle. 

^imHT V. n. To tinkle, clink, tingle, 
ring, jingle. 

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if 1?2)i i 

^mnmx ». jt 'Chnting, imtling, rift gtog, 
clrtnk, j'mgle, nrattle. 
^Ttr^**? i>. a. Tt> ring. 
^^ /. TO. A "kin^ of rice. 
^Ta^;. Qttick, atft?. 'QtiickVy. Hapm, 
ad^. Qtiickhf, in a tree. JA^p A;A<ifna, 
17. n. To over^t ( a yapa* Me in 
^W «./. ' Fatimtig, wiiiking, &c. 
W**n «. ». To fan, to ThoTe to 'and 
fro ( a fan ). u. a. To spring ( «8 o 
ft'^^r ) ; io snatch ; to ^rnk. 
Hrwmr «. n. To wm'k, to twinkle, 
"^•rift s.f* A snaftob, a spring imofn 

iigtr ), drowsiness, wink, twinkle. 
^mz s.f. A snatcfli^ a spring {as'oj a 
iigeir ), rush, snap. Jhapat lena, Te 
snatch, snap vp. 
^T<5»ir r. n. To snatch, to spring, to 
^tack^ to attack suddenly, to spring 
or pounce npon, to fly at, snap at. 
1W7?T<«. m, Assanlt^ sadden attack ; iht 
spring of a figer ; a snateh. JkapaUa^ 
vuhyim, To smatch. 
'W^7^<ft «./. Hast^ hurry. 
iW^T3 «./. Quickness. 
^^J^l V. n. To take « nap. 
mm^ 8.f.X sboWer, 
itTi%9T ddj, Daceitfnl, fraudalent. 
Wf €1^ 1^ a. To ikstenisk 
WW?Jf a. m. Ah ornament. 
^r^I <»4;. Long-haired (cattU -or dogs), 
shaggy J bentcurved, bondrag ( «5 the 
bough cf iree >. 
Mf^i 8, m. A tassel. 
^^*./. Trappings. 
^^^T a4;. Long-haired {mi^ or dogs), 
^W?y ; l>«nt, carved, l^ending. ( ^ 

Hi'WI**/. GliUer. 

'Ifiii^r*. m. Splendour* 

^^%^\ «. «. To glitter ; to dance. 


j ^4^r #. m. Splemdour^ refnlgcnot ; tka 
clash or clatter of mcloHic substances. 

j '^•i^rfl V. a. To tjause to glitter -or 

^•f##./. Glance, glare, flitter* 

^*»it»T i adj. Hearily and during the 
^Wnt«l f whole day ( nrimng ). 
^«W^T«rT V. n. To sparkle^ tlhrne, gU|^« 
iffiTKiWfT^ 4<te. Drop by drop ( ai $m0il 
»•<»«« ). [n^ss, haste. 

it«n^f f . m, A heary shower ; quick- 
^<fi^fT «<(/• Heavily and during the 

whole d^ ( raining )^ 
MSK 8. /. Heavy rain ; the heat from c 
fire. Jhar barnOy To bnrn^ to be 8SX 
in flames; 
^V\\ 8. m, A akimmer .; a spriqg^ a 
cascade, v. n. To spring, to flow i t« 
fall oS {4H9ftnHt,leave8tiv, from th^ 
tree ). ... 

mvfin^ 17. n. To spar, to fight (ei t?octi^ 

j-c), to contend. 
ilT'twT «. w, A lattic, B window, 
iW«t ^ 8. m. A goglet. 
^'(f s. TiK A «kimn|etr ; « sprkgi $ 
cascade, t». n^ To spxing, to flow ; tgi 
fall off (a8/rui$yU&^ei^ ^o.from (ha 
iree ). 
^ir #./. Passion, anger, jealousy ; thf 

heat from a Are. 
^9rv «./. Brightness, glitter, glitfe^ 

refulgence, reflection of light. 
^^nf»!T i). n. To shine, to glare. 
m^^f 8. w> A blister. 
^t4^mr t>. a. To cause to sfain«, bright* 
an^ burnish. [splendotir* 

^W^^ s% m. Burning, brightnes9| 
MS^^ 8, f, A glance. 
^<?iiirw 8, fih Glaire, glitter. 
^«8HRfiiT v» «. To glitter, to glare ; 
to be in a passion ; to throlv ^^ 

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( 22fl ) 


^r«wmY7 «./. QMiUt, glare, eplend- 

onr ; smart, 
mn^f V. a. To fan, to noreto and 

fro (($i a fan), to flap. v. n. To he 

sol<iered or repaired* 
^flf^ini v..n. CAusoXoi jhalna. 
^fllPTUT «<i^ Snspicioiis ; jealous. 
^WHTiffi mdj. Luminous, resplendent, 

•miiroidered. *./. Splendour, glitter, 
^twmi t. a. To repair ( any thing of 

m€tal)y to solder, 
^^pitc adj. iSplendid, shining, cover- 

^ with jewels and ornaments. *. /. 

Splendour. [wood. 

«I*m f. m. A thicket, copse, under. 
Mnt* a. A Shadow • a freckle or black 

nark on the face (:not a mole). 
ym\w 9. f. A peep. «. ax. A herd of 

deer, a flook of birds, ^. 
iVl^irr V. a. To peep, to spy. 
m\w% Bushes, brambles, under- 

MrNlWfhft «. /. Peeping, bopeep. 
Him 8. m. A kind of deer. 
rti» «. /. cymbal ; anger, passion, pet, 

rage ; siillness, dreariness ; impatience 

(m 3 horse esepecUng hte com). 
H\MfZ 9. /. Wrangling, .squabbling, 

HrtUfi #. m. The name of an insect, 

eaterpillar, cabbage-worm. 
^fif^iTT adf. Passionate. 
n\^ 5./. A kind of play. (Children 

in the month of Asin go about at night, 
' dancing, legging, and carrying on 

their heads earthen pots perforated on 

all sidee^ within uhich lamps are kepi 

H'm s. m. A matted shutter. 
»wtq^T i». a. To cover, to shut. 
«lt«CT#<^i;. Black. 
H\%fft 8. f A \?iuk, coquetry ; a 

hot wind. JhaohUbdjtf A eoqiietM 
JhaonU Una, To ogle. 

iitf r 8. m. Pumice stone, pricks burnt 
to cinder. 

Hit^lf ^* a. To debauch, to seduce, to 
weedle, to coax ; to be inclined, to 
be agog, to be intent or set {on), 
to covet. 

«it€ A. flatterer, wfaeedler, sednccCf 

i^iPSi 8. m. A tree growing in marshy 
ground, whose tender branches are 
worked into baskets, and the dry 
wood is used as fuel {.Tamarix Indica)* 

mm 8. n. Foam^ froth (tf the ocean). 
scunu [ankles. 

m}Mtl t. fn. Cymbals or bells for the 

mmi 9* '»• An intoxicating mixture 
made with hhung or hemp» 

HXZ 8. m. An arbour, a bower, a place 
orergrown with ci'eepers; a wood, 
a thicket. 

nrv <• /• Jasmin. [ pkrad^ 

H\iiM{8iA A plant {Flacourtia eata- 

«irf ». m. Bushes, brambles, buib, 
shrub, brake, un4erwood ; a kind ef 
firework ; a lustre or chandelier ; a 
purge; continued rain. Jhar bdndk' 
nay To rain without ceasing. JAi** 
pahar. Digression. Jhar phunk, /. 9* 
Jnggling, conquering, hocus pocftt 
{particularly the bite of a snake of* a 
disease)* Zharjhaiah, i.f. Sweeping. 
Jharjhankar, t. m. Brambles, large 
dry bushes. Jhar jhur, 8,f, Sweep- 
ings * perquisites ; thicket. 

HVT^IS^ adj. Bushy, s. m. A fores*i 
the foret t of Byjanath, 

WV^ 9. /• Sweepings ; a coarse dotb 
for wiping furniture, &c« 

v. a. To sweep, brueh, skifiy 
clew), strain, knock off, dash, strike, 
flap, strike fire {as with a fiint)f W 

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( 227 > 


' beat (huaUs, 4rc.) Jhar pdchhor Itar 
dekknct, To try, to prove, to oxamine. 
Shdma phunhna, To exorcise, to 
repeat spells or charms* Jhar dalna^ 
To sweep out or away, dhar d^a, 
V. »t To bmsfa^ to clear away, 
linpr at?i?. Entirely. 
«f f^W i. /. Juggling, conjaring. 
W^ s. m. A stool, a pnrge. Jhara 
jhapta jofKx, To go to the necessary. 
JfMraJhapia Una, To search. Jharm 
phirfM, or Jhara jhatbt phtma^ To 
walk onaong the bashes (wUekmeang) 
to go to the necessary. Jhara dena. 
To submit to search. Jh^n-jhara^ ^ 
«. nu Sweepings of a (dmggi$e9) 
shop, eompoiind medicine. 

urnlt B. f. Forest, wood, imderwood, 

brushwood, copse, bnsh, brake, shn^. 

W^^. m./. A besom» broom, a doiset. 

JA(»iti-fc(»«A. or,— ftorAir, *. ». A 

sweeper ; the caste of ffalalkhor. 

itPTf a. m. A narrow-moQtlied basket. 

Mfm 8. f. Marshy land, fen. 

mnrr i« m. A leathern pot for measmr* 
iDg oil, ghee^ ^c. 

^r«)V «. is» A b«nit or Titrified briok» 

Urmt «• m, A small whetstone, nsed 
chiefly by housewives for sharpeaing 
tlieir spiadles, needles, &c. 

«V m 8. m. Pumice stoue, bucks burnt 
to ckiden 

W^ s./. A pitcher with a long neck 
aod a spout to it, an ewer \ forest, 
wood, auderwood, bruah-Ti[ood. 

Uriw 5. ». Sharpness, heat, fierineas {a$ 
of pepper)} acnmony ; a large basket^ 
joining or soldmng of metala. 

^m^m 19. a. To season (pieJiise) ; to po- 
lish, to clean ( plate) ; to solder. 

iWTiR 8. /. Fringe. Jhalardar, adj. 

WnWl 8. m. A spring ( ^ water). 

^^fVji./. Cymbals. 

Wrw 8.m. A tree {Tammix Indiea), 

f^^sms./, A start. 

^nwiT 1 t>. n. To start or boggfc, 

^WWr^ J to feel the senslitioih of 
the limbs being asleep, ot as rf pia» 
and needles were striking tbroogb 

filH«l«fr 1^. n. To start. 

f^me.f. Threat, jerk. 

f«ll^>fT > V, a. To browbeat, speak 
sff^pm ) Miappishly to, acoW, threat* 
en, jerk. 

fti^^T ftflnnlt *. /. Mutual wr«ngling4 

ftwy^ 1 8. /. KebuflT, spappishnesSy 

Hl^nft J frowning, jerk, rapereussion. 

ftHf ftfrtpwr tf. fi. To rage, rail, stonu. 

filWfiai adj. Raw-bound. 

%^ a<§. A shrub {Barleria criUata). 

fiV^fW^ 8. f. The tittkUng sensatfon 
felt when a limb is asleep. 

%^f^ 8. /« Eunttiog in a slender 
stream (water, ^c.). 

t^fi^lW ad^. Very thin. 

f^^fiim'if V. n. To trinkle, to riU. 

ftwd •./. A crickei. 

T^mmm 9.m. The netted Httoei of a 
bed or couch when wern. eoi and 
s^arated. tf<(^*. A couch ^ bad is 
said to bejhilgaf when the bottom ia 
worn out or broken. 

f^vnrr e. m, A kind of soldier. 

ftwvw #./. Armour, a coat .of mail; 
the visor of a helmet. Jhilam ka top. 
An iro« hf^met. 

ftu^fMW «• la. A kind ^gaoxe ; a shat- 
ter, a Venetian blind. 

%9ffm<i4^. Thin, spaiUifig. 

mrv^«T^r ^, n. To undulate as the 
flame of a candle 6t as water^t^ 
twinkle, to ecintiUate. <^ 

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f n9 ) 


f^ s.f. A aricket; a tHn §ltm, » 
pellicle ; the membrane in which th« 
foBinfl ii enveloped isetmndines) ', tbfr 
caul (om^»<Mm). 

,r. n. To griere, lament, think 
)f any thing with son-ow, 
re^mmend any thiog seri- 

y tr. n. 


^ghzs.m. Ast^etBTnan. 
^jlf^j «./. A ahrimpr a praw». »; m. 

Cucttmis acutangtdus : Xw/b a«ttfan- 

j^^X. s. m. A kittd of insect^ a eircket. 

jjj } <fc(;. Fin©, snbtU, thin. 

^^^./. A lake, 
nfl^ «. w. A eh ewer. 
%ffV»T ^* W'. Ta nod, to bo^, to stoop* 
"to be bent, especially downward« 
[as the bough cf alree),' to be tilted; 
to be a»gry, to be perplexed. 
m^X^\ «. *• To <5ati«^ ^ stoop, to tilt, 
"lend down^arfde ; ta bow, incline; to 

nod or make nod. 
mm^ ^* m. The state of betng bent 

downwards, »to6p. 
^mm.f. Stooping, Bpod^ gr betrd- 

ing downwards.' 
«IRHf^rT*lT ♦. n. T& be peevish or fretful ^ 
^tobo petnTant or irretaWe, to rage, 
t&nUyem. JhunjhUhat, s./^Veevishr 
fcess, ragiagr storming. 

I n. a. To belie, to tiiuilj^ 

^ir^mm \ v. 0. To prove to bo false, 
iC^f|i|| J to prove one in the wrong ^ 
^ie pelkfte ▼ietnals by touching them, 
&c. Jdunh jhutalna, To eat some- 
thing. Jfim/b munh jhntalna/ To 
^vt a man the lie to his faee* 
m^> ^' A bnsh^ braviible. 

Mi*>7/i. A shrub,' a httsb. 

^ — — 

m^f 8^* »»^. A erowd> a swarni:, floel 

" troop ; ilte bwzziog noise of Sk0iow4? 
a dump of ti-ees* ^has^ ^^ J^^^r 
Crowds, &c. used in^iwively. 

ip^r 8. m. A ataaUard, a banner, a fliag. 

fji^ «. /. A buflh; a taft of gi^afes. 

^8./. Slight resemhlan45C. 

%ll^-m^\ *. m. A child/8 rattle. 

vfi^m.^s.f. Little bells worn oa ih» 

>» >» 

nnm, s. m. The bcll-shaptd peadanLof 

^ ait ea»-ring ; the wainy Uraa Majw ; 
a bunek of flowers or fruits -^ itme 
(^faaowor. [(^i;^),topiae. 

HK'Jt ^. ^. To wither, to^ fade ifrm 

^^tkZS^M. Amnltitttde, a crowd, as- 
sembly, ballf a baitle, conflict; j 
shawl twisted round the head, 

mrRHWT*. ». To weed ; to wipe,clettr 
a&d plaster a house, &t^ 

V^ti^.f. A wrinkle. 

^iirrm V. a. To scorch, to singe (« 
"tU BmaU/e»ihersefa p^hsdpvil), 

MT^ilT ^. n. To swing, to dandle. 

mm ^n\ V. <». Te 8car,H© soige. 
«Jp!r^«fT ir. n. Te be singe*, seorehedor 

wrm^l^T tr. (t. To cause te siup, *• 

singe, sett, scorch. 

^If^PTT V. ». Te swing, sheve s 8fi«f 

"'in which others are, to rock (* 

cradh) j to dangle, to hang ; *» 

make another {a$ <$ dan) ^^' 

after one. 

ivr 8. m. A shirt or veet that eovcB 

"the body from the shoulder do*r 

,j'nr^>. •»• A bird's nest, 
^'mm i. /. Petylanee, peevisbucB^ 
^'initableuetis, rage. 

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( 229 ) 


^^^ 1 «./. Gronnd that prodnces 
mz^ J tiro crops yearly. 

HOTiiT^^./. L«avingi^. 

vvt «•/• A bush, a clmnp of grass. 

«va ) adj. False, t. m. A Ife. falseiiood. 
iC^ > JAu/^ muth^ False, untme. a^fv . 

Falsely, llmth bolna. To lie» to tett a 

lie, speaking falseliood. 

'W^T \ adj, Liar^ false ; ( among Hhv- 
^mzi y du6 ) that which h&9 toiiiQ)ie4 

food aad is thereby defiled^ offal, 

refaso, left (food ). t. m. Leavings of 

food. Jhutajhuta. ». iw. Offals, left 

food, ihuiha diaina, To eftt leaviogSy 

to be Tery wre^hed. Jhnthi m 

fuchhnct. To r.efase eren ceouaoft 

ivf ^. IB. A bash, bramble* 
wrr s. m. . A ripo cocoarDut ; a kmd «f 

HTf 9. m» Abttudauee of foliage ; 

waving, tmdalatiag. Jhwn jhimr Cla- 

ihering of the cloxids. 
irw «./• An assembly, a ball.; (met.) 

a battle, a» engagement. 
URiKT s. 9ii» The bell-shaped pendant 

of an ear-ring *t the cpnsUUaiion of 

the bear, 
ifinlt s. t A kind of ear-ring. 
^^ <r #• m. Oaihering of t)ie clouds* 
wpfT 19* !!• To wave, move the head np 

and down, slnmberx mo^e loese, 

gather ( lAs c2<m<l» )• 
i|W If. #. To ponad, jie grind ; to 

shake firoit from the tree* «« n. To 

«i^Ta<&'. Withered, 
a^ <. /• Body-cloftes .ofcattl^ honse 

ings, a bag, a wallet, a knapsiick. 
snm V. a. To swing (for txfvuu \ ; to 
, swing, dangle, hang^ oscillate. #. m. 
\ A kiud (^f poem, 

W^T ^. w.' A swing, the rope on WhWr 
people swing. 

mr s. 771. Mizzling rain. 

m^ S.f. An town opposite AUahahad, 

lift* S'f. A shove or push in swinging; 
the impulse of a squall or sudden 
blast of wind. ih^»k dena, To se4 
fire to ( pariicutarli/ $irAw^ &c.) \ to 
throw dust, <fec. ; to throw away (tlie 

• livBs 0fm9mu8€U$8)y). Jhonk khaHo^ 
To roll. 

i#INr>VT f . a. To cast, push, throw, toss^ 
t^ cast fuel ( into am oven ). ., . 

HfTsr 9. m. ) The hah* of the back part 
^iffit i. A y of the head -, the motioa 

of a ewing. Jhonta dma, To shake 

one's head with violence* 

.S^;;-{Acottagc,aI.ut. ^ 

vgtm 8, m. A bunch of fruit ^ a detb 

witlt eyelets wbieh cavers, the wholf 
. body ; a spiki». 

liFfT 9, m. A buneh,. A plu^er (^ffndty. 
^^tw 8,f. Ajolt^ a pufif or gust. 
MlNir #• m^ A blow, a eontacl^ colti8i<% 

a gust, bbst, breedoe or eanent. ( of 

wind )• [dulens heUy» 

4^ s. y»* A nest; the stomach ; a ^ei^- 
^litm •• 2». The stomal. 
vSm #• n.Pnefcering6r. wrinkling (da 

9/ Ui fMde cUtha^ ; a Utteir, bvoody 

farroW) batch, a birth. 
««t9T s. III. A stroke of the .sui^ ; the 

palsy ; a knapsack^ a wallets . 
^i\itt s.f, A wallet. 
mgtfM^ Tawiy.. . j 

nftm adj» Greatly burnt ot scorched* 
nl^i./. SqwabUing^ sounding dl the 

strings of a masica) insttumemiai 

iftfT] s. m. A tree {Tamavix liUUc^ 

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( 230 ) 


made into baskets^ and wlieii dry are 
ased as facl ; it grows in marsUes ; 
a basket without a coTer* 

7 The eleventh* consonant of the 
Nagri alphabet, and answers to the 
Enghish t in tin. 

ZW s. m. A weighty equal fo«r mishas : 
a sword. 

t^K^J «. n. To-be stitched. 

ZWIK r./. The twang {of ab^wntring). 

lUtV^ #. n. To twang. 

iiprt if, n. To be hung, to be suspended. 

^ft #./. The leg. 

zmft *./. {^^ of 2't*) a small axe. 

tm adj. Miserly • hard ; untraotable, 

^ i. m. Wrangling, altereation. squab- 
ble, strife. 

1^ f. /. Temper, nftature, diepoaitiem. 
Tak bandhna^ if. a. To stare, to gaze. 
Tak Idflfona, v. d. To expect, to leng 

e«^^ $.f. SUring, fixed look, to gaae. 
Tataki ftmtrfAjK*, To ragwd with a 
fixed look, to gaze. 

eiTR V. f^ To be stitehed« «. tf. Do 
stare at, to aim, peep, see, spy, watcl^ 
Tiew, behold, look, look for, attend. 

^^TfT •. tt. To loiock together the 
heads of two people, to daah the head 
on something, to daadi together^ ^ 
butt, ^. n. To grope in a dark place 
or passge. 

^^rem *./. A mint. Taksqt ka khotay 
adj. Spoilt in education « Tdsmi 
cW*Ana, e. n. To be educated. Titicml 
iaharmt^. TJnedneated, uttpaliahed, 
rude, unclassical. 

SSS"^} ^. w. Officeis of the ijjlit: 

zmji.m. Two pice oi Delhi, near^ 
equal in value to a penny, llngttali 
money, 6t -about two-thirda of an 

zwric ^./. A tax^ daty, colleotbil, im- 
position ; a cheap trull. 

t4t $/. Stare, fixed look ; aim, 

Z%^j f. m. A spindle. 

Z%n \ adj. Rich, possessed of ready 
Eirff J money. 

«<t< #./. The sound of « drum ; a fil- 
lip, tap. 

T^KJ 9. m. A fillip, a tap; a very small 
unripe mangoc; the sound of a drum. 

WPNt V, a. To fbrment. 

z4ht $. m. Two pioe or two-thirds of 
an anna, of Delhi, nearly a penny, 
English money. iMtmi 

WfilV e. m. A potherb (Chencpodium 

zmKs.m. Shoring, pushing, shouldering, 
blocking agahist, collision, striking 
a blow, butt, butting, the knocking 
of head to head ; equality TaU:ar 
khana^ v. <$. 1o stumble ; to be dash- 
ed against any thing • to meet with 
a loss or mwfortune. Takkar pahdr 
M Una, To enter the lists agamst an 
anUgoniit of greatly superior force. 
Takkar mdma, v. a> to knock 
against ; ( met. frrnn the eufpUanfi 
etrihing iheit heade en the ground ) to 
pray ; to curse. 

s^wrt. m. The ankle joint. 

Z^ 9. m. Borax ; Watitou play olf spoii; 
wandering of the mmd, e<mfuaion, 
per plexity. 

CT^T D. 11. To roU. 

Wtfidd^, Squint-eyed. 

1 e^Milv. 

J J «. «. To rolU 

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( 281 ) 


#.*. To roll; tobfltoeUed, to 

iswmm V. a. To foil. 

ZW 9,m. A kind of elephant or wood 
apple ; Bofftx ; n aptde or hoe ; a 
hatchet^ or ptone ^miter's ohieel ; a 
sword, a aeimitar, a aactificial hatebet 
or kaife ; a weight eqnal to ibnr 
mashai ; a weight of eilyer p«t for 
a coin. 

»?trfii «. m. The master of tIieDitot« 

ZW^mis./, A mint. [^c. 

Z^r 8. m. The jingle of plates, diebee. 

Z^vn 8. m. The wnlberry ( Jtfortti Im 
dica )• 

TS^fXK *. m. Sarprise* wonder ; fame, 
notoriety, the twang of a bow-atriag. 

inPK^I •. n. To twang. 

ZW 8. m. Hio leg ; Borax. 

zwrnw \ V, n. To be bnng, to be sas- 
^rwT $ pended. 

W^#./. The leg. 

Zflrft «./. A plant ( Ois8amp$ Jm tux- 

andra ). 
zmad^. Miserly ; hard, vniraotaUe, 
zzm »dj.. Fresh, new, reeent. 
ZZ^ 8./, The crowa of the head ; a 

fenee, a hedgel 
zvnmwj adj. Bankrnpt, or redaeed in 

cirenststaaceB ( a m4r<:h^nt i. 
W^'ft s. /• A pony mare. 
zfzm 8./, A screen^ a matted ehut^r. 

gfrft^ t *• / A bird, a sandpiper 
Zitwft J Tf%nga go^nsis ). 

z;ft«lT V. a. To fe^l for, grope, search 
for by feeling, tonch, finger, 

ZfK8.m, A mattf d shutter. . [dnmu 

Zifi #./• A Ue, a falsehood ; a kettle- 

ni «• m. A soreen, 

^ «. /. A sereen, a matted shatter ; 
a necessary office ; a frame i<^.iV 
Umioatign. Tatli bdndlma^ v. n. To 

draw np men in a close rank, Shikaf 

hi Utti hi ot hyihna, To do secretly j 

to form an ambnscade. 
Z^^i.m, A.ponyw 

zftm 8. /. A fiat disk need by Hindus^ 
«V f. m. Wrangling, altercation, 

squabble, strife. 
CT 8. m. Twang ; pride, conceit, rmxtf. 

Tan, A sonud, 
z^lSi.f. A harsh sound. [^<?.V 

E«Wrr *. m. The jingle ( qf plates, dishes, 
31T 8. m. Podendam miiliebre, clitoris. 
Z^TTT t?. a. To extend, to stretch. 
«q s. m. A spring, leap, bound, a drop 

of rain or other liquid ; somid. 
Z^W s^f. Fain^ throbbing ; sound mad# 

by dropping. Tapak nawU. #. m^ 

One who reports erroueonsly what h9 

pretends to have overheard, Tatpefc 

parna To drip. 
Z^m^J v. n. To drop when r\g^ ; to 

drip, disUI ; to throb, palpitate. 
Vmj 8. m. A drop of rain j imit falling 

when ripe ( particularly ma»gQU ) ^ « 

Z^mm «* a. To eanfe to drip, to diati}» 
Z^%J^ 8. m. Distillation. 
OT<t s, /. A small drop of raiii ; fmi* 

falling when ripe ( particularly iMcin- 

goes ) ; a windfall. 
CT^TIT tt. «. To jnmp over, to leap over* 
^^i!T V. a. To jump over. 2Vp-a-lotf, 

part. Qrojping. 
z^ q^«TT V. n. To thrnst otte*a s^f iata 

other peopled concerns, to iutermed- 

die, to iAterfere. 
^f^ITT '9, a. To coiise to jnmp over, 

to -cause to leap i to m^U^c t^ 

^T s, m. The post o|Bc^ ^ mode iit 

music ; the bound of a ball, &e. ; fl 

sort of hook ; a^ump, a bound. 2\ijit 

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' pa JchaiOy «. a. To bdrnid or ricochet 
< a gkot )• T^jm tiMvna, iK <k To 
WW or stitck ^ith interr«ls ? to read 
in a desultory manner. • 

5ri^^. T7I. Family. 

ZK adj. Intoxicated ; inattentire, re- 
gardless, like one intoxicated. 

ZKZK^.f, Chattering. 

^T^fHf^ i), a. To chatter. 

MKTS^ «. /. Chattering. 

tTTT I V- n. To fi:ire way. to shrink 
^^TT J from, ftinch ; to pass away. 

disa^car. retire. 
ZXl (^dj. Wicked, victons ( farticularty 

a horse ) ; stont. 
^TT V. a. To chatter. 
zm ^TTT D. n. To get out of the way, to 

disappear, vanish, pass away. 
8^nrT t), n. To give way, shririk from, 

from, finch ; to disappear, pass away, 
' retire. 

zm^ «./. A piece, a fragment. 
'^r'W^fiW «. o. To tantalize. 
Wl«rT t>. <t. To cattse to disappear, to 

cause to give way. 
^WT 8. Tff, A man who watches over a 

tal or stack of wood. 
eiN^^t i. m. Unprofitable employment, 

wasting of Ume. 
Z^m.f. Shooting pain, stitch, throb, 
e^^mr t>. n. to move, to sbake to have 
; -po^n, to decline in quality, 
z^^im «• <». To move^ to shake ; to 

• shoot with pain. 

jpgWT »>. H. To burst ( o« tight dloth or a 
pillow stuffed too full ), to split, to 

• erack« 

»^ 8. m. Tears. 

Z%^ i*/' Pain in the joints. 

•i<fitr '». ^ To pain. 

Z%TV 8. m. Beanty, freshnesis or splen- 

' dour, conspicnous At a distance, 

9^in 1.41. AbranidiOi'iargebeughel 

a tree. 

2%w(\ 9 J. A branch. 

j^'? i «./. SoUSe-wifery, honse- 

f f^<t^ J keeping, dmty, loryice, 

task, businees* work, job, use, drad- 

gery. ?aibC tc^or him<$ D. «• To 

serTB, to gftidge. Tnh0l laganoy e. «. 
To dance attendiUiee* 
»f^WT iJ. n. To walk backwards, and 

forwards, to take the air, to rove, to 

Z%m^s.f. A housewife. 
^W!1T 0. a. To lead about, to cause to 

walk backwards and forwards ( «i « 

hoi'se or chili ) y to make dance at- 
?^f 8. m. A manager of household 

concerns, a servant, a drudge. 
ZvAs^J* A housewife. 
Z^m 8. m. A poetical form of z%^ * 
Z%\ 8. «. The voice of a new bora 

zitm 8.m, A blow. 
Z\m A weight equal to four ««* 

Itai. 8,f, An iron pin ; a stitdi. 
jfifiiT V. <•• To stitch, to cobble. 
zlMK s. m, A blackguard, a lecher, a 

Z\%j 8. m. A stitch ; a tub made of 

stones ; solder. Tdnke lagdna, «. «• 

To stitch ; to solder. 
7t4t i./. A venereal chancre ; a squsre 

piece cut of a melon to ezasuine its 

quality ; a chisel. 
ZtW ^TT«n 1?. <». To stitch ; to solder. 
Zt8(8./. The leg. Tang tithana, To 

hai)g up, to hang ; to' be a catanaite. 
Z\^n 8. m. A kind of horse, a highlaBd 

2iw^ «. «. To hang up, dangle, hang 

by a stiing:. c^c. {not on m yg)^ 

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( 233 ) 


Zlfif *. /. A hatchet, 
^r^^ ) 5. /». A. kind of horse, a high- 
2'1^ J l^nd pony. Tanghan-numay 
adj. Like 4i ^dn^Aan. 

^T^ } (tdj. Pci-vevse, audacious, 

Zl^^\ 5 troublesome. 

ziz 8. f. The ctown of the head. 

^Rr (%dj. Powerful, strong, firm, solid. 

zr^lt*./. Solidity. [form. 

Z\^ s.f. A stage, a raised seat, plat- 

tvsj s. m. A venture ( of goods) ; name 

of a [dace in Oudh ; tho goods of a 

zrz s, TO. Canvas, sackcloth. Tatbdf. 

s. m. A weaver of canvas. 'H^tbafi^ 

s,f. Embroidery. 
2??* cKlj. Fresh, new, recent; juggling. 
Z\ti s. /. A screen, a matted shutter, 
Z\'i\ s»f» A small hatchet or axe, 
Z\^J 1?. a. To stretch, to pulL 
Zm s.f, A stroke with th« fore foot of 

a horse ; the sound of a horse's hoof 

in travelling ; a frame made of bam- 
boo for catching fish. 

zm^j i>. a. To paw with the fore feet 
( as ^ horse that U impatient ) ; to 
whore (a low 'phrase ). 

?nir 8, TO. A hen-coop, Tapa-(oi Icama, 
To trifle ; to grope, to rummage. 

Z\^ 8. m. An island. 

Zl^KS.f, A small lake. 

2n7n «. a. To move out of the way. 

Z\\\s.f. Distance. 

Zi^ vethal. n,f Evasion, putting aside, 
putting ofif or out of the way, reject- 
ing a request, s.f. A heap (of grain, 
&c. ), a stack, a rick ; baldness from 
age ; a turn or trick, in wrestling. 
TaZ kama, To put ofi* ; to heap. Tal 
mai-na, To heap ; to turn the scale 
fraudulently in weighing, 

Z\^f\^ s, m. Evasion, prevarication, i 
putting ofi*, shufiling, chicane. ! 

ZV^m «. a. To evade, prevaricate 
avoid, put oflf, postpone, defer ; f 
drive out of the way, put or i/ 
aside, ward off, fend, obviate, w e, 
remove, prevent. 

3[^«l2t^ ^ TO. Evasion, prevarication, 
putting off, shuffling, chicane, fraud, 

zjm\ i^.m. Evasion ; a rick, heap, stack, 
Tala hala hatana, To put off, 

Z]^ S.f. A sort of musical instrument, 

fjcfe^t s.f. A lizard. 

fz^'it s. /. A teapoy or stooL * 

fj^fT V. n. To stop, remain in any 
place, to be detained, to lodge, stay^ 
tarry. ♦ 

fe^^ s.f. A wafer, a small round 
cake ; an ornament worn on the fore- 

SirT adj. Durable, lasting. 

f^fTTT t7. a. To retain, fix in any place^ 
stop, billet, lodge, station. 

fe^TW 8. TO. Stability, permauence. 

i^r^IRT s.f, A small cake of bread, a 
little cake charcoal for the hukkcf, a 
water, a bolus. 

fe«h; *, TO. A cataplasm/ a poultice. 

few? 8. /. A thick cake of bread. 

felft 8. f. A small cake of bread. Ti^Jfct 
lagana, «. a. To form a connexion, 
make interest, earn a scanty Jiveli-" 

f^^^lT V. n. To be melted, rarely. 

fe^lTPCTT i>. a. To urge an animal by 

fzz^^ s.f. The noise made by draw- 
ing the tongue from the roof of the 
mouth, to make horses, c&c, proceed. 

fzjt^n I A sand piper {Trinya or go- 
fzit%tt 3 ensfs). 

ter?*! 5. TO. A bird ( Fana jacana, ox 

goensis ). 

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{ 284 ) 


fZ^Rj s. m. A grasshopper, 
ft^ s, f. A locnst. 
feqiiT s. 7w. A stain of any colour ap- 
plied by the finger, 
fe^if*./. Annotation, 
feartt 8./. A gloss, a comment, 
fz^^ s. /. Pride, arrogance. 
fzHTlT V. a. To give small daily allow- j 
anc<?.. such as merely to save one ' 
from starving. 
^HTW s. m. A small daily allowance. 
fe*lfe*T s* m. A sound. 
fenfem'IT «. ». To give a faint light, 
fzftl?iT 8. /. A young hen. 
fzm^ «. m. A flatterer. 
fi%Kl «./. A small village. 
ifz <• w*. The ripe fruit of kdril ; a 
spock on the eye. [ neck, 

itv s» /. An ornament for the head and 
itm 8, m. A mark or marks made with 
coloured earths or unguents upon 
the forehead and between the eye- 
brows, either as an ornament or sec- 
tarial distinction ; an ornament worn 
on ihe forehead ; the nuptial gifts or 
engagement ; inoculation, #. /. A 
commentary. Tika bhejna, To send 
the nuptial gifts, which are present- 
ed by the relations of the pride to 
the birdegroom, Tika lenaj To accept 
the nuptial gifts. 
^W <tdj. Invested with the itkd or 

of sovereignty. 
f^Z^^ f./, A sort of medicine. 
2t^ s.f. A locust. 

;it^ 8, /. A note of hand, a cheek ; 
drawing a card ; raising the voice in 
singing ; the noting of any thing ; 
the act of pressing, compressing. 
Tip lena, i>. a. To draw a card. 
^'7^l^ s.f. Ornament; the act of 
pressing or compressing. 

5)q«TT V. a. To press, to compress, to 

grope, feel, squeeze. 
•i\K «./. A transverse piece in cloths, 

or a breadth cut diagonally. 
i\^ 8. /. A young hen ; a woman ( 8o 

named in contempt ). 
iim 8. m. A rising ground, a small 

hill, a mount, a ridge, a hillock. 
ft^ s.f. A throb, throbbing, a shooting 

pain, lis marna^ To throb, shoot, 

TisnOy V. n. To palpitate, throb. 
Z'iim adj. Tiny, Tuniya iota, A kind of 

Z^ adj. A little. 

Z%^\ 8. m. A piece, bit, portion, divi- 
sion, morsel. Tukra-yaday A beggar 

for a bit of bread. 
3^^ <nij. A little. 
3TT 8. m. Scut, a short tail. 
^TI^ 8. /. Pecking, nibbling, of fruit, 

&c.f more for amusement than from 

nr 8. ni. A rake, a blaek-guard. 
J^fim 1?. a. To tune slowly. 
Z^ 8.m, A hand or branch that has 

been cut off. 
z^T adj Handless, whose hands have 

been cut off, or one born without 

hands, a. m. The knob in the back 

part of a turband. Tundedar, s. w. 

A turband which has a knob in the 

hinder part. 
z^ f. /. The navel, aij. /. Handkss. 

Tundii/an kasna, or, — cliarhana^ or, 

— bandhana^ To tie the hands behind 
the back. 
3^qT«fT V e». To have buried, to cause to 

zjm 8.f. The sound of water drop- 
ping ; soi;nd of gurgb'ng. 
3^^[^1l V. n. To cry, to weep. 
2 1^11 V. 11. To cry. 

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( 235 ) 


'^ s, m. Ventris crepitus, Tun karna, 

Crepitnm ventris edere. 
eifTT V. «. To peck, nibble^ chew 

straws, &c., for amusement ; to pick ; 

to piddle. 
^'^rr^Nft «./. Pecking and nibbling. 
z'^it s,f. The navol ; a small branch or 

stnrap of a tree, broken at the end 

and leafless. 

^ > 5. Tw. A piece, a little, particle, 

71VT S an atom, a bit ; a single beat 
of a drum. 

ZZ «./. Fracture, breaking, break ; 
mis-understanding of coolness be- 
tween friends, harm, loss, deficiency ; 
a passage omitted in the writing of a 
book, which is afterwards written in 
the margin, TrUjana, To be broken ; 
to become ill, to pine. Tut pama^ To 
break in upon, to msh in, to be col- 
lected in crowds. Tut rahtiKt^ To be 
distressed, to be weary, to be reduc- 
ed to poverty, to pine away ; to be 

ZZ^ t). n. To break, to be broken, to 
burst, fail, break forth or rush upon, 
to assault, to attack, to charge, to 

Z Z\ p<^rt. Broken, decayed, s. m» Loss 
failure, deficiency. Tidt-phuta, adj. 
Fragments, broken to pieces. 

^«T s, m. Trifles ; an ornament ; a frame 
for pigeons to perch on. Turn tarn, 
s. m, A few trifles ; an ornament. 
Turn dena. To push gently. 

z^\ s.f. A bud. 

i'ft *./. Teasing. 

ZZ B.m* The ripe fruit of kanl ; a 

speck on the eye. 
2 2«: s. m. Name of a fruit. 

?2r s.m, A large ripe fruit of haril ; ^ 

fizgig ; speaking inconsiderately, 
ZZ^ 8. /. Name of a fruit ; speaking in* 

Z'Z^j 8. m. The windpipe, the throat. 
Z'%' g, wi. An imitative sound, an in* 

articulate sound. 
3^ 5./. A prop, a pillar, reliance ; a 

promise, a vow. 7'ek rakanay To leaa 

j %m^ s. m. A prop, suppoii;. 
Sif ni V. n. To support, to prop. 

i^^T \ ** "*' Rising, ground, a height* 
?n^ 5. wi. Rising ground. 
S^ 8, 7)1. The trunk of a tree ; an in- 
strument for twisting coarse thread 

or twine. 
SsTT adj. Crooked, bent, awry. Tef^Jic^ 

kama^ it. a. To bend, to crook, to 

distort. I'erka heray adj. Crooked* 
Jerri; ». /. Crookedness, obliquity. 
?ft s.f. Pride, vanity, haughtiness ; 

S«fT s, m, A cock of the breed of fowlg 

called teni. 
c ^ 8.m, A partirular breed of fowls* 

adj. Tiny, small. 
2 *r s. /. Snuff of a candle, the flame of 

a candle' or lamp. Temt^m^ g. m. 

ZK, g.f. Tune ; voice, call. 
2 <^T i>. n. To bawl, to roar to, to call 

loudly, to shout, to holla ; to tune. 
Z ^T 5. m. A curtain, adj. Squint-eyed, 

2 ?^5itT 1?. n. To remove. 
^^^T a. wj. A beam. 
Z ^ s.f. Habit, custom. 
Z^^s.f. A prop, a pillar. 
S*^T V. a. To sharpen. [ custom. 

S^r s, m. Calculation of nativity,- habik^ 

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( 236 ) 


^ .<?. m. The blossoms of the Pains 
tree ( Butea frondosa ) ; a kind of 

' play. 

Z'^XJ s. m, A village. 

i^^T s. m. The customs of marriage. 

'i\^\ s.f. Act of feeling or groping. 

et^ieti: «. /. Searching, feeling for, 

sTan s. m. A cracker, a serpent in fire- 
works ; a joint of bambn^ &c, ; a 
cartridge, adj. Handless. 

efjt y. /. A spoilt. 

.it* s. f, Hinderance, prerention ; the 
influence of eye. 

^tHRTT^t*/. Hindrance, prevention. 

^t«rm «. rf. To interrogate, prevent, 
challenge, envy, accost ; to look at 
with an evil eye, 

Zt^n *. m. A large basket ( without a 

ltd ). {lid ). 

5V«rfV «./• A small basket ( without a 

Z\^\S[i\9.f, Hindrance, ]^revention. 

^?^T s, m, A charm, an amulet, a 

philter, a superstitious remedy. 
5^^ 8, m. A kind of turtle-dove. 
2t2r 5. m. Loss, deficiency ; detriment ; 

a cartridge ; a candle's end. 
i\ift 8./. The name of a musical mode 

or ragini. [ment. 

^t»fTT 8. «i. A kind of hawk ; enchant- 
^^^1 B m. A juggling man^[a conjurer. 
it«lTTt s.f. A juggling woman, a 

female conjurer, a witch, 
^T s, m. Enchantment, fascination. 

V, a. To feel, grope, handle. 

SlISS.*'«. } Hocus poena, juggling. 
ft^ Sn 772. A hat, cap, helmet, head 

cover, thimble ; bait j a stitch* 
Ht Tf s. TO, A helmet, cap, hat, 
Z]^\ s.f. A hat. ToplwaU, One who 

wears a hat, or au auimal Kith a 

comb, crest, i^c. Tt is used also t^ 
express t\iQ PerHan ox Mofjhctl troops 
but now more generally applies t6 
every European {from wearing a h(U 
or cap), 

5tKT s, 771. A ledge extending out from 
a wall, to keep off the weather with- 
out pillars ; eaves. 

i£t^ 8, 772. A company, society ; a hsm- 
let. Tol mcumcky To dash one top 
against, another while in motion. 

2t^T s, 771. A quarter or section oi a 
I 5t^ «./. A company, a society, a crowd. 

^1^ *. TO. A juggler, a conjurer. * 

Z The aspirate of the preceding letter, 
corresponding to th in pent-house. 

^4i&4i s, m. f. Hard work, harassing 
labour, difficulties ; a sounds 

3^lRWTf r V. (». To tap^ to rap, to pat. 

T«iry%€|T 5. 772. A stickler, a wrangler. 

3«3^r ttdj. Stuffed together in a crowd, 

T^^T 8.f. A small boat so called, a 
shallop, skiff. 

^f^ B. f, Godship, divinity ; chief 
ship, mastership. 

5fU«l«1 s.f. A female divinity or idol, 

3»r 8. m. A robber, assassin, cutthroat ; 
a cheat, impostor. Thughazi, or, Tkay^ 
hidyny s.f. Cunning, fraudulent, arf, 
dexterity. Thag lana, To rob, to cheat. 
Thag Una, To cheat. 

3l4; s, /. Robbery, theft, cheating. 

^ififT V. c». To cheat, to deceive. 

Znn\ s.f. A female robber or cheat. 

zmi: s.f. Robbery thq/t, cheating. 

^TTTT "0. n. To be cheated. 

5fm s, /*. A female robber or cheat. 

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( 237 ) 


^fir^ s, m, A cheater. 

^rfMt ». /. Cheat, trick. 
3^ 8. m. Bank, shore. 

ZlK «. m. Frame made of bamboo for 
thatching, shell of a honse. 

^T 9. m. Fnn, sport, joking, jest ; 
name of a place. Thattha Jcama, To 
jest, joke, deride, ridicule. ThatthehdZy 
A jester ; a hnmorons person, a fnn- 
ny fellow, jocular, arch, waggish, 
comical, facetious. Thatthehazi, s,f. 
Jesting, sporting, fun, jocularity. 
UkuUha maima, To jest, joke, deride, 

OT s. fn. Throng, crowd. 

Z^ S' m, A fence. 

OTft *./. The frame of a matted screen, 
the frame {hamhu toorh) of a thatch- 
ed roof, shell of a house ; a bier ; 
a skeleton, a very thin person. 

T^niT ♦. 1*. To stop, to stagnate, to 
stand amazed, to draw back in sur- 
prise, to shrink, to boggle. 

TSTPTT V. a. To strike, beat, beat one's 

. own head, &c. {in token of vexation) • 
harass one's self. 

Z?^l *. m. A brazier, a tinker. Ukathere 
Thatthere hi hadli, A bargain between 

• two people equally acute or knowing, 
diamond cut diamond. 

^fj #. m. The stalk ot the joar (Hoi- 
ctis iorgum). 

ZZ^ s. /. A female brazier or tinker. 

TitK. > adj. Banterer,. waggish, jocu- 

Ztm 5 lar, jocose, jester, wag. 

Zit^s. /. Fun, humour, sport, joking, 
jesting, jocularity, comicalness, deri- 

zm\ i. m. The beak of a paper kite. 

ZH 8. f. Coldness, cold, a cold. 

Z^M e. /. Coldness. 

Z^i adj, CyUL K(tleja thandi* karna, 

To be pleased, to be happy {hy'eeein§ 
a friend, soHy &c.) ; to hare one's 
revenge gratified. Tkanda k^rna, v,a. 
To make cold, cool, ; to extinguish ; 
to comfort, to assuage, to pacify, ap- 
pease. Thanda pama, To abate (anger, 
mvility or wantonness). Thanda hona^ 
To become cold, to cool ; to be ex- 
tinguished • to be comforted or paci- 
fied; to rest ; to lose virility. 

Z^A s. /. Refrigerant medicine ; the 
intoxicating drug made of bhang. 

Z^ adj.f. CoU.Thandisdnsbhamt^ 
To sigh. 

T^r adj. Cold. 

WWfr V. n. To throb, to shoot ( as the 
pain of head-ache ) ; to jingle, tinkle, 

3»T7m«Tf y. a. To jingle, to rattle. 

^'IT^ s. m. A jingle, tinkle, clink. 

3in V. n. To be fixed, to be ascertained. 

7^T u. a. To strike, 

Z(X(T $. m. An instrument for stamping 
leather with, a die, a stamp, a print- 
ing type ; printing. 

ZV^ \ 8. m. Snore. Tharak pamd^ «. n. 
ZKK. J To snore. 

ZXl s.f. A kind of wine or spirituous 
liquor ; a kind of shoe worn by vil- 

Zff^ 8, m. A kind of earthen hukka. 

Z^ 8,f. A kind of wine or spirituous 
liquor ; a kind of shoe worn by vil- 

Z^ An imitative sound, as of a musket 
ill charged or flashing in the pan. 

3€^ 8. /. State, dignity. 

Tfl^nrr f. a. To break a piece of an 
earthen ware vessel ( by knocking 
two vessels together ) without com- 
pletely destroying it. 

3««fl^./. A rammer. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


( 238 ) 


15«ITT^ adj. Filled, crowded. 

7^9T s» m. A mould or form into which 
plates of metal, &c., are beat to take 
the form of pastes of ornameats, <&c.; 
pride, vanity. 

Z^V\J if. n. To be stopped, to be fired, 
to stop, stay, remain, abide, rest, 
stand, last, to be fixed on, concluded, 
settled, determined, proved. 

^KlTT «. <»• To fix, stop, determine, 
appropriate, settle, ascertain, appoint, 
fix on, demonstrate, prove, conclude 
or consider, ascribe. 

Z^K[^ s. m. Settlement, fixture, per- 
manence, appropriation, proof. 

^^^T g. m. A peal, a succession of 
loud sounds, an explosion. Thahctka 
kimnlakdt, 8.f. Meeting with great 
demonstrations of friendship. 

^ 1 a.m. /. Place, residence, a. situ- 

Z\^ ) ation. 

t\M^ t>. tf. To stufif, to cram. 

Z\ s.m. A sound made by striking one 
thing against another. 

^r^^ B. m. The divinity, an idol ; a lord, 
master, chief ( among Rckjputs ) ; a 
land-holder •, a barber. 

^T^nrr':? s. m. An idol-temple. 

Z\Z 8, m. The frame of a roof for thatch- 
ing, on which the straw is laid ; 
arrangement, adjustment. 

Z\Z 8. m. State, dignity, equipage, 
pom p ; conveniency, plenty. 

7T^r adj, Frect. 

Z<S adj. Steep, 

7r^Tr f • ft* To be fixed, to stand, 

I!? :|:/:}^-*' »*«-«"»• 

Zl'^Z adjn Worthy of belief, trusty. 

8. m. The report of a musket, 
ymi i>. a. To resolve or fix (in the 

mind)y to determine, be intent on, 

ijitend, set one's heart on ; to setil^p 

Z\KS. m. Determination ; enow, frost, 

zm 8, m, A branch. 

Zm\ 8. m. A branch, adj. Disengaged, 
at leisure, unemployed. 

ZV^ «./. A branch. 

7r9^ t?* a. To stufi, cram, ram down. 

tT^r^ 8. m. Fragment of an earthen 
vessel, a shard, potsherd ; a vessel 
for carrying fire, such as mendicants 

fTurmr #• m. Residence, place, station, 
site, abode, dwelling ; boundarj, 
limit, fixing. Thikana hc^mcty v. 0^ 
To account for, to search or trace aa 
affair to its commencement. Thik^ncf 
dhundhanay v. a. To seek a residence 
or employment. Thikane lagna^ «. n. 
To be killed, to die, to be put an endi 
to, to be terminated. Thikane lagana^ 
To put to death, to kill, to waylay^ 
to make away with, to despatch, as- 
sassinate ; to establish, settle, ar- 
range, prove ; find out one's residence. 

fOTTT adj. Short, dwarfish. 

f?nffnt s./. Lowness ( of statw^e ). 

f37ir «./. The state of standing amaz- 
ed. Thithak jana^ or, — rahna^ ^, n. 
To stop short. 

f73nir>rr «. n. To stop, stagnate, stand 
amazed, draw back in surprise, 
shrink, boggle. 

twcrr V. n. To be tumbed, or bennmh- 
ed, to be chill. [tofpid. 

fZZKl adj. Numbed, numb, benumbed, 

fZZ^%Z \ $. f. Numbness, nambed- 

fZZK y ness, chilliness, torpor, tor- 

fW^fT V, n. To be numbed or benumb- 
ed, to be chill. Thifhnrand, v. a. To 
chill, benumb; numb. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( 239 ) 


ft^TT adj. Numbed, numb, benumbed, • 

It^f^S.f, Sob. 
fi^^e^!! «. n. To Bob. 
fee «./. Frost ; coldness, 
ft^^ 1?. n. To freeze, to be cbilled. 
fy^T^ V, n. To cause to congeal. 
fyf^?l! s.f. A water-pot. 
•3^« orfj. Exact, even, accurate, com- 
plete, just, fit, meet, proper, reason- 
able, true, regular, right ; ( meL ) 
parsimonious, ach. Exactly, &c. 8, m. 
Snm, addition. Thilc ana,v, n. To fit, 
correspond, suit, answer, apply. Thih 
kama, i>. c$. To put to rights, to 
correct, to adjust, to «dapt fit ; to 
boat. Thik thik^ adj. Exact, fit, pro- 
per, accurate, adv. Properly, fitly, 
accurately, adequately, ^hik i hak 
Icamaf ^o, a. To put to rights, cor- 
rect, adjust, fit, 
lSi««i?i^« iid^. Exactly, truly, rightly. 
^ft^l^€tirr 8. m. Abuse. [ware. 

^^rCT 9. m. A broken piece of earthen- 
;&<i^ «./. A broken piece of earthen- 
ware, a potsherd : mons veneris. 
Thihri cAtfJtna, to be mad. 
-ytUT s. m. Hire, fare, fixed price; work 

done by contract, a task. 
Ttq s. /. A kind of lamp. 
Z ^^J «. m.'A bit, a piece (of bread, ^c). 
Z. *^HT i>. <*. To kick or strike with 

the toes. 
Zjit «./. The chin; parched grain. 
* Thuddi pakama, To flatter ; to carry 

^»r^^ V. a. To cause to knock or 

Zja^s.f. Sob. 
"Jfr^TTv. n. To sob. 
Zjm *•/. The act of waving or walk- 
ing with a graceful easy air, T/iumak 

chaly A dignified pace, stately gait^ 

graceful carriage. 
^T^'Tff'fT t?. n. To walk with grace and 

and stateliness, to strut, to walk 

with dignity, 
3 i^^T adj. Short, of low stature, 
y flqst adj. Lazy. x.f. The playing of 

a paper kite to keep it up when the 

wind is Ii;;ht. 

3^?l^«fr «. * Pcditum ciere, suppedere j 

to weep but not aloud. 

"Sj^^ s.f. Ventris crepitus surdus. 

7^€f T V. n. To be stuffed, to be cram- 


ZjBi^l V. a. To cause to stufi*. 

Z'fz^j s. m. A eunuch. 

Z^ 8. VI. A stiunp, a branch of a tree 

(brokni off at the end leafless) ; an am- 
putated hand. 

Z^Z} ? adj. Having the hand ampn- 
^^ftr??T J tated ; having its branches 

lop[ e I and leafless {a tree). 
Z't( s.f. Stubble. 
3 ^T s, 771. The knee ; the pastern 

(of a horse), 
Zf{^ adj. Short, dwarfish. 
^^TT s. m, A stick, a small club ; a 

tool {penis), 
Z^W^^J V. a. To spoil. 
ZZ adj. Pure, genuine ; contentious. 
ZZ\ s, f. A cork, a plug ; a ball of 

ear-wax ; a dhoti or cloth reaching 

no further than the knee, 
i"* s.f. A support, a prop ; a large 

sack filled with grain. 
Z^\ 9, m. A ping. 
Z^ s.f A act of resting on the way 

( a porter carrying a load ). Theki 

denay ox.^^lagana^ To rest ( a porter 
eaiTf/ing a load ). 

ZZ adj. Pure, genuine ; contentious. 

Z^ s. /. A cork, a plu.<r, a stopple. 

Hbepi munh men dena^ To be sriont. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


< 240 ) 


'i9^} »?- a. To shove, to pnsh, to move 
forward by pnshing. s. m. Acting 
the buffoon. 

H ^T 8. m. A push, a shove. Hkelatkeliy 
8. /. Shoving and shouldering. 

Z^J s. m. The knee ; the pastern ( of 
a horse ). 

Zq 8. m. A knock, a blow, tripping 
against a stone, &c., a shove, a push, 
a thrust. 

Z^nj 1?. o. To pierce ; to knock 
against ; to stuff, to cram, to ram in ; 
to eat ravenously. 

Z^K\ s. m. Sneer, oblique reflection or 

3rtRT -0. a. To knock, to hammer ; to 
drive ( as a stake ) ; to thrust with 
the finger, to fillip, to drive, to beat, 
to tap, to thump. Tkonk dena, To 
hammer or drive down, to knock, 
pith thonkncky To pat on the back. 

if?r «./. The act of striking with a 
finger or beak, peacking. 

it'l'fTT > V. a. To strike with the beak, 
^t^nnr 5 to peke. 

;?f'rr *•. m. Striking with the beak. 

-gtz «./. Beak, bill ( of a bird ). 

^^RT i>. <». To beat, strike, drive ( as 

a stake ). 
<lW< #. /. Tripping or striking the 

foot against any thing, a beat of the 

foot, a kick, a stumbling-block. 
Z'mx ^m\ D. <». To trip, to stumble ; 

to meet with a loss or misfortune. 
it^X ^VT^r v. a. To strike ag:ainst the 

foot (a stumbling-block or obitacle). 
"it^Kl 8. m. A fillip, oilj. Hard ( as bad 

bread ), 
i\i\ s.f. The chin. 
ttx s.f. Beak, bill. 
ttmj 8, m, A cup for the food and 

drink of a bird in a cage ; the 

Icnnckleg. Thqla mai'na, v. a. To 
strike with the knuckles. 

Z\^ atlj. Solid, compact. 

st^fT «. a. To stuff. 

TtWT s. m. The thumb presented in 
token of denial. 

Zmts.f. Solidity. 

yK s. /. Place, room, residence, adv. 
Upon the spot, Thoar rahnny To be 
murdered, to be knocked down life- 
less upon the spot. 

V The thirteenth consonant of the Ns- 
gan alphabet, or the third letter of 
the lingual or cerebral class of coa- 
sonants. It is often confounded in 
pronounciation with a hard r orl, 
sounded as in the Northumbrian bur. 
It has the sound of the English d 
in dun, and is pronounced by apply- 
ing the tip of the tongue inverted ta 
the palate. 

^^iCTTT '0. n. To cry bitterly. 

^^TK «./. A belch, eructation, bellow- 
ing. Dakdrna, v. n. To belch ; to 
bellow, to low. Dakar jana^ or, — by- 
thna^ It. n. To embezzle. Dakdr Z^ntf, 
To belch. 

n^n 8. m. A robber, a pirate. 

'^tlft 5./. Robbery, piracy. 

^^rt?T ) *•. wi. A caste of Hindm 
V^fW > descended from a braknian 

on the mother's side. They subsist 

on alms on Saturday, and are skilled 

in astrology, 
"9^ s,f» A space, one step ( measure, 
"W^vsm^ V. n. To shake ; to bum 

brightly, to burn clear ( charcoal ). 

Dagddgakar pant pin*, To driuk 

greedily, or a large quantity at a 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


{ 241 ) 


r adj. TTftfiteady, tottering. 
^^WPTT 1?. n. To totter, sftf^ger, siiirer. 
WMK s.f. A road, a highway. 
waiTWT «. n. To travel y to walk on 4lie 

Toad, to roll. 
'P^^TWT ^. •• To roll. 
w^ 8, m. A lean, Jong-legged horse, 

a Rosinante, a garran, 

fRP *. m. The sting of a reptile or 
wasp. &c., but particularly of a scor- 
pion. Dank mama, v, a. To sting. 

^n 8, m. A double drum, ^ kettle- 

wftr^t 8. /. A witch, a kind of female 

imp OT evil being. 
«f^*IMI V, o. To sting ( a# /» reptile ). 
¥iptfrr adj. Armed with a sting, stinger. 
WTifT «. n. To stop, to stand still. 
^TFT «. 7W. A plug, spigot, stopple, cork. 
«3T s. m, A stalk. 
«4^^r adj. Beard-shayen, beardless. 
irfe?w adj. Having a long beard. 

^n^ s. m. The arm above the elbow ; a 
kind of exercise, placing the hands 
on the ground and tlien bending 
down so as almost to touch the 
earth with the breast. 

^^?« «. m. One who exercises himself 
at the dand, 

V^W i. /. Hindu salutation, bow, 
obeisance, prostration. 

M^9\ 8. m. A staff, an ensign-staff j the 
beam of a pair of scales j a collector 
of market duties. 

^ftSTiTT «. m. A kind of garment for 
women ; a collector of market duties. 

W^ «./. The tube of the corolla of 
the '^yctantlies (trbgrtristis, which is 
used for dying ; a handle ; the beam 
of a pair of scales. «. m. A mendicant 
who carries a staff in his hand pa^ 


dandi, i /. A footpaUi, by-pa% 

track. f ment. 

«^T s. /, A line, stripe, score, linea< 
Vifhr s, /. Hindu salutation, bow, 

obeisance, prostration. 
^ru^^TT V, n. To call, bawl at, hallcD, 

rebuke, gallop, 
^njf B,m, A tambourin, 
^rRT<«n V. n. To cry bitterly, to blub* 

ber, roar. 
^^«\ 8. m. A kind of MaJiamedaft 

mendicant, who always plays upon a 

musical instrument called da/; 9 

^9^ 8. m. Strength, power, authority • 

a kind of pocket ; the leather with 

which oil-pots are made. Dabgar, 

8, TO. A currier. 
mww^ t?. n. To glitter. 
««l«T 8. TO. Fresh water drawn from a 

well. adj. Fat, corpulent. 
^f^r^^TiT V, a. To fill with water on 

tears {the eyes). Ankhen dah-dabdna ; 

or, Ansu ddbdahdna^ To be on the 

point of shedding tears. 
^ff'iKr 8. TO. Marshy land, a puddle« 
^r^r^nf ^TT «. to. A hole or pit of water^ 

a puddle. 
vwftWF «4/. Left-handed. 
^^^ 8. TO. Provisions, sea-stock, storey, 
^'itm i>. «. To drown, immerse, flood j 

to ruin, Ac. 
^n^ a. TO. A leathern vessel for hold* 

ing oil. 
^5^ 8. TO, A iron spoon. ^ 

^n?^ 5. TO, A musical instrument, 9 

sort of small drum shaped like aa 

hourglass, held in one hand, and 

beaten with the fingers. 
^UW 8. TO. A car or litter carried on 

men^s shoulders, a palankeen, a ;dooly 

flying in the tiir, the flight of a bird« 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

t 2« ) 


%^ s. m. Fear, dr^ad, aTfe. * 

^m I V. n. To fear, be frightened, 

^V^J J dread. 

WK^ adj. Afraid. 

frrf^vn adj, A coward. 

WXMni a<^. Fearful ; ( met, ) A coward. 

v^l^ adj. Terrible. 

v^m adj. Fearful. 

Wf:iiT ? i>. a. To frighten, scare, 
vaW! J cause to fear, terrify, alarm, 

daunt, det«r. a^, frightful, terrible, 


?^T^<*47- Timid, fearing. 

W^m B.m. A sling, a basket, a ddU^ 
carried on men's shoulders by means 
of a stick 4ind ropes like the beam, 
and strings of a balance ; present of 
fruits, sweetmeats^ &c are usually 
sent in this manner. «./. Glitter. 

jr^^T ». m, A large basket ( without 
a Ud). 

^fll^pri «. 0. To cause to throw down, 
or to throw, to occasion, &c. 

?«rr 8. TBp A large lump, a clod ; a 
large basket. :[like a tray\ 

Wf^iri «. «. A basket ( without a cover, 

V8> *./. A lump (of sugar, meat, ^c.) 

V^r B, m. A large wooden spoon. 

VW «. m. The string by which scales 
are suspended (or hdd in the hand ) ; 
the threads of the warp at the end of 
a piece of cloth which are left un- 
woven • the end of a piece of cloth. 

VH'rr «. a. To bite or sting {ag a vene- 
moug animal ). 

v^^^ 8. m. Bedding. 

^^ 8. m, A. cavern, abyss, a pitfall. 

^¥*T«TT a. a. To deceive, disappoint, 
balk, tantalize ; to spoil, throw 
away uselessly. 

flVfT adj Flourishing, blooming, 
green, fresh ; pleasing. 

^^^TTWT 1). <». To flourish, to blosflOQU 

m\% 8. m. Foil ( under predons eUme ) ; 
the sting of a scorpion ( and 8ome» 
times of other animals ). 

Yt«r 8./, A stick, a club ; the greatest 
height or summit of a mountain. 

M\8fK adj. Thin lean. «. m. A lean, 
beast, a starveling ; the flowerings 
stem of radishes or mustard ; cattle. 

Vtev^ s.f. Gallop. [menace. 

yg\Z^ '0, a. To snub, rebuke, threaten, 

^izm 8. m. Pedicle, petiole footstalk, 

irhft «. /. A straw, stubble, pecijle, 

wIy 8. m. Retaliation, punishment, 
penalty, fine amercement, mulct, re- 
venge, forfeit, an oar; the backbone; 
a stick ; a line. 

wtwnj i>. n. To retaliate, to take re- 
venge, to fine, to punish. 

Vtw H^iT V. a. To pay a. fine. 

VtY%^ V. a. To take a fine, to fine, to 

vhlT 8. 7IU Landmarks ; road. 

wt^T^J^r 8* m. The frontier boundary 
between the lands of two proprietors* 

vl^ 8, m. A rower, a boatman. 

W\^\ s. m. A tiger's cub or whelp. 

vUiw1<fl ddj. Wandering without house 
or home, errant, ruined, ;lost, desti- 
tute. Danwa doli, 8,f. The wander- 
ing without house or home, destitute 

^^ 8. m. The sting of a reptile ; a 
large musquito, a gadfly. 

▼TW «./. A post (Jor the conveyance cf 
Utter8y also relay of horses or of palki 
bearers ) ; a post-office ; perpetual 
vomiting. Dak . lagniy To be seized 
with constant vomiting. 

▼m s. m. Husband of a dakini. 

vntuT D. a. To vomit. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

f ns ) 


^TfT 8, m. An attack by robbers. Da- 
ha pama, or,— <toia, or, — dainty To 

X\fk^ ? #. /. A kind of female imp 
vftnft 5 ^' ®^^^ being ; a witch, a 

WT%^ j. m. Robber ; postman. 
Vf^ (idj, Glnttonons. 

VT^ 9* m. A robber, a pirate. 

WT2 *./. Threatening, snubbing, brow- 
beating, checking. 

V?*fT «». a. To snnb, check, chide, 
threaten, browbeat 

WTf #./. A jaw- tooth or grinder. 

nit «. /. A beard. 

▼W #./. A sacrificial grass ( Poa cy- 
nomroicUs). s. m. A sword-belt ; an 
unripe oocoa-nnt. [well. 

ITW s. fiu Fresh water drawn froni a 

VTW^ 8, m, A vessel for waahiag hands 
in ; a round tank. 

WTW<ir^ <idj. Having, large eyes (epithet 
f>ecuU<$r to women ). 

^l^ 8. m. A sacrificial grass ( Poa cy- 
nosurcides ). 

VTK «. «i. Resin y a torch. 

WWf *./. A witch. 

WTK «./. Branch, bough ; line, row. 
Ddr hi ddr. Company, band. 

WT^Cm V. a. To throw, fling, cast, drop, 
ahed, pour, inject, lay, throw down, 
throw, away. 

irftw *. m. A pomegranate. 

^W «./. A branch, a bough. Ek dalj 
adj. Of one piece, without joining. 

V^RT if, a. To throw down, to fling, 
cast, drop, shed, pour, inject, lay, 
put, push, set, shake, submit, throw y 
hurl, thrust, destroy, throw away ; 
cause, occasion, produce, excite. Dal 
dena, d. «. To throw away, cast, 
cause, occasion, &c. 

Y TUT 8. m. A litter, a large branch* . 

WtF^*? ^. t». A {•omegmnate. 

Vf^ 8. /. A present of fruit, 4c., « 

basket of fruit, &c. ; a branch , m 

bough. [ burning. 

^X 8, /. Malice, spite, envy, jealousy* 
^T^ V. a. To be malicious, to bam 

with spite ; to be fused ( 0# metal ) • 

to heat ( nutal). 
VIY^ 8, m. The name of a country, 

also Trifwra. 
^rrit ad). Malicious, spiteful, envious* 
^77^ 8. m. A gallinule. 
f^m v. n. To shake, vibrate, tremble^ 

quiver, move ; to shrink, to go back« 
fvrt«rT«n r. n. To go away, 
fwrr^rr i^. <». To cause to shake or move. 
f^tWK S. n. A fat man ; a servant, • 

slave ; a rogue, a cheat ; a low or 

depraved man. 
f%3iiT 7 V. n. To see ; to take aim, to 
firm J look at. 
ftrfirar^ (^dj. Seeing, the opposite of 

f7Sf^^ 8* m. A musical instrument; a 

kind of small drum or tabour ; a plant 

bearing a small fruit ( Cari8S(* ca- 
randas ). 

fisf^t 8. m. Cuttle-fish bone consider- 
ed to be the foam of the sea. 
fW'^ft^ adj. Left-handed. 
f^fiRrr «./. A very small box. 
fli'rT 5- m. A small box. 
f^r«ft 8,/. A cartonch-box, a small box, 
fy«T 8- m. A dramatic entertainment, 

dramatic exhibition of battle or tu- 

Pinf «. m. An eg^ ; a chrysalis ; the 
bladder ; the spleen ; the uteras ; 
any young animal. 

f%f«firr s. m, A libidinous woman, 
firw 8. m. Pride, vanity ; any young 
animal ; a fool^ an idi^t, a blockhead*. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


< 2A4 V 


fw^9.f. An infant. 

l?tf 8. m. Pride, vaunting, boasting. 

'^ffjT TTTTT IT. »» To make boaat (of )^ to 

^T«./. Sight, look, glanee, visibm 
^7W^ adj. Enchanting the sights pre- 

Tenting one^ seeing by conjuration^ 

^^^^ '•/• Enchanting the sight, pve- 
renting^ by conjuration^ one's seeing. 

wttjT s. m,f. Stature ; body, bulk, size. 

^T 8. m, A haunt, place, dwelling 

Vt¥T 8* m. A bank, a mound; 

%^ 0, 7R^ A blow with the first. 

^riRT 8. m. Advanced in years, old, agod. 

^^fkn\0dj.f. Old ( woman ). 

r^rvirmT v, n. To sound (d keUle-drum),, 

to twinkle. 

V^ ) 8. m. A kind of snake* Am- 
?r^ y phi8hcena,), 

▼T«it 8. /. A dip, dive, plunge. 
^^TPTT v. <»^. To cause to drown, &c. 
VYPTTi'. a. To cause to sink, to fm- 

merse, dip, to demolish, mm, destroy. 
^51? adj. Out of man's dbpth, deep 

(enough to droum in), g. w»- Btownmg. 

^l^t'TT V tr. a. To drown, immerse^ 
^^T f flood ; to ruin. Dabo-denOy 

. t;. o. To exhau&t,, to i'uin<, ta demo- 
lish, to drown. 

vfen^T u. «. To lead about {a$ ahar9e)y 
to lead in hand. 

^r«T»iT ir. tf.. To move, shake^ swing,, 
agitate. [tie. 

vf^ 5,/. A small turtle ; a female twv 

srfiffirT «. /. A small bird resembling 
: a wagtaiL 

^f 5. m. A dip, a dtve, immersion. 

▼?r«!T V. n. To dive; to drown; to be 
inmiersed or deluged ; to- fiet^ to 
sink 'y to b« destroyed or ruined ; to 

be absorbed ( m businesSy 8tudyy ^ 
JDiLdubnoy To faints 
%^ 8. m^ Step, pace. 
*T«^< One and a- h«lf. DerhaintU 
masjid jjudi banani {Ui. to btuld a 
separate mogque of a brick and a 
ha1f)y To withdraw, through pride^ 
from the society of others. 3trk 
poo, Three-eighths. Derhpowoa^ A 
weijp^ht, three-eighths of a eer. Ihrk 
bakdyan miyan hagh men, lit. The> 
gentlenran in his garden consisting 
of a tree and a half, {and ike bakd-- 
yan^ Melict sempetifirens^ here menlioi^ 
edy ie a tree of no uee or estimatumf 
is applred to- a person who aasuraeft 
consequences without reasonv 

%^9m 8, /. A kind of dance-. 

%m8.m. A log tied tO' the nack of a 
vicious oat 

%l\ a. m«. A dwelling, a tent, ot^- 

%mi c *•*'*• -^ lump of earth. 

%^ #. 971. Half as much again ; amad» 
of reckoning.. 

%?^T^ tr. a. To take once and a half. 

%3|jt^./. A threshol(^ a door, anti- 
chamber, porch. 

V^^I^T^ 8* m^ A door-keeper.. 

i^8.f. A Tolleyy several musket» 
discharged at once. 

ifft 8.f A threshold,, door, antichank^ 
ber perch. 

in 8. nw Wings of birds.. 

{iir 9^ vk A branchy a bought 

vH[«.A A wooden spoon, ladlei 

lit^\ 8, m. A mountain.. 

■^Hm 8. m. \ A spoon ; a eanoe ; % 
%Wt «./. > trough. 
^^ 8. /. Proclamation by beat of 

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( 245 > 


*[^ \ «./. A species of snake- 

^^8.f. Vomiting. 

l^tvn 1?. «. To vomit, 

^H^gKl adj. m. Old (man). 

Jimitac^./. Old (toofnan). 

^t^pm^.ftct Vomiting 

^8.^. A dip, a dire, a plange (in 
dye or colouring), 

^>f?irT 9. a. To dip in dye or colonring. 

^frr *. 'w. Reserroir ; fainting. 

^ 1 #. m. A low caste of fltnefM ; 

f^UfT 3 the name of a caste of Ma- 
horoedans. the males of whick are 
mnsicians, and the females sing and 
the company of females only. 

^tiniTTfTT «. m. The art or practice of a 
male or female of the dom caste. 

^ttfUt 8. f. A female of the caste call- 
ed dom. 

fitK 9. f. String, cord, thread, rope. b. m. 
A fillet of thread or cord tied ronnd 
the arm or wrist. 

^tnr jr. i». A fillet of thread or cord 
tied ronnd the arm or wrist ; it is 
also applied to the string tying ft 
packet or parcel. 

^^ 8. Thread, line, cord ; edge of a 
sword; AnkhlMdora, A bloodshot 
eye, vessels distended with blood on 
the tnnica conjunctiva of the eye 
{from tntoxieation or other ecatie). 
, Oardan ha dora, A graceful motion 
of the neck in dancing. Dore datnOy 
« . a. To stitch a qnilt ; to ntter a 
long continued sound like the Amcf 
duvade ( FringxUa amandava). 

^\fxm 8.m. Stipped muslin; a dog- 
keeper ; lace. 

^tt g.f* A string, cord, thread, rope. 

^t^ s. m. A bucket for drawing water, 

^^'^ s. /. A small bucket for draw- 
ing water. 

wt^'f^^ ^. m. Roving^ perambulating. 
^ft«iT t». n. To move, to shake or be 
shaken ; to roam, ramble, move, 
wander • to swing. 
"VtirT «. m. A kind of sedan ; a wife 
from an inferior family, married by 
a person of rank^ who gives a present 
to her parents. She ranks below 
wives of equal family, but above con- 
Wt^ s, m. Manner; coition. 
Wt^l?*iT •. a. To give a daughter to • 

superior by away of tribute. 
ift^ $./, A kind of sedan {/or women)* 
^rm «. flt. A scajffbld. 
^tmit #./. Proclamation by beat of drunu 
'^Hit «./. Threshold, door , anti-cham- 
ber, culj. J. Half as much again ; 
raised one half higher (« tone in 
^tm 8. m. Manner, method, mode ; 
shape, fashion, form. 

7 The fourteenth consonant in the 
Ndgri alphabet, or the fourth of the 
third series^ and aspirate of the pre^ 
oeding letter ; it has the power of dh 
in Holy-roM-^house. 

wiMm D. a. To force an invitation, by 
fixing one's self in a house till dinner 
comes on table. 

Vf 8. ot. Behaviour, manners, breedings 
gracefulness, mode, method. 

ii\Kj 8. m. Publication or proclamation 
by beat of drum. 

^f^m #. m. A crier, a prodaimer by 
beat of drum. 

^^ ». m. A weight. 

^^irr V. a. To cover, to conceaL *. w» 
A lid, CQYer, potlid* 

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( ?4^ > 


7^ B, f. A lid, cover {cfa pot). 

^%\KB,J, A belch, ernctation, bellowing. 

5mn*TTv. n. To belch. 

^i'Sl f. rti. A shove, push, thrust. 

^^fiTT t>. <». To push, precipitate. 

Zrn^^ V. r». To shove, push, justle, 

^ir«r *. m. A pusher. 

^W «.m. A city or district, Dhacca or, 
Dacca ; covering oi disappearanee. 

ig^j 8*f. A large or a double drum. 

^W *. m. Behaviour, manners, breed- 
ing, i^racefulness, mode, method* 

^ftm ? «./. A cord used instead of 

zit I a bridle. 

ZlM.m. A plug, cork, bung. 

^wrfl^T «. m. A raven. 

«^fT ». m. The name of a bird a kind 

Z^tKf s, m» Publication or proclama- 
tion by beat of drum. 

;Ui|&ftnT ». w, A crier, a proclaimer by 
beat of drum. 

7«nimm a. int. To roll, be tossed about. 

's^^^ Upset, epil^ 

4»i«i^«l*rT i;. n. To roll down or along. 

^T t?« n. To be demolished, razed, 

9^ 9. m. A bird with a very large 
bill ( Buceros \ 

iftr^^frr v. a. To thump a drum ( as 
ehtldren do ) 

OTWT t>. «. To be covered, to bo con- 
cealed or hidden. #. m. A cover, 

Z^ <• "1. Shape, from * manners, breed- 
ing, behaviour, mode, method, man- 
ner, knacky knowledge, fashion, 
style, way, address, dexterity, art, 

WV^<»dj. Turbid. 
Z^\mj adj. Well-made, graceful. 
^iT s. m. A copper coin equal to a 
pice ( py«a ). 

z^ %,m. A tambourine. 

¥if^T^;i>. n. To roll. 

^T^PTT i». n. To drip. 

ZV^^ 9. m. A horn for giviHg HqvTdiK 
to cattle, watering of the eye. 

gr^^rr •. n. To draw near, come. 

TOW«./. Rolling, tilting. 

5WW^ ». n. To roll, be spilt. 

79VT adj. Blear-eyed ; spilling. 

7WTm iTi ». T\> tilt, overturn, spill^ 
pour, roll. 

ZW^ tr. n. To be cast ( a metal ), to b© 
poured out, to flow, spill ; to roll j 
to incline, decline. Din dhalna, To 
decline the day ( tawc^rds evening ). 
DhaiUi phirti chhcum ( lit. rolling and 
turning ihade ), is applied, to the 
changeable state of worldly concerns, 

( mei, ) to a person of a capricious 

or unsteady temper* 
^*Wlt*rT if, n. To move firom side to 

side, to totter, 
'^lir ^- a. To cause to cast ( meial )^ 

to cause to pour. 
7«ir 9. m. A person in the equipage of 

great men armed with sword and 

buckler ; a constable, a targeteer. 
^^TtT i>. AT. To cause to be knocked 

down, razed or demolished, 
^rm t>. 11. To fall, to be demolished, 

to tumble down (as a house ^c. ) to 

be razed, destroyed. 
^ ^T^m V. «. To fall, to soss^ 
^iat^. Two and a half. 
?t«m V. a. To cover, to shut, 
^rt^r s.f. A precipice, cliff. 
Z\m 8, TO. A frame, a plan. 
^t'T'lT i>. a\ To cover, conceal, hide. 
^ j. TO. A coagh, cold. 
^TT i>. «. To blame, to accuse. 
Ttar 9. m. Calnmny, undeserved, abufi^ 


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( 247 ) 


%W^ t./. A coQgli, cold. 

^ril «. m. A tree ( Bufeafroniosa), 

^T^r 8. m. A thick wood of dhdk trees ; 

a city or distri t, Dhacca or DiAcca. 
¥T^T *. TO. A handkerchief tied over the 

torhand and over the ears. 
wri{ 9. / Rack, torment, tortnre ; a 

noose or gin fastened on a horse's 

<nw^ 8, /. ra. Firmness of mind, cno- 

fidence, animation, enoonragement, 

*I%« 9^ V, a. To animate. 
«if^ WWTT u. a. To enconrage^ com- 

keep in spirits. 
Z^ 8. w. A kind of masician, a singer. 
«T^ 8, m.f. Firmness of mind, con- 
fidence, animation, encouragement^ 


»Tft^ 8.n, \ K kind of musician, a 
^Tift «./. J singer. 

^T «. m. Hedge, enclosure. 
¥Pn i». (». To break, batter, knock 
down or raze (a building ^c), to 
SpifT *. »i. A net; the eaves •f a house, 
extending three or four cubits beyond 
the wall, so that people may sit un- 
der them. ^ 
ZIK 8. m. A declivity, a heap of com. 
Zj9 *./. A certain Hindu caste. 
^T^ cuij. 81aut, sloping, 
^m #. m. Declivity, slope, 8^f. A shi- 
eld, target, buckler. 
Vm^ «. a. To cast ( metal infmion ) ; 
to pour out, tilt, spill ; ( met, ) to do 
mischief, mar, spoil, 
^^it adj. Sloping, declivitous ; cast 

( metail ). 
Z(^ s. m. A warrior armed with shield, 

a shield^bearer. 
Zl^ odj. Slant, sloping, part act, 

SpoiUng, doing mischief casting, Ac. 
Bhalubkar kaifia. To shift goods, 
&c. occasionally over shallows, &o, 

^?f 8. m. The precipitous or high 
bank of a river. 

%f 8. m, /. Side ; near, close to. 

%^ 8. /. Forwardness, assurance, 
impudence, audacity, audaciousness, 
boldness, presumption, presumptn- 
onsness, petulance, pertness. 

%^in 8, m. Protuberance. 

ft'rft'ft 8./. A kind of tambourin. 

i^WW odj. Lazy. 

^ } adi. Forward, impudent, fam- 
iiZJ y iliar, bold, daring, presumptu- 
ous, confident, pret. part. pas8. Seen. 
it7 8. n. Pregnancy ; a large belly. 
^^ 8* m. Looseness, relaxedness, re- 
missness, lazinesp, inattention, delay. 
jNr adj. Loose, not tight ; remiss • 

lazy, inattentive, dilatory. 
ii^nf,8,/. Looseness, remissness, 
itrr 8, m. A rising ground. 
v'^iTT i>. <». To seek, to search for. 
?Vna*«m i>. a. To search-for, to seek. 
^5TrWT V. a. To cause to seek. 
ZW^ v. n. To enter, penetrate; to 
take aim, look, ha^e regard or inclin- 
ation ( to ) ; to sympathize. 
^^rf^^RPTT i>. a. To take aim. 
^flPTT «. n. To be poured out, to bo 
spilt, to roll. 

^^^^OTT I i\ a. To canse to be carri- 
^^mmj f ed ; to spill ( water, ^c ). 

Z^}is 8. /. Act of carrying ; price paid 
for carrying, or for transporting. 

%^ 8. m, A bank, a mound, a clod of 

f[^5l^ 8. m. Search. 

3 3 #. m. Search. 

SS^r 8, m. Seeking^ searching, invest* 

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( 248 ) 


Z ^Tl D. a. To seekj'searcli for. Dundh- 

na-dhandhna] To search for, seek. 
9 %«n «. m. A mendicant of the Jyn 

3 V>1T i>, n. To shut, close ; to steal on, 

draw nigh, approach ; go into, enter. 
Z Iff «. m. Tapping or shoving, by way 

of calling the attention of one 

»poken to. 
9 '^rrtm v, *. To peep, to tap. 
Z K^ «. m. A pea. 
Z^ s^f» A bnndle of one hundred 


betel-leaves. <• m, A drummer. 
Z^fK S. fn, A caste of Hindus, 
S^ 8. m. A wave. 

S\l^«./. A mode of joining breadths 
of cloth or of cutting out cloth ; a 
machine for drawing out water, being 
lever supported on a long post, hav- 
ing a bucket supended to one end, 
and a weight of earth or stone to the 
^W\ 8. TO. A machine for pounding 

t^i.m. A kind of gourd, 
t ift The capsule of the poppy ( or of 
the cotton tree ), a poppy head ; an 
ornament worn in the ear. 
tV «. TO. Pregnancy ; a large belly, 
i'^ *. m. Name of a tribe of workers 

in leather ; a crow, 
tit «./. An ornament worn in the ear. 
%nft «./. A pounding machine. 
%^m The unstamped lumps of copper 

used in India as *'pice." 
J^ *. wi. A heap, accumulation, adj. 

Much, abundant^ enough. 
Jo adj. Squinting, squint-eyed, 
tftjr./. Aheap. 
Jil^t^«. TO. A sling. 
€m\^ ^ /. A slinger. 

im\ 8. m. A clod of earth, a lump of 
clay, chalk, &c. Dhala-chmtk^ 8,f^ 
The fourth day of the bright part of 
the Hindu month Bhadony a festival 
on which the Hindus pelt each oth^r 
with stones, throw them into each 
other's houses, and if abused, con- 
sider the abuse an honor. 

3-^Htw 8. f. The fourth day of the light 
half of Bhadra, 

Z^l 8. TO. A kind of Hindu mendicant ; 
a tribe of Jats. [#«-. 

« ^ s. TO. A measure of two and a haU 

5 ^iSlR adj. Desolated. 

it^ 8. TO. Fmit and flowers presented 
by inferiors on festival days. 

ifWT adj. Four and a half. 

Hw «./. A capsule or seed-vessel ( «- 
pecioUy of the poppy ). 

lft« t.f. Salutation. 

itwm 1). a. To drink, to tope. 

^t^ s. TO. A piece of stone. 

itZl s. TO. A child. 

itTT «. a. To carry, to bear. 

^ *. TO. Cattle. 

^^T 8, TO. The representation of a tomb 
carried about in the mukarram. 

jtCt 8.f. Eagerness, ardour. 

itm 9. TO. A large drum. 

^JJ I 8.f. A small drum. 

jNrfv^T «. TO. A person that plays on 

i\m^ S. TO. A friend, a sweet-heart. 
it^m 8, TO. A little amulet in the shape 

of a drum. 
jNr n. prop. Name of a famous lover 

in Hindustan, s. to. A boy. 
^f^irr 8. TO. A drummer. 
ii^ 8. /. A bun<]Qe of. one hundred 

betel-leaves, s. to. A drummer. 
iKr adj. Four aad a half. , 

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( 2« ) 

^Tbe fifth letter of the third chws of 
•corisonants in the Ndgati alp^habet, 
-er the fifteenth censonnnt; it is 
«oarcelj*ever used ae an initial letter. 
It ha* the power of n. uttered with 
the point of the tong>ae pressed hack 
4n 4be palate. 

w The first letter of the fourth or •de- 
nntl class of consonants, or the six- 
teenth consonant in tho Ndgari 

I alphabet. It has the sonad of t in 
most of tho continental laugoages of 

. Eorope, or^ as expressed in tha pro- 
vincial pronunciation of bnttor in 

sit' <./. A large cauldron or boilor for 
oily batter, &e. 

fit* ) adif. Till, fip to, -whfle, toward, 
Mtm y near to, to, M ( ot* denoting 

after a gemtine Jorm^ the objective 

C9$e ). 
irai odn. StiU, yet, nevertheless. 
^ f. m. A girth of a horse, saddle girth. * 
avaw s. m, Tho soand of feet. 
^^ V. a* To look at, to look, to 

observe, to aim at, to watch. «. n. 

To be looked at, to be stared at. 
fmm 8, m. A spiadle. 
iiw^ #./. A wearer's reel; 
.iRTwrft «./. Watehing, overseeing, 

superintending, looking sharp after 

( a$ after a sihersmith ). 
HVTW 9. m.*MoUon, agitation, gestnre. 
««1W! r. o. .To aim. 
ft^t^8.,m. A pillow. 
n^Mi I. m. A small piUow. 
119^ St m. A spindle. 


fm f m. Birttermilk, viCh « feir^ 
part water. 

mtsxs, a. m. A chnming stick. 

irofli 8. m. One of the principal mytho* 
logical i^To^Mor -serpents of faM'% 
a snake of a middle isize and of a rei 

if^ro #. w. Time present, time being. 

v^^8,f, A carpenter's adee. 

w^m «. m. A carpenteif. 

imfirw 8.f. The name of a city, the 
Taxila of Plolemy in the Par^ab. 

i!W^ 8. ft Scales. 

?T^?f 8, m. A throne. 

IT^HT 8. m^ A plank, board, a eto^l. 

M^^ 8. ft A small pbmk, a little boari 
like a slate. 

nmn Then, 

!Wm 8, m. A carpenter. 

fm^j i), a. To qnilt, to stitch together* 

w^K 8. m. A tree {TabemcBmontana cor- 
coronaria ), 

inrrt 8. ft. The price paid for quilting, 
&c, ; the act of qxulting. 

WKm «. a. To cause to be qu&ted, to 
get stitdied together. 

7mK 8.7rL A tub, bucket, trough. 

mifi $,ft A strand or thread of a twitft* 

^mft 8.ft A strand or thread of tf 
twist ; a kind of fishlng-Cne not us^d 
with a rod. Tri-taggiy A thread of 
tliree strands. Choa^aggij ^ne of 
four strands. 

lin 8. m. Two pioe ( py8i ). 

B^iT 9. fi. To be, heated, to piarch. 

m^rn'IT v. <l. To parch, to ficof ch, 

vm 8. ft The bay tree or its bark 
( Laww caseia ), woody cassia. 

!T1I «• m. A knower, one who under- 
stands, is acquunted with, [leave. 

!i9mT '0. d. To abandon, desert, quit, 

W? a. m, A field ,* a shore or bank» 

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( ^o ) 

^tm «• M. Aji Mifferant person, one 

neitlier a friend nor a foe. 
9S^ 8. m. F«nj, division, faction ; an 

innidtiFe aonnd. 
H yim ¥. !•« To be cracked, to be split, 

tobnfBt^*to erack. 

H^^ $. m. Dawn of day. Tarhe, adu. 

In tkemoming'early, at dawn of day. 

Hffi^m i>. n. To trickle, drop, patter, 

^ blnster, welter ; to warp or crack 

wilhiioise ( #« # pUmk exposed to the 

iun ). 
roeifflZ «./. The a?t^f dropping. 
Q^ #;/. Haste, hwnjy ontrageons- 

ness, explosion, fnry, leap, jump. 
^^^l 9. m. The noise «f falling water. 
H^^j./. Flutter, palpiUtion. 
Iff^m \ V. n. To flutter, palpitate, 
fl^qrm J flounce, be agitated, writhe, 

jamp, spring, bound, wriggle, toss ; 

to be rery desirous about any thing. 
Ilfirnn ^. a. To put in great agitation ; 

to cause to flutter or stumble, 
ll^iltmadi. Hasty, hurrying. 
H^ «./. Agitation, tossing about, 

H^qs^RT «• n. To flutter, to palpitate. 
llf^« *. /. Act of fluttering, pri- 

injpim «. n. To flutter, to palpitate ; 

to be very desirous about any thing, 

to be Agitated, to writhe, jump, 

spring, bound, wriggle, toss. 
H^qfrm i>. d. To put in great agita- 
tion ; to cause to flutter or stumble. 
infT 8. #». An island. 
w^«^^./. The beam of a balance. 
nmm ^mJ^. Pretty, showy, gaudy. *. m. 

The souni of striking* 
irym ♦. i». A pond, a pool, deep 

enough for the growth of the lotus 

aiHl other aquatic flowers ; a trap for 

patching deer. 

fHftWl 8. m. Throwing water. 

U^TilT 8. m. Gandiness in dress^ wear- 
ing smart clothes, Tarayadar^ 8. m^ 
One who dresses well and is particu- 
lar in having fine and well-made 

n^p^ 8. tM, Show, ostentation, vanity* 

U^ 8. m. Rice leU^nedJrom the kmk), 
any grain after thrashing and win- 
nowing ; a vermifuge plant. 

H^tsi ^.y. A plant of which the seeds 
are used as a vermifuge. 

ifTf pron. That. 

WKtt «./. A playful, iranton girl. 

Ufi^tT «. m. A vessel for warming water, 
a kettle* 

wmm «. o. To warm. 

uun 8. /. Embrocation, pouring of water 
on a deceased part TaUtma, v. a. 
To embrocate. 

ffi^^mi t^di9» At ti[iat time, then, #. nu 
Present, time being, or the time 
when an aet oocurs. 

ini«T9^ 8. m. A man wise or intelligent 
for the time being, one having pre- 
sence of mind, &c. 

fi?llET^ adv. At that time* 

tnpiw 8. m. Time present^ time being. 
ad^. At that time, instantly, imme- 
diately, [outrageous. 

ntn adj. Hot, fiery, passionate, furious, 
<|iqf adj. Diligent, attending to any 
thing closely and anxfo|isly« engag- 
ed, attentive, addicted to, adept. 
tm adit. There, therehi. 
immir o^f. Venerable, respebtaUe^ 

tns.m. An element, a principle, 4a 
essence ; essentia nature, the reii 
nature of the htiman eoul, considered 
in the vkMergy as one and the same 
with the diYine spirit ttknatiBg tl^ 

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( 251 y 

Uftirene *. tbe philosopliieal etymolo. 
gy of this word beat CTplains its 
neaning ir^ that, that divine heing^ 
and ar thou, that itery Ood art fhmif 
the Supreme leing or Brahma ; truth, 
reality, the easential euVstance, op- 
posed .to what ia illusory or falla- 
cious ; an element or elementary 
propei-ty differently enumerated la 
different systems, from the three 
' which are the same with the three 
guna^ to twenty-seren, which include 
the elements, organs, faculties, mat- 
ter, spirit, life, and God; a first prin- 
ciple, an axiom; mind, intellect ; low 
time in music ; a musical instrument. 
Wrm *. w. Knowledge of di?ine truth. 
?»w ad^. True, right, 
iWT ^. yi Power, ability, might, adj, or 

conj. So, thus, dittp, and. 
fl^^PT 5. m. A Jyn or Buddha, 
^^fir adv, Neyerthele^, yet, even. 
IWTW adif. Be it so, yes. 
Wf adii. In that manner. 
H^ adv. Then, at that time^ afterwards, 
in that case, therefore, so soon. Tada- 
nantar, adij. After that, after which. 
Tad tOf adif. Then, in that case. 
Tad bhiy adv. Still, nevertheless, 
however, notwithstanding. Tad se, 
adv^ Thence, since that time. Tad 
fuf adv.- At that very time, is that 
case o»ly. 
?l^iWTT adv. After that, 
if^^wiwv p. Within that. 
ff^^ ad9m Still, neyertheless. 
H^n adv. Then, at that time, 
ir^if CK^\ l^Crly, niggardly. 
^ adv^ At that very time. 
M 3. m. The body, pevson. Tani- 
tamha, adv. Alone, solitary. Tan-o 
\ mM nntm^y To re^tma one's desms 

mad be silent. 2W^ A poreoA of 
applieatioo. Tan-diM, $. f. Applict- | 
tion, exertion, aitenticir, £lfgeiioe» 
Ttfn-*4r«#<, adp Healthy, ?igoiK>iis. 
Tojt-rfaitfifti, 8. /. Healtb| vigour. 
Tandena, To pay attention. T<m- 
parwar, Garefnl of ther body, over- 
attentive to the body. Ton-f anodivy 
«./« Self-inddgeaee, 

adj. or ad^. Slight, BtottD, m littU^ 
adv. Slightly, 
^rwrfl^/.a. A slender bodied petsoiu \ 
n^RT 1^. t. To stretch, puU tight, 
mii^ 8. m. Body and soul. ' 

fPR 8./. A son ; a nude desoeadant, ^ 
Hwwrs./. A daughter. 
wms./' A tent rope; 
ff^^'.. 4Smally8h'ght» 
wfipi^ SmaU, sUglH. [wiai«U 

ivfWfr a. m- A kind of covering for ikm 
?f4t B,f, A string with which' garmeattt 

are tied ; » daughter, 
im*./. Thelbdy. 
?Hfv ad}, or a<jv. Slight^ simJI, a UiU0# 

adir. Slightly. 
?T!pr f • 9». and «. /. Offspring. ditl& 
if?nrr«./. Offspring, child. 
919^ ». m. A pofe of the skin. 
W'P^WT IT. n. To twaog^ to tingle. 
Tf^Pd^s tt. /• Shwp pffidiing pain fsooi. 

!if% 8. m, A weaver, , [#ceiidant«» 
<T^ «. m. A thread; offsprfn^ race, de« 
im^«.ffi. Aalk-Worm. 
IPPT «. m. One of the boohs held sacrecl 
by the Bigid%8\ a religums. trealiat 
teaching ptouliaar a&tl mystical for- 
mula and ritea for the worship A 
the deUies, or the aUamm^nt ^ 
espechiima» power ; it is mo^Uy in 
the form of a dialogue between S^h0 
and DuTiia^ who are the pe^«}i«v d^ 

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( Kt > 

irr ^ 

, ti60 of tlie TdntriJcas: tWe ib a 
greal niiinVer of these worlre, aird 
tbetr imtliority in many part» of 
jhdia^ goems to ^ve, in a great mea- 
ature^ inperseded that of the Veda : 
aiocording, to one aceonnt, a Tantra 
compriBes fire sabj^otSy the creation 
.and destmction of the world^ the 
worship of the gods, the attainment 
'€l all objeotfl) magical rites for the 
acquirement of six (Buperhuman) 
iteidtiesy and fonr modes of nnion 
with 'Spirit by meditation ; a variety 
^ of subjects are however^ introduced 
' into many of them ; whilst sodne are 
limited to a single topic as the modn 
( ef breathing m certain rites; the lan- 
guage of birds; beasts, <&c. ; a branch 
ef the Vedt, that which teaches man- 
tra$ or mystical and magical fontia- 
}»' ; demonstration, clear and right 
eonolnsion* ; raiment, vesture \ a me- 
dicament, a drug; a principal roedi' 
««aiBeirt> or perhaps a charm, consi- 
dered as producing medicinal efiBects; 
a iAimij au end^anttnent, 

9^0 i. ffi. A musician. 

inKT^./. Lassituder exhaustiovy weari- 
ness^ syncope* 

aigr^ ad^. glethfal, sluggish* overcome 
with sleep or fatigue. . 

injt /./: Sleepiness^ drowsiness ; lassi- 
' tude, fainting, eisfaaustion. 

HUT tf. n. To stretchy piril tight ^ to srt 

ntm ^. ft* To twang ; ta have a sharp 
pricking pidn from inflammation. 

iplOW tfp t<y the limit, up to hand. 

Ifif ^« m, ^e hot season, summer; 
•'devout austerrty, religious penance. 
%/, Heat, warmth. 

fnwm V. % To throb, to palpitate. Ta- 

pakna piore kor the thtobbiug 9f m- 

phlegmon or boil, when oomiBg to 

wm edj. Hot) warm^ fervent^./. Heat» 

W^ •• m. The sun ; a division of bell. 

The hot season f mental distr^aa, 

piningy grieving, i^f. Heat, gloWr 

fervour, warmth^ luming. 
inpiT ir. i». To* be glorified y] i» glow» be* 

heated^ frisk about.^ 

uuPts./. Hoty sultry. 

ini'ft r*/. The Chdaioeri river.. 

uqO «. /. A mound, a small heigh t» an 

u^^ *. m. The power or strength- ac- 
quired religious exercises.. 

uq^ ». m. Religious austerity, penance, 
mortification, the practfce of mental 
or personal • self-denial ; world, the 
religion inhabited by sainte or de- 
votees after death; virtue, moral 
merit ; duty, the speciaT observance 
of certain things, thus the Tapos of 
a Brahman is sacred Teaming ; of s 
Kshatriy the pretectien of subjects^ 
of a Vys, almsgiving to Brahmam ; 
of a Sudra, the service of the same 
sect ; and of a Eiahi or saint, feeding 
upon herbs and roots. 

utpft 8. m. A religious devotee^ 

UfU^ i./. A kind of fish. 

ffiqm 8, m. The month Phxitgun {Fehm- 

^vm «./. Devout austerity, religious 
penance, devotion. 

mrf^OT > 8. wi. An ascetic, a religious 

^^r^ j engaged in the practice of 
rigorous imd devout penanoo. 

Wnft 9. w. A devete^ a petfenner of 
austere devotion, an ascetic^ ddfk 
Devout, practising austere devotion^ 
Taptiy or Tapa^i'Tnaehklij s.f. The 
mango fish {Polyntmus pwrndium). 

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( 258 ) 


tm$^m* AworsUpptfi i(ft ascetic^ a 

wmn\ «. a. To pow cmt a Itfoatioa ; to 
lieaty to inarm, to cause to glow, to 
make another wann himseU at the 
fire or in the aon. 
mnv 8. m. Affabtion^ ardotir*. 
nqj^ i- /. SottAiney ihe snnteams ; 
- toil, tabonr. 

irft 1* m« A devotee, a worshipper. 
Hqt^iw 9.m. A devotee, an ascetic, one 

who performs religiiHis pem^ee* 
iqt^ jr. m. A couatry, part of central 

India, or Holy land. 
If? adj. Hot, warm, fervent, heated^ 
inflamed^ tnmt^with heat^ paino? 
ini9V i. tn. A sort of penance^ drink- 
ing hot wafer, milk^ or ghee^ for 
three dacys. 
^fOTT s. m. Division, district, parish. 
w^adj.. Then, at that time, so soon; 
afterwards. Ta& «<»i;, Till then. Ttf(- 
ton\ or, Tah-tain, or, Tub-iagf adi>. 
.Till then, so long. 
^. From that time. 
99WW adv. Since this timet 
ifiraT pr«p« Till this. 
9i|ft adv. . At that time. Tabhi-tOf then 
indeed. Td&Awtf, Thence, thence- 
forth. ^ 

?ri^ adu. Exactly then. 
^: «. m. Darknesfl, gloom ; the quality 
of darkness, incident to hnmanity ; 
illusion of mii»d, headstrong passion» 
anger ; irascibility or promptitude to 
the vindictive passions* 
m 8fm. The third of the qualities in- 
cident to the state of humanity, the 
TamAhgun^ or property of darkness^ 
whence pro.ceed folly, ignorance, 
mental blindness, iforldly delusion, 

&c. ; darknesey gloom ; sorrow^ 

OTW ^./. Vanity, arrogance, pride j 
growing red in the face. 

wnm v^ n. To grow «ed ( m the foes )| 
to be enrai^ed without cause, or to 
- break out into violence at a temper* 
ate and reasonable speech. 

imVT i* fit. A stroke of the son. 

WWif adj. Desirous, cupidkous, l(mg* 
ing or hankering after. 

WWI1T V. n. To grow red in the face ; 
to glow, to sparkle, to twinkle^ to 

OTiRTf 3 *./. The state of growing red 
in the face, glow* 

inra i. m. The tUrd of the qualities in- 
cident to humanity, the Tl^mah-^gumt 
or property of darkness, whence pro- 
ceed folly, ignorance, mental blind* 
ness, wordly delusion, jkc. ; darkneaa 
( phytkal or moral ), ^loom ; sorroWf 

ifHfijpft*./. Night. 

tm^ %. m. The sectarial mark made 
with zandal^ &c., on the forehead ; a 
tree bearing black Uosaoms (ZiontAo- 
euniU8 pictorius )• 

HWmv 8,m. A kind of potherb (3/br- 
8ilea deiUata ). 

imrf^iiT «./. A district in Bengal, the 
mordem tanUuk. 

mn^ t./. A medicinal plant , used %i 
an emollient in affections of the 
mouth and fauces* 

?lfiffrT «./• A dark night, ot one dar- 
ing the wane of the moon. 8. m« The 
d%rk half the month, from the full to 
the change. 

?nft^ 8. m. The third of the qualities 
incident to the state of humanity,^ 
the property of darkness, whence 

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( 254 > 


^eeed feUji igttoranoe^ mdti4al 
blindness, worldly delusion, &d. ; 
darlmess, gloom ; sorrow, grief. 
B^itw s. m. Th« legislator of BaMh. 
m^tf^KC 8./. The district o(Tamhkm 

TfAWi adj. O^reome wiih rage, fear, 
&e., or any of the eftectis of the pro- 
perty -of darlmess. 
imw *. m. A pot, pipkin, 
irfif^ 8, m. A pol. 

wm 8* m, A tent. 

f/fft^ 8. m. Bie b^tel leaf. Tamhal tmoy 
To bleed from the bridle ( a hor8e*8 
mouf^ ). 

H^Att 8. /. A woman itrbose business 
it is to sell betel leaf; name of a tree. 

9<9N)t 8. w. A caste whose business it 
is to sell betel leaf. 

i(tadv. T)'nder, beneath. 

iKt 8./. A star. 

<IW #./. A besm^ a rafter. 

ifWrtt«./. Escnlent vegetables. 

9fK9m 8. m. The frmt of the tar tree 

mKm adj. Bapid ( <$ itream ). 

irnr *./. A wave, an emotion ; whim, 
conceit, fancy, caprice j becoming 
state kai dignity. 

ircfWt «. /. A river. 

iMh ^. Braggart, fancifnl, fantastic- 
al, whimsical. 

Wf^ 8.f. Dregt, sediment, lees. 

11^^ 8, m. A raft, a flo^t ; sufarg or 
paradise; crossing oyer, passing 
across ; escaping^ being saved ; one 
who 18 saved or delivered. 

fiKfk 8. m. iThe sun ; a ray of light, a 
float or raft^ 

«^P5 I ^./* A ship, vessel, boat ; the 
3 snccotrine aloe {A perfoliafa); 
a pUut ( ffih'scus mutdbilia )« 

^^m 9.m. A raft oJr fl«ai; made of 
bambas, <&c. tied togethmr^ and 
sometimes floated ttpoa jars or hotto# 
gourds inverted ; theflostofa fii^ 

H^C^ a^j, A boat, & viaeteL 

irniTT«. i*i« A kind of dish. 

«K^ 8. m. Passing over; eseapiDg^ 
being saved ; one who in saved or 

"mm «. n. To cross ovw, to pass, over, 
to be ftoied ; to be saved. 

liw *. m. A fog ; a hard shower, • 
torrent of rain ; the ocean. 

TOf|f a /. A boat. 

iTWf 8, m. A libation of water to the 
names of deceased ancestors ; satis- 
faction, gratification. 

?Wf^ «. «. To flutter, palpitate 
flonnce, be agitated, writhe^ jnttp, 
spring, boand, wriggly toss ; to be 
very desirona about any tiling. 

fWr 8. ia. A water-melon ( OteHrbitm 

HW <$dj. Capricionff, changeable, fickle^i 
hiconstant, ticklish, volatile, un- 
steady; libidinous, lecherous^ wanton^ 

iT^T adj. Lower, nethermost.*, ai. A 
kind of bambu ; bottom, depth, 
lower or under part. 

Wt7 #. m. A tree. 

iw^ 8. w. Any large tree. 

n<<*R4if 8, «i. A sword ; a swordsmatiy 
a fencer. 

WMK $•/• A sword, a scimitar. 

^v^^i V, n. To long, desire aaztouslyy 
bo "gog ; to pity. 

ifKT i. m. The bottom of any thing. 

w^^ 8. f». Stars. 

trcAi 8.f. A marsh, mead, meadow. 
T<»rdt Vktwa^ adj. Living in, or near 
water {water-fowl^ wakr'8p9niel, ^c). 

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< *55 ) 


HMV^ «•/• The beam of a balance* 
^KKn 8. f, A Boale, balance. 
wms^m. Revenne. 
iraWT V. a. To cause to pass over or 

swim ; to sare. 
Hft^/. A boat. 
9r^ •• m. A tree. 

f «. m. The root of a tree. 
8. m. A kind of flower ( Achyran- 

thei atptra Y ) ; a young man/ one of 

the virile age. adj. Young, juvenile, 

adult ; new, fresh, norel. 

iR^lt «./. 1 Adolescence, youth, 
Iwl^fW 8, m. J puberty. 

fHift J./. A young woman from 16 to 
SOyeataof age» gonenJly boww^er 
one about the first ago. 

nft-tid^. Under. 

H^ 4. m. The falling of water IrMn a 
spout^ or from any baigjlit. 

B^ «. m. A bnoy« 

mhc\8.f. A star. 

wpi 8, m. Doubt, diaputatioi), discus- 
sion, reasoning ; the science of rea* 
floning, logic ; ( m logic ) a propo- 

mrftm «./. The science pi i«afK>nii^ 
' or logic. 

^«rHt ««/. E0cu]eat veigetaUes. 

QfV9 od/. Doubtful, disputatious. 

frfiSl 8. m. A logiciap, a disputant^ a 
follower of the Tark $hi»8ir. 

«fvii#. fli. Cama torn. 

wit «•/. A kind of ornaittdniior the 
•aramade of the leaveiBof the Uir 
tree. «• m, A logician, a diafnotant, 
a fidUower ^> the -Torib «%a|^. 

«^ ««/« A swindle, «n iron pift «pon 
wbieh the cotton ia first drawn out ; 
it also serves as the distaff^' tlie cot- 
toBMng next tranafeiyed fiott it 

^4z ^' ^> Drawing out the coit6n upon 

the distaff or upon the wheel. 

H^f^ «./. A spindle or a dJstaff. 

?ff ^ffW t. m. ? A ball of day, &(J. 
Ill 4Wt t. /. J upon the lower end 

of the spindle to asmt in giving it a 
rotatory motion. 

if^m «./ The fruit of the tor rrce 
( B(n'a8su$ fiaheWform8 ). 

119 ^Qir s. m. A concaTe shell or sau- 
cer in which the lower end of the 
spindle is placed and whirled round. 

2I9WF9 8.m. A small whetstone for 
sharpening spindles, &e. 

H^ ^df. Rapid (a itftam). 

{f^nr s* m. Wrath, anger. 

mi^i.f. The fore finger. 

^T^^UfT adj. Yetj greaay ; drilling with 

ifi^liiT V. n. To bluster, to boast. 

imtl^ «./. Blaster, boast. 

ff^m «. m. Satisfaction, given or receiv- 
ed ; either the act of pleasing or 
the state of being pleased ; satiety,, 
fulness ; a religious rite, presenting ^ 
water to the manes of the deceased. 

qi ««/• A musical ton^, [mnr« 

HkWt v. n. To grudge^ gmndble, ipur- 

H^n 8. m. Rapidity, flow.. Taarara hhar* 
HO, To giJlop. [fenc^ 

W^f^ 8. m. A sword.; a swordsman, a 

B^ 8. /. A swovd, a eci«3itar« 

q^ ^ It. Thicsl;, wi&h^ desire. 
.iilr9t.f». Thirst, thu^sting; it ia also 
used HetaphbiieaUy. 

ilft?9 i8^. Thirstisg, atUrst^ tiikatif. 

if^ 8. IB. Compassion, mercy. Tar8 Mo- 
noi 3\> CMnpastionale, to.pit^. 

imT^ V. o.. To cause to long, act ago|f^ 
tantalize, ' tease, vex. 

itif adv. The third day past or to come 

{not tnchuting the fresmt, i. e.tufQ 
day8 iniprtpwiay. 

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( >66 ) 


mm $. «. Deplli, bottom, lowneas, iafe- 
riority of position, the place under 
or tiiLderneath ; the sole of the foot. 

mm^^K adj. Upside, down ; confused. 

mmm adv. Till. 

mm^ adj, BittM», rancid. 

mmmz 8./. Dregs, refuse, scum, sedi- 
ment, ofials, leavings. 

fi^if^T'TT •. n. To shake. 

rm^ i>. a. To fry. 

Tm^Z ddj. Ruined, destroyed. 

n^nPTT \ ^». n. To flutter, to palpitate, 

fl^^T y be restless, be agitated, * to 

flounce. ^ 

w <j | «i^ i» n «. n. To be tantalized ; to 

grieve, to be agitated. 
w^^fl^l s.f. A scimitar, s. m. A swords- 
man, one armed with a scimitar, a 
sword-player, a fencer. 

nmXK i>f. A sword, a scimitar. 

? f^4l€ ^ l «• a. Spoken of the feet of 
animid which are worn by treading 
on hard rocky ground. 

nm s.f. A leathern fence worn by 
ailchers on the left arm. 9. m. The 
stand or support of any thing, that 
which is under or below it ; the bot- 
' torn of any thing ; the sole of a shoe; 

fl^ninr «. 9it. One of the seven divisions 
of the infernal regions. 

mm ». «». A pond, reservoir of water. 

mfkj^ <kI;* Inferior, uezt, below, one 
who acts at the command of another. 

nA i.f. The bottom of auy thing ; the 
sole of a shoe ; breath, uuder ; im- 
palpable powder. 

HW^ ^ M». The sole of the foot. 

ITW^ > Ttdua chdtna, OT, Tdkoe taU 
hathdhama, To flatter. TakDisah- 
lani, ( Ut. to itroU th$ $oUt cf the 
fut) Signifies excessive flattery, adu- 
lation* Ta/toon teo^ lapni^ iJHu tem^ 

ing in the 8ole$ of the/eet ) IsipUes 
excessive anger. 

ut 0dio. Below, down, beaeatb^ under* 
Tale-upar^ aaj. IJpside dowp ; coi>- 
fused. ToZe tale dekhnay To see clan- 
destinely. Tale let zamin upar honi. 
Is used to express great disturbance 
and confusion. 

fnm 8.f. A small pond. 

ITWVT t. m* A turtle-dove. 

nftr^rr^./. A key. 

?n^ 8. m« The dental class of letters in 
the Ndgri alphabet, beginning wifh 
mtaK [saucec. , 

initrit s.f. A salver, a small plate, a 

WOT s.m. A shuttle; a kind of coarse 
silk the produce of a particular worm 
( Bomhyx papMa ), Hiat feeda on the 
08an {Termnalia dhtd tommUosa), 4c. 

Wfrtn A vessel used by Hindus to 

dress their victuals in. 
w^rc s.m. A thief, a robber, a stealer- 

a kind of potkerb ( Medicago escu^ 

lenta ) ; a tree ( VangwriB spinow ). 
inron «./. Thievishness, thieving, 
iraift s.f. Theft ; a passionate wottan. 
wm s. m. A raeor-strop. 
nm s.m. An inch. [spetlwd. 

?!ir9«rf9 €K^* Ruined, destroyed, dls* 
W%\ d^dv. Thither, there, Tahan tahm. 

In each place. 
f(%ij At that place. 
w^vtl V. tf. To fold, to ply, to wrap, 
iffr dio. Thither, there, exactly there, 
m injleet. tf the 8rd pers. pran. sing. 

Him, her, it, that, 
irtm s. m. A small two-wheeled car 

without covering, and on which one 

pefson only can ait. Tmngorsaiso^^ 

One wbo rides on a tanga. 
itnn s. m. Daadng, especiidly . iritli 

violent gesticnlatiQiii a&d partioiAarly 

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A W! ) 



applied to the fr^txe dance of ilia 

god Skii) and his votaries, 
lifil *./. A lo^m ; cat-gat, sinew, ib« 

string of a musical instrument. Tanf- 

haji o^r rdg bt^h^, Re Understood 

from the first word. T(hi( bdi^dhna, 

to pmi to sUsnxse no idle talker, 
w im *. m. A string ( qf camels, Jior^esy 

4re. >, a drove i a imin, a genes, a 

nrat 0. m. A weaver. 
«w^f *. w. A ooppet colour (in pigicns) ; 

a false atone resembling a rnhf, 
'inrr^nK Copper. 
'TO* *. m. An amulet or charm. 
mt «./. An aunt, pa^mal jnncle^s 

wife, father's elder brother's' wife ; 

an earthen frying pot. 

»T^ f «. *». A paternal uncle, father's 
TO J «lder brother. 

mi ^/. Look, fixed regard, glance, 
peep ;, aim, view, the act of aiming, 
pointing ( qf a dog ). Tdk hdndhna, 
To covet, to point {as a dog), fak 
rahna, To aspire. 

^^PfPn V. a. To stare at, aim, peep, see, 
"PT> watch, view, behold, look, look 
for, attend. 

irmwri *./. Ni<Jk of time. 

*n?Ritw t. m. Lace. 

^fm «. o. To thread. 

^fT s. m. Thread. 

^^ 9. m* An Arabian boltse. feai^ 

HT^ s^m. An omameni w^n in the 

^ ff. m* The plam trait ( Barafsus 
^MMf&rmis) s.f. Understanding. 
Toi^or^ adj. Intelligenlk, quick of 
apprehension. T<»f*#^-, a./. Quick- 
n^W fttjftpprefcen^ion. [ypft 

nrfv s. m. A repro!w^ Pflpirfitr, ,*a8. 


mfw I. w. An ornament worn ia th^ 

m^*r ) s. m. Beating, whipping, pun- 

^nfTr J ishment, admonition, re- 
proof, penalty, Tdma kdma, To 
reprove, punish, chastise. 

mf»rr t>. a. To understand, conceive/ 
comprehend, guess, apprehend. 

ffl^nta adj. Reproveable, worthy o{ 
admonitioU; punishment^ &c. 

mf%^T I s.f. Wife of a demon (rakth^s) 
^T?^^ J killed by lidm, 

nift s.m. The juice eftlie paloa tree 
( toddy ) ; hilt of a dagger. 

tm^ t.m^ Dancing, especially with 
violent gesticnlatipn, and partionl- 
arly implied to the ft-antic dance o£ 
the god Shi^ and his votaries; 

rmi adj. VeueraWe, reverend, respect- 

HT?t s, m. Father, adj. Hot, .varm. 

nw^ pron. infisGf.f. Of her, that or it» 

HiH?(^ proa, i^fiect. m. Qi him, that or i^ 

m^m adj. Hot, warm. 

BT^n o4?. ^' Ho^» heating {jhod ), 

inn pron. inflect. From liim, her, itp 
or that. 

fTT^^f^^Ht a4j. Of that t(me or period. 

mwT?r «, m. Object, purpose^ iivtent^ 
design ; meaping, purport ; 0^plina^ 
tion ; the appreheniiion pf an impUqf 
wish or thought ; need. 

^Zf^x^ adj. likeness, aimilarity. 

jfivmr «./. Such like, like him or it, Ac 

7iTf<. /. A tune, atone, thekeypote 
innpusic, atretohingy tension, knitlong 
(ejfe'brows). [culation, 

WTfir^ f* wi. Dancing with violent ges- 

WfUft^TT •. a. To crack a joke, to drof 
a word which excites quarrelling 
pr indices ponversat ion, to animad* 
vert J to strike up a tune. 

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{ $58 ) 


^ittifT i. m. The warp, the threads that 
are extended lengthwise upon a loom, 
Trfna hdnka hama. To fidget, to dance 
attendance. Tane tannay To wander, 
here and there without profit. 
BIWI i>. a. To heat, prove, assay. 
itTnt s. f. The warp ; the price paid for 

tnP^m s. m, A scholar, a man complete- 
ly versed in any science ; a follower 
of the doctrine tanght by the Tantrds. 
Tm\ D. o. To extend, stretch, expand, 
pull, knit (the ej/e-hrotog), Tambu tan- 
na, To pitch tents. 
frm 8, n. Warmth, heat, bnrning (moral 
or physical ) \ pain, sorrow, distress. 
i.f. Fever. Tap-tilli, #./. An indu- 
ration of the spleen, attended with, 
or preceded by fever ; splenitis, agne- 
IfFT* s. m. Fever, morbid heat. adj. 

Burning, inflaming, heating.^ 
WNW «. w. The sun ; heating, inflaming. 
wrtpiT V, a. To bask in the sun or before 
fire^ to warm one's self at ( or o-oer) a 
fire, to warm, to heat. 
f^^^ adj. Performing penance. «. m. 
A practiser of devout austerities, a 
devotee, an ascetic. 
inPm <Mif*. Inflamed ; distressed, pained. 
«Tf4t *. / A name of the TapU or Sdrat 
river ; a name of the Jamna river. 
, ad). Oppressed by heat, morbid, 
moral or physical ; any thing heated 
or glowing. 
Vt^ 8, m» A mineral substancoi sul- 
phnret of iron, said to Ire procured 
from the Tapii river. 
WTi^#t^ arfii. Successively, repeatedly. 
HT^»T^^ »./. Enamelled copper. 
in«l^ 8, m, A gem of inferior value of 
a copper colour. 

WT'HC^ 8. m, A lotus (Ngmphd nehimbo)-^ 
copper J gold. 

?lT«ra«ft 8. /. A plant ( Flacourtid cat- 
aphracla ). 

HT^f^^ 8,/, A district in the south of 
Bengal TamluJc. 

KPRM adj. Affected by or appertaining 
to the third quality, that of darkness 
or vice ; partaking or inflnoiced by 
the principle of mertness, ignorance 
or mental darkness, inert^ stupid, ig- 
norant. 8, m. Darkness, iRusion, 
irascibility ; an incendiary, a mali- 
gnant and mischievous man,. a villain. 

^m€t adj. Dark, irascible, vindictive. 

m*NT«. »». Calx or scori© of copper. 

mww[ 8. m. BeteUeafy the areca nut. 

nm ^rtm 8. m. A kind of pulse (Ervum 
lens ). 

f(m mnit «./. A small plant bearing a 
leaf, which with the areca nut, a 
small quantity of caustic lime or chu- 
nam, and catechu, and occasionally 
cloves cardamoms, &c., from the Pofi 
or betel of the Asiatics ( Piperhetel ), 

«TW ^ 8,f. Betel C Pipei^ betel ) or its 
pungent leaf, which together .with 
the areca nut is eaten very generally 
by the natives of the east. s. m. The 
Pan bearer of a prince or soveroign ; 
a servant whose business it ia to pre- 
pare and furnish the Pi$n. 

mf T t. m. A copper colour (in pigeen$); 
a false atone resembling a luby. 

Wiw 8. m. Copper ; a kind of sandal 

wood represented as of a dark red 

colour and smelling like a lotus ; a 

dark or coppery red . 

(|M«^ «./. A name of the female ele- 

I phant of the west. 

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( 259 > 

mwmK t. m. A brazi«r, a oopper smith. 

ftm^m s»f, Bke yiirlol or salphate of 

nrw^Yf 9' ni, A copper plate, such as 
Hind» grants of land, &o. are fre- 
quently inscribed on. 

HfinWT «./• A rirer in the peninsnla 
and the district in its Ticioity. 

nmj^ 9. m. A kind of ebony (Bauhinia 

vai*iegata ) ; a plant ( Keinpferia 

rotundiJk ). [^waiw-o^«). 

'irwi^ « . /. Trompet flower C^Bignon a 

mm^ *. /. Lythrurn fruticosum, 

fim^^ s. m. Alangium hexapelalum. 

TKjvrit 8. /. The blossom of sesamnm. 

WIW^ 9. f. Bengal madder '( Subia 
manjith )• 

9rw4V«r t. m. A kind of vetch. 

nmi^ 8. m. A sort of sandal wood. 

inW9T^ 8, fn, A red kind of sandal 
( Pletv8p8rmum santoUnum). 

ffiiri9 9. m. One of the eighteen divi- 
sions of the known continent* 

m\^m 9. m. A brazier, a coppers-mith. 

jITftnsT 8,f. A copper vessel for mark- 
ing time. 

in^ «•/. A copper of metallic cup of 
prescribed capacity, and perforated 
by a small hole at the bottom, an- 
swering the purpose of an honr glass ; 
it is. put into a vessel of water, the 
water gpradaally fitting it and the 
sinking marks the time that has 
elapsed. * 

HR 8. m. A high note or tone in mnsic ; 
a wire, a chord. 

mKW (idj, A protector, a preserver. 

miTsm I'. n» To be disjointed, to be 

inV8 9, m. A raft, a float ; the act of 
freeing, salvation, deliverance ; one 
thai sets free ox delirers. 

m^wir^'n *» w,/. The Saviour, and ibm 

person saved. 
<KJK^J «. a. To free, rid, exempt front 

further transmigration, absolve front 

sin, save. 
'IIW** 8» m. Distinction, discrimination*, 
irroft^ #. m. A kind of sewing or 

needle- work, open work, pulling out 

some threads, &c. 
fiivn t>. 0. To free, to rid, to exempt 

from further transipingration, to 

absolve from sin, to save, 
In^^jt adj. Dispersed, &c, 
m^wt^TT 1?. a. To continue or repeat 

an action without interruption. 
VTO 8, m. A star ; the pnpil of the eye. 

Tare gtnna, To count the stars, t. #• 

to get no sleep. 
m^T^ 8. m. The^atmosphere, the firma* 

ment, heaven or sky. 
9Kr«i99l 8, m. The starry sphere. 
^fkWX 8. /. The apple of the eyej 

a star. 
!TTft^ 8./. A goddess peculiar to th^ 

Ji/ns ; a name of Durgd ; deliverer. 
«Tft 8. /. The clapping of hands ,• a key; 

abstraction, absence of mind, absorp* 

tion in thought or devotion. 
f{T% i. m. The palate. 
<rr%« <' m. A philosopher, a sophist, 

a follower of either of the six schooU 

of Hindu philosophy. 
?fTflini: ddj. Relating or attached to 

the science of reasoning. 
iTPr! V. a. To free, to rid, to exempt 

from further transmigration, to ab- 
solve from sin, to save. 
nim 8. m, A pond ; beatify; time in 

music, musical time or mea^ure^ 

chime ; slappmg or clapping the 

hands together or against the arms 

previous to fighting ; a i^nsical ia« 

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( 2*^ ) 


itruinent of bell metal or brass ( a 
tort of cymbckl ) played wilb a stibk ; 
tbe palm tree ( BdrasBua Aahellifor- 
mis ). TaZ dena, To cbime ;.to slap 
the bands ou the arms before fight- 
ing. Tal mama, or— /Aokna, To 
strike the hand against the arms pre- 
paratory to wrestling. 
^mw s. m. A bolt, a latch, a kind of 

lock for fastening a door with. 
nj^^V 9, m. A hollow cylinder of gold 
with or without a ring attached to it 
thrust through the lobe of the ear, 
and worn as an ornament. 
m^SfXT^ «./. A sort of anise ( Anethum 

panmorium ). 
?fT^H^« *. m. A medicinal application 

to the eyes. » 

^IW H^gjRT i. fn, A medicinal herb {Bar- 

lei't<$ longifoUd )• 
m^^^ «./. A plant {CurcuUgo 01^ 

chioides ). 
in^^wf's. tn. A fan, 
mm\ 8. m. A lock, 
umiwr s.f. A perfume. 
VT^ «./. A sort of key orpin; clap- 
ping of the hands together ; a species 
of the mountain palm {OorypHa «»- 
lUrd ) ; a plant ( Flacourtia ccUa- 
' pkracta ). Tali ek hath se Bajni, Ib 
•used to express an impossibility. 
Tali bajana, To clap the hands (ge- 
fierally by way of censxi^^ and ridi 
cule) ; to hoot, Tali ma^mct^ To hoot, 
ifTir s. m. The palate, the ridge or slit 
in the roof of the mouth ; a disorder 
in horses, the lampreys, 
in^ s. m, A sheet of p^)er ; ptoof trial, 

easy ;*8peed. 
irw «. wi. Heht; passion, rage ; strength, 
power; splendour, dignity; twist, 
coil, contortion. Tao dena^ To tirist j. 

to stroke f^d Whiskers^; to heiti {A» 

irm)., Tao peck IzhafiOy To bo heialid ;: 

to be angry. 
!ir^ (»(fo. Bomiic!^ so far« so maAy^ 

untO) until, the correlative to mni^ 

tnnm i>; a. To heat, to°rai^e hetffe by 

blowing with bellows, to a&neai ;. to* 

proTOj to assy ; ^ twist, 
nm S. m. Cloth of gold, brooadok 
wm 9i m. The caods, ai game at evrds ;; 

brocade^ cloth of gold , 

'^^ X pron. Of him, t6at or it. 

ti\^ pron. To him, her or it; 
tdfi^ 9. fi A kind of dish, vi*. rifee* 
boiled with bar-i, which consiBts^ of 
pulse ( Phas&olui f*adimius Y gcmud: 
ill a Trat state mixed with ginger, 
pepper, dkc. and dried in small lovpt.. 

filirf?t«lf *. A A sound usediit dK^g. 
a cart. 

ft«ii^r»Tqr«4/' Triiwagular; 

Tfim 8. m, A small pteee of flMh, lb 
steak, a chop^ a^ collo^» a' slice. 

ftiwarfji.. Ktter ; fragrant «* m-. A bit- 
ter ttstO) bitterOMB^ ; fragrance^ per*^ 

ftm* 8. m* A kind of gourd' ( THih^ 
8anthe8 didca] ; a sort of Q^ntiao^ 
(G, chei'ayta ). \caHm). 

f^wm 8, f^ A plant (Lycopoditm imbri^ 

«m^*./. AWtkergourd. 

^ffffj^rr 8i /. A z&dicinaL kind of mooa- 

f?nfHT«r 8^ m^ A <mcurbitac«oos plant 
( Mbmoi'difUt mosia ). 

finim^ B.f A pethe^'b ( Mto*oto ft- 
fmi8 ) ; a. plant ( M^nisfmmwm gt^ 
brum )^ 

fhnmirv 8i m. A kihdof dueumber(I»^ 
cho8anth88 dic^tf }^ 

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( »« ) 


flNir^f%f%%T «. A A fliedicinal plant* 
^«Yl!^ «. /. A plant ( AUtris hyacin^ 

finiirTW «, m* A plant ( Cappcti^is iri- 

Unwf^ i.ftik A Bort crfMiinofta ( JBT. 

ca/dcAu ). 
fifftwrr *. /. A bitter gourd; 
flWf=a WK^ V. a. Ife iiSfUloif, tO'plongti 

three tiroesi 
fcWT^TT 1'. ». To confirm, to prove^ 

to establieh by argnment ;. to inquire 

earnestly ; to trifaHow; 
ftiQpt 8, fft, A stone in- mnsib; adj. 

Threefold, triple. 
fiifTT adf. Threefold: 
fH^i, m^ H^at, also the heat 6f spices, 

or pungency; adj. BTdt, pnngent, 

aerid ; sharp ( tts * weaptm), ' 
ft^fT €Mdj. Sharp,, virnl^t^ bitter, 

ft^^^ X 9. f, A t^ian twtt or 

fifiift *. /. A plantj commonly called 

*ir arfir. Thither, three; 

firtWT t ao{^*. So many, so much, TiVne- 
ftirft J »wn, in so much ( time^ ). 

fim^^^ tfc^*. Dispersed. 
ftlRnn «./. Patience, resignation, suf- 
ferance^ endurance^ 

fijj^ \ «&'• P«tient> resigned* 

ftlRn^ #• m. An obttaele^ hnpe^nent^ 

firf^^»• m. One ofthe^se^en JiT^aar 

or astronomical periodic so* called ; a 
* sort of sweetment made of sesamnm^ 

ground; and baked iritft sogar; 
fi^frrt «• m. The Franeoline partridge*. 
tW^ ^. rn. The Franoolioe p&rtridge; 

tke name of a muniy and ome of the 

early teaehers of the 'iyitiriy or blaeft 
Tajur Ved ; the Tajur Vid, natted 
after its teacher. 

fiwi t $. m. AluiMur day, one tkiik- 
ftftl J tfeth of a whole lunation. 

fiffw^H $. m. Day of new moon. 

fnt^adj. Three^deoredl 

fki^adfr. There. 

ftmnjr e m^ a plant (£^M}>Aerl^ ifuo^ 
^im) ; th^ meeidn^ of three streams. 

ftw prom 11^. H^fiitot. Them, those. He^ 
she, it^ that. 'Binkemr Te them or 
those, <ftc. [thtob. 

ftWiWT V. n. to flutter, palpitate. 

fiwNTT t. m. A strawy a bit of-tMe stalk 
of grass. Tink€tdM$9k men lena, T(y 
make subtfitisiloo, confess infeneri^y 
or ask for quarter. Tmjlie ekmnm^ 
( Ut. t9 pick Bipowi ),. To be int6zi<^ 

ftf^r«^ s. m. The ttenarind tvee» 

fniti.f. A kind of rice; 

fii^ t. f?ii A speetes of ebony^ fhroa tfie* 
fruit ef which a kind of reein itoA^- 
tainedi thai is^tased in-India^as pittb 
for caulking TesselSi 4bc. ( JH§$pypo§^ 

fh^^ «./. The reaiM«a £rait ef »aort 

of ebeny*. 
f^mKJ cMdj. Thrice, s.m M kail or 

rootii irith thtee doors. 
firfdi r. in. A fabttlour ish* ef mi eior^^ 

moussize, said to< be one kawlredi 

1%'tfflf long; 
fMll(|>««. m^ Alarl^eMwdoiMflsh. 
ftf¥ v t l»H y. ei. AfabolMk fisk larger 

than either of the preeediagi 
fiif^'«M$VW^tiadist^ moistaaed dnap *: 

steady, fited, unmoved, msfaalkea. 
filfil^' s. m. Liffkaese ; gittta serenar- 

total blindness from affeotioB'ef the 

optto Ber^e*. 

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i 2e« ) 


ftf fUt I. m. A kind of pumpkm grouad ; 

a water melon, 
ft^ «./• A woman, a wife. 

f^f^f^T #*»». A mixture of dry ginger, 
long pepper, and black pepper. 

ftr^,./. Thirst, desire. 

fi(Kwit9.f. A trivet. 

f^W «4;- Crooked, across, croiswise, 
bent, obUqne, awry, aakant i per- 
Terse. affected, foolish. Tirehha 
dekhna, To sqnint, to look askant. 
Tirchha Ugna, d. n. To strike ob- 
liquely, to glance. Tirchhi ankh 
-h^ma, To look angrily, to cast on- 
kind looks, lirchhi naxai^, Lser, 
ogle, side glance, squint. 

f^lt««rr V. n. To crook, to place ia a 
transverse position, slant, v. n. To 
be penrerse ; to be aSected. 

fH^^onrr V. n. To edge, to go obUquely. 

ft^fif^PfT V. n. To trickle, to drop. 

fipcnr ^. n. To swim. 

fi^^q^ t. m. A tripod* 

AlKlir ads. Ftfty-iiree. 

fcWtftWT ». «». A.bttilding with three 
doors or arches. 

filtqrwT «. «. A medicine composed of 
thrM mytrobaUns. 

f%^^TWW s. m. Aji agreement confirmed 
three times. 

^CWT adj. SUnding awry, or bendmg 
ifro^lUtmth Ug$j loiM and nsch 
leiU ). 

ffftnft adj. Having the positioft de* 
scribed under tirbanga, and epithet 
•of Kriilma. i.f^ A species of poeti- 
cal measure. 

^1^ odtf. Indirectly, unfdefhaft4i9dly, 
aeOetly^cdrertly ; crookedly, awry; 
a partiele of abuse or depreciation. 

^fHvna<^. Sixty- iliree. [proach. 

ffHWl^ •• m. Disrcipect, 9i)\x»^ re- 

fiiK^fm s.f. Disrespect^ contempt^ n*' 

fa^^rr adj. Reviled, abused, reproach- 
ed, censured. 

fq^T ( confractian (^ T^ra ), Thy, thine. 

fJKTTT ir. <». To cause to pass over or 
swim ; to save. 

fil^W adj. Ninety-three. • 

fExm i. m. Swimming. 

ffiKms.f, Thirst. 

gj;;jj}..«. To be thirst,. 

TdtirBt i»4;. Eighty -three. 

Hifkm f./. A woman, maid, fesialfl^ 

fifft^lT^ftw s. m. Female wiles, 
ffvfMrrt^ <. m. The science of women, 

knowledge of women. 
fiift^<1«^ t. m. Amazon country^ pet- ' 

ticoat government, 
ftft dflj;. Three, 
fitftfwd adj^ Dispersed, 
fh^i^ t. m. The float of a fishing hne, 

a float or buoy, 
fa^^ B. w. A float. 
fv^fwiT adj. Covered, concealed, hidden, 

removed or withdrawn from sight, 
ft^^ s. m. A buoy, beacon, 
fwf^^ *• m. A pot of oil, Ac, Bwim- 

ming on water ,• an ocular spectrum 

or spark appearing before the eye 

from the internal state of that organ. 
fwPkmT V. n. Tq. vibrate, daaale, 

thrill, shake 4 to glisten as greaae or 

oil, swimming on water, 
fwfv^f^^*/. Vibration^ 
filfll* 8,f. Vertigo, darkness (PsriOj^ 

amQMitom$ or blindnen from disease), 
ffrgn s.f. A. district on the Oamdak^ 

ft? ftBf J^dj. Belonging to Tirhui, pro- 
duced in Tirhui. 

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{ feG5 ) 


tiffr 8. m. A plant ^earing an oily 
seed ; the oil and seed being both 
mach used in oriental cooking {Seaa- 
(mum oi^entale) ; a mole or spot, com- 
pared to a seed of sesamum. Tilon 
men tel ti'^hin kahnaj (lit. to say there 
is no oil in. the seeds of sesamum^ is) 
To say snow is black, to deny the 
most evident tmth. 

f^^V s, m. A mark or marks made 
with coloured earths or unguents 
upon the fore-head, and between the 
eye-brows^ either as an ornament or 
a sectorial distinction ; a freckle, 
a mole^ a natural mark on the per- 
son ; a title, especially in composi- 
tion, implying pre-emine;(ice. 

^ri^r s. /. A kind of necklace, adj. 
Spotted, freckled, a person having 
moles or spots ; chief, principal. 

f^tn? s. m. The farina of sesamum. 

fintlTom jr. m, A mole or spot on the 
body ; a man so marked. 

ft'WfZ 8. m. A sweetmeat, composed 
of pounded sesamum and sugar. 

finWT s. »». An inhabitant of Tylangm^ 
in which the first soldiers were cloth- 
ed and disciplined .in the European 
manner ; (hence) fk soldier or rather 

f^wi\ s. f. A kind of (cAtW'a) kite. 

fN^rn e.fn.K cock roach (BloJtifi). 

^W^nr^ *. /• Mixture composed of 
rice and sesamum seeds ; a mllEture 
of black and gray hairs in the head. 

ftl^ «./. A kind of sw^ertneat. 

firail|r s. m, A necklace of three strings. 

fira^ s, m. Sesamum oil. • 

fim^ 8, /, Sesamuk made up in the 
shape of a cow, f6r thd purpose of 
being presented to Brahmans. 

fiRPrq^ *. /. Red s(vidars (Pierocarpfts 

fw^f^^z s» m, A sort of sweetmeat- 

made chiefly or grouftd sesamum. 

fh^Prw ? «• m. Barren sesamun>, bear- 

f^m^^ y ing no blossom, or its seed 
yielding no oil. 

fw^HTC s. m, A kind of bird. 

^nm^^ Mj. Made or composed of sesa- 

fir^i^iK s. m. A kind of pea-fowl, mark- 
ed with spots r^embling Uie seed 
of the sesamnm. 

f<T9^d 8. /. A kind of sweetmeat made 
of sesame and sugar. 

fif^^ ndj. Oily. 

fif^rit s.f. A small fryinjg pan. 

fiT^T^f\ s.f. A plain in the vicinity of 
Sirhind, abounding in robbers ; henoe, 
it is applied to any situation of 

fn^T s.m. A kind sweetmeat (eaten 
particularly by the Hindus when the 
sun enters capricom). 

ffimfyn (tdj. {Spoken of a lamp) Sloped 
so that the oil may reach thf wick. 

finil^'lT *./. One of [the courtezans of 
Staarg, the paradise of the Hindus.' 

fH^V^ «.m, A dish of milk, rice and 

f^ji\ s.f The spleen or milt, taptitti^ 
s.f. Disorder of the spleen. 

ffiwro 8» m. A hall dr buildinjg with 
three doors. 

fr\m^ adj. Stale, three days old. 

fW s.f. Thirst. 

fjf^ s.f. Thirst ; temptation. 

ffP? s. m. The eighth nahshatra or 
lunar mansion, an asterism figured 
hy an arrow, and contiiining three 
stars, of which ohe is Cancer^ <^j. 
Auspicious, fortunate, lucky. 

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f K4 ) 


ftWT 1 «./. Emblitf wyrobalan {Phf^- 
flwj^ J /. n ftM« embliea), or axispi- 

ciouR flower. 

ftw en^cf. pron. That which. &o. Tt«- 
ttpranl, <•(?!;. Moreover. Tisrper^ or, 
Tt>-^\ 4»diy. Besides, over af d a*^0Te, 
moreoYer, by, neyerthsless, still, 
then, after iihat, thereon, whereat. 
Tii-ptr^hhi^ adt. Therein, neverthe 
' less, yet, still. [pire. 

fw ^^ l W %. m, A third person, an nm- 

Hwm <. m. Name of a medieine. 

%f ^TT ckdj^ Seventy-tJiree. 

fll^l^ 0ij. Triple, three -fold. 

ft¥TT«n V. a. To tertiate, to do the 
third time, to triple. 

flf^^CT^ «./. Triplication. 

I^Tf^ prtm, Yonr, of yon. 

flKWA: «./. The third part ; the third 
partofapieoe of cloth for naking 

9nnW «« ">• A third peMon ; n comrt 
of inquiry, 'three or four persons by 
whom 'any cause is arbitrated, an 


fran. Tour, of you. 

|«f¥ pron. fl. Tk0se y^rj, them, them- 

fine ^' Tluree. 

ft^W ac^. Panjftnt, tot ; angry, pas- 
sionate; sharp, acute, penetrating, 
ardent, virulent, bitter, evere. 

^^fS f« m. Posteriors. 

fitf^ s,f. A starchy substmce obtain- 
ed from th^ root pf the Curcmma «•• 

^^W md^ Hot, w^TT^ pungent, ardent, 
f^loua, 9^H% waim^ keen, inW^ 
gent; apgry, pi^ou^te, sharp {of a 
iwthd ) penetimt^. 

?i1W^IWir s, TO. Thoim apple ( Datura 
meiel ). 

41^^^ *. m. The onion, 

bI'^^t adj. Active. 

ul^im «, nu Morunga ITt/jperanthera ; 
the gitm olibanum tree, small car- 

^WT^ «. /. Mustard seed ; orris root, 
Pandanus odoratissimns* 

ftt^h^ 9. w. Resin ; the milky juice of 
the Euphorbia^ spirituous or vinous 

S;i \ '• «• ^"«^- ' 

*W5^ *. m. Cloves. 

iftW^^ «. m. Saltpetre. 

^Wi|« *. m. Bariey. 

iRwr «<&- Pungent, hot, warm ; angry, 
passionate ; sharp {ai a sword ), 

i!Nfr adj. /. Sharp ( tone in music )• 

i?hip: «,/. A starchy substance obtain- 
ed from the root of th^e Curcuma 

ntir^ adj. Ardent, sharp. [night. 

ifNr s. /. The third day of a lunar fort- 

Tgt9n «• w. The third day after the 
death of a, relation, on which obla- 
tions are offered ( used among Mor 
homedans ). 

ifhr J mdj. Bitter ; pungent, hot, 

fflriTT J acird. 

uhl^ 8. m. A partridge ( Fordfse IV^ii- 
ooUnns )% Titar he munfi ImckkmiUff)* 
ffa^foirtun0p'4tcee4sfvm^ tk0 motUk qf 
ths pcMtti^gSj «r/(ic& fs a sv^ hiwd <f 
liuie ssUmsHonif A ssying ^aed mb^ 
a pevson of mean und«sttfA4iBf ^ 
chosen to decide in n^tteffs pf mkiA 
Jfte is iocompet^t to judge* 

#irf «. /. A bo^erlly ; a sort o 
medicln^. , , 

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( 2C5 ) 


#nT adj. Bitter ; pungent, liot, acrid, 
iftsf adj. Three. 

^^r^^^ tf^'. Dispersed, scattered, 
ruined. [(onty). 

if iTfrm «. ^. The private parts ; penis 

*»n«M 8. m. (see t^^w, flwir<5 wf^W^^ 
the three kinds of linman obligations. 

ifk^l^JTT «./. The tliree periods into 
whidi hnman lif^ diWde* iiseH, Wr., 
childhood, manlioody sevilitj. 

ift^^i* «. m. Present, past, foture. 

ifli^if «• w. The principle of tmth, 
the love of sensnal enjoyment. D^rk- 
ttess. , 

mfHK s, m. Darkness, obscnrity. 

lim s. f* A woman or female in general. 

i,^^ *./. A snit ( 9/ female*$ clothes ). 

itK 8.m. A shore, a bank ; an arrow. 
adv. Near. 

ifi^Q i* m. A holy spot visited by pfl- 
grims, especially at sacred waters, 

ftw «. To swim, float, cross over. 

ifl^fil ». m. Tirhut, a province in ilie 
east of central Hinduitan^ lying on 
ilie north of Behar , being bounded 
on the west and east by the Qandaki 
and Kausthi rivers^ on the south bj 
the Ganges, «nd on the north by the 
skirts of the Himalaya moantains* 

tiklfl «./^ The Junction of three rivers^ 
UU having throe mputlm or faces. 

i\% adj. Crossed, passed over ; spread, 

li^^ i.J. A plant < Cn^culi^o or- 
ehioidet )• 

ifjir ». nu Pilgrimage ; a holy plac6, 
any place of pilgrimage d^ Banares' ; 
8ytf, ^aggetnanthy &c. buff especially 
particular spots- along the cdttr^e of 
saci^ed streaims as the G'an^eV, &t. 
and in the vicinity of rftJme piefde''6T 
water ot 8a:red sprinfe^. 


ifrftmr «. w.The city otVryag ot Allu- 

wl^^rwt «./. The city of J?^n*rM, the 
most eminent of the Tirf^ or places 
of pilgrimage. 

iirtw!^ «. m. One who resides at places 
of pilgrimage. 

?ft* B, /. A bar ( of a cage, ^e. ) ; 
the oalf of the leg. 

wtf'C s. w. A hunter, one who lives by 
killing and selling game ; a fisher- 
man, one wbo lives by fishing. 

flin^ 8,f. The wife of a hunter, 

iiiw adv. Much, excessively, endless. 
0di9. Much, excessive, endless, un- 
bounded, unlimited ; pungent^ hot, 

fltiCt^T «./. Agony, excessive pain, 

the pain of damnation. 
^WT 8. /. M river in the east of Bengal* 
?ftH adj. Thirty, 
^^Tj 8. m. A third party, 
m^fXf adj. Third. 

iro^ adv. In the third place, thirdly, 
?ft^ «./. Flax ( Linum uaUatis simum)^ 
f ^ adj. Your. 
g*JT «. w. Prominent, highr 
tm adj. High, tall. 
^^ 8. nu Face. 
§vr«./« Beak, snout. 
5^ #. w. (a4;.) A person hanring tf 

large stomach, or navel. 
ii^W «. /. One line of a poem, a ryhme ; 

a moment. 

ff^J^ a* «. I 

ij^fR s.f. > A kind of paper kite. 

g«^ 8.f. ) 

ipRr^^ \ 8.f. Tlie manna of bam 

^ilT J boos. 

^ adj. Hl^h, tall, elevated, loft/l 
• 8. m: A! tree '( RotUerid' ixnctoria ) ; 

top, vorteit, altitfiiae. 
ijlH?; s. m. A- I'estive elephant, or on« 



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( ftM > 


JO rtit. s. /. A river in ihe Mj^ore 
' ' country, the Tumbhctdr, 
JPTHIJT s.f. A river in \*y8v>TB. 
^ 9,f. A kind of busil Oepmum grdt- 

immum ). 
g^ adj. Void, empty ; contemptibk, 
g^ai «. /. WorthlesRnese. [sap. 

g^«l( The castor oil tree as having no 
gqfnml ^ .^ To cawre to break. 

gHt »./. A vessel with a spout. 
gaKT'Tl I «. n. To lisp, speak imper- 
sjTl^T'Jl J fectly as a ihild. 
giBT B. m, A colly riumxjxtracted from 
'Che Amomam TSanthorhlza ; bine 

Titriol snlph&te of copper, especially 
' "medicinally considered as -an rmjnn^ 

application to the eyes. 
^;m%^ 9. m. Blue vitriol, considered as 

a medicinal application to the eyes. 
9f^W «• m. Cross, out 6f temper. 
IPllfV «./• A fine kind of bread or 

wafers thin as muslin. 
3*11*11^1 1>. fi. To sonnd. 
j^ t.f. The navel. 
Ip^wjSV *./. The nav^l. 

A lazy man, a 
sloth, a slaggardy pass- 
ing his whole time in strokinrg liis 
sides. ^ [vated navel. 

jfi^ ajpj^ Having a promhien tor ele- 
fpr 8. m. Teon, a tree ef which the 
wood bears some resemblance to ma- 
t^ogany and is used for farnitnre, t&c. 
( Cedrela tuna ). adj. Tormented, 
^irexed, injured, cut, broken, cut 
down, &c* 
^j^m 8, m, A tailor. 
>pw«./. A musket. 
^jR2d. f>er8. pron, j^l. You Tww <fpj 
You yourself. Tuviko, oi^ Tumhen^ 
To you. Turn tano, pwn^ 2d. fei, 
ma8, gen, jpl. Tou, of you. 

^fn 8./, A troop of soldierB. 

gfl^T adj. Your. 

7i^^\ adj. Like jou. 

^*nt «./. 'fl^e price of i.arding. 

gujifT V. *. To cause to be caided. 

^]K adj. Your. 

g^^a.wi. Mingled or tumultuous com- 
bat J uproar, clongo«r, tumult, tn- 
mnltuous sound or noise ; Btleric 

giWT 8. m. A hollowed gourd, the rind 
of a gourd in which beggars carry 
water, (&c. 

ijffiimT 8» fn. A pot. 

ipift 8. f. A long gourd ( CucurBUa 
lagenaria); a smallTiollowed gourd, 
the rind of a gourd in which beggars 
curry water, &c. ; a 'kind of pipe 
{chiefly ii8ed by those who exhibit 
8nake8 ). 

g<t 8.f. A kind of vegetable ( Oucumie 

acutanyulue ). 
jj^ 8. TO. A Turk ; « soldier, a Ma- 

g<iT 8, m. A horse. 

fftmnR^v 8. m. Necessary celibacj, 
leading a life df continence in con- 
sequence merely of being witfaomt 
female society, 
n f^ *./. A plant (Phyealie flextw8a ). 
fj^ ». m. A hor9em:an, cavalier, Ac. 

adj. Equestrian, riding, mounted, or 
earned on a horse. 

^KW 8. m. A horse. 

9^ t./. A. plant ( Fhyealis Aessuosm ). 

?JW } adi). -Qnickly, instantly direct- 

^^^ y !y. 

gr^ «./. A kind of stitch. 

frj*rr «,>• To sew ( in a particuiar 

manner ), to stitch. 
il^^n'TT 0, a. To stitjh, dam, hem. 
5XH^ 8j. A kind of hawk- ( FnUco 

fasciatue, or Falco dt^iue ). 

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( 2«r ) 

2^ r s.f, A tmnipet., a cTarioiu 

j^i.f. Yoar. 

JfKT^ <tdj, Qnick, soon. 

yrnift adj, Qniok, swiffc^ expeditions. 

^ i^f. A bnieh, or a fibrene stiVk 
aged by weaTers^ to clean and sepa- 
rate the tlireads of the^ woof ; a pain- 

ter> bmsB or fibrone stick need for 
tbat jftrpose.. 

irft^ *. w. The divine Being, or wiiver- 

sal S'pirit. 
5^^ K m. Fncenae ;. a oonniry, perhaps 

Turan or Turkistan, the original 

country of the Tnrks. 
H^^^ 8. m. pi. The inhabitaivts of 

^ > a/?i». Instantly, quickly, has- 
^^ > tily, directly, presently, im- 
fjirt? J mediately. TurH phurtiy 

adif. Hastly, qnickly. 

g^ adj. Nimble, actire ; fllppanfc. 

5^ adj. Alike, like. Tul hythna. To be 
weighed against valuable things, 
which are to be given in alms ^ te 
sit straight and compact {09 in a 
hottt iBhich might Be o^erut h/ Bitting 
nn^fin crearetessly ). Tul raAnr», To 
stand front te front^ ready for battle 

• or opposed. 

vii?i^»mT u. n. To become soft (Jram 
moiiture as a mud wall in the rains, 
as (9 sore or hoU when suppurating^ or 
ns fruit getting ripe ). 

?fwm ff. «. To be weighed or balanced ; 
to be drawn up in array (as one army 
against another ), 

?l^fir adj. A stutterer, a stammer. 

^w^wr V. To articulate imperfectly as 
a child. 

g^ «./. A small shrub held in ve- 
neration by tho Hindus, Holy Basil 
( Octjmum Mnctum ) ; Ttdei is said to 

have been a nyrapb beloved by' 
Eriihn mid by liini metamorphosed 
into this plant TuUi ka hira, Beadk 
made of tlie wood of the Tulsi plantr. 
lulsi dana, A gold ornament. TuUi 
d'au n. prop. Name of a Goeain, and 
author of the Tulsikrit-Ramayan. 
fi^^t^nrs.m. The leaf of the Tiilsi-plant. 
fimr s.f. Measure by weight ; a mea- 
sure or weight of gold and sifver, 
rOO patas or about 1 25 ounces troy ; 
a balance, especially a fine balance, 
goldsQUth^s or assay scales ; the 
sign L'bra of the zodiac ; the prac- 
tice of being weighed against gold or 
any kind of valuable substance^ which 
is afterwards given to priests. 
5^«fftfe *•/. An ornament of the feetr 

or toes ; a hundred millions. 
?J^T«iftit 8, m. A sort of ordeal, in which 
the accused is* tried by being weighed" 
in a scale. 
nWT^T«r 8. m; A gift of any articles to 
Bralimans equal in w^ght to the 
person of the donor. 
iprr?Nr «• w. The berry of the M^^us 
prceatorius, from which the gold- 
smith^ or jeweller*8 weight in f nii» 
is taken ;. the berry weighs 1-- grain 
troy, the factitious weigU about ^. 

JJ^nr 8, m. Part of an- Indian carriage, 

which rests on the axletree arm and 

supports the body of the carriage. 

fifmm s,/. A small Vxti said te resem- 
ble the wagtail. [ tree* 

^f^^m s.f. TheSimaZ or <silk-cotton 

5^ 5. / A steelyard ; a frbrous stick 
or brush used for weavers for clean- 
sing the threads of the woof ; a pain- 
ter's brush or fibrous stick used for 
that purpose. [logons to. 

3^<»^^, Like, reseiuWing, equal or aua- 

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{ 2fi8 ) 


3^»nTT i, m. Drinking together- 
5^ ?. w, A tribe of Raj^ut^. 
fi^ s. /. A kiad of lentil {Ct/U^ut cajm,) 
^ s. m. The husk of chaflf or rice, dc. ; 

Beledic myrobalan, 
g^T^ 5. »*. A conflagration, of qhaff, 

or of the husk of corn ; a capital 

paiiishment; burning; twisting dry 

straw, <fec., around the limbs of a 

crimina), and setting it on ffre, 
g^r^ s. m. Frost; cold; tlun, rain, 

midat ; iee^ or Bnow« 
U^CPCl o^?. Cold, frigid, frosty, 
Sft^ s, m. A kind of subordinate deriy, 

one of a <las8 of thirty-sfz. 
g^ cHfj. Pleased; satisfied, rejoiced, 

gratified. * [fioatioir. 

gwr *./. Delight, satisfaction, grati- 
gffe s./. Pleasure^ satisfaction, gratifi- 

caiion, content, 
g^ s. m. The husk^of com or rice. 
gf%«T s, m. Frost, snow. 
m^pron. 2nd. per$. sing. Thou^ JW toe, 

sound of calling a dog. * 
inK 8.f» A kind of pvlse {CytUui c^an)^ 
^nf^Km IT, a. To di8pute> to wrflrogle,. 

to abuse. 
W*i|T *. w. A holloired gourd, the rind 

of a gourd in which beggars eairy 

water, &o. 
^l^ s./. A small gourd; the snout 

of a crocodile, alligator, &c. ; a kind 

ol muftical pipe {^^/ty uMd by thoig 

u>Ao exhikit$, sfiakes). 
vm^m u. 0. To thou, 
^ a. i». A quiver ; a tree the wood of 

which bears some resemblance t<> 

mahogany, and is u«ed for furniture, 

&c. (Oedrelm toona), , 
^^^T t<r. f», A quiver* 
m^ 8, m. The mulberry tree, 
if^t s. /. A veasd with a spout. 

> $. m. Blue vitviol, tnttf. 

«^ g. m. Chips, clippings, filings^ 

WJfr*./. A parrot, parroqtiet. 
n^«r s, m, A quiver ; a tree the woodP 
of which bears some resemblance to 
mahogany, and is used for furniinire^ 
Ac, ( Okdrela toona^ ). 
'J'Hr t). a. To card or separate ( looolt 
or cotton') with the finger, prepara^ 
tory to combing; 
ij^ *./. The snout of a crocodile,. 

alligator, &c; 
?rf»??JT 8, m. Thread made of carded 
cottou, in opposition ta that madfe 
of what hns been boat only. 
^ !?• a^ To card or separate ( wqoI or 
catkin ) with the finger, preparaloty 
to combing. 
^ adv. Quick, swift, qnickly. mlp. 

Qmck, expeditious^ 
^9 8. tn. Besembling. 
^Ti* «i A A thick rofl of -cotton,, 
from which it is drawn out in spring. 
^^ «./. A steelyard; a weaver's fr- 
bfous stick or brush ; a peneiK a 
paintort bru«b er » atiok with a 
fibrous extremity used aa oae ; »• 
rod, &c* dipped fmto eruciblea to- ti^ 
if their contettts are in fnsiou. 
n^ 8.m. A tribe ot l^jput8 ; a htdl 
without horns though of an age to 
have them ; a beardlee» mim ;. a 
wfi*r «» f:u Snow, frost* 
^ft pr^n, ThoB, thyself; 
»w i. ». Grass, a»y gramineous pJaftt. 
«^^TO adj. Graminivorous, one whose 

food is gi-asii 
awWTr?r 8. m. The vegetable kingdoui. 
S'l^m 8. w. A prfmyra tree. 

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( i€9 ) 


in^fil ac^* JJke gr9fiBf lijce a straw ; 

worthless, iosignificant. 
M^n acg. 6ra^7, made, <S;c. with grass. 
WWi^W *. m. Confiagration of chnfiT; 

bwrniag a eriipQiAl wrapped xnp in 

9Wrv9 s^m, A. certfun Ri$h8hts* 
^g^^. Third* TnVioAprafo-ift; #./. 

A eunnoh ; the neetier gender, 
«W <>4f. Pleased^ satUfied, oontenfced. 
murr a/^*. Contented, sfltisfied, tranquil. 
9fW ^./. Pleasnre^ satisfootioi}^ eokiletit. 
CWT «./. Tka tJtree inyrohalans. 
W^f^ jr. f. Trinitr ; the three principal 

Nii¥4H godis. 
arwf «• /. Thirst, wish, desire ; a ptant 

(C^mr^^Una mVcifotm). 
Sirnrwrrttfy. Thirsty, 
^fcpf adj. Thirsty, thirsting (phf8ic<$l7t/ 

or nuf^horicattjfi. 

adj. Thirsty (phi/stcalhf or meta- 

phoricaVy), de^fng, longing fhn 

cnpidtnons. favarice. 

f «./. Thirst ; amhition, desire, wish, 

s^rw9 «• fn. Content^ resignatioo, pa- 

VW 8. m: Grassy grass-blade. 
w They, those, pestpos. From,, hy, 

wiih^ iOi than, 
w prepo$^ From,, by, with,, n». 
^WhRw adj. Forty-threOi 
*3Ww adji Thirty-throe, 
Sf^r«. o». A UopBxd(JE^i$.teopardu$). 
^%J* nt. A fruit {DyospyrcB ehtnumof 

irtwtf^gi. Twenty-threei 
WW 8. m. Ardour, splendoor,, glory, 

Tofbfgenee, f strength, enei^yv fire^ 

sharpness pungency. |?jSii>*«.) 

3iw*IW s, m, A kind of reed^ (Sncrharum 
n^(^8./. A pl^t {AUlm ftffacynlhoicft§)t 

Sw^nw Th«t leaf of the Laura* 
cassm, cassia. [tie^ 

ifW»?TW ad}, CFlorlous, splendid, energe* 

Sw^ift 8, f. An aromatic iliuit (Voiho9 
officin^s). [ tic, 

8w^^ adj. Glorious, splendid, energe- 

Sww «. m. Splendour, light, lustre. 

(Tw^ ddj. Glorious, refulgent, splendid^. 

u^w^ adj^ Bestorativ^, invigorating, 
productive, tonic^ 

Sw^ % adjf. Glorious, Infiinous,. 
WWtR9 J brilliant, splendid, energe*- 
tic ; famous ; celebrated. 

^Wt*?^*. ?». A tree (Tremna spinosd)^ 
'^^rft 8. f. A plant bearing a fruit re^ 

sembling peper. 
i{nK adj. A ff wth son or daughter. 
ShT arfn. So much,, thus, much. 
Sq^^ jp. /. A kind of stitch. 
%^RW *. w. Wettmg,. moistening, mois^ 

ture wet, dam p • a sauce or condfi- 

Swft 8./. A chiinnaj, a firo place. 
?m protti tdper^ gen. case, Thy, thinck 
?Kw 8.f. The thirteenth day of tho- 

lunar fortnight. 
7KW «<&*. Thirteen Ta*ahw($n ddj^ 

WIW 8. m. The third year past or t<> 

before last, year after the next. 

tifm 8'j m., Oil. Te^ ckarhans ^. «i T# 
anoint the head^ shoulders^ hands, 
and feat of the bride and hrideg«Q«>nk 
wiUi oit mixed with tovmeidc *during 
the marriage ceremony^ 

Sftm*./, Wife of an. oilman^ 

JrfiWT 9i m^ Namo of a eokyor, disrfc * 
biQT. T4SRyi$ tfuwMi, mdj^ Light baf 

5^ifr 8. 171. A caste whose business isr 
to sell oil; an oilman* 

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( 270^ ) 


if^ MW. A garden, a pleastire garden 
or pUy-gronnd ; play ; sfjort. paitime. 

fi^K *. wi. Swimming or giddiness in 
the head. 

jf^H 9. m. The year past or to come, 
year before last, year after the next. 

n^fT^a tJ. a. To halve a swrmming fn 
the head, to be giddy, to bo faint, to 
stngger, to fall down senseless from 
a blow. 

mtt 1 #./. A frown, T^oW AarMna, 

S«rc^ \ To frown. Tsori chd9*hnaf A 

S^ 5 frown to come on. 

ftjTTTT ^. m. A holiday, a festival. 

^ (fdtf. So, in like manner, as ; at the 
same time, then. 

nifyfjc^dj. Dim-sighted, pnrblind.- 

%T f. *»• Anger, passion, vehemence. 

?T^ i, m. A female ornament worn 
ronnd the ankles. 

n%j g. m. Steadfastness, perempto- 
riness, perserverance, speaking with 
warmth, vehemence. 

Thjt cutv. Exactly then. 

ft adj. So many, tyhdr. So often. 

% prom, Thon. 

%^^adj. Thirty-three. 

If^firv 9. m. One of the astronomical 
periods called Karan, 

it^K 9* fn. A flopk of partridges, a 
Francoline partridge. 

Jrfti^iy adj. Relating to the Tittiri * 
portion of the Veds. as a stndent, a 
text, teacher, section of, &c. ; the 
texts' of this Ved being disgorged 
by Y(yayawMtfa[m a tangible form, 
and picked up by the rest of Fy«- 
^ ampaysna's disciples, who for the 
pnrpose assumed the shape of par- 
tridges. * * 

^ftrO^ir 8, m. A follower of the Titilri 
branch o£ the Veds, 

^ViX IT. a. To swim, to cross over. 

^•^ «.?7i. Oil, expressed oil. prepared 
from, sesammn, mnstard, £c.; storaii^ 
fcnvci Beiizom, inc«nac. 

Jhrfv? s. m» The oil cak^ a oake made 
of the oily seed, after expressfon. 

^^SW *. w». The part of the peninsnfir 
sonth of OrisiOy the modem Carnatiei 

tim^ 9, m. An inhabitant of the conn- 
try calted Tylhnga, or the Oartuttie ; 
a sepoy or native foot soldier dressedf 
in the European costnme. 

fr^l^t^^ s. m. A cockroach, or oit« 

dfff'imt jf./. A, ?riok, the' cotton of a 

^^^fzv 9. m, k sort of gem^ (Amber t) 

8fwt^./. Tho wick or cotton of » 
lamp. - 

Jftf^fTT 9.f. A oil mill. 

9^ 8.m. An oilman, nn oil grinder or 
preparer, adj. Relating or belonging 
to oil, oily, &c. 

hf\ adj. Snch. adt9. So ia that man^ 
ner, in like manner, at the same' 

?fT A conjunction introducing the an- 
swer to a conditional proposition! 
Then, that ; as, Jo in awefj^ to pawe- 
ga, If thou wilt cohie, then shalt 
thou recieve. An adverb denoting 
asseveration or emphasis ; as, Myn 
to cUa thay par \19ne ane nah dipa, I 
was in fact coming, but lie present- 
ed me. 

ffl adv. So, in that manner, then. 

ifft ^. /. A pot belly. 

Tifl^^s.f. The navel. 

wf^ I adj. Pot-Vellied, gor-bellied, 

?^I«T J corpulent. 

rfWt #it». Exactly then. 

fit^ 9. nt« Tho breach made ly a gun, 

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( *7l ) 


Ac. ; the strength of a carrent ; 
whey. Tar ksma^ To make a breach 
\09 ball y To9'ja9*y $. m Cuttiug 
OQt ( as cloth by a tailor ) ; arraDg- 
inga speech; &e. Tor dofno. To 
break and destroy, to pall down. Tor 
iar^ a, m. Bfeakiag and destroying ; 
plain speaking. Tor d^nc^ To break, 
to spoil. Tor p&or, t^ m. Breaking, 
^lain speaking, Tof* Um^ To gather^ 
to pluck ( fruit ). 

if? \ ••/• Anet work thrown oTer a 

^< 5 woman's palkif &c. 

W)^> 9. m. A dried pod of tori, kept 

for seed, 

V*^ «• a. To break, tear, «end, lurst, 

split, demolish ; to change ( mon^ ), 

■to plnck or gather (fruity ftowtfrs, 

^c. ), to reduce ( in arithmetic ). Dam 

torna^ To be at the point of death. 

Hoti iormkp To eat the bread of idle- 

jiess. Toma jcrnaf ( io br^ak and 

Jain ), Expresses absoUite power over 

any thing. [the wrist. 

ft^ 9. m. A large thick ring worn on 

V)^f it «./. Priee paid for breaking or 

changing coin. 
if)w^«iT i». a. To canse to be broken, 

or to be changed ( coin ). 
1^ & m. Ssardty, want ; a pnrse^ a 
4Mg, centaiiiing <me thousand rupees ; 
the match of gun ; a bank, an Mand, 
a bar; a pleughshave ; a pieee ol 
rope ; an ornament like a chain. 
Taredar, A maldtloek. 
ifi^Vd «. a. To cause to be troken oir 

changed ( at mon^ ). 
ift^ s.f. Mustard seed. odo. Till, up to. 
;if^ V. 0. To weave tape or nbLand. 
#I«T' tfd;. Stutterer, stammerer, lis- 
ping, lisper, stuttering, stammering, 
- epeaking imperfectly ava child. 

iHn^WT i>. «. To lispi^to speak imper* 

fectly as a ehild. 
#tW( s.m. A parrot ; the cock" of a 


ifliR $./. A female parrot. 

tTiV^ «. m, A fly ; a kind of pigeon. 

Wt^^ V. a. To bury, to cOTer. 

w>n^T I V. a. To hare buried, to cause 
^m^\ J to cover. 

iftf^T s. m. The bag in which horses 

eat their corn. 
^^^ 8,/, A hollowed gourd ( Ouoar- 

bita lajenaria ). 
ft^^ «. w. Water, 
if^mil 1. m. A sort of cane, growing 

iu or near water ( Oalamus /a$ci€u- 

ipTOH 8. m. A sort of penance, drink- 
ing nothing but water for a fixed 

ift^ s.tji. A' fragrant garss {Cyperua 

rotundu8 ). 
wtW^ 8, m. A potherb {Masxlia denaf\$). 
ifNNui^ f./. A plant ( Juisieua re- 

ift^^ s. /. Trumpet flower. 

lf>^W€T?W 8. tn. The clearing nut-plant 

Stryehno8 poratorum ) : the nnt being 

rubb^ upon the inside of a water 

jar, occasions the precipitation of 

the impurities of tiie water poured 
into it. 

au^fit i.f. A kind of gourd ( Jlfomor- 
diea charaniia ). 

HtK i./. A kind of pvlee ; a net thrown 
over a woman's poUrt. 

Htf^ 8. m. The ornamented areh of a 
door or gateway • decoration of a 
gate-post ; « bundle of flowers en-^ 
closed in a cloth ^f god tissue and 
hung at a gateway* or door ; strings 
of flowers suspended across gateways 
on public festivals. 

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( 27« ) 

liixfi* fn. A iHnaber of trays, ooQtuiifr- 

ing vnrio«8 clislios of food, prosented 
to others bj great Men ; a BobloDuiQ 
a minister of state ; pride Tm'ahposh, 
9. m. A cohering £m dishesy. 4ba 
Torah'hcmdip ^/. The arrangement 
or sending out of trajs of food as 

. presents. 

iPWV *./. A trnrnpet 

jftft'*./. A regetable. 

?ftf ) ». m. Weight, weighing, Td 
ifN 5 Mf Weighing and nieaf^aring. 

iftVT 8* m. A tolay a weight of gold or 
silver • it is stated m books at 16 
m*#/lflw of 5 riittig or 6^ grains each, 
and weighs therefore 105 grains 
troy ; in practice it is calculated at 
12 mashas jeweler's weight, and 
weighs nearly double, or 210 grains. 

it^ s m. Pleasure, joy, happiness. 

?ftft pron. To or for thee, thee* 

^ adit. Then,i l^at time, in that ease, 
moreoyef, that also, for, yesi. w^ 
Toa hhiy adv. Even then ; still, yet, 
nevertheless^ Taw low^ or, Tow lag, 
adv.. Then in that ease, till,, then, so 

^t adv. So; In that manner, then. 

if ra^Ti;. a. To be affeote4 or OFerec^e 
with heat. 

?ft«f pMti. eorrel. That, 

^m 8,m\ Wet^ii, weigliingf TokietoJ^ 
Weighing and measuriag. 

^•TT i>, <?w , To Migh, io balamse ; te? 

confront { ai (wo mmva ). Toakna 

naMt^9»og^.nan,^ To estimate the^ worth 

of tmf <oae; 

ittt^vric t #•/ The poke for wstgh- 
ift^ii J ing. , , 

V^^imt). f»k Toicaoaeto be WeigMdk 
rftfti^f^TT^. > A vessel used Ky Bin" 

^it «/«• Then, oTen, still, in th^t csise 
only, at that very Ume. 

iftf ad9. Still, them, even, nerevtiie* 

fm adj^ Left, resigned^ abax^dmied, 

m-m^ «. a. To quit, to abandon, to 
leave, ot resign. 

ifTW i» Mf Abdication j leaving, aban- 
dotJHig, renouncing, parting from, 
seperation, deserting. 

m^wi i>. a. To leave, to abandon, to 
desert, to forsiike, to quit, to ab- 

■ dtc«te, resign. 

mf^ 8. m. An abandqper, a deserter, 
but ehieffy applied to the religious 
ascetic ov him wIk) abandons ter- 
restrial objects thonghts, passions, 

mvft part. act. Leaving, felinqnishing, 
abatAdoniog. r. m. An abandoner^ a 
desertei*, bdt chiefly applied to the 
teligiotts aseetic or limwtio aban- 
dons, terrestrial objectsy ihenghts, 
passions, &c. ' 

m^ adj. Fit to be left, fdrsatosa dt 

9ft adv. So hi Kke maAner, as • at tbs 
same timoy 1»ben. 

«lf!frii<^. DidiHnghled, ptif4}liBd^ 

MW m^/^ The city of Hatiiokandra b^B' 
pended, iti* supposed in/the aie, 

n^\ t. /.* An tadumte wbmAn-. fvt ihame 
to her/ami^ )« 

irqi^WT 8./. A whore^Ji hArlot*- « 

IR adf. Tba^o^ 

^^ 8,f. The three VOm coUeetively, 
th«t is^ OButting titei' Uxhur^fds^ 
¥^ioh not being a texl-boiok foF fte 
costomaryt religooairiito of the^ Ufs^ 
du8^ is eooEstdnred veiy* commonly 
rather asAjan^a^endlK to tht9 oiber 

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( W8 ) 


ano, tfi»ii a foortH work q{ equ^ 
authority ; % plant ( Conyta wra- 
tula ). 

irjt^ f. m« Daty enjoined by the 
Ved», modet of sacrifice, &c.y pre- 
scribed by them. 

M^H s.f. The thirteenth day of the 
lunar fortnight. 

^m adj, Tinucl, fearful. 

m^ 9. m. safety j preserTing, protec- 
tion ; deliverance, salvation ; a coat 
of mail. Tran kat^na, To free, to pro- 
tect Tran karUt^ s. m. A saviour, 
a deliverer. 

irrft «• m. A saviour, a deliverer. 

vmnj^ a-^. A preserver, preserving. 

vre s. m. Fear, alarm, terror. 

m^^T^ adj. Terrifying, fear-exciting. 

KTT I inteij. Mercy \ save f Trah \ 
myt J TrdAi kama, To complain, to 

repent of sin, to cry, for wercy. 

wrffirfi: a. m. Calling out for deliver- 
ance or mercy, cry out for mercy. 

fir^'. Three. 

fwz 9. m. A plant (Raellia Umffifolia), 

fif%^ J $. m. The aggregate of three 

%f9;if ) apices^ vi2. blaek and long 
pepper, and dry ginger. 

nn w t^ '• I** A short of fish (SUitPWi) ; 
a'plant ( JSaeZ/a ton^i/oto ). 

fHn 8./. A triaagutar frame or bar 
across the mouth jof a well^ over j 
whicii passes the rope of the backet, 
or towbioh one end of it is lied to 
gaard against its slipping ; a fcame 
at tHe bottom e€ a well, on which 
tka nuMonry rests* 

filVIVW #. aft. A name of Buddh^ found- 
er of the Buddka sect. adj. Omnis- 
ciemt i who Jcnowa or is acqaainted 
. with the pasl^ preaeii't and iutore. . 


fiwtr^iff *, m. - A BiihiGf dlvia^ **fi>o^ 
a name of Buddh. adj. Omniscient. 

fl^ s. nu The name of a mountain la 
the peninsula ; any mountain with 
three peaks ; sea-salt prepared by 

fw4tw 8. m. The vulva ; a triangle, 

f^^m #. m. The aggregate of three hu- 
man objects, or virtue, wealth, and 

finm 8. m. A country, m the north- 
west division of India, or m. ph 
Trigarta, its inhabitants : apparently 
pari of Lahore^ said by Mr. Wilford, 
to be the modem TaAora, but differ- 
ently described in the various Cosh. ^ 

finmf /• /. A lascivious woman^ a 

flfW adj. Thrioe, three times, triply ; 
possessing the three guna8 or pi;o« 
perties ; the aggregate of the three 
qualities incident to hnman nature^ ^ 

ftw 8. m. Grass, meadow grass. 

SvwuT './. The state or abstract pro-% 
perty of gross. 

fvwriMhf 8^ 01. A portion of the Ycyjur^ 
Ved ; A follower of that branch o£ 
the Ved. 

ffK^!^ t. la. A wandering devotee, ono 
who oames three long bamboo staves, 
inhis right, hand ; the religions man. 
who has obtained a command oyer 
his words, thoughts end actions, ojp^ 
mindi body and speech. 

fa^m 8. f. A creeping plant ( Cismut 
]88dai(t )« ..." 

fl^ $» m. A god| a deity^ an immoi^ 
tal I from enjoyi»g perpetnal youth, 
or beiag snbject, as weil ap mortals, ; 

• to the three ooDditi0ne, of birth, 
being,, and .deatrnctioQ. 

ft^WTV^ 8, m. ArnfH or A»brosim . 

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< m ) 


fif^ f , m. Disorder of tie tliree in- 

mours of tho body, vitiation of the 

f"' bile, blood, and pHegm. 

ftrwnt B. m. Tie forehead marked 

' naturally with three horizontal lines. 

fn^^ 9. m, A place where three roads 

fkr^ 8. 771. A tripod. 
t^?ft i,f. A creeper ( CSssus pedati* ) ; 

the girth of an elephant, 
tiitn^ s. m. Fever ( jperioiufied ), the 
demon of ferer aa described in the 
• Purdnsy with Hhree feet, and three 
heads, alhiding probably to it ; three 
stages of cold, hot, and sweating, 
fil^^ $. m. Three cnrved horizontal 
marks made across the forehead 
^ with cow-dnng ashes ; they are worn 
especially by the followers of ^fi», 
OT SaJcti^ and are indispensible in 
proceeding to worship the former. 
fn^ 8,f. A district of Bengal, the 

modem fiperah, 
PnftMT «. w. A bnllding with three 

doors or arches. 
fln;i«T s. fn. A medieme eompdsed of 

the three mfyrobalans. 
twit «./. The conflux of three sacred 
rirers ; especially that of the Ganges, 
Scmunif and supposed S^t&oMati, 
under ground at AUeihahctd, which 
city, is also so nnmed. 
finnrT dc^'. Standing awry or behding 
( properly tmth Ugsy Zotnt, ein&' neck 
' i^mt). * ■ ' • ^ ^: 

• twift «^. Having the positi^A d*- 
cribed i:<nd€t M%h^wga, *,'/. A species 
' of poetical wea^uje. . 

fihjtrn ». mx The three wtiMi, viz. 
^ heaven,^ eiwth, and beH ''i liie irti- 
verse. Tribhum^-Hfui^aPf adf. 8pl«n- 
doitf of Iki^ worlds. 

Itr^ t.m. A portion ef- the Ttig Ved ; 

a follower or student #f the Trtuw- 

dhu section of the Big Ved. 

ftm*ff«./. The meeting of three roads. 

f?ni9? 8. m* A mountida withr three 

ff^fT^acg' Having three mouths, a 

meeting of three waters, roads. 
Nijfff 8. m. A Jyn saint ; the united 
form of Brahma^ ViihnUy and Bhtv, 
or the Hindu triad ; one possessing 
three forms or modes of being. #./. 
f^^fk 8.fJu A medicinal plant (MdHugo 

pentaphylla ). 
finiT »./. A woman, maid, female, wife, 
Ttriya-charitraf 8. m. Female wiles. 
TiHf/atetJy », m. The soience 4>f 
woman, knowledge of woman. Tiri- 
ya-rajy s, m. Amazon country, pet- 
ticoat goYer^mept. 
f%ilT«i^ *. «^ Sin. as the in^peder of 
the three olyects of life. [ri?er, 

pT?n^ t, /. Th^ Yamma f>x Jofluw 
pf^rw ». m. Three nights . coH^tM^y, 
or th49 duration p( thre^ iwglit^. i 
fw«^ ^,n^ The three worlds^ u 4u 
h^v<en, earth, and (b* r^ionf id^er 
the earth ; the universe, 
Mh^ 8,fi Tke aggrei^ate of tho-ikm 
worlds, or^ heayen, earth, and htll 
oolleotivel^i. TaHoh^tnathf «. 931. Lovd 
of tbe uni\ier^ < 
f^^ 9, yji* Three huidan objeeia or 
pureiita^} aa> lovb* duty, and wealUi ; 
thz^e oonditiona <^ a king oreiate, 
prbaperity, evenneM and : decay ; or 
loss, gain, equality ^ the tJnae qaali- 
tM8 of mibtmre, putty, UimiinftBi, avi 
deptwity. ^ [M^\ 

fl|ii4i» fLM. Jl plant (Jludtua ^eiy 
f^^* ^/. A nwe .of *p«anjfea ; 

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( m ) 


. tbe namo is especially applied to the 
river at AlUhabad^ where it receives 
J amuni mxd 19 sapposed to receive 
under groaod the SwaitMti. 

f^ir^'ff «./, A |)^ther& {HOanahck 
rq)eu9 ). 

fimi^ «. m. A sanctified teachet of the 
J^ seet ; the refage or Asyulum of 
the three worlds. 

fv^lM 9. m* A trident^ a three pointed 
spike or epeav especially the erest 
'of Shiv. 

fv^ir /./. A Bort of metro, the ota»z« 
consiating of three lines of . yftvioas 
lengths. [.^itogle, 

MlTf t. ffi« A . ftiU with three peAa; 

l^inrt r.' m. A kiod of fish ( Ojtp»inu8 

fife^qjT adj. The thr^e peftoda of the 

day, «r, dawa, ikoon^ and eve. 
Hlfff^^ f . to. A portion of the Big and 

^itSi/. Loss, deskuction. 

wirr 8. fi The ieoond Yit^ or age of 

the HiiMSf siid to consist of 

1,296,000 years ; tbeailrer age« 
itfK 9. TH. The modern city of Tippetah 

in Bengal. 
^4n%9 #. nb. A ti^boUr in the three 

VedSy or one who possesses three 

^9# #*/. A Bigiai^ or one of the 

female petbonifieationtf of music. 
^#^ *. /. The beak or bill of a Lird ; a 

kind of pike ( Ewr scolofox ). 
W« s.f. The lark of the baipboo ; 

bark in general. 
I^^V^T a.m. A sore or wound, 
vnr^t^ «; /. The manna of the tamboo. 
«./. Skin ; bark ^ rind f woody 


m\\ ff. /• Baste, speed. 

c^ftw «. »». Despatch, haste, ado. 

Quickly, swiftly. 0dj. Quick, swift, 


ir The seventeenth consonant, of the 
Ndgati alphabet, and second of tb« 
dental class, being tho aspirate of 
the preceding letter, and escpressed 
by th. 

irfc «./. A heap of clothes, &c. 

•'>«.»». A pillar, a post, 

^H«!T V. n. To cease, to be restrained, 

to stop, to be supported* 
fHK } f. m. Clot, lump ( congeaiUa). 
fWT J Thakke he thakke, a<^. Cotf- 

gealed, thicfc, conglomera^d. 
nn^t «4^ Very wet, drenched. 
w^itT V. n. To bo wearied or fatigued, 

to tir^ to fag. 
"W^ a^. Tiled, weary, 
wirpn «. a. To tire, harass, weary, fag, 

fatigue, fade, • 
frfVK a4;« Wearied, stopped, motAon- 

less, astonished. 
fWT «. m. Clot, lump ( congealed ). 

TAoib^ ib^ /^^ o^. Congealed, 

thick, conglomerated. 
in #. m> Udder. TlMndar^ An animal 

with a large udder, or having an 

ir^ e. /. A blemish in horses. 
BR^r 8, m. Inflamed breast {of a ton^ 

man ) ; name of an animal. 
«ri>^ 8. nk, A Brahman or Thaneth- 

waf'y a famous Hindu shrine in K'ti* 

rukehetroj near KamaaL 
srqw ^. m. A pat, a tap. 
IHVT 9. »>« A b^Z| sl^p, claw, cufig 

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< 276 ) 


> n. «. 

To tremble, to quiver. 

n^^ 1./. The clapping of bands. TA<i- 
pri bajancty To cUtp the hands. TAtt- 
pri matnoy To boot. 

K^T^ «. «• A slap, a box, a clonty 
buffet ; scalp. 

iV^f g. m. A box^ % slap, claw, ouff. 

««( «• m. A piller, a post. 

V^\ ii^. Thick^ corpulent. 

VfPiT ^ i>. M. To cease, to be res- 
fn^m > trained, to stop ; to be sup- 
■jf^m J ported. 
W^ 8. m, A lion or tiger's den. 
WHK adj. Trembling. 
irK«<T«IT «. «. Tu tremble, quiver, shi- 
ver, shake, quake, vibrate. 
•i^ir^TlZ ) i»f. Tremour, shaking, trem- 
W^trft > bling, quivering, shiver- 

«ing, vibration 

«rai ». wi. Place, find, or dry ground ; 

a lion^s or tiger's den. 
wfmmm V. n. To palpitate, to flutter, 
l^r^^ <t4;* Moving on land, terrestrial 

{an cknimal). 

mm^tm «^cnT I t^. n. To undulate, to 
WflWT^ J fluctuate 08 a thick or 

glutinous fluid, to ahake as the flabby 

flesh of a fat man. 
mrn^t 8, m. Place of abode, and means 

of attaining one*8 desires. 
nfmmi./. a salver, a platter, a flat 

dish, generally of brass. 
iRrt 8. m. A mason, a briok-Jayer, an 

an architect. 
rni i>. n. pa8i Un88, "Was. 
irt?r «./. A den of thieves. 
«t4t 8. m. A rooeiver of stden goods. 
WtH 8. m. A post, a piUer, a support, 

prop, an obstacle, 
trtH«nr v. (I. To support, to prop ; to 

fthHl'.l, pivt««t; k^ep; l^tftin, mAia- 

tarn, to shelter; to prevtfit, wrtho 
hold^ restrain, calm ; to stop, to pnll 
up (a hor8e), to bear, assist, resist. 

wtf^T 8. m, A mound or bason of earth 
about the root of a tree. 

nmm v.n. To fatigue, to be tired« 

infrft ) f./. A trust, what is given 
wnf^ ) in charge, a charge. 

WT<f 9. m. A pveee of cloth ; a stall for 
cattle, a manger, a pieco ( of com ), 
as Bk than atkrufi. One gold mohor. 
Tln<m than. The private parts of a 

nffilT#. m. A station, a guard ; the in* 
side of the lines of an army j a heap 
of bttttboos. 

wnf^ t. M. Householder^'master of the 
house. 8, /. A den of thieves. 

^iq *./. A tap, a pat, a flap^ paw ; the 
sound of amaill drum. 

^J^^J r. m. To patek (^ a tvafl mih 
eawdung) ; to tap. «./. A religioas 
ceremony performed at a certain 
season, at Apni and its vicinity. 

WNT *. m. A marie of the paw. 

imft 8. /• The noise of tapping ; the 
instrument with which potters beat 
their earth, or Witb which terraoee 
are beaten. 

WWt. m. A post^ a pillar, prop, sup- 
port; aa obstacle. 

wmn\ t?. a. To support, to prop ; to 
shield, protect ke^p, retain, nuiintai», 
to shdter ; to prevent^ withhold, res- 
train, calm ; to stop, to pull up . (« 
horse) ; to bear, asaist, resist. 

^ i «. TO. A large flat dish. 

wmT 8. m. The basin at ^e root of a 
tree for holding water : the excava- 
tion in which a tree is to be planted; 
a large flat dish, 

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< 277 ) 


mpfts./. A salver, a platter, a flat 
dish ; a monnt or basin- about the 
root of a tree for holding water, 
mv 8, f. Bottom, ford, 
^nft 8. J, Fordableness. 
f^K<i^dj. Fixed, stable, settled, tran- 
* quil^ calm, smooth. 

f^^^[m V. «. To set one's self off well in 
dancing, to dance with expressive 
action ai^d gesture. 

fillWl «•/• Rest, Battlement^ tranquili- 
ty, steadfastness. 

fwn^ 19. «• To settle (oil It^uor). 

4)i; ^j. Tranquil, calm^ smooth. 

^«W «niT 19. n. To spit OB the mention 

of any disease, as a preservative 

against it^ or, as a caution against 

an evil eye. 
vvtHc adj. Base, contemptible ( Kx to 

ke spit. upon), 
wirm 1^. a. To cause to sjat ; to cause 

to reproach. 
'Jf f^ «<fr. Miserly, narrowly. 
WfwWiT V. 0. To drive away scornfully, 
wv^ 8. /. The mouth of a camel, 

korsfli, Ac . 
WWIT ^. a. To frown, scowl, or pout. 
Wtnm ir. a. To cause to be supported, 

propped or plastered. 
flWW adj. Gentry falling or dropping 

(a$ foateffrom a imall height). 

WW 9. fit. Spittle, saliva. TMih ehatna, 
To break one's promise. Thnk Sena, 
to leave, to give up. Thuk lagmhar 
ehhorna, To treat with sovereign 
contempt Ihdk lagc^na, To apply 
-spittle (d Urm of abuse ttnd of mott 
ifidecent weaning), 

^Wt f . a. To spit. 

^ *./. A paiar, post, colomn^ 

1?fC^ w, Uoath* ^ - 

^[WWT ^m.i The mouth of a camel, 

^r* *./. J horse, &c. 

"^ 9.f^ A pillar, post> column. 

WWK 8. m. A plant {Eniyh^rbia nenifolia)^ 

tttt #. m. Merry-making, Tha^-^-i 

kama, To make merry. 

^^^i.f. A patch (w a ^arBM?iO. 

Wit'ft*./. Merry-making. 

4vr 8. m. A steue set in a ring.. 

J j»> ** •»• ^ A purse tied round the 
yftiqfg./. I waist ; a bag ; the soro- 
Wllt 8. w. J turn. 

^itv «• i». A mount, heap, ready money j 
share, person.. Thokdar, 8. m. A 
wholesale dealer. 
W)^ 8, m. The spathe of a plantain tree 

before it shoots from the stem. 
*1^ «<&'. A little, small, scarce, few, 
soanty, seldon, some, less. TAoi*a 
thora, A little by degrefts. Thof'a 
thorahonay To be ashamed, to shrink 
with shame. Thora-bdhut, adj. Moi'e 
or less. Thore je thora, adj. Very 
4t<m adj. Bruised and spoiled {as the 

head of a maUet) ; toothless. 
WtW^ <idj. Blunt, not sharp, dull. 
4tWT 8* m. A medicine ; an arrow with- 
out a point, adj. Bollow, empty; 
toothless. Thothi bat. Word without 
meaning, nonsense. 
ifi^ 8. 19. An ornament or inounting 
at the end of tjie pole of a pcdki^'fic.^ 
head, topping. 
wtWT t>. 0. To support, to prop ; to 

plaster; to pile, to heap. 
Wtfq^n^T V. n. To trickle. 
^t4t 8^/. Box, thump. 
^%\ 8. m. A j^lwii {Euphorbia nei'it/olia)n 

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< 278 ) 


^ The tUrd letUr of theduitia ckm 
and eighieenili ocMMonran^ in tbe 
If i^ri ' alj^babe*! corresponding to 
the letter tfiUtter^witk th# point 
of the tongue preased on the itpper 

rt pafL Given ; gift. ». m. Destiny, 
the Deity. $./. The Qiodh^ad. Dtu 
hgna, To be nnfortanate. Dat-maroy 
. adj. Struck by the Deity, accnised. 

Jtw s. m. A stick ^ a staff ; fine, penal- 
ty, punishment^ castigation by am- 
ercement or putting to death ^ a mea- 
sure of time, 01^ 2 k minntea. 

^^w «./. Hindu salutation, bow, bbe- 
iaance, prostration, 
^^i^ 8. m. A mendicant who carries a 
staff in his hand ; the x>enis. 

^^^tm t?, n. To enjoy one's self> to be 
contented and independent, to have 
at one's ease. 

it^[% f . f?t« A blif ter, a pimple. 

^ f . m. A gadfly ; a tooth ; the sting 
of a anake. 

^9«l<«iB« Biting, stinging. 

^^^^ i. m. A plant (.Byperanihira 

^filH adj. Bitten, stung. 
. ipft i.f. A small gadfly. 

?^ adj. Uischieyons, noxions. 

^^ 8, m, A son of Brahma, said to 
have been bom from the thtimb of 
his right hand, for the purpose of 
peopling the word. Daksh is sard to 
have had sixty daughters, of whom 
twenty-seven are represented* as the 
nymphs who form the lunar asterisms, 
and wives of the moon : one of his 
daughters alB9 wmr Sati or Durga, 

the vife ol Shiv^ mi ji^mUw w«ro^ 

marri^ to Kas^p^ and were the 
mothers of all created beings. Dak$h 
waa on oue ocoasion decapitated by 
«S^^it; ; he is sometimes regarded as 
an Afiatar of Brahma himself ; t 
muni aad legislator who flourished ia 
the beginning of the Treta yug :g 
scholar; a pundit; a dexterous or 
clever man. adj. Clever, able, dex- 

^HT*./. Dexterity, cleverness. 

^'^r«r^^'^ii9 8. ml A nitme of SJbV. 
Ddksh having on one occasion made 
a sacrifice, to which fae invited aU 
the'gods, except his ion* in-law SA«i^ 
and hfB #lf6i Seift', they weat imbid, 
mid befig ' roeeivMl «Mpolkaly, tbe 
latter tIMW himself into tba fii^*aad 
was burnt ; a furious ^qnwrral eaaned 
between S?hf^ «ad Daksh^ in whieb 
the god decapitated hia-fatiiar4»4aw. 

id^ adj. Right {iuft left); mKl^ 

^^f%w^8.f. The fltmtli-eat* quarter. 

^f^m s.f. A present to Brakm&m 
up'oir soletnn or saorifioial oocasioas, 
a fee, reward ; a iornw oy figure of 
Durgay in w^eh the right aide is 
Bald to be ftdmnced / donatum to 
"BraJimani personified as a goii^wi, 
said to be bom from KriAn't i%lt 

^rt^Ky «» m. One kind of saoaed five, 
Hiat which ia taken from the domes- 
tic or consecrated fire, and ie placed 
to the south. 

^f^TWfl B, r». The McXaya moaotain. 

^NwT^v adj. Turning t^e face soatk- 

^f'^WT^W 8, m. Bouthiag. Dakahmaytm 
8urja^ The winter, aolaiice, sum's 
0oathin£P; the pcciod ni the auu'a be* 

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i i7> > 


log in ik0 «oiitk0R| 1i^intispb«re, 
saotlicm declmatioii. 
i|^«^ adj. Meriting or de»ervi«g a 

^;f^h^ ad^. Soaibward, flontherly. 
^fl^oi^'. IfoA^ or ^eMfrvimg'ol s 

rewnrd. * 
^^ i$dj. GapaUe, ebUy irMl qaalifieci. 
^^«vi 8. m. Sovdi ; tie soQiheni part 

of IfiiKa. 
^m^ adj. Southern (generally^ ikim§s or 

ptrtons f^'Ota ik^ $<mih), Dakhsni pu- 
• dina. Horse-mint. [India. 

^^^ «. 10. Simih ; the aoHthdm psrt;«f 
^fvn (Bc^. 8W«tfc«m- t* /. SomtlKiiy 

^Sotw» i b. 9B. Soothing. JDdlAinaym 

Biuja, The w*er dolatke, fttm'a 

BOtttiiiiigft tb# period of tilH 9t»-e be- 
' ing ia tba raouOitnv l^nvi^pjb^re, 

sonthem deolinn^tlon* * 

• cr piraam fi^m. th$ $miky VoMkina 

IW ♦- nf^: A k»ttle-dTUin. .. [m<H^y. 
^n^ t>^^ ?p,^.di8^1iw9.iW0-teffti. 

^1«IIII^ 5ii||i»g4 . 
^n^HTiniJ. n. To glow, glwnfl^ twinkle. 
^[Bo^mmS' 4k f' SpUndour, sparkliftgt 
twinkling ( a« itf,« ^tori. 

jlochid^ tire^ke?. npbraid, .xevile, 
, pester. 

^HHinm «. n. To tremble. 
^^1 B.n* A tod of quired vest wotu 
as armour. [fi^®. 

^•••ifeV B^irnt, uQlw^^^lied, cwisvnadby 
^immi.Hih 4k«aT6a, or peuhapa the 

.«rrwia.voWr * 

^Y^ g, m. A kind of chak, 

^W\ z. t)i. Wrangling, t^itfnaion, rmi&mj^ 

seditioii^ rebelltoQ. 
^i^ adj. Mtttinousj toiiulent, iMii- 

Heer^ seditions. , . 

^« s.^m. See ^v. 

^ZWT V. a. To oppose, confnte, %ht 

^1^«T f». n. To spilt^ to be r«it or 
tor^ to oracle. 

^^T ^^ mr . Hardfc impetuous rain. 

^fS^ adj^ Bafli:d-sbaven^ beardlesa 

^feiwr rtrf;. Having long beard. 

^^ <^ iTt, A stjujk, a staff ; ptviishfo^i^ 
caatigation by ainerffHU^irt or put- 
ting to deathv ftie, pei^klty ; % mea- 
sure of time, or ^ minutea. 

^^* *» »», A sort of jaetre, tV^ansi^ 
of which exceed^ 87 jiyllables and 
nguiy extend to ^OP. . ,. ^ , . r 

^mm 8.f. A cgnatij on the north- 
east coast. of the peninsnl^ contain- 
ing tjie celebrated forest. .gandir<»-: 
ranyah^ in which JRam resided aome , 

^^79T s.f, A sort of dmm. 

^^?TmT ^./. A perforatcj4 copper yeasel 
of give^ ..capacity, plap^d in a vessel 
of water : when filled with .water it 
qinks^ marking a cert^ portion of., 

^^jftfiT #•/• .Bthjes, Jbe aystey of mew. 
rris tanght by Chanyakyah, 

^}^^tm ac^f Punishable, d^werving pun- 
ishment. , ^ [ frinuB hariigej' J) 

^^xn^ ^fc iw. A email kind of fiah ( Cy- 

^WW\i«. /. Hindu safat^^on^ bow, 
oVeisfmce^ prostration. 

W^^ ^. /. Single stick.; Qudg^l^ig, 
fighting with 9|iipks or ftaves. 

^^fl^^XB( adj. S^ajading.^et. 

^if^W <t^ Pnni^ed,, .jq^astised^ aa^'* 
tenced, fineA ,;;.,, 

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( m ) 


^fi^n f . m. A siftff or mtoe-beiurer. 
^^ $. m. A mendieAnt who carries a 

stiff in his hand ; the penis, 
^ifl <$dj^ Panishable, deserving piSlntsh- 

^IRT tf . tf . To oppose, confate, fight. 

^^ I s. w. A tooth^bmsh, generally 

iplt«r J of a twig. 

^ s. fn. The name of a king ; a title 
or snmame of a man of the Vyt or 
third tribe, adj. Given presented, 
made over, assigned. 

^«9W j». m, A eon given away hy his 
natnral parents to persons engaging 
to adopt him ; one of the twelve heirs 
acknowledged by the old Hindu law. 

^HfTfMt s. m. Resnmption of a glft^ 
taking back a thine given. 

in!nini *. w. A yonth or orphan who 
gives himself to pers.ons disposed to 
take the place of parents. 

< T ^^n qll ^ t * ^ $. m, Non-resnmption of 
' gifts. 

^f^ s, /. Qift, donation. 

^fV|in«». a. To chide, to snnb. 

?fR5irm s.m. Descent (by a9icsfforg\ 
pedigree, ancestors, paternal grand- 
father's family. 

^lf\ 9, m. A bnmp (occdiioned hy the 
bite<f 4n in$ect). 

^f.fH. Cntaneons and herpetic emp- 
tions. [pes. 

?^*^ adfj. Herpetic, diseased by Her- 

^ i. m. Herpetic emptions. 

^ s. m. Sonr thick mili:, milk cnrdU 
cd or coagulated by heat; or by the 
addition of buttermilk : it is an arti- 
cle of food of general Use and high 
estimation among the ^ndus, and is 
considered medicinally as the reniedy 

* or preventative of most disorders. 
Dadki-k^Of CoagoJated milk and clay, 

tkrown by petite at eabh other In 
sport, on the festival of Aiif Ajia'* 
^SftriT 8. f. A flower ( CUUfr$a Ur- 

?rf^W 9. m. The ekphant or wood 

^9i^ 9. m. The name of a mcnf or 
saint, famous foi^ having devoted him* 
self to death, that the gods might 
be armed with his bones in lien of 
thvnderbolts : they being the only 
effective weapons agttinst the demon 

^«nftl 9. /. A medicinai plant. 

^^9. m. A tooth ; an elephant's task 
or tooth. 

^^n*nwt. «. A tree yielding an as^ 
tringentresm {Mimta catechu) -^ a 
plant ( IftmiMops ^i^H) i a tooth- 
brash, or a fibrens^ stick n»ed for 
cleaning the teeth. 

^^nvw^f. m. A kkd «f Jdamiae ( jM^ 
minum fuhmcenB ) ; the petals, or 
leaves of the flowei^'reseiabling teeth 
in colour and shape ; tiiis eomparison 
is frequent among the poets. 

^pinfk *. /. The toolli-a<*e. 

^%^ if m. A plan), the flower. of 
which is compared to a tooth {Sirytk^ 
no9 poMorum )• 

^m^9. m. The tartar of the teeth. 

?[<(f«TNl#. m, Thegtnis. 

^PHW9 9. nL Elephant or wood apple ; 
common h'md ( Citrus acida); a |i}4nt 
bearing an acid fruit ( Avtrrkea 
caramhola): • . 

^m^t^ 9. /. Wood son^ { OiaU9 sto- 

nodelpha ). 
^[^ncTf 9. m. A dentiflrioe, compeseA 
ehiefly of the powdered fruit of th* 
Chebulio myrobalan and green sul- 
phate of iroin. " T • 

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( 2«l ) 


^^ "I ddj. Ha 
w > nont t 

^^«<9 8. m. The to^th^olM, 

V^rr^^ s. /. A harrow or rake, 

^^r^^ «• 19. A disease of the teeth or 

gvuBB ) g«m boil, Mlceratioa of the 

gnmn. [ tusked. 

X^ i' w. An elephant, d^'. Toothed, 

^[^?ft^ 8, m, A. strong purgative nut, 

tke frait of the or o ton. 

laving large or promi- 
tnsks, tusked ( an tie- 
^^ J pAomf, hear, $c. ) 

^=^1 aAj, Dental, of or belonging to the 

teeth {as a clai8 of letters in the N'a- 

gari alphabet). 

' ^5^ s. Enmity. 

^pifnnTT «. n. To enjoy one's self, to 
be contented and independent, to live 
at one's eese. 

•^^I^ *. m. A blister, a pimple. 

.4T 8. m. Membrnm virile, 

^^ra 8. m. Course, gallop. 

X^zm V. n. To gallop, to rash ; to re- 
bake, to reprimand. 

%qzmi «. «. To gallop. 

^^«»T^3 8. /. Shining, splendour. 

^^^RT i». n. To crouch, to sknlk, to be 
awed, to lie in ambush, to lurk, to 
set (arfo^), to twinkle. Dabak ana 
oTj^ana or — rahna^ d. n. To sneak, 
to skulk, DcAak b^thna, o. n. To 

^^SK 8, /. A trap. 

^Wirnr t>. a. To snub, check, chide, 
threaten, awe, daunt ; to conceal, 

^^«. /. Ambush, crouching. Dabki 
mama, To lie in ambush. 

.SH?^ } «4;- Skulking, skulker. 
X^ 1 adj. Ill-bred, brutish, barbar- 

^^fl } ous, dolt, fooUflh, lout. 


%8(T^] V. n. To be snubbed, to crouch, 
to shrink, to be pressed down, be 
mowed down, give away, to be awed, 
to be concealed. Dab chc^a^ or— 
nxkalaa^ To be awed, be overpowered. 
Dabjana, To retire, to withdraw, to 
be mortified, to be suppressed. Dab 
marua, To be crushed to death. Da- 
5ond, 0. n. To advance. Dabe paon, 
With silent steps, softly, gently. 

%^T 8. m. Ambush. Daba marna^ To 
lie in wait. 

if^T^ An oppressor, 

^^IT^T if, n. To press down ; to snub, 
chide, keep under, to check, curb, 
restrain, repress, awe, depress, bow 
down, suppress. Dabae dalna^ To 
keep concealed, to hide ( generally 
fartively ), Dabd mama, To overcome, 
to get the better of ; to crush to death. 
Dabd Una, To encroach upon. 

^^r^ «. w. Strength, power, authority, 
pressure, crush, suppression, depres- 
sion, resignation, aubmissiveness. 
Dabao manna, i>. a. To stand in 
awe. [paddlcs 

^ift^T 8. m. Name of a medicine ; a 

t^tqt^orfo. With silent steps, softly, 
gently, [dominion. 

^^8. m. A subject, a person under 

i^^ir V. a. To conceal, to hide ( gener^ 
allt/ furtively). 

K^^ 8. m. A flint. 

'5#t€»TT V. a. To tope, to tipple. 

^^ 8. m. Taming, subduing ; selfcora- 
mand, endurance of the most pain* 
ful austerities ; self restraint, sub- 
duing the senses, suppressing the 
appetites, p(|ssions, &c. 
. %^m 8. m. A tamer, a subduer ( of the 

paesians, afgetiUs, ire. ) 8. /. Ardour, 

t*JL»'-«* ' ' 

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( 2^2 ) 


^IF^ i>» n. To fihine, to glow. 
i(«i^raiY f . 972. A squirt, a fire-engine ; 

« jack or orane ( for raising weights ). 
^^^ s. m, A certain king of the 

lunar race. 
• Ifl^r 8. m. Gold, silver, ricbes. 
^^ 5. /. The eighth part of a pysd 

ov pice. D.%mri ke tin tin hona, To be 

ruined, demolished. 
^'R^'iT*n t?. n. To shake ( •« ihe branch 

qf a tr4e). 
^^^ 8. m. A hero ; a kind of flower 

( Artemisia ) j taming, subduing. 
WTT ti. n. To glitter, to flash ; to bend 

with elasticity, to spi-ing. 
e*TPT t>* a. To bend ( with eUsticit^ ). 
^Iim 8. m. A large kettledrnm. 
'^.n^^ The heroine of a tale ia the 

^H^, The eighth part of a pysa. 
'm\ Powerful, terrible, fierce. 
^Rf? Son-in-law. 

^^^ I ^' ^'*- Husband and wife. 

^^ adj. Arrogance, pride, boast; hy- 

^ adj. Hypocritical, proud, s. m. A 

' hypocrite, as impostcr, 

^«r adj. Subjected or tamed, s. m. A 
steer, a young bullock. 

^2»r s.f. A gift ; affection, tenderness, 
sympathy, compassion, mercy, cle- 
mency J kindness, favor. 

^.m^X s.f, adj. Kind, shewing com- 

^Jm adj. Compassionate. ' 

^wrn adj. Charitable, merciful, kind. 

^^rf^ ? aij. Kind, compassionate, 

^^T J benevolent, friendly. 

^^T?^ I a4/. Tender, compassionate, 
^mm J merciful, gracious, liberal, 
^ ^eaerous, ben^fio^niv kind. 

^mef 9. m. Tenderness, compassim* 

^??FW > ^> Merciful, tender, chari. 

^[?mft^ arfy. Kind, compassionate ; affe- 

^^iffj'H i ' Gj'eftt love. 

^4^ f r<i. Gave ; given. 

^IT ac^\ Beloved, dear, desired. 

^5WT «. /. A wife. [wife. 

^ftWivftif adj^ Hen-pecked, subject to a 

^ 8. m. Price. 

^'IT'TT D. n. To split, rend,;be torn, to* 

^^^T *. »i. Crack, crevice, cranny. 
5^^<«T»rT V, a. To cause to crack or split. 
^^^^ 8. w. Cinnabar. 
^^^^T adj. Half-pounded, coarsely 

^^^r ^./. A country bordering on Coi- 
hmir^ the mountains about Cashmr 
and above F^shawar. s, m. A tribe 
of barbarians. 

^T^tf^T s, m. An intoxicating spirit 
drawn from rice. 

^Km s. m. A kind of mat, 

^KH 8. m. See ^i dursh, 

^<M^ Looking, view. 

^^€t One who comes to see or visit. 

^i\ s.f. A fish, a sort of carp ( C^- 
prinus. ). 

^T l s.f. A natural or artificial ex- 
^<t J cavation in a mountain, a cave, 

a cavern, a grotto, &c. ; a valley. 
^K\^8.f A sickle. 

^XJX 8. w. A fissure, rift, rent, breach. • 
^fts adj. Poor, needy, indigent, dis- 
tressed, wretched. 

^f<^m s.f Pgrorty, iudijreaco; wretch- 

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( 28S ) 


^xft f^dj. Poor, wretched, indigent. 
^ifT s. m. A stall ( in a fnarket) where 

betel is sold. 
e^W s. m, A sigh, sorrow, 
^f < #. m. Frog. 

^ 5. »i, Oatoneoos eruplioo, Herpes. 
^?td«ft odj. Herpetick, •afflicted with 

Vf s. w. Pride, arrogance, boasting. 
^W«. m, A mirror, looking-glass. 
^ 8, m. Wealth, property ; substance, 

matter, a things 
^*T #. m. ICua<» or sacrificial grass ( Poa 

cynomroides ) ; a kind of reed ( Sac* 

cfiat-um spontaneum) ; another species . 

( S, ct/lindricum ). 
^tfl V. n. To go straight and qnicklj, 

without fear or delay, adj. Straight 

^^ 8, m. Substance^ thing, wealth. 
\^ «./. A ladle or spoon. 

V^ 8, m. Sight, seeing ; the junction 
of sun and moon, or day of new moon 
when it rises invisable. 

^iwr adj. Who or what shews, dis- 
plays, explains, makes clear, &c, 
8. m. An exhibiter, cue who points 
out or shews any thing. 

^n^ s. m. Sight, seeing, looking; 
aspect, appearance ^ interview ; a 
8h<i8htr, one of six religious or philo- 
sophical systems^ the Patanjal, 
Sankhyah^ Vyseseshikdh, 'Ni/ayak, 
Mimansay and Vedant ; visiting any 
sacred shrine, worshipping in the 
presence of any image. 

^W^FCt adj. Beautiful, handsome. 

^^*I^kT^«. m. A surety for appearance. 

^i^ adj. Pjiyable at sight (a bill of 
txchangs ). s.f. A ball of exchange sight J offering, prescut. 

adj. Handsome, sightly. Darsiani^ 

jiturany A beautiful youth. 
^i^fm adj. Beautifd, handsome, sgree- 

a^ le, visible to be seen. 
^^Uwrft adj. Vain-, conceited, thiftk^ 

ing one-self handsome: 
i^mf^T Shewn', seem. 
^hHt To show. 
^11 adj. Visible, apparent > showit, 

displayed j explained, seen. 
^^ 8. m. The leaf of a tree ; a large 

array ; a lieap or quantity ; wild rice. 

Ihddai't adj. Fleshy, thick. Dalwal^ 

Commander of an army. 
^w^ws.f. GUtUn 
^m^m V. n. To glitter. 
^Vn3 s. m. A folded petal of leaf. 
^m%\^ 8.m. A. sort of iasmine ( Ja^/w- 

num pubiscens ). [hog. 

^m^m i. m. A quagmire, a slough, a 
^m^m adj. Quaggy, hoggy. 
^^^^T^a s. m. To shake, to undulate. 
^^^m^zsj. Tremour. 
^^^'adj. Swampy, 
^^^^q adj. Broken-hearted, cut t^ 

the heart, &c. 
^^«r 8. m. Breaking to pieces, dividing, 

tearing asunder/ splitting. 
^QIilT V. a. To grind coarsely, to split 
^ pulse. , 

^faf^r^* *. ^' T^« Bhcjpatr tree, the , 

bark of which is used for wrapping 

woollens in, and for hukah snakes, 

^^xrjqt «./. A fragrant plaiit ( Pand- 

anus odoratiisimus ), 
?5«WT^m ». m. A mass of cloudi ; a 

large army j a large tent. 
^mw^m mKnj 1). a. To thrash, crumple, 

rumple, ruffle. 
^^^PIT tJ. a\ To cause to be coarsely 

gvQttud corn ). 

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( Wl ) 


W?^ $. m. One wJio gtmiB oorit ). 
^mm 8./. The fibre or Tein of s leaf. 
^^^1^*1 \ i.f. A woman whose boei- 
^f tO ) i^ess 18 to deal in grain 

^^^1^ *. «f * One whose business is to 
setl grain. 

?^^W ^* m. Sesamnm gibwing wil(! or 
spontaneon«ly ; an ftccinatic plant 
( Piitia Btratioits» ) ; a plant com- 
monly called K'agetar (MesttafefTea); 
a tree ( Mimoga ^irtsha ) ; a sort of 
jftfiraine ( Jasmtnum pnbeseem ). 

^r*TT ff, a. To canse t& be coarsely 

^mVRWi 8. m. A tree (Vafigueria spmosa), 

^^TW ^. m» Broker, 

^5fT^ Brokerage. 

?f^? 8. m. 7 Wretchedness, poverty, 
^ftS{?TT 8./, J indigence. 

^ftj^t <$dj\ Poor, wretched, indigent, 

needy, nnfortunate. 
^ftr^rr 8. m. Half-ground or coarsely 

ponnded grain, plit pnlse. 
^^n f. / Any sort of pulse which 

may be split, as dat. 
^^ 8' /. A clod of clay or mould, 
^^ s. /. A handmill. 
^Wftf 8. m. A plant (Echites 8cholans ) 
^ 8. m. A forest conflagration. 
?TTt«./. Medicine, 
^jfir 8. m. A wood on fire or the con- 
flagration of a forest. 
^Trn^ A forest conflagration. 

^^K8./. f ^^• 

^ adj. Ten. JDasan-^tisa^ The ten re- 
gions, sides or quarters (oftheioorld). 
Dasandwar^ The ten passages for the 
faculties, vi«, the eyes, ears, nostrils, 
mouth, penis, anus, and crown of the 
head. It §eeia8; however, that proper- 
ly thtfc Ko Qttly i^ae^ ^t^ li^at ^^t b^. 

ing acknowledged in any SaMhH 
works of authority which have be^ 

^^^^ y A ten-necked. 


?^^rmir«mw ^, m. The aggregate often 
vices proceeding from the quality of 
desire, y\z. hunting, gambling, sleep- 
mg daring the day, abusireness, le- 
chery, drnnkenness, dancing, playing 
and hypocrisy. 

^W9W ddj Ten times, tenfold. 

^^ifirTH ^.* m. A district or coOeetlon of 

ten villages. 
^njf 8. m. A toi)th. 
fUft 8. w. A fragrant grass (Cyjwnii 

rotundM ) ; a district part of Mahea 

in Bimdelkhand. 
^^^ ad). Tenth. [lands, 

^wm^ 8, m. A collection of ton gar- 
^»[*ft *. /. The teuth day of the lunar 

fortnight ; the tenth or last stage of 

human life, the last ten years of a 

century, aij. Very old or aged. 
^^^^ 8. 771. A tonic medicament pre- 

«pared from the roots of ten plants. 
^Jl%^ 8, m, A proper name, a severefgn 

otAjodht^ or Oude, and father of 

^Wfm^ 9, fit. T^n marks or attributes. 

^nxnn J 

^ijOT' adj. A thousand. 

^n^H^ adf. A myriad. 

^r«lTTr«. ». The tetfth of Jitha, ^SoHoh 
pak8haj which is reckoned the birth- 
day of Oangd: whoever bathes in 
the Oangd On that day is si^posed 
to be purified from ten sorts of sins 

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( 2«5 ) 


whicli, aftw the worship and reli- 
gions ceremonies performed daring 
nine nights (navar^tri), they throw 
the images of I>etH into the river. 
On this daj, it is said, Ram marched 
•gainst Rdvariy for whi. h reason it is 
called Vtji^ da$ami . the day is cele- 
brated with great pomp I y Hindu 
princes,' the weapons and instm- 
ments of war are hallowed ; and if 
war be intended the campaign is*then 
t^T «. /. A state, condition, period or 
ti^jeof life, as yonth, manhood, old 
age,Tft^^; circnmstancee* 
^1 s. m. Tenth part. [ drum ). 

^wrfr^ *. m. A plant ( Cr0ton p^t^an- 
^^mm s. m. Result of eirevmslaBces, 

or of condition of life, 
^^r^ ». m, A. cottntry, part of central 
Hindmtan, lying on the S. K, of 
Vindhya monn tarns. 
^!^f 9, f. A rlrer rising in the Vin- 
d^hl/r$ hills, the Ih^drene of the an- 
^^TT *. m. A eotrntry in the south ^^ 
India, the kingdom of Tadtt, m. pi 
The Tadai^a or people of Djshof^ha. 
^in^mt^ s. m. A name of Vishnu ; the 
deity of whom there are said to hav© 
been ten descents from heaven, for 
the purpose of protecting or putUBh- 
ing mankind. 
Wiff &«r i. ff»» ibcisting <nrcttmstances 

peculiar condition. 
^ s. /. ^Thread ; the nnwove threads 

at the e&d of a pieee of doth. 
^nti adj. In good circomstanoes. 
%^^ mi pi. The ten org«»s of sense 
and^aotien^ yiz« the skio, eye, tontgne, 
•Ose, ^r, orgMi of speech, hand, foot, 
Mns, and p«dendam« 

W a^lj. Ten. Dasan, disa, /' j?L Th» 
tei> regions, fliJes or quarters (of 
the xoorli ). Dasan durjr, m. pi. The 
ten pftssages for the actions of the 
faculties; w>., the eyes, ears, nos- 
trils, mouih, penis, anus, and crown 
of the head. 

^««r 9. w, A tooth. 

JJl \ <^di. Tenth. 

Wmt. /. The tenth day of the lunar 

^^%1 s. m. The tenth of leth, shvid,. 
paksh^, supposed to be the birth day 
of Qangd: whoerer bathes in the 
Qar^ on that day is supposed to be 
purified from ten sorts of sins. The 
tenth of Asin, 9hukla^pak9ha, on 
which, after the Worship and religious 
ceremonies performed during aiuc 
nights (iwi^jfrffn), they throw the 
images of Dein into the river. On thia 
day Ram is supposed to hare marched 
against Ratfan, for Which reason it is 
called Vijud datam : the day is cele- 
brated with great pomp by Jtmju 
princes ; the weapons and instm. 
ments of war are hallowed ; and if 
war be intended^ the campaign is 
then opened. 

f * s. f. Thread ; the unWore threada 
at the end of a pieee of ^otb. 

^f^itrni (tdj. In good circumstances. 

VftW s. m. Moulting ( of birds ). i>j^o. 
khajh(um(^f To montt. 

^fk^T A pi The ten regions, sides^ 
or quarters ( of the worid ). 

Vif%n m. pi. The ten pussages for th^ 
actions of the faculties ; viz, the eye, 
ears, nostrils, mouth, peuis^ tmuf 
and crown of the beftd« 

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( 285 ) 


^m s. m. Zinc, tntenag, Lapis cala- 

^^ «. m. An enemy ; a thief ; an op- 
pressor, a violator, a committer of 
injustice, &c. 

^Wf% 8. f. Theft, dishonest mode of 
« sabsistence. 

^y^ 8. m, A deep whirlpool, very deep 
water, an abyss. Kantoal-dakay A 
place abounding in water-lilies. 

IHF* 8. f. Ardour. 

^▼^RTT V. n. To burn, to be burnt, to 
be ruined, lost, destroyed ; to regret. 

^ViTRT V. a. To burn, to kindle; to 
ruin, destroy, lose; to csuse to re- 
gret ; to heat (iron ^c). 

^TW^i^ 5r^«n i>. n. To turn with 
great fury. 

^T?T adj. Scorching^ burning. 

^ir 8 m. Burning, combustion ; fire, 
or the deity Agni ; the marking-nut 
plant ; lead-wort {Plumbago zet/lanic<^, 

^^pn adj. Right, the opposite of left. 
?^ff>Tn^ 8.m. Circling towai'ds the right 

in worshipping. 
^41^ adj. To be or what may be bomt, 

^^t^« 8. m. The sun-gem, a crystal 

lent. [ fear. 

l[Ym«fT V, n. To shake, to tremble, to 
ifl^TfT «. a. To agitate. 
l[¥t^T 8, m. A weight of ten seers. 
?5Tt4: «./. The figure ten ; the tenth 

part ; the decimal places of figures in 

arithmetic, the tens. 
^T^TT V. n. To roar ( a8 a tiger )» 
^T«n D. a. To bum. 
.^ff ir p(8rt. pa88. Burnt. 
^fTli adj. Right, the opposite of left, 

^ft p. m. Thick sour milk, coagulated 

milk. Dahivyjila^ 8. m, A seller of 

sour milk. 
^^^K 8. m. A vessel for carrying sour 

milk in ( pcn^icularly at/estivdU ). 
^^9f } 8.m. A dowry, portion, every 
^Ttf > thing a wife takes with h^r 

^^^ I * TO. A bird ( Goracias ). 

^Wt «./. A vessel in which sour milk 
is kept» 

^TT^ \ 8. m. Giving, an honor, a 

^it J giver. 

^8.f. A milk-nurse ; a midwife. Dai 
ko 8ompna, To put out to nurse. D^i 
Jchilai, A dry nurse. Daijanai, 8. /. 
A midwife. Dai piiai, «./. A wet 

^T^ 8. m. An appeUation of a father or 
of an elder brother. . 

^1^ «./. A shrub that bears a flower 
like chamomile ( Chrysanthemm indi- 
cum); a kind of firework like that 
shrub ; a kind of armour, adj. Rela- 
ting to David, of David. 

^Vfj9(i s. m. Dowry dower. 

^tinrt^ adif. On the right and left. 

^T 8.m. Fine, punishment^ oppre«- 
sion, injustice, injury. 

^\mw€T 8. m. The frontier or boundary 
between the lands of two proprietors. 

^t^ «./. A balance. 

^ 8. m. A tooth. DaniungU halM, 
To biCe the finger, is a term expres- 
sive of being surprised. Dant koA- 
Jcachnay To grin, to shew the teeth. 
Dant kathatana, i>. a. To gnash the 
teeth. Bant kati rati hhana, To be 
the most intimate friend or any on*. 
D(in< ifc<» d*ref, The tooth-ache. DaiU 

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( 287 ) 


please. J)ant tale ungli dahana^ or^— > 
Ibatna, To stand in amaze, to be 
Bmazedy to \?onder, Dcmt nikcdnoy To 
laugh, to grin ; to express or con- 
fess inability and helplessness. Dani 
pjr oharkana. To detfact from the 
virtaes or praise of another. Dant 
fisn»y To gnash the teeth, to grin. 
Jyant bujnay or, — bajna, t, n. To 
chatter the teeth, sqnabble, wrangle, 
chattering of the teeth, squabbling, 
wrangling, sparring. Dant rakhnc^j 
QTf^^hona kisi'pary To desire any 
thin^ exceedingly ; to hate. Dant 
i^gn<Ef 8, m. Trismus or locked-jaw. 
Dant lana, or, — niki^lna, To teeth, 
grow ( as teeth ). Danlon xamin pa- 
harnt ( lit, to bite the ground ), To be 
red need to eztrenities, to suffer 
great pain. Danton mama, To' gnash 

the teeth ( with anger )« 

^tw^ 8. VI, A tooth-brush made from 
the branch of a tree. [grin. 

f tKqt^m D. n. To gnash the teeth, to 

^tflrftr^ftr^ *. /. Qaarrel. 

^Irft 8./. The tooth of a saw or other 
instrument, cog ( of a wheel }. Danti 
dena, To insist upon* Danti patma^ 
V, n. To be notched or indented ( the 
edge of a tool ). Danti lagna^ To 
hare a locked jaw. 

^U 8, m, Ambnscade, ambush, snare ^ 
time, turn, opportunity, vicissitude • 
twisting of one another in wrestling. 
Daon chalna^ To have the advan- 
tage of. Daon chalanOf To take advan- 
tage of. D ^on pakama, To wrestle. 
Daon b^thna, To lie in ambush, 
to Inck, 

TT^T^ 8. m. Burning, stubble^ <&Cr 

'^^ 8. m. A donor, one who makes 
premts, espo^idUy to Sv^hman^ f a 

sacrificer, one who pays all the ex- 
penses of ceremony, and employs 
the ofllkiating priests, 

^tPt^rt: 8,f. A dry nurse. 

^nrrftwt /.;?/. The twenty-seven lunar 
mansions, considered mythologically 
as the daughters of Dakeh, and wives 
of tlie moon. 8,/. The nymph and 
asterism Rohini ; a plant {Oroton 

^tPsV^T «./. A place in the north of 
India, in the country of Vahlik or 

^^m^9 adj. Produced or bom, &c. 
in Dakshikantha, 

5fr^ 8. Oleveruess, dexterity, ability. 

V^ ^*/* ^ raisin grape. 

^Pt s, m. Spot, stain, mark, sear, cica* 
trit, blemish, freckle, speck, a mark 
by burning with a hot iron, brandy 
stigma, cantery. Bag charhana, or, 
.lagana, To vilify, to defame. Dag 
denay To mark by bnrning with a 
hot iron, to cauterize, brand, scar; 
to blemish. Dagdar, aij. Scarred^ 
cauterized, spotted marked. Dag 
lagndf To be damaged, to get a bad 
name. Dag lana^ To vilify. Dag hana. 
To be cauterized or scarred. 

^*im i>. a. To cauterize, to mark by 
burning with a hot iron ; to fire ( a 
gan, 4rc, ). 

fl^V 8. m. A tooth, a tusk. 

f fRfiT ) 8. m. The pomegrante tree, 
f rr««f J or its fruit, ( Funica gra-* 

natttm ). 
^rfif*!^;^ 8. m, A medicinal plant 

( Andergonia rohitdka ). 
^lfif«Tfir?i 8. 771. The parrot, as being 

fond of the pomegrante. 
^l y iii t ft 8. /. The frontier or boundary 

between the taws of two proprietors. 

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( «88 ) 


^T? ^- / A j^w-tooth, or griiuW. 
^liJT «•/. A large tooth, a task. 

^jfe^f J «./. The beard. D^^rhi ha- 
^ift J «<»««, or,^mtt»dAiw, «. <»• 

To ha?e. 
^m s. fii. Bountifnlness. 
^mn «./. A tooth-lrash m«do of the 

brauch of a tree. 
^ifin <idj. To be given, what may or 

ought to be given. 
IffHT Liberal, generous, iuhii. Giver, 

benefactor, donor. 
jm adj. A donor, a giver, giving, be- 

atowing. [or d^. 

^ s.m. A sort of sickle, large knife 
^1^ 8. m. A ringworm, Herpea. 
^j^j . m. \ Advances (of money). 

^rfvpf\ J. m. A follower of Dadoo. 

<f Tf >i^«r s. m* A plant used to care the 
ringworm ( Cama mUta ). 

^f CT *. t». A kind of song, 

f rfT «. m. Paternal grandfather ; elder 

ip^i./. Paternal grandmother. 

f r?^ «. «i. A frog. 

f rf^«« p»'o/i. A Hindu founder of a sect, 
born in the state of Jypur, Dadu- 
panthif A folio wor of Dadu. 

f l^m V. n. To bum. 

f !W 8. i». Act of giving or bestowmg ; 
gift, donation ; a present, a special 
gift J alms, charity • anything de- 
manded by law or custom, as toll, 
Ac*; the fluid that flows from the 
temples of an elephant in rut. Dan- 
pattar^ 8, m. A deed of conveyance 
or gift. Dan-ptm, 8, m. Charity, alms. 

^T«|il4r 8* m. Almsgiving, charity ; the 
rules for making donations. 

kv^^ 8. m. A liberal or muniScent 

^J^VM «. m. A deed of conveyMice or 
gift. [natioR. 

ynr^^ at^. Fit for or meriting a do- 
^TTf 8, m, A demon, a Titan or giant. 
^Tli^Qr adj. Liberal, munificent. 
^m t. m. Gfain in general, a grain, 
• berry, seed, corn, speck« pimple«. 
^1T^^ 8. m. Pood, victuals, 
^jift 8. m. Beneficent, liberal. 
^T'ft adj. Munificent, liberal, bountiful, 

charitable, giving. 
^[Vft^ adj. Worthy of having any thing 

given, or worthy or fit to le given. 
TTTWT t). a. To press down, to suppress, 
to snub i to squeeze. Dab rahha^ To 
conceal, to steal and conceal j to 
press ( farticulady witfi tk8 thighi 1, 
to. retain hy pressure, to gripe (at 
money ), Dab Una, To outgrow. 
^Wnw 8. m. Fire in a forest. 
^H s. m. Price, the twenty-fourth part 
of pysa or pice. »./. A string, a 
cord, a thread or rope. 
fr^«i\ adj. Relating to the artemisis 
flower. 8. /: A string, a rope, especi- 
ally for tying cattle, 
f mftrn s- m. A county, the modem 

district of TamluJo. 
^HT 8. m. A rope, a string, a cord. 
iprTT'ilV w. prop. A merchant, who 
dying insolvent, his effects were 
divided among his creditors in pro- 
portion to their claims. 
;p«imift i. /. Proportioning, equal as- 
sessment, dividend (^ a banh-upd 
fcfprWta./. Lighting, 
f T^ «. «. An assessment. Jldmi lagixM, 

To assess, 
^r^f ^ *. m, A name of Sm&na : Ta$(h 
dhft liis foster mother having in vain, 
passed th^ folds of « rope round his 

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**^ ( «8f ) 


l»^y, wbilst « cliiU> to keep kim in 

^pfrnt adj. Hypocritical, a. m. A hy- 

X>ecnte ^ a Imid crane ( Arde» nitea}. 
^m «• m. InkeriAance i m n«|ytial {Re- 
^|TWf 04^ Lifceral, giving, a d^nor. 
^WWr «. ou A dowiy, por^n, iwptial 

^f^mir s. m. Partition of heritage, mp- 

portioning inheritance, &o* 
^f^rftHTf s. m. Portioning or portion 

of inheritance, imsion of properl^y 

amongst -diffCTent heirs, 
^nir $. m. Demand, claim, plant 
fTmf A son { a idnsmiui, a^ar of 

remote • an lieir, 
f 1^4 s.m. An heir, a kinsman, 
f r?nft *,/ A dangkter^ an heiresa. 
f T^fTq^'flW i. nu PrivatioB^ forfoitnre or 

^f^q 0^, Condemned, sentenced ; 

awarded^ adjudged, 

JJ5 i s.A ATrifc. 

^'Wt^ #./. Cinnamon* 

firt 8, »!, The clearing nnt plant 

( StiychnoB potatorum ), 
^iVf *. m. A sort of poison 6ronght 

from the country named Darad, 
^(K^^^ adj, Pependant upon a wife, 

subject, to her. 
^rftv 8.f. A daughter. 
fffblTf fir 8. m. Giving a daughter in 


y^W^ t *• »»• Poverty, indigence, 
firort 5 Wrctckedness. 

^ft ac(j. Poor, indigient, needy, 

iwtched,' niifortniiate. 
fr(> #./. A female slave taken in war. 
^ 8. m. Wood,' timber ; a sort of 

p2li4 {Ptmi iivuda^oo]. 


^J^m (^dj. Made of wood, wooden, &c. . 

^riw adj^ Horrible, nostere,. ^terrific, 

frightfnl, fearful, dreadful, sbocking^^ 
8, m. Horror, . norribleness ; lead 
Wort ( Plumbago te^UniCi ), 

fl^1%m «•/. A. plant ( (7»?w»ia wfi- ■ 
tht^nvhaotk), [wooden. 

^«W adjn Made of wood,* woody, 

^rw^ B.f. A doll. 

fT^ilficWT #./. A End of Onpontea C. 
zcfnthorrhhon). [d^* 

f f^ 8. f. Spiritaons liqnor ; gnn-po^- 

J^'«./ \ Wine, spiritnons liquor. 
^T^ «. m. Hardness, fixedness, stablity. 

f rf^*r I J*/. A sort of coUyriu^ 
fi«?f 5 from an infusion of tho_ 

Curcuma XHUkorrJuzqn i a s^rt of . 

fTW 8./^ Palfle, ve1ehfes;'«. m. A sort 

of grain ( P<$8palum /tiimenlaceum), 

Dal galni ki8i Ice 0. n. To hav6 an 

ad?antage,' to araiU 
fTWT «./. Qolocynth. 
^f^lTW*./. A hall. * 

tnfJJl^ *. w. Poverty, indigence. 
fTpaljt orf/. Poor, indigent. 
frftlW «. »i. The pomegranate, 
f r^ *. m. A bill or kind of hat-bet _ 

with a hooked poin\; vicissitude, 

turn, opportunity, stake, wager, a 
stroke at any game ; a bet^ &c. ; a 

forest, a forest on fire, Dao h(indhn(tf . 

or, — hadnaj To bet, |to wager. 
^J^fn D, a. To thrash, to tread, 
^^n s. m. Destruction ; protection, 
^ron v., To thresh, tread. 
?^T7T 84 m. Claim, plaint; demand. . 

^ > »;m; The litiband of anurs^ * 

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( 290 ) 


ifx^xftr } I. m? Tlie conflagration of a 

^i>ra ) forest/ kindled by a tem- 
pest or some otiier canae. 

-^pH *. w. A servant. 

f mn^ 8. m. A frai^ant grass (Cifperus 

f^t^ «. m. Malw<$j ( the proyqioe). 

^19 9. m. A seryaat. a slaye ; a Sudr 
«r man of the fourth tribe ; • Su4r 
affix or appellation. 

^^jm «• w. Bed. 

fT^W *. i». Slarerj, servitude. 

f (^rft 9, /. The female slave of a 
slave ; male and female slaves. 

f Ifl^ s. m. A fragrant grass ( Cype- 
rua rotundtu )• 

^pHT «• n». A piece of wood sticking 
out from a wall to support the thateh 
or 6hhappar ; a reaping hook. - 

^frft #./. A maid-servant. 

^p^D^ s. m. Ihe son of a slave girl. 

J2L *• r 1 Slavery, servitude. 

fnr 4.99I* Bnmingy combustion, eon- 
flagration, ardour, inflammation ; 
morbid heat ; actual or potential 
aautery. Dah dena^ To ligbt the 
funeral pile. "Dah rdhhn(t, To grudgo. 

flY^ 4M^. Bumiog, inflammatory ; 
cauterising, caustic, s, m. A plant 
( Plumbago zeytanica )• 

^19^ f • m. Inflammatory fever. 

^TW i. m. Burning, reducing to ashes; 
cauterising. [left ). 

fTY*rt V. ai To hum. a^^. Bight ( no^ 

frraK «• m. A place where dead bodies 
are burnt 

fTfTT^ s. m. The root of a fragrant 
grass ( Andropvgon mxiri^oktum )\ this 
root being wove^ into screens, and 
kept wet, lor tWe purpose of exclud- 
ing* to tempering the hot ][inds • 

^[f%m adj. Right ( Ofj>ptid U> Itfl V 

%tft i. m. {a.) Settling on fire, inflam- 

f%^ s.'m. Lamp. 

ffW 8. m. Quarter, region, side ; point 
( of the conHpoig ). 

ffiniftr 8. m. A regent or a quarter of 
the universe, as the Sun of* the east; 
Saturn of the west; Mars of the 
south ; Mercury of the north ; Venus 
of the south-east; Sagu of the 
south-west ; Chandra of the north- 
west ; and Jupiter of the north-east. 

fiprtnw *. m. A regent of a quarter of 
the universe, as Indrd of the east ; 
Ugni of the south-east ; Nyrit of the 
south-west J Varun of the west ; 
Marut of the north-west ; Kuver of 
the north ; and Besan or Shw of the 
north-east ; this word is applicable 
to the 'Dikpaiisy as that term is to 
these also. 

fffri|« 8. m. An inauspicious planetary 
conjunction, as for the Sun axi3 
Venus to be in the west, &c. 

t^f^l^irmi «. n. To show, exhibit^ de- 
note, direct. DiH^ett dena^ To ap- 
pear, be apparent, seem. 

f|w^T^T 8, m. Show, pageantry^ 

ff^ ^/. Showing, show, displaj, 
appearance. "Dikhai dena, To appear. 

ftfV^ *. ^. (^0 Fit to be shewn, covety. 

^wmtf<&- Comely. 

ff ^TT «. (t. To cause to see, to show^ 
exhibit, display, expose. 

f^V^ •• «. Display, i^how. 

f^ 8. m. Quarter, region, trac^ sida^ . 
way ; ( t> compo8. ) wards^ as uf tor- , 
dig^ Nortb-wards ; point ( if th$ am- 
pat8 ). 

vi^ «. m. The horisBon. 

f^i^^ s. m. Space, the a tiii<>iphere# , J 

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( 291 ) 


ffpm^ ($dj. Naked, nnclad, nnclothed ; 
dressed in, or enveloped by the at- 
mosphere, clouds, &c. 5. m. A Budhh 
mendicant, wearing coloured clotliea, 
or going naked; any mendicant 
not wearing clothes j a name of Shiv, 
from his being naked -^ a Ji/n of the 
great division, which represents ,the 
images of their sain tSy either naked 
or plainly attired. 

JfWfn J f **• ^ watchman, a guard, 

^'PRT i. m. The qoarier to which it 
i* deemed xmbmky to trarel or parti- 
. onlardfye. 

^Jfm *•«. AnelephtBiof » quarter 
or pmnt of the oompaisy one of^ght 
snppased to be attached tot^ north, 
north-east^ &c., supporting the globe. 

f^ift «./. ▲ large lank, or reservoir; 
in form of an oblong square. 

(f ^Wf i. w. Subjugation of an ex- 
tenaire coubtry, either in arms 6i 

tffkrMt #. m. A conqueror or sul^ng. 
ator of aa ^tensive tract of covntry^ 
or the world. * f-j-, 

fffvfBmBI 8. m. InTasion, going forth 
to conquer the world. 

ffPww^.cL A quater or point of the 
compass. [ap^oe. 

1|i^n^ <»(^. Spreading tfcrougk all 

%Wt B.f. A large tank, or reeervoir, in 
fofm of an oblpng-.squttre. - 

ftilt «•/. Hardness^ ^(idilty: ' ; 

^ptv «* m. A patch, «i arttfciia mde 

^ m.tiiefaco. 

^ ] #<§•. Firm, sirdnfe. 

Sr V ^'-^'^ Wrtttnefs, strength. 

To proTs^ to strengtiieii. 

f^fir g. /. One of the wives of Kftnyap 

and mother of the Dittvasi or infernal 
, race, op[v08ed to tl.e sjcJa, 
{^fci^f 5. TO. A do.non or asiir. 
ft«i f . m. A Titan, a demon or giaul 
fi^nc «. m. 4n iftterriew, aa orerseer. 
fipa ind. Of tjwo kinds, in two wkya. 
f^ B.f. Firmness, stability, fixed 

state of mind or being., 
^«r #. m.. Day. Dm X^^atf, Topss time 
with difficulty. Jyia ho din, rat ho rofi 
nahjanna. To be totally absorbed ia 
thoogbt or business* Dm kMna, To 
begin to prosper after adrersity, Dtn 
^aiiu;€m(», To spent cai^elessly, cue 
trifle awayii t^fiie. ^^^ eh^trhna, Th^ 
day being far,adyau<^ed ; thA perio4 
of a woman's menstruation being 
protracted. Bin eharhdna, To com-'- 
mence any business late in the day ; 
to eat the bread of idleness^ or earn 
one'fl wages without .labour*. Di^ 
dhaln0, v. n^ To grow late, to d^dine 
( the sun ). Dm dAouZ^, In day-Ugbt* 
Dm ptfrfkf^ To be unfortunate, Diji 
phim»^ To begin to prosper ( i^ftef 
0dv4r$ity ). Dm h^din Day by jdaf 
Dt^ hhatyif^ Expreeaee time ep^nt ktt 
pain and trouble. Dm mundna^ T^ 
grow late, to dose ( the day ). 
^^^8. m. The sun, 
ftw1ft€ 8. m. Sunshine, daylight* 
ft^^rft «• »• Giv^g daily, 
fi^ipr Every day ; daily, 
ft^ pi (Sing. ^) Days, 
fi^^rfil #. m. Sun. " r 

fipwfil Every day. 
ftw^ Whole df(f« 
fll^^RTT 8. m. The l^i^h of day. 
f^TOft Nigkt and day. 
fipiW^w. Day-blind, t.^. the owl. 
tf'Vlt «•/• A tetter, a ringworm. 

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( «« ) 


f^nnnts.m. Merningi 
f i t< ! l^wn #. nu 'Evemngr ( (& animate ). 
f^ (»<$, Aged {gvimckllif! applied (» 

f?piffiif *. »t. Dfsopfa or daybKinJiiefis. 
ftqfir<>. Brilliant, radiant, Bplendid. 
iSiW*. «k An oat,- brflllattt, Heavenly 

f^^ ^.m.'A !ampk part-prnt. aireo.. 
ti[?lT*Tn >•/ Honesty, probity^' 
i^nm./! Wiiiteant. '^ 

f^T^T* «./. A matcE (for casing 

fim'nnf 1^. a. To catise ta give or to 

f^T*>. m. An inhabitant df DcWit. 

tir^tNrr ^ m.' On* wBLOcawB^eto-'ghre 

' orpay. ' 

1^T*rr 1^. <». To canse to pive, to oce*- 

' fiion, cansign, assign, to causo to 

^ yield, so cause to gfve tip^ 

l^tsrt^ s. nk Cc^nfdrt^ consotatiooy en- 
coTtragement, ^ttpport (of mind ). 

f^x[ Km. ^e nan» of a king and 

' ancestor of RdTTi, t&o nder of l>elhi 
or Adstinapur, * . 

1l(9lK <tc^"* Bold, eowageotrt. 

fW^ «. /. ' InlrepicBty, boMness* ' 

^■^ p. n. Delhi.' adj. Hekrty, sinoem. 

^ift #.j^ The name of a city, onije tho 
metropolis^of Hinduitan^ called also 
^haJ^j€ha%i^ad, "' 

ft«r «. »i. Heaven,' day. 
ftr^^tift *./. Susband's yonnge?' bro- 
ther's wtfew' 

A day,, . 

ft^ ^. m^ Day, day-li^. 
^^^ ^.'in/ The flttto. ' 
f^wr cKfj. Daily, dlnrnftly- of or \^ 
lodging' to the d^. ^ '' • 

f^^rf!^ «; m. Day and ^i|pht. 

f%ww <M^V Being BDndi by day u m^ 
An owL 

I^TilW «. i»t^ Mid-day. moonw 

ftiVKTil 9^ m. A dlay aind night.. 

Iwtrfw **/• Day oy iMjght ^ a day aad 
n&ht. £no8e» 

1^9 «../. Wallt the bn<%e of ih» 

f^iH: «• m<. insolvency^ bfinkmptcy. 

f^ift ^/.. A iSTinc^u fe&tLTaJ, celebrat- 
ed oa thA^ diay of the nevr moon of 
Kaartak^ whei) the- ^u^dm^ 4fter*b»* 
thing \tk the Gangea, or oth^ river,, 

, Hft .on theis baal abiikfe^ perfMd 4» 
«r<fd^, W |i<i m^ vocship j9M#Amf^ 
and indulge m ezeessivje/gftniiblijiig. 
T&eJkimeaiMid.jpireotia av^'^temfib- 
, tied «t B^hi r and itii* J9l^«Aisl([t% 
^ Blight &^ oniNMally ipeat \st 

^(Duv «• lit. A Ung of l^emiwH^ and 
founder^ the india» Sehoei: of mo- 
4ia»e. ' 

fm «4h. Diifitt^ eelesliaT; beaut^l; 
agreeable, oharmmg } §k:9kM&\ ao 
oaCh. v> • ' ■'"' 

fWM^Wn <. m. A mi!>ctnf6-,of iivetarttet 
€b8, 9iU#> earrds, miUr^ better tmJl 
sagar. {mont » 

fi(iiror««ai» Theflraaoiicr gem &?Uliii^ 

fliWI #. «•• Quicfcsaver. 

ftifili oi^. Clothe or faiteated in c(ele»- 

rf ^ f lMM ig m ^'. nvhao, i^Iestia^ of 
hoavenliy Mr4h or bettg. ' ' 

fiW #. ^ ''*6gioi^ «pa#^ qimrter, p%st%^ 

ffWr ir./. Side, region, q;toter, pobi 

(a/<&«comp0«f V ' ' * 

f?piPQ[|9 9^ m« A sign in the hearena 
oonjipUed op f fflffif T^ C i'ng K aJa]hriibyT| 
tho- qnart([x towards^ ^^^^\f^ ^ 

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i »w > 


^ft «. /. S^bjfc, loojk of, . seeijig. v. 
^fOTT ^. »i. To uppeMV 1m> Bi^m^ <• 

fieem. ^. «. To see, 
ft^*./. Side, regio;?, quarter^ p<^% 

mto the fields (/«• o p^'wy ). 

firr^ ^, m. A idol teni|>lei 
%^**.A A?tlre«liold» '^ * 

f^H^ #./. ^Blnreibelfil, 4e9r, DXtorMir, 

9. TO. A door-kee|)ei% ^ 
f^ i.Jt iCttiie of ftufty, the nietwH 
. polS»^of lRM««ta% €«Ilea ets^ BA»A- 

fiSZ. 8, /. Lamf eUncI^ 
fl^TS./. Sacrificing,cti«>nii)Br oWftttoftff; 

reoetv^g.t^ la2t9iyt<H7 maiilr' er in 

cantfttion. ' 

^fvir aii^\ iMtiftied; i)eifoTmect <«* 

^f^ ^. ">• A spirifcnal father, ibe 
. j^oiy^iifmkajkpf ofi^imtiatorof A» 
. %iitiAt«fj nMntr or .i«ra|(er-; 
ft^^m ^. n. To look, to i^ypear. - 

?f|f^ J ion* 

Ij^oontwiim I l^t ia^gaudrat. 
ifN ($dj» Boor, ind^ent, xto^J, dis- 
tressed^^ j(ii|m|t^. I3t0-cfy^Z, acji. |j[^- 

, ^rf ta%p^|^; PiV^ li^<>^^i 

; the: poor ; l>/n-5<f«(ijtt, Th(^, frie«kd of 

the^^f are ul] i^pi^h^tf. ojf «(he 

^,^jCT.p»|V pi8tnew?d^d€ft^Jfd, , 

ifin^ r0dj, Dowi»>eagt, ef mriaacMf • 

ftiT «i a. To give, i» grmttj to yteJd^ 
iSordy 9ih;Wp periait, emit/ let, p>o» 
dwoe, Iwj ( ^^ ), »: m.i Givmg. 

^nn p^nu A we%bt of f^od ; a ceTft,^ 
etgiTfivr. * '^ ■ 

fHt Sd, f€n. im^. ptr ^MM#ef ^ To 
give. ^ 

^ 9^m^ Jl fflpnp ; anislaikh;. -» emn 
' tinent, s fegten or <i{kbe ef the^eartK 

ftqiF #• nt. A lights tt'^BOlMe, a ffltte^ ; 
aa aromatic see^ tLi^stieum aj¥ram"f 
a mnscial mode^ song* at m ee a In lfi# 
hoi er«M^e» ^ a kM of ftr^^A. oAfJi, 
Makiag lamiaoiiir ; kkdliog Main* 
ittg» • ' ' 

?fM«(,i.m. iiifmprUMfe, soot; ; 

daS5t % ^••^' ^® ^-^ of a lamp/ 
f^ffNT^r «*;»». Laen^lrt^ck, tke.ceiftiqii^ 

8e4 su^Jce^r soot ^.a-laoipK 
^'W^ ... :vr' ' > 

^?^« <w&; Inflipmog, ligW.P'f -t6Mi»% 

citing ; tou», st^naJiuit;. 6tig;^||(^. 

tmg> exciting. . r: . ^ 

?fh»H^ *»ia. The Chcm^^ [MiQh^ict 

ehampmsa y ^ , , j ,, . . 

ft^W^ - i !?«• AwW.ofIai»fi,iitt 
fM^ir^mi ( iUomiikatioyi. .. 

fil9 #«,r:. The^'Btfuid or |it«n «£ # 
la»p,.|i.ea»<fltesti«fct • .r ^ •.. ' • 

f^qriit #•/. The day of njsir nie<>n in 
the month Jmi;^ or XJorftl; tS »j pl|i % 

ilivnil>«l?ol^ iXha^9f i< JT^ 
tlj^ P^/t fsjitia itsf^y t^TUMtd ^ 
a row or range of l^Offj^ ^ ... 
t9,M^.. lpli^PW^:«lfiidi^, V4tt0i,, 

i ftm ^»/. The white ant. .; : ^ 

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< -291) 


I^H adj, Longy applied either to ip&ee 
or time. $. m. The So/ tree; a long 

!M«i9« 1 t. m. A BorloficrAneCitf*- 

ftwvrv #. 91. A loag time, a loag period. 
flW^V s. m. A tree (Alangimn^ kixa- 

fl4€iC <!<(;. Long-haired. 
^* m. A kind of fidh. . -^ ^ 
fii^Mt 0df. Loag*tb}gbed. 9.m. A 

crane^ a oiuneL 
fl^ftllT*. ai. Affliake. 
fhf4) Loag life. 
!fh?«Mt M^i . Living or eziaifiig « long. 

. time, 
fj^iif <•<&*• Tall, long, 
fWfiff <h(^ Far aeefngy-prbvidMity wise. 

«• m. A wise and learned nuoiy a 

aeer, a prophet. 
t(t^V% f. f)i« A wne or profident man. 

o^'. Wlee, provident, fiir^aeehig. 
iA^4^f. Death. [sigh. 

^JPw il M hm. A long or deep-drAim 

^hl^iir B. m. The forh-tailisd shrike. 
^nvm adj. Long-leavec|^ longifoliam. 

um. OarBc. 
iftw^nra f . m. Oarlie ; a thorn j plant ; 

akMof ^whig in niai^hy pla6d8. 
ifhv^WT #./» 'A sort of Engenia. 
^I^r^ <tegf. Long^leavMy longifeliam. 
?ftwvirf adf. Havhrg long shoots or 

tendrih. •• la. Th^'Stm plWt (Crofo- 

lariajancea ).' 
4mMV^ s. f». A heirota* 
ft^i.m. A plant (OuBsiAjUhaa). 
||r^v ddf. Buying a long r66t. g. m. 

A kind of Sitioa tttb ; ii' aoii of 

eensitive pbttti. 
ljHlt(it#./. Ac*eep6rCJPcjfo#t>tWiii 

Mil ) ; i ^Uiit ( ffid^ohftfi ^<^a^ 

Hcurn )• ■ ' 

fhSl|[^ «./. A plant ( HeiyMdtwn dU 
hagi ). [niglit 

fNcTW 9. m. A long period ; a long 
fl4<Wft dij. Being long ill. 
^nin adj. Being of an ancient family. 
^Ith't t. fhi A long vowel, 
^tf f «V «. m. A plant {Biffn<mi<$ In4ica), 
fhlfftlW #./. A plant ( MintJsa ocl 

andra )• [rohuHa ), 

ftwwm #. «i. The Sdl tree (SAorca 
^V^ 04^*. DHatorjt 8h>#, te^na. 
fiw^vrm «./. Dilatomieaf, tedionaiMM. 
4ti^ adj. Pflatorj. 
fl^irc «. m. A long vowel ; a loag 

noie, a minim or seanbteve. 
lfh|fw#. m. Long life. 
H^\ O^w Long-li¥ed. e« m. Tha aSk- 

eotton tree ( Bomliax hipiapkylhm )• 
^f? #./• A lamp-stand, 
l^^nft «./• A smaH lampw« A lamp.. 
i^Nr^tfsA A leather strap, a bdl« 
ftflr^fa. The blue jay. 
f)w^ 19.11. Tolooky toseemyioappMri 

to l:e visible. IMps^ <m^. Like. <llo. 

^har #./. Sacrificing, oflbring oblation; 

leceifingthe initiatoiy m^htr or in* 

ifMarir a^;. initiated; perfome<t («i 

ti^ D&bAa osr4aien^ ). 
ftf^ 'k.' m: 4' iit>iritnitl* father, the 

commnnioaptbr of the initiatory mdHkt 

or prayer.' 
^^ i. m. A large kettledram. 
t- V ^. «». t'ain, all, ache, grief, sbrrow 

aiffltction, distress ; tinhappiness ; 

diffiontty, th>nble ; labotir, fAtigne ; 

annoyance. T>vkhka mdra, cKf;". Affiier 

ted. I>ukK hd hfrtci, $. m] Diapellec 

ofigrtiif <>r ptffi. Biihh-dai; fi IMO- 

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( 8^5 ) 


fuD, troublesome, vexations. 3Ah ' 
jMiM, To be efflietecL Duhk hk^mdf 
To labonr, to toil, to saffer dUts^es 
or trouble. Dukk-htb'anf AnojdjAe. 
Dukh hdrta^ Dispeller of grief or 

;:W^ adj. Canslng pain ; afflictingt 
occasioning sorrow or trouble. 

SW%V adj. Afflicted, pained, distress- 

^:w^^ adf. Living in ,pain or distrei|s. 

^:^T 8, 771. Misfortunes, calamities. ^ 

; ng^ adj. Afflicted, pained, distress- 

^:iif ft ) ad/. Giving or occasioning ; 

? ir^rft J pain, troublesome, vex- 

fr^m D. n. To ache, pmn, smart. 

f riflinr adj. Painfnl, distressfal; 
abounding with trouble, &c. 

yvnfiw \ a<J". Suffering paip, hat- 
f :WHT4t I mg pain as their portion. 

;:^|i|iv #^. To be obtained or effected 
with difficulty. 

^{i^OTi^ 8. m. Deep distress; the world. 

VMJ^adj. Bemoving pain* 

f-^mr e. a. To inflict pain, to torment, 
to hurt^ to pain* 

^.f^u ikdj. Pained, suffering pain ; affli- 
cted, in distress or pain, sick, 

;:fiRT adj. In distress or pain, nnfor- 
tonate, poor, indigent, afflicted. 

^Termrm. ) M. Afflicted, in dis- 
?:ftwri!l/. ) tress or pain, sick, sor 

rowfnl, sad, wretched, grieved. 
;:^ 1. adj. Suffering pain» sorrow- 
S:f%«r ) ing ; afflicted, in distress or 

pain ; sick ; affected] 
VMXVn adj. tJngovemable, ill-n^^aged, 

T.ijN adj. Hl-beharedj leprobate, al- 
. anHoAecit 

;m adj. tmpi!ope¥, unseasonable. 

;;?}ilf ^Mi Time of afflioiion, distress 
or trouble. 

^:^% a(^. In;toIerabIe, diffi:nlt. to be 

;t^rm a^. DiffioaU, ai^ous, not 
easily uceomplished. 

;.^ a^\ Diffieult or unfit to be touc- 
hed, s. m. A plant ( ffedpsarutn 

^:lV«f # /. A prictcly sort of nightshade. 

\ni%l 9. m. "fhe fourth part of a ptfsa 
or pice. 

f«^«./. A snaffle. 

^*l*r s. /, A shop. 

wmSv^ ! ^- ^ -^ flbop-keeper. 
^mm $f m. Famine, scardty. 

ff « s. m. A cloth worn around the 

"* moiiU . 

ffnrt s. nu Pain, imparting, affective* 

f9rs s. m. A u/^^A,iegr(^ or tone in 


Two-foldt deubk. 

^««m. MUk. 

jfvn f^y. MilkinSBs, the nature ef milk. 

f nin i f i r i i i s. m. Milk and mangoes, man?- 

go <pol. 
f:«^^««»»i. TfaefrotborskittofmiU^ 

syllabub, Cfeam. 
f^4t s* /• A small medieinal ahrub 

so palled. 
;f^H^ 8. f. A sort of Aaolepias (A^ 

rosea) : the Htncft depri^ative JMAi, - 

is also applfed to Eufharbia hirta * 

and ihymifolia. 

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( 29« ) 

red «orjb €fi Apang {Ac%^%tke$^ 

^^11 I <i(§f. Of two two ftoinds, wa- 

^Pw<n ) vering, distractod. 

^4 inftfrf. Aiv^yt li^gotiei araimt 1 

s.f. Splendour, ligkt, bea«tj afilte, 

malioe. DtU datttkf Bflproof^ i^nri- 


^Jfrnrr «. m. I A reproof. D»lft(»iM(, 

^il«T<t«./.. / reproTe, 

^iTim «. <!• To press down f to 8niib,.tp 

chide, to keep under, 
f fir,^./. Splendour, lights beauty., 
5TTTtm «. <u' To drive away • jomfttlly ; 

to deceive, balk, cheat. 
^its.f. A medicinal herb (EupkorH^ 

hiria and ih}ffii{f9U*)* 

1^ J ««&'•/. Milch, giving milk. 


m« A sort of drum, a'largtB 

f^wrc #. m. A sort of red worm. 

ipm #» «i. A^itd of^reH-or^a piece of 
linen in which there are two breadths. 
Dupatla tanks sona, To draw tin 
aheet over' OM'0 head ( eiih^ from 
iecurity and csrehsHn€$i or after 
death ). Dupatta kilanaf or, pkirana, 
«. tf • Tor hoi* out a ' flag of truce, 
i» offer to wirl'enaer'( ntfoHi^ 

5Wff:irT «./. A kind of flower (i>en<- 
0peti$iflimhieM )i disg.> Meridian. 

lg^^l i.f. Doubt, suspense^ uneertidn- 
«fy-dilemiBa« i ' 

ffVT adjn Lean, thin, poor^ barreir, 
iBoagreai wew« 

5wwrt »./. 

5»iTfir?n 8. m. An interpreter. 
I^Ka.m. A fan^e^ a flctrciljr 

f Leanness, thinuesSi 
r ' nteagr^tiess: 

yc prtp. A depi>eciative parficfe, hn- 
plyiag pain, trouble, ( 1^ <f^fc«Z/y. 
fB ). Inferiortty, ( da^ oiZ^ contemp- 
tible ), Prohibition, (ttray, koldff&r* 
keat,) ftt^rresponds in general to 
the English prefixes, tn, va, &c, as 
infamous, unbearalle, and the like. 
Dnr^an, e. m. An enemy. i>nr-din, 
Day of adversity, Dur-ndm, $, m. 
Infamy. Dur-backany «. ni. Abuse, 
Dur-half adj, W'eak, nerveless, faint. 
Dur-hittayS, f. Weakness, faintness. 

f ^«fT V, n. 'to be hidden, or concealed, 
to be absent, to disappear, to lurk. 

?^^CfW 8. m. Bad luck, misforlune. 

^xm adj. Ending ill, having a bad end. 

^^Ptw *• 91, A tree ( AcbgfrdntheB 0«- . 

f^'^ )• 
f<Twv#./. Cowach. 

}. 0dL Wicked, depraved, fol- 
J lowing evil pract&es ; dls- 

regarding'or deviating from establisb- 

ed practices • irreligious, profligate. 
^ KX^J ddji. Vile, wickedj bad. s, m. A 

rascal, a scoundrel, a villain. 
^ Knf4 8. m. White mustard. 
^ triT i>. a. To hide, to conceal. 
^ K(^ ^ii» Of difficult ascent, 8. m* 

The palm tfee ; the date tree. 
^rtt^T «./. *rhe stlk-cotton tree. 
<U^rH adj, DifScalt of attainment. 
^^niiTT «./. A prickly plant, the Jaw- 

084 { Hedtfearum ^Ihmgi )., 
TKT«t1' «. TO. Abusive or ' scjurrilous 

language, abuse. 
^ftn adj. Sinfill, wicked, i. m. S2n« 
^f^ a4;. Very bad, very wicked/ •• «. 

Qreat crime, extreme wickedness. 
^ 8. /. llie two on dice. 
^^WT d^;.. DouMo-faced ; thiat which is , 

the same on both sides, not bliving a 

wrong side. 

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^ JS 

f »7 ) 


^^l!f i$if. Unaaswerable. 1 

^^ adj. Difficult of Access or i4)protc1i, 
macce98ible» iiap«r?ioii3 ; ipLponptira- 
Me, impassable ; difficalt of attain- 
mei^t, aaattauiable. $. m. A. fort, a 
6troag-hold, a Drug or hill fort ; a 
pasB, a defile, > difiicalt or narrow 
passage over a stream, or a monn- 
tain^ or ikroagh a wood, &^« 

^Ws4r B. m. Enterprise, diffioult nuder- 

^^^ adj» Poor, indigent, 'distressed ; 
suffering pain or aflictiott, 

^m «./. fiell ; poverty, iadigeitee; 
raeaaness, snljeetness. 

^m^ ntdj. Ill-smelling, ill-seented) fetid. 
«. m. Any ill -smelling, snbetance, 
stink, stendi. Durg$ndh dns. To 

^i|^ adj.. XlUsmelling* 

wnn adj. Inaccessible, difficult of ac- 
cess or approaob • nnattaini^le, diffi- 
cult of attainment ; deep, profound. 

^;f<iT s./« Depth, profundity. 

)^i|f s.f. The goddess Darga^ the wife 
of ShiVf and mother of Kartiketfah 
and Gtansi ; also called Uma> Bha^ 
wanlf and Pdr^dlt : as Durga she is 
a goddessr of terrific form and iras- 
cible temper, and particularly wor- 
shipped at the Durga py^d, held in 
Bengal in the month of Agwin or 
about^ October ; a word ; a Hinau 
book containing the narration of the 
goddeds Durga. 

^iit5i«rtl \ The governor of a 
^M«9^ 3 fort, or'fortress. 

^ilf«IfiA t.f. The -ninth of the light 
half cf Kwiik, -sacred to Durga as 
' JafgadihaM. 

^^^m 8. «i. Taking refuge ki a for- 

ft? mfj. Diffieultof accoiipltfhm^^ 

^m adj. Ii$ip vkked, vUe ; midici^ 

ousy laisehief-niakiag. #• m. A ba4 

^*9/it4f. Invincible^ difficult to be 
subdued pr overcome. 

^«r^ a^. Diffienltof digestloii, indi- 
gestible, ' 

i|«^if d4f. lasMq^iousIy bom or pro* 
duced ; Improper, 8. m, llisiNrtune, 
oalamity ; disparity^ uncottemityy 

;^ml^ sdj. Vile, iificked ; low; out oast. 

^^4Ui adj. nibehaved, ill-govemed ; 

. impolitks. #• m. Misconduct ; im- 

\9l^ i.f* Impolicy ; misconduct. . 

^H a4f* Difficult to l^e subdued. 

r^^il o^f* Difficult to be seen 4»« met 

|fm t./. A state of oaliumty or mis- 
ery, or adversity, 

^^«I t. SI. A daik or cloudy day ; 
rain or cloudy and rainy iireather. 

^i^ (i^\ lU-fieen {jUUraUjf or figara^ 
tit€ly\ ill-examined) imperfectly ^in-^ 
vestigated; looked at^^with an evil 

^<«,m« Bad luck, misfortune. 

^n I.IK. Inftuny, a bad name, oblo- 
quy, a discredit, slander. 

^f6m 8. m. Piles or iudniorrhoides.| 

%^4t tidj. Infamous. 

^jAwc ddj. Difficult lo be stopped, 
hindered^ contradicted, 4lo. ; invin- 
cibloi udtonquevabte. 

r4r4 c^dj. Feeble, thin^ emaciated ; 
weak, impotent^ infirm, faint, powcf-* 
; poor. 


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i «98 ) 

polen ce« 

f%^fl«^. Silly, ignorant. 

^f^ adf. To be eiten tritb dMBonlty. 

Yllnf •'«»/. A wife not bred or liked 
bj her hasband ; 9 k^ or ill tem- 
pered woman. ' ., 

-^nUifaij^ Unfortmate^ milncicy. 

jv^ 8. m. Bad iiepogiiion, iU^temper, 
' bad behadovr, ilUmasners. 
' ^m 8. m. Deartby famine. 

^4rf^ adj\ Silly, igaorai^t,. ample, a 
Uoebhead. «./ Folly, foolishness. 

X^mn »dj. Bid, distressed, medifaating 
er thinking sorrbwfuUy. 

^4[^v a4;. Scnrrii<«ii8, fonl-mouibed.; 
;, tideeijis, ngly. 

\^J9: <. m. . A ponnder,^an iastrnmeoi 
for pounding paTonents wiUi, a ram- 

^4 «9 adj. Deac, of an .exorbitant 
price, s^^m, Dearness^ .ai|y thing of 
high price or valne. 

^m^J adj. Of little or i contemptible 

^* understandtag, d^U, stupid, ignorant, 
uniformed; : / 

^^>4W 9.m. The elder of tbe {Ct/ru 
princes, and leader of the war against 
hisconsius/the Pandu8 an^ Ktishna. 

^:9m adj, Di£S<»lt of a(tM|i.ment or 
acqnirement, hard to be < got or met 
with ; / scare, rare ; * excellent, emi- 
nent, dear, jbeloved/f . m. A pll^)^ a 
sort of Bedytarnm. 

^Wfft s.Jn A 36rt of prickly night* 
shade. ' 

^ W^il 8. m. An eTil nMff k^ an nnlqqky 
sign, anrexfl omen/ 

^^^ 1 s. m. . Oenaore, abase ; any 

^fSffif ) nuincky ^^or ^ill-omened 

^ f^ rt(f;. Vile, wicked, Uadiog^ a low 

orinfamonalife, following dierepot- 

able habits or bosineas, • a cheat, a 

jnggler^.a rogne, a faiad^^iiard : fte. 
TV ^ s./v Leading a disrepntaUe lifa^ 

following a degrading bnaiaesa, &o« ; 

jaggling, frand. 
^9W d^'. Evil-minded, badhearML 
|9A «./. Trot. Suttb* jcma, or, ekabut, 

V, n. To trot. 
^f^ atff. Two-fold, of two rows or 

strings. 8. m. A necklace of two 

rows or strii^gs. 
^«!ft «./. A necklaee of two. strings. 
^^W^ 8./.' A kick of the two hin\) legs 

of a qnadrqped. DuUtti mama, To 

wince, to kick witii the two hind 

^«r^ 8. m. A torban, or the fine 

doth of one. 
5^f«i5TW«. m A small pnrse. 

?^^ ) 

f «f^n } 8./. A I ride. 

I^T J *• *"• -^ bridegroom. 

JJ^t «./. A sheet or covering of two 

breadths nsed by females. 
5^mT V. a. To agitate, toss, shake. 
WK 8. m. Love, affection. 
^Tf^T 8. m. A shawL 
^W^T adj. Acting ill, behavmg wickedly, 
^ftw adj. Misbehaving, [doipg or de- 
♦ signing ill. 8. m. Evil purpose or 

action, misconducty. error, 
^•^rr adf. Difficult tq be done. 
^«wi 8. m. Wickedness, si^. 
^•^^ f. m. A wicked perspn, ajiinner, 

a criminal. 
5^W#. w. A low family or race. 
V^J^ «4>» Of a low <w degraded 


?^!l 8. t». Sio; crime^ guiljk 

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( 29^ > 


^«t ift adj. Wicked, an evil doer. 
^^« 3. m. Pain in general. 
^^ *adj. Low, vile ; wicked, depraved^ 
bad, faulty ; enemy. 


^je^ adj, Malevt^flent ; stupid. 
?r^CTT g./. Wickedness^ badness^ de- 
3y^t^ adj. Innately bad. 
%1f*WT ».y. Wickedness, innate de- 
^^fH adj. Wicked, depraved. 
^^^1 *./. A hat^t, a wanton. 
^ ^fir f . tn. Abuse. 

^jmi m. % adj. Not to be touched, 

^^^rf/. 3 unpleasant to the touch. 
5. m. A plant ( Hedt/sdrum alhnji j. 

? vwTfi adj. Of a bad nature or diS^** 

i^^m adj^ Difficult of Attaihmettt, diffi- 
cult to be got or reached. 

\^^^ efo^'. Remote, unattainable, diffi- 
cult of approftcii Ot attainttiont. 

^ m^ adj. Difficult id be reliuquisbed 
or* parted with, 

\W(K ^. m. Double Stakes at di^, ftc, 
playing double or quits, 

^^ff 8. m. Milking, 

^ ym\ t?. n. To be milked. 

^ T^T ahj. Double. 

^ Iftrti i>. <>. To fold, to double, to 
repeat, to reduplicate. 

^^^it #./• Crying out for justice, ex- 
bUmatioft, an oath, plaint. 'Dahai 
tihai hamaf To make rdteratMtebm- 

^tw i>. a. To cause to milk. 
.^tTf s, m. A milker. 
^Jimj s.f. A daughter. 
^^^^ s. m, A son-in-law, a daugh- 
ter 's hugl and. 

i ftf 8. /. A daul^Wft 

^^^ adj, Dtfibalty weighty. " 

^ m iMf;. To be milked, miUfi^le. 

^r ^^ ft. Thettswo ord^aeeat cmi$,^ 
dice, &c. 

jifWf owij*. Doirfrfe, two-fold« ■ 

fyi g, /. The secottd day of a lunar fort* 

jmnK 9. m. A man who marriea s 
Seconal wile, a bigamists 

\^j O'ij. Second, other. 

f^ s. m. A mes4feng«r or envoy,' a news- 
carrier ; nir ambassador ; a go be^ 
tween, an angel ^h6 passes between 
God and man. 

j^mi 8, f. A fentalo inesseiigeT', m ' 
confidaiit, <fec. 

^rfiwT adj. Second. 

^ $,f, A female meawnger, « c<m- 
fidant, a procures, a g<5«bet#een, » 

^\f 8. m, Mflk ; «ie Juice w milk' <Jf 
certain bushes. Tyndh-adhari^ adj^ 
Living on'milk. X)udh-f\M* i-f- A 
wet nurse. T^udh j^Una^ To suckfo* 
"Dudh harliiiity t>. n. .To be weaned 
( (» child ). lyidh hhdiy 8. in. A fo#te 
biother. Dudh bhaii,' s./.^A eWt 
raony performed the fourth itcj' after 
marriage, wherein the bride and 
bridegroom eat milk, billed rice aaS 
sugar, together. 

1^ I adj. Oivmg mm* milk, milclu 

^f^T adj» Millty. s.' m. Wame df sev^l 
plants with liattky juice.^ 'Dudhlya 
patthar, A white stortb of ' which 
plaster is made, and ntet^ aro 
formed." '^ 

^ adj. Milky, containing milky juice^ 
"^. /. Starch • name of several plants 
with milky jmce, as, various speciea 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( soe > 


of Asetepias, [EoUies^ Evpliorbia^ 

&c. ( AioUpiat r4)i$9f (fe, ) 
jnjaefi. Double, two-fold. 
yi, i. m. Nam* of AfTM* ( Agro$t$i 

lifMarif )« 
fiifw^^a^f; XJAkaowiiy niignifiewii, 

lieiplMB, hidaig thnnigb weakiiMNi. 
^ adj. Weak, lean ; difficult. 
f^ $./. Akiadof green («^<Mir), 

J9m 8. m. A faoHiie, a aearei^. 
fc ftdj. Diftimt^ remoiet. tfde. Far. far 

off ^ widelj* Diir biagnOf To abstain 

firoiDt to aUioTy aboadnaie, avoid, 

fl(hiin. Dur hamof To remove, to 
• diepelttor^eo^toaverty tokeep at 

a distanee. Dur hana. To be removed, 

to be remote, or dnpelled. Dur ko, 

Begone^ avanat^ beoff i 
f^cjm^mti. Qoingfar. 
1^ «./• Remoteness, distance. 
jji^^ $.m. Foresigbt ; long-Rigbted- 

I^^iff adj. Long-sighted, far-seeing 
. ( hterdi^ or mitaphorieaUy ). i. m. A 

pnndity a learned man, a teaoher ^ a 
. prpphet^ a seer ; a vnltnretf 
f^n •• iN^ A learned man ; a vnltnre. 
I^^fv . #• /• Long-sightedness ; fore- 


1^ adf. Bemote, far of* 

lipmddf. Removed, phoed far otf. 

^p^adj, Bemote, fte off. 

f^ $.J. Bent gra6% (he Sut (PtfntoMi 

^if^ f . m. A brid^oom. 

W^m 0dj. HI, How, eontemptible, in- 

\^ «. m. Blame, fault, defect, ^ence. 

^n^ 0dj. Calumniated, falsely accused. 

91. 1 iidj. Besiding in a foreign 
i f land, outlandish. 

espeeiallj of adalterj ; eontaminsteJ, 
eormpted, spoiled ; violated ^ blamed^ 
^^Pdl 8./. A girl who has been violat- 
ed or deflowered. 

jp I >•/• The secretion or rhemn 
^mj J of the eye, 

?^ adj. Reprehensible contMsptAle,- 

vile, bad. ^ 

^^ 8. m. The seconds 
^^Kl adj. Second, other, equi^. ^a 
match. Durii^ In the second {pUe8 )^ 
^Jrm #. m. 4 kind of fireplace. 
f9W 8. m. A snake, whose ey^ are 
his ears : in the opinion of the JTta- 
du89 the snake has no visible exter- 
nd ear. 
fifr.m. The eye. 

%mftm 8.m. A small circle on the axis - 
of the earth, within the' greater eirols 
of the armillary sphere, and ao94Hii- 
panying each planetary ^rcle. 
fvn^v 8. m. A small circle within the 
great circle of the armillary sphere^ 
accompanying each planetary cirA^le 
or orbit. 
^ adj. Hard» firm ; able, powerfial ; 
bnlky, massive, solid ; strong ; con- 
l^^nw 8. m. A bamboo. 
IfifTft adj. Persevering, determined. 
f;pn !•/. Firmness, hardness ; steadi- 
ness ; sojidiiy ; strepgtb. 
Cffim adj. Certain, confirmed, corro- 
borated, undoubted. 
Sfpnr 8. m. The cecoannt. 
f^F^''^ »./. A creeper ( E^h^nfmH- 

ffHfk adj. Faithful, devoted. 
iT^fw adj. S^^erly, niggard^, doae- 

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( m ) 


CirtJt«Tr adj^ Hatitig coarse bair on fhe 

skin. 9. m. A wild bog ; eoftrae Iiair, 

9<^1il<«T 9^/. A plant, firoro the fibres 

of wbicb bow strings are made, 
i^4N^ o^J* Firm in friendship, eo*- 
stant. [80)ps. 

SiRiiif 4. m* A plant, a sort of Mimii- 
^r adj. Finn-bodied, hard^ atrang. 

9. m. A diamond. 
WTWT V. a. To strengthen ; to prove^ 
%TjHln i.f. A faithful -mistress or 

STif w 8.9U A iMixo, one firm in battle. 

> «./. The eye. 



f4t<nT i. in« The white lotus ( Netum- 

hium $peci08iim )• 
Wl aijr Visii le^ to be seen ; beantifnl, 

plea^g. f. m*^ ( /i* «rt/Atn«^ )» A 

given qnantitj or nnmber. 
rtnf »: M. Visioh, sight. ' 
fe at^. Seen^ visible, appavent. 
v?f7 8. m. A riddlo, an enigma. 

r?^ I t»4;. See^g, beholding, ba- 
fw^m I ving seen. 

mm 8. ^ All ^i^ample, illustration^ a 
.pafa)d% sinSle, iiopeu 

vf^ 9.f. The ^ye; si/^ht, seeing, 
visiott, view. [M«s \ 

BfwflRl *. TO. A flower {Hibiseus nrnta- 

w^^iwm •> fli. A look, a look at» ^r oil 

wfnm^^m* A look, a gliMice. 

^^m ^* M* A white^wnt biU. 

fvrr t?. «• To see, to look at, ^view, 
observe, mark, tospeet, beheld, pe^ 
eelve, dxperienee. JM^im Mofna, 
To seei, to look At. ^itha dML%% 
Bmnlatfam, QompAiitiou, (the lao^ng 
•t easfa otktf, ok bting viUuu eight 

I tw99f W. «. A sr ectator, beholder, 

f^t^ f observer,, viewer. 

$V #. 991. Sight, seeing. 

IWTfiS^ B'f. EinnlatioB, fompetitibn, 
the looking at eaeh other, oi: beiii^ 
within sight ( ofehJHU). 

^nmK t^j. Naked* 

f fll *. m. Dowry, p<Hrtioii. 

f^*. TO. Part of a portion or dowry, 

?<! verbal n. To give, gif ing. 

tw9^ I. TO, Peeontary tranaaetiottsupiHi 
interest, debts ami credit; barter, 

^ «. a. To giv^ to granti t{> jH^^ 
afford, allow, permit, emit, let, res^gn^ 
eanse, occasion, prodnce, to lay 
( 8gj$ )• «. TO. Giving. Dma |?aRa^ 
«. TO, Profit and bas» settling of one's 
afiairs. ^ [yWia )• 

f^r^^ The mast tree { UtfttHa longi- 

^ s./. A MnitTgoddess, ^e wife of 
any deity or divine being ; the god- 
dess Durga ; a qneen. 

^i|^ cufj* Left, opposite of right* 

$«ii^m tf. a. To dish on the groond, to 
throw, to stamp. 

^9 adj. To be given, fit «r gioptf |or 
• gift. 

9n «. TO, A dwelling, a tent. 

tf s, TO. A deity, a god ; a hiisl^nd^s 
brother, a t^rm or svmfipe appli- 
cable to a BmhmoM, also to a maa of 
the Ka^fath class. 

^9ir adj. Divine, celestial, lit^e a deity 

tWf f 8. TO. A fragrant past^ <rf,Wr 
dal, agaUochnm, campbof^ ^djiaf- 
flower. i 

pmtfwti^m. Water^cr^psstp., . 

^^mvs 8. TO, A kind of ;pi»ei \ je^nw^ 

JDi^qatioas of the moded of «anH<^» 

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( 802 ) 

tw<1 #./. Wife ot Vasud6t>, and imyther 

of Kt-ishna 
??r<ti| adj. Divine, belonging orrela- 
• ting to ft divinity. 
9^99 i* ^' A natnral spring, 
t^f^n «. m. Clovee. 
t^in'^O »./. One g( thii RagiHiSf ot 
female perscmifications of the modeg 
of masic 
^^mvis.n, A celestial chofister. 
C^Wl «./• One of the female perrioni- 

flcatiottflr of mndfc. 
^^^m t. «. A celestial or planetary 
sphere, the dwelling of the gods ; a 
' temple. 
^^ 9./. A sort of gnll ( Larus ridi 

^fST^ «./. nie second day of the moon 
of Kartih shuU-fakshy on which 
V%ihnn\% said to^awak^ from his 
sleep of foar months. 
^WW s. m. The holy t^ trfee ; a tree of 
paradise ^. the tree 6f plenty ; any 
venerable and ancient tree ; nsnally 
the place of assembling in a village, 
^^nx #./. A god, a-deity or divine be- 
ing ; dignity. 
^«Rnif «. m. A kind of grass ( Andro- 

pogon seiTdtugS. 
€^4)t i. ml' The part of the hiihd ia- 
eted to the gods, the tips of the 
the fingers. 
^919 9. m. Divinity, the absttaot attri- 

* bute of a divine being. 
Cfftl adj. Given by the gods, god- 
givetn, or given to the gods ( nam 
or epithet ). 
^v^fA 9.f. A sort of cr^epefy «bm- 

^f^n «. m. A species of pine P^t^ 
de9d<fru ) : in Bengal it id orally 
applied to the ITvarid lon^fcHh, and 

in the peninsnla to another tree 
( Erythroxylon 9ideroxglloides ). 

C^^n^ir 8. m. A sort of grain enitivated 

in many parts of Biftdueian [(Andto- 
pogon Saechetratiu). 
^«OT 8.nL A fragrant resin {Bdelliimy 

nsed in incense. 
^wnm 9. m. A kind of /eed ( Amnda 

^^mwCt «./. The Deenagwri eharacter 

nsed by the Vkthdne in their sacred 

^^WT 'fT^ *. m. A shmb {Oeymum). 
^^I^i^^e. m. A faeretio,' flfti anbeliBver, 

a reviler of the gods, 
^^fjf^ 8. /. Heresy, atheism. 
^''iiPrPfcf ddj. Natural, created. 
item 9. m. Heaven, the firmament, the 

celestial path or way. , 

?f ^^(irv s. m. A worlUiipper of idols, or 

' the gods. [gods. 

i.^J^ 9.f. Idolatry, the worship of the 

^^n^ 4. fn. A tree used in. dying 

5Jwn«r s. m. The holy fig-treev para- 
dise ; a temple. ^nancy^ 

i wm «. m. The eighth month of preg- 

^^9.m. Ahnsband's brother,.. parti- 
cularly his younger brother.. 

^irtt4t>8./. Husband's younger broUier's 
wife. r . 

^n^ od/i Qodlike, bf divhie f<»rm. 

f ^ 9. nt. A temple where idoii ara 
worshipped, ii tem]^le, a pagoda* 

^i^^mjjsf. Double.lasmine. • r , 

^w^i./. A fisb-ioale; the scale. or 
iclA of 8Biallfl[K>z ; a small lamp. . 

^H/ms.-m. BbHv^ dr paradise ; any 
one of Ike sfeven iuperior irorids, 
from oarlh tp the highest or Saiyak 
lok, in opposition to thpse beiow tho 

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( 808 ) 


eflrtb* tbe pftrtionlar sphere or beaVen 

<)f any cUvinitj. 
^.m $. J». A divine txxm or bleasing.' 
^iffpit $./» The language of the godsy . 

the Sanshrit langnage. * 

^^9^ #• in* A tree {EckUei $e%olari$ )^ 

a tree of heaven or paradise ; a plant. 

yielding a fragrant resin ( BdeUium )• 
^9iRr i. fli. Any obligation or tow of a 

^vm^ ««/• A plaee of idcds, a templel 
^n^Hi $. f. An assembly of the gods. 
<ff^ s. m. The property applicable to 

religioas parposes, endowment^ i^\ 
^91 s. trn A god, a deity ; a giver. $./. 

A flower ( Hibiscus mutabilis ) ; a 

plant (MftrsHia quadrifclih ). 
l^Hin <•/. Sadden misfortane, accident 
^^m B. m. A giver. 
^^TW* $. m. A division of heaven, the 

residence of the gods ; a temple. 
^fTiTT $. fh. Bankmptey. 
i^^lf^^TT «4/* Bankrnpt. 
^fT«9t «./. Kindu festival ( celebrated 

on the day of the new moon cf Kariik ), 

The honses and streets are illnmina- 

ted all night ; and in Hindustan the 

night is universally spent in gaming, 
tf ^^t s.f. Barter, traffic, 
f^ s.f. A' goddess, the wife of any 
^i; deity or divine being ; the goddess 

Durg($';a queen ; a plant (Trigonella 
, ^ comicuhta ). 

;;t If ^'ftl $,fn. A town, the city of Van. 
^ probibly Djt^tcdttd on tiie ' Coroman- 
< del coast. 

l.'-^<lWl*i s./. A place of idols^a temple, 
^j^^JiHw^ i.m. A sacred grov^.' 
j^^^ *• »»• A country, a region, whether 
^i inhabited, a territory. 
, ^ ^wc e. m. A mnstical mede song in 



^e monun^« 

if W«f^ Ssf. A mode of music, a SagmL 
$ir«ri^ s. m. Abandoning one's country, 

'^H^ s. m. Local" law, the .law, or 

usage of the country. 
f^scT^iUfT^T 8. 971. Banisnnent, exile. 

? ic^r^ii; } s. m. Local usage, cnstonl 
^ iliN^TK > of the country. 

$9(Kf<rr «./. The language of the verna- 
cular dialect^ 

%^m s, VI. A musical mode sung at 
noon in the spring. 

^KT^^ jr. m. The custom sofii usage of 
the country. 

^ KR1 8. m. Wandering through the 

C'OfMqfif «.,«• The ruler pf a country, 
a governor, a king. 

l^i*^^ > 8.m. A foreign country 

f 1117^ 8, m. A kind of betel-leaf ; a 

kind of dov^, 
C 'ft f^dj. Of or belonging to a country; 

indigenous. «./. Appearance. 
1^1^ adj. Local. 
^^s.f. The body. Deh durana. To 

conceal or cover 'the privities. Dek 

sambhalna, To keep up one*s spirits, 

to be firm, to recover one's self, 
^f W9 8, m. Disease, sickness. 
^%^imadj. Separated or detached from 

the body ( as excremenif or the spirt. 
^ *c ). 
f V'^Tir 8, m. Voluntary death ; death 

in general. 
i%^\w^8.f. Death, dying. 
^Wn 8./. A temple wb^ro idols are 

worshipped by JynSf a Kiniu temple. 
^y(^ s.f. The threshold of a door, the 

lower part of the wooden frame of a 

door, or a raised terrace in fron^ 

of it. 


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< 3»t J 


^^if ) ii^;. Oorporaal, inhabiitng % 

^¥^nr J body, 

^f T^^fft 9. m. A OAdOTi**, « materi- 

ifftW I tfi;. Coi|M>real« embediedy hav- 

^it I ihgbody ; living, a living 

being. [ give. 

^f 2i peri. iing. imper. of Dena, To 

^mx i. m. Dowry, portion. 

if «cr s. m. A demon, a Titan or giant of 
Vindu mythology* 

^m%n t. m. An age of the demons, con- 
Bisting of 12, 000 divine years, or 
the snm of the four yoogs or ages of 

^5 adj. Dinraal, daily, relating to a 
day. 9. m. Poverty, wretchedness. 

^fwm adj. Dinmaly of or relating to a 

^41 i. /• A day'« hire or wages. 

^^ B. m. Meanness, oovetousness ; 
poverty, humbleness. 

?f ^rr *./. A inother ; the stand that 
children mn to in playing at hide 
and seek* 

i^4t Gave, given. 

^■"f adj. Of or relating to divinity or 
a deity, divine, celestial, &c. a. m. 
Destiny, late, fortnne. 

if 9ff ai|^ #. m, A fatalist. 

^^^W *./. Fatalism, reliance on fate. 

^fW adj. Prophetic, foretelling, ac- 
quainted with fate. s. m. An astro- 

^AJn 8. /I A female fortuneteller.^ 

^Y3W 8.m. An age of the gods or im- 

^f^ «. m. The occurrence of any un- 
foreseen event, the intervention of 
destiny. [teller. 

iT^^WW 8. m. An astrologer, a fortpne- 

f^^\^ s./, A voice from heay^n. 

I adt>. By chance, by accident, 
) unavx^abfy, accidentally ; m 

jvmn t./. Sadden misfortune, accidenl. 

fatally ; at length. 

^ s.m. Fate, fortune. 

i(t ^dj. Two. Do-iM, «. m. Both worlig. 
Do-gandi ckitti A fomenter of *qaarr« 
els ; a go-between, one who flatters 
botii parties In a dispute. .( AUuiicn 
to a game among chiidnHf who n^ a 
ttimarmd gsod on omi^mie UU a mark 
is fMdtf, then throw it like die i the 
caeter wint if the nutrk («m8 up. 2%« 
eeed thus prepared it oMed ehditee : 
ana if it he fraudidenibf marked on 
both eideSf eo at alwaye to win^ it is 
called do -gtmdi )y Do-gharigaf #• m. 
The space of two hours. Do'^hmUa^ 
e. m. A roof sloping two ways. So- 
chiiaif e. f. Suspense, absence, ab* 
sence or abstraction of mind. Do- 
chitta, adj. Wavering, doubtful, of 
two minds, absent or abstcactid ( in 
mind). Do-jiifaf or Do-giwa, adj. 
Pregnant. Doji ee hona, To be pre- 
gnant. Do-ttik^ adj. Two-pieced; 
clear, plain, clean Do-tuk hond. To be 
adjusted, to be completed. Tyo-dharOf 
adj. Two edged ( eword ). Do-parta^ 
adj. Donblei of two folds, jyo-^palka. 
( Aaoiay two eyeUde ), e. m. A kind 
of pigeon ; a ^bd of stone for a ring. 
Do-paA<fr, «•/. Mid-day, moon, Do* 
pfkhnya^ t. m. A kind of flower {Pen- 
tapetei). ddj. Meridian. Jkhptthrif 
adj. Of moon or mid-day, Do-^tta 
( tworireadthed ), s. m. A kind «f 
veil or a piece of Imen in whidi thm 
are two brieftdtha. Do-pahri^ tanlfe 
Bona, To dra^ the ^eet ovte one's 
head {either pom eecuritg 0nd ceatkes- 
nm or after death ). i?ihpa^B hilana, 

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( 305 ) 


tvT phirana, «. n. To liold otil a flag 
oF tmce, to ofier to snrrendeT ( « 
fort ). Do'hhaghi/a, s. m. An inter- 
preter. Do rang, adj. Piebald, of 
two coloTirs ; hypocrite. 'Do-ranga^ 
<tdj. Capricious, double-dealer. Do- 
rangij 8. f. The property of having 
two colours ; duplicity, hypocrisy, 
tlooble-dealing, deceit, capriciousness. 
adj. Of two colours, capricious, 
dotible-faoed« JOo-lara, b. m. A neck- 
lace of two stings. ,2)o-2oib/, 8./. A 
ficimitar made of tyo plates of steel 
joined together. Do-8uia, t, m. A 
kind of cloth, the threads of which 
nre double. Do-sera, s. m. A weight 
of two fiijers. 

^t^^rr «. n. To growL 

iftMs\8./. Bellows. 

^K 8' m. A species of sivake. 

i^adj. Both. 

^tv s, m. A two year old |6al. 

j^tm^l adj. Twice, dmibled • a mudtot 

carrying two brfls. 
^#^ mdj. Pregnant. 
!^r adj. Married to a second wift, 
Tft^j V. n. To deny, 
^m 8. vi, A flower < a Bptaies </ Arft^ 

misia^ ) : leaves folded up in the 

shape of a eup for holding betel, 

flowers, sweetmeats, &c. 
ffNT^ adj. Vjnbl<^barrelled ( a gnA% 

ift'iT a%j. Both. Donon %o%ht milne, Bt- 
presses the evening twilight, when 
dliy and night me6t. 

^Mmndj. Pregnant. 

ffM^adj. iJouble. 

ft% «. m. A title of Brahmant. 

Hmt^adj. Ttfo-fiit^d, ambi-dextronsr, 

ti^\^<V. Haring two moutlw. e.m. 


A serptent which has two mouttiiT 

f{m 8.fn. Swiramiag; a festival on the 
14M of Phalgun, the swimming of 
the juvenile Ki-mAik* ; a litter, swim- 
ming eot, a dooty ; a swing. Dol-mai 
karna, d. », To wave, awing, unda- 

'ftfini'TT^ adj. Swimming, being swnng ; 
doubting, perplexed, vacillating. 

f)ftriT«./ A awing, 

^^ 8.m. Pauli, blame, vice, defeat^ 
blemish ; sin, offence, transgression, 
crime; disorder of the h amours of 
the body, or defect in the fanqtiotta 
of bile, drcnlation, or wind. Dosh 
kona^ To be sick after, child-birth, 
from neglect of regimen. 

i|t^Wr^«f 8. w. Reprehending, condemn- 
ing, faoriouat 

i^t^nrift ad^. Malicious, malignant, cen- 

;|t^9 8. m.. Objection, bbin^e. 

ift^nr n. a. To accuse, to blame. 

^JJ I adj. Faulty, defective, wicked. 

f^fkm (8dj, Faulty, defective, bad.' 

^fi(^ i adj.^ Faulty, defective ; bad, 
fl^ J Wicked ; criminal. 

ft^Vfs.m, A low cast of Hindm, re* 
residing in Patna^ hog-keepers. 

^rt!« m. Thick soUr milk ; a Musa'm ^n 

fhr^r 8, f. The P,*ahnt metre, called 
i)o^a j a stansa' of four lines, con- 
taining thirteen and eleven syllabic^ 
instants altehiately. [hands. 

^t^f^ 8./. A slap or pat With both 

fttfits. m. Daughter's. 

^tvft #./. Daughter's daughter. 

ftt^ 8l m, Tfr'ish, desire ; the lonprtngr' 
of a pregnant itOttiikii, especially as a 
a sign of impregnation, ' 

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( 3e« ) 


9. m. The foelns, the embi^o, 

«ometimei confounded wiih the 


tftif 9i?t ? t. m. Apregnani woman 
'IW^lf'fHT J longing for any thing. 

^fhrv #• m. A milk ressel^ a milk 
pail; milking. 

fftnrr «. «. To milk. 

^ihf'ft «•/. A milk gail. 

^^K i. m. A double sheet ; a sheath. 

^T^f. HI* A diaticlu ae^;. ^Double. 

^T^T^ «. m. Repaiition/, doubling, re- 

i^T^«n?t $.f. A pregnant woman long- 
ing for any thing. 

^tff «« m. A conplety distitch. 

f(%A «./. A 'crying out for jnstace^ 
exclamation, an oath, plaint {crying 
twice atai)* Dohai tihai karna, To 
make reiterated complaintt. 

ft%in $. m. A young bullock, a tteer. 

fl «./. Pire. 

^^ /./. A heavy shoTer. 

fffiTT $» m^ A scaffold. . 

1^ «./. Run, iroursion^ attack, assault^ 
endeavour, struggle, effort, race, run* 
ning, course, career, military expe- 

^hp[q#./. Labour and fatigue, toil, 
bustle. Dourdhup kama. To use 
great labour and exertion for the 
accomplishment of any object, to 
bustle, toil. 

^(tipn V. a. To run, to gallop, course, 
drive^ assault, rush, invade j toil. 

ift^m ^^m i>. n. To run violently, to 
use great exertion, to toil. 

ifhn '• ^' A large basket (ti;t^i|k>ia a 
lid) ; a highwaymim [who roh en 

^ffH 8. m. A racer, a runneW 

i()fi^^ s. /• Running, contest in rai- 
ning, race, hurry. 

^^^J ^* tf • To cause to run or gallo[V 
to. run, drive, impel, actuate^ ex- 
pedite, speed, despatch. 

^f^T^ s. m. A messenger, runner, 
courier, guide. 

^fl^ «./. A drawn game at Chaupar. 

^1T «. m. A flower (Artemisia Indica) ; 
leave/i folded up in the shape of a 
, oup holding letel, flowe^s^ sweet- 
meats &c. 

^^ e.m. A, large basket ( withont 

^kliill «. w. Wickedness, depravity. 

i^ift «. m. A basket ( without alid) ;ek 
rope with which a string of cattle are 
bound together. 

^ilPw «./. Postor, bad smell. 

^9r^ 8. m. Wickedness, depravity, 

ijt'^ 8. m. Weakness, debility. 

i(t«T!^ #, m. Ill luck, misfortune. 

^tf%W 8. m. A daughter's son. 

^f%A 8. /. A daughter's dangter. 

vjm- X 8.f. A place ( Hemionitee eordi* 
"foUi$ ). 

QiTf. m. Qaming, playing with dice, or 
any thing not possessing life. 

9 ir«K 8. m. The keeper of a ganuDg 
house ; a gambler. 

qq^fw^T e.f. The day of full moon in 
the month Kartik ( Octoher-Novem' 
her ) ; the night of which is spent is 
games of chance, in honor of the for- 
tune, Lakshmi* 

qiTOHf «./. A gaming house or as- 

^ mf^nrrft i. m. The keeper of a.gam- 
ing house. , [wife. 

^(h:rft*sA Huibaudyyounewbrothw'^ 

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( SOT ) 



|rfV^ f . m. A man of an ont-casi tribe, 
descended from a degraded Kfhattri, 

^ifvft $.f. One of the Raginis or 
female personifications of mnsic. 

l^ffwmwr «. m, A plant ( l^yperantTiera 
morunga )• 

1(19 <. m. WeaUby property ; snbstanee, 
manner, thihg; elementary anbs- 
iance, nine kinds of which are reck* 
cned: yiz. earth, water, fire, air, 
niher, time, space, soni, and intel- 
lect ; a dmg^ a medicament^ any 
fting lAed in medicine. 

tf4f* Rich, wealthy. 
$.m. Aconmnlation of pro- 

j^mrnn 9. fn. Gain, acijaisition, acqtiir* 
ing proper^. 

VmBj. A grape. 

I^if^nn t. m. Length. 

I^rn ^dj. iMnretic ; solvent, discntitnt. 

KffW^ I. in. A kmd of borax. 

vm 9. m. The clearing nut ; fusing. 

HfliVTl./. Saliva. 

^(lA^ $.n. X country ; properly the 
coast of corbmandel, from Madras to 
Cape Camorin, or the conntry in 
which Tamal is spoken ; a native of 
Drarir or^ Draioid-^ a Brahm<iin of 

* DrcitJi'', or rather of the south, five 
Draoin being specified, or Draifir, 
Karhaf, Qujerat, Mahara$JUra, and 

Iffff* M' fn. Zedoary {Curcima X4rumr 

: hoi) ; Uack salt. 

-fpfXB.f. Orape. 

(f^fiws. m. A tree, a «<nri of pine 

{Pmui devdam). 
fH <t4f. Quick or swift ; flown, escaped, 

run away. [Quickly. 

V^^^ ^. TO,* A \xmk pace or step, drfv. 

;«T s. m, A tree in general ; a tree of 

Swarg or paradise. 
;<T>rw 9. m. A thorn, or claw of trees. 

S^^'arf^ 1 f. TO. Lac, the animal ^9^ 
^(W^ j or disease of tree* 

SD^^ 9. m. Ilie palm tre^ or sov^eiga 
of tree. 

f €inr i. TO. A tree (Ckir&njia iapiday. 

€im «. TO. The regent of one-thtid of 
a planetaiy sign, the D€<»nu9 of 
Enropean astrology, whence the 
word is probably derived* 

ftm9.m. A measure of eapaoityt th« 
same as an Adhak; a measure of 
four Adhaht ; in common use, a mear 
sure of thirty^wo seets,. or r»the« 
more than sixty-four ttis. avoirdn^ 
pois ; the sixteenth part of > Kkmi^ 
or forty-eight gallons ; a pipoper name,, 
the militarfpreeeptor of the PMMTvs^f 
a raven, wr perhaps the emioia 

iflMivm ^. TO. A Jravism 

<tw|j% 1 9. TO. The capital of •Mfe- 
INtW i trict,th«p^e^offomr 

hundred villages^ 

HftY 9. TO. Spite, mlitce, hatie^ mis- 
chief, trespass, injury; oSmm^ 
wrong ; Pirt^Uion. 

Il ifil ^ ^ <• TO. tnjurions dssign, malio* 
prepense ; the wish^ thought or at* 

- tempt to injure. 

it%iz 9. m. A sort of metre^ the DA^ 
or stanza of Hindi poetry. 

ehievous, spiteful, malieiems, malig n 

nant, inimical, rebellious. 
i(Vf%4t #. / A vessel holding • irona 

by measure. 
V^ s. m* A pair, a couple (mole 0Hd 

1 6dj. Hurting, harming, ett* 
y deavouring to hurt, mia^ 

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( m i 


^^F%$. m. A pair, * briwre ; « eowplo of 
animals or male and female ; oqioa 
of the sexes or coupling^ 

l»f^}^ s. nu The rotldy goo/ie, flying 
ill coupler [ofl^. 

WiSr -». HI. A plant ( Pl^nkf^^ u^Mi- 

f l^H adj\ The twelfth. 

nil A J./. The twelfth tey of the bOf 

»iqff»«i. The third of th« four Yug$ 
x)r ^eftl peiiods^ jcomprisiag 86^000 
years ; doab^ micerUmty, 

f%]t $,f. Adooff ttigate; AmeaAS, an 
expedient, amediMi or way by which 
any thtwg takes plac^ or is effected. 

^flKi.ftt, A door, « gate ; or rather the 
door or gateway* o passage, an en- 
Iranoe ; a wayi a meaas, a medium 
or f^iel^. 

^KVi 8. m. Dw^Jo^ tha Ci^tal of 

Kt^kh^^ swpiposed to ^ye been snb- 

merged by the sea bnt represiented 

by a small island of ihe tiorlii part 

. of ^h« MMbco* oMst, 

VPkmm ^ i$* A wurdQr, a docr-heeper. 

Wififi!lil»r 9. m. Th« Vah, a sort of 
etanb iJttdea mtmii. 

«TO (l«fo. JBy means of. 


8* rn. A porter, wiurder, door 

fir du<& ady, adj. Two. 

fv^<9 adj. Twice, two times ; mnltiplied 

by tWo, doul)led. 
fir^iftnw I udj. DonUed, ul^feASed, 
fff^Ci{h(ir } augmented. r 

f%niidj. Twiee-bom. «. t». A man of 
ctiEtfier ol the tiuM first daeses, a 
Brahman^ a K^hMriy CNr n Fiy«, whose 
joveatiiiire tritb the characliiMelle 
string, at years of pu,her4y, eonsti- 
tntes, religiouely and ttetttphoiioaUy; 
his f^CQUd birthi 

foTf Oct <• «. a tree ( Cordia «j«M. 
ft sf^T^ 8. n\ A Sudra or man of the 

fourth or servile tribe, 
ftflirr adj. Twice-biHTu, rogenerato. .% m^ 

A Brakman, lacvh^ 

ff^iRT «*/. The moon-plant ( As^I^m 
f%9(^^n 8. m. A man of the fourth or 

servile tribe, a Sudra. 
{f f|T #^,. A plant {Si^onanthu8 If^diq^s)} 

^nm -oHl anum. 
ft^WO ^ ft, The cham.'teMtie Uitjead 

orco^d which dewguatea the three 

first classes of the HindM. 
ftdhr ndj. Second, 
ftiftin 8. /. A wife, aecordhig ^ ih^ 

ritoid, a wmnan wedd^ after jht^ 

ceremony prescribed by the Fei^ a 

second self as \\t were ; th^ sqcoikI 

day of the fortnight. 
ft^QTHT 8. /. A spitomifieoAs pl|i^ 

( Curcuma ganthoirMza.). 
ftMT ad^, Qf two kindjS, iii two i^^. 
ff«T5 adj. Having two iiaturef. 
ftq 8. m. A j>lant ( Misua/errea )^ 
frqw^. m, A place wh^i^ two.|oa43 

fftW <»«?^ Tworfooted. 8, m. A biped, 

incladiug four ^enari^ gods, jpoi^s, 

Q^en, iMid biid0» 
<ffJi A serpent. $. /. A le^ 
ftl|^f% 8. f». A sort of serpent 

( Amphi8b(ena ). 
fvm adj» Repeated, s^id twice ; said or 

told in two ways, 
firf fir s.f. Tautology, r^tition. 
f%%^ adj. Of two form?, 
ftftw adj. Of two kinds, in two ways. 
^iumf^ ^ Any clpf;«n foot^inUmaL 
ft[^9TV 8* m. A fortnight. 
ftlF^f 8. /. A pregoaut womvi, 
ii^ s. m. An island, any land aorrooad- 

fd by WAt^i th^ woHd 19* iaM 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

< 300 ) 

•ppliod to ifnQ seyen grand divisiom 
of the terrestrial wo^H each of 
these teing separated from the nejt 
by a pecnHar and cironmaal^ieQt 
ocean j the ae? ea Z)iet>a» reckemng 
from the eeatral one, are Jambv, 
Ku$, FhHky SahmaU, KreimcA, Suk, 
Puskk^r: the eentjral Z>«inf>, o? the 
iaown ooattneni, u again portioned 
iato tlofi divisioaa^ Kkeivcife temet! 
Dm'ps : VIS. K$iru, Chamdra, Vamn, 

Mnam, TmnrofktMf Ka$m*, and 

ii^adj* lahmder. 9.fH. A tiger. 
f^ «. «. Enjaitf, hate, liati^ed. 
W adj. Hoatile^ imnicaly adrerse, 

otenoxioas. #. m. An enemy. 
^adj. liat^nl, iletestable. 
im^} i. /. Aversieil, disUfce, detes- 

f «T «. TO. Daplieatfe«B, denWing or hetng 

•dptrtWefl; 4oa1liy, m |4»»!osepliy, 

the assertion of two prineiple*, as 

the distutetnoas of t^e and son!, 

spirit an<! maltef; God and the nni- 

f imft 9. m. A pihilosopher who asserts 

two principles. 
^M odjf. TNro-lbW, of two sorts. 
^"^^MK^ #. m. Maling two, sepwatfng, 

frt tf^y*. Haring two senses, meaning 

two <hmg»; having two objects. 

I. w. A two^<nd meaning, donble 


V The nineteenth consonant in the 
Iff^gari alphabet ; it is the ' aspirate 
of tbe ptaeediog lettei^ aott exf r^^ 

ed by ih^ as in mudo^honae, but a 

soft dental. 
^K 9, m. Cowherd, shepherd, 
v^f 9. i». Work. 
^^m #. m. A hiad of dram. 
i|^ «./. A small dram. 
M^ieiT #. w. Deception, trick, 
j|^wrT«i| V. a« To trick. 
^ «. nt. Batineas, employaifn^ work, 

avocation, occupaUon* 
\Ht^ <>«{;• Solitary, 
wift#./. SoUlnde. 
4\naiT s./. A procaresi,'a bawd. 

r. a. To be pierced, ati-ek ialo^ 

to l^ penetrated, io be thmat inU^, (/> 

einl^ t4» ente5 ron into» 

<9^r>iw *. w, > »PalpiUtieii, pert«il)a- 

w>i*r#./. > tioa^ H>prebew9». 

^•Wiwie. n. TopalpHate. 

WWIHW ^•»- Xo be c<info»ndea At # 
audden disaster. 

ni9 «. »». Shore, push, thrnat* Vhik4 
d4^, To pnah, to pmwitate. 

^*infl V. a. To shove^ to pnpbj to 
jaatle. - t 

^^f.w. A|>wher. 

nwiftici e. v^ Shoving and jostling, 

ymi i. 7». A'shove, joli» pnsb, jog. Dhak- 
ka de9<$f To ehoie, pnab, jolt. 

>jiiWT J 8,m. Aparamoar. D*«^^r- 

^IPT^ J S<u, «. /^ Aji adttUeresa^ 
iKazi, or, Bakkshi ka dha^gar, Inde- 
pendent of joilj;® or*«»»^^ (oa^- 
frenion of nn-ide ). 

^HJiT e. a. To joU, tp wallow. 

HWWI e. n. To give wi^, w|t ( 4* * 
6o^, «loa^&,^<J.)« 

^w *. «!./. Shape, form ; attito?i?,jpo8- 
ttice ; .figpre, appearanc*?, persQ^* 
D%|w»id/fw,To change .one's aiti- 

Digitized by LjOO^IC 


( 310 y 

vrwr i. m. Jmpotency* 

^m #./. A slip of cloth, a sti&ndard, a 
shii/d pendant, a ftag, a banner. 8. m. 
attitude, posture. 

^.ift^T adj. Well-looking, personable. 

V«ft 8.f. A slip of cloth or paper, a 
shred. Dkajjian urdna, To disgrace, 
to expose one to infamy. Mcyjian 
kamci. To tear to pieces. 

n^i.m. The body. 

^f« i.f. Palpitation ; fear. 

^f^ifT tf. n. To palpitate j to Maze. 

^^fmj $. m. Fear, doubt, suspense ; 
palpitation ; thunder. 

Mf v«n V, a. To aflfright, to frighten. 

^^W«m V. a. To bum with great 
fury. DkarOhar rakiul, v. n. To 
itttter, to palpitate. \ 

^▼WWT V. n. To flutter, to palpitate. 

^l^lfT i. m. The sound of hammering. 
*c.; frightening^ alarming ; a crowd. 

MfWF 9. m. The sound of hammering . 
frighting, alarming 5 bullying, brava- 
io ; a crowd. 

n^ 9.m. A party ; a weight, Dkora 
bandhndf To make up a standard to 
weigh by, with bricks or any thing 
else ; as, by having one weight (qfa 
pound tufpose ) it is doubled, qua- 
drupled, and so on, tffl the weight 
requisite is obtained. 

^mj i. m. A crash, report^ of gun, 

^ $./. A line, partkmlariy the black 
liaes made on the lips with mini ; a 
weight of fire seers : the quantity 
weighed at once. 

^^ s./. A word used to encoun^e 

^rtt*m a^. Ignoble^ iporiQUSt 

^^ 8. m. A plant ( Baiura fasfuosm 

or thom-4pple ). 
MffT^iVT aij. A cheat, an impostor. 
^^«1T V. n. To blaze. 

wn^V^ 8. m. In versification, certain 
words or letters, whtdi are reckon xl 
by poets to be unlucky. ( Theletfersf 
^ h,Mg,nn^uib8gginniHgofa verse: 
^ r, mjf ^% in the middle ; and m Is, 
7 ^ V ffy*h <^ the end ofm eentence are 
of thie denripiion \, 

ym adj. ForUmate. inierj. Well done f 
what happin^SB ! how fortunate, e. m. 
Fortune, prosperity, mi expression, 
of praise; thanks, riches, property <rf 
any ^eacription, thing, substance, 
wealth, opulttice. Dhim-patr, e. m. 
An infentory of property. Dhanman^ 
or, m^nwan, adj. Affluent, ridi, 
wea!t]^, Dhan manmOf To tiiak. 
Dhanandh, adj. Blmddl with wealth 
or riches, purse-proud. 

wi^^ 9. m. Fire ; a tree ( PeniapUra 

^n^me.f. Qmbrddery, hee. 

^n^«./. The seaaMi far catting tice« 

MWf4rif<M&'. Purse prouaL 

W^W< adj. Opulent, powerfU. 

^^V^#./« OoTetousaeaa. 

wif «4r« Benefioentt, libera^ who gives 
away property. Aou 

n^fw s. m. Fine ; amereement. 

wwfvi.fw. Pride of wealth. 

>nifTt|^ adj. Liberal, muniGcMit. e, m. 
A benefactor, a donor. 

) n. prop. The name of a phy- 
) sician in the court of Inira. 

adj. Powerful, lirong, wealthy. 
^^^ i. m. The god of riches, Kwir^ 

^^i^adj. Fond of weaUh^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


( Sll ) 


'mf^ #. /• A yegeUble ( Ardiiia 

Molanaeea )• 
^QiKf^ a^. Proud, inflated witb the 

pride of «rea1tli« 
"ssfwfgiM i.m. Deiireofwealtli, greedi- 

aess, avarice* 



Waaltliji affioent, rich. 

^s^m^g. m^ Expenditure/extraTagance. 
^9«ra^ni #./. Aeeatanlation of wealth, 
wra «. m. The feff1c-t«ned ahrike. 
vmtfi mt^. A «lu< a pilf eren «. /« A 
aori of perfiMBa oomraonly called 

^^fl #• n. A cultivaior of rice. adj. 
( 0/^0 cauntfy ) io which rice is cul- 

w^iflw adj. Poor, reduced to poverty. 

W^nriK 8. nu Treasnry of wealth.. 

'^^ViJ 8. nu Abonnding in riches^ 
wealthy. [property. 

W^lfwlT^ f. m. A title or right to 

w^lfW^rft $. m^ An heir. 

^WrfiRnfrift #./• An heiresti. 

W^TC9W f. lit. A treaflnrer. 

ifWT^Tl 8. m. Acquisition of propery. 

vmiT adj. Seeking for wealth, covet- 
ous, miserly. 

^mwr «•/* Thirst of wealth, longing 
after riches. 

imrft 8./. One of the musical modes. 

^f«i9 adj. Pious. 8. m. A creditor. 

^f<lilT «. m. Coriander seed ( Coritm- 
drum 8afitfum )• Wmniye hi khopH 
ffiM jNtni ftttfiia, «». a. To harass^ to 
disturb, to tantalize. 

flftm 8.f. The twenty-fourth Nuk8hutr 
or lunar mansion ; the dolphin ; it 
comprises four stars and is figured 
by a drum or tabor. 

^adj. Bich, wealthy/ fortunate, JSO^ 

epithet of Deity. ^. m. Owner, pro^ 
prietor J. /. A beam. 

M9 .# m. A bow ; the sign Sagittaritig, 

^W *• /• A bow. Dlumukdhoi^, $. m, . 
An archer. Dhanuk-^har. s. m. An 
archer, armed with a bow, an epithet 
of Krishna. DhunuMhara. 8. m. A 
ceremony in honor of Shii). Dhanuk" 
ha8, 8. f. Tetanus. 

^^pit 8. /. The bow with which cotton 
is cleaned, adj. Arched. 

^mZ8. m. A tree ( Buekanohia-la^'' 
folia ). 

^ftwnrr 8. /- A plant, from the leavea 
of which a tough thread is extracted, 
of which boW'Stringa were formerly 
made ( San8i^iera ziylanica )• . 

n^K 8. m. An archer, one armed, 
with bow. 

^9^^ 8%^. An archer, a bowman. 

W9^9T 8,/. A plant, from the leaves of 
which bow strings were made. ^ 

^mm 8. /. The meon-plant. 

^npr *. m. A bow. 

Wl'i'itft 8' /. The poijfits or ends of a 

W5t^T^ *. m. The twang of a bow. 

^'^^^^ >*.»!. An archer^ bowman; 

T|1W9V 8, m. Any religious ceremony 

in which the bow figures as an 

Wf^t s. m. Bow. 
Y^it 8, /. Small bow. 
^ihi 8. m. The name of a bird with a 

very large bill ( Buoeros ). 
yATK 8. m. Kuver, the Indian Plutus. 
^11%3 d<^'. Successful ; true speaking* 
^zr 8. TA, Cross beams that . sustaia 

the snpports of a thatch. 
vn ad^. Fortunate, lucky ; good, 

yirtuous, intefj, Wel^ done ! whaj 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


i 312 ) 


liappiness i hbw fortunate j an et- 
pression of praise, wottby ^f great- 
ness or glory f 

V^T« *. m, A plant bearing a email 
pungent #eed Used by the Hindus 
as a condiment {Coriandt'um wrtoiim). 

M^sffft a. m. The pbysician of tie gods, 
said to have been produced at the 
churning of the ocean ; a celebrated 
physician who appears to have been 
the founder of the Hindu medical 

v^^iro s. m. A plant (^Hedtfiarum 

tf^f s. m. A country scantily supplied 
with water, a desert, a waste, a firm 
8pot,'*land, ground. 

Wt i. wt. An archer, a bowman ; a 
name of Uijun ; a tree ( Pinldptera 
arjuna ) j a wag, a wit, a sharp or 
shrewd man. 

W #. m. Voice, sound, noise, crack, 

WV^ B. m. Running, race. 

Wr #• m. A stain on cloth ; a slap, 
box, thumb, blo# ; dec^ptiod. 

Wr #. 971. A stain on cloth. 

^fir i. /. Noise 6f footsteps over-head, 
thumping, &c.; threat^ threatening, 
ftwe. 9, m. A blacksmith. 

^«»W >. n. To throb, to shoot ( ca thl^ 
path (f a head'dche ) : to palpitate, 
to thump ; to flash, to glimmer. 

^nm *. TO, Great heat, threatening, 
chiding ; thump, noise produced by 
the fall of any heavy body. 

V«wrrm «. a. To threaten, menace, 
chide, snub, cow, daunt. 

V«f^mF7) 8, /. Threatening, threat, 
^^i\ S menace. 

^w^rrnr v. n. To make a noise ( with the 

feet htf running ahaut onr-U(»i ) . 

5*1^^ adj, Corfolent, 

y^m t, nt. A kbd of cannon cafnrleii 
on an elephant. 

^W^ihl^ ^. /. l^oisej tumliU^ bustle. 

^^rvf 9. m. The sound of stamping, 

ysfmK s. m. X chime or tittle in musie ; 
running through fire on religious 
occasions ( Smd/tg Hf&horiMai mmdi- 
cants ). 

yfii^m s. m. A ehlm« or tieiie in nmale ; 
a kind of 'sotog whMi/is ^Udg during 
the mii, oV ^tinl h^d at ttie 
apptoach - »f .tla'^^iA e^ukiox ; 
Ttlfining tht'd^gh -4M' oil r^ligtosis 
occasions (among MahomedanfaMtfi^ 

\f^^j I. m. A kind of taulbotitin. 

^r9 8. ih. Runnifig through -fii^^ on 
religious occasions {among^ Mahome* 
dan mendicantis ). 

^ i, m. The body, trunk. 

HlW 8. /. A beam ; accent, tone ; 
the navel ( <n* rather the umbilical 
vein^ perhaps the aorta or ccdiac 
arteiTf, of it is said to pulsate ) 
which is supposed by the Hind^ 
physiciaas to be Oiocasionally removed 
from its place, and thus to occasion 
various morbid symptoms. This is 
called dharan dig^if ot^ ndj tatta, or, 
ukharnaf and the cure is attempted 
by fr)«tion of the belly, s. m. Hold- 
ing, posaesging, bavipig j . a measure 
or weight, j a breast, a female breas. 
^<*>./. The earfiki DA4r<Mit-4^»r, s. m. 
A mouniaia ; a iiaiM of ^shnagj 
fabulous serpent, said to npbold the 
earth ; a name of Vishnu, in tlto 
ferm of a tortoise Aiid of a boar. 
'VfKAin ^ ^* An eaeuloAt root or bulb. 
W^wl^T 8. m. An epHhei^C ^hiMff -, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



( S18 ) 

iK^wrn I. VI. A name of Siia, the 
wife of Eiim, earth>boni^ beiag ttim- 
ed up from the soil 1 y a i^loii^b, as 
Jitnaka was pioaghiag a spot to pre- 
pare it for g sa0ri&$e. 
^^T B. m. A debtor. 
IKift i.f. The earth. Bharti km phal, 

,«. m. A mB8htoom> 
W^Wfl^^ V. o. To proceed with tamuU 
tuoas rapidity ; to move With vio- 
lence, to rush. 
^«l s. m, A beam. 

\Kin V. <i. To place, ptit down, lay, as- 
8ame» pitt on, apply ; to give in 
t^harge ; to seise, catch, lay hold of, 
hold. keep. Dharanc^ dena^ or^ hyth- 
na^ A mode of extorting payment 
•f a debt or compliance with any 

^P.«. Adan. 

^K^m t». a. To canse to plaee> &c» 

MKiB.f. The earth. 

H^Tff tJ. n. To owe. 

Wftift*./ The earth, 

IffhTf «• m. The second hnsband of a 
Hindu widow among the lower class- 
es : this connection, being connec- 
tion, being contrary to the spirit of 
the Bindu institutions, is* formed 
without any particular ceremony, ex* 
copt marking the bride's head with 

VftT^ «./. A trust, a charge any 
thin^ given ia charge, a deposite* 

ini i. m, A debtor. 

.IfH #.,01. Virtue^ moral and religions 
merit, according to the laW and the 
ViCds justice, usage, practice, the 
customary observances of caste^ sect, 
&e. ) .d\ity, especially that enjoined 
by the Veds ^ fitness, propriety; inno- 


I cence ; piny peculiar or prescribed 
practice or duty ; thus, gtving alms, 
&c., is the dharma of a house holder ; 
tulministeting jostiug, the dhaimm 
of a king ; piety, that of a Brdkmckn ; 
tsoutoge, that of a K$heitri, law. 
l|WW(^ «. rth Any indispeasable act of 


ifWtii^T^./. Righteous conduct, acting 
according to law j any religious act. 

>|^%il 5. m. A ]2lain in the north-west 

• of India near Delhi, the scene of the 
great batUe between the Kurus and 

Y(^^%^ s, m. Obsenance of moral or 
religious inislttutes, accepting or fol- 
lowing the law. 

WTWrf^^t *. /. A virtuous woman, an 
honest wife. 

W^^T^ <^j' Virtuous, moral, dotifiil. 

^?J!;»7>!"} Virtuous reflection.- 

i|»ni adj. Knowing one's duty, conver- 
sant with virtue. 

ipnlm s. m. Knowledge of moral, legal, 
and religious duty. 

^fW^ 8. m. A tort of trse ; a kui4 of 
laKge snake, not poisonous. 

Vfiim f, m. Morality, piety • iiwberent 
nature, peculiar property, Afr. 

V[immi, m. The abaudonmootTqf reli- 

W^i^T^ ^. m. ( CI. ) A renegade^ a 
a postate. 

irfl^lV 0^, Wicked. 

ilWir «. ». A hypocrite. 

if««r^ Si m. X religious hyptocrite or 
impostor^ one who makes a liveliliood 
by assumed devotion. 

V^^rw^ 8. m. Piety, virtue. 

Wf«l^^ adJ4 Pious, holy, engaged.k 
or conducive to virtue. 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

f 3W ) 

*^nPn? 8. rn. The ordinances of religion. 

V^^f r^ s- /. Duty, moral or religious 

obseryauce^ discbarge or fulfilment of 

duty. 4 

V^qvl $, f, A man's first wife and of 

the same class, 
y^qw s. m. Qlomerous fig tree ( Ficus 

glomerata ). 
vwqm 8. m, liaw-abiding. . 

WH^f 8. m. A name of ibe Tdndu 
prince Yudhitthira ; e pious and duti- 
ful son. 
V^Vff ^^j* Eminent in piety. 
V^Hi6i^ «/*/. A virtuous and amiable 

\f^^^ adj. Moral, righteous, made up 

of or replete with virtue, Sec, 
^H^ *• m. The foundation of Ilinda 

l^w and religion ( the Veds ). 
yH^T^5. m. A name of Yam, tl^o regent 
of the dead ^ of Yudhisthirf -, also of 
Jirjuna^ a king in general. 
VT^hf^ adj. Illegal, immoral. 
V[^^^ 8. m, ^ adj. Virtuous, pious, up- 
V^flit 8 ./. > right, just. 
IIW^T'1 8,m»} 

^f ^PWf 8^ m. Legal marriage of five 
torts, as the Bnihma, Di/^a, j rsha , 
<}(hdh<irbaf and Prdjdpatya . 
1|4R^1«I 9, m. Judicial inveeligatdon. 
tf^Ht^T 8, iM. A court of justice, a 

ffSum 8. w. The body or code ©f Hin- 
du law ; any work on the snbject. 
tp!4^V adj. Virtuous, just, pious. 
IflBf^WT #./. A code of laws, especi- 
ally the work of some saint or diTine 
person, as Manu, &c, 
H^WT »./• A tribunal, a court of 

TfWVJ 8, m. Bridge of justice, {met.) 
Extremely just, 

M^ftw 8. m* Unrighteous, futhlees. - - 

W'Tl'in s. TO, A saint, a pious or virtu- 
ous person, 

W^TwHq<^'9T 8./. Ordeal by drawing 
lots or slips of black and white 

^rfw'i'ct 5. w. A judge. [&c 

-^nay^ 5. m. A magistrate, a judge, 

■^^13^^: 8. m. Conformity to law ot 
virtue, course or practice of duty. 

^l^Ts. wi. One wlio is jealous for jus- 
tice or religion. 

>fTrfinK 8. m. An incarnation of J4i8- 
tice, used as a term of respect, 

H'fl^W 8, m. The seat x>f the judge, Uie 

wf^W ^i^i* Very pious or virtuous, 

W^ adj^ Virtuous, pious, just. 

^jffq^fl f, m. Moral or religions in* 
struclion. [ preceptor, 

■^^^1* «. w?, A guru or spirihiai 

vm 8. m. A taking, seizing. 

Yf^ 8. in, A husband ; a tree ( Gmluk 
i^mentoza ). 

tfl^rrl ^« ^- '^^® <^^^<>"r white. 

^m adj. White ; handsome, beautiful. 

B. TO. White ( Die colour ) j a tree 

( QrisUa tomenlostt ] ; an inferior 

mode bf music, 
ir^^^ra *. m. The fortnight of 1h« 

moon^s increase. 
Vf^ilfwwr*./. Chalk. 
iffftr«^ adj. White, whitened. 
>|iHflWW adj. White, made white. 
H^flflW adj. Become white. 
^f| 9, in, A caste of paZibi bearers wbe 

are Afuialmam, 
V^VIT t>. n. To give way to sink ( w«^ 

quagmire or slouch ), 
■^1 «./. A quagmire ; the state of 

being thrust into. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

( 31& ) 

ffW^ 'tf. n. To be pierced, stack iiito> 
to be penetrated, to be tliuret into, 
to sink, io' enter, run into. 
>r<i«r s. ni, A swamp. 
vm*i ? *. m. A slongb, bog, quagmire, 
^ffrrv ) a swamp: 
^|iir«iT V. a. To cause to be tbrUBt mto, 

to sink. 
nr^iiK 9. m. A caste whose bosinesflh it 

is io dig the earth. 
wHf "fr c* <*• To gormandize. 
W^H« *. /. Wrangh'ng, subterfuge, 
trick, cheating, juggle, chicanery.^ 
IbhaufihalpanAy 8. m. Chicaner j, jag- 
gle> cheating, subterfuge, 
ifhf^ A wrangler. 

vi^^ «•/• The report of cannon heard 
at a distance ; a sound made by burn- 
ing any tlubig. 
liHNr s. m. A thrasher. 
^fim\ t>. n. To cough ( tf 7j^#^ ). 
ifWtf./. A cough((2f aAort^V 
tir^r^./. A nurse, 

ifTq*n ^ * » V. n. To cry, to groan. IM<»« 

HI*!- rom». To cry, to groan, to weep 


HT^ #,/. Pomp, glory ; renown, fame ; 

fear, terror ; a ttte {BuieafrondoBa) ; 

W^VC $. M. A mongvel. 

j^wi S0 m. A swing ; a tree ( JBtt^a 

frondosc^ ). 
^^PTT $. m. A thread. I>hdga daina, 

V, 0, To quilt, 
wrd *./ Advancing toWirds orcou- 

fronting an oneiny. 
^M s. mj } ^ ^^^^^ ^ multitude. 

wr^ J- ''I* Firmness of mind. 

^T?f \ *. w. Ore, metal, mineral ; Sfxii- 
WT9 J strit root. fi./. Semen virilp. 

ipn^ft i*/. A tree ( Qridca iomenii>$^)* 

wmr^. w. A supporter. 

wrg «. «»• A principle or humour of ilte- 
body, as phlegm, wind and bile ; any' 
constftueni part of the body» aa 
blood; flesh, Ac. r » primary or ele* 
mentary substance, viz., earth, water, 
fire, air, and* Akaaa or atmosphere. ;- 
the property of a prinrary element^ 
odour, flavour, colour, touch, and 
sound ; an organ of sense *, a mineral^' 
a fossil ; a metal ; a grammatical^ 

wr^f ^4ta[ s. m. Red sulphate of iroUf 

HT^7 s, m. The alimentary juice or- 

WT^ff adj. Promoting the animal sa-- 

WT{pvif%« <• ^- A mineral substance, a- 
sulphuret of iron. 

sn^mM^s.f. Borax. [fluids 

wn^^i^v f' ^* Semen, the senttnal 

TfJ^f ir»T «. Ml. Borax. 

^T?rt^ «. m. An assayejv a miner^ w 

WiH^ *• ^^' Sulphur. 

w^^v^ ^ ^* Green snlphaia of iroa^, 
or green vitriol. 

vrgqff «. fw. Chalk. 

^ijft ».f, A mother, a foster-motlur, a 
nurse ; the earth,. Emblick myro- 
balan. L'«*^ )• 

W*H*^*T #. /. A tree ( QrisUa ^oautt- 

^ifii«T<./. Emblick myrobalaa^ 

^i^^tf./. Frauds deceit* 

^I^ \ i,m. A cheat, swindlers . 

>IT«T e. m. The rice-plant, or rice befbte- 
it is eeparat#d.f^»* *'^® ^^■'^ 

^TiT D. n. To run, to make haste ^ t^ 
toil and labour, to drudge ^ to VWz 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


( stf y 

irt^ *. f' A kind of rice m tjie husk > 

a; iigbi greeof eo)oQT<^ 
in!l« «. m. A bowmliQ^ ftii ar«fa«f v <^ 

watcbmftii armed with a bow ; n 

caste of bill people using bows and 

^T^S^ B, m. A bowyer, an archer. 
^fl^^KT *./. A tree ( Achy i*anthes as- 

^p^ i. m. Corn m general, bot especi- 
ally riee ( Oriza s<iUi^a ) ; coriandesv 
a measure equal to four sesamom 

uraRm f . f». Barley. 

^y^T^adj. Abouttdiag in com> hariag 
abundance of it. 

ifTW *. /. A foot measure ; as fkr as a 
man can Ttm without taking breatli 

nsfmi Ab upper story^ 

If imt i. m. Foster-brother. 

trm #. m. A dwefting, a house, a place. 

yfm^ 9. /, Any tubular vessel of the 

^T^^^^adj. Splendid, luminotrs^ emihei^t^ 
exalted, illustrious. 

<f^ L m. A large cane basket. 

^fm i. wi. A kmd of serpent ( wJUch is 
said to suck caws and to be harmtess) \ 
a kind of wood ; a kind of bamboa* 

ifTir #. /. A nurse. 

^T^mK^T tf. n. To cry, to groan. Dhae 
mar rona^ To ciy, to groan, to weep 

\nx 8, f. A Ime, luieamettt ; Stream, 
current 5 edge ( of a ttirord, ^c. ) ; 
sharpness. DAcw* par mof^na, or, Dhar 
rAarna, T6 contemn, to despise. 

VlK s. m. Debt ; slight sprinkling rain ; 

end, ! ound, a line or limit. 
VTTii^ a. WI. A' debtor. 
^T'^'Q s^ m. Holding, having, keeping, 

maEotainiiig, beagling,, mpholdtng, 

talaing, assuming. . 
i9fTV #. /. C^tiauance^ in reaittude,, 

keeping in the right wi^; fortitnd^^ 

firmnafii, steadiness, resoliUion ; me»-. 

tal retention, memory, if. oc To hold^ 

bear,hiif^ ke«]), place^ owe, smtanv 

support, uphold ; to pour ( water ). 
ifl^ 84 /. Any tabtifanr vessel of ihm' 

^mn ^^hal n, s» Rbldia^, bearing^ s»«-p.- 

taining, upholding aastuniog^ Jceep«^- 

^rcWT tr. <r* To hold, bear, haf^^ keep^ 

place, owe^ sustaii^ suppovt^ tii^d p 

pour ( water )^ 

^itpa a. /. A stream, a ciH-rent. 

irr^i^n $. nk. A heavy fall of imin» ft 

larg» d^op or shower. 
rnfm adj. Upheld^ assumed, sustaiiM^ 
i|T^ i. /. A line> lineament ; a small 

hnttresa; a plant used in dying 

(Lythrtkm fraticosam: Oristea tomm^ 

ioia ) p ( «M(f ift C9mp.) bearing, h<^d* 

ioj^ having, wealing. XyhafidaVf mdj^ 

Lined^ striped, streaked. 
^Pfc* orfjf. Virtuous, pioM, just. 
^?f s. m. A plant < 6hisUm tommtMa )• 
vrrf^t adj^ Runningr*6roing, swift^ ezpe- 

ditious ; deaning, what deaoa er 

•leaasea. r 

^mvif adj. Running, going quickly. 
mm ^ m. 6oki^ ttotiom, eleansiag^ 

Wfff 1^. ». To -rang^ roam ; «)ve ; U> 

ran, r«n at^ attack ; to trudge -, to 

¥nft«r *./. A prickly night-shade. 
vfT^ *. /. A sort of ereepiag plaiU 

^n«!TW adj. Running, going swift, es- 
• peditious. 

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( 817 ) 


^prt ». m. RniiQing ; oTor-ranning m 
enemy's country^ atUek^ aBsimlt ; « 
stocky a atore ; -erawding together ; 
name of a tree. 1>hawd mama, To go 
expeditiously from a distant place, 
to nin on or about, 
^Tf%w ad). Parified, cleaned, cteanaed ; 
gone, gone or run away j run to, ad- 
vanced to or against. 

ifnr »./. Cry, noise. BhaJuk fBatM,To 
cry, to groan ♦ 

fsw^ad'o. An mteijection ofreproaeti 
or menace, or of contempt and a?er- 
sion, fie, shame, &e» 

fi^WIK 9. Ml* Disrespect^ reproach, cen- 
sure, contempt ; cume^ anathema. 

f^VT^l V. ct. To teproaoh, to curs^. 

I^mtft adj. ]>amBed, cttrsed. 

Ivfwmr f. m. Clamovr, oppreasioo. 

fKpil f . m. A kind of tamarittd* 

^m 9^f. A daughter. 

f^m^, 9. m. Disrespect^ reproadft, C0n* 
sure, contempt ; ctnrse^ anathema. 

f«r^in« a. m. A caste ef pe^Ie whfv 
work on bamboos. 

f^um 9. m, A potentate^ a monarchy 
m emperor. 

fw^mi «. €1. To threaten, to Mly. 

& i.f* nndsrstandittg, intellect* 

SL- > a. m. A par^nonr. 

^Jf.'t^f'ft *./. Teaaiag. 

55- \ 9.m. (a) An ^vtAmi person. 

^^ «./. A virgin, a maid. 

^f^ «. 97?. An intelleetnal organ, as 

the miixl, the eye^ ear, nose, tong«e, 

i^^ f. m. Snwnefis ; gentleness. 

^ir 9.m: > adj. Sensible, Irise, 
tftfnit #./. J learned. 

4Hf^ s. m. A fififaermaft ; a 0»ii« <>f 


ijNiT 9.m.(a) Lazy, slow. 

wtm adj. Slow, la«y, gently mild, 

perate, abate, allayed. 'Dhime dhimff 

adif. Gently, softly, 
^ftwrt «./• Slowness, tardiness^ gentle^ 

ness, mildness. 
wtWT^ adj. Sensible, wise^ learned*. 
Wl^ift^ ( dd^y. ) Slowly, gently, softly. 
>IN adj. Resolute, firm, steady, pati-» 

ant/sedata. a. ab Resoltttion, firm-* 

ness, patience, delibcKateness, sedate^. 


Whw 9. m. V ' Patience, sedateness^ 
^ftWT #•/. > gravity ; firmness, 4%^ 

4k«f a. m. yirmneBS, Ibrtitiule^ 
ift^T a^. Gentle,, patieftt^ deKberata^ 

sedate, grave. 
^Pwr 9../. A daughter, 
ifltijl^ odfi. Slowly^, gently, 
titvc f; M. A fiabenoao i a eaete of 

4hif^ 9./. A fishermaa^s wife ^ a sort oi 

harpoon for catching fisl^ with. 

ilt^ a€fi^ Intelligent, renowaed» famw 

ous» , 

ifMif 9. / An intellectual faculty , or 

power of the und^standiag, as att^en* 

tien^ compreliensioa, &ۥ , 

i^OX f. m. Seasoning with which ^y 

thing is fried. 
Y«rr(«rT «. a. T» season with sjpices, . 
lit s. «». . Diji^sighiedMsa ; hazineaa» 
mistiness^ [tiness. 

f WV^ 9. m. Darkness, obscurity, misr 
Wif«Kt*.in The son of Atmdeb who 

was a demon, 
^^fwr iy. n. To be dnlT, misty. 
l^Hii adj. Foggy, misty, dull, 
^wrt '•/• Dimttesa, cloudiness, mi^ 

I'^T ad^ Jtnavish., / 

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( SU ) 


^'fT *• m. Smoke. 

9^9^'Y^-/* Falpitaiioir^ agitation. 
^fir# #./. A parse. 

^^*t «./. An ornanieut worn on the 
- breast j perturbation, anxiety, appre- 
hension ; consideration, reflection. 
\g[ 8. m. Shaken, agitated. 
*ra^ D. To cheat. 
yspHi 8. f. Cheat. 
^ 8. m. Trick, jdleception. l^ktUta 

. rf^fw, To deceive. 

^ 8./, Jnclinationj'propensity, appHca- 

. tion, diligence, perseverance, ardour, 
ambition, assiduity ; pains in the 
bones ; sound, musical sound. 

ipiW«rr i>. «. To card or comb ( coiimi ). 

^^w(\ ( t>. ) To comb, card (cotton). 

^n^ «./. The bow with which cotton* 
is carded. 

^fir ^./. Sound, musical sound. 

^PwfT s. «i. A carder, a comber < of 
cotton ). 

fflnn^ «. w. Pa?ns in the bonei. [er. 

yfi(%\ *. m. A carder of cotton, a comb- 

"^nn t. m. An insect ( Coceinella ). 

VTT ». <f. To comb, to card (cotton ) ; to 
beat ( the hsad ). Sir dhunna, Td beat 
one*s head with vexation, &c, 

%^mr 9. m. A petticoat, or any loose 
garment for covering the legs. 

^im ddj. Blind, dim-sighted. 

^^mxi,e./. Gloominess. 

•^ 8. m. Beginning ;4imit, end. DAiir 
86 dhur takf Prom beginning to end. 

^VP^ 8. m. A kind of song. 

•^gt^f^J*./. Dusk, twilight ; evening. 

Hft^TTTT D. a. To throw dust . to win- 
now, to sift. 

^ «./. An axletree. 

-91^niT D. a.. To cause others to wash. 

^^ #./. Washing ; price of wasfaiag. 

V^mi «. (t. To cause to wash, ^ 

^t'^ I ^- /• The first day of tfi«- 
^♦!l^ y moutli C%/rtf, on wbicb it i» 

the practice to- scatter ashesi 

^^ 5./. The introductorj stanza to 
a song, forming afterwards the bur- 
then of each verse. 

^^\mx Much smoke, smoky. 

^^T «. m. A diimney. 

^Pi?n «. m. Washerman. 

^fjjC 8. /. Thorn-apple ( Dixtura fas^ 


inirr 6. m. Flknnel, a kind of coarse 
stufiTmade of shawl -wool. 

\^^ 1 

^ 1 *' ^* Smoke, steamer, 

V'^ii/^ Fogginess, dubess. 
y[y^ adj. Poggy, dull, gloomj. 

Vjr'^JK J s. m. Heavy rain obdcuring 
^^«Wi )• the whole heaven ; gloMnj 
weather, glooininess; desolateoeis^ 
. name of a game. 
i|>If T «. w. A ohimn^y. 
IJ^WIT 1?. «• To smoke. 

^ > s. m. Rosin, resin. 

tsrft adj. Persevering. *. /. Smob; 
fumigation by way of ereretsing one 
poss^sed ; or, as a medical applica- 
tion ; a fire lights by a Stndu 
mendicant, over which he sits, imbib- 
ing the smoke, by way of penance. 
It is often practised by them in the 
manner of dhama, to extort compli- 
ance with their demands: he^ice, 
jyhuni dena, To dun, to importune ; 
to smoke. Dhuni lagani. To insist 
obstinately, or to persevere in a 
^jcmand ; fumigation by way of exor- 
cising one possessed ; or, as a medi- 
cal ap[dicatian. BhurU hna^ To in- 
hale smokci or uudergo fumigatitHu 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

f «19 ) 


^#. m. .Inoease^ the aromatic vaponr 
that proceeds from the combustion 
of any fragrant gum or resin, the 
u«e of Tfhioh is authorized hy the 
shasterx ; the perfume burnt by Hin- 
dus at the time of worshipping. *, /. 
Sunshine, the heat of the sun. DA?/;?- 
dani, g, f. A pot for keeping dftup. 

^^^\m «. m, Tlie hot weather. 

'W^^^ i. m. An ofifering of incense to 
an idol. 

^IT t?. ». To smear with pitch, to 
pitch, to perfume. 

Wq|^ 8. m. A species of pine ( Pinus 
UngifoUa ). 

^^^T8^ TTu Tnrpentime. 

W«? s. -m. Smoke, s. f. Tumult, bustle, 
noise, fame, rnmour^ report. 

Wirg 8. m. A comet or falling stars. 

iliRm 8. m. Pomp, parade, tumnU, 
bustle, noise. 

^?TWT*./. A supposed division of hell, 
the hell of smoke, 

^Jwr ) adj. Of a purple colour, of 
^flT 5- the colour of smoke, com- 
Wt ) pounded of black and red. 

^IT 8. f. Dust. 

Wj:^l«ft 8. m. A tall stout fellow. ^ / 

A firelock ( without a chamber ). 
Vjwr «. w. Evening. 
^i^'TT w. a. To deceive, to wheedle, 

to take in. 
^jft^i^T s, m. A species of jasmine, 

^ftin^HTTK 8, w. A musical mode (jwir- 
ticularly stmj in the be*, inning ^ the 
rains)* [eyeaiug. 

^f^lt^TT s. m. A kind of Jasmine; 

^ adj, Fraudnlent, crafty, cunning, 
sly, dishonest, knavish, &o. ; mis- 
chievous, injurious, s, vu A games- 
ter, » rogue, a cheat. 

Win 8./. Knavery, roguery, knavisli- 

ness, cunning, slyness. 
^f\^ 8, /. Ciinning, knavish. 

Mmm s. m. Poison. 

V^»nv^ 8* m. The red vegetable pow- 
der thrown about at the spring festi- 
val called the Ruli, 

^^^\ V. a. To ram, to staff; to bntt 
( as homea cattle^), 

^^\ adj. Grey, of that colour, s. »i, 
Giey (the colour )'^ any thing of a 
grey tint. 

I ^r^l^^ 8. /. Cramming and stuffing. 

adj. FinBi 


^T 8, jn. A scarecrow. 

J7w !«"^-*'"' 

9^ adj. Possessed, held, contained. 
OTTi^ 5. m. A propei name, the father 

ef Durt/i»dhan, and uucle of th^ 

Panda princes ; a good king. [edL 
^^jmj adj. Firm, steady, calm^ collect- 
Vfn ;./. Steadiness, firnmess ; a metre, 

a stanza of four lines of eighteen 

syllables each. 

^^rnrfe «./. Fisticuff:*. 

^ff s. /• A milch cow, one that has 

lately calved. 
%3W{t s. f. The Gourtee rirer. 
^KJ adj. Squint-eyed. 
^m\ 8, m. Half a pice or pysa. 
^ n, m. Steadiness, firmness. 
$*«f^u adj. Steady, calm, assuming 

firmness or composure. 
W^^ 8. m* The sixth note of the gamut. 
^WT 8. m, A present of fruit, 
vtt 8. /. Pulse which has be^n soaked 

previous to boiling, a mash. 

\8.f. \ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( MO ) 

Hf^l 3, m. A small mband of etrth ; 
(met.)ii pot-lielly, a large fcdly. 

ifTf mr *. m. A chimney. 

V^ir 9. /. SalHtation, Vowiag down to 

Vtvf adj. Robnet, athletic, 

^JhiT *. wi. Deceit. 

ifiwT s. m. Deceit, deception, delnsion, 
blunder; disappointment; doubt, hesi- 
tation; a scarecrow; anything: ima- 
ginary, not roal, a vapour resembling 
water at a distance. ( French mirage). 
Dhokha khtma^ To bo deceived. Dhok($ 
dena» To deceive. 

1?!^ 8, m. A sort of snake, a kind of 

^(1T adj. False, treacketons, perfidious. 

-fftift s, /. A cloth worn round the 

waist, passing between the legs and 
fastened behind 

^m V. a. To wash, s, m. Washing. 

ift? «. ^, A kind of sword. 

yft^ 8. m. Washing, 

^WtflR «./• A washer-woman, washer- 
man's wife* 

M^t s.f. A washerman* 

ifl9#IW(iC 8. /. A sour belch. 

*tfw#./. Tradition. , 

^f\x\ 8. m. Name of a medicine. 

liKt 8.m..A bullock. 

"tttmadj. Washed. 

^9T s> m. A coarse kind of shawl. 

^ *./. A kind of wood. ( Lifihinm 
fruticosum} Ovielea tomentoea ). 

Vt 8, m. A weight of 20 seers, pran. 

^\W 8. f. Breathing, panting ; the 
asthma. [jpc. 

iftwiT «. a. To blow with the bellows, 

^^^s./. Bellows. 

^"Ifir s. f. Thought, consideration, con- 
templation, reflection. 

4fnm 4d§. Rich^ wealili/; stMMft 
stout ; bold ; vksious, BsischieTovs. 

4tWT# 8.f, Riches ; stxangtli • cour- 
age ; vieioasnesB, misekievooeneBs. 

if t9 9. m. Assanlty tiireatemng. 

w'tfUffirT t. ». Blusiering, bulljiug, 
tmnult, the impetoous assaalt of a 
crowd or body of mon. 

W t^ 8. m. A large kettle-dram. 

iTtf^HT 8. m. The leader of a hue ani 
cry or posse comitatus. 

^ ac^. Washed, cleaned, purifted. 

ifhrfUfr *. m. Crystal. 

4t^ «. m. A large kind of dove. 

t, \ "«• 


^i\fffm vtdj. Belonging to a cheat, kna- 
vish, fraudulent, dishonest, Ac. 
ifHr 8,f, A thump, a rap, a slap. 

^^niwr ^^ i>. a. To thump, to box, to 

«. a. To thump. DAmil 
lagna, v. a. suffer To 

iftwtroVT 8. m. Thumping and slapping* 
VtwT adf. White. BhouU-ffir^ 8. «. 

Name of a mountan. 
yftrnki./* Whiteness. 
^^!firf< #. m. Snowy mountain* 

tftf^^WT ) slap, to cuff. 

«rf»r «. m. Meditation, contemplation, 
reflection, thought, consideration, im- 
agination, advertency, but especial! j 
that profound and abstract consider- 
ation which brings its object fully 
and undisturbedly bofore the mind ,- 
mental representation of the person- 
al attributes of the divinity to whott 
worship is addressed. 

vmi^ 8. fn. The performaace of re- 
ligious abstraction. 

^mj i>. a. To meditate on, to think on, 
to adore, to know. 

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( m ) 


cH;. M«€liiatire^ cotiieixiplaiiye, 
gtren to meditation ( oh dwina mat- 
Hr$ )y retigions. 
v^fA^m tuijy. To be icreditated upon. 

viTT^t ) ty. tf. To meditate on, to tbink 

v^r^lTfJ on, to adore, to know, 
%^ adj^ Fixed, stable, firm ; trne, 
right 8. i». The pofar star or north 
pole itself* 

^fUT^ «. m. The polar star. 

ysfv^if s. m. A kuid of song, 

vn\ «./. A plant ( ffedfiarum gangi- 
iicum) ; a small tree, from the fibres 
of which bow- strings are made ; the 
introdnctory stanza of the song, 
it is distinct from the verses of the 
song, after each of which it is again 
repeated as a burden or chorus ; a 
virtuous woman. 

V s. m. The pole) ef tite earth ), polar, 

v^q 8, m. Loss, destruction. 

vq^'9^ 8, m. Loss, destruction. 

^'^^adj. Lost, destroyed. 

^'4t 8. /• A mote in a sunbeam, adj. 
Destructive, destroying. 

^n»T 8. m. A flag or banner • a stand- 
ard, a ship^s pendant ; a flag-staff. 

^ift 8. vu A standard-bearer. 

^^n)t^ 8. nt. The humble bee. 

lai^ 8, m. Sound ; the sound of a drum. 

v^Prir <idj. Sounded, making a noise as 
a drum, &c« 

^ff'PrmT «./• The Vina or lute; a 
pipe, a fife ; a sort of trumpet. 

«f n? «. m« Any aquatic bird, as a crane, 
a gull, &c. feeding upon fish. 

vfHin *>.. To meditate ; reflect, 

%^^ 8. m. A flag or banner. , 

»r Tlie twentieth consonant of a N(^$g<tvi 

alphabet, having the sound of. ad\>. 
No, not. 

^*r } aij. Naked ; shameless.* Nanga 
•ITT J karna, To bare, to uncotcn 
Nanga jhnri ; 5./. Searching, exa* 
mining ( as people leaving a loorJc^ 
8hop, to prevent pilfering ). Nanga- 
mddarzadf Stark-naked. Nanga 
manga J or Nrtn^a munang, adj. Naked. 
Ncm^d-Kr, Bareheaded, l^anga tal- 
tvary A drawn sword, "Nangi ehamther^ 
A drawn sword ; one who speakrf 
his mind freely and Without resterve, 
Nan^« paon, or "^t^nge pyron. Bare- 
foot, bare-footed 

«fTOT adj. Naked- 

WTJr^> ndj. Stark naked. 

'T'iriitKt «./, A searching. 

«f«r^*t 8. w. (a,) Stark naked, 

•ifir^JT^nl V. a. To take and strip. 

•t^ a. /. A sister-in-law, husband's 
sister. 8.m» The . foster-father of 

»f^ «. TO. A son ; the grove or garden 
of Indra, Elysium. 

if'^^ s, m. The foster son of Nand<f , 
t, e, Knshna, 

jf ??t^T 5, TO, An earthen vesse;!. 

«r^€tj^ 8. TO, Huflband*8 sister's, hua^ 

iuftt 1 band. 

n^^l D. n. To begin. 

f^ ( In comp. ) Nose, as. l^ak-g/Usni, 

8,f. Rubbing the nose on the ground 

in prostration, or by way . of humili- 

•T^f^^'ft ) 5./. The rublbin;]; the nose 
•nsfw^ y ^^ ^® ground in humble 
prostration. ^ •« 

*»^^WT adj. Angry, fretful, ill-temper- 
ed^ warm, passionate, iTastidioOs. ' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

7 «28 ) 


- • l lftll* ft I. /. A tternnUtorj plant. 

(Artimna $temiUatoria). 
^ntt t^dj. Nose-clipty noseless. $. m. 

A rogae ; nitme of a lird. 
«T1^ i. m. An inflammation in tbe 

aoa«9 the polypus. 
PFrttfT «^ Dwll. waggiUi, roguish. 
WWift «./. At the las4 i^asp, at the 

point of death. 
>i«?TVT 8, 9»« Heme of a disease. 
^w€iK 8./. The veins of the nose. 

'SahiirpkytnOf To bleed at Ihe nose. 
^mK 8. m. Refnsal, denial. 
^WVII «. •. To refnse, 
^mx^ <• m. (di Worthless. 
^<f9tm v« To speak through the nose. 
irfiK Nothing, not any ibingv 
^17 #. m. The nose, 
-•niv t. m. The £$ngal mungoose {yir- 

^erra ichneumon ). 

^itT WT I #./. A plant, the mungoose 
•srytVf I if wounded in a conflict 

frith n poisonous snake, is supposed 

. to prevent the effects of the renom 
by the use of this plant. 

wv^prr 8. tn. The nose ; a disease of the 

point of any thing, 
cfllfw *./. The wooden or iron instru- 
ment fixed to a camePs nose, and to 

which the string by which he Is led 
is fastened ; a caTesson. 

«nirr s. m. The ace at cards or on dice 

Nahkd dua^ A kind of game at' dice. 

irft «./• speaking through the nose, 
nasal eoond. 

Mfi^ 8. f. Ntoe Of a game. 

Wfr tkd^. Inftuttons. 

epiwr^ «. w. A tree (Oaledupa arborea). 

spv 8. m. An alligator ^ the n^se. 

mmXJ^ 8. m. A shark. 

^^^ s. m. A star in general ; an aster 

rism in the moon's path or lunar 

^ mansion of which twenty- eighty dis- 

tinct in name, figure, and number cf 
stars, are enumerated : the Pntramic 
and popular enumeration of those 
constellations is twenty-seven; Vdhf- 
jit, the twenty-seventh, being conai- 
dered as formed of portions of the 
two contiguous asterisms, and not 
distinct from them. Besides the 
common division of the zodiac into 
twelve signs, the ffindu8 divide it 
into twenty-seven Nae8ha(i'aSf each 
of which has its appropriate name, 
and two and a quarter of which are * 
inolnded in each sign. 

•vtmur 8. m. A particular dii^am for ] 
astrological purposes. 

«I^WW19r 8. /. A necklace containing 
twenty-seven pearls; the table of 
the asterisms in the moon's path. 

^^^h adj. Bom nnder a locky planet^ 

«rw 8. m« A finger or toe nail. Ndkh- 
8ikIiOT,"Nakh'g€h 8ikh'tdlk, From top 
to toe, entii'ely^ throughout^ ( lit. ) 
from the ( toe ) nails to the hatr on 
the crown of the head. 

Yin 8, 191. The string of a paper kite. 

'W^rf^ adj. Who or what eats with 
nails or talons. 

^mn 8. m. A star ; a constellation. 

iiWJft adj. Fortunate, bom under a 
lucky planet. 

«nt^^ «. m. A scratchy the mark of a 
finger nail. 

.m, } 

The marks left by the 
nails, a scratch. 

wftmmT V. a. To claw, to scratdi . 

>nit 1. /. A perfume, a dried substance 
of a brown colour, and of the shape of 
a nail ; apparently a dried shell-fish, 
used as a perfume ; a vegetable per- 

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( 329 ) 


fume, different from the oBe abore^ 
though know by the tame name. 
ffakhi, adj. Nailed, - clawed, baring 
nails or talons. 
9in s, m, A mountain ; the stone of a 
fing, or*n stone on which a name <&e., 
is cnt, a Jewel, gem, precious stone, 

S!^} *•/ Approach. 

w^Wifr V. n. To approach. 

«r«rBr «^. Mountaineer. 

'HT^ «- /. Heart-pea ( Cdrdiospermum 

haltcacabum ). 
inrift^ 8, m. Wormwood. 
ffipT adj. Naked, 
vnnrf^ b. m, HimaHayah^ the personified 

range of snowy mountains dividing 

India from Tnrtary, &o. 
^^fk^ 9. m. A plant (PUctranthus 

iCutellarqidBS ). 
'R^ adj. Mountain, mountaineer. 
^^ B, m, A town, a city. 'Sagar-nari, 

B, /• A court ezan« 
^'TfiVT 8» w. Town's-folk, citizens. 
Wf^nlt i. m. One who resides in a 

city. [city. 

•mrPf^nft »• w. One who resides in a 
«|irtT B. w. A raised seat or platform on 
'' each side of a doorway. 
< l <iOfltf<l < t i. A A species of metre. 
'I'rtt «./. A town, a village, afij. Of w 

belonging to a town or vOlage. 
^Tirft^TWi i. m. Suburb, skirts of the 

m\K\ «• m. A kettle drum. 
Vfi^ a^. Living in or frequenting. 

mountains. [ring. 

«nftiT B* m. The stone or bezel of a 


adj. Naked. »« m. A naked 

^%^ I. ^. Nudity, nakednessi 

IWW «• w. Ferment, a drug used t9> 
• throw the mixture for ifMrituous 

liquors into fermentation. 
viiTT B. /. A. naked womao. 
1^f» f. «. A naked maa, but speeidl/ 

a kind of religious mendicant, who^ 

wanders about without clothes ; a 

Bouddk^ IT Jyn, 
Wftwr B. /. A girl before menstruatioB^ 

or abotit ten years oH ; naked 

||#«IKW 9. M. Stripping, undressing* 
n^mn adj. Stripped, undressed, nake<& 
^wPf^ 8. m. Dancer. 

•I^RT \ ^' **• '^^ ^^^ *^ dance. 

1^?^ 5. m, A dancer. 

^Z B. m. A dancer, a mimic, an ftctor^ 
a tribe who ore geuemlly jugylofS^ 
rope-dancers, &c., a tumbler in caalew 
the 4on of a degraded KihBitiri by m 
woman of the second ckss or easte ^ 
a sort of reed (utraiufa tibUUB^w^ 
A. kark($ ); a subordinate m^de et 

^R^n 0dj. Boguash, waggish, artfb^ 
trickish, shrewd, s. m. A cheat. 

WZ^i^ s. f. Trick, roguery, artifiot^ 

1^n B. m. The art or aet of danoing^l 
pantomime, &o. 

^Znrv. .To deny, 

iZlTMO'ir B^ m, A M(/kg or mode of 
music, according to some, ih^ eixtb^ 
or to others, a subdivision of I>ipak 
or of M$gh^ 

'fST^ffiRn a. /. The egg-plant (SoUnum 

^Z^\ B. m. A juggler, rope-dancer, 
^zm > mimic, aoto*, Ac; a ohief 

dancer or actor. 
^^^n I. w, Yellow orpimeftt^ 

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( 324 ) 


^Zi s.f. A Bhrub ( C(B8alpinia ton- 

dneeella ). 

'rfzf ^ s* tn, A female ropedancer, 
lf?4t 3 tamblor, mimic. 

^& s^f, A medicinal plant ; a wbi/re. 

. a nack girl, a dancer, an actoess ; red 
arsenic • 

^M «. w. A sort of reed ( Arundo ti- 
UaUSy or, A. karka ) ; a particnlar 
tril e whose employment is makidg a 
sort of glass bracelets. 

*l^lH^ adj. Abonnding in reeds ( a 
field, ^c )♦ 

vi^^f^^ i. m. A small fish a kind of 
sprat hunting reedy places. 

<ftTT culj. Reedy, abounding in reeds. 

«in 8, m. The arc or distance of any 
planet from the zenith. 

^^^m (i^j. Down-faced, looking down. 

>IW If not, otherwise* 

^fAn *. m. Zenith distance ( m Astro- 
norm/ ). 

im)V adj. Bent, curred, bowed, stoop- 

»i«nft 8./. A woman. 

*rftr J./. Bending, bowing, stooping, 
cmJ'vatnre, crookedness. 

•rfiint 8. /. Grand-daughter, daughter's 

«llr?f i?. TO. A relative. 

»r^ 8.m.f. A large ring worn in the 
nose ( on the left nostril ) ; a rope 
passed through the nose of a draught 
•iVfT 8. m. A nostril, a ring for the 
nose. V. n. To have the nose pierced 
(a iuUock), nathna chttrhdm. To 
be angry or displeased. 
^^^ 5./, A small ring \forn in the 
notie ; a ring inserted in the hilt of 
a i^woxd, 
^\ 9y mn A river, applied oaly to one 

of which the personification is mal^ 
as the Btythmapntraj Sone, Indusy ^e^ 
^4^1 8. /• A river in geberal ,* tho -com- 
mon personification ol rivers being 

•i^«l^ 8. TO.. A tree ( BarringUmia 

acutangula) ^ a small tree ( Viiix 
negnndo ). 

•r^«T^T«./. The rose apple ( ^uflpeni* 
jnmbu ) ; a shrub ( Leea kirta ). 

^r^V^ 8. m. The bank or shore of a 

f ^t^^f^^ 8. m. A sort of reed {dkla- 
mu8 rotang ). 

^^•m adj. Acquatic. water-bom, a 
tree ( Ventaptera arjuna ) ; the mar- 
shy date tree. 

*f^^ 8, TO. The bank of a river. 

»j?ft€«f *. w. A tree ( Tenta^tera of- 
juna ). 

1^ 8./. A plant ( Vremnd herlaeef» J. 

^ft^T 8. TO. A large earthen pan. 

VRITT 8. m. A little child, a son ; an 
expression of endearment. 

iWf ) 

*rf^ I 8. /. A sister-in-law hna- 

"rtf^ f hand's sister. 

lift J 

«r4tVT9 8. TO. Maternal grand-fatber^s 

f '^f •?K f The forster son of Handa, 
i^nw ( I. e. Kmhna. 

^^^^ 8. TO. An epithet of the cowherd 

8i^n 8. tn. A son ; the grove or garden 
of Indray elysium. adj. Delisting, 
rejoicing, making pleased or happy. 

i^'iwf The pleasure grove of the Gods. 

^^M^ 8./. Wifeof Nand* (Fo^AoAi). 

l^^T^r 8. TO. Krishna's foster father. 

^^m^ \ s. m. The beloved of ^undQ 

f Thefo 
C I. e. 

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( S25 ) 


mf^m I 8, m. Toon, a tree the wood 

•rP^ffi? j of which resembles maho* 
^any, and is used for fumitnre, d;o. 
( Cedrella Tuna). 

•iP^ «./. Wife's sister. 

•Piflirw ^. m. The bull of 5tVj. 

w^t 1 i' ^' Hnsband's sister's hns- 

»r^^ 3 I and. 

H^fn '• m* ^ l^gQ earths vesseL 

si»VT adj. 'Small, diminatiTe, neat^ 
nntty, tiny. 

VTH^T 9. m. A Tossel for measuring 

ift^v cufj. m. Of neither sex. 

^99W 8. i». An ennnchy a hermaphro- 
dite ; an impotent or imbecile man ; 
the neater gender, adj. Unmanly^ 

I^^^TTT 8. /. Unmanliness. 

«nrf 8. m. Grand son. 

vrrr 8. m« Profit, benefit. 

inStft #./. A kind of tmmpet. 

^ittn cm(/. New. 

^m Ninety 

mi s. m. The sky, ether, atmosphere. 

f|«fi| oc2j. Moving in the atmosphere. 

•PT'pn^ 8* w. Lord of the birds (adju- 

9mfir^T 8./. A voice from the skies. 

^Mwin ^Crano, adjutant. 

IH^R adj. What moves in the sky ; 
aerial. 8. w. A bard ; a cloud ; air 

ifiTftem adj. Abiding in heaven or in 
the sky, a. m. A division of the in- 
fernal regions, a hell. 

nw. 8. m. Salutation, reverence, bow- 
ing, obeisance, adoration. 

nM^^ s. /. Pickled lemons. 

•Wif ? adj. Bending, stooping, bow- 

•WT J ed. 

^^^ adj. Like, resembling. 

Twfii^ <«(;. Reverenced, respected 

W4IIK #. m. Respectful or reverential 
address or salutation, adoration. 

'HWirtt »./. A sensitive plant. 

^^m adj. Venerable, respectatde, en- 
titled to salutation or civility. 

^^ftwr adj. Reverenced, respected, 

«|tNr 8. m. The seed of the Eleocarpas« 

•rt^ e.*^ A spiritual teacher. 

^^ adj. Bending ; ( met. ) Co.urteous. 

W8m8./. OondeicensiQo. 

^WgW 8. m. I adj. Looking down, 
•i**f|^ 8.f. } having the head bent. 

^V[ 8. m. The eye. 

•niWT 8. /. The pupil of the eye. 

wft«^^ #. TO. A lamp ; any lovely or 
desired object. 

W^^iewi 8. m. New birth. 

'UiT^^nwi §. fn. The outer angle or ean- 
thus of the eye. 

W«ftw 8. m. Oreen sulphate of hroif, 
or the salt in a state of partial de- 
composition by exposure to the at- 

«Rf adj. New. Vyeh 8ir 88, ad^. Anew, 

if'C 8. m. Man, individually or gener- 
ally, a man, a male, mankind, adj. 
Masculine, male. 

«r^V 5. m. Hell, the infernal regions, 
including a number of places of 
torture of various descriptions. 

fVW^ # w. A well 01 pit in Tar- 
tarus, eighty -six such are enumer- 

«r^?l^>l^ 8.f. The Torments of hell, 

^^^ Hellish. 

1^^ \ 8'^' ^ ^^^ ^^ which mats 
nx%<^ y are made ( Arumdo tibmU )• 

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( »26 > 


• inq^ i. w, Tke wind-pif e. 

«l^f^r «./, The river of h^. 

Viirr «. !»• Small sealos. 

i|^%f d. wi. A king. 

irrqfir «. wii A king, a aovereigQ prioce. 

^Kfy^ adj. Fa?ourablo or frieadly to 

n^^K »• w. Quo of the three loh$ or 
regions of the unirerse, the abode of 
man, t'le earth. [Naf'«w. 

^K^rr^f.rr. KHh€r^ the treafflirer of 

ifKH*./. Varai Vcu^ih, India, or the 
central part of the known continent ; 
the birth place of men« 

«r<m«lT t>. o. To soften. 

vf^^V 1. vt. ^ hnman sacrifice. 

«l^^ (ulf4 Saving the hnman form* 
«. m. The human form, 

«l^^A adj. Having the hnman form. 

frrftiPr s. m. Hnman writing. 

«i:«t« $. m. The Earth. [being. 

11^^ 8. m. The sacrifice of a human 

m^m s.m A horn (mt««fc«»^, a wind 

frfhifimT #. w. One who plays q« the 

ijpcfWv «*«• The fourth -^uator or in- 
carnation of Vishnu, which ia said 
to have happened in the ScU-jug, 
«pon the following occasion^ Bknya 
Kasyapf an impiona prince^ waa- en- 
gaged at his son Vrahlad for wor- 
shipping the Almighty, and tried 
every means of destroying him, by 
poison, by throwing into fire, into the 
ocean, &c., yet PriiA^d lived, "If 
your God is present every wheie," 
says Himyah Ka^yap^ let him come 
from an alabastar pillar j" on which, 
it is said, lSar<uingha appeared, with 
the lower part of a man and the 
upper of a lion, destroyed the 

father, and set the son on ibr 

throne, Ac 
f^tr iMh. Tho foarth day past or io^ 

come, some day ^a or henee. 
nK%lf i, m. Shank, leg. 
•KftRT *. /. Homicide^ murder. 
nw^ a. ta. Atow or vile mm, a wretch^ 
nftuT «./. A tile. 
«i<t 8. /. A kind of leather, skin ; a 

weaver's shuttle. 
'T^W aij. Male, masculine. 

^z 8, 

r. m. 1 
8.m, > 

The throat, the wind-pipe. 
JXareti da^na, To throt- 

n^ 8. m. A king, an imointed sover^ 

^i Hell. 

«m^ 8. m. An actor, a mimle j a jn^gter, 
a dancer, a player of any desoription ; 
a reed ( Afando karka). 

«nT^ «. /. An actress, female dancer 
or singing giri. 

^An 8. m. Dancing, geatienfaitteg, mt^ 

n%Z^ 8^ m. A stanza of four parts, 
having seventeen syllables in each. 

nif^f 8, /. The Virmrnhf or ISerhadd^k 
river, which rising in the Vindhy^ 
mountains, runs westward to the 
gulph of Cainbay. 

^m 8. m. A reed ( Arundo karka) ; the 
name of a king, and hero of several 
poetical works famous among the 
Hindus, especially the poem called 
'^yahudh; a tube, spout, joint of bam- 
boo or other hollow wood; the bam- 
boo which fowlers use to entangle 
game by applying bird-lime to the 
top of it. Hat chaUna, Setting the 
bao^ in mati^li; denotes a magloal 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

( «»7 ) 

inrfttiliee adopted fof the diaooTery of 
theft. Two pieces of eplit hftmboo, of 
eqntii lengths, are applied to one 
tmother side hy side, and h«1d hy two 
men, one at eadh end. It is said 
that any persons taken at random 
may be employed for lihis pnrpose. 
Then the magician prenonnces cer- 
tain incantations,' the efficacy of 
which is pretended to be snoh that 
bamboos spon tnnoonsly move towards 
the place where ho thief or the stolen 
goods ai'€, and drag the. mea al^sg 
with them. NaZ dar nal, One tube 
within another* 

WS^pr^ One of the two sons of Ruber, 

n^l 8, m, Tl^e nretoTfl, urinary, docis, 
Ahani nala, or Bbuin nala^ A sort of 
fireworkis roman candU> made of iron, 
bnfialo-horn, or bamboo,, plaeed oo 
the groud, . l><^m ndUif A va^ieiy 
of the abovo-mentioBod^ but wiA 
occasional globes of bright light burs- 
ting up Hqtth ncda, Of ibe like sort 
as above, bnt small, held in the hand. 

^W#./. Aperfnme. 

iffwn t. m. A lotus or water-lily ( N«. 
lumhium spec-osum, or ^ijp7i'ph<so net- 
ambo ) ; the Indian crane. 

ilf^ ^. /. An assemblage of lotns 
flowers ; a pUk^ abounding^' in lo- 

if^ir^ #i in. A oaste whose employment 
is to catch birds with birdlime by 
metOiB of tlic.naZ, or reed. 

n^$.f. A tube, pipe, spout; the wind- 
pipe^ ureter, &c.; a gun-barrel; the 
bone of tlie leg, the tibia ; weaver's 
shuttle, or the little tube within the 
shuttle on which the woof is woulid. 

W^f *. w. A tube, a joint of bamboo 
^0 convey letters in 5 strtiwr 

^m B. fn, A fnrloag, a distance meaom 
ed by four hundred cubits. 

Iff: adj^ New, nine. 

Wf^ifti^ 8. y. A young woman, either 
one recenitly mapied, or one in whom 
menstruation has lately commeneed* 

>nwir ^. /• Nine sections of the earth. 

^^ns.m. The nine planets. 

T^^l^T s, TO. pi. The nine planets, or 
sun, moon, fire planets, and the 
ascedding and desending nodes. 

^^m^ 8. m» A student^ a n ovicev 

52^ J Sacrifice, W.(im. 

^^Utt 8. / A girl just grown up to 

•rmj#./. Novelty. 
«i^WT^ a^. Having nine doors ; an epi-« 

that applied to the body, which has 

nine ii^lets or outlets, as the nostrils, 

ears, mouth, eyes, anus, &c. 
fwwwfw^./. The nine kinds of devotion 

reccignised bj Hindus. . 
iW^R«f<t s.f. (a.) Female who has never 

known a male. 
.Iiftrf^r^./. The treasure of Kwij^r, the 

god of riches, conf^sling of nine f al u- 

lous gems. 

ISS/'/' \ FreBh butter.- 

•fTOftwrr*./. A bride, a. newly married 
wdoan ; a girl* ia whom menstrua- 
tien has recently commenced. 

»r^^^ 8. /. A bride, a newly married 

Wtirmr *. /. A girl just grown up to 

«tfWii4;. Ni^ih. 

•l4«g^WfT 8. /. Dimble jasmine ( J<i|wc- 
numxanJbo^). J [month. 

»r?wt «./. The ninth day of a Innar half 

frnftw a. /t A J9^B woman. 

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( 828 ) 


imv 9. m. Nine preeions gems, or, a 
pearl, mbj, topaz, diamond, emerald, 
lapis laxnli, coral, sapphire, and one 
called Qomed ; the nine men of leiiers 
at the conrt of VihramaditycA^ or, 
Dhanwantariy Kihapanakak. Umar^ 
lingh^ SanhUy Vetalvbhatt^ Qhatakar- 
pury Kalida$f Varahamhir^ atui Var^ 

•fWtrvr it. nu Hie period of nine days, 
from the first of the light half of 
Aitioin to the ninth ; part of the time 
devoted to the worship of Doorgtf. 

^vm adj. BeautifaL 9. m. A sapling. 

ifT^ftirr *. /. A newl J married woman. 

n^^m *. »>. Now cloth. 

ff^HT^iv s. m. A name given to any of 
the nine inferior classes, the cowherd, 
gardener^ oilman, weaver, confec- 
tioner, water-carrier, potter, black- 
smith; and barber. 

iRini *. »i. Tlie first series of Shraidhi 
collectively, or f nneral offerings on 
the first, third, fifth, seventh, nintt, 
and eleventh days after a person's 
demise, [vered. 

fprefif^ t. /. A woman recently deli- 

wn\adj. New. 

W^ «. m. A ninth, a ninth part. 

vpri^ 9. m. A boat ; a particular kind 
of boat, a barge. 

fprrm v. a. To bend bownwards, to 
bow ; to cause to submit to, to cause 
to stoop ; to double, to fold. 

iPOfr 9. m. New rice or grain ; a cere- 
mony observed on first eating the 
rioe, &c. of the last harvest. 

nmmK 9. m. New and unbteached cloth. 

^^vm V. n. To tiavri, to walk, to 
wander, to go round, to aorround ; to 
shut out, to exclude. 
i^tO 8./. A flower, a sort <rf jasmine. 

nft s.f. The string Wkb which a coVa 

feet are tied when milking, a tether. 
nftwm 0dj^ Renewed, revived, done or 

made anew. 
n9t^ adj. New ; youthful, 
^it^m #./. Newness. 
W^iVnr^a^'* Renewed, revived. 
n^ a^. New, recent, young, &c. 
^Wm 9. m. A bird, said to be a sort of 

W^R adj» Perishing, decaying, decay* 

ing. wasting, being destroyed. 

f^ 9. «. > adj. Mischievous, destruc* 
1T^«./, 3 tive. 

^^ adj. Lost, destroyed, remoted, an- 

«l^ *. m. Destroyed, spoilt. 

T^^^ 9. m. The moon on the fourth 
lunation of either half of Bhadr. 

*i%^dt m&\ Fainted, insensible. 

ntffT*./. Destruction, annihilation. 

•nn*./. An adulteress. 

^«n«./. The nose. 

WTTT i>. Spoil, sq[uander. 

•TBT^T v. a. To destroy, to annihilate 
to spoil, to squander, t?. n. To l>o 
destroyed or annihilated. 

^4\9.f. A coulter, a ploughare. 

^nl\Z adj. Ill-omened. 

wSS^ \ •*• llntoxicaUng. 

*lWl Stair. 

«r^ 9. «. A sternutatory, snuff, &c. 

the nose. 
«r^ *. /. A hole, bored in the septum 

of the nose. 
^m adj. Nasal, relating or be longing 

to the nose. 8. m: A sternutatory. 

Tf «. w. Nail (o/tbejinger, j-c. ), talon. 

NaA Una, To trip, to stumble. 
TTl pd). Meagre, leal. 

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( S2« ) 


^r%^ ^'. »». A sctatcfe with '{he nail or 
talott. ^ ^ ^"*";^ 

'iftift «.'//^ An instrnment f(^ cnttmg 
nails ; ft Icincl ofi^'isel ns^cf m polish- 
mg. una tnrmng prass, &c. 

^%x^ A. yi Ah mstrtiment fof paring 
ihe hails With, *^ 

^IT^'T f i. w. A Kind ot disease of 

^Tf 1 ^m ». *. ffoikuirtftoMWMfciii'ot 

*rirwrt fl^; lir. ' Td cn«4ef to Wrfhe; 
^rrm 5. m. Battling^ JWIftftni. ^ 
^Trm <>. *: Hc^ bitfce; tA wtteh, " ' *'' * 
*1W» *. yj 'Metises: ' 

*rTTV»T «. m. A • gtiihek worm t^PiUria 
*fV«*>." Ko, ligt.'**" 

wfTiit oiii^. otlierwfi^;^W "^ " 

«fr idtj. ' N tt, n^ t. " f ^^; 

teta c ** »». A barber. 

mf^m si nk Vh» bM wih y^hftolt :of 

^trjh Name and placoi. , , ^^ ^•^ ^,j^^ 

m^fj/. The nose. i^(»ifc i(i«efnf^ .i?o 

dishononr. NoA; fta^\ Aojy, ,To^l<^ 

^ one's honour. ,jyu^^ c^4r^itnd!^^5^.^ 

,F?:?y i?L^.^«pHfed, iiraifc fd%a> 

fTo pi^erve one*8 honour. NdJfc f {?|:?r- 
na, To turn' up one's nose, tp be 
displeased. * ^ ' 

m Jf%.'tteiiV»;f^itfeAi8^;^^ether;^^^^ 
atmosphere, '"* 

Wt '?.'»«.' fte''extreraity J)f' a roa^i 
the ^i it ii lUai^e'; nil jflloy' " nv^ne^ 

toad. .,°»- • 

TI5« <id}. Relating or belongiiig to* an 
ichnendfdii" •' ' '''' "^ '• '«" '•■■"■• 

"^5 f- ^\ ^ l>^«it>.'-tl,e }^;inmo; 
pliiii, « vegetable shpiMjse'd " to fur- 

'-^f8fcl*-6 tftangoose W an aaulote, 

When biUeti ffl^a conflfct i^Jtli a Make 

■•(iS»-iA8>»ro;)»wiyfim,f ), '* "''*■ "' 

ni^^ ». m. A month, onft co^ptitefl by 
the moon>8 pass^e^^Von^h^the 
Hwmf-i^^fl mi[naons/or of Unity 
days of sixty gharh «acb. '" * ^. 

the Innar asterisms^ ' 

^Wfl»*if ^t j';"*Aie ^talte'dr'^hditiorio 
' ^frtacH'4 pei^Odis^riAJfeclfeffigreoa^V 

^*fe^flfe^y^^i«tf pri8ia,V';iV;3?*fi,s 

nativity* ^'*"^^^»^*' '^'''^'* 'f<^ ,;.':tewfd 
•Hl^i>*. id4lh?gf*m ((kUed/ hte£ 

a human face^ with the tail of i'^ser- 
- ^e;iftMaemn^dL& ''<^''t|^^ 
" KoUbevlXa^a • tte race of tffiU^ 

mgs 18 said to have sprUtttf from 

.^ o peo^U /*^„or the *e^io^^-^ J?f# 

especially the speotade sna^Orjor 

smairtree (Mma/srrea) j a sorty of 

tiseii &^dyflig\^tt^.i<i )intfSJa); 
on§ of the astronomical p^iods called. 
Koi'dJi : it Is on^ of t^ose twined in- 

nose, the pdypug^ * > , ' moon; rf. rf ( ' ^m* 

%if^7f s,j\ A 'f?n|^ali dinijer of Oie I wf'rwr *./. A race orJFeiMjb^ 

court of /n<fri». _ "" '"'*^' I inhabit Fatal or*^the jfegions'utider 

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( 330 ) 


,th« earth, o^(l..^ ^ ^ ferp^ntine 
«xtractiop, bnt Teji^ bf atififnU , ,| 

W«i /:, m. !^A Zsm^i tret, { ^eitia 
>T#i )• " ' * : , 

fT^f^fWT5. /. Red arfleni^fc.,, ^; 
ifnniftWT #• i». Tin. . -^ -, h'T'-i 
»rT'Fii^«ii"5. m. Elephax^tV tpot^ or jyory. 

*ni4tT«.'m. A kind of wood, by tout- 
ing it in said that fetters epontane-^ 
onsly fall off. .,,,^ - r. r 

of 5/af«>«»j.^/d-:pf^a, pi^i which 
' day they worflhip mfnak^j^o,|a:oQ^re 

biMsing on their ^ children. ,^ ^ 
fITiprip f./.. A fenjaU, of ; tjie a^rpe^^ 

,race. / •„. . :^ .5. ^ ^,.,^; .:.a;;' :. 

f. 19. ) J A.jjlTinj^inj^ift^Me of a 

mil^rt^ #// I ; ro^e, &c,, a. sort of 

noee or knot^ used in battle to en> 

tangle an enemy. . - - a 

•nWiT i. m. A, tree naed m dyeing 

> •<.' iu ' '>• • * *! . A *^ '^^ '■;» / 

<ifo<ifcri(i <i;ic/oria ) ; a pttiall tree 
* (ir^fiutf firr$d) ; a ^owVr ( ificAf/ta 

C*4imp(i<?a). /* , ' ,.^','^ /^ 
^riiMt #.' /. A hedge )^\mi^(^CactuB 

Intfica \ 
»fTirtl«f#/m. ¥he hofj-fii .tree (Ficus 

WrimrT #. / A creeping plant ( Hedy- 
sarum tagopodioides ). , 

wunNr *. m. !6etei plan^ ( !?ip«r ^f*^ ). 

^W^mir #. f.A^Prdknta langnage, said 
to ba used hj the atfpentine race 
irfco'intet^fc''' '' ,-^ ■ . '"''". " 

^\^f»\9' .^- A^gort of sna^e { AmpKii^. 

hcena ]. 
ifTOTO 5. y.^ A pame of Jfdiuita, a god- 

,^ess SQpposed to preside o^vef snakes; 

red arsenic. 

•TT?K »«&'. , Clever, shai-p, kno.wincr {<i$ a 

-^ '';.a 1<'"1 'r'.;- ': ■ 3 '/^ .' .'^. '►yr-i 
huch, a bloody a wag, ^c. \\ town-bom 

„ or bred^ «. m^ A sort of grass ( Cjf 

perns pertinuis ) ^ ^ /Ofiai of '^ri^ng^ 

^xmm »• m. The orange ; ;in,:J[jMiia 
usually :j«p^i^iJft^fpS^ef ^mBfk 
{ Citrus CMPfm )vH. ( - • P. .r - -i-ff 

TTW^^WT s. TO. A sifeet s^aeiyng ffff% 

y.TwCt «./. A sort of Eupborbja, a 
clerer or intrigoing^yrpm^. ot^^^^lp^ 

most corarapif,,J7<W^*/f:haracte^,^<4 
writing, called ^pptfa-nrfs^ai^ .^^,. j. .. 

iTTim *. m. A ploughs , c .. 

n^H^^ jr. i». The region w>der ..Jh^ 
e#rf^^ t^e fijb^d^otncu^p^ts and ^^ 
dras, Fatal ; not being accessil^ Uk 
the sun, !t is supposed to be iUnibU 
na4edl>y very r^plendent ^eii^ls. 

njpr%\ Suddenly. 

•HiTfrift Suddenly.' * ■ ' ' 

mm 8. in. A caste of ffindu mendi* 
cants.' ' ' [Delhi. 

mm^ $. • w. ffastindpur, or ancient 

^rtfTWW i. /. A stick or pole driven 

' into a square piece of earth in ike 

centre of a newly dug pond^^a bor- 

"^■^ng rod. • ■ " '"' * j^ ' . . 

rnmyn $* , TO. ^a^tifuffu^j or anptyit 
DeiM. ^' ■ " ' '\. ' ■ * ' ,,^ 

JlflJ^I't^/- A eefpelit {/^ofe ). 

Vfrt^ «./. A flQwer,tlf^# ^<rr<a]k 

','1 ' ' •* ' *ift ' ' '^ /- . ' .> "• . 
Indian' rose, chesnui 

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( 8«I ) 


IT *4^ i^'ffp Orih&adk^T of tbe N^h- 

aiTft^ i. w Arniow lot tbe fk^rtrt or 

nrit^ «. «. A breast-plate, a <hi{ra^. 
^^K \ s,m, A conn try near Sft^r- 

^TflT r. a. To step across, crosir, jtrtnp 
over, pfi^, l«Jtp <^v*r: •* ' ' ' 

^m s:'m: IMirce. WcA''tt#cA<jm(»; -To 
make to dance ; to tease. - 

fHl^t ty. «; To dance* 

^T^ s, m. Contraction of Anaj, gtaiti. 

mz 8, in, *ilie Camatic. 

*rre«* >. m. An actor, acting, dancing, 
^. ; a plaj, a drama ; ' the first of 
t^elen ^petiies of dramatic cotnpo)* 

* sitions of the first orde^* 

*rtSNH^ tt<$. I^fitinattCi ' ^ .. f* 

▼IZT adj. Dwarf, dWarfirfj, dap^%^, 

short. •' ^1 . hjV' >* 

arifiWT a./. A short^or lig;ht coBwdy, 
the fitdt of ihe dramas of the^ i^econd 
6rder, '' ■ , 

irr31 ^/iFj^'.' The science or art^bf danc- 
ing or actittg, or the tinion* of song, 
danre, and hislrnmeiitidaiiisic* ^ 

>fr?mT^T ^. m. A thetftre^ a bniUing 
for dramatic exJiibttiona. 

«rt^ K'wi. "'Noii-existence. ^ *. r -^ b 

^xit Stick. 

iw' *:/• ^«' p^i»^- ' *■' -■ ^f • 

^iN^ Y./. An' Tndian boar, or ivvittiy- 

• fonrnniiiiftei* •. ' 

^nf^qir 8. m. An esculent root ( Artm 

<rTri)f«T%9 ^, m. The celestial eqnaAcr. 
^nlt^./. Ai^j Ubdlar olrgaa tofthe 

body, as aa artery, a vein, an i»tes- 

. tine ; -a.fifirtnl^ns Soi^r a.fiitiula, a 

\ villus ', ftHr. hour of - tw^uty-foiit* Jfflh 

' tftries jrt&tr ^nlsl^^eiitw a^ tii# lt«i€ 

• 6r fc^^t, &t. * »'- " ^ 

«IT^^ f/m; 'A4i o0e«riWnt re«>t f jtffttm 

^rpfmi^si mf. n^ {liiliel of « peiMAi 
'IT^^hrwt. w. An nlotti " ' *' {^lae. 

^mr <• /. KAfttwdrilv kio^ alliiftoi. 

^Tf^« >F. /. Qranddanghter, dai^gMkr'a 
'" daii^t6rv<'>^'i' ^' - ■•- •' -^ r • 
Wffipt. iM^.^raBdfcdft^ diMtktar'* ««. 

wit If 90$. ^ ■«: . . r- , . . r - 

mMs^iku .A MfftiV -^ b« >b a» *,-af told ; 
tui'a^toika.iwtmi jof « ,t}aat of 
F^4^at:<7o(niEAjiifltf<A# ; a i^fjftm^d 

rihroi^^tf jMieMn dtait o«w a-V-^ 

'A aette. - . • ,-[ • -Ir . > ; •,: 

im«i;t^..#^.:To:diO0i m bitto^kTMiBM^ 

and pat a string in it to gnihuhtm 

by. MnA< (ivloook 

wrmi atfj. Depnadatfty i sub p gn ^N o l k 

«rr^ 9, m. Sound in . gisatii ;. a n^m k 

. dMa,vdad4)ffMiaUy:iaiD.abMiPii»» 

tiite VT. ihvnrogly^io* inr 

^^TVT 9. m. A spout, a canai;> . 
wr^irt ^^/. A Mhat 6f iaed*\grDiAig i 

^«) ;a plant (Pmnno /i^r6A«Ai)^^tb# 

China rose. ' : r . 5 *"'* 

wi^l^lT i>. a. To yoke. \ 

Mmk n. pro^i^. iTame of V fjSti^cllft 

mendicant, the founder of lAe sect of 

' saU ' '- ^-^ • 

'»?'^«^''>Jk .,.^. A KWt ir folk^re^ 

iriw,wniT J , ;. ,;_ ... ,. ^..A ,,. ^ 

Vanoofv aiatfy* t^, <♦- Xa b#iid,*^to 
tow....... . 

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( 39* ) 


WlWTHtfif > aort8> modei^ ipe^tjipds^ 
.Willll*)^;. Variegated^ m^oflTrOigteREed, 
.^.'/^<>rts.or kind9v>-,u -iA .* -i i fc ^ 

fc!lli./.. 'AIm|r#M9tt*.f ao^ ,v.tK 
^r^:«iib.TIi» biiOl jn^ ««bMl$ of 

.;«dv«imil|wrfi:Nrpiitf oa f^yofta (Klsik* 
sions^ a» Initiatioiiy miffriagov ^ot^iyi 

i MUr» «Qctog]3ntr^;tattdfathcc>.'t<vjthe 
I -^Mft^etiial r graMfiadUiy ^gna^^vflfed- 

and to the moiber, paternal '^lihd- 

f^'MMitftdiv ^iittd ^atenita great gma^ 

linMiiitu Oil ToiAiMiiRra^to'weig^. 
mftm 8. m. A barber, a ahaveii a 

snrgeoib .: 
«8uiRUli|4fi /i. A bariMpA sbl^pw V 
>im«f& f)t. At Jiytobtfaa (f2VmfM/»d 

u.l#M«t»^ . • ^ *•; • ■ 

^IRpifJlf €. I}?. A {MroQdti^ft <^r ^.r? 
^ifti^^ «. «. DivisioB-of tbe mal^iycal 

• ' ' * i 

ilT«T «. m. Name, appellation, ^aildeir, 

TcTbMomScelelmttdd'l 4o iMcasii^ate 
the perpetrator of any onme«v |faoi 

^ ilfci*r^»<>n^A4»#,:3?pf bf© alms % #*» 
name of another; 'S^m I^t^^T^o^^pise ;. 

To be eonspicnonS) famoii^^^of -^e- 

*f T »\y^w 8^ m. If^amih^ a child fir^t after 
birth } acquiring or taking a ia^ (q